By the Quene,

FOrasmuche as diuerse light, and sedicious persons, delytyng in continuall alterations, and neuer contented with the present e­state, haue of late muche presumed, and yet cease not to inuente, spreade, and publishe many false, vntrue, and vayne rumors, and brutes, rashely discoursyng vpon the great, and most weightye affayres, touchyng the Quenes hyghnes royall person, & state of the realme, contrary to their boundē dueties of allegiaunce, & contrary to al good ordre, in such outragiouse sort, as (if reme­die were not prouided in time) great incōuenience might ensue. FOR remedye wherof, her hyghnes consideryng, that of the sufferaunce of suche lewde li­bertie of speakyng, euyll doynges, and attemptes, haue manye tymes folowed, doth therefore streyghtly charge and commaunde al her louyng subiectes, of euery sort and degree, from hence­forth, not only for their owne partes to forbeare, to publyshe any suche rumors or tales: but also to declare to the next iustice of peace, or other officer, any person, whatsoeuer he be that they shal knowe to be offendours in this behalfe, to thintent, they may (by the sayde officers) be commit­ted to pryson, and further punyshed by pillory, or otherwise, as the qualitie of the person, and of his offence may seme to deserue.

AND her highnes further pleasure is, that yf the hearers of any suche lyghte, sediciouse, or naughtie talke, spoken in his or theyr presence, shall not, accordynge to this proclamacion, open the same to the nexte Iustice, or other officer, (as aforesayde,) that then the same person, so hea­rynge, and not declarynge the same, and beynge therof iustly conuicted, shalbe reputed, and ta­ken for the fyrste author of the sayde rumours, and haue suche punyshmente for the same, as the fyrste author shoulde, yf he were apprehended.

REQVIRING, and straightly charging and commaunding all iustices of peace, Mayours, Bayliffes, Sheriffes, Constables, Hedboroughes, & al other her highnes officers, and ministers, whatsoeuer they be, to do theyr best endeuour, for the effectual execution of this present procla­mation, and due punyshment of all offend ours in this behalfe, as they wyll aunswere to the con­trarye at theyr perils.

God saue the Quene.

Londini in aedibus Iohannis Cawedi
Typographi Regiae Maiestatis excusum.
M. D. L III.

Cum priuilegio ad imprimendum solum

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