¶ a Proclamacion, set furth by the kynges Maiestie, with thassent of his derest vncle, Edward Duke of Somerset, Gouernor of his moste royall person, and of his Realmes. Dominions and Subiectes Protector, and others of his moste honorable Counsaill, concernyng certain Riotes and vnlawfull assembles, for the breakyng vp of Enclosures.

WHereas of late, the kynges maiestie moued of a Godly zeale and loue, to the common wealthe of the realme, by the aduise of his derest vncle, Ed­ward Duke of Somerset, Gouernor of his highnes persone, and Pro­tector of all his Realmes, Dominions, and Subiectes, and the rest of his maiesties priuie counsaill, did by Proclamacion will and commaūd all maner of persones, who had offended against the good and whole­some lawes heretofore prouided against the decaye of houses and vn­lawfull enclosures, to amende their suche offences, and to redresse all faultes by theim committed, against thesaied actes and statutes, and against the benefite of the common wealthe vpon pein to encurre the daungiers and paines, in thesame actes and statutes prouided. And for the better performaunce thereof, by thaduise aforesaied, willed and commaunded, all his highnes officers and ministers, to whom it did appertein, to see thesame redressed, to receiue informacions, make enquirie, and with all spede and earnest endeuour, se to the redresse and punishement, of all suche offendors, as by the lawes & statutes of the realme, thei might and ought to do. Upon this moste Godly warnyng, admo­nishement & Proclamacion, whiche was to kepe ordre and lawes, his highnes is aduertised, that a greate nombre of rude and ignoraunt people, in certain Shires of Englande, hath taken occasion, or at the least pretended to take occasion, of doyng greate and moste perilous and heinous disordre, and contrary to all good lawes and statutes, and thordre of this realme, haue riotously with routes and compaignies, with force, strength, and violence, of their awne hed and aucthoritie, assembled theimselfes, plucked doune men­nes Hedges, dispacked their Parkes, and beeyng led by furious and light guydes of vprore, taken vpon theim the direccion of thynges, the Kynges royall power and sworde, and committed thereby suche enor­mitie and offence, as thei haue iustly therefore, deserued to lose life, landes and goodes, and to bee made example to all other: But forsomuche as thei haue humbly submitted theimselfes, and demaunded par­don, beeyng sory for their former offences, the kynges highnes of a moste high clemencie, and tendre loue to his Subiectes, is content not to looke vpon his iustice herein to bee executed, but muche more of na­turall mercie and clemencie, and so for this tyme, acceptyng that this outrage was dooen, rather of foly and of mistakyng thesaid Proclamacion, and at thinstigacion and mocion of certain leude and sedicious persones, then of malice or any euill will, that his said subiectes did beare, either to his highnes or to the quiet of this realme, of his maiesties moste aboundaunt clemencie, and tendre pitie, by the aduise of the­saied Lorde Protector, and the rest of his highnes priuie counsaill, is contented and pleased, to remit and pardon all thesaied outragies, misbehauours, riottes, and conspiracies, to all and syngulet his said sub­iectes, other then to suche as bee alredy apprehended and in prison, as heddes and stirrers of thesaied outrage and Riottes, and therfore willeth and commaundeth, all Iustices of Peace, Maiors, Sheriefes Bailifes, and all other his highnes officers and ministers, not tenterrupt, vexe, or trouble, for, and in his Maiesties behalfe, any maner persone, other then is specified before, of, or for any offence, iniurie, contēpt, or conspiracie, doen at thesaied stirre or riottes lately made, about the breakyng of enclosures, so that thei do not attempt, or go aboute any suche thyng hereafter. But if so bee there be any iust cause to complain, for default of iustice, or lacke of redresse, in any suche enclosure, or default made against thesaied actes and statu [...]es before specified, in this case prouid [...] who finde themself iustly greued or in [...]ied, maie geue informacion, make sute or complaint to the Kynges Maiestie, or other his highnes officers, depu­ [...]ed to the redresse of all suche offences, accordyng to the lawes of the realme, and the good and lawfull ordre of thesame.

But if any man shall at any tyme hereafter, attempt, or go aboute to make any suche riot, or vnlaw­full assembly, for any suche cause before rehersed: his maiesties will and pleasure is, by the aduise afore­saied, that all suche offenders, shall immediatly be apprehended by the next Iustice or Iustices of Peace, and lose the benefite of this moste gracious pardon, and suffie suche peines of death, losse of landes goo­des and cattalles, as by the lawes of the realme in suche case is prouided any thyng in this present Pro­clamacion, heretofore mentioned notwithstandyng:

God saue the Kyng.

[...] Lond [...]ni, in aedibus Richardi Graftoni Re [...]ij impressoris

Cum priu [...]egio ad imprimendum solum.

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