¶ A PROCLAMATION concernynge payment of tythes and oblations, as well within the citie of London as elles where within the realme.

THE KYNGES moost royall maiestie hauynge perfyt knowlege and vnderstandinge that as well his louynge sub­iectes [...] of his citie of London of the one p [...] as the persons cutates of the churches of his sayd cytie of the other partie, by their mutuall assentes compromitted them self to stande abyde and performe the order decret and at­ [...]rement of his right trusty and right entierly beloued counsailours, the moost reuerende father in God Thomas archebysshop of Canturbury Metropolitane and prymate of Englande, Thomas Audeley knyght lorde Chauncellour of Englād. the reuerend father in god Stephyn byshoppe of wynchester, Thomas Crumwell Esquier chief secretary to the kynges hyghnes, and mayster of the rolles, Thon Fitz Iames knyghte, chiefe iustice of plees to be holden before the kynges hyghenes, and Roberie Norwyche knyghte chief iustice of the kynges commen benche, in and vpon the debate and variaunce that was moued betwene the sayde partyes for the rate and certayntie of tythes offetynges and other dewties claymed by the sayde personnes and curates to be payde by the kynges sayde subiectes the citezens of his sayde Citie, where vppon the sayd counsayllours of our sayd souetayne lorde by great aduyse and deliberation, by one accorde and assente amonge other thynges haue ordayned and decreed, that euery the kyn­ges sayde subiectes, citizens, and inhabytauntes of his sayde Citie, shulde frome the tyme of their awarde and decree paye for their tythes after the rate of syxtene pence halfepeny for euery .x. s. of their house rent, and for euery .xx. s. to paye .ii. s .ix. d. and so accump­tynge and assendynge allwayes by .x. s. shulde paye for euery ten. s. after the rate of syxtene pence. ob. and not aboue. And yet neuer­thelesse the kynges hyghenesse is enfourmed, that dyuers and sondrye persons inhabyted within his sayde Cytie, not onely refuse to paye their sayde tythes, accordynge as is lymitted by his sayde counsayllours, but also that many of the sayde cytesens and of other the kynges subiectes inhabyted in sondry partes of this realme, grudged and murmured to paye their tythes offerynges and other lawfull duetyes to the persons, vicars, and other hauynge cure of their soules, lyke as heretofore by the lawdable customes of this realme they haue done and bene accustomed to do, and obstinatly and wilfully withdrawe and deteyne their sayde dewties, agayne Iustice equite reason and good conscience, to the great peryll of theyr soules. For reformation wherof the kynges sayd royall maie­stie beynge the supreme heed in erthe vnder God of the church of Englande, myndinge and entendynge to mayntayne and sustayne the honour of God and the godly obseruances and tyghtfull duetyes customably and by laudable customes dewe to the ecclesiasti­call ministers of the churche of Englande, in as large and ample maner as heretofore hath bene laudably and honorably vsed and accustomed within this his realme, doeth therfore by this his presente Proclamation strayghtely charge and commaunde all and e­uery his sayde subiectes of his sayde Cytie, to satisfie paye and contente to their persons vicars and other, hauyng cure of their sou­les, in the name and lewe of their tythes after the rate aboue expressed, lymitted by the kynges sayde counsellours. And that al suche of his sayde cytie as paye lesse of yerely ferme than .x. s. and all and euery other person and persons men women and chylderne, inha­byted within the sayde cytie, beinge of age to receyue the blessed and holy Sacrament of the aulter, the very body of our lorde Iesu Christe, shall paye yerely for their foure offerynge dayes two pence, the housholders inhabyted within the sayde citie, payinge aboue the yerely rent of ten shyllynges, only for their owne persons excepted & to be discharged of the .ii. d. for the sayd foure offryng dayes.

¶ And ouer this his hyghenes strayghtly chargeth and commaundeth, that all and euery his other Subiectes, in all other parties of this his realme, shall paye and contente to the persons vicars and other the ministers of the churche, and hauynge cure, suche ty­thes as well prediall as personal offerynges and other dewtyes, which by the laudable customes of this realme they heretofore haue bene oblyged accustomed and bounden to paye, without deteynynge any parte therof, and without further deniall, contradiction, molestation, or trouble in any behalfe, vpon peyne that euery person offendinge this his gracious Proclamation, to haue imprison­ment, & to make fyne at his gracis will and pleasure, & ouer that the offenders shall renne into his highnes displeasure & indignatiō.

¶ And his maiestie also chargeth and commaundeth as well all and singuler archebysshoppes, bysshoppes, and other hauynge ec­clesyasticall iurisdiction, as all and singuler mayres, shyreffes, bayllyffes, aldermen, and all other his ministers trewe liege men and subiectes, as well of his citie of London, as cls where within his realme, that they and euery of them, put their effectuall endeuour for the dewe execution of this his proclamation frome tyme to tyme as to them shall apertayne vpon the paynes aboue rehersed.

Thomas Berthelet
Regius Impressor excudeba [...]. CVM PRIVILEGIO.

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