By the Quene.

THe Quene our Soueraine Ladye, vnderstandynge that a nultitude of euyldisposed persones, beyng borne out of bet highnes dominions in other sundrie nations, fleinge from the obeysaunce of the Princes and rulers vnder whome they be borne, some for heresye, some for murder, treason. robberye, and some for other horrible crimes, be resorted and come into her maiesties realme, and here haue made their demour and yet be commoraunt and lyngryng, part­ly to eschewe such condigne punishment, as their sayde horrible crimes deserue, and partlye to dilate, plante and sowe the seedes of their maliciouse doctrrine, and lewde conuersation, amonge the good subiectes of this her graces Realme, of purpose to infecte her good sub­iectes with the lyke, in so muche as besides innumerable heresies, which diuerse of the same beynge heretiques, haue preached and taught, within her highnes sayde Realme. It is as­suredlye knowen vnto her maiestie, that not onely their secrete practises haue not fayled to styrre comforte and ayde, diuerse her highnes subiectes, to this most vnnatural rebellion, a­gainst god and her grace, but also some other of them, desiste not styl to practise with her people eftsones to rebell: Her maiestie therfore hauynge (as is afore sayde) knowledge and in­telligence hereof, hath for remedie herin determined, and most strayghtly chargeth and commaūdeth, that al & euery such persone or persons borne out of her highnes dominions, now commoraunte or resiaunte within this Realme, of what soeuer nation or countreye, beynge eyther preacher, prynter, bokeseller, or other artificer or of whatsoeuer callynge els, not be­inge denizen, or merchaunt knowen, vsyng the trade of merchaundise, or seruaunt to suche Ambassadours as beliegers here, from the princes and states ioyned in league with her grace, shall within xxiiii. dayes after this proclamation, auoyde the Realme, vpon payne of moste greuouse punishement by imprisonment, and forfaiture and confiscation of all theyr goodes and moueables, and also to be delyuered vnto their naturall Princes or Rulers, a­gaynst whose persones or lawes, they haue offended. Geuynge to all maiors, shrieffes, bai­lifes, cunstables and other her ministers, officers & good subiectes, straightly also in charge, yf they know any such persone not borne in the Quenes highnes dominions (except before excepted) that shall after the time and daye limited in this proclamation, tarye within thys realme, that they shall apprehende the same persone or persons, and commit hym or them to warde, there to remayne without bayle or mainprise tyll her graces pleasure or her coun­sailles be signified vnto them, for the further orderynge of the saide persone or persones.

And that yf any of her sayed officers, after the sayed xxiiii. dayes apprehende, take or know of any suche, that they shall with diligence immediatlye certifie her sayde counsail therof, to thintent order may furthwith be geuen, for their punishment accordynge.

God saue the Quene.

Londini in aedibus Iohannis Cawodi Typographi Regine Mariae excusion▪ Anno. M. D. LIIII.

Cum priuilegio ad imprimendum solum.

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