❧ A PROCLAMATION concernyng eatyng of vvhyte meates, made the .IX. day of February, the .XXXIIII. yere of the reygne of the kynges most royall maiesty.

FOR AS MOCHE as by dyuers and sundry occasions, as wel hearryng, lynges, salt­fysh, samond, stockfish, as other kindes of fissh, ben this yere skant, and also enhanced in prices aboue the old rate and common estimation of their valour: so that if the kin­ges louyng subiectes shulde be enforced onely to bye and prouyde hearrynge and other salte store of fyshe, for the necessary and suffycyent sustentation and mayntenaunce of theyr housholdes and fami­lies, al this holy-tyme of Lent, accordyng as they haue ben wont in times past to do, and shuld not be by some other conuenyent meanes relieued therin, the same might and shuld vndoutedly redound to their importable charge and detriment. And for as moche as his highnes considereth, howe this kind and maner of fastyng, that is to say, to absteyne from mylke, butter, egges, chese, and all other white meates, is but a mere positiue lawe of the Churche, and vsed by a custome within this realme, and of none other sorte or necessitie, but the same may be vpon good considerations and groundes, altered and dispensed with from tyme to tyme by the publyke auctoritie of kinges and princes, whan so euer they shal perceiue the same to tend to the hurt and damage of theyr people. THE KYNGES high­nes therfore most graciously cōsidering and tendering the welth and commoditie of his people, hath thought good, for the considerations aboue rehersed, to release and dispence with the sayde lawe and custome of absteyning from white meates this holy tyme of Lent, And of his especial grace and mere motion giueth and graūteth vnto all and singular his subiectes within this his realme of England, Wales, Cales, Guynes, Hammes, and in al other his graces dominions, free lyberty, faculty and ly­cence, to eate al maner of white meates, as mylke, egges, butter, chese, and suche lyke, during the tyme of this Lent, without any scruple or grudge of conscience: any law, constitution, vse, or custome to the contrary not withstandyng. Wherin neuer the lesse his highnes exhorteth, and in the name of God requireth, all suche his faythfull subiectes, as maye, wol, or shall enioy this his saide graunt or faculty, that they be in no wise scruple or doubteful therof, nor abuse or turne the same into a fleshly or carnal libertie, but rather endeuour them selues to their possible powers with this libertie of eating of white meates, to obserue also that fast, whiche god most specyally requyreth of them: That is to say, to re­nounce the world and the deuyl, with al theyr pompes and workes, and also to subdewe and represse their carnal affections, and the corrupt workes of their flesh, accordyng to their vowe and profession made at the font stone. For in these poyntes specyally consysteth the very true and perfyte abstynence and fastyng of a Christen man. This to endure and continue from yere to yere, tyll the kynges hyghnes pleasure shalbe by his maiesties proclamation publyshed to the contrary.


Tho. Berthelet regius impressor excudebat. Cum priuilegio ad imprimendum solum.

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