By the Kynge and the Quene.

THe Kynges and Quenes most excellent Maiesties, most gracyously considering how that a great quantitie of forged & counterfeyt coynes, of Golde, aswel of thys Realme as of other Realmes beyng currante within the same, hath bene of late, and daylye is counterfeyte for­ged and brought into their sayd maiesties Realme, by dyuerse noughtye and euyll dysposed persons, to the great dysceyte preiudice losse, and hynderaunce of their louynge Subiectes, receyuynge the same, and more is lyke daylye to be yf some conuenient remedye should not be the soner prouyded in that behalfe. Theyr maiesties therefore myndynge not onely to geue knowledge, and warnyng therof to all theyr sayd louynge subiectes, but also to put suche counterfeytours, and naughtye persones in feare, that woulde goe about hereafter to commyt such lyke offences, doo by this theyr hyghnes proclamacion warne and admonysh all theyr sayde louynge Subiectes, that they, nor any of theym, after the proclaymynge hereof, take, or receyue in payment, or otherwyse, any of the sayd coygnes of gold of this realme, or anye other coygnes of golde, beynge curraunt within the same, except they, and euery of them do fyrste trye the same coignes of golde by weyght, or knowe by other meanes the goodnes thereof, so as they, ne any of them be deceaued in receauynge of the same. And if they or any of them shal vpon tri­all as aforesayde, fynde any of the sayde coygnes to be forged or counterfeyt, that then they, and euerye of them, shall immediately deface, or cause to be defaced, and breake, or cause to be broken in peces, euery such counterfeyt coygne and coygnes, and the same so defased and broken, shal with conuenient spede, delyuer or cause to be delyuered to the next Iustyce of the peace of the county where they, or any of them shal then dwell or inhabyte. Chargynge and commaundynge all suche Iustices of peace as shall receaue any suche counterfeyt coygnes, defased and broken in maner and fourme aforesayde, to reteyne, and kepe the same, vntyll the next Assises to be holden within such countye and countyes, where suche counterfeyte coigne shalbe so defaced broken and delyuered, and shall then delyuer the same to the Iustyces of assyse to be by them brought vp, and deliuered to the Lordes and others of theyr maiestyes pryuye counsayle, attendaūt vpon theyr moost royall persons.

God saue the kynge and the Quene.

Excusum Londini in aedibus Iohannis Cawodi Typographi Regiae Maiestatis. Anno. M. D. L VI. Cum priuilegio.

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