¶ A Proclamacion, set furthe by the Kynges maiestie, with the assent and con­sent of his moste dere vncle, Edward Duke of Somerset, Gouernor of his moste royall persone, and of his Realmes, Dominions and Subiectes Protectour, and others of his highnes moste honorable priuie counsaill, concernyng the callyng in of Testons, the .x. daie of Aprill, in the second yere of his maiesties moste gracious reigne.

VVHeras it is come to the knowlege of our souereigne Lorde the Kyn­ges maiestie, what fraude and corrupcion, hath of late tyme been v­sed in the falsyng of his highnes coyne now currant, specially of the peces of .xii. d. commonly named Testons, by reason that thesame sort of coyne, for the greatnesse and facilitie of counterfaictyng, hath the rather geuen occasion to diuerse euill persones, to stampe or caste peces of thesame fourme and [...]ignes, in greate multitude: The pra­ctizers whereof (as is knowen) are not onely men here dwellyng, but also for the moste parte haue been straungers, dwellyng in forain partes, who haue founde the mea­nes to conueigh preuely, and disperce thesaied counterfeict peces abrode in his maiesties dominions, to the greate deceipt and detriment of his highnes moste louyng subiectes, whiche haue receiued the same. His maiestie therefore myndyng the due reformacion hereof, and to preuente the lik [...] [...]ctise hereafter, by thaduise and assent of his derest vncle the Lorde Protector, and others of his counsaill, doth will and commaunde, that from the last daie of Decembre nexte commyng, after the date hereof, thesaied coyne or peces of .xii. d. commonly called Testons, shall no more bee currant within any his highnes realmes or dominions, but be taken onely for Bullyon. And further straightly chargeth and commaundeth, all and singuler his highnes subiectes, and others whatsoeuer, beyng within any his maiesties saied realmes or dominions, that from thesaied last daie of Decembre, thei or any of them, shall not vtter or receiue in payment any of thesaied Testons, as his highnes coyne currant. And also his highnes by th aduise aforesaied, willeth and commaundeth, that whatsoeuer persone or persones after thesaid last daie of December, shall bye or amasse into his or their hādes, any of thesaid Testons for a peculier gain to be had thereof, to hym or themwardes, shall not onely encurre and suffre the pe­nalties of losse of thesame, whereof the one moytie to bee adiudged and taken as forfaicte to his high­nes, and the other moytie to the parties presentyng thesame in Thexchequer, or before any Iustice [...] the Peace: but also shall suffre fine and emprisonment at his maiesties pleasure.

Neuertheles, his highnes moste gracious clemencie, tendryng his subiectes and others interestes whiche by lawfull meanes doo possesse thesaied Testons, as their propre goodes, and for aduoydyng of the losse, whiche otherwise thei should sustein hereby: Is pleased, and dooth ordain by the aduise a­foresaied, that euery persone or persones, so hauyng and possessyng thesaied Testons [...]eyng of his highnes iust standarde, shall and maie bryng or sende thesame, to the officers of any of his maiesties Myntes, where in exchaunge shalbe deliuered vnto hym or them, the iust value and recompence ther­of, as thei be now currant, either in grotes or other his highnes coynes, accordyngly.

God saue the Kyng.

Excusum Londini, in aedibus Richardi Graftoni Regij Impressoris. Cum priuilegro ad impri­mendum solum.

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