¶ A proclamacion, set furth by the Kynges Maiestie, with the assent of his dea­rest vncle. Edward Duke of Domerset gouernor of his moste royall persone and of his Realmes Dominions and subiectes Prolongacion of the formet Proclamacion made for the callyng in of Testons.

WHere as the Kynges most excellent maiestie with thaduyse and assent of his derest vncle Edward duke of Somerset, gouernour of his Roial persone, Protectour of his highnes Realmes, dominiōs, and subiectes and the test of his graces coūsail. hath hertofore by proclamaciō bering date the .x. day of April in the second yere of his reigne, geuē notice & rō ­maundemēt to almaner his louyng subiectes and others haunting his Maiesties Realmes or domimōs that from the last day of ye moneth of Decēbre last passed forwardes, yt peces of .xij. d. cōmonly called Testōs should no lēgar be curraūt nor passe in paymēt or receipt as his graces coyne, but be takē only for Bul­liō: Wherunto his maiestie was moued vpon suche cōsideraciōs as in thesayd former proclamaciō was more at large expressed. For asmuche as it hath sithēs come to his highnes knowlege, that by reason of ye great nōbre of thesame Testons, which at this present are dispersed abrod in so many mēs hādes. besides no lesse caut [...]le & policy vsed cuē hard vpō the day, by diuers making hole paymētes in thesayd coyne, & specially for that those yt haue plēty of other mony, take vnreasonable allowance of the poorer sort which is most to be relieued for the exchaunge of those Testōs, moche detriment and inconueniēce should ensue to the possessours of thesame, onles a remedy by prolonging of the terme then appoynted for their calling in were prouided: His Maiestie therfore by the aduise aforsaid, is most graciously pleased, willeth, & cō ­maundeth that the terme of the callyng in of thesayd pieces of .xij. d. cōmonly called Testons, shalbe yet further prolonged and extended to the first day of May next comming after the date herof. And that during al the meane space, thesaid Testons (being of his highnes standerd) shalbe curraunt through out his highnes Realmes and dominions after no lesse value and sort, then yf thesayd former proclamacion for their calling in had not ben made.

Prouided alwayes that after thesayed fyrst day of May, thesayed Testons shall no lenger bee cur­rant, but be vsed in suche sorte, as that former Proclamacion doth specify, this present prolongaciō not­with standyng.

And further his Maiestie exhorteth all his sayd louyng subiectes, that like as his highnes for their benefite was moued to reuoke thesayed Testōs, and for their more commodity is pleased to prolōg the day of their callyng in: so thei also in the meane while will haue the better regard and hede that suche Testons as thei take, be of his Maiesties standerd and coynt, seyng the nombre to be suche of false and foreyn Testons as are now so dispersed abrode, to the deceipt & losse of the takers: and that during this tyme of respit, thei endeuour them selues from day to day by portions and smaller sommes, to bryng in suche Testons as thei shall h [...]e into any his Maiesties myntes, as shall best serue for their purpose, there to receiue the iust exchaunge of thesame: So as by lyngeryng or defertyng of the bryngyng in of suche Testons vntill thesayed fyrst day of May, lymitted by this peremptory admonition, their negli­gence be not cause that when the myntes (if the whole masse come in at once) are pestred, their exchaunge shall not be so redy vnto them as otherwise it shoulde.

Moreouer, because his Maiestie most graciously aboue other thynges tendryng the relief of the po­ter sort of his louyng subiectes, doth considre, that their nede or vnhabilitie to forbeare by a space (be it neuer so smal) thexchaunge of their Testons at his graces myntes, might be an occasion that others of the richer sorte with whome thei shoulde perchaunce be driuen to bargayne for other money in lieu of their Testōs, should then exact or take of them vnresonably for thexchange (as it hath camē to his high­nes knowlege that somme al redy haue not ben ashamed to demaunde and take so agaynst all consciēce and equitie) His highnes therfore by thefor. and a [...] do the strayghtly charge & cōmaunde that no [...]

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