MArie by the grace of God, Quene of Eng­lande, Fraunce, and Irelande, defendour of the faith, and in the earth Supreme hed of the Churches of Englād, & Irelande: To all our most louing, faithfull, and obedi­ent subiectes greting. Forasmoche as it hath pleased almightie GOD, to call vnto his mercie the moste excellent Prince Kinge Edwarde the sixte, our late bro­ther of most worthie memorie, whereby the Croune Im­petiall of the Realmes of Englande, and Irelande, with the title of Fraunce, and all other thin­ges apperteining vnto the same, doe most rightfully, and lawfully belong vnto vs: We do signi­fie vnto you, that according to our saied right, and title, we dooe take vpon vs, and be in the iust, and lawefull possession of the same, not doubting but that all our true and faithfull Subiec­tes will so accept vs, take vs, and obeie vs, as their naturall, and liege Souuetine Ladie, and Quene, according to ye dueties of their allegeaunce, assuring all our good, & faithful Subiectes, that in their so doing thei shal finde vs their benigne, and gracious Souuerein Ladie, as others our moste noble progenitours haue heretofore been. Dated at London the .xix. daie of Iulie, in the first yere of our reigne.

God saue the Quene.

Londini in aedibus Richardi Graftoni
Reginae [...]typographia excursum
Anno Domini. M. D. L. III.

Cum priuilegio ad imprimen dum solum.

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