Ordinances decreed for reformation of diuers disorders in printing and vttering of Bookes.

1 THat no person shall print, or cause to be imprinted, nor shal bring, or cause, or procure to be brought into this Realme imprinted, anie Booke or copie against the forme and mea­ning of anie ordinance, prohibition, or commandement, conteined, or to be conteined in anie the Statutes or Lawes of this Realme, or in anie Iniunctions, Letters patents, or ordinances, passed or set foorth, or to be passed or set foorth by the Queenes most excellent Maiesties grant, commission, or authoritie.

2 That whosoeuer shall offend against the said ordinance, shall not onelie forfait all such Bookes and Copies, as shall be so printed or brought in; but also shall from thencefoorth ne­uer vse or exercise, nor take benefit by anie vsing or exercising of the feate of printing, and shall susteine three moneths imprisonment, without baile or mainprise. And if he be not before such offence bound with sureties, in forme hereafter expressed, then he shall also forfait for euerie offence. x. li.

3 That no person shall sell, vtter, put to sale, bind, stitch, or sowe, anie such Bookes or Copies, so printed or brought in, contrarie to the said ordinance, vpon paine to forfait all such Bookes and Copies, and for euerie Booke. xx. s.

4 That all Bookes to be so forfaited, shall be brought into the Stationers hall in London, and there the one moitie of all such forfaitures of monie shall be reserued to the Queenes Maiesties vse, and the other moitie shall be deliuered to him or them that shall first seise the same Bookes or Copies, or make complaint therof to the Wardens of the said Companie. And all the Bookes so to be forfaited, shal be destroied or made waste paper, by the discretion of the said Wardens.

5 That it shall be lawfull for the Wardens of the said Companie for the time being, or anie two of the said Companie, thereto deputed by the said Wardens, as well in anie ports, as other suspected places within this Realme, to open and view all packs, drifats, maunds, and other things, wherein Bookes or Paper shall be conteined, brought into this Realme: and also to make search in all workehouses, shops, warehouses, and other places, of Printers, Bookesellers, or such as bring Bookes into this Realme to be sold, or where they shall haue reasonable cause of suspicion: and all the said Bookes to be rou [...]d against th [...] said ordinance, to seise and carrie to the said Hall, to the vses abouesaid, and the parties therein offending, to lead and present be­fore the Queenes Maiesties hie Commissioners in causes Ecclesiasticall.

6 That euerie Printer, Stationer, Bookeseller, Merchant, and other person, vsing anie trade of Bookes, printing, binding, selling, or bringing into this Realme, shall before the said Commissi­oners, or before anie other persons therevnto [...]o be assigned by the Queenes Maiesties most honourable priuie Councell, enter into seuerall recognisances of reasonable summes of monie to her Maiesties vse, with sureties or without, as to the said Commissioners shall be thought expedient, that he shall trulie obserue all the said ordinances, well and trulie yeeld and paie all such forfaitures, and in no point be resisting, but in all things aiding to the said Wardens and their deputies, for the true execution of the premisses.

We vnder written thinke these ordinances meete and necessarie to be decreed and obserued.

Mathew Cantu [...].
Edm. London.
Amb. Caue.
Dauid Lewes.
Thomas Yale.
Robert Weston.
Thomas Huicke.

Vpon the consideration before expressed, and vpon the motion of the Commissioners, we of the priuie Councell haue agreed these to be obserued and kept, vpon the paines therein conteined.

N. Bacon. C. S.
R. Lecester.
E. Clinton.
Amb. Caue.
E. Rogers.
F. Knolles.
W. Cecill.
God preserue our most gratious Queene ELIZABETH.

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