❧ A proclamation set fourth by the Kynge and Quenes maiesties, agaynste Thomas Stafforde, and others traytours his adherentes.

WHere as Thomas Stafforde, and others maliciouse and euell disposed subiectes his adherentes, hauinge conspyred to perpetrate dyuers hey­nous treasons agaynst the moste royall persons of theyr maiesties, and therevpon fearynge to receaue iust punyshment for his and theyr deser­tes, fled into the partes of beyonde the seas, and there remaynynge for a tyme, haue, persisting in their said malyce, deuysed & attempted dyuers tymes to styrre seditions and rebellions within this realme, to the great disturbaunce of the quietnes, peace, and tranquillitie therof, by sendyng hether into the realme, diuers bokes, letters, and wrytynges, both printed and wrytten, farced and filled full of vntruthes, and seditious and most false surmises, of thinges sayde to be done and deuysed by the kynge our soueraigne Lorde and his seruauntes, whiche were neuer ymagined or thought. And to shew theyr vtter malyce with more effecte, the same Stafforde dyd lately, with certayne of his said complices vnnaturall English men, & some straungers, entre into this realme, and by stealth toke theyr maiestyes Castell of Scarborough, in the countye of Yorke, and set out a shamefull proclamation, wherein he tray­terousely calleth, nameth, & affyrmeth our said soueraigne Lady yt quenes highnes, to be vnryghtful and moste vnworthy Quene, and that the kynges maiestie oure sayde soueraygne Lorde, hath induced and broughte into this realme the number of. xii. M. straungers and Spanyardes, and that into the sayde Spanyardes handes. xii, the strongest holdes of this realme be delyuered. In whiche proclamation also the sayd traytour Stafforde, dyd name and take hym self to be protectour and gouernour of this realme by these most false and vnnaturall meanes myndynge to allure the good subiectes of theyr maiesties, to withdraw theyr dutye of allegiaunce from theyr sayd maiesties, and to adhere to hym the sayd Stafford, to theyr confusion. Albeit the sayd Stafforde and other traytours his complices, be by the helpe of God, and dylygence of the earle of Westmerland and other noble men and gentlemen, good subiectes of those parties, repressed, apprehended, and forth comynge, to receaue iust punyshment accordyng to theyr deser­tes, and that it may be wel thought, that no wyse nor honest man thinketh, or can iustly gather any cause to thinke that the kinges maiestie myndeth any other thynge vnto the quenes maiestie and the realme, but onely to be carefull, and studious of all thinges, tendinge to the benefyt, surety, honor, and defence of the same, and in this part most louinglye and dayly bestoweth the great trauayle of his royall person, be­sydes ye large expences of his goodes & treasure, yet to thintent none of theyr sayd louyng subiectes shuld by simplicitie be seduced and deceaued throughe the deuelysh deuises of the aforesayde, or anye other lyke traytours, theyr maiesties of theyr great clemency and tender zeale towardes theyr sayd subiectes, haue thought good to warne and admonysh them of the premysses, exhortyng and chargyng them, to geue no eare or credite to the sayd false proclamations and bruytes, set out or spred by the sayd traytours, or here­after to be set out by any others, wherby they shal the better auoyd the daungers which they may other­wyse incurre by adhearynge or resorting vnto the sayd traytours, and that also theyr sayd louynge subie­ctes do vse them selues quietlye without styrre or rysinge, tyll they be commaunded in the name of theyr maiesties, by the lieutenaunt of the county where the sayd subiectes dwel or inhabit, or by the Sheriffe or such Iustices as shal haue aucthoritie from their highnesses in that behalfe to rayse and leuy theym. And that the sayd subiectes, and euery of them, shal endeuer them selues to apprchend and take, and before the same lieutenaunt, Sherif, or Iustices of the peace of the sayd county, bryng all and euerye suche person or persons as they suspect, or know to be of the company of the sayd traytours, or to fauour and ayde them, and all suche other also as shall procure the people vnlawfully to styrre, or shal sediciousely, or maliciously, spred or tel any seditious newes concerning the doynges of the sayd traytours or otherwyse. Strayght­ly chargyng and commaundinge all Iustices of peace, Mayers, Sheriffes, bayliffes, Constables, and al other their maiesties officers and ministers, to se this proclamation put in execution, as theyr maiesties specially trust them, and as the sayd officers and ministers wyl aunswer to the contrarye at theyr vtter­most perylles.

God saue the kynge and the Quene.

Excusum Londini in aedibus Iohannis Cawodi, Typographi Regiae maiestatis.

Cum priuilegio ad Imprimendum solum. Anno. 1557.

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