By the Kyng and the Quene.

WHERE as Henry Dudly, Christofer Aston thelder, Chry­stofer Aston the yonger, Frauncys Horsey, Edwarde Horsey, Roberte Cornewell, Alias Cornewall, Richarde Tremayne, Nycholas Tre­mayne Richard Ryth, Roger Reinoldes. Iohn Dale, Ihon Calton, Hamond, & Meuerel, forgetting theyr dueties to almyghty God, their alle gyaunce to the kinges & Quenes Maiesties, & not regarding yt good & quyet state of their natyue country, haue of late vnnaturally, and most trayterously attempted, ymagined, conspired, compassed, and practised many notable Actes, conspiracies, and detestable treasones, entendyng therby not onely the destruc­tion of the Kynge and Quenes most Royall persones, but also the disturbaunce of the peace and tran­quillitie of thys Realme, and the inuasion, and subuersyon of the same, yf their malyces & malignityes myght haue taken such successe as they entended. Who knowyng them selfes false conspiratours, and traytours to the sayde kynge and Quenes Maiesties, & their sayd Realme, haue of late contrary to ye lawes of this Realme, withdrawen themselues and be fled, and departed into the parties of beyond the Seas, where they doo styll remayne, and contynue in contempt of their said Maiesties, & of their lawes, not cefsynge to pracetyse and execute their malicyous and trayterous purposes, and enterprises agaynst our sayd Soueraygne Lorde and Lady, the kyng and the Quenes Maiestyes, & thys theyr Realme and domynion, contrarye to their duty of allegyance, where by they cannot presently be brou­ght to tryal accordyng to the lawes and stacutes of this Realme, in that case prouided forsuch offēces conspiracyes, and treasones, as haue bene by them and euery of them committed, perpetrated & done.

And to thintent our said Soueraygne Lord and Lady, the king & Quenes Maiesties, true faith­full and iouynge subiectes, of thys Realme, being ignoraunt of such conspiracies & treasones, as haue bene perpetrated committed & done by the saide Henry Dudley, Christofer Aston thelder, Christofer Aston the yonger, Frauneys Horsey, Edward Horsey, Robert Cornewell, Alias Cornewall, Rycharde Tremayne, Nicholas Tremayne, Richard Ryth, Roger Reinolds, Iohn Dale, Ihon Caltō, Hamōd and Meuerel, shuld not incurre the daungier of their highnes lawes, or be impeached or troubled, for aydyng comfortyng or helpyng them or any of thē hereafter, do therefore by this their highnes procla mation, pronounce, publyshe. and declare the said Henry Dudley, Christofer Aston thelder, Christofer Aston the yonger, Frauneys Horsey, Edwarde Horsey, Roberte Cornewell, Alias Cornewall, Ry­charde Tremayne, Nycholas Tremayne, Rychard Ryth, Roger Reinoldes, Ihon Dale, Ihon Caltō Hamond, and Meuerell, and euery of them to be notorious, and manifest traytoures, to their said ma­iesties, and their sayd Realme. And therefore wyll and commaunde all and singuler their good true, & naturall subiectes, that they do not ayde the sayd Henry Dudley, Christofer Aston thelder, Christofer Aston the yonger, Fayuncys Horsey, Edwarde Horsey, Robert Cornewell, Alias Cornewall, Rycharde Tremayne, Nicholas Tremayne, Rycharde Ryth, Roger Reynoldes, Ihon Dale, Ihon Calton Hamond and Meuerell, nor any of them, with any thyng, nor adhere or haue accesse vnto the said trai toures or any of them wythin thys Realme, or without. But do that lye in theyr powers, to apprehed the sayde traytoures, and euery of them, as they wyll auoyd theyr Maiesties high indignation & dis­pleasure, and the penalties, of their lawes and statutes. And further the kyng and Quenes most excellent Maiesties, straightly charge and commaund all and singuler Iustices of peace, Maires, sherifes Baylyffes, Constables. Customers, Comptrollers, Searchers, and all other their hyghnes officers, & mynysters, of the portes, and Crekes of this theyr sayd Realme, and the dominions of ye same, to haue a vigilant eye, and regarde to the sayd portes, & Crekes, and to stay, apprehende and take al and euery such person and persones, which after the publication of this theyr highnes Proclamation, shall attēpte to passe out of this realme, (except marchauntes, and such as shall haue theyr maiesties speciall lycence▪ or may passe ouer by force of the statute of Rycharde the second, progenytor of our sayd soueraigne Lady the Quene, made in the fyftyeare of his Reygne. And them and euerye of them, to commytte to safe custodye, warde or pryson, so to remayne vntyl further order shalbe taken by theyr Maiest [...]s or their most honorable Counsayle for theyr delyuerye, or otherwyse as the case shall requyre.

God saue the Kynge and the Quene.

Excusum Londini in aeedibus Iohannis is Cawald, Typographi Regiae Maiestatis. Anno. M. D. L VI. Cum priuilegio.

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