By the Quene,

THe Quene our soueraygne Ladye graciouslye considering the good wylles, forwardnes, and harty d [...]spositions of her trewe louynge subiectes, alwayes heretofore exhibited, to the ayde & succoure of the common weale, with theyr proper substaunce & goodes, when the seruyce, ye necessitie, & honour of the realme hath so required, aswell in the tymes and seueral reygnes of the moost excellent prynces our late souereygne Lordes, her deare Father, and deare brother, Kynge Henry the eyght and Kinge Edwarde the syxte, and speciallye synce the tyme of her vocation to the crowne, in the defence of her royall person, agaynst the maliciouse force of the most arrande Traytour syr Iohn Dud­ley late Duke of Northumberlande, and his complyces. Notwithstandynge it is well knowen to the multitude of hyr sayde good subiectes, howe by the euyll gouernemente of the realme in these late yeares, specially since the sayde Duke hath borne rule, the treasure of the same is meruelouslye exhausted, and her hyghnes nowe presentlye charged, with payment of notable great Sommes, beynge the debte of her sayde brother the kynge, partely due to dyuers of her sayde seruauntes and subiectes, and partely to certayne marchaunt straungers, and others, whiche for her owne honour, and the honoure of the realme, her highnes determineth by the helpe of God truly to discharge, content, and paye in tymes conueniente and reasonable, yet hauynge both a speciall mynde to the weale of her sayde subiectes, and accomptynge theyr louyng hartes and prosperitie as her owne weale, and the chiefest treasure that she desyreth, nexte the fauour and grace of God, and hauyng a full affiaunce in her sayde subiectes, that yf the state, the cause, & honour of the realme shall so requyre, they wyll at all tymes hereafter exhibite theyr semblable seruyce. Notwithstandynge in the latter Session of the laste parliament holden in the tyme of the sayde late kynge Edwarde the syxte, towardes the paymentes and discharges of the sayde notable debtes, there was graunted by acte of parliament vnto the sayde kynge Edwarde two dismes, and two fyftenes, and one Subsedie of four shyllynges of the pound, to be raysed and le­uyed of the Manours, Landes, and Tenementes, and two shyllynges eyghte pence of the goodes and catelles of her sayde Subiectes, whiche grauntes are nowe due vnto her hyghnes by the sayde acte, and wolde discharge one greate peece of the sayde debtes. Her ma­iestie for the considerations aforerehearsed, of her mere grace and great clemency, for the releif and succour of her sayde good subiectes, hath freely for her and her heyres, and successours, par­doned and remytted, & by these presentes frely & fully pardoneth & remitteth vnto her sayd subiectes, and theyr heyres and executours, the sayde Subsidie of foure shyllynges the pounde, and two shyllynges eyght pence the pounde, graunted in the latter session, and last parliament, trustynge her sayde good subiectes wyll haue louynge consideration thereof for theyr partes, whome she requyreth hartely to bende them selues wholy to serue God to his glory, with con­tinuall prayer vnto the same for the honoure and auauncemente of her grace, and the common weale. Geuen at oure manour of Rychemonde, the fyrste day of September. In the fyrst year of our moost prosperous reygne.

God saue the Quene.

Londini in aedibus Iohannis Cawodi
Typographi Reginae excusum.
Anno. M. D. LIII.

Cum privilegio ad imprimendum solum▪

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