¶ AProclamation set fourth by the Quenes maiestie, with the aduise of her moost honorable counsell, for the newe seuerall monies, and Coines of fyne sterlynge syluer and Golde, and the valuation of euery of the same, newe set surth by her heighnes.

THe Quenes most excellent maiestie, of her greate and aboun­daunte clemencie, callynge to her graciouse remembraunce, what great and intollerable charges hath come and chaunsed moost specially vnto her heighnes, and also to her louynge sub­iectes, aswell by the reason of these base Monies of late made within her maiesties realmes, as also by greate quantities of the lyke base monies made and counterfeyt in other realmes, and issued out within this her graces realme, and other her heighnes dominions. For the tender zeale her grace beareth to her louinge subiectes, in no wyse can longer suffer the same inconueniencie, but is fully resolued and determined with all conueni­ente spede to cause to be made, and set forth certayne coynes, aswel of golde as of syluer of the per­fect fynes accordinge to the rates hereafter ensewyng, which shall redounde muche to her heigh­nes honor, and to the great wealth, commoditie, and profit of her louinge subiectes.

Wherefore her maiestie hath ordered, and established to be made within her mintes, these se­uerall coynes, aswell of syluer in fynes of the standerd sterlynge, as also of Golde, as hereafter en­seweth, that is to saye: The whole Soueraigne of fyne golde, whiche shalbe currant within al her realmes and dominions. for .xxx. s. of the lawful monies of England. One other pece of fine gold, beyng half the Soueraygne aforesayde, whiche shalbe called the Ryoall of golde, shalbe currante for .xv. s. of the lawfull monies aforesayd. One other pece of fyne golde, whiche shalbe called the Aungell currant for .x. s. of the lawfull monies aforesayd. One other pece of fyne golde whiche shalbe called the half Aungel, currant for .v. s. of the lawfull monies aforesayde. And of coynes of syluer as here enseweth. That is to say: One pece of syluer monies which shalbe called the grote, and shalbe currant for .iiii. d. of the lawfull monies of Englande. Item one other pece, the halfe of the foresayde grote, whiche shalbe called the halfe grote, and shalbe currant for .ii. d. of the lawfull monies aforesayde. Item one other pece, the half of the halfe grote, which shalbe called the penny, and shalbe currant for .i. d. of the lawfull monies aforesayde. All whiche monies aforesayde, the Quenes heighnes, straytly chargeth and commaundeth al maner of persons, within hir realmes and dominions (the realme of Ireland only excepted, for asmuche as her heighnes coynes there hath a speciall standerd) of what estate, or degree, soeuer they be, to receaue, and paye, the sayd se­uerall peces of monies, aswell of golde, as of syluer, at the seuerall rates before rehearsed, vpon payne of her heighnes displeasure, and to be further punished, as shal seme to her grace most con­uenient. And her maiesties expresse commaundement is, that all suche base monies, whiche haue bene redused to the value of a lower rate, shal go currant in paiment in like maner and sort, as the same be currant at this daye, and as is declared in the proclamation last made, in the tyme of the late most noble Prince, kynge Edwarde the .vi. in that behalfe, vntyl such tyme as her heighnes, with the aduise of her counsell shall take further order, touchinge the same.

God saue the Quene.

Londini in aedibus Iohannis Cawodi Typographi Reginae excusum. Anno. M. D. L III.

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