❧A BOKE OF very Godly Psalmes and prayers, dedicated to the Lady Letice Vicoun­tesse of Hereforde.


¶IMPRINTED AT London, in Fletestreate at the signe of the Faucon, by Wylliam Griffith. 1570.

❧TO THE RIGHT Honorable and verteous Ladye: My Ladye Letice Vicountesse of Hereforde. &c.

MAdame: amonges many my gratious Lorde your hus­bandes, bounden and faythfull vassales: whome his L. boun­tie and Noble vertues doe day­ly purchase abrode (vnknowne to your Honour) I am one: who in my late sickely solitarinesse, for the recreation of my weake soule, compacted and deuised these fewe Psalmes and prayers, which by the commen­dation of the godly and learned, I haue pub­lished: not to supplye the scarcitie, but to in­crease the plentie of heauenly comfortes, wher­of England floweth: God graunt vs to vse theim to his glory, that we maye continually possesse the light of his louinge countenaunce Amen. Dedications of works both great and smale, are comon, for diuerse respectes. Then let my poore little labour, haue libertie to be­stowe it selfe, where it woulde gladliest shewe the token of a thanckefull harte. Right Hono­rable [Page] my good Lady, be it therfore your will, to take this well meante simple trauaile, to your vse and tuition, that by your estimation of the same, it maye growe common and acceptable amongst the verteous sorte of Ladies and gen­tlewomen: praying it may be so faythfully oc­cupied, as it was of the Authour zelously pur­posed, who, your thrall: am of ready endeuour, to honour and to serue my good Lorde and you: by all the wayes I canne: humbly besee­ching my heauenly Father to preserue and to blesse you both with longe lyfe in happie dayes, repleate with grace and all maner of heauenly blessinges, to your per­manent assuraunce, of true felicitie. Amen.

Your good La. assuredly bounden. Roger Edwardes.

¶The first forme of prayer. 1.

VP O sinfull soule, and looke vpon the Lorde of light, and lyfe: sée thine owne state: how thou art clothed with ig­norance, sinne and shame: how thou art deformed, an abominable filthie, and ouglye Monstar: a caytife and a bond slaue to Sathan: a fleshly beast and a foole: vnworthy to lyft thy head toward the seate and maiestie of our God: or to stand in the assembly of the wyse. Therfore shake off thy earthly stuggishnes: and get thée before the Lorde of grace and mercy, in low­lines and repentaunce, hée is full of fatherly pitie and compassion and will not refuse thée: submitte thy selfe with teares: and he will accept thée: he will forgeue thée thy sinnes, and enritche thée with wisedome beau­tie and glory. Ther­fore tarye not, and thou shalt be blessed.

¶O spare me a little, and suffer me to re­couer my strength O Lord, before I goe from hence and be no more seene.

TO thée O Lord, belongeth mercye and forgeuenes: Bowe downe thy fatherly eye, O God, and pitifullye beholde the dampnable state of mée thy wretched and sinfull ser­uaunt, which am vnworthy, but through thy incomprehencible mercye, once to thinke, much lesse to lifte my head and voyce toward thy heauenly seate and maiestie. Therfore in the bowelles of thy fatherly loue and pitie, I beseche thée O déere Father for Christ Iesus sake thy swéete Sonne our Sauiour, to mollifie my hart with thy grace, that humbly confessing my manifold sinnes and wickednes, and from the botome of my hart throughly repentinge the same. I maye by thaide of thy holy spirite, frame and gouerne the rest of my lyfe in the wayes of thy com­maundementes, that iustified in thy grace, I may with the rest of thy chosen sainctes, geue continuall prayse and thanks vnto thy eter­nall maiestie, through Christ our déere Lorde [Page 3] and Sauiour: Who with thée and the holy Ghost, reigneth in vnitie of glory and power sanctified for euer and euer. Amen.


BLessed are they that walke in thy lawes O Lord, for they are, vndefiled in the waye.

Blessed are they that kéepe thy testimonies: sekinge thée in the truth of their hart.

I make my humble petition vnto thée, with my whole hart: O be mercifull vnto me according to thy word.

Instructe my hart in thy wisedome, teach me O Lord, and lead me forth in thy pathes: open my lippes to publish thy prayse, exalting the glory of thy maiestie with thanks geuing. For thou art the Lord our God, thou haste fashoned and made vs, and not we our selues.

We are thy people, whom thou hast pre­pared in the secrets and power of thy wise­dome.

We are thy shéepe whom thou preseruest, and fillest with the bountie of thy blessing.

The heauens & earth with all the things in them contayned, are the workes of thy [Page 4] hands O God, framed, wrought, gouerned and preserued, by thy omnipotent wyll and power.

All thinges depend of thée O Lord, and without thée is no beinge.

Lord thou hast bene our refuge from one generation to another, before the moun­teynes weare brought forth: or euer the worlde was made: thou art our God from euerlasting, and world without ende.

Be mercifull vnto me therfore O my god: let me come before thy presence with songes of thankesgeuinge, reioycing in thée O Lord the strength of my saluation.

My soule cleaueth fast vnto the dust, O quicken thou me according to thy truth, facio­ninge my harte, after thy Testimonies, for therein is lyfe.

O turne awaye myne eyes from vanitie, and my harte from coueteousnes, and quicken me in the wayes of thy statutes O God.

Thou art gratious O Lord, make me o­bedient vnto thy word, for thy mercy endu­reth for euer.

GRatious and righteous art thou Lorde, thou teachest sinners in the way: her est them when the cal vpon thée and sauest [Page 5] them in thy mercye.

Great is thy mercy O Lord, full of com­passion longe suffering and ready to forgeue, plenteous in goodnes and truth.

Thy mercifull kindnes is euer more and more toward vs: thy truth O Lorde is euer­lastinge.

Myne eyes are lookinge towarde thée O God, paciently waitinge for thy mercy wher­in I trust.

Hide not thy face from me O Lorde, for I am in trouble: O hast thée to succour me.

Deale with me according to thy name, O God, sweete is thy mercy, O deliuer me, for I am weake and helpelesse, my hart is woun­ded within me: my comforte is in thy worde O Lord.

Vnto thée O Lord doe I lifte vp my soule: in thée is my trust, let me not be confounded, neither, let the enemie triumphe ouer me.

Leaue me not in dessolation and misery O Lord, least th' enimie hath cause to saye, that thou hast forsaken me, and lefte me to the will of his tirrannye.

Here me, O Lord, in the multitude of thy mercyes, and in the truth of thy saluation de­liuer me.

I goe hence lyke the shadow of a clowd, [Page 6] and am driuen awaye as the grasse hopper.

My beautie wythereth as the haye, and my glory fadeth as the flower of the féelde.

As the whéele ronneth her course, so passe I through this vale, caryinge nothing with me, neither haue I time to behold the things I haue.

My lyfe is but a spanne longe, I am euer lookinge into my graue: for the place wher­in I now florish, is redy to refuse me, neither will it receaue me any more.

O Lord teach me to consider the shortnes of my dayes, and sapplie my hart to wisedome.

Thou art of my inheritaunce the onely portion: I haue chosen thée for my parte, for­sake me not O God.

Thou art alwayes by me, thou O Lorde hast holden me vp by my right hand.

Whom haue I in heauen but thée, nei­ther is there any in earth that I desire, but onely thée O Lord.

My flesh and my harte are weake, and euer fayling, but thou God art the strength of my soule, and my porcion for euer.

Be thou my strong holde O Lord, where­vnto I may alway resorte: thou hast promised to helpe me, thou art my house of defence and my Castle.

[Page 7] Rydde me O Lorde and deliuer me in thy righteousnes: Incline thine eare to me and saue me.

Through thée haue I bene holden vp, e­uer sithens I was borne: thou art he that toke me out of my mothers wombe: my prayse shalbe alwayes of thée.

Call to remembrance thy tender mercies which haue bene euer of olde.

Remember not the sinnes and offences of my youth: but according to thy mercy thinke thou vpon me O Lorde for thy goodnes.

Cast me not out of thy presence, forsake me not in my weakenes, but comfort me in thy mercy O God.

Sh [...]we me thy wayes, teach me thy truth, and lead me forth in the pathes therof O Lorde.

Teach me thy statutes, O God & quicken me with thy grace for thou Lord art my Sa­uiour, in thée onely is my hope and trust for­euermore.

Go not farre from me O God: God hast thée to deliuer me.

Take me out of the myre that I sinke not, O saue me from theym that hate me: Yea out of the handes of the vnrighteous and cruell man, Lord deliuer me.

[Page 8] Let not the water flooddes of sinne and so­rowe drowne me, let not the depe swallowe me vppe, let not the pitte shutte her mouth on me, O my Sauiour.

Drawe nighe vnto my soule and saue it, O deliuer me because of thy righteousnes.

Holde vp my goinges O Lord, and guide my footesteppes in thy pathes that I slippe not.

I call vpon thée O Lorde, for thou wilte here me: incline thyne care vnto me, and harken vnto my wordes.

Shew thy maruailouse louing kindnesse, thou that art of them that trust in thée, the gracious Lord and Sauiour.

When my harte is in heauines, I will from the endes of the earth, call vpon thée O God, and thou shalt set me vpon thy rocke, for thou art my hope and stronge Tower a­gainst the enimie.

I wyll dwell in thy tabernacle for euer, and my trust shalbe vnder the couering of thy winges O God.

Thou hast geuen a tooken to such as feare thée, that they may triumphe because of thy truth.

Thou O Lord herest the desires of thy seruauntes, and geuest an heritage to theyme [Page 9] that feare and loue thy name.

Therefore are thy beloued deliuered, here me O Lord and helpe me.

O stablish me according to thy word that I may lyue, and let me not be disapoynted of my hope.

Holde thou me vp and I shalbe safe, yea my delight shalbe euer in thy statutes.

Thou O Lorde art my defence and my shield, my trust is in thy worde.

Therfore wyll I goe forth in the strength of thy grace, makinge mention of thy righte­ousnes.

Then will I ioyefully singe to thée, O my God: for thou art my refuge my mercifull Lord and Sauiour.

THou O God sendest raygne vpon thyne inheritaunce, and refreshest it when it is weary.

Thy congregations shall dwell therein, for thou. O Lord, hast prepared for the poore.

Thou hast geuen thy word, O God, great is thy beautie and power of thy messengers, let righteousnes possesse the land O lord.

Yea Lord let thy gratious light of thy mercifull countenaunce, shyne vpon thy peo­ple.

[Page 10] Geue knowledge of the wayes to the sim­ple: let all nations see the saluation of thy Sainctes.

Let all tongues and kinreddes prayse thy name O God, and reioyce, for thou wilt iudge thy folke in the righteousnes of thy truth.

Thy kingdome is ouer al, make thy name knowne, from one end of the earth to the other.

Thou art our God O Lord, and thou onely art to be praysed: which helpest vs in our distresse, and fillest vs with thy benifittes.

Thou art our God, euen the God from whom commeth saluation: thou art our Lord and God by whom we scape death and distruction.

O thinke vpon thy congregation whom thou hast redemed and purchased of olde.

Thinke vppon the tribe of thine inheri­taunce, and mount Sion wherein thou haste dwelte.

Suffer not thaduersary to triumphe, that blasphemeth thy name, plucke thy hand out of thy bosome and consume theyme.

Lifte vp thy féete, thou that maiest distroy euery enimie, which meaneth to do euill in thy sanctuary.

Let thine enemies be scattered, O Lord [Page 11] arise and vanquishe theyme for euermore.

Make them to vanishe lyke the smoke that they be no more sene: yea let the glory and power of the vngodly perishe at thy pre­sence O God, so, that it may haue no more place vpon earth.

Let their table be made a snare to take theym selues withall: and let the thinges that should haue bene to there wealth be an occasion of there distruction.

Let their eyes be blind and sée not, and e­uer bowe downe their backes.

Power out thine indignation vpon them, and let all thy wrathfull displeasure take hold of theim.

Let them fall, from one wickednes to an­other, and not come vnto thy righteousnes.

Let them be wyped out of the Booke of lyfe: and not be written amonges the righte­ous.

Let all theym be ashamed and consumed that seke after the soules of the Innocentes: yea let theym perishe without redemption, that, for hatred to thy name, immagine myschéefe to thy Sainctes.

Thou art our God and Kyng of olde, the helpe that is done vpon earth, it is thou thy selfe that doest O Lord.

[Page 12] O deliuer not the soule of thy turtle Doue vnto the multitude of her enimies, for­get not the congregation of the poore for euer.

Geue victory vnto thy people, deliuer them, and make them to dippe their féele in the bloud of thyne enymies.

Looke vpon thy couenaunt O God, let not the simple goe awaye ashamed, but let the poore reioyce & be merry in yt there Sauiour:

Let the righteous geue thankes, in tha­bundaunce of peace, and prayse thy name, O Lord for euer and euer. Amen.

CHAP. XVII. of Iohn.

THese things spake Iesus, and lift vp his eyes to heauen, & said, Father the houre is come: glorifie thy Sonne, that thy Sonne also may glorifie thē, As thou haste giuen him power ouer all fleshe, that he shulde giue eternal life, to all them that thou hast giuen him. And this is life eternal, that they knowe thee to be the onely verie God, and whome thou hast sent. Iesus Christ. I haue glorified the on ye earth: I haue finished the worke which thou gauest me to do, And now glo­rifi me, thou Father, with thine owne selfe, with the glorie which I had with thee before the worlde was. I haue declarede thy Name vnto the men which thou gauest me out of the worlde: thine they were, and thou gauest them me, and they haue kept thy worde. Nowe they knowe that all things whatsoeuer thou hast giuen me, are of the. For I haue giuen vnto them the wordes which thou gauest me, and they haue receiued them, and [Page 13] haue known surely that I came out from thee, and haue beleued that thou hast sent me. I pray for them: I pray not for the world, but for them which thou hast geuen me: for they are thyne. And all mine are thine, and thine are mine, and I am glorified in them. And now am I no more in the worlde, but these are in the worlde, and I come to thee. Holy Father, kepe them in thy Name, euen them whom thou hast geuen me, that they may be one, as we are. Whyle I was with them in the world, I kept them in thy name: those that thou gauest me, haue I kept, and none of them is lost, but the childe of perdition, that the Scripture might be fulfilled. And nowe come I to thee, and these thinges speake I in the worlde, that they might haue my ioye fulfilled in them selues. I haue geuen them thy worde, and the worlde hath hated them, because they are not of the worlde, as I am not of the world. I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the worlde, but that thou kepe them from euill. They are not of the world, as I am not of the worlde. Sanctifie them with thy trueth: thy word is trueth. As thou didest send me into the world, so haue I sent them into the worlde. And for their sakes santifie I my selfe, that they also may be sanctified through the trueth. I praye not for these alone, but for them also which shall beleue in me, through their worde. That they all may be one, as thou, O Father, art in me, and I in thee: euen that they may be also one in vs, that the world may beleue that thou hast sent me. And the glory that thou gauest me, I haue geuen them, that they may be one, as we are one, I in them, and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one, and that the world may knowe, that thou hast sent me, and hast loued them, as thou hast loued me. Father, I will that they which thou hast giuen me, be with me euen where I am, that they may behold my glory, which thou hast geuen me: for thou louedst me before the foundation of the world. O [Page 14] righteous Father, the world also hath not knowne thee, but I haue knowne thee, and these haue knowne, that thou hast sent me. And I haue declared vnto them thy Name, and wyll declare it, that the loue wherwith thou hast loued me, may be in them, and I in them.

WE acknowledge and prayse thée O glo­rious God almightie, maker of heauen and earth. Creatour of all thinges visi­ble and inuisible.

To thée O Lord, all powers doe bowe, heauen and earth with all that is in them, are gouerned by thy will, as obedient to thy commaundement.

Eche thinge doth testifie thy glorye and power, O God.

The Angelles and Sainctes continually crye vnto thée, Holy art thou, holy art thou, holy art thou, which was, is, and euer shalbe.

The Patriarches and Prophets with thy chosen Sainctes and witnesses, haue testified and taught thy holy truth will and maiestie.

They haue witnessed the promised Messi­as, his incarnation, and natiuitie

His Baptisme and annoynting, his wor­kes, and doctrine, his apprehension and exa­mination. His death and passion, his re­surrection, and ascention.

The procéedinge of the holy Ghost the [Page 15] promised comforter.

Who purchasing our hartes, by the ope­ration of thy grace, fashioneth the same, to beleue the premisses.

And that thy déere Sonne Christ Iesus through his bloud and righteousnes: hath deliuered vs from the cursse of the lawe, re­concilinge vs to thy fauour.

So that being called through frée grace and adoption, we are made coheires with him whereby we call Father.

He sitteth on thy right hand, gloryfied with maiestie and power our all.

He maketh continuall intercession for sin­ners: tyll the number of thy chosen be filled.

Then shall the ende come, Heauen and Earth shalbe disolued, the liuinge shalbe changed, the dead shall arise: and he shall come with glory to iudge them bothe.

Him with thée O Father, we prayse and glorifye: by whose merittes and righteousnes thou hast opened the kyngdome of Heauen, to thine electe, wherfore, O Lorde helpe thy seruauntes. Whom thou hast redéemed with the precious bloud of thy Sonne.

Make vs to be numbred, with thy chosen to enioye, the glory and blisse euerlasting.

Saue thy people O Lord, and blesse thine

[Page 16] inheritage.

Gouerne vs, and guide vs, and defend vs, against the world and Sathan.

Communicate thy grace vnto vs, that we beinge filled with thy giftes O Lorde, maye euermore prayse thy name with continuall thankesgeuinge.

Circumsise our harts with thy grace, that beinge decided from this witching world: we may wholy cleaue vnto thée, O Lord.

Lift vs vp out of the myre O God, that we sinke not in corruption. Deliuer vs O Christ our Sauiour, from sinne and death, that we may possesse the kyngdome which thou hast prepared for thy Sainctes.

O Lord haue mercy vpon vs, haue mercy vpon vs Lord, and let the light of thy counte­naunce shine vpon vs.

Make vs to put our trust in thée O Lord, so shall we neuer be confounded.

Arme our hartes with humilitie and pa­cience O God, that cleauinge fast vnto thée, we maye despise and vanquishe, the malice, wrath, assaultes, and persecutions of Sathan and this wicked worlde. For in thée is our helpe comforte and saluation.


O Mercifull Lord and louinge father, that for performance of thy mercy promised, in the secret purpose of thine inserchable will and power: didest send thy déere Sonne to take vpon him our fleshly shape & substaunce: in whom thou art pleased, and by whose me­rites and righteousnes thou art pacified, to­ward such of Adames losse children, as thou hast chosen and called to saluation, throughe fayth and holy conuersation in Christ Iesus. As it hath pleased thy deuine maiestie of thy frée grace and goodnes, to reueale thy selfe vnto vs wretches by the working of thy holy Spirite in beleuing the Gospel of thy Sonne: So be it thy will O louing Father, pardo­ninge our frailties, to haue mercy vpon vs: ayding our infirmities with the power of thy grace, against the concupisence of the filthy flesh, against the illusions of the foolish world, and against the craftle suggestions of Sa­than: that we be not ouercomed nor hurted therby, but fastened in thy Sonne, to growe in all maner of godlines, to that heauenly perfection that is requisite in thy sainctes, for the glorifyinge of thy name: wherby we [Page 18] may possesse the glorie, blisse, and eternall lyfe which thou hast promised and performest to all them that thou art willing to saue, in the bloud and righteousnes of thy swéete Sonne, Christ the Sauiour: to whom with thée and the holy Ghost, reigninge in vnitie of maiestie power and glory be all prayse honour and thankes for euer more. Amen.

O Déere Father for thy swete Sonnes sake Iesus Christ our mercifull Lord and Sa­uiour, haue mercy vpon vs. And in the bowelles of thy fatherly goodnes and pittie, here vs sinners: here vs good Lorde, and for the glory of thy name graunt our humble pe­titions. Which we offer vnto thy deuine maiestie, throughe Christ our redéemer and aduocate.

O Mercifull Lord and louing Father that of thine inserchable prouidence, goodnes and power, dydest prepare the glorious globe of heauenly light, to walke and appere in the bondes of thy commaundement, to the vni­uersall comforte, preseruation and blisse of man in this transitory beinge, and the rest of thy creatures, comprehended within the com­passe of the transitory and visible heauens [Page 19] Geue vs thy frayle and drerie seruauntes the light of thy heauenly grace, so to shyne in our hartes, that leading our liues in pure holines and vertue: we maye ioyefully féele the pre­sence of thy diuine maiestie in our soules to the inuincible, gladnes, strength, peace, and saluation of the same: throughe thy déere Sonne Christ Iesus our Sauiour, reyguing with thée and the holy Ghost, in vnitie of ma­iestie, eternall honour and glory, praised and halowed for euermore. Amen.

O Mercifull Lord and louing Father, looke fauorably vpon me thy frayle & wretched creature: humble my harte to the repentant confession of my sinnes, geue me the helpe of thy holy spirite to amend my lyfe: and O Lorde, guide and blesse all my thoughtes, workes, and words, with thy heauenly grace, that in all things obaying thy wil. I may worthely, through Christ giue honor, glory & praise to thée o father, in this & in ye world to com amē

O Father of grace, mercy, and comforte, thou knowest my wantes and imper­fections, reforme me, and blesse me, preserue me. In thy tuition, make me obedi­ent, faythfull and diligent in my vocation, [Page 20] euer reioycinge in thée O Lord, through my Sauiour Christ: in whose bloud and righte­ousnes thou hast purchased thy chosen saincts to beleue in thy promises to their saluation, wherby iustified in thy mercy, we are bolde notwithstanding thodiouse bourden of our sinnes, through thy déere sonne Iesus, to call vpon thy most glorious maiestie as he hath taught vs saying with humble and ioyefull hartes.

¶Our father which art in heauen halowed be thy name, thy kyngdome come, thy wilbe done in earth, as it is in heauen: geue vs this daye our dayly bread: forgeue vs our trespas­ses: as we forgiue them that trespasse against vs. And lead vs not into temptation, but de­liuer vs from euill, for thou onely art Kyng, thou onely art mightie, thou onely art glori­ous, praysed in thy workes for euer more. Amen.

O Lord saue thy Church, and blesse thy con­gregations.

Lord make thy name knowen and feared throughout all the worlde, and let all nations professe Christ the Sauiour in the truth of thy Gospell.

Lord destroye th'enimies of thy word, And [Page 21] defend the louers of the same.

Geue vs plentie of true Preachers and Ministers of thy worde.

And make vs habundant in good workes. Lorde comforte the poore.

And make the ritche plentifull in chari­tie.

Lorde blesse thy people with grace.

That in all thinges they maye séeke the glory of thy name.

Blesse me O God, and preserue me in thy fatherly tuition: powre forth th'abun­dante bountie of thy good gyftes vpon my poore familye and children.

That in the ritches of peace, ioye, and loue, we maye prayse and magnifie thy name, to the which be all honour and thankes for euer and euer. Amen.

❧The second forme of prayer.

O Lord make humble my harte to confesse my sinnes wherein I haue miserably offended, and wretchedly declined, from thy most holy wyll and maiestie: so that I am not worthy to pre­sent [Page 22] my selfe before thée O God: but it ly­keth thée of thy endlesse pitie to receaue sin­ners whensoeuer the turne vnto thée, it lieth in thy wyll to conuert vs. Turne vs therfore O Lord, and turne thou vnto vs and haue mercy vpon vs: set vs at libertie in thy grace, lose our hartes from worldly affections and purge vs from thillusions of the same, strēgth en vs against Sathan: comforte and instruct our weake blindnes, with thy holy spirite, that we maye open our mouthes through Christ our Sauiour, to prayse thy name O God with thankesgeuing, to the which be honour and glory perpetuall. Amen.

¶Learne to knowe and serue the Lorde, O my soule: for it is louely to prayse and ex­toll the name of our God.


THou broughtest a vine out of Egipte, thou threwest out the Hethen, O Lorde, and didest plante it in their habitations where takinge roote it prospe­red, and filled all the Land.

The hilles were couered with the shadow [Page 23] therof, and the bowghes of it weare as the Cedar trées.

She streatched out her branches into the Sea, and her sprayes into the Riuer.

Plenteous was her frute, thy people dranke of her grapes, and weare refreshed.

Thou thy selfe tookest charge therof O Lorde: with thine owne handes dydest thou fence it round about, and semest to take high pleasure there in.

How is it then come to passe, that her hedges are all broken, her frythes are troden downe, her grapes be common to the spoylers?

Yea the wilde Boore doth roote it vp, and the wilde beastes of the féelde deuowre it.

Turne thée againe, O Lord God of hostes, loke downe and sée thy vyneyarde, which thou thy selfe with thy right hand haddest planted, makinge the branches of it beautifull and stronge for thine owne pleasure, and for the plentifull commoditie of thy seruauntes.

It is cutte downe and brent, the distroyers haue spoyled it, and layde it wast in despite of thée, O Lord. Behold O God where once thou tokest pleasure, and where thy people weare refreshed, it is now mored vp, by the swine of the aduersaries, and is become the har­broughe of Wolfes and Foxes.

[Page 24] Heare O thou Shepeheard of Israell, thou that leadest Iosephe lyke a sheepe, thou that sittest on the Cherubins: sture vp thy strength O Lord, and helpe thy seruauntes: distroys these men of malice.

O Lord how long wilt thou be angrye? shall thy ieolosie burne like fyre for euer?

Turne againe, O God, & shew vs the light of thy countenaunce, and we shalbe whole.

O remember not our sinnes, but haue mercy vpon vs: and that sone, least we fale into misery.

Helpe vs O Lord, for the glory of thy name: O our Sauiour deliuer vs, be mercifull to our sinnes for thy names sake.

O let the sorowfull sighinges of thy priso­ners come before thée: according to the great­nes of thy power and mercy, preserue thou those, O God, that are appoynted to dye.

O Lord howe longe wilt thou be angrye with thy seruauntes: howe longe wilt thou fede thiem with the bread of sorowe, and giue them plenteousnes of teares to drinke?

Thou hast made them a verie strife vnto there neighbours: and there enimies laughe them to scorne.

Tunre thée againe O Lord God of hostes, shewe vs the light of thy countenaunce and and we shalbe whole.

[Page 25] Poure out thine indignation vpon the Heathen, and vpon them that feare not thy name, for they haue deuoured thy seruaunts, and layd wast thy dwelling place.

And for the blasphemie wherewith they haue refiled thy maiestie, reward thou them O Lord seuenfolde in there bosomes.

O my God distroye thine enimies, make them like vnto a whéele, lyke dust before the wynde, and lyke drye strawe in the flame.

Let thy wrath be kindled against them, O Lorde, lyke the fyre that bourneth vp the woodde, and as the flame that cousumeth the mountaynes.

Persicute them with thy tempest, teare them asonder with thy thunder boltes, distroye them with thy stormes, make thē to mealt in desperation, for feare of thy maiestie, O God most highe.

Let them be confounded and vexed euer, more and more, let them, be ashamed, and knowne, that thou whose name is Iehoua, are th'onely most high God of power and maiestie ouer all.

Then we that be thy people and the shepe of thy pasture, shall reioyce and be gladde, praysing thy name, O Lord, withmelodie and thankesgiuing, from generation to generaton [Page 26] world without end. Amen.

BLessed are the people that reioyce in thée O Lord, they shall walke in the light of thy countenaunce and be ioyefull.

There delight shalbe dayly in thy word, and in thy righteousnes shall they make their hoast.

For thou art the glory of there strength, and in thy louing kindnes, shalt thou O Lorde make sure their habitation and honour.

Thou art there Lord and defender, there Kyng and onely Souiour.

Whosoeuer dwelleth vnder thy defence O most highe shall abyde vnder the shadowe of th'almightie.

For thou wilt send from Heauen, to saue vs from the reprofe of them that would eate vs vppe.

We will saye vnto thée O Lord, thou art our strong holde, and our hope, our God in whom we trust and reioyce.

Thou shalt be mercifull vnto vs, O God: for our defence is vnder the shadowe of thy winges: yea Lord thou shalt deliuer vs from the snare of the hunter and cruell man, from the plague, and from the noisome pestilence.

Thou wilt send forth thy mercy O God, [Page 27] our hope and comfort is in thy truth, we dwell among the Wolues and Foxes, our soules are among the Lions.

Thou Lord wilt make vs glad throughe thy workes: and the remembraunce of thy benifittes shall make vs ioyefull in geuinge thankes.

When the vngodly are gréene as grasse, florishinge in their wickednes, as the Baye trée, then shall they perishe in there thoughts, and in there workes shall they be distroyed for euermore.

The righteous shall florishe like a Palme trée, and shall spread like a Cedar in Libanus.

Such as be planted in thy house, O Lord, shall continually prosper in the courtes of thy habitation: they shalbe beautified with all maner of blessinges: and standing in the glo­ry of thy presence shall extoll and prayse thy greatnes for euermore. Amen.

CHAP. VIII. to the Romaines.

NOw then their is no condemnation to them that are in Christ Iesus, which walke not after the flesh, but after the Spirite. For the Lawe of the Spirite of lyfe which is in Christ Iesus, hath freied me from the Lawe of sinne and of death: For (that that was imposible to the Law, in as much as it was weake [Page 28] because of the flesh) God sendinge his owne Sonne, in the similitude of sinfull flesh, and for sinne, condemned sinne in the flesh, That the righteousnes of the Lawe might be fulfilled in vs, which walke not after the flesh, but after the Spirite. For they that are after the flesh, sauour the thinges of the flesh: but they that are after the Spirite, the thinges of the Spirite. For the wise­dome of the flesh is death: but the wisedome of the spi­rite is lyfe and peace, Because the wisedome of the flesh is enimitie against God: for it is not subiect to the Law of God, neither indede can be. So then they that are in the flesh, cannot please God. Now ye are not in the flesh, but in the Spirite, because the Spirite of God dwelleth in you: but if any man hath not the Spirite of Christ, the same is not his. And if Christ be in you, the bodie is dead, because of sinne: but the spirite is lyfe for righte­ousnes sake. But if the spirite of him that raised vp Ie­sus from the dead, dwell in you, he that raised vp Christ frō the dead, shal also quickē your mortal bodies, because that his Spirite dwelleth in you. Therfore bretherne, we are detters not to the flesh, to liue after the flesh: For if ye liue after the flesh, ye shall dye: but if ye mor­effye the dedes of the bodie by the Spirite, ye shall liue. For as many as are led by the spirite of God, they are the sonnes of God. For ye haue not receiued the spirite of bondage to feare againe: but ye haue receiued the spi­rite of adoption, whereby we crye Abba Father. The same spirite beareth witnesse with our spirite, that we are the children of God. If we be children, we are also heires, euen the heires of God, and heires annexed with Christ, if so be that we suffer with him, that we maye also be glorified with him. For I count the afflictions of this present time are not worthy of the glorie, which shalbe shewed vnto vs. For the feruent desire of the creature waiteth when the sonnes of god shalbe reueled. Because the creature is subiect to vanitie, not of it owne [Page 29] will, but by reason of him, which hath subdued it vnder hope, Because the creature also shalbe deliuered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious libertie of the sonnes of God. For we knowe that euery creature groneth with vs also, and trauaileth in paine together vnto this present. And not onely the creature, but we also which haue the first frutes of the Spirite, euen we do sigh in our selues, waiting for the adoption, euen the redemption of our bodie. For we are saued by hope: but hope that is sene, is not hope: for howe can a man hope for that which he seeth: But if we hope for that we see not, we do with patience abide for it. Likewise the spi­rite also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what to praye as we ought: but the spirite it selfe maketh re­quest for vs with sighes, which can not be expressed. But he that searcheth the hartes, knoweth what is the meaning of the Spirite: for he maketh request for the Sainctes, according to the will of God. Also we know that all thinges worke together for the best vnto them that loue God, euen to them that are called of his pur­pose. For those which he knew before, he also predesti­nate to be made like to the Image of his Sonne, that he might be the first borne amonge manye bretherne. Moreouer whom he predestinate, them also he called, and whom he called, them also he iustified, and whome he iustified, them also glorified. What shall we then saye to these thinges? If God be of our side, who can be a­gainst vs? who spared not his owne Sonne, but gaue him for vs all to death, how shall he not with him giue vs all things also? Who shal laye any thing to the charge of Gods chosen? it is God that iustifieth, who shall condemne? it is Christ, which is dead, yea or rather which is risen againe, who is also at the right hand of God, and maketh request also for vs. Who shall seperate vs from the loue of Christ? shall tribulation or anguish, or per­secucion, or famine, or nakednes, or perrill, or sworde? [Page 30] As it is written, For thy sake are killed all daye longe: we are counted as shepe from the slaughter, Neuerthe­lesse, in all these thinges we are more then conquerers through him that loued vs. For I am perswaded that neither death, no, lyfe, nor Angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor thinges present, nor thinges to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature shalbe able to seperate vs from the loue of God, which is in Christ Iesus our Lorde.


O Merciful Lord and louing father, that of thy frée grace and mercy: by the bloud and righteousnes of thy déere Sonne Christ Iesus, hast deliuered vs out of the bandes of death and darkenesse, and through the working of thy holy spirite to beleue thy Gospell, hast called and chosen vs to th'assu­raunce of the heaunly inheritance euerlasting: Haue mercy vpon vs, haue mercy vppon vs Lord: and for thy swéete Sonnes sake our Sauiour, comforte, guide and strengthen vs with thy holy spirite, holding continually thy holy hand ouer vs: so to passe throughe this blinde and fraudfull world, that no flattery, illusions, nor enchantments therof deceaue vs: and that no troubles, malice, stripes, per­secutions, feare, tyrrany, torments nor death, may seperate vs from thée O God: but ad­vaunced [Page 31] in triumphant victory, despising the world, the flesh, and the Deuell: we may in gladsome hope wayte and desire the comming of our redéemer, for the diliuery of thy blessed Saincts to appeare in thy gratious presence, in our renued bodies, glorified and immortal, there to dwel, with Angelles and archangels praysing thy maiestie with ioyefull, thankes­geuing: for euermore. Amen.

BLesse our harts with thy grace, O Lord, And make vs ioyefull in thy peace. Saue thy Church O God.

And preserue thy Sainctes, in the blisse of thy countenaunce.

Comfort the nedye and distressed, O Lord. And gladden the soules of them that trust in thée.

In the multitude of thy mercies here our prayers.

And for the loue of the déere Sonne our Sauiour, performe our requestes to the glo­rye of thy name.

O Mercifull Lord and louinge Father, in whose power and blessinge all the crea­tures of Heauen and earth doe rest and are preserued: as it is proper to thy goodnes, [Page 32] to fede and to cherish al them with the immeasurable bountie of thy blessinges: So let it please thée, O God, to enritche vs thy frayle and sinnefull seruauntes. Not onely wyth the knowledge of thy heauenly will and maiestie, but also with faythfull obedience to thy worde, in which beinge taught and gui­ded by the powre and grace of thy holy Spi­rite: we maye walke in righteousnes before thée all the dayes of our lyfe: through Christ thy déere Sonne our Sauiour: to whome with thée and the holy Ghost be all prayse honour, glory, and thankes, for euermore, Amen.

LOrde comforte vs in the waye, And blesse the workes of our handes. Saue vs, O God.

And make vs euermore ioyefull in thée.

¶Praysed be thy name, O God.

The thurd forme of Prayer.

MErcifully, beholde, O Heauenly Lorde and Father, th'infirmities of vs thy fraile, and Rebellious seruauntes, (whom in thy holy will, thou hast called to the knowledge of the Gospell of thy Sonne) and reliue vs with thy grace, that being strengthened with thy holy Spirite, we may ouercome and van­quishe, all the suggestions, temptations and conspiracies of Sathan: withstand the ma­lice, persecutions, and troubles of this wret­ched world, and so triumphinge in heauenly victory, wholy to reioyce in thée, O God▪ praysinge and halowinge thy name, through Iesus Christ thy swete Sonne our Sauiour, Amen.

LET all knees, bowe: all hartes humble themselues: and all tongues publishe the prayse of our louinge God, for he is glo­rious mercifull and kynde, and embraceth re­pentaunte sinners, with Fatherly pitie, and satisfieth there desires whensoeuer they faith­fully call vpon him, through Christ the Lord [Page 34] of grace and redemption. Therfore let vs be mery in him and geue thankes.


THy handes haue fashoned and made me, O God: according to thy mercifull kyndnes thou hast geuen me vnderstanding of thy worde.

The same is my comforte in trouble: it quickeneth me at the harte: they that loue thy name are glad when they sée me: because I put my trust in thy word.

O thinke vpon me according to thy truth: and let mercy embrace me on euery side.

O looke vpon me and be mercifull vnto me, as thou art wont to those that loue thy name.

O let thy mercifull kindnesse be my com­forte, according to thy worde. Yea let thy mercifull kyndnesse come vpon me, that I may liue after thy commaundementes, for therein is my delight.

Take not the loue of thy Lawe from me, O Let my harte faythfully trust in thy word, least I perishe in my trouble.

[Page 35] I am thine, O saue me, let me not shrinke from thy worde, kepe my féete from fallinge and my thoughtes from euill wayes, O Lorde.

Shew me the light of thy countenaunce, O God: and stablishe me in thy statutes: that if trouble and heauines take holde of mée: my féete slippe not from thy testimonies.

O deliuer me from the wrongfull dea, linges of men, that in the safetie of peace, I may applie my selfe wholy to thy Lawe, for the great comforte of thy people, O God.

When the multitude of them that hate me for thy cause, do gether themselues toge­ther to confound me, thou shalt deliuer me with thy right hand, O Lorde.

The righteousnes of thy worde is euer­lastinge: thou art the defendour and Saui­our of thy people: there enimies shalbe dis­persed: and in there owne inuentions perish for euermore.

Thou shalt avenge thée of them, O God, thy gracious mercye and truth to thy ser­uauntes is euerlastinge, for thou wilt not fayle them in there troubles.

Blessed are thy whom thou chastenest and teachest in thy Lawe, thou geuest them pacience in time of aduersitie: vntill the

[Page 36] pitte be didgged for the vngodly.

Thou preseruest the soules of the sanctes: O Lorde make vs feruent in loue, towarde thée: and to hate the thinge that is euill: then wilt thou with thy right hand deliuer vs from the handes of the vngodly and de­ceiptfull men.

Correcte vs Lorde in thy mercy, and giue vs not ouer vnto death: remember vs accor­ding to thy fauour, that yu wast wont to beare vnto thy people, visite vs with thy saluation, O God.

Though we be sometimes afrayde, yet is our trust in thée, O God, neither haue we care what flesh is able to worke against vs.

In thy word Lord, will we reioyce: and comforte our selues in thy promise, our trust is in thée alone, O God, we feare not the power of men.

The offeringe of a frée harte wyll we geue thée, O God, praysing thée with com­fortable songes of thankesgeuinge.

It is thou, Lord, that deliuerest thy folke out of troubles, and geuest them there de­sire vpon there enimies.

Open vnto vs the gate of righteousnes, O God, that we may sée the felicitie of thy Sainctes, and reioyce in the gladnes of thy [Page 37] chosen, and geue thankes with thine inheri­tance.

We will thanke thée, O God, thou hast heard vs, and art become our saluation: thou onely art to be praysed, O Lorde, thou art gratious, and thy mercy endureth for euer.

PRayse the Lord, O my soule: and all the secrettes of my harte prayse ye his holy name.

Prayse the Lord, O my soule, and forget not his benifittes.

He forgeueth thée thy sinnes, and healeth all thine infirmities.

He saueth thy lyfe from distruction, and crowneth thée with mercy and louing kind­nes.

He satisfieth thée with the plentie of his blessinges, and cherisheth thée in th'aboun­dance of his fatherly bountie and goodnes.

He executeth righteousnes and iudgement, he deliuereth thoppressed, and saueth the poore from the tirrany of the mightie.

He sheweth his wayes vnto his seruants, and guideth his people in the wayes of his commaundementes.

He is full of mercy and compassion, long [Page 38] sufferinge and of infinite goodnes and truth.

He will not alwaye be chidinge, neither kepeth he his anger for euer.

He dealeth not with vs after our sinnes, neither doth he reward vs accordinge to our iniquities.

For loke how high the heauen is in com­parison of the earth: so great is his mercye toward them that feare him.

Loke how wide also the east is from the weast, so farre hath he set our sinnes, asonder.

Yea like as a Father pitieth his déere childe: euen so is he a mercifull Lord to them that feare him.

For he knoweth wherof we be made, he remembreth, that we are but dust.

The dayes of man are but as grasse and florisheth as the flower of the féelde: for so sone as the wind goeth ouer it, it is gone, and the place therof knoweth it no more.

But the mercifull goodnes of the Lorde endureth for euer and euer vpon theym, that feare him, and his righteousnes vpon their childers children.

Euen vpon such as kepe his couenaunt, and thinke vpon his commaundements to do theym.

The Lordes seate is in heauen, and his [Page 39] kyngdome ruleth ouer all.

O prayse the Lorde ye Angelles of his, ye that excell in strength: ye that fulfill his commaundements, harken vnto the voyce of his wordes.

O prayse the Lorde all ye hostes, ye ser­uauntes that do his pleasure:

O speake good of the Lorde all ye workes of his: in all places of his dominion: prayse the Lorde O my soule.

CHAP. II. to the Ephesians.

ANd you hath he quickened, that weare dead in tresspasses and sinnes, wherein, in time past ye walked, according to the course of this world, and after the prince that ruleth in the aire, euen the spi­rite, that nowe worketh in the children of disobedience, Among whom we also had our conuersation in tyme past, in the lustes of our flesh, in fulfilling the wil of the flesh, and of the minde, and were by nature the children of wrath, as well as others. But God which is riche in mercy, through his great loue wherwith he loued vs. Euen when we were dead by sinnes, hath quickened vs together in Christ, by whose grace ye are saued, And hath raysed vs vp together, and made vs sitte together in the heauenly places in Christ Iesus, That he might shewe in the ages to come the excedinge riches of his grace, through his kindnes towarde vs in Christ Ie­sus. For by grace are ye saued through fayth, and that not of your selues: it is the gifte of God, Not of wor­kes, least any man should boast himselfe. For we are [Page 40] his workemanship created in Christ Iesus vnto good workes, which God hath ordeined, that we shoulde walke in them. Wherfore remember that ye beinge in time past Gentiles in the flesh, and called vncircumci­sion of them, which are called circumcision in the flesh, made with handes, That ye were, I saye, at that time without Christ, and were aliantes from the common wealth of Israell, and were straungers from the coue­nantes of promesse, and had no hope, and weare with­out God in the world. But nowe in Christ Iesus, ye which once were farre of, are made nere by the bloud of Christ. For he is our peace, which hath made of both one, and hath broken the stoppe of the particion wall. In abrogatinge through his flesh the hatred, that is, the Lawe of commaundements which standeth in ordinan­ces, for to make of twayne one newe man in himselfe, so making peace. And that he might reconcile both vnto God in one bodie by his crosse, and slaye hatred therby, And came, and preached peace to you which were a farre of, and to them that were nere. For through him we both haue an entraunce vnto the Father by one spi­rite. Nowe therfore ye are no more staungers and fore­ners: but citizens with the Sainctes, and of the house­holde of God, And are built vpon the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets, Ieuss Christ himselfe beinge the chiefe corner stone, In whom all the building coup­led together, groweth vnto an holy Temple in the Lord. In whom ye also are built together to be the habitati­on of God by the spirite.


O Mercifull Lord and louing Father, that of the incomprehensible riches of thy mercie, towarde the disobedient and losse [Page 41] children of Adam, (who seruing Sathan after the blinde and vnbrideled lustes of the vile flesh were caried away through sinne and ig­noraunce to dampnation.) Hast reconciled vs to thy fauour through grace and adoption in Christ Iesus the righteous, by fayth and holy conuersation in whom: we are deliuered from eternall death and destruction: Haue mercy vpon vs, yea Lord haue mercy vpon vs: and for loue of thy swete sonne our Redéemer, defend vs against the power of the distroy­er, & with thy mightie hand lyft vs vp out of the fylthie puddle, and deathfull corruption of this abhominable world, purifying our harts with thy grace, that, we, beinge wholy in­clined to heauenly desires: may growe per­fecte in all holines, and aboundinge in the good workes, which thou hast prepared for thy Sainctes to walke in, for the glorifiinge of thy name: we may growe an acceptable Temple, for thy continuall dwelling in vs. O Lorde: to th'inspeakeable peace and comforte, and to the euerlasting blisse and saluation of our soules: Through Christ our Sa­uiour. Amen.

[Page 42] LOrde let not the darkenes of ignoraunce, comprehend vs.

Leade vs by the continuall light of thy grace to worke righteousnes.

Let vs not slepe in sinne, O God. Quicken our weake soules against earthly sluggishnes.

Geue vs the heauenly reast of thy inspeakable peace, O Lord.

And nurrishe vs with thy grace to salua­tion.

Pitiefully here our complaintes O déere Father.

And graunt our requestes for thy swéete Sonnes sake our Sauiour.

O Mercifull Lorde and louing Father, re­member th'infirmities of thy frayle ser­uauntes, assistinge our weake soules with thy grace, that in all things we may, loue, honour, and obeye thy heauenly wyll and maiestie, waking and walkinge in the pathes of righteousnes, to the scope of perfecte holi­nes, contemning this witchinge world with­all her foolishe illusions, for the true glorify­inge of thy name, through Christ Iesus our Sauiour. Amen.

[Page 43] LOrde comforte, the nedye, the sicke, the prisoned, the tormented, the distressed and helpelesse with the presence of thy grace, and haue mercy vpon theym.

Make vs all ioyefull in thée, O God, with thankesgeuing through Christ Iesus. Amen.

¶Lorde into thy handes I committe my bodye and soule, receaue me to thy tuition, O God.

❧The fourth forme of prayer.

AWake out of thy swinish slom­ber, O sily soule: shake off the deathfull slouth of this earthye trunke: and watche for the Lorde which is at hand: prepa­red to iudgement: Cease not to praye, for the forgeuenes of thy sinnes, la­bour feruently in thy dutie, then shalt thou be clothed with mercy and righteousnes, to enter in, as a beautifull geast, with that ioyefull Bridegrome to the feast of eternall mirth and dilicacye: there to dwell in ioyes for euer more.

O Mercifull Lorde and louinge Father, without whose ayde and mosion, I am not able to sturre one member toward heauenly seruice, the bourden of this slowe, and sinfull fleshe doth so ouer charge my weake soule: according to thy Fatherly pitie loke vpon me, O God, and quicken my dull spirite with thy grace, to rise out of this my­rie puddle, and to come before thy presence, in humble repentaunce, crauinge thy mercy for my miserable sinnes and wickednes: and [Page 45] beinge released in the bloud and righteous­nes of Iesns Christ, I maye ioyefully serue honour, and prayse thy eternall maiestie: through the déere Sonne my mercifull Lord and Redemer: to whom with thée and the holy Ghost be all glory and thankes for euer. Amen.

Prayse the Lorde O my soule.

I Wyll alwayes geue thankes vnto the Lorde, his prayse shall euer be in my mouth: My soule shall make her boast of him, the humble shall here therof and be glad.

O prayse the Lorde with me, and let vs magnifie his name together.

I sought the Lord and he heard me, yea he deliuered me out of all my feare.

They that haue an eye to him are lighte­ned, and there faces shall not be ashamed

The poore crye vnto the Lord, and he hea­reth theym: yea and saueth them out of all there troubles.

The Angel of the Lorde, tarieth rounde about theym that feare him, and deliuereth [Page 46] theym.

O taste how gratious the Lorde is: blessed is the man that putteth his trust in him.

O feare the Lorde, ye that be his Saincts: for they that feare him lacke nothinge.

The Liones do lacke and suffer hunger: but they that seke the Lorde, shall want no maner of thinge that is good.

Thou man that desirest to liue and sée good dayes: kepe thy tongue from euill and thy lippes that they speake no guile, eschue euill and doe good, seke peace and folowe it.

The eyes of the Lord are ouer the righte­ous, and his eares are open to there prayers.

His countenance is against them that do euill: to roote out the remembraunce of them from the earth.

The righteous crye, and the Lorde hea­reth them, and deliuereth them out of all their troubles.

The Lord is nighe to them that are of contrite harte: and will saue such as be of humble spirite.

Great are the troubles of the righteous, but the Lord deliuereth them out of all.

Misfortune shall slaye the vngodly: and they that hate the righteous shalbe destitute,

The Lorde deliuer the soules of his ser­uauntes, [Page 47] and all they that put there trust in thée shalbe blessed for euermore.

REioyce in the Lord ye that be righteous: for it becommeth well the Iuste to bée thankefull.

Prayse the Lord with harpe: sing Psalmes vnto him with Lute and Instruments of ten stringes.

Singe vnto the Lord a new songe, sing prayses lustely vnto him wt a louely courage.

For the word of the Lord is true and all his workes are faythfull.

He loueth righteousnes and iudgements, the earth is full of the goodnes of the Lord.

By the word of the Lord weare the hea­uens made, and all the hostes of theym by the breath of his mouth.

He gathereth the water, of the Sea to­gether, as it weare on a heape, and layeth vp the depe as it weare in a treasure house.

Let all the earth stande in feare of the Lorde, stand in awe of him all ye that dwell in the worlde.

For he spake and it was made, he com­maunded and it stode fast.

The Lorde bringeth the counsayle of the Heathen to naught, and maketh the deuises [Page 48] of the people to be of none effecte, and casteth out the determinations of princes.

The counsayles of the Lord shall endure for euer, and his determinations are euer­lastinge.

Therfore blessed are the people, whose God is the Lorde Iehoua: yea blessed are they that haue chosen him to be their inheritance.

The Lorde loketh downe from heauen, and beholdeth all the children of men, from the habitation of his dwelling he considereth all them that dwell vpon the earth.

There is nothinge that can be saued by the multitude of an host: neither is any mighttie man deliuered by much strength.

An horse is a vayne thing to saue a man: for he shall not deliuer him by his great force, neither helpe him with the swiftnes of his foote.

Beholde how fatherly the eye of the Lord is vpon them that feare him, and howe lo­uingly he embraseth all those that put their trust in his goodnes.

He deliuereth their soules from death, and féedeth them in the tyme of dearth.

Let euery soule patiently wayte for the Lorde our Sauiour, who commeth to deliuer his people, then shall the righteous reioyce [Page 49] and be gladde.

Quicken my soule, O God, let thy mercy embrace me, let thy holy spirite comforte me, So shall I be saued in thy grace, to magni­fie and prayse thy name for euer and euer, Amen.

CHAP. IIII. to the Ephesians.

I Therfore, beinge prisoner in the Lord, praye you that ye walke worthie of the vocation whereunto ye are called, with all humblenes of minde, and mekenes, with long suffringe, supportinge one another throughe loue, Endeuoringe to kepe the vnitie of the spirite in the bond of peace. There is one bodye, and one spirite, euen as ye are called in one hope of your vocation. Their is one Lorde, one fayth, one Baptisme. One God and Father of all, which is about all, and through all, and in you all. But vnto euery one of vs is giuen grace, accordinge to the measure of the gift of Christ. Wherefore he sayth, when he ascended vp on hye, he lead capti­uitie captiue, and gaue giftes vnto men. Nowe, in that he ascended what is it but yt he had also descended first into the lowest parte of the earth? He that descended, is euen the same that ascended, farre aboue all heauens, that he might fill all thinges) He therfore gaue some to be Apostles, and some Prophets, and some Euange­listes, and some Pastours, and Teahcers, For the ga­theringe together of the Sainctes that for the worke of the ministery, and for the edification of the bodye of Christ, Till we all mete together (in the vnitie of faith and knowledge of the Sonne of God) vnto a perfite man, and vnto the measure of the age of the fulnes of Christ. That we hence forth be no more children waue­ringe [Page 50] and caried about with euerie winde of doctrine, by the deceyte of men, and with craftines, wherby they laye in waite to deceaue. But let vs followe the truth in loue, and in all thinges growe vp into him which is the head, that is Christ. By whom all the bodye being coupled and knitte together by euery ioynt, for the fur­niture therof (accordinge to the effectuall power, which is in the measure of euery parte) receaueth increase of the bodie, vnto the edifying of it selfe in loue. This I saye therfore and testifie in the Lord that ye henceforth walke not as other Gentiles walke, in vanitie of their minde, Hauing their cogitation darkened, and beinge straungers from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the hardnes of there hearte: Which being past feling, haue giuen them selues vnto wantonnes, to worke all vncleanenes, euen with gre­dines. But ye haue not so learned Christ. If so be ye haue heard him, and haue ben taught by him, as the truth is in Iesus, That is, that ye cast of, concerninge the conuersation in tinie past, the olde man, which is cor­rupt through the deceiuable lustes. And be renewed in the spirite of your minde, And put on the newe man, which after God is created in righteousnes, and true ho­lines. Wherfore cast of lyinge, and speake euery man truth vnto his neighbour for we are members one of a­nother. Be angry, but sinne not: let not the Sunne go downe vpon your wrath, Neither giue place to the De­uill. Let him that stole, steale no more: but let him ra­ther labour and worke with his handes the thing which is good, that he may haue to giue vnto him that nedeth. Let no corrupt communication procede out of your mouthes, but that which is good to the vse of edifying, that it may minister graco vnto the hearers. And griue not the holy Spirite of God by whom ye are sealed vn­to the daye of redemption. Let all bitternes, and anger, and wrath cryinge and euell speaking be put away from [Page 51] you, with all maliciousnes. Be ye courteous one to a­nother, and tender harted, forgiuiuing one another, euen as God for Christs sake forgaue you.


O Mercifull Lorde and louinge Father: that by impartinge of thy frée grace and mercy, vnto vs: beinge earst, through sinne, dampned in the fleshe: hast deliuered vs from the bandes af ignorance and death, to become the children of light and lyfe, through fayth and obedience to thy worde, re­uealed and ministred vnto vs by thy déere Sonne Christ Iesus: our promised Sauiour: in whom thou hast begotten thy beloued Sainctes enritching them with plentie of all maner of heauenly gifres, to become holy and acceptable in thy sight to their saluation. Haue mercy vpon vs, O Lorde, yea Lorde haue mercy vpon vs: and forthy names sake loke fauourably vpon thy Sayntes dispersed throughout the whole world: stand faste by them, O God, aydinge their fraylties with the comforte of thy holy spirite, to be constant in fayth, humble and obedient to thy holy will and correction, paciently waytinge in ioyefull hope, thy good pleasure and determi­nation [Page 52] in all thinges: habounding in meke­nes and loue, reioycinge in true holines and vertue, gladdinge their hartes with, thassured truth of thy promisses: for the more fruition whereof extend yet thy further fauour and mercy, O Father: augmenting the number of faythfull ministers and preachers of thy worde, prospering their labours with the ef­fusion and working of thy grace, for th'enlarginge of the kyngdome of thy sonne amongest all nations: that we and they vnited in faith, grace, truth, spirite, and Baptisme, may be framed and knitte, one entire and firme body, wrought in adoption, and fashoned in loue and obedience, to our bead and Sauiour Christ Iesus, thy swéete Sonne our Lorde, for whose loue, O Father, we besech thée to here our humble petitions perfourminge the same to the glory of thy name. Amen.

LOrde helpe our weakenes.
And strengthen vs against the power of the enymie.
Lorde fede vs with thy heauenly giftes.
And make vs acceptable to thy selfe.
Increase thy blessinge in vs, O God.
That we maye be plentifuull in all goodnes.
Augment the kyngdome of thy Sonne, O Father.
Let all knées bowe, and geue prayse to thy name.
Make our hartes humble and penitent.
And euermore redye to serue thée wyth thankesgeuinge.
Make vs to lifte vp our voyces to thée, O God.

And for the loue of thy déere Sonne, Christ Iesus our Sauiour here our requestes, and graunt our iust desires, O Lord.


O Father that of thy immeasurable loue and mercy doest continually knocke at our hartes, with the motion of thy holy spi­rite, to watch, to praye, and to geue thanks: Fulfill now, O Lord, all the peticions of thy seruaunts, tending to the prayse of thy name: alwayes comforting our weake soules with the presence of thy grace, to dedicate our selues through faith and holy conuersation in Christ: to thy gloryous maiestie: O God, which with thy swete Sonne our Sauiour, and the holy Ghost, reignest, in vnitie of dominion power and glory praysed and halowed for euer and euer. Amen.

GEue victory to thy Sainctes.
And make them euermore ioyefull in thee. O God.
Receaue thy seruauntes to thy tuition, O Lorde.
And deliuer thy people from all euill.

¶CHAP. IIII. of Ieremie.

O Israell, if thou returne, returne vnto me, saith the Lord: and if thou put awaye thine abhominations out of my sight then shalt thou not re­moue. And thou shalt sweare, The Lorde liueth, in truth, in iudgment, and in righteousnes, and the nations shalbe blessed in him, and shall glory in him. For thus saith the Lorde to the men of Iudah, and to Ierusalem, Breake vp your fallowe grounde, and sowe not amonge the thornes: bee circumcised to the Lorde, and take awaye the foreskinnes of your hartes, ye men of Iudah, and inhabitantes of Ierusa­lem, least my wrath come forth like fyre, and burne, that none can quenche it, because of the wickednes of your inuensions. Declare in Iudah, and shew forth in Ieru­salem, and say, Blowe the trumpet in the land: crye, and gather together, and say, Assemble your selues, and let vs go into strong cities. Set vp the standert in Zion: prepare to flee, and stay not: for I will bring a plague [Page 55] from the North, and a great distruction. The Lion is come vp from his denne, and the distrdyer of the Gen­tiles is departed, and gone forth of his place to laye thy land waste, and thy cities shalbe destroyed without an inhabitant. Wherfore gird you with sackecloth: lament, and howle, for the fierce wrath of the Lorde is not tur­ned backe from vs. And in that daye, saith the Lorde, the harte of the Kyng shall perish, and the harte of the Princes and the Priestes shalbe astonished, and the Prophetes shall wonder. Then sayd I, Ah Lorde God, surely thou hast deceiued this people and Ierusa­lem, sayinge, ye shall haue peace, and the sword perceth vnto the hart. At that time shall it be sayd to this people and to Ierusalem, A drye winde in the hie places of the wildernes commeth toward the daughter of my people, but neither to fan nor to clense. A mightie winde shall come vnto me from those places, and now will I also giue sentence vpon them. Behold, he shall come vp as the cloudes, and his charetes shalbe as a tempest: his horses are lighter then Egles. Woe vnto vs for we are destroyed. O Ierusalem, wash thine hart from wicked­nes, that thou maiest be saued: how long shall thy wicked thoughts remaine within thee? For a voyce decla­reth from Dan, and publisheth affliction from mount Ephraim. Make ye mension of the heathen, and pub­lishe in Ierusalem, Beholde, the scoutes come from a farre countrey, and crye out against the citees of Iudah, They haue compassed her about as the watchmen of the fielde, because it hath prouoked me to wrath, saith the Lord. Thy wayes and thine inuentions haue procured thee these thinges, such is thy wickednes: therfore it shalbe bitter, therfore it shall perce vnto thine harte. My bely, my bely, I am peined, euen at the very harte: mine harte is troubled within me: I can not be still: for my soule hath harde the sound of the trumpet, and the alarme of the battell. Destruction vpon destruction is cryed, for the whole land is wasted: soddenly are my [Page 56] tentes destroyed, and my curteines in a moment. Howe long shall I se the standart, here the sound of the trumpet? For my people is foolish, they haue not knowne me: they are foolish children, and haue none vnderstandinge: they are wise to do euill, but to do well they haue no knowledge. I haue loked vpon the earth, and lo, it was without forme and voyde: and to the heauens, & they had no light. I beheld the mountaines and lo, they trembled and all the hilles shoke. I beheld, and lo, there was no man. and all the birdes of the heauen were de­parted. I beheld, and lo, the fruitefull place was a wil­dernes, and all the cities therof were broken downe at the presence of the Lord, and by his fierce wrath. For thus hath the Lord sayd, The whole land shalbe desolate: yet will I not make a full end. Therfore shall the earth mourns, and the heauens aboue shalbe darke­ned, because I haue pronounced it: I haue thought it, and will not repent, neither will I turne backe from it, The whole citie shal flee, for the noyse of the horsemen and bowe men: they shall go into thickets, and clyme vp vpon the rockes: euery citie shalbe forsaken, and not a man dwell therein. And when thou shalt be destroyed, what wilt thou do? Though thou clothest thy selfe with skarlet, though thou deckest thee with ornaments of golde, though thou paintest thy face with coullours, yet shalt thou trimme thy selfe in vaine: for thy louers will abhore thee and seke thy life. For I haue heard a noyse of a woman trauailinge, or as one laboringe of her first child, euen the voyce of the daughter Zion that sigheth and stretcheth out her handes: wo is me nowe for my soule fainteth because of the murtherers.

THe Lorde hath plesured his people, and helpeth the meeke harted.

He healeth the contrite in harte, and [Page 57] byndeth vp their woundes.

He rayseth theym vp that are fallen, he is louinge to euery man: and his mercy is ouer all his workes.

He fulfilleth the desire of them that feare him, he heareth their crye, and helpeth theim.


O Mercifull Lorde and louinge Father, that in the bloud of thy déere sonne hast reconciled, the chosen sort of Adames losse children: that throughe fayth and obedience to thy worde: wrought in our hartes by thy holy Spirite (which in the haboundance of thy mercy thou powrest vpon the faythfull.) We might in Christ Iesus our Sauiour: crye for grace and forgeuenes of our sinnes.

For his sake O Lord haue mercy vpon vs, moste frayle and wretched offenders: Remember not our sinnes, nor the sinnes of our forefathers, neither take thou ven­geance of vs, Spare vs good Lord, spare vs O Father, whom with the precious bloud of [Page 58] thy Sonne, thou hast deliuered out of the power of death and hell: that conuerted and sainctified in thy grace, we may in newnes of lyfe: worthely prayse and magnifie thy name, in this and in the world to come.

Spare vs O Father.

¶Ye spare vs, O Father, and so blesse vs with thy grace: that our hartes beinge facio­ned, by the working of thy holy spirite, to beleue and to repent our manifolde sinnes and wickednes: (in gladsome hope of thy mer­cie) we maye fasten our selues vpon Christ Iesus: to honour thée, to loue thée, and to serue thée, with all our hartes, and withall our soules: walking before thée in holines and righteousnes all dayes of our lyfe: extol­linge thy name with continuall thankesge­uinge.

Here vs O Father.

¶Here vs O Lorde and deliuer vs from all euill bodely and ghostly: saue vs from Sathan and from all his games and false suggestions: let vs not taste of thy wrath. In wealth, in woe, in health, insicknesse: in lyfe and death, be thou our mercifull Lorde and comfortes: from hell and dampnation, saue vs O God.

Saue vs O God.

[Page 59] ¶Yea saue vs Lord and deliuer vs. From all blindnes of harte, from pride vayne glory and hipocrisie. From ambition enuie and dis­obedience, from swearinge and blasphemie: from fornication, gluttonie, and dronkenesse, from all the deceiptes of the world the flesh and the Deuill. From lightning and tempest from plague pestilence and famine, from bat­tell, from murther, and from sodaine Death: from sedition, from conspiracie, and treason: from all false doctrine and heresie: from hard­nesse of harte, from contempt of thy holy word and commaundementes.

O Father deliuer vs.

¶By thy power and mercy, by thy word and promise, by thy wisedome and prouidence by thy fatherly loue, and pitie, by thy truth and compassion, in the fauour of thy swéete Sonne our Sauiour.

O Fathe. deliuer vs.

¶By the incaruation, natiuitie and cir­cumcision, by the lyfe and doctrine, by the precious death, and buriall: by the glorious resurrection and assention, by the righteous­nes and intercession, by the merites, glory and power of thy déere Sonne our Sauiour.

O Fother deliuer vs.

[Page 60] ¶Deliuer vs O Father, and for loue of thy swéete Sonne here vs sinners, and for his sake graunt our humble requestes which we demaund for the glory of thy name.

O Lorde and Father we beseche thee to heare vs.

¶Yea Lorde be mercifull vnto vs, and here vs, praying that it may please thy hea­uenly wil and magestie, to saue and to defend thy Church rulinge, and prospering the same, by the power of thy grace, in peace, truth and holines: and strengthening thy seruants, with the continuall ayde of thy holy spirite, to walke before thée, in righteousnes and ver­tue, Thy glory may shine amongst all nati­ons vpon the earth.

O Lorde and Father we beseeche thee to here vs.

¶O Father here vs, and let it please thée to teach beautifie and to enritche, the prea­chers and Ministers of thy word, with true knowledge and loue of the same, that in all their wayes wordes and workes, they maye sincerely and diligently seke thy honour and glory, to the comforte of the faythfull, and enlarginge of the kyngdome of thy Sonne.

O Lorde and Father, we beseche thee to here vs.

[Page 61] ¶Garnishe and adorne our Prince, our magestrates, nobilitie and rulers, the people and ministers, with plentie of thy heauenly giftes, that shininge in the beautie of celesti­all vertues, and godly conuersation, they may worthely and ioyefully prayse and extoll thy name in this and in the world to come.

O Lord we besech thee to here vs.

¶Geue peace and prosperitie to thy Church, O Lord: erecte, preserue and defend all faithfull Princes and magestrates, to loue and to cherishe, thy worde truth and glory: Rule their hartes in faith feare and obedience to thy Gospell: Instructe theym in thy wise­dome, geue theym grace and ayde to execute Iustice: and to mayntaine truth: aduauncing the good: and punnishinge the wicked.

O Lord we beseche thee to here vs.

¶O Lorde multiplie the number of thy Preachers and ministers of thy word, pros­per there labour in thée: increase fayth vpon the earth: let all nations, knowe that thou art the Lorde, of power and glory, the Lord of truth and saluation, and onely Sauiour of the world.

O Lord we beseche thee to here vs.

¶Let thy peace, loue and mercy goe ouer all: comforte the innocentes, weakelinges, [Page 62] and distressed: make them humble ioyefull and patient puttinge there whole trust in thy goodnes that neuer fayleth: and according to thy truth, deliuer thou them O God.

O Lord we beseche thee to here vs.

¶Preserue the faythfull Trauailers of the Earth, blesse their workes, and prosper, their iust indeuoures: that their labours may turne to the benifitte of thy creatures: wholy dependinge of thy fatherly bountie and goodnes: which thou haboundantly powrest vpon all thinges to the glory of thy eternall and almightie maiestie.

O Lord we beseche thee to here vs.

¶Preserue thy people O Lord dispersed throughe out the world: increase their fayth and godlines, holde alwayes the holy hande ouer theym, fill theym with thy peace and grace, arme theym with sure hope and chere­full patience: mayntayne, blesse and preserue, the frendly fauourers, helpers, & herbough­rers of theym: destroye Sathan and his mi­nisters: poure forth thy wrathfull indignation vpon thine enimies: dashe their counsailes, breake their strength, teare their dominions in péeces, consume theym wyth the furious and inquenchable blast of thyne anger, spoile and distroye them for euer more.

O Lord we besech thee to heare vs.

¶O Lorde direct our wayes and leade vs forth in the pathes of thy truth and righte­ousnes: that framinge our lyues and con­uersations after thy will (through the conti­nuall ayde of thy grace and holy spirite) we maye appeare, obedient and louinge thildren, to the laude and glory of thy name, through Iesus Christ our Sauiour.

Lord we besech thee to heare vs.

¶Make our hartes humble, paciente, and ioyefull in thée, abyding thy good will plea­sure and determinations in all thinges: lo­uinge one to another: forgeuing our aduersa­ries: habounding in peace: that our ioye may be full and irremoueable in thée, O God, through Christ our Redéemer and aduocate, for whose loue, O Lorde, be mercifull vnto vs and heare vs.

¶Be mercifull vnto vs, O Father, and for thy swete sonnes sake our dere Lord and Sauiour: heare vs, and graunt our petici­ons to the glory of thy name, O God: to whom with thée and the holy Ghost, reigning in vnitie of maiestie, power and glory be all prayse honour and thankes, for euer and euer, Amen.

O Mercifull Lord and louing Father, that despisist not the prayers of humble and penitent sinners, haue mercy vpon vs: yea Lorde haue mercy vpon vs and heare vs, and for thy déere Sonnes sake our Sauiour, par­don our frayle weakenes, and helpe vs with thy grace, for thou knowest wherof we are made: Turne from vs all those euilles that we moste iustly haue deserued: And in all our troubles health, wealth, nede, sorrowes, ioyes, lyfe sickenes and death, make vs to put our whole, staye, hope, and helpe, in thy Fatherly mercy and goodnes: which neuer faylist them that repose their full trust and confidence in thée: directe and gouerne vs by the power of thy holy Spirite, euermore to serue thée, in holines and purenes of liuinge to thy honour and glory: through our onely mediatour and aduocate Iesus Christ our Lord: to whom with thée and the holy Ghost be all laude prayse and thankes for euermore. Amen.

¶Both now and euer, vouchsafe to heare vs, O Lorde: gratiously heare vs, O God, and in Christ our déere Sauiour thy Sonne, fulfill our requestes, to the honour and glory of thy blessed name. Amen.

Praysed by thy name O God.

¶For the preseruation of the Sainctes.

O Mercifull Lord and louing father, which in the bowelles of thine infinite mercy, hast throughe thy déere Sonne begotten thine ellect children: Loke fauourably vpon thy seruaunts dispersed throughout the whole worlde, defende theym with thy heauenly grace, holde thy holy hand ouer theym, let thy holy spirite be euer more with theym, and so preserue theym and leade theym in the continuall profession knowledge and obedi­ence of thy worde, that their conuersation in this lyfe beinge holy, they maye in th'ende optayne euerlasting lyfe, through Christ Iesu thy swete Sonne our Sauiour. Amen.

O Mercifull Lorde and louing Father, Lord of mercy, truth, grace and comforte, which takest compassion, and sparest sinners: forgeue vnto me my sinnes, O Lorde: for­geue me my sinnes. O Iust and louing God, that beinge couered in the multitude of thy mercies, they be not imputed vnto me. Yea Lord assist my frayletie with thy heauenly grace, that throughly repentinge my sinfull [Page 66] lyfe past, I maye hereafter by the power of thy holy spirite, resist sinne, ioyefully praysing thy blessed maiestie with pure and gladsome thankesgiuinge, throughe Iesus Christ thy déere Sonne my Sauiour, to whome with thée and the holy Ghost, be all honour glory and thankes for euer and euer. Amen.

¶A generall prayer.

ALmightie God, our mercifull Lorde and Sauiour, fountayne of all grace wise­dome and comforte, which knowest our necessities before we aske, and our blind foly in askinge. I beseche thée, O louige father, to haue compassion vpon myne infirmities, and those thinges, which thy heauenly wise­dome knoweth necessary, for the true felicitie of my bodye and soule, (wherof I am both ignoraunt and vnworthy to make request vn­to thy diuine maiestie) vouchsafe to geue me for the worthenes of thy déere Sonne Iesus Christ my swete Lorde and Sauiour. Amen.

O Lorde we beseche thée mercifully here our prayers, and spare all those which confesse theyre sinnes, vnto thée, that they, whose consciences by sinne are accused, by thy [Page 67] mercifull pardon maye be absolued throughe Christ Iesus our déere Lorde and Sauiour. Amen.

O Mercyfull Lorde and louinge Father, which haste compassion of all men, and hatest nothinge that thou haste made, which wouldest not the death of a finner, but that he should rather turne from sinne and be saued: mercifully forgeue vs our trespasses, receaue and comforte vs, which be greued and weryed with the burthen of our sinnes. Thy propertie is to haue mercy, to thée one­ly it appertayneth to forgeue sinnes, spare vs therfore good Lord, spare thy people whom thou hast redéemed. Enter not into Iudge­ment with thy seruauntes, which bée vile earth and miserable sinners, and so turne thyne Ire from vs, which knowledge our vilenesse, and truly repent vs of our faultes. So make hast O Father, to succour and helpe vs with thy grace, that we may passe the rest of our lyfe in holy conuersation to the honour and glory of thy name: through Christ our swete Lord and Sauiour. Amen.

[Page 68] TVrne thou vs O good Lorde, and so shall we be turned. Be fauourable O Lord, be fauourable to thy people, which turne vnto thée in wéeping fasting and pray­inge, for thou art a mercifull God, full of compassion, longe sufferinge, and of great pitie. Thou sparest when we deserue punish­ment, and in thy wrath thinkest vpon mer­cie. Spare thy people good Lord, spare them, and let not thine heritage be brought to con­fusion, heare vs O Lorde, for thy mercy is great, and after the multitude of thy mercies loke vpon vs.

¶For grace and strength of Spirite.

O Mercifull Lorde and louinge Father, which haste voutchsaued in th'aboun­daunce of thy mercies, to beget vs of the new in the bloud and righteousnes of thy déere Sonne our Sauiour, by whom we are made acceptable vnto thée, regenerated by water and the holy Ghost, to the frée for­geunes of our sinnes, for the fruition of eter­nall saluation. Strengthen vs we besech thée O Lord with the holy spirite the comforter: [Page 69] and for the glory of thy name sake, poure vp­on vs thy manifold giftes of thy grace, the spirite of wisedome and truth, the spirite of méekenes and loue, the spirite, of peace and pacience: the spirite of Counsayle and ghostly strength, that wemaye walke and continew in all godlines, praysinge and magnifi­inge thy glorious maiestie with glad­some and acceptable thankesge­uinge: throughe Iesus Christ our déere Lord and Sauiour. Amen.



A Prayer for grace to repent, and amend our lyfe.

OH Lord God, and heauenle fa­ther, which art a iust Iudge to punnish all theym, that doe continewe to offend thée: as thou art a Father most pitiefull to receiue to mercie all those, which geue ouer themselues to thée: shewe me thy grace and fauour so, that I maye be toutched with inward hatered of my sinnes, and that in the place of flatteringe my selfe to slepe in sinne, I may be so cast downe in harte, that the rather I maye truely with mouth confesse most humbly to geue thée, the honour, glory, and prayse due vnto thy holy name: and that, as thou doest instructe vs thereunto by thy holy word, so (for thy names sake) make that the same may so lighten and cleare our conscience, that in due examinati­on of all oure whole lyfe, we maye learne to be angrye and displeased with all our former and corrupt liuinge. Oh that it maye please thée to drawe neare vnto vs, in addressinge and guiding our foote steppes, in the true and perfitte waye of obedience to thy holy lawes [Page 71] and commaundements. Send thy holy An­gell to pitch his tent round about vs, that Sathan and his infernall armye, neuer pre­uayle against vs: but alwayes with stronge fayth we maye throughe Iesus Christ with­stand all his craftie subtilties, malice, and snares: knowing vndoubtedly that thou ne­uer forsakest theym that put there trust in thée. Oh let vs not be lead by th'infirmitie of our vntoward flesh, but strengthen vs by the vertue of thy holy spirite. Suffer vs not to lye vnder thy heauie wrath & vengeance through hipocrisie, but rather toutche vs so inwardly, that we maye without ceassinge, sighe and grone vnto thée, by true and vnfayned repen­taunce. And although we be not alwayes so well disposed, to aske and praye, as we ought to doe, yet (good Lorde) for thy names sake, stretche out thy mightie hande, that by the gracious workinge of thy holy Spirite, our mindes and hartes may be drawne, from al earthly and corrutible thinges, so that our prayers may procede of an earnest and in­ward affection, neuer presuminge to come before thée with a double harte, knowinge that whosoeuer asketh or prayeth for any thinge of thée, not askinge in fayth, shal not opteyne. Increase our fayth therfore (Oh [Page 72] mercifull Father) that we presently maye liuely féele the benifites of remission and par­don of all our sinnes, throughe the merites and death of Christ Iesu our Sauiour: and so worke in vs for euer hereafter to liue in the feare of thée, and to stand in awe of thy displeasure: that thou maiest continew our mercifull Father world without end. Amen.

¶A prayer for th'aide of God to a holy lyfe.

O Moste mercifull Lorde God almightie, that of thine inserachable power and wisedome, dydest create all thinges of nothinge, in obedience to thy rule and com­maundement: amonges the which it pleased thy gracious will, not onely to make me a resonable creature in the celestiall forme of man kinde: but also, (where, by my naturall propertie state and inclination I was con­ceiued and borne to ignorance and sinne, and thereby to death and dampnation.) So to li­mite the tyme and place of my byrth into this worlde, that in vnitie of Baptisme, comuni­on, and healthfull doctrine with thy Saincts, I am gouerned and taught, to knowe, to professe, to honour and to serue thine omni­potent [Page 73] maiestie, true and eternall God reigninge in trinitie of persons inseperablie knitte in vnitie of dietie, power, eternitie and glory: and also instructed in the truth of the Gospell of thy swéete Sonne Iesus Christ my Saui­our: throughe fayth in whome I féele that blissefull operation of thy heauenly grace, by the effusion of thy holy spirite, as the frée be­nifite of thy mercie wherby I am called with the rest of thy chosen children, to th'undoubted hope of eternall lyfe and saluation: so that earst being farre from thée through blindnesse and sinne: I am nowe by grace and adopti­on in Christ the redéemer, brought nere and reconciled to thy fauour, as a Sonne. Ther­fore as one yet inuironed, with many sorow­es, pereiles, wretchednes and calamities, a middest the swarmes of innumerable enny­mies visible and inuisible, that are prepared to spoyle me, euen to eternall destruction: I call for thy helpe, O God: which onely arte, the sure and inuincible fortresse wherin I may be saued. Streatch forth thy mightie hande, O Father, and geue me a ioyefull victory against the power of the malicious enimie that worketh to spill, whatsoeuer thou would est haue saued. From the bothome of the déepe I crye vnto thée O Lorde to succour [Page 74] me: and for loue of thy deere Sonne my Sa­uiour to deliuer me, from the power of darkenesse and ignoraunce: and by thy holy spirite to guide and lead me in the light and pathes of heauenly grace and knowledge: that findinge this transitory and shorte lyfe to be but a troublesome passage (besette with many stormes, perels, and deceiptes to perdition) and cleauing fast vnto thée and despising all earthly pompe, and vanities: I maye passe throughe it to the porte of perpetuall peace and saftie: there to possesse the triumphant, and eternall ioyes which are prepared for thyne electe: sanctified throughe fayth in Christ Iesus our swéete Sauiour, to whom with thée and the holy Ghost be all prayse honour and glory for euer and euer. Amen.

¶A prayer for well vsinge of our vocation.

O Mercifull Lorde and God, by whose power and benifite I am formed and endued with humayne shape and rea­son, and called to thassuraunce of eternall life, throughe frée grace and adoption in Christ Iesu my Sauiour: who by his merites, bloud and righteousnes, hath purchased thy fatherly [Page 75] fauour, mercie, and blessinge for me and for all theym that are regenerated in fayth and obedience to thy worde: haue mercie vpon me O God: yea for loue of thy déere Sonne my Sauiour, haue mercie vpon me, and of thy gracious goodnes so directe and stablishe th'inclination, steppes and hauiour of my lyfe in this worlde: that faythfully, obedi­ently, humbly and frutefully walkinge in my vocation, I maye, through loue, subdue my harte and will, to thy ordinances, deter­mination, and pleasure: méekely and paci­ently sustayning and seruinge the same, with humble and hartie thankesgeuing: And thou Lord of thy plenteous goodnes and fatherly blessinge, so amplifie, the requisite ayde of this my worldly lyfe, that of my sufficient portion, I may rather be helpefull to the poore and nedye: then for want, to be a bourden and chargeable to the ritche and haboundant. But in all my wayes, thoughtes, pourposes and procedinges, remember me to beholde, and dulye to consider: wherence I came, and whether I must: wherof I consist, and why I am borne to this world: the shortnes and frayltie of my lyfe: the foolishe vanities of this deceiueable world, which with all her gawdes doth passe away, as a shadowe: and [Page 76] so to esteme the same: that my harte and minde beinge altogether inclined to the loue of heauenly thinges: I may by the helpe of thy holy Spirite, dedicate my selfe wholy a quicke and spirituall sacrifice to thy deuine maiestie, mortified in the flesh, through faith­full and holy conuersation in Christ my Sa­uiour: to whom with thée and the holy ghost be all prayse honour and glory for euermore. Amen.

¶A prayer for the christe­ned state.

O Heauenly Lorde, which alone art God omnipotent gracious and wise, that of one clodde of cleye hast thus innume­rablye multiplied, the kindredes, families, cities, states, tongnes, and nations of people, deuidinge theym into felowshippes, priuate and publique, mayntayned and preserued by vnitie and obedience, to such rule, ordinance, gouernement and power: as thy Fatherly wisedome hath erected, ordayned, established and auctorized, for our behofe, lyfe and being vpon earth. In thy gracious fauour loke vp­on vs: and in thine irrepugnable power, O Lorde, so order directe and gouerne our pur­poses [Page 77] and procedinges in this frayle, tormoy­linge, vnstable and transitory state, that all thinges beinge done in godly loue, truth, mekenes, vertuous industrye, honest care, brotherly vnitie, and obedience: we maye proue, Iuste, faythfull, frutefull and godly eche one in his vocation: in all our dealings and behauiour seminge worthy of thy name, to the glory and prayse of the same. Of lyke fatherly loue and care towarde vs, be it thy gracious will, O Lorde, so to directe, go­uerne and sanctifie the hartes thoughtes and inclinations of our souereigne Prince and rulers, of this Realme of England, and of eche other state professinge the Gospell of thy Sonne: that in all their purposes counsailes, determinations and procedinges: they may with constant zeale, to the glory of thy name: worke establishe and mayntayne, thy truth and honour, aduauncing all vertue right and Iustice, embracinge and louinge pure god­lines, preferring also the louers and folowers of the same: and dulye punnishinge eche vice and disobedience: seking peace and fo­lowinge it, that thy holy Church, nurished, mayntayned, and defended by Kynges and Princes, maye reioyce and florishe in th'ha­boundant of blissefull quietnes, integritie, [Page 78] and sound doctrine: to th'education and bringinge forth of plentie of godly faythfull and industrious, ministers and preachers of thy worde, to labour for the establishment and enlarginge the kyngdome of thy Sonne a­monges men: who by the heauenly light of true doctrine and holy conuersation, shall also appeare lanternes of celestiall comforte and brightnes for the guidinge of thy strayed and conuerted seruauntes, by milions repleat with grace and benidiction, throughe Christ thy déere Sonne our Sauiour: To whoms with thée and the holy Ghost, be all prayse honour and glory for euer and euer. Amen.

¶A prayer for the godly profe of a childe.

O Most merciful Lord God almightie onely which art gracious and good: as by thy diuine will and power this childe was for­med and made a liuinge creature tonsisting of bodye and soule in the wombe of his mo­ther, from whom he is departed into this worlde, by naturall byrth, weake and impo­tent, of frayle and sinfull substance: by his owne propertie inclinde, to ignorance, and sinne: and nowe enuired with thousands of [Page 79] malicious, mightie and subtil, ennimies both bodely and ghostly, which wayte for the se­ducinge and leadinge of him to perell, death and destruction, whereunto all man kinde is prone and (weare it not for thy mercifull grace and tuition) sone ouercome. So be it thy wyll O most gracious Lord, in th'aboun­daunce of thy mercies and loue, for Christ thy déere Sonnes sake, with thy fatherly eye to loke vpon him: and to blesse him, pouringe plentie of thy heauenly giftes vpon him, that being preserued, brought vp and nurished in deuine knowledge, fayth feare and obedience, of thée, throughe true profession of thy swéete Sonne Iesus in the sinceritie of thy Gospell: He maye growe ritche and beautifull in all godlines and vertue: in all his wayes and procéedinges, sekinge the kyngdome of eter­nall glory, through firme and haboundaunt fayth and holy conuersation in Christ the Sa­uiour: working all righteousnes, filled with méekenes, brotherly loue, obedience, chere­full hope, desire of heauenly things, contempt, of the world: and mightely armed with thy grace, and strengthened by thine asistaunce, to vanquishe the power of the sinnefull fleshe and Sathan: that hauinge victory in the ende he may ioyefully triumphe in thy presence O [Page 80] God, with the rest of thy beloued Sainctes, to geue honour and continuall prayse to thy most holy name, in blisse euerlasting: through thy déere Sonne our mercifull Lord and Sa­uiour. Amen.

¶A prayer for the wan­deringe poore.

O Most gracious Lord God, almightie and eternall in whose hand it consisteth, to purpose & to determine of thy creatures, as semeth good to thine owne insearchable pleasure: haue mercy vpon the poore afflicted in spirite, nedye and naked: colde comfortlesse and distressed: which for want of habitation necessary liuelyhode, and succour, are, through distresse and penury dryuen to wander in much misery, and vncertayne of relyfe and comforte: cut off from the conuersation and felowshippe of the ciuill, vertuous, wise and godly people, and secluded from holy instructi­on education and doctrine, do raunge in loth­some libertie, where, by brutishe ignorance, and vnbrideled disorder, their wretched soules (without thy great grace and mercy) may be choked euen to eternall death: Turne vnto theym O Lorde, and of thy fatherly goodnes, [Page 81] for Christes, sake, haue mercy vpon theyme, lighten their hartes with thy grace, O God, and comforte theym, that féeling their crosse to be of thy sufferaunce and layinge on, they may patiently beare the same, with méeke hartes and humble thankesgeuing: and their eyes beinge opened with heauenly vnder­standinge, in the grace and power of thy holy spirite, to behold, and truely to Iudge of the frayle vanitie, and foolishe value of this whir­linge world, whose ritches, pleasures, gaudes, glory and estimation, do vanish as the smoke: and flye from vs as the shadowe of a cloude, and this lyfe to be of no moment nor abyding without true ioyes or felicitie: But (weare it not for cherefull hope of eternall lyfe) O most vrkesome and wretched tragidie, to all men. And in this true and celestiall conside­ration to turne wholy vnto thée: accepting their wanderinge pouertie, distresse and mi­sery: a blessefull purpose and determination of thy mercifull will, for their good auayle, through hope and pacience in Christ Iesus: and feelinge the operation of thy heauenly grace, to reioyce in their crosse and afflictions, embracinge thy will with cherefull humili­tie, and due obedience to the same, dedica­tinge theymselues vnto thy most gracious [Page 82] fauour and tuition: to be comforted, succou­red, reliued, defended, cherished and holpen, by thy fatherly bountie and goodnes against all, miseries, wretchednes, desperation, and calamities, of bodye and soule: to the hea­uenly reioycinge of their troubled spirites, enritched through mercy and geace to the eternall blisse and saluation of the same: in Christ our déere Lord and Sauiour: for whose loue O Father be mercifull, and here my faythfull request, grauntinge the same: to the glory of thy most holy name: to the which be all prayse honour and glory for euermore.

¶A prayer for the Sicke.

O Most grocious Lorde God almightie, which hast power ouer all: thou geuest, and at thine owne pleasure takest a­waye: Thou O God hast made vs, and not we our selues: thou hast limitted our scope, beyonde which we cannot passe: man is a vayne thinge and trauayleth in miserye: and of all his laboures, glory, state and ritches, (which vanishe as smoke) he hath no parte in the end: all his pompe forsaketh him: his soule will no longer dwell in him: but for­saketh [Page 83] him and leaueth him to death, to be clothed with dust and ashes, for therence hée came, and thether returneth with spede. But the soule of the faithfull liueth in peace, and reioyceth in thassurance of eternall lyfe and felicitie: for the fruition whereof he shal­be againe clothed with his former tabernacle, renued and raysed to glory and immortalitie, to reigne with Christ the redéemer of thine electe, in the perpetuall presence of thy most glorious maiestie, triumphing in peace and blisse euerlastinge. O Father that, (through fayth and holy conuersation, in Christ Iesus) hast ioend and knitte thy beloued Sainctes in a louing brotherhode, to honour, to prayse, and to serue thée, in vnitie of fayth, truth, hope, obedience, and loue: whereby we are moued, and taught to minister and praye one for thother, that our charitie may be full: haue mercy vpon thy sicke, féeble and payned seruauntes, whom death doth assaile, wyth bitter panges, by tormentinge gryfes for the priuation of this mortall lyfe: yea Lorde for thy swete Sonnes sake, haue mercy vpon theym, and vpon euery of theyme: Turne vnto theym, and be mercifull vnto theym, shewe them thy louing countenance, O God, and comforte theym, stand by theym, hold thy [Page 84] holy hand ouer them, and defend them against the power of the enimie, aswage their paines: and strengthen their weakenes with the pre­sence of thy diuine grace: that féelinge the comfortable workinge of thy holy Spirite, they maye throughly vanquishe the distroyer, and triumphinge in victory, in gladsome assu­raunce of thy mercy, to geue ouer cherefull soules into thy fatherly handes, for the per­petuall blisse and safetie of the same: through Christ our déere Lord and Sauiour: to whom with thée and the holy Ghost reigning in e­qualitie of magestie glory and power: be all prayse honour and thankes for euermore. Amen.

¶A prayer for our world­ly trauayles.

O Mercifull Lorde God blissefull and al­mightie, that for the behofe of man dyd­dest create the whole worlde: geuinge him dominion and skill to vse theym, to the nur­rishment preseruation, and mayntenaunce, of his transitory lyfe vpon earth: Loke fauo­rably vpon our faythfull industrye and tra­uayles, and so blesse and (for thy déere Sonnes sake) so prosper our faythfull laboures, and [Page 85] indeuoures, that through the plenteous boun­tie of thy fatherly goodnes, we may reape & gather the hoped frutes, and blesseful increase of che same: that beinge fedde and blessed with sufficience, we may be haboundaunt in almes, and charitable geuinge, to oure in­firme comfortlesse, nedye, and distressed bre­therne: to the glory and honour of thy name: which for loue of our swéete Sauiour Christ, hearest and fulfillest, the godly requestes of thy faythfull seruauntes. So be it.

¶A prayer for the Queene and Realme.

O Most gracious Lorde God, and Kynge almightie iust and euerlastinge, vpon whose wyll dependeth, the rule, staye and direction of all thinges both in Heauen and in earth: geuinge men power and do­minion ouer the people and nations of the worlde: to whom, beinge obedient to thy most holy will and commaundementes: thou geuest wyse, carefull, industrious, vertuous, happie, and prosperous, Kynges, Princes, Rulers, and magestrates: to rule and to go­uerne, to the peace, blessinge, comforte, and wealth, of the same: But the vnrighteous [Page 86] people, lasciuius, contempteous, Idolatrous, superstitious, blasphemous, and Rebellious against thy worde and maiestie, shalbe deli­uered ouer to the handes and tuition of foo­lishe, Idle, dissolute, negligent and vnfortu­nate Princes, Rulers and gouernours: by whose brutishe, disorder, losenes and folye, the state, beautie, strength, and bondes of peace, Iustice, loue and gouernement, shalbe neglected, broken, disturbed, spoyled, and by intestine hatereds and discordes: or elles, by foren vanquishmentes and discomfitures, distroyed: whereby both land and people, are lefte a praye, to th' inuasion, spoyle and rauine, of the gréedye and victorious distroy­er: who in his mercilesse rage executeth the plagues of thy iust wrath, O Lorde, so that neither man woman, childe, beast, foule nor féelde, scapeth the stripes therof. Their coun­tryes, Townes, Cities and dwellings, burnt spoyled, rent torne and made waste: Iustice, Lawe, discipline, nurture, ciuill feloship, ho­nest artes and exercises, Religion, knowe­ledge and feare of thée, scorned, banished, and persecuted: And the land beinge fylled, with abhomination, beastly tyrrany, slaugh­ter, bloud, robbery, thiuery rapyne, and mur­ther, the people kylled, strangled, starued, [Page 87] spoyled and mocked: bound and caried away to be solde (as beastes) in the markette: to ser­uitude and slauery, there to consume theire dayes in miserable thrall and sorowes: the kyngdome and inheritaunce transported to the possession of the distroyer: who raysed in thy wrath, and armed with the power of thy displeasure: ministreth due punnishment, for the sinne and disobedience, of eche reuoltinge nation that falleth away from thée, and will not be reconciled to grace: witnesse of all the states, Empires, kyngdomes, tongues nations peoples and kyndreds of the earth, from the beginninge of the world to this day. But in these later dayes: specially of the Iewes Egiptians: Armenianes, Grecians, Ita­liens, Hungariens, Poloniens, and others: whose seruile thrall and calamities, ought neuer to be out of our remembraunce: which should moue vs continually to beholde, the blessinge of thy loue, and the heauie sorowes, of thy displeasure. Wherefore in the haboun­daunce of thy mercies and louinge kindnes, and for loue of thy déere Sonne: whome throughe the gifte of thy grace, we professe in the truth of his Gospell, we beseche thée O mercifull Father, fauourably to loke vp­on this Realme and people, of Englande: [Page 88] Turne not awaye thy face, O Lord, take not thy grace and holy spirite from vs: let vs still enioye the blisse and coumforte of thy louing countenaunce: kepe vs in the waye, and co­uer vs vnder the shadowe of thy winges: suf­fer vs not to be taken from thée: make vs to folowe and to put our whole trust and confi­dence in thée, then shall we be safe: Thy mightie hand O God, geueth the victory: and in the power of thy fauour shall the ennimie be vanquished, and his strength brought to nothinge. Saf is the Citie where thou Lorde art the watchman: but who so standeth out of thy tuition, he is a redye praye to the distroier: Therfore go not farre from vs, O God. For thine electes sake weare the heauens and the earth, withall their implements, fourmed and made of nothinge: for their preseruation and mayntenaunce, was rule and gouerne­ment deuised and stablished, and for theire sakes, are Empires, kyngdomes, countries, and nations, preserued, saued and blessed: and for iniury and ignominie done to theym and to thy truth and holy name, are they changed, plagued, subuerted and distroyed. Great is thy mercy and compassion O Lorde, longe sufferinge and redye to forgeue: beholde vs, O Father and haue mercy vpon vs: remember [Page 89] not our inquities, nor the iniquities of our forefathers: take not iust vengeance of our sinnes: neither reward thou vs after our de­serts: spare vs good Lord, and for thy swete Sonnes sake Christ Iesus our Sauiour haue mercy vpon vs: yea Lord haue mercy vpon vs and vpon our posteritie, holding con­tinually thy holy hand ouer vs, and blesse vs: Increase our faith, and make our children and childers children obedient to thy worde, and through holy conuersation in thy Sonne our Redéemer, make vs and theym acceptable vnto thy selfe, O God: that beinge sanctified in fayth and loue toward thy heauenly wyll and maiestie, we and they may be deliuered from thy wrathfull displeasure, for euermore. Poure forth haboundaunce of thy grace and blessinge vpon our Queene, that in the ful­nes of thy gratious fauour, shée maye haue longe lyfe in health and happpye dayes: ay­ded with faythfull, verteous and prudent Counsailours, and ministers, to do all things to the nurishing and maynteynaunce of true Religion and vertue: Increase the light of thy Gospell and the number of faythfull and godly preachers and ministers of thy word, whose industrye and labour, by the peace and tranquillitie of thy Church, maye largelye [Page 90] augment the number of thy Sainctes: to the glory of thy name, and to the ioye and bles­singe of the land and people. For the pre­seruation and continuaunce wherof, in the bowelles of the fatherly care and fauour re­member vs, O louinge God: leaue neither vs nor our posteritie headlesse, neither put vs ouer to the yoke of a straunge, nor Irre­ligious Prince: But after the blissefull dayes of this thy gracious handmayde our Queene (whom O Father let it please thée to pre­serue in happye and ioyefull state to th'end) geue peace and concord to thy people, with a verteous wise, godly, and fortunate Prince, whose constant, zeale, care, industrye, and indeuoure, toward the cherishinge and ad­uauncement of thy truth and glory, may pur­chase thy fatherly loue and furtheraunce, to fill the land and people, with all maner of blessinges, as thy heauenly wisedome know­eth necessary, where beautified with vertue and godlines, it shall prosper and triumphe, in continuall peace and victory, geuinge ho­nour and gladsome thankes to thy glorious maiestie, that with thy déere Sonne our Lord and Sauiour, and with the holy Ghost, reign­est in vnitie of power, glory, and dominion: praysed for euer and euer. Amen.

¶A prayer for constan­cie in Christ.

O Lorde God maker of all thinges, onely thou that arte to be feared: onely thou that art gloryous, righteous, and mer­cifull: Thou which onely art gratious, onely liberall, onely iust almightie and euerlasting: thou that of thine accustomed and ritche mer­cies deliueredst thyne electe from all troubles, voutchsafe for thy Sonnes sake to deliuer and preserue vs, from all euill, and also from do­inge those thinges which thou in thy holy worde hast forbydden. Oh be gratious vnto vs, and thinke vpon thy couenant made with our forefathers of old, as Abraham, Isaac, and Iacob, they true and faythfull seruaunts: and geue vs all, such hartes, that we maye vn­faynedly loue and serue thée, by true obedi­ence to thy holy Lawes and commaunde­mentes. Send vs inward peace in conscience that we maye be at one with thée, so that thou neuer forsake vs in the tyme of trouble, be vnto vs in all our nede and necessitie as a sure rocke, defence buckeler and Shielde, that vnder the winges of thy diuine maiestie, we maye bée safely kept, and couered, that [Page 92] Sathan and his wicked Impes, by any cruell tyrrany or oppression, neuer preuayle against vs. But graunt (good Lorde) for thine owne glories sake, yea for thy Sonne Christ Iesus sake, that we in the tyme of tryall maye shewe our selues as valiant warriers, firmely and constantly to fight vnder thy banner, and not lyke cowardes at euery blaste of wynd, be ready to runne awaye, startinge backe, and slyding from the feloship of thy Saincts: thinkinge here in this wicked worlde for a longe tyme to enioye the ritches and plea­sures therof: the which tyme, if wée duely consider, is but as one droppe of rayne com­pared to th'hole Sea: yea if for this shorte and momentarye tyme wée might get the whole worlde, and lose our owne soules, what shoulde it profitte? or what is their (oh Lorde) to redéeme our soules with all? In euery souldier that in this worlde, taketh in hand vnder his Capitayne to fight, it is required, that he be stoute, valiaunt, and manly, that when they pinche of the bat­tayls commeth: hée then proue mightie and couragious in fight, in assured hope of tri­umphant victory. Euen so (oh good Lorde) it is required in euery of vs which professe thy holy Gospell, that we shewe our selues man­full [Page 93] in fight for the defence of the same: that when, by thy prouidence the brunte of perse­cution is kyndled and ministred vnto vs, we may then shew our selues as true and fayth­full Christians, to fight that good fight for an eternall triumphe and victory: In geuing and offeringe vp our owne bodies, for a sa­crifice vnto the Lorde our God, who is euer readye to strengthen theym that put theire full trust in him. Oh good Lorde graunt for thy names sake vnto vs such plentie of thy grace, that when tyme requireth, as we doe beleue in harte to iustification, euen so by mouth we maye make true confession to sal­uation, that the frute of the same may be to vs in the latter daye, ioye comforte and eter­nall consolation, throughe Iesus Christ by whose death and merites, we are made in­heritours of his euerlastinge kyngdome. To whom with the father and the holy Ghost, be prayse glory and dominion, world with­out ende. Amen.

¶A prayer against the worke­inge of Sathan.

OH Lorde destroye all the workes of Sa­than, comfort them that are in aduersitie: [Page 94] helpe those that be in trouble for thy names sake, haue mercy vpon vs, and make vs thy true faythfull obedient and thankefull ser­uauntes: Lorde incline our hartes to thy testimonies, and suffer vs not to serue th'un­lawfull lustes of our sinnefull flesh. O turne awaye our eyes that they beholde not vani­tie, but quicken thou vs in thy lawe: bestow vpon vs thy worde (oh Lorde) so that we ne­uer abuse it, neither turne it vnto wantones: But that entring into the grace of true re­pentaunce, we maye therein increase, and therin continewe till our lyues ende. Amen.

¶A forme of prayer to God the Father, the Sonne and the holy Ghost.

O Almightie and euerliuinge God, the eternall father of our Lord Iesus Christ, which of thy vnmeasurable goodnes, hast opened thy selfe vnto vs, and with a loud voyce, haste sayd of the Sonne Iesus Christ our Lorde, heare him: O maker and preseruer of all thinges with thy coeternall Sonne our Lord Iesus Christ, which raigneth with thée, and [Page 95] was manifested in Ierusalem: and with thy holy Spirite, which was powred vppon the Apostles: O wise God, mercifull Iudge, and mightie Lorde, which hast sayde: as truly as I liue, I wyll not the death of a sinner, but rather that he shoulde conuerte and amend: which also hast sayde: call vpon me in the daye of thy trouble, and I will deliuer thée: haue mercy vppon vs, for Iesus Chrystes sake, whom thou wouldest, of thy maruey­lous and incomprehensible counsayle, should be made for vs a slaine sacrifice, mediatour, reconciler, and peacemaker, to the ende that thou mightest shewe thy excedynge greate wrath against sinne, and thy estimable mer­cye towardes mankinde. Sanctifie and illu­minate our hartes and soules with thy holy spirite, that we maye truely beleue in thée, call vpon thée, be thankefull vnto thée, and obedient to thy holy wyll. Defend, gouerne and cherishe thy Church, as thou hast promi­sed, saying: this is my couenaunt that I haue made with them: my spirite which is in thée, and my worde which I haue put in thy mouth, shall not departe from the mouth of thy séede for euer. Preserue those kyngdo­mes and common weales, which geue har­bour to thy people, and mayntayne the mine­sterye [Page 96] of thy holy word and Gospell, that the kingdome of thy Sonne Iesus Christ may en­crease and shine throughout all the world.

¶A prayer to God the Sonne

O Iesus Christ, Sonne of the euerliuing God, crucified for vs, and raysed also from the dead, and now raigning at the right hande of thy father, that thou mayest geue giftes vnto men, which haste sayde, come vnto me all ye that labour and be hea­uie laden, and I will refresh you: haue mer­cie vpon vs, and pray for vs vnto the eternall father: sanctifie and gouerne vs with thy ho­lie spirite: helpe and succour vs in all our ne­cessities, as thou hast promised, saying: I wil not leaue you comfortles.

¶A prayer to the holy Ghost.

O Holy spirite, poured vpon the Apostles, which waste promised vnto vs by the sonne of God our redemer, to kendle in vs a true kuowledge and inuocation to God, as it is written: I wil poure vpon you ye spirite [Page 97] of grace and of compassion: make to arise in our hartes, a true feare of God, and a true faith and knowledge of the mercy which the eter­nall father of our lord Iesus Christ, hath pro­mised vnto vs for his Sonnes sake. Be our comforter in all counsayles and daungers: il­luminate our vnderstanding, & fill our harts with newe affectes an spiritual motions, and renewe vs both in soule and bodye, that we may die to sinne, and liue to righteousnes, and so in true obedience may prayse the father of our Lord Iesus Christ, and his sonne our rede­mer, and thée also our comforter euerlasting­lye.

¶Another prayer to the holy Ghost.

O Holy and blessed spirite, together with the father and the Sonne, our true and euerliuing God, full of maiestie, & power which with thy heauenly inspiration quicke­nest the mindes of those that afore were dead in sinne, makest ioyfull the harts of the faith­full, penitent, bringest into that way of truth all such as haue erred, & gone astraye, comfor­test the soules of such as hunger and thirste after righteousnes, and plenteously enrichest [Page 98] those with diuers giftes, which aske them in Iesus Christes name: purifie our hartes (we beseche thée) and inflame them with the fyre of thy loue: replenishe them with thy hea­uenly benefites & spiritual blessings, that they may be made mete temples for thée: lead vs into all truth, which art th'only fountaine of truth, and mortifie in vs whatsoeuer proce­deth not of thée. Arme vs against the craftie assaultes of subtill sathan, against the vaine pleasures of the wicked worlde, and against the sinnefull lustes of filthy flesh, that we be­inge endued with grace from aboue, by thy holy inspiration, maye walke forwardes in newnes of lyfe, in holines and righteousnes, all the dayes of our lyfe.

¶A godly prayer to be sayd at all tymes,

HOnour and prayse be geuen to thée (O Lorde God almightie) most dere father of heauen, for all thy mercies and lo­uing kyndnes shewed vnto vs, in that it hath pleased thy gracious goodnes, fréely, and of thine owne accorde, to electe, and chose vs to saluation before the begining of the world, and euen like continuall thankes be geuen to [Page 99] thée, for creating vs after thine owne Image, for redeminge vs with the precious bloud of thy deare Sonne, when we were vtterly loste, for sanctifyinge vs with the holy spirite in the reuelation and knowledge of thy holy worde, for helpinge and succouringe vs in all our nedes and necessities, for sauinge vs from all daungers of body and soule, for comfortinge vs so fatherly in all our tribu­lations and persecutions, for sparinge vs so longe, and geuinge vs so large a tyme of re­pentaunce. These benefites (O most merci­full Father) lyke as we knowledge to haue receiued them of thy onely goodnes, euen so we beseche thée, for thy déere Sonne Iesus Christes sake, to graunt vs alwayes thy ho­ly spirite wherby we may continually growe in thankefulnes towardes thée, to be lead in all truth, and comforted in all our aduersitie. O Lord strengthen our fayth, kindle it more in feruentnes and loue towardes thée, and our neighboures for thy sake. Suffer vs not most déere Father to receaue thy worde any more in vayne: but graunt vs alwayes the assistaunce of thy grace and holy spirite, that in harte, worde, and dede we maye sanctifie and do worshippe to thy name. Helpe to am­plefie and increase thy kyngdome, and what­soeuer [Page 100] thou sendest we maye be hartely well content with thy good pleasure and will. Let vs not lacke the thinge (O Father) without the which we cannot serue thée: but blesse thou so all the works of our handes, that we maye haue sufficient, and not to be charge­able, but rather helpefull vnto others: be mercifull (O Lord) to our offences, and seing our debte is great, which thou hast forgeuen vs in Iesus Christ, make vs to loue thée, and our neighboures so much the more. Be thou our Father, our Captaine and defender in all temptations, hold thou vs by thy mercifull hande, that we may be deliuered from all in­conueniences, and end our lyues in the sancti­fyinge, and honour of thy holy name through Iesus Christ our Lorde and onely Sauiour. So be it.

Let thy mighiie hande and out stretched arms (O Lorde be still our defence, thy mer­cie and louing kindnes in Iesus Christ thy déere Sonne our saluation: thy true and holy worde our instruction: thy grace and holy spirite our comforte and consolation, vnto the ende and in the ende. So be it.

O Lord increase our fayth.

CHAP. XXI. of Iohn.

AND I sawe a newe heauen, and a newe earth: for the first heauen, and the first earth were passed awaye, and there was no more sea. And I Iohn sawe the holy citie newe Ierusalem come downe from God out of heauen, prepared as a bride trimmed for her housband. And I heard a great voyce out of heauen sayinge, Beholde, the Tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them: and they shal­be his people, and God him selfe shalbe their God with them. And God shall wipe away all teares from theyr eyes: and there shalbe no more death, neither sorrowe, neither crying, neither shall there be any more paine: for the first thinges are passed. And he that sate vpon the throne, sayd, Beholde, I make all thinges newe: and he sayd vnto me, Write: for these wordes are faythfull and true. And he sayd vnto me, It is done, I am and the beginning and ye end. I will giue to him that is a thirst, of the well of the water of lyfe freely. He that ouercommeth, shall inherit all thinges, and I will be his God, and he shalbe my sonne. But the fearefull and vnbeleuing, and the abhominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars shal haue the parte in the lake, which burneth with fyre and brimstone, which is the second death. And there came vnto me one of the seuen Angels, which had the seuen viales full of the seuen last plagues, and talked wt me, sayinge, Come: I will shewe thee the bride, the Lambes wife. And he caried me awaye in the spirite to a great and an hie mountaine, and he shewed me the great citie, holy Ierusalem, descendinge out of heauen from God, Hauing the glory of God: and her shining was like vnto a stone moste precious, as a Iasper stone cleare as cristall. And had a great wall an hie, and [Page 102] had twelue Gates, and at the gates twelue Angels, and the names writtē, which are ye twelue tribes of the chil­drē of Israel. On the East part there were thre gates, on the Northside thre gates, on the Southside thre ga­tes, and on the Westside thre gates. And the wall of the citie had twelue foundations, and in them the names of the Lambes twelue Apostles. And he that talked with me, had a golden rede to measure the citie with all, and the gates therof, and the wall therof. And the citie laye foure square, and the length is as large as the bredth of it, and he measured the citie with the rede, twelue thou­sande furlonges: and the length and the bredth, and the height of it are equall. And he measured the wall therof, an hundreth, fortie and foure cubites, by the measure of man, that is, of the Angell. And the building of the wal of it was of Iasper: and the citie was pure golde, like vnto clere glasse. And ye foundaciōs of the wall of ye citie were garnished with all maner of precious stones: the first foundacion was Iasper: the second of Saphire: the third of a Chalcedonie: the fourth of an Emeraude. The fifte of Sardonix: the sixt of a Sardius: the se­uenth of a Chrisolite: the eight of a Beryl: the ninth of a Topaze: the tenth of a Chrysoprasus: the eleuenth of a Iacinth: the twelueth an Amethist. And the twelue pearles and enery gate is of one pearle, and the strete of the citie is pure golde, as shining glasse. And I sawe no Temple therin for the Lorde God almightie and the Lambe are the Temple of it. And the citie hath no nede of the Sunne, neither of the Moone to shine in it: for the glory of God dyd light it: and the Lambe is the light of it. And the people which are saued, shall walke in the light of it: and the Kyngs of the earth shall bring their glory and honour vnto it. And the gates of it shall not be shut by daye: for there shalbe no night there. And the glory & honour of the Gentiles shalbe brought vnto it And there shall enter in it none vncleane thinge [Page 103] neither whatsoeuer worketh abhomination or lies: but they which are written in the Lambes Boke of lyfe.

¶A prayer.

O Mercifull Lorde and louing father, God almightie, Iust and euerlastinge, that in the inserchable purpose of thy wyll and wisedome, dyddest create Heauen and earth, withall the thinges in theym contey­ned to depend, to serue, and to continew in obedience to thy irrepugnable order and di­rection: tyll the number of thy beloued, which, in thy déere Sonne our Sauiour, thou hast chosen to eternall lyfe: shalbe filled: at whose deliuery from corruption: (whereunto disobedient man brought all thinges subiect through his offence) the transitory, vanished and burnt creatures, shall generally be re­nued, and stablished in permanent state of beautie and glory euer enduringe, filled with the gladsome brightnes of the continuall pre­sence of thy maiestie, dwellinge amongst thy Sainctes to theyre inspeakeable ioyes and blisse euerlastinge: Loke vpon vs O Father and haue mercy vpon vs: and as it hath pleased thy gracious, goodnes, O God, by the inspiration of the holy spirite, to frame [Page 104] our hartes to beliue the Gospel of thy Sonne, by whom we receaue swete tast of thy father­ly loue and mercie: So let it be thy wyll O God, to comforte our faynte soules with the continuall presence of thy heauenly grace: that we perfectly féelinge, the beinge and workinge of the same in our hartes: maye vtterly despise this miserable world with all her foolish trifiles and fonde vanities: euer thurstinge after thée with insatiable desire of heanenly things, willing to be disolued from this corrupt and sinnefull tabernacle, to rest with thée in the Tabernacle of peace and ioyes euerlastinge: through Christ our Lorde, Iudge, and redéemer: to whome with thée and the holy Ghost reigninge in equa­litie & vnitie of maiestie, glory, and dominion: bée all prayse honour and thankes for euer and euer. Amen.

¶A Psalme to be sayde in the time of any common plague, sickenes, or other crosse and visitation of God.

O Come, let vs humble our sel­ues and fall downe before the Lorde, wyth reuerence and feare.

For he is the Lord our God: and we are the people of his pasture, and the shepe of his handes.

Come therfore, let vs turne againe vnto our Lorde, for he hath smitten vs, and hée shall heale vs.

Let vs repent and turne from our wicked­nes, and our sinnes shalbe forgeuen vs.

Let vs turne, and the Lorde will turne from his heauie wrath, and will pardon vs, and we shall not perishe.

For we knowledge our faultes, and our sinnes be euer before vs.

We haue sore prouoked thine anger (O Lorde) thy wrath is waxed hot, and thy hea­uie displeasure is sore kyndled against vs.

Thou haste, in thine indignation striken vs with thy greuous sickenes, and by and by [Page 106] we haue fallen as leaues beaten downe with a vehement winde.

In dede we aknowledge that our punish­ment are lesse then our deseruinges: but yet of thy mercie Lord correcte vs to amendment, and plague vs not to our destruction.

For thy hand is not shortned that thou canst not helpe: neither is thy goodnes abated that thou wilt not heare.

Thou hast promised, O Lorde, that afore we crye thou wilt heare vs: whilest we yet speake thou wilt haue mercy vpon vs.

For none that trust in thée shall be con­founded: neither any that call vpon thée shal­be despised.

For thou art the onely Lorde, who woun­dest and doest heale againe, who kyllest and reuiuest, bringest euen into hell, and bringest backe againe.

Our Fathers hoped in thée, they trusted in thée, and thou diddest deliuer them.

They called vpon thée, and weare helped: they put there trust in thée, and weare not confounded.

O Lorde, rebuke not vs in thine indigna­tion, neither chasten vs in thy heauie dis­pleasure.

O remember not the sinnes and offences [Page 107] of our youth: but accordinge to thy mercy thinke thou vpon vs, O Lorde, for the goodnes.

Haue mercy vpon vs, O Lorde, for we are weake: O Lord heale vs, for our bones are vexed.

And now in the vexation of our Spirites and the anguishe of our soules we remember, thée, and we crye vnto thée: heare Lorde, & haue mercye:

For thine owne sake, and for thy holy names sake incline thine eare, and heare O mercifull Lorde.

For we do not poure out our prayers be­fore thy face, trustinge in our owne righte­ousnes: but in thy great mercyes.

Washe vs throughly from our wicked­nes: and clense vs from our sinnes.

Turne thy face from our sinnes, and put out all our misdedes.

Make vs cleane hartes, O God: and renew a right spirite within vs.

Helpe vs O God of our saluation, for the glory of thy name: O deliuer vs, and be mercifull vnto our sinnes for thy names sake.

So we that be thy people, and shepe of thy pasture, shall geue thée thanckes for euer, and will alwayes be shewinge forth thy prayse from generation, to generation.

[Page 108] Glory be to the Father, and to the Sonne, and to the holy Ghost,

As it was in the beginning, is now, and euer shalbe, world without end. Amen.

The comfort and Prayers of the Sicke.

MAN that is borne of a woman hath but a shorte time to liue, and is full of misery, he commeth vp and is cutte downe lyke a flower: fleeth as it weare a shadowe and neuer continueth in one state, In the middest of lyfe we are dyinge, of whom shall we seke succour and comforte but of thee O Lorde God our maker.

THou hast made me of nought O Lorde: and when it shall please thée to nothing shall I returne: of earth I came and to earth I shall without tarying. I brought no­thinge with me, neither shall I cary ought awaye, when I departe. Thou art my por­tion O Lord Christ: by thée came grace and lyfe to the chosen, receiue me to thy mercy: thou wast kylled for our sakes, and art risen as the first frutes of theym that slepe, thou [Page 109] art crowned with power and glory, thou hast diststroyed death, and geuen euerlastinge life to all beleuers. Thou shalt reyse vs vp at the last daye and geue vs possession of the inheritaunce, which thou hast purchased in thy bloud and righteousnes, according to the mercifull will of our heauenly father, whom thou hast pacified and pleased, for our redemp­tion and saluation for the performaunce of the othe, which in his eternall and inserchable, purpose, he promised our forefathers. Wher­of in thy mercyfull fauour thou hast called me to be partaker: wherby I am taught and comforted by thy holy spirite, to despise the worlde and this corrupt Tabernacle of sinne­full fleshe, which hath of it selfe deserued no­thinge but death and dampnation: and wholy to cleaue vnto thée O my Sauiour. There­fore stand by me O Lorde, and defend me a­gainst the assaultes of Sathan. That after triumphant victory throughe the grace and power of thy holy spirite, I maye ioyefully geue ouer this fleshly beinge, and come to thy presence, O Lorde, to rest in blissefull peace, tyll the deliuery of thy Sainctes: with whom I am in assured hope (by the witnes, of thy spirite) to haue my portion of the in­heritaunce euerlastinge. Amen.

¶The Sicke sayth.

I Heard a voyce from heauen saying vnto me, write, from henceforth, blessed are the dead which dye in the Lorde.


IN thée, O Lorde, haue I trusted, let mée neuer be confounded: but ridde me and de­liuer me in thy righteousnes, encline thine eare to me and saue me.

Be thou my stronge holde whereunto I maye resorte, for succour: thou art Iuste O Lorde, thou hast promised to helpe me: ther­fore I flée vnto thée, as the onely castle and forte of my defence and sauegarde.

Receaue me to thy tuition, O God, and saue me, deliuer me from the hand, of the enimie, and my soule from the power of the dogges.

Cast me not awaye in my last hower O Lord, neither forsake thou me in my weake­nes, goe not farre from me, but hast thée to helpe me, for thou art my hope and saluati­on, O God.

Let my harte be fylled with gladnes, and [Page 109] my mouth with prayse, that I maye singe of thy glory: and with the reall of thy Sainctes, geue honour to thy maiestie, in the eternall fruition of thy presence, through Christ.

Praysed be thy name O louinge God, that art mercifull vnto sinners, and sauest theym from distruction.

Remember not O Lord mine iniquities, nor the iniquities of my forefathers, take not vengeance of my sinnes. Spare me good Lord: spare me whom thou hast redéemed with thy precious bloud, and be not angrye with mée (a wretche) to death.

O Lorde deliuer me from the power of the enimie:

O Lorde saue me thy poore seruaunt, that put my trust in thée.

Send me helpe from thy holy place. And euermore mightely defend me.

Be vnto me a strong Tower O Lorde. And euermore couer me vnder thy winges.

O Lord heare my prayer. And let my crye come vnto thée.

¶I knowe that my redemer liueth, and that I shall rise out of the earth in the last day, and shalbe couered againe with my skinne, and [Page 110] shall see God in my fleshe, yea and my selfe shal beholde him, not with other but with the same eyes.

OH my soule be ioyefull in the Lorde, and despise not his correction, neither faynte thou at his rebukes.

For whom the Lorde loueth, him he cor­recteth, yea he scourgeth euery Sonne whom he receaueth.

Thy sinnes weare innumerable, neither couldest thou clayme ought of dutie, but death and dampnation.

Thy mercifull Lorde, hath accepted thy teares and repentant groninges: and turnde awaye his face from thyne offences: he frée­ly hath forgeuen thée thy sinnes.

And because thou hast repented, & trusted his mercie, he hath put theym all out of his remembraunce, neither will hée thinke on theym any more.

He will receaue thée into his house and crowne thée with glory and kyndnes.

Thou shalte stand before his presence in the sanctuary euerlastinge.

With Angelles and Archangelles, with the Patriarches and Prophettes, with the faythfull wytnesses, and with all the reast of [Page 111] thy chosen children of grace, to honour him to serue him: to magnifie and prayse him, with continuall thankes, in blissefull ioye and fe­licitie for euer and euer.

NOwe O my soule loke vpon Christ Iesus the righteous, thy aduocate and redemer, he is ready to receaue thee': therfore be gladde in him, and geue thankes. Reioycinge in the visitation of the Lorde, wherby he so mercifully and louingly warneth thee' to pre­pare thee' to the way, that shall bringe thee' out of this vale of misery, care, thrall, labour, and sorowes, to the castell of eternall, ioyes and fe­licitie. Plucke vp thy harte with cherefulnes, despise the worlde with all her paynted vani­ties and illusions, loke stedfastly vpon thy Sa­uiour who will not fayle thee' in thy distresse but stand by thee', comforte thee' and deliuer thee'. Committe thy selfe vnto him, and geuing prayses vnto his name for that is louely. And he by death shall receaue thee' to lyfe euer enduringe.


O Loke downe from heauen, visite and re­liue me thy poore and weake seruaunt: [Page 112] Beholde me with the eyes of thy mercie O God: geue me comforte, and sure confidence, in thée. Defend me from the power of th'en­nimie, and kepe me in thy perpetuall peace and saftie, throughe Iesus Christ my Lorde and Sauiour. Amen.

O My mercifull Lorde and louing Father, which accordinge to the multitude of thy mercies, doest so put awaye the sinnes of those which truly repent: that thou remem­brest them no more. Open vpon me the eyes of thy fatherly pitie O Lorde, desiringe for­geuenes of my manyfolde offences, earnest­ly repentinge the same. Renue O louinge father, whatsoeuer hath bene or is decayde in me, by the fraude and malice of the De­uill: or by mine owne carnall will and frayle­nes: preserue and continewe me in the vni­tie of thy Church: Consider my contrition, accept my teares, asswage my payne, geue me an obedient hart to thy good will & plea­sure, yelding my selfe vnto the same wt humble & cherefull thankesgiuing. And puttinge my whole trust and confidence in thy mercy, im­pute not vnto me my sinnes, but take me in to thy fauour and blessinge, O Lord: through the merites of thy most derely beloued sonne, [Page 113] Christ Iesus my Sauiour. Amen.

O Most gracious Lord God almightie mer­cifull and true: which art a most strong Tower, to all theyme that put theire trust in thée: to whom all thinges in hea­uen, in earth and vnder earth do bowe and obaye, be now and euermore my defence, and make me knowe and féele to the ende, that there is none other name vnder heauen geuen vnto man, in whom and throughe whom, I maye receaue health and saluation but onely the name of Iesus Christ, my Lorde and Sauiour: for whose sake oh Fa­ther haue mercie vpon me: haue mercie vp­on me Lorde, and stand by me to the ende. Oh Sauiour of the worlde saue me which by thy crosse and precious bloud hast redemed me: helpe me, O God, and saue me, for e­uer, for thine owne righteousnes sake oh Lorde.

¶O my soule committe thy selfe vnto the Lorde, for he is readie to receiue thee.

¶Lord, Lorde, my Redemer haue mercie vpon me, and receiue my Spirite.


¶Prayse the name of the Lord.

PRaysed and magnified be thy name O Lord god euerlasting: thy power is infinite, thy coun­sayles vnsearchable: thy will almightie: thy promises are true: and thy iudgementes righteous.

Praysed be thy name O Lord, and magni­fied amongest all thy creatures: that by thy worde madest the heauens, the earth, the aer and Sea, and all thinges in theym contey­ned.

Praysed be thy name O Lorde: vnto whose order and derection all power do bowe and obeye.

Praysed be thy name O Lorde: that of thy fatherly goodnes and bountie, powrest thy blessings vpon all creatures: without which, is no lyfe, no preseruation, no comforte, no succour, no foode, nor sustentation.

Praysed be thy name O lord God almight­tie, that of one clodde of claye: hast multi­plied, all the kynreds nations: and genera­tions [Page 115] of the worlde.

Praysed be thy name O Lord: that gauest Adam frée will, and reason: and a charge to obeye thy comaundement: from the which he fell through his owne infirmitie: to the vtter ruine and iust dampnation of himselfe, and all his posteritie.

Praysed be thy name O Lorde God of mercy: that madest a couenaunt with our forefathers, and hast performed the same to the saluation of thy chosen.

Praysed be thy name O gracious Lorde God euerlastinge: that, accordinge to thyne eternall truth and mercy, hast satisfied the longinge hope of thy faythfull seruaunts the Patriarches and Prophettes.

Praysed be thy name O heauenly lord and Father: that dydest send downe thy Sonne to become man: to teache vs thy wyll, and to offer himselfe vnto thée, for the redemption of all them that beleue.

Praysed be thy name oh mercifull Lorde and Father: that, of thine owne frée grace and mercie: hast begotten vs of the newe, through fayth and obeydience in Christ our Sauiour: to possesse eternall lyfe which earst we had lost, through misbelife and Rebellion.

Praysed be thy name oh mercifull Lorde [Page 116] and father: that geuest vnto thy beloued children: thy holy spirite to sanctifie theyre hartes with fayth & obedience to thy worde: which as a sure witnesse of thy grace and fa­uour, worketh loue, and ioyefull peace in their soules: through irremoueable hope of eternall lyfe.

Praysed be thy name O mercifull Lorde and father, that knittest all thy faythfull chil­dren by vnitie of grace and adoption, in one vnseperable brotherhode in Christ thy sonne our Sauiour, whereby we call thée father.

Praysed be thy name O gratious Lorde God almightie: that geuest wisedome to the simple, that exaltest the méeke harted, that enritchest the poore, that comfortest the distressed, that succourest the helpelesse, that sauest thy people from destruction, and geuest them ioyefull victory against there enimies.

Praysed be thy name O glorious God euerlasting: that in the quarell of thy Saincts, and defence of thy name: troublest, breakest, tearest asonder, throwest out, disparsest, and vtterly distroyest, the counsayles, determina­cions, dominions, strengthes, powers and glory: of the proude, of the malicious, of the cruell, and of the mightie men of the world.

Praysed be thy name O Lorde God of [Page 117] power, that for reuenge of sinne and disobe­dience: doest remoue and spoyle: the proude nations and kyngdomes of the earth consu­minge theym in the fyre of thy wrath: as strawe in the flame. And as dust before the wynde are they driuen from there seates and habitations.

Praysed be thy name O Lorde: that ha­test the backebiters, and the proude: and to the humble and meke geuest, plentie of all maner of goodnes.

Praysed be thy name O God most grati­ous: that neuer departest from theym that vnfaynedly seke after thée: that neuer faylest theym that put their whole trust in thée, that hearest theym that call vpon thée, that deli­uerest the fayythfull out of all their troubles: and crownest theym with mercie and louing kyndnes.

Praysed be thy name O good and grati­ous God: that with the presence of thy grace doest assiste thy faythfull seruauntes, to liue in holines: and to dye in fayth, workinge in theym, cherefull assuraunce of euerlastinge saluation: to reigne with Christ in the ioye­full presence of thy maiestie: praysinge and magnifyinge, thy moste glorious name O God: with continuall myrth and thankes­geuinge.

[Page 118] Oh prayse the name of our louinge God: for it is he onely that is worthy to be praysed, his power is infinite, his glory eternall, and his mercie is euerlastinge.

¶Prayse the Lorde O my soule.

¶Foure formes of prayer deuided for euery sixth houre in the daye and night.


IMPRINTED AT LONDON in Fletestreat at the signe of the Fau­con by VVylliam Gryffith, and are to be solde at his shoppe in S. Dunstones Church-yarde. 1570.

Cum Priuilegio.

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