to remoue and put awaye from amonges his lyege people, all occa [...] to establishe them all in one conformable and vnyforme order in all su from hensforthe the sayde euen of saynt Laurence shall not be taken euery his gracis louinge subiectes, to eate fleshe, and all other kyndes

AND where as heretofore dyuers and many superstitious and chylued and kepte in many and sundry parties of this realme, as vpon saycentes, and suche lyke, children be straungely decked and apparayled with songes and daunces from house to house, blessynge the people, a in the pulpet, with suche other vnsyttynge and inconueniente vsages of his saynctes. The kynges maiestie therfore myndynge nothinge [...] superstition, wylleth and commaundeth, that from henseforthe all su thorow out all this his realme, and dominions, for as moche as thes than the pure and syncere religion of Christe.


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