❧ A proclamation concernynge apparayle, mayntenaunce or arche­rye, punysshemente of beggers, and vnlawfull games.

WHere amongest many good and holsome lawes and statutes of this realme, there is made and or­deyned one statute for mayntenance of Archery, & sondry statutes for represse and reformation of playenge at Dyse, Cardes, Tonnys, bowlyng, and other vnlauful games: A statute made for re­formation of apparell and rayment, And another statute made for punyshement and orderynge of sturdy beggers. All whiche statutes as well by obstinacy and wylfulnes of the subiectes of this Realme, as al­so by negligence and affection of the kynges Iustices of peace, and other ministers, that haue power to put them in due execution, haue not ben obserued and kept, but neglected and contemned: to the great discontentation and displeasure of the kynges hyghnes, and to the great hurte of the common weale of this his realme. The kynges maicstie therfore by the aduyse of his lordes spirituall and temporall, and the commons in this presente parlya­ment assemblyd, depely ponderynge & consideryng, that the sayd estatutes greatly tende to the aduauncement of the common weale and surety of this his realme, and to the great commodite of his louing subiectis of the same, doth straytly charge & commande al & singuler his subiectes, of what estate degree or condicion so euer he or they be, that they and euery of them from the feaste of the Annunciation of our lady next commynge do kepe and ob­serue the statute of apparell in suche maner forme and condicion, as in the same statute particularly is cōteyned and expressed. And shall also from henseforthe kepe and obserue all the other statutes, made for or concernynge mayntenance of archery, punyshment of beggars, & reformation and abuse of vnlauful games, and put al & eue­ry of the same statutes aboue said in due & perfyt execution, according to their tenours purportes and effectes, v­pon the paynes & losses of the forfaitures limitted in euery of the said statutes, which paynes and forfaytures the kynges hyghnes wyll not hereafter at any tyme remytte pardon nor forgyue to any of the offenders in any of the sayde statutes, but entendeth to take the same paynes and forfaytures accordynge to his lawes frome tyme to tyme, as the case shall require in that behalfe. And ouer this his hyghnes straytely chargeth and commaun­deth as wel his lordes spiritual and temporal, as also all Iustices of peace, Mayres, Shireffes, Baylyues, and al other ministers & officers what so euer they be, that they & euery of them, within their auctorites, as wel within liberties as without, without fauour affectiō or corruption shal put theyr effectuall endeuour & diligences for the due obseruation & execution of the said estatutes and euery of them, & specially euery of the sayd lordes, and all o­ther housholders amongest theyr owne famylyes and housholde seruauntes, as they and euery of them and all other his louinge subiectes, wyll haue his most gratious fauour and thankes, and auoide the penalties lymytted by the sayde statutes and his moste dredfull indignation and displeasure, and wylle aunswere to his maigesty for contemnynge his lawes and this his gracys proclamation, at theyr vttermost perylles.

Tho. Berthelet
regius impressor excudebat. CVM PRIVILEGI. O

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