HEnry by the grace of god kyng of Engl [...] and of France / and lord of Ireland to all and syngular archebis­shops / & bysshops / abbattis / priours / arch [...]eacons / deans / and their officers / vicars / curatis and other spiri­tuall ꝑsones. And also to Meyres / shiriff [...] baylies / conestables: and all other our feythfull ministers / & sub­giettis (as well within liberties as with [...]t) to whom these p̄sent letters shall com sendeth grettyng. Know ye that of late by shewyng of our humbl [...] [...]ubgiette Thomas Andrew of the parisshe of Southmymes in the counte of Midd and also we be enfourm [...]d by feythfull wytnes / that before the feest of Christmas last passed the house .iiii. stables .ii. oarnys .iii.[?] [...] and all oth [...]r mouabl [...]s goddis of the forsayd Thomas through the mysfortune of fyre were burned and [...]asted. wherby he is fallen into great and extreme pouerte / hauyng nothyng left to socoure & releue hym selfe / his wyfe & his ch [...]rē. wherfore he humbly desyred our lycence saffely to go & come in all parties of this our realme of England to gether the alm [...] / deuocion / and charitable gyftis of christen people. To which pe­ticion we beyng inclyned fauourably haue receyued the say [...] Thomas / his men / seruaūtis / and goodis in to our protection & de­fence: saffely to go & come in all parties of this our realme England for the cause aboue sayd / to gether the almes dedis & cha­ritable gyftis of christen people. And therfore we desyre an [...] [...]ray all you prelatis and other spirituall parsones / whan the sayde Thomas his men and seruauntis shal come to your church [...] chapels / or any other spirituall place / that ye receyue them frely to desyre and gether the almes and charitable gyftis: and fau [...]ably suffre them ther with to departe. And to all mayres / shiriffis / baylyes / constables / and other our feythfull ministers and s [...]giettis aforsayd / we charge and cōmaund that ye maynteyne / pro­tect and defend the sayd Thomas / his men / seruantis / and g [...]dis: where soeuer they come for the cause aboue sayd to desyre and gether the almes dedis and charitable gyftis and ther with [...] returne agayne. And that ye shall do to them none iniury molesta­cion / dāmage / violence / impediment / or greffe / nor suffre the [...]me to be done of any other parsone. And if any trespas or iniury be done vn them / thā ye without delay shal se it duly corrected [...] [...]eformed. In wytnes wherof we haue caused these our p̄sent let­ters patentis to be made. And we wyll yt this ꝓtection shal [...]re the space of an hole yere after the date of these presentis.


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