❧ Forme of a Scedule for Musters.
ComitatusTrainedHundreds.Captaine and his Lieuten­nant.The numbers of Men.Shotte.Corslets.Bowes.Billes.Pioners.Match. Pouder. Bullet.Nags to mount the shot on.Launces.Lighthorses.Petronels.Carts fur­nished.Capt. of the horse & his Lieutenant. 
    Muskets. Caliuers.            
Able men, whereof, furnished.                 
vntrainedHundreas.Captaine and his Lieuten­nant.Men.Shotte.Corslets.Bowes.Billes.Pioners.Pouder. Match. Bullet.Nags to mount the shot on.Carts fur­nished.
   Muskets. Caliuers.       
Sum totall of all men.
  • Men.
    • Muskets.
    • Caliuers.
    • Corslets.
    • Bowes.
    • Billes.
  • Men.
    • Pioners.
    • Launces.
    • Lighthors.
    • Petronels.

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