¶A ballat intituled Northomberland newes /

VVherin you maye see what Rebelles do vse.
¶Come tomblinge downe come tomblinge downe.
That will not yet be trewe to the Crowne.
YOƲ Northcountrie nodies whie be ye so bragge
To rise and raise honor to Romish renowne
You know ye at Tiborne there standeth a Nagge
For suche as will neuer be trew to the crowne.
Come tomblinge. &c.
What meane ye to followe the man in the Moone,
With battz bowes and arrowes and billes verye browne.
His shyninge with shame wilbe shadowed so soone,
It will greue him that euer he troubled the Crowne.
Come tomblinge. &c.
Thowghe Poperie wrought a greate while a goe,
That Percie prouoked Kinge Harry to frowne.
Yet who wolde haue thought there were any moe,
That wold not yet be trew to the Crowne.
Come tomblinge. &c.
Our Queene is the daughter of Henry theight,
Who brought euery Alter and Imagerie downe.
He lefte her and tawght her a remedie streight,
For anye that wold not be trew to the Crowne.
Come tombling. &c.
And though you do greete her like Traytours with treason
To whom you owe honour with cappe and knee downe.
I am suer that sainct Peter will saye it is reason,
To rule ye that will not be trew to the Crowne.
Come tombling. &c.
And thoughe you do saye that is matter amis,
Whiche you wold redresse by noble Renowme.
What any waye wurse then Rebellion is,
Of any that will not be true to the Crowne.
Come tomblinge. &c.
What Strangers can be, more straunger then ye,
That gather together bothe carter and clowne.
And studie to sturre to seeke and to see,
Whiche waie to deuise to trouble the Crowne.
Come tomblinge. &c.
Syr Ihon Sborne your morowe Masse Priest,
Saythe to Lobbe looke aboute will ye knele downe?
We will haue a Masse before Iesus Christ,
And that is the waye to trouble the Crowne.
Come tomblinge. &c.
The Knightes to theyr knaues saye sticke and be stowt,
Our banners and staues shall bringe vs Renowne.
We haue Nobles and others that be as deuowt,
To helpe vs at this time to trouble the Crowne.
Come tomblinge. &c.
The Rebelles come flinginge but what cometh after,
A songe worthe the singinge hey downe a downe downe.
A Tyborne Typpett a roope or a halter,
For anye that will not be trew to the Crowne.
Come tomblinge. &c.
For thoughe ye spoile Churches and burne vp the Bible,
And worshippe gaie Crosses in euery towne.
Your Idolles you asses are neuer possible,
To saue ye that will not be trew to the Crowne.
Come tomblinge. &c.
And thoughe ye do carie the banner of force,
And Iolie rounde Robyn vnder your gowne.
You know that sainct George hath a praunsinge horse,
Canne make enie Rebell to stoope to the Crowne.
Come tomblinge. &c.
The Westmerland Bull must come to the stake,
The Lyon will rore still till he be downe.
Northumberland then will tremble and quake,
For woe that he was so false to the Crowne.
Come tomblinge. &c.
And Catholiques old that hold with the Pope,
And carie dead Images vppe and downe.
To take better holde they shall haue a Roope,
To teache them once to be trew to the Crowne.
Come tomblinge. &c.
Let euery Priest that sayethe anye Masse,
Either chuse to take the Crucifixe downe.
Or hange as highe as the Crucifixe was,
Except he will be trew to the Crowne.
Come tomblinge. &c.
For God is a God of Ielosie suche,
He lokes to haue his holye Renowne.
Or elles he will mislyke verye muche,
To gyue anye one his excellente Crowne.
Come tomblinge. &c.
God prosper the Quene as I truste that he shall,
And graunt of his mercie with blessed Renowne.
The Northe, and West, countrie, the sowth, east, and all,
The people of Englande maye cleaue to the Crowne.
Come tomblinge.
And I wishe that Good Preachers & other trewe teachers,
Wolde visite the vynearde whose branches be downe.
That all the Northe Countrie yet nosseld in Popeerie,
Might knowe theyr duetie to God and the Crowne.
Come tomblinge. &c.
quothe. W. E.

¶Imprinted at London in Paules Churcheyarde, at the signe of the Lucrece by Thomas Purfoote.

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