¶ Ordinaunces decreed for reformation of diuers disorders in pryntyng and vtteryng of Bookes.

THat no person shall prynt, or cause to be imprynted, nor shall bryng, or cause, or procure to be brought into this Realme imprynted, any Booke or copye agaynst the fourme and meanyng of any ordinaunce, prohi­bition, 1. or commaundement, conteyned, or to be conteyned in any the statutes or lawes of this Realme, or in any Iniunctions, Letters patentes, or ordinaunces, passed or set forth, or to be passed or set forth by the Queenes most excellent Maiesties graunt, commission, or aucthoritie.

That whosoeuer shall offende agaynst the sayde ordinaunce, shall not only forfayte all suche Bookes and co­pies, 2. as shalbe so prynted or brought in, but also shall from thence forth neuer vse or exercyse, nor take benefite by any vsyng or exercysyng of the feate of pryntyng, and shall susteyne three monethes imprysonment, without bayle or maynpryse. And yf he be not before such offence bounde, with suerties, in fourme hereafter expressed, then he shall also forfayte for euery offence .x. li.

That no person shall sell, vtter, put to sale, bynde, stytch, or sowe, any such bookes or copyes, so prynted or brought in, contrary to the sayde ordinaunce, vpon peyne to forfayte all such bookes and copyes, and for euerye 3. booke .xx. s.

That all bookes to be so forfayted, shalbe brought into the Stationers hall in London, & there the one moitie of all such forfaytures of money shalbe reserued to the Queenes Maiesties vse, and the other moitie shalbe delyuered 4. to hym or them that shall fyrst seise the same bookes or copies, or make complaynt therof to the Wardens of the sayde companie. And all the bookes so to be forfayted, shalbe destroyed or made waste paper, by the discretion of the sayde Wardens.

That it shalbe lefull for the Wardens of the sayde company for the tyme beyng, or any two of the sayde com­panie thereto deputed by the sayde Wardens, aswell in any portes, as other suspected places within this Realme, 5. to open and viewe all packes, dryefattes, maundes, and other thynges wherin bookes or paper shalbe conteyned, brought into this Realme: and also to make searche in all workehouses, shoppes, warehouses, and other places, of Prynters, Bookesellers, or such as bryng bookes into this Realme to be solde, or where they shall haue reaso­nable cause of suspition: And all bookes to be founde agaynst the sayde ordinaunce to seise and carry to the sayde Hall, to the vses abouesayde, and the parties therin offendyng to leade and present before the Queenes Maiesties hye Commissioners in causes ecclesiasticall.

That euery Stationer, Prynter, Bookeseller, Marchaunt, and other person vsyng any trade of bookes pr [...] ­tyng, byndyng, sellyng, or bryngyng into this Realme, shall before the sayde Commissioners, or before any o [...] 6. persons thervnto to be assigned by the Queenes Maiesties most honorable priuie Councell, entre into seuerall Re­conisaunces of reasonable summes of money to her Maiesties vse, with sureties or without, as to the sayde Com­missioners shalbe thought expedient, that he shall truely obserue all the sayde ordinaunces, well and truely yelde and pay all such forfaytures, and in no poynt be resistyng, but in all thynges aydyng to the sayde wardens & their deputies, for the true execution of the premisses.

VVe vnder written thynke these ordinaunces meete and necessary to be decreed and obserued.

  • Mathew Cantuar.
  • Edm. London.
  • Amb. Caue.
  • Dauid Lewes.
  • Thomas Yale.
  • Robert VVeston.
  • T. Huycke.

Vpon the consideration before expressed, and vpon the motion of the Commissioners, we of the priuie Councell haue agreed these to be obserued and kept, vppon the paynes therein conteyned. At the starre Chamber the .xxix. day of Iune. Anno. 1566. & the .viii. yere of the Queenes Maiesties raigne.

  • T. Bacon. C. S.
  • VVynchester.
  • R. Lecester.
  • E. Clynton.
  • Amb. Caue.
  • E. Rogers.
  • F. Knolles.
  • VV. Cecill.

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