¶A Proclamacion, set furth by the Kynges Maiestie, with thassent of his derest uncle, Edward Duke of Somerset Gouernor of his moste royall persone and of his realmes dominions and subiectes Protector, and others of his moste honorable coun­saill, for the repressyng of certain Sedicious and Disobedient persones.

WHereas vpon credible informacion of sundry decaies of houses and en­closures, made by diuerse persones contrary to the Kynges Maiesties lawes and statutes of this realme: His highnes by the aduise of his de­rest vncle, the Lorde Protector, and others of his maiesties priuie coun­saill, myndyng a gentle reformacion of thesame, gaue warnyng by Pro­clamacion to the offendors, to redresse and amende their offences in that behalf, before a certain daie, entendyng after thesaied warnyng, to haue executed his highnes said lawes and statutes sharpely against suche as notwithstandyng thesaied warnyng, would haue continued in their saied offence: Beeyng enformed that certain nombers of disobedient and sedicious persones, assemblyng theimselfes together vnlawfully, in some partes of the realme, haue moste arrogantly and disloyally vnder pretence of thesaied Proclamaciō, taken vpon theim his Maiesties aucthoritie, presumed to plucke his highnes sworde, out of his hande, and so gone about to chastice and correct, whom thei haue thought good: in pluckyng doune Pales, Hed­ges, and Ditches, at their will and pleasure, contrary to their dueties of allegeaunce, and to the daunger of his maiestie, and al other his highnes good and louyng subiectes. Like as his Maiestie, by the aduise and counsaill aforesaied, hath resolued to take suche ordre for the one partie, as thesaied decaies and en­closures shall, whē his highnes seeth tyme [...] [...] reformed accordyng to his maiesties lawes. statutes: And on the other parte, these outragious attemptates, of thesaied sedicious and leude persones, staied, corrected, and punished, accordyng to iustice, for the more suretie of his highnes, good and louyng subiectes, so hath his Maiestie thought good, to will, charge, and commaunde, like as by these presentes, his maiestie doth straightly charge and cōmaunde, all and synguler his highnes good subiectes, of what estate, degree, or condiciō soeuer thei be, not onely to beware how thei presume, at any tyme frō hencefurth to make any suche riottes, or vnlawful assēbles, for any cause whatsoeuer, vpon pain of his highnes vt­ter indignacion, and as thei will auoyde the extremitie and vttermoste perill, that maie ensue for the con­trary: But also, assone as by any meanes, thei shall haue any certain knowlege, intelligence, or vehement suspicion, of any secrete or open conspiracie, or vnlawfull assembly of any multitude, either for the brea­kyng doune of Hedges, Paies, Ditches, or enclosures, or for any other vnlawfull purpose whatsoeuer, that in euery suche cace, thei and euery of theim, hauyng any knowlege, or vehement suspicion, as is a­foresaied, faile not with asmuche spede, as he or thei possibly maie, to geue notice and informacion, to the next Iustice of Peace, for the more spedy state, and repressyng thereof.

And his highnes further pleasure is, that if any persone or persones (this the declaracion of his ma­iesties pleasure notwithstandyng) shall presume (as his Maiestie trusteth none will) to make any the like sedicion, assembles, routes, or riottes, that the Sherief, and Iustices of Peace in euery Shire, within this his highnes realme, and euery of them shall not onely extend their forces, with all their possible diligence, for the state therof, as is aforesaid, but also, that thei and euery of thē, faile not to prosecute by the sworde, and with all force and extremitie, all suche offendors: and also, when thei shalbe departed from their hou­ses, to any assembly for any suche vnlawfull purpose, to spoyle and rifle their houses and goodes to their vtter ruyne and distruccion, and the terrible example of others: straightly chargyng and commaundyng all Maiors, Bailiefes, Hedborewes, Constables, and all other his maiesties officers, ministers, true and faithfull subiectes, that thei and euery of them, be aidyng and assistyng, to thesaid Sheriefes and Iusti­ces, and to euery of them in and aboute the execucion of the premisses, as thei will auoyde his Maiesties indignacion, and imprisonment duryng his highnes pleasure, without baill or mainprise, and make fur­ther aunswere at their vttermoste perill.

And yet his maiestie doth his highnes good and louyng subiectes to vnderstand, that if any of them do or shall suffer any wrong or [...] in any of thesaied caces, or any like vpon their humble and quiet [...] [...] his maiestie will commaunde suche order to be geuen for redresse thereof, as his maiesties la­wes iustice and [...] [...].

God saue the Kyng. [...]

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