A Proclamacion set furth by thee Kynges Maiesty, wyth the aduise of hys moost honorable Counsaill, for the aouoydyng of ydle persones out of the citie of London.

THE Kyng our Soueraigne Lorde, by thaduise and cōsent of hys high­nes mooste honorable priuie counsaill, Streightly chargeth and com­maundeth that al and euery persone and persones of what esate, con­dicion or degree so euer he or they be beyng his graces natural subiectes borne, whiche wer not borne within his Maiesties Citee and Chambre of London, the Borough of Southwarke or the Suburbes within the liberties of the same, nor be housholders there, or haue sufficient to liue by, and good and reasonable cause there to remaine, nor haue cōtinued and dwelled within the same by thee space of three yeres together now laste paste, and nowe do continewe soiourne and abyde there within the sayed Citie, Borough, or Suburbes, not beyng reteyned in seruice with any Persone, nor applyeng theim selues to any bodely laboure or lawefull occupacion. and takynge Stipend and wages for the same, do not onely furthwith vppon this Proclamacion, departe and auoyde oute of thee sayde Citie, Boroughe and liberties thereof, but also with al conuenient spede, do returne and get theim selues home agayne either into their natiue Countreyes where they were borne, or elles into the places within the realme where they last dwelt by the space of three yeres together according to the tenure fourine and effect of the estatute in that behalf, concernyng the ordering of aged and ympotente persones & the punishement of vacaboundes idle and loyteryng persones and Masterles menne. lately made and prouided, vpon the paynes in the same estatute lymited and expressed. And that the said Mayre, Aldermen and Shriefes and euery of theim, & al and euery other his Maiesties Officers and Ministers within the sayde Citie, Borough of South warke and liberties therof (all excuses ceassyng and set aparte) endeuoure theimselues with all conuenient diligence frome hencefurth, frome tyme to tyme too see, procure and cause the saide estatute and euery braunche and article therin conteined, iustly to be obserued and put in due execucion accordyngly, as they and euery of theim tendre his Maiesties fauour and will a voyd his high­nes Indignacion, and displeasure.

God saue the Kyng.

RICH ARDVS GRAFTON typographus Regius excudebat. Mense Maii. A, M. D, L. Cum Priulegio ad imprimendum solum

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