¶ A Proclamation set furthe by the kinges maiesty with the aduise of his highnes moost honorable counsail, the .xi. day of September, in the .v. yere of his Maiestees most prosperous reigne, inhibiting the melting of any his highnes coines of siluer, being curraunt within his graces dominions.

WHere by diuers and seueral actes of Parliamēt holden in the .ix. yere of the reigne of the noble prince king Edward the third, & in the .xvii. yere of king Richarde the second, and in the .iiii. yere of king Henry the .iiii. the kinges maiesties noble progenitors, it was enacted, ordeined, & esta­blished amonges other thinges, that no grote, half grote, halfpeny nor farthing, shold be molten by any person or persons to make vessel or a­ny other thing therof, vpon peine to forfaict & lose foure times the va­lue of the money so moulten, and to suffer other greuous peines in the [...]eide statutes conteined, as in thesaide seueral actes more at large amongest other thinges plainly ape­eth. And where also the kinges most excellent highnes, graciously considering and tendring the com­mon wealth of this his realme and other his dominions, hath of late to his great losse abated and dimi­nished the valuacion of his co [...]e, by his seuerall Proclamations, in suche order and forme, as in thesaid Proclamations more amply and at large, is conteined and expressed, to the intente that his highnesse woulde reduce and bring his coyne and Mintes to a certeine better estate and estimation, for the honor of his maiestce, the benefite of his subiectes, and the commune welth of this Realme, and other his gra­ces dominions. Whiche godly purpose and intent of his maiestce as is aforesaide, and thesaide seuerall statutes and forfaictures therin conteined notwithstanding: His Maiesty is credibly enfourmed, and aso vnderstandeth, that diuers vnsaciable and gredy persones, aswel Goldesmithes as other, not regar­ding their duty of obedience towardes his maiestee, and being voide of al charitable respect, and regard to the common wealth of this their countrey, haue molten and dayly do melt diuers greate Summes of money, aswell of grotes as halfe grotes, half pence, farthinges, and other currant money of this Realme. to the greate diminishing of his graces come and mintes, to the greate hurte and detriment of the com­mon wealth, contrary to his maiestees said godly ententes and purposes, and against the tenor and effect of thesaid seueral estatutes, to the greate burdening and vtter vndoyng of diuerse and many of the saide offendors, yf his maiestee shoulde vse and extend the rigour and extremite of his lawes against them for their offences, whiche his highnes intendeth to execute and do without fauour, if by their vnlauful do­inges, he be farther moued and occasioned therunto. And therfore his maiestee, beyng fully minded to haue thesaide seueral statues obserued, and his coyne not to be molten, doth streightly charge and com­maund, that no Teston, or shilling, grote, halfe grote, peny, halfpeny, or farthing, or any other coine of sil­uer, beyng currant within this realme, shal fromhencefurthe in any wise be molten, by any person or per­sons, to make vessel, plate, or any other thing therof, vpon peine to forfaict and lose to his highnes, foure [...]imes the value of the money so molten, and farther to suffer imprisonment and other punishment at his maistees wil and pleasor.

God saue the King.

RICHARDVS GRAFTON typographus Regius excudebat.

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