¶ A Proclamacion set furth by the body and state, of the Kynges Maie­iests priuey Counsayle, concernyng the deuisers, writers, and casters abrode, of certain vile, slaunderous, and moste trayterous letters billes, scrowes, and papers, ten­dyng to the seducement of the kynges maiesties good & louyng subiectes.

FOrasmuche as there be diuerse lewde and sedicious persones whiche do labor now to maintain the trayterous doynges of the duke of Somer­set, and for that purpose dooe deuise, the moste vile, false and traitetous villes, papers, and bokes that euer wethard of, strawyng thesame in the stretes, aswell within the citie of London, as in diuerse tounes, and other places in the countrey, wherein thei do falsely and traiterously trauaile, to slaunder the kynges Maiesties counsaill, thin kyng thereby to amase­and abuse his Maiesties good subiectes, whiche bee in a readinesse to ioyne with thesaied Counsaill, for deliuery of the Kyng our souereigne Lordes moste royall persone, remainyng to his greate perill and daunger, in thesaied dukes custody, and for the restoryng of this no­ble realme, to some better ordre and quietnes, whiche shalbe the benefite of vs all vniuersally: The kyn­ges Maiesties moste honorable counsaill, for auoydyng of the inconuenience and greate daunger, that by suche sedicious and slaunderous billes, papers, and scrowes, might ensue to his Maiestie, dooe in his highnes name, and by his graces aucthoritie, require, and neuertheles commaunde, al and euery his ma­iesties good subiectes, whiche loue his highnes and this realme, to vse all their wisedomes, pollicies, and diligences, to serche out the writers, diuisers, casters and counsailors to suche traiterous billes, and pa­pers, and thesame to apprehende, and present before thesaied moste honorable Counsaill, that thei maie receiue condigne punishment, accordyng to their demerites. Wherein as thei shall doo moste accepta­ble seruice to his maiestie, and their naturall countrey, so thesaied counsaill, dooth in his maiesties name promise, that whosoeuer shal attache, and bryng in any suche diuiser, writer, or caster abrode, of suche vile and traiterous billes, papers, scrowes, or bokes, or geue suche certain informacion, to thesaied counsaill, of their names and doynges, as thesame maie bee apprehended, and their offences proued against theim, shall receiue for their trauailes and paines therein, by waie of his maiesties reward, the some of one hun­dred Crounes. Dated at London, the .x. of October, in the thirde yere of the moste prosperous reigne, of our souereigne lorde Kyng Edward the sixt, Kyng of Englande, Fraunce, and Irelande, defend or of the faithe, and of the Churche of Englande, and Irelande in yearth the supreme hed. Subseribed by the lor­des, and others of the priuey connsaill, whose names hereunder do folowe.

  • The Lorde Riche, Lorde Chauncellor.
  • The Lorde Sainct Ihon, Lorde greate Master, and President of the Counsaill.
  • The Lorde Russell, Lorde priuey Seale.
  • The Lorde Marques of Northhampton.
  • The Erle of Warwicke, Lorde Greate Chamberlain.
  • The Erle of Arundell, Lorde Chamberlam.
  • The Erle of Shrewsbery.
  • The Erle of Southhampton.
  • The Lorde Wentworth.
  • Sir Thomas Cheiney Knight of the Order, and Threasaurer of the kynges Maiesties house, and Lorde Warden of the Cinque Portes.
  • Sir Willyam Herbert knight, Master of the Kynges Maiesties horse.
  • Sir Anthony Wingfeld, knight of the ordre, the kynges Maiesties vice Chamberlein, and capitain of the Garde.
  • Sir Ihon Gage knight of the order, Constable of the Towre.
  • Sir Willyam Petre knight, Secretary.
  • Sir Edward North knight.
  • Sir Edward Montague knight, chief Iustice of the Comon place.
  • Sir Raufe Sadler knight.
  • Sir Ihon Baker knight.
  • Sir Edward Wotton knight.
  • Master docter Wotton Deane of Cantorbury.
  • Sir Richard South well knight.
  • Sir Edmund Peckham knyght, high Threasaurer of all the kynges Maiesties Myntes

God saue the Kyng. [...] excudebat.

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