Henricus dei gracia Rex Anglie et francie et dn̄s Hybernie. Vic. Norff. Suff. & c̄. Salutē Precipimus vobis firmiter iniūgentes (quam) statim post receptionem presentiū in singulis locis infra balliuā vestrā tam infra libertates (quam) extra vbi magis expe diens videritis ex parte nostra publicas ꝓclamationes fieri faciatis ī hec verba.

THe kynge our souerayne lorde callynge to his remembraunce yt at his last ꝓliament holden at westm̄ it was ordeyned & enacted for the comon wele of this his Realme in auoydynge ye clyppyng and dystruccyon of his coyne / & for ye preseruacion of good money to be curraunt wtin ye same. That aswell all maner grotes of Englysshe coyne. & of ye coyne of other londes than curraunt wtin his sayd Realme for grotes or for .iiij pens beynge syluer & not clypped thoughe ye same were cracked or worne / shold go & be curraūt in al this his realme for ye sōme yt they were coyned for. And also that all grotes aswell Englysshe coyne / as coyne of other londes yt were clypped sholde not go nor be curraunt in ony wyse within his sayd realme. For asmoche as it is comen to the perfyte knowlege of his hyghnes / y many & grete nombre of his subgecte make themself Ignoraūt in knowlege of Englysshe grotes / and double plakes whyder they be clypped / or not clypped by meane wherof grete trouble & vexaciō dayly is had to his true & well meanynge subgectes in makynge & receyuynge of theyr paymentes. wherfore and in auoydynge of suche vexacion of his sayd subgectes. The kynges hyghnes by good deliberacion & aduyse of the lordes spū [...]ll & tēporell & other of his counceyll vpon the syght of the same Englysshe grotes & double plackes / all be it that many englysshe grotes haue by ye Coyners ben mystryken dothe declare / decre / & adiuge all Englysshe grot [...] & double plackes hauynge ye lymyttes or markes as herafter it is expressed not to be clypped but to haue cours & to be curraunt & not to be refused That is to saye. euery Englysshe grote beynge syluer yt hath thre poyntes of ye crosse hole on ye syde / And the moste [...]te of ye scrypture hole on the other syde to go [...] & be curraūt & ī no wyse to be refused thoughe the same be not [...]fytely prynted & coyned. ¶ Prouyded alway yt this ꝓclama­cion be onely extēded to suche grotes as were coyned before ye makynge of ye sayd act of [...]lyamēt / & not to grotes newe coyned sythen the makynge of the sayd acte whiche newe grotes shall not be curraunt onles they haue theyr full prynte on bothe sydes accordynge to the sayde acte.

¶ And also yt euery double placke beynge syluer whiche hath his scrypture apparaūt on the one syde or on the other syde / to go [...] and to be curraunt and not to be refused.

¶ wherfore ye kynges hyghnes wylleth and streytely cōmaundeth that as well all englysshe grotes as double plackes hauynge the markes or lymytes aboue sayd shalbe taken as well by his receyuours as all other [...]sones in this his realme & not to be refused vpon payne of enprysonemē & to make fyne at his pleasure. & all englysshe grotes & plackes beynge syluer not hauynge ye markes or lymyt [...] afore fayd to be reputed for clypped money / & not to go nor to be curraūt for coyne.

¶ And the kyng [...] grace for ye more ease & quyetnesse to be had amōge his sayd subgettes in this behalfe wylleth & cōmaundeth yt suche money as is aforesayd reputed for clypped money shall be taken in payment / or in eschaūge for iij. [...]. & ij. [...]. the vnce at ye l [...]este & in lyke wyse the halfe vnce / the quarter & ye halfe quarter of ye sayd clypped moneye after the rate of the same & no lesse to be gyuen for ye vnce the halfe vnce ye quarter & ye halfe quarter accordȳge to the sayd rate of suche money after this ꝓclamacyō made in euery shyre by ony persone vpon payne of forfeyture by ye receyuour of the same money so re­ceyued and vpon payne of enprysonement & fyne to be made at the kynges wyll.

¶ And that all and euery suche person̄ and [...]sons as shall take or receyue clippyd money by waight furthwith & imediatly in ye presens & sight of hym that shall so v [...]tur ye same money the said taker and receyuer therof shall cut or cause to be cutte in sunder all the [...]aid clypped money in payne of forfetur̄ of all ye said clipped money so receyued & taken & to haue imprisonement and make fyne & raunson at the kyng [...] wyll:

¶ And ouer that the kyng [...] hyghnesse straytely cōmaundeth that none of hys subgectes presume to vse weyghtes made of styckes endes comynly called of olde tyme awncell weyghtes vpon payne and punysshement afore expressed.

¶ And also the kyng [...] hyghnesse cōmaundeth yt all Mayres / baylyfs / constables / & all other hede offy­cers of cytees / townes / bourghs / or vyllages to se the premysses duelye executed to the best of they [...] powers vpon payne of enprysonement and to make fyne at the kyng [...] wyll & pleasure vpon cōplaynt to his hyghnesse / or to his counceyll / or to [...]ny Iustyce of y yeas therof made & approued to be true yt they do not to be executed this the Kynges. ꝓclamacyon & hyghe cōmaundemēt

¶ Et hoc sub periculo incūbenti nullatenus omittas Teste meipso / apud westmonasteriū quinto die Iulij Anno regni nostri Decimonono. Regius Impressor. Wtin seynt Elens Guillam.

[depiction of English coins]

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