FOR AS MOCHE AS THE KINGES maiestie is credibly aduertised and infourmed, that beafes, muttons, and veales, are lykely to be more scarse and dere nowe ayenst this holy tyme of Ester, than in other seasons of the yere, by reasone of the charges of kepynge of suche cattelle with hey and other sto­uer, in the wynter: by occasion wherof the bouchers and other that shall sell such beaues muttons and vea­les by retayle by weighte, can not bye theym of the breders broggers fermours drouers owners and feders of suche cattell at suche reasonable prices in grosse, as they may sell the same ayene by weight by retayle at suche prices as are limitted in the acte made fort [...] [...]ynge of fleshe by weight, onelesse it shulde be to their vtter losse and vndoinge: His highenes therfore wyllynge, that the same bouchers, and other sellyng fleshe by retayle for the tyme hereafter lymitted in this proclamation, shuld be so con­ueniently prouided for in the premissis, as they shulde not haue any cause reasonable to forbere theyr prouisions for suche vitall to be solde by retayle ayenst this holy tyme of Easter, for reliefe and succour of his subiectis, in as ample manier as heretofore hath ben accustomed: Is therfore contented and pleased, that from henseforth vnto the .xxiiii. day of Iune next commyng, bou­chers and all other, that shall sell fleshe of the kyndes aforesayde by weyghte by retayle, shall and may sell from tyme to tyme, vnto the sayde .xxiiii. day of Iune nexte commynge, euery pounde of beefe good and holsome for mans bodye, for an halfepeny and one halfe farthynge and no more: And euery pounde of mutton for thre farthynges onely and no more: And euery pounde of veale for an halfepeny and halfe farthynge, and no more. The sayde acte of prouision heretofore had and made for sellynge fleshe by weight by retayle, or any thinge therin conteyned, to the contrarie herof not withstondinge.

¶Prouyded alwayes, that no bouchers or other shall kylle any calues to selle by retaylle for the terme of two yeres ensuinge, from the first day of Ianuarye laste, vpon the peynes lymitted in the acte made for kyllynge of calues, this proclamation not withstandyng. And his highnes hath ordeyned, that if any boucher or other sellyng by retayle, do selle any of the kyndes of vi­talles aforesayde, otherwyse then by weight, or at any other prices than is afore lymytted, or refuse to selle accordinge to this proclamation: thenne euery boucher, or other so offendynge shall suffre lose and forfayte all suche peynes and penalities, and also be ordered in all thinges as is conteyned and limitted in the acte made for the premisses. This proclamation in any wyse not lettynge.

¶And furthermore the kynges hyghnes straytely chargeth and commaundeth all and euerye the sayde breders broggers dro­uers fermours feders and owners of suche cattell, that they and euery of them furnysshe the fayres & markettes with suche fat cattall as they haue to selle from tyme to tyme, in as large and ample maner as hath ben accustomed: And to sell theyr sayde ca­tell at suche reasonable prices, as the sayd bouchers or suche other, as shall retayle the same ayene by weight, may vtter and sell the same to his louynge subiectes, at suche prices as are aboue lymytted, as they wyll auoyde his graces hygh dyspleasure, and answere to the same at theyr vttermoste perylles.

AND THAT after the sayde. xxiiii. day of Iune, the sayde bouchers and other sellyng fleshe by retayle, shal from thens forthe sell by weyght by retayle, accordynge to the pryces limitted in the sayd act made and prouyded for the same, vpon the pey­nes and penalities conteyned in the sayd acte, without any abstinence or redresse to be hadde therof after the sayde. xxiiii. daye. Wherfore the kynges hyghnes straytely chargeth and commaundeth all and synguler Maires, Iustyces of peace, Shireffes, bayliffes, constables, and other his officers and faythfull subiectes, to whom it shall or in any maner of wyse may appertayne, that they and euery of them cause this his proclamation to be put in due and effectuall execution accordynge to the tenour ther­of, as they wyll aunswere to his hyghnes at their vttermoste peryls.


Tho. Berthelet. regius impressor excudebat. CVM PRIVILEGIO.

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