Where the kynges hyghnes is enfourmed, that dyuers and [...] [...]ngs and bokes, as well [...] specially one boke imprinted comprisyng a sermon [...] yther late Bysshop of Rochester, who [...] the lawes of this realme was executed [...] & sondry manyfest & detestable high treasons by [...] ageinst the kinges highnes▪ his crowne and [...] are dispersed abrode in this realme, and ben [...] to the handes of diuers of the kinges subiectes in which writinges and bokes many open & manifest errours & sclaunders are [...], not only in derogation & diminution of the dignite & auctorite roial of the kinges maiestie, & of his imperial crowne, but al­so directly & expressly ageynst the good & laudable estatutes of this realme: by reason wherof the kynges said subiectes hauing suche [...] writinges and bokes might happen by the keping or reding of them to [...] in to great perilles dangers and losses or their lyues londes & goodes. In consideration wherof the kynges most royal maiestie, who of his most noble and gentyll harte more desi­ [...]th the reformation of his louynge subiectes, by gentyll warninges and monitions, than by rigour and extremytie of his lawes, tru­stynge that euery humble louing and honest subiect, beinge admonyshed of theyr offences, wherby they can pretende no ignorance, wil take more regard & respect of their duties of allegeance that they owen to beare to theyr souerayne lorde, orelles they may wel thynke that his hyghnes, taking iust occasion by their obstinacy, wil procede to their reformation and punishement accordynge to his lawes after theyr merites and desertes, without any ministration of his mercy in that behalfe: dooth therfore straitely charge and cōmande, that al & euery person and persons, whiche haue, or here after shal happen to haue any of the sayd bokes, conteining the said sermon of the said late traitour, or any other writinge or boke, wherin shalbe conteyned any errour or sclaunder to the kynges maiestie, or to the derogation or diminition of his imperial crowne, or of any auctorite knytte to the same, or repugnant to his statutes of this realme, made for the suerte of his graces succession, or for the abolycyon of the vsurped power of the byshoppe of Rome, shall within .x [...]. days nexte after this his graces proclamation, brynge & delyuer the sayd bokes and writinges to the lorde Chauncellour of England, or to Thomas Crumwell esquier the kynges chiefe Secretary, and mayster of his Rolles, as they wyl auoyde his most highe indignation & dipleasure, and the perils and daungers of his lawes and statutes prouyded for the same, whiche his highnes entendeth to execute agaynste the offendours of this his graces proclamation, accordynge to theyr offences, without any pitte or mercy to them to be gy­uen by his maiestie in any behalfe. And furthermore the kinges hyghnes straytely chargeth and commandeth al and singuler Iusty­ces of peace, Mayres, Shyryffes, bayliffes, Constables, and all other his louynge subiectes, that euery of them shall put theyr good and effectual endeuours for the fyndynge aspienge and bringinge in of the sayde bokes and wrytinges, accordyng to this his graces proclamation, as they wyll auoide his mooste highe displeasure and indignation, and aunswere for theyr doinge contrarye hereof, at theyr vttermooste perylles.

¶ And ouer this, where his maiestie is also enformed, that dyuers and sundry light persons, called pardoners, go dayly abrode in this his realme, declaryng and publishing to his people, as wel in paryshe churches as els where, diuers indulgences and pardons, corruptly and deceitfully opteyned of the byshops of Rome, and by colour therof exacte and gather of his subiectes great and innu­merable sommes of money: and the mooste parte of the said pardoners beinge confederate with the great erraunt theues of this re­alme, by going about espie where the rychest and most substancyall men inhabyte and dwell, to whose houses many tymes they gyde and brynge the sayde theues their confederates, to robbe and spoyle. And also the money vnlaufully by them exacted of the pore in­nocent people▪ by colour of their indulgences, they spende in rybaldry and carnall vices, carienge aboute with them drabbes hoores and cutte purses, to the great sclaunder of the realme, and to the damage deceyte and empoueryshinge of the kinges good louynge subiectes. For repressynge wherof, the kinges most royall maiestie, who dayly studieth to extincte vice and exalt and encreace vertue in this his realme, to the glorye and honour of god, and quie [...]nes of his people, consyderynge that by occasion of suche corrupte and deceytfull indulgences many of his louynge subiectes haue ben more encouraged to commytte synne, and to withdrawe their fayth hope and deuotion from god, and haue be the more negligente to fulfylle his preceptes and commaundementes, whiche all christen people are bounden to obserue, doth therfore straytly charge & commande, that no person or persons from hen [...]forth take vpon [...] or them to sende or go about in this his realme, to publyshe any such ꝑdon or indulgēce, nor declare publyshe vse or practyse [...] such pardon or indulgence in any monasteries churches or places, nor by colour therof exact gyue or receyue any sōmes of money [...] peynes cōprised in his lawes in that case prouyded, and as they wyll answere for doinge contrary hereof to his maiestie at their vtter­most perylles. And if any person or persons go vagaraunt in any parte of his realme, as pardoners, takynge [...] any [...] to publisshe suche indulgences and pardons, or by colour therof exacte any sommes of money, that then his hyghenesse straytely chargeth and commaundeth all and singuler Iustices of peace, Mayres, sheryffes, bayllyues, constables, and all other his louynge subiectes, that they shall apprehende from tyme to tyme suche offendours, and cause theym to be ordered and [...] to the acte prouided for valiant beggers and vagaboundes, not faylynge thus to do, as they wyll auoyde the [...] pleasure and indignation, and also the peryls of the peynes conteyned in the saide acte.


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