A Table Contayning the seuerall Heades from whence all the Orders in this Booke are Drawne. Anno Dom. 1621.

  • ARmorer Pag. 49
  • Auditors in the Court of Committees 68
  • Auditors Generall 69
  • Accomptants Generall 66
  • Audit of Accompts. 70
  • BOatswaine Generall 25
  • Boatswaines of Ships 46
  • Beadle of the Company 64
  • Boat-maker. 34
  • COurts 1
  • Clarke of the Yarde 20
  • Clarke of the Cordage 27
  • Clarke of the Yron workes 29
  • Clarke of the Slaughter-house. 35
  • Cooper 34
  • Chirurgions of Ships 48
  • Committees of the Yarde 41
  • Comittees of the Warehouse. 58
  • Clarkes of the Warehouses 57
  • Carpenters in Ships 49
  • Cookes 49
  • Committees Generall 9
  • Comittees for Commissions. Pag. 49
  • Committees for Entertai­ning of Marriners 42
  • Clarke of the stores in London. 16
  • Chirurgion Generall 32
  • Committees for Prouisions of Victuals, Stores, and Prouisions to the Ships 44
  • Comittees which take Ac­compt of olde Prouisi­ons and Stores 39
  • Committees to Appraise the Ships which returne home 40
  • Comittees which discharge the Companies Ships 56
  • Clarke of the Jumprest money 43
  • Caruer. 34
  • DEputy. 5
  • ELection of Officers. 11
  • FActories in the Jndies 50
  • Freedomes. 71
  • [Page]GVnner Pag. 49
  • Gouernour 4
  • Generality 6
  • Gratifications 63
  • Guardians to Recouer olde stores returned in the Ships. 38
  • HVsband. 14
  • IOyner. 34
  • KEeper of the Stores in the Downes. 34
  • LAwes or Orders. 74
  • MEasurer of Timber 19
  • Mast-maker 34
  • Masters and their Mates. 45
  • Method of the generall Accompts. 75
  • PYlot 23
  • Purueyers for Timber and Planckes 17
  • Paynter 34
  • Purcer Generall 25
  • Porter of the Lodge 26
  • Purcers and their Mates 46
  • Penalties 72
  • Porter of the Companies House in London. Pag. 65
  • QVarter Masters. 46
  • REmembrancer. 13
  • SHipwrights 22
  • Seruers of Iron workes to the building of the Ships. 30
  • Smith 30
  • Steward 49
  • Secretary 12
  • Solicitor in the Law 60
  • Solicitors for Bils of Debt 60
  • Sales of Marchandize. 59
  • TReasurer 8
  • Trade 64
  • Taphouse. 31
  • VOuchers of Accompts. 79
  • WOrkmen in the Yards. 37
  • Watchmen in the Yarde 36
  • Wages 61
  • Warrants. 17

LAWES OR STANDING ORDERS, MADE AND ORDEYNED BY THE GOVERNOVR AND COMPANY OF MAR­CHANTS OF LONDON TRADING TO THE EAST INDYES, For the better Gouerning of the Affaires and actions of the said Company heere in ENGLAND residing. Anno Dom. 1621.



THERE shall be generall Courts summoned, and kept euery yeare by the Gouernour or his Deputy on the First day of the moneth of Iuly, or on all the fiue dayes next following if neede shall require, for the Ele­ction of a Gouernour, a Deputy, Treasurers, and Com­mittees, according to his Maiesties Letters Patents.


Also there shall be a generall Court summoned by the Gouernour or his Deputy to be kept yearely on the last Tuesday in the Moneth of May, in which Court the Lawes or standing Orders of the Company shall be pub­liquely read, if it be required. And then if there be occasion, or that inqui­ry be made, the Auditors in the Court of Committees shall satisfie the Company concerning the performance of their said Lawes or Orders.


The Gouernour or his Deputy vpon the Arriuall of the Companies Ships out of the Jndyes, or any other needfull occasions, shall summon a ge­nerall Court, and there deliuer and debate the Affaires of the Company so farre as shall bee found conuenient.


The Gouernour or his Deputy and the Committees shall keepe their or­dinary Courts, and as many other extraordinary Courts and priuate mee­tings, as shall be needfull for the speedy dispatch, and ordering of the Com­panies affaires.


It is ordered, that vpon receipt of publique Letters from the Indyes, there shall be Courts summoned and continued dayly, by the Gouernour or his Deputy and Committees, vntill all the said Letters bee openly read by the Secretary, or by any other whome the Court shall appoint.


All Courts shall begin at Eight a clocke in the Morning, and Two a clocke in the afternoone, and shall dissolue at the rising of the Gouernour or of the Deputy in his absence.


It shall not bee accompted a Court of Committees except (besides the Gouernour or his Deputy) there be also present, thirteene Committees at the least, neither shall it bee lawfull for a lesser number to chose a Commaun­der, Factor or Officer, or to displace any of them, or to make their wages, or to gratifie and reward any man, or to conclude any other important matter in the affaires of the Company.


In debating the Affaires of the Company in a Court of Committees, where the matter is brought to the question, of the Gouernour, Deputy and Committees onely (and no other persons whatsoeuer) shall haue their voyces, and the resolution of the greater number, shall stand for an order.


In the first Court of Committees after euery Quarter day, the Treasu­rers shall bee intreated to signifie in writing what Summes of money the Company are indebted at Interest. And the Auditors shall be then called also to testifie the true and faire passage of the busines, in the behalfe of the Company.


At the first or second Court of Committees next after their Election, yearly the particuler imployments of the said Committees for the buying of seuerall prouisions and other dutyes shall bee assigned them by the Court.


It shall not be lawfull for the Gouernour, Deputy, Treasurers, or any of the Committees to make a Motion, or speake in Court in the behalfe and for the entertainment of any, who hath bin iustly condemned as a Male­factor or wrong doer to the Company, except they doe shew a manifest necessity for the imployment of such offenders.


No man shall be present in Court, whilest himselfe or his Cause passeth the Iudgement of the Court.


It shall not bee lawfull to alter, diuert, or breake any Order of Court of Committees, where there shall not concurre as great a number of Commit­tees as were assembled to the making of such an Order.


At the first Court of Committees after euery Quarter day, the Billes of all Expences disbursed by the Gouernour, Deputy, Treasurer, Commit­tees, and all other inferiour Officers, concerning Boat-hire, Horse-hire, Postage of Letters, Dyet, and all other petty charges in their occasions for the Company, shall be openly read, and after deliuered to the Auditors to be examined, approued and Signed, before any Warrant passe for payment of the saide Expences.


And to preuent the dangerous disturbance of the generall Courts by vn­ciuill intruders, and such as are no members of this Company, It is orde­red that the Court of Committees, shall appoint some of the Companies Officers to withstand the entrance of such persons into the said generall Courts, for Elections and other Consultations.



THE Gouernors office is to summon and keepe the Courts ordinary and extraordinary, in all which, hee is to haue a casting or double voyce.


He is to haue a care that the Deputy, Treasurers, Committees, and Offi­cers, doe take their Oathes as they are chosen; or being absent, at the next Court they come vnto, and that they keepe their meetings in all occasions of businesse for the Company▪


The Gouernour at his pleasure shall sit in any Court or Assembly of Committees, ordinary or extraordinary (except the matter doe concerne himselfe) and he is to moderate the Courts, causing grauety and good or­der to be obserued.


He is to haue care that all the Orders of the Courts be duly performed, and that the Committees, or other Officers appointed to seuerall businesses doe prosecute the same, and giue reasonable Accompt of their doings to the Court.


The Gouernour vpon receipt of publique Letters from th Indyes, shall presently assemble a Court of Committees, and in their presence, and by their Assents, shall cause them to be opened, registred, and after read in o­pen Court. And the like shall be performed with all the Letters directed to particuler men from the Companies Factors or Commanders in the Indyes.


Hee is to propound and put all thinges to question, which the Court shall require (being not contrary to his Maiesties Letters Patents) or the stan­ding Orders of this Company.


The Gouernour is to attend his Maiesty, and the Honourable Lords of his Counsell, vpon all occasions requisite, and to be accompanied with such persons as the Court shall appoint.



THE Deputy (in all matters which concerne the Company) is to as­sist the Gouernour, in whose absence he shall performe his Office, to keepe the Courts vpon all occasions requisite, and in them hee shall haue a double voyce.


Hee is to haue care that the Gouernour take his Oath openly in Court when he is chosen, or being absent, at the next Court he commeth vnto.



A Speciall care is to bee had in the choyse of the Gouernour, Deputy, Treasurers, and Committees, that they be not onely fit men and of the best experience in Marchandizing, but also such as may and will attend the busines.


In matters which concerne the Company, all the perticular members thereof shall be subiect to the generall Courts. And if any man refuse to obey the said Court, hee shall be both Disfranchized, and further procee­ded against as the cause shall require.


All the perticular members of the Company, who haue vnderwritten a­ny Aduentures, in the present second Ioynt Stocke, or shall hereafter vnder­write Aduentures in any other Stocke or Voyage, shall bring in their iust proportions of money vnto the Treasurer of the Company, at the times appointed by a generall Court, wherein if any man faile, he shall pay the Brokes imposed vpon such defaults. And also if vpon further warning, and a certaine day giuen him by the said Court, hee doe neglect to make due payment, the Company haue power to Disfranchize him.


And whereas it falleth out at the setting forth of any Voyage, or at the returne home; that good Summes of money is sodainly to be taken vp at Interest for payment of mens wages and other occasions; for which di­uers perticular men of the Company are intreated by the Court of Com­mittees to giue their Bonds; It is therefore ordered and agreed, for the bet­ter security and incouragement of such as shall at any time hereafter giue their Bonds to this effect, That they shall not onely be saued harmelesse by the generall Company, but also for their better indempnity, they shall like­wise haue seuerall Counter-bonds vnder the Companies Seale, if they shall so thinke good.


It shall not be lawfull for any man to transport his Aduentures to ano­ther man, otherwise then in open Court of Committees, and not before it doe appeare vnder the Accomptants hand, that the party transporting is not indebted, or his Aduenture engaged vnto the Company.


If any man in Office, or otherwise a member of the Company, be found through Bribery or corrupt Reward, directly or indirectly receiued, to pre­ferre a Suter, performe a Bargaine, make a motion in Court, or doe any o­ther thing, tending to the hurt or damage of the Company, he shall forth­with be made vncapeable of any Office in the Company, and also be fined as the Court shall see cause.


Euery man speaking in Court shall stand vp and be barcheaded, and shall addresse his speach to the Gouernour, or Deputy in his absence, as repre­senting the Court: and all priuate speaches, or directed to particuler persons shall be forborne.


No man in Court shall speake aboue thrice to one matter, saue the Go­uernour and the Deputy, being to moderate the busines.


No man with his Speach shall interrupt the Speach of another before he haue finished, (except the Gouernour) or in his absence the Deputy see cause to put any to silence, for impertinency or other vnseemely speaking, and such persons as doe obstinately offend herein, shall be Fined at the dis­cretion of the Court.



THE Office of the Treasurers is to keepe the generall Cashes of the Company for receipts and payments. In which they shall performe nothing concerning Payments, without sufficient Warrant from the Go­uernour or his Deputy, and foure Committees at the least, vnder their handes to vouch the parcels in the Audite of their Accompts, onely the payments to Aduentures vpon Stocke, shall passe by the Warrant of the Auditors in the Courts of Committees.


They shall giue perfect Acquittances to all the Aduenturers, or any o­thers who pay in Summes of money to the Company, and they shall like­wise for their discharge take plaine Receipts for euery parcell of money, which they shall pay forth vpon Warrants.


They are to keepe a Cash of purpose for all the Spanish Ryals which shall be receiued and Issued for the Company.


They shall at the dispatch of any of the Companies Ships, deliuer vp vn­to the Accomptants a true and perfect note of euery Chest or bagge of Ryals, seuerally setting downe the numbers of Peeces and the iust Weight, to the end they may bee Inuoiced accordingly vnto the Factors in the Indyes.


They are to keepe the Bonds and other Billes, for Debts owing to the Company, and to call for the payment of all when they fall due.


In the first Court of Committees after euery Quarter day, they shall there signifie in writing, what Summes of money the Company are indeb­ted at Interest.


They are to acquaint the Court of Committees with the names of such Aduenturers, or other Debtors, who neglect to bring in their monyes at the due times, so that some speedy course may bee taken for Recouery of the Debts.


They are to haue the Custody of his Maiesties Letters Patents to the Company: also all the Orders, Letters, Directions, and other writings from his Maiesty, the Lords of his Counsell, and other great Officers; together with the Letters from the East India Company in Holland, and the Coppies of the seuerall Answers made vnto them. Also the Companies common Seale, the Treaty with the Dutch, and Contracts for bargaines. All which Writings, together with the Companies money, Ryals and other Treasure, are safely to be kept in some conuenient place of the Companies house, for their ordinary meeting in London and not elsewhere.


They shall not pay a Warrant in full payment for any Wares whereunto the Bill of parcels is not fastened, and also subscribed by two Committees at the least who bought the goods, and the party who solde them for the vse of the Company.


They shall keepe faire Bookes of Accompts of their proceedings in the Affaires of the Company, And they shall prepare them to be Audited once euery Quarter at the least. And at the times of the said Audits, they shall also present a view of all the money and Ryals which ought to be in Cash, if it be required by the Court.

Committees generall.


THE Committees generall, being to bee Twenty foure in number, shall be yearely chosen, according to the Tenor of his Maiesties Let­ters Patents.


They shall diligently keepe their Courts ordinary and extraordinary, whensoeuer occasion of busines shall require, being Summon'd by the Gouernour of this Company, or his Deputy.


They shall performe the Orders of Courts for setting out of Ships, selling of goods, buying of Prouisions, Victuals, Stores and Marchandize: where­in especiall care is to be had, that no one man alone is to be intrusted with the making of those prouisions, but Two at least appointed vnto it by the Court: and if any one Committee be absent, the other shall not conclude any bargaine for the Company, before hee haue acquainted the Court of Committees and from thence receiue his Order.


They shall deliuer vp to the Treasurer, Billes of parcels vnder written by those persons of whom they shall buy any Marchandize or prouisions for the Company. And in the said Billes, the quantity, quality, price, and all o­ther circumstances concerning the Bargaines made, shall be plainely set downe to vouch their proceedings.


They shall not Assigne or intrust the buying of any of the said Marchan­dize, Prouisions, Victuals, or Stores, vnto the Husband or to any others, but they shall personally performe the charge appointed them by the Court, with their best endeauour and skill: But they may vse the Assistance of the Husband, or any other the Companies Officers vpon all necessary oc­casions.


And to preuent confusion, disturbance, or discontents, it shall not be law­full for any Committee to intrude, inter-meddle or deale in the thinges which are ordered by Court vnto the charge of other Committees, more then by aduise and counsell for the good of the Company, in which if any finde themselues neglected, they shall make complaint thereof to the Court.


They shall haue power and Authority at their pleasure, to examine and review any of the Accompts, which shall haue bin Audited and allowed by the seuerall Auditors, and if they finde any errors or wrongs done to the Company, they are presently to make it knowne vnto the Court.


Euery Committee shall take an Oath as hee is chosen, or being, absent at the next Court he commeth to, and shall faithfully performe all the thinges which are contained in the said Oath.

Election of Officers.


ALL the Offices of this Company vpon yearely Salary within the Realme of England, shall be voyd once euery yeere on the Foure and Twenty day of Iune, or within Three dayes next following.


The Gouernour of his Deputy, and Thirteene Committees at the least, who shall be present in their ordinary place of meeting, on the Foure and Twenty day of Iune yearely, or within three dayes next following, shall proceed to an Election of new Officers, and establishing of their Wages, by the order of the Ballating box, or by erection of hands, as vnto the greater number of them present shall seeme most conuenient.


There shall bee a faire admittance of all men, but first and especially of the free Brethren of this Company, who shall concurre at the time appoin­ted, to the Election and preferment of any Office in the said Company.


Euery Officer as hee is chosen shall take his Oath openly in Court, or if he be absent, then at the next Court which hee shall come vnto being cal­led, and shall giue Bonds with such sufficient Suerties for their true perfor­mance, as the said Court shall require.


Any of the said Officers, vpon perfect knowledge of their insufficiency or other misdemeanors, shall loose their places within the terme of the yeare at the discretion of the Gouernour, or his Deputy, and Thirteene Committees at the least, who shall make choyse of others as vnto them shall seeme needfull, and the like in occasion of any Officers Death.



THE Secretaries Office, is to attend the Gouernour, Deputy and Com­mittees, in all their Courts, ordinary and extraordinary, and also in the generall Courts, to take note of their proceedings, which hee shall faith­fully and truely ingrosse, into a faire Booke for that purpose.


At the beginning of euery Court, hee shall reade his collections of the Court next before, and he shall faithfully obserue that nothing of impor­tance be registred at the breaking vp of any Court when the Committees are departed, or doe not remaine in the number of 13. at the least.


Hee shall in due time remember and put the Courts in minde, of such perticular Affaires as are ordered to be handled once euery Quarter, or at other certaine times appointed.


Hee shall be bound by Oath not to discouer any of the Secrets of this Company, neither yet to drawe vp any part of the said Courts, by the per­swasions or directions of any perticular men whosoeuer, but onely by the Authority of the Court, according to the very truth of their resolutions and Orders.


Hee shall vpon Reference of any busines from the Court to perticuler Committees or others, giue a true Note thereof vnto the Remembrancer, that he may acquaint the parties, with the Order of the Company.


He shall keepe a Booke, and therein by Alphabet set downe the names of euery perticular member of this Company, and also another Booke, in which hee shall note downe the Names of them, who shall hereafter be made free Brethren of this Company, with the Conditions: and the like for Commaunders, Factors, and others who shall be entertained by the Court of Committees.


Hee shall performe the Messages, and write the Letters of the Company, to such noble Personages and others, which shall bee giuen him in charge by the Gouernour, Deputy, and Committees, and the Coppies of the said Letters, he shall register in a faire Booke for that purpose.



THE Remembrancer shall take such information and Notes from the Secretary, as shall concerne the Reference of Affaires from the Court to a selected Committee, whom hee shall acquaint with the Busines, the time and place appointed for the same.


Hee shall attend the Gouernour, Deputy, or Committees, at their gene­rall meetings in the Yard, where he shall take true Notes of their procee­dings, and bring the same to the consideration of the next Court of Com­mittees.


He shall from time to time (in a Booke for that purpose) deliuer vnto the Accomptant generall, all such Orders of Court as doe concerne the Enter­tainment of Commaunders, Factors, Masters, Purcers and the like▪ or the Alteration of any of their Wages, or any other thinges which doe apper­taine to the Companies Accompts: that true Entry may be made thereof according to the Acts of Court.


Hee shall supply the Office of the Secretary in any occasion of his ab­sence, to performe all the Duties of his place.



THE Husband shall attend and take the Resolutions of the Court of Committees, concerning the Shipping which they yearely appoint for their Voyages into the Jndyes, and thereupon he shall presently drawe out a Table of each Ships proportions of Victuals, ordinary and extraor­dinary, together with all other Munitions needfull: which hee shall per­forme in a Booke for that purpose, to remaine in the common Compting­house of this Company, for direction vnto them who shall bee appointed to make the prouisions.


He shall vse his best endeauours, and faithfully prouide in due times to the best aduantage of this Company, all such petty prouisions and Stores as shall be giuen him in charge by the Court of Committees.


Hee shall deliuer vp all the said Prouisions and Stores, into the Ware­houses of this Company, and for his Discharge he shall take a Receipt from the Clarke of the said Ware-houses, vnto whom he shall giue a Note of the perticular cost of euery thing so deliuered, that hee may accordingly make Entry thereof in his Booke.


He shall take a Bill of Parcels vnder the parties owne hand Writing of whom hee shall buy any thing for the vse of this Company, and the said Billes he shall deliuer vp for his Vouchers vnto the Auditors of his Ac­compts.


He shall solicite and assist the Committees or any others, who shall haue charge to buy any Prouisions, Stores, or Marchandize for the Voyages of this Company, so that all thinges may be performed in due time.


He shall defray the charges of Lyteridge, Cranage, Wharfage, Portage, Rents of Ware-houses, and petty Expences disbursed by the Committees or others in the Affaires of this Company, taking Notes vnder their hands, viewed by the Court and after warranted by the Auditors, to vouch the parcell in the Audit of his Accompts.


He shall receiue all the Yron both English and Spanish, which shall bee bought by the Committees for the vse of this Company, and he shall deli­uer of the said Yron to the Smith in their Yard, and to the other Smiths which make the Hoopes, and he shall keepe Accompt with them of their seuerall workes, ordinary and extraordinary, at such rates as are already or may hereafter be agreed vpon for this Company. And the like he shall per­forme with the Coopers for Caske, and hee shall defray the charges of workmanship, both with the said Smithes and Coopers.


He shall ouersee the Clerkes in the said Ware-houses, to giue them in­structions and directions for the fitting and furnishing of each of the Com­panies Ships with their proportions of Stores and prouisions, and for the ordering of their Accompts.


He shall vpon all occasions make Entry in the Custome-house of the Companies Ships and goods, and likewise performe any other Seruice, which shall be thought fit for his imployment by the Gouernour, Deputy, and Committees.


He shall keepe faire Bookes of Accompts of all his proceedings in the Affaires of this Company, and he shall deliuer them once euery Moneth to the generall Auditors to be perused.

Clarke of the Stores in London.


THE said Clarke shall receiue all the prouisions, Stores, Victuals or Marchandize, which shall be deliuered him by the Committees, or the Husband, or any other for the vse of this Company, by measure, weight or number, and shall giue Receipts for the same, and the like hee shall per­forme for all thinges whatsoeuer which shall bee sent and deliuered him, out of the Companies Ships which returne home from the Jndyes, or from any other place.


Hee shall deliuer of the said Victuals, Marchandize, Prouisions, and Stores, both new and olde, vnto the Companies Ships and Yardes, or other­wise as occasions shall require, by the directions of the Husband or any o­ther in Authority; and shall send some of the Companies Seruants to see the same safely deliuered, with a Note of the perticulars and their prizes directed to the Clarke of the Yard, or in the Ships to the Purcers, together with the seuerall Officers whom the Stores shall concerne, and to bring from them Receipts for all, without which, the said Clarke shall not be dis­charged in the Audit of his Accompts.


He shall deliuer the Companies Yron, Lead, Tinne, Elephants teeth, Cor­rall, Quick siluer, Vermillion and the like, vnto the Purcers of each Ship by weight, and all other thinges which he shall send vnto the said Ships, or to the Yardes, he shall performe it with as much plainnesse as possible he can for his Discharge, and to auoyde all suspition and error.


Hee shall keepe faire Bookes of Accompts of all his proceedings in the Affaires of this Company, and shall deliuer them vp once euery Quarter to bee Audited by the generall Auditors.



HEreafter all Warrants to the Treasurers for money, or to the Com­mittees of the Warehouses for wares shall be framed and made, onely by the Accomptants generall, and by the Husband, with their subscription for a leading hand vnto the Gouernour, Deputy, and Committees.


The Warrants vnto the Treasurers for money, shall be vnderwritten by the Gouernour, or his Deputy, and Foure Committees at the least.


The Warrants vnto the Committees of the warehouses for Wares to be deliuered vnto the Aduenturers, shall be subscribed by the Gouernour, or his Deputy.


The Warrants vnto the Treasurers for money vpon Deuidents to the Aduenturers, shall be vnderwritten by the Auditors of the Court.

Purueyers of Timber & Plancke.


THE said Purueyers shall take notice from time to time of the Clarke of the Yard, concerning the Stores of Timber, Planckes, Sheathing­boards, and Treenayles which remaine in the Yard, and so by the counsell and direction of the Committees of the Yard and of the Mr. Shipwright, they shall proceed to the Purueying of those Materials whereof there shall be any want and occasion, for the Companies buildings.


They shall vse their endeauour to prouide the Timber and Plancke sea­sonable felled, and at the best hand, for the most aduantage of the Compa­ny. And they shall bring all the Bargaines of the said Materials vnto the consideration and resolution of the Gouernour, Deputy, Treasurer, and Mr. Shipwright, by whose Order and in whose names the Bargaines and Contracts shall be made in the behalfe of the Company.


There shall be power left to the said Purueyers to make Bargaine of them­selues (rather then to loose opportunity) for some speciall pieces of Timber or Knees which cannot euer be had, prouided alwayes that the Bargaine exceed not the summe of Ten pounds, and that they giue present notice thereof to the Gouernour, Deputy, Treasurer, and Mr. Shipwright.


They shall as neere as possible they can, auoyde all darke bargaines by Girt Measure in the Woods▪ but when some speciall occasion shall vrge them to that course. They shall be faithfull and true in the Accompt of the charges, and in the measure which they shall deliuer into the Yardes, squa­red, according to such aduantage as is vsuall, and shall happen in the hew­ing from Girt into square measure.


They shall set a Marke and number, and keepe the contents of euery piece of the Companies timber before it be lodged in the Yardes at Reading, and other places, to preuent the great wrongs, which might happen by the change of the said Timber.


They shall appoint the Wharfingers by euery Barge from Reading and those places, to send vp a true Note with the marke, number and content of euery piece of Timber, that so the Clarke of the Yard may receiue the same accordingly.


The said Purueyers shall keepe Bookes, thereby to giue a true Accompt of all their proceedings in the Affaires of this Company.

Measurer of Timber and Plancke.


THE Measurer shall giue his diligent Attendance dayly in the Yard at the Water▪side, to take vp all such Timber, Plancks, sheathing Bordes, Mastes, or other Materials, that concerne him to receiue by Measure, which he shall carefully and iustly performe that the Company may not be wron­ged in the goodnes of the said Materials, neither yet through any wants in the said Measure.


He shall not receiue any prouisions into the Companies Yard, without a Note or writing from those persons, who shall haue Order to prouide and send the said prouisions, and hee shall refuse to vnlade any such Timber, Plancke, Boardes, Mastes, or the like, which are faulty and vnfit for the Companies vse, acquainting the Clarke of the Yard presently of his procee­dings therein, vnto whom also he shall deliuer the said Notes, that some Resolution may be taken by the Committees of the Yards to determine the busines.


He shall in the vnlading of the said Timber, Plancke, Boards, Mastes and the like, from the Fiue and twenty day of March next, marke euery piece in the head with the Letter A. vntill the Fiue and twenty day of March next following, and then he shall begin to marke with the Letter B. and so e­uery yeare change a Letter.


He shall see the said Timber, Plancke, and Boardes, lodged in the most conuenient places of the Yard neare their vse, laying the straight Timber, Beame timber, Floore timber, Phittocks, Squire knees, Racking knees, and the seuerall fortes of Planckes by themselues, to auoyde the great labour and charge, which hath bin heretofore in the often remouings of the said Materials in the occasions of their vse, when they were mingled all toge­ther.


He shall set a number neare the Marke, or at both ends of euery piece of Timber, Plancke, boords, and the like: and he shall keepe a Booke, noting downe therein the contents, and the tares by the said numbers; and thereof he shall giue a true and perfect Accompt of all, vnto the Clarke of the Yard, to the intent that he also may enter the same, euery piece particularly in a Booke as is giuen him in charge to performe.


He shall deliuer of the said Timber, Planckes, Deales, Tree-nayles and Boords, to the building and repayring of the Companies Ships, or otherwise to their vses, keeping a true Accompt in his booke of the Numbers and contents which shall be vsed vpon each perticular Ship, and he shall giue a true coppy dayly of all his proceedings herein, vnto the Clarke of the Yard, that thereby he may also enter the same orderly in his Bookes of Ac­compts.

Clarke of the Yard.


THE Clarke of the Yard shall call the Workmen and Labourers euery day at the times appointed: and the Fore-man of the Shipwrights, Cawlkers, Carpenters, and Labourers, shall bee alwayes present vntill the whole Ging be called, to the end that one Workeman answer not for ano­ther. And hee shall haue Authority to ouersee all the said Workmen that they doe not loyter in the Taphouse, or in any other place, nor suffer more Labourers to be at the carrying of a piece of Timber or Plancke, then are needfull.


He shall vpon the Arriuall of any Barge, Hoy or other Vessels, with Tim­ber, Plancke, Sheathing bordes, or▪whatsoeuer other materials, demaund a Note or writing from those Committees or other persons who shall haue Order to make the said prouisions, and according to the contents of the said Notes he shall receiue all into the said Yard, and make true Entry there­of in his Booke.


He shall assist the Measurer in the Yard, to order the Receiuing and be­stowing of the Companies Timber and Plancke, laying each sort by it selfe, to preuent much labour and charge in the often remouing. And hee shall keepe a Booke of purpose in the forme of an Inuoyce for euery sort, marked and numbred with the contents and tares, to the end that the Committees may with ease examine the measure of any piece or pieces of Timber or Plancke, when they shall mistrust and desire to be satisfied.


He shall receiue the Accompts of the Yron workes, Timber, Planckes, Pipe staues, or any other Materials, which shall be issued by other subordi­nate Clarkes in the Yard, to the building or repairing of any of the Compa­nies Ships, Boates, Mastes or the like, and he shall truely and orderly digest them in his Bookes vpon their seuerall Accompts.


He shall giue a Receipt, and stand charged to yeeld a true Accompt of all the olde prouisions and Stores which shall bee sent to the Yardes, out of the Companies Ships that returne home, except onely those prouisions and Stores which shall be deliuered vp to the Clarke of the Cordage, and the Clarke of the Yron workes. And he shall also giue Receipts vnto the Hus­band, or to any other man who shall deliuer prouisions to his charge in the Yard.


He shall cause the Barrels of Pitch, Tarre, or any other Materials which are light and easie to be conueyed from the Wharse, to be carried a suffici­ent distance from the Water-side, to preuent the danger of stealing: and hee shall not suffer any olde Timber, Plancks, Chips or the like, (whereof there is no vse for the Company) to be carryed out of the Yard, before that some of the Committees haue first seene and giuen Order to sell the same, where­of hee shall after giue a true Accompt.


He shall appoint honest and trusty Watch-men euery Euening when the Workmen come to their Call, and hee shall remember them carefully to performe their Charge, and hee shall presently after the departure of the said Workmen, call all the Officers who are Lodged in the Yard to walke the Round with him, to see that the Fires bee well put out, where Plancke hath bin burned that day, or vnder the Pitch Kettles, Coopers house, or o­ther places to preuent danger.


He shall rebate from euery Workman and Labourer (vpon the pay day) what they shall owe to the Taphouse, Chirurgion, or otherwise within the Yard, and hee shall diligently obserue that no disorders be vsed in the said Taphouse by drawing of strong Beere, entertainment of Strangers, or o­therwise, and he shall generally looke into all other abuses in the Yardes to giue notice thereof in due time vnto the Gouernour, Deputy, and Commit­tees.


He shall keepe faire and true Bookes of Accompts, of all thinges com­mitted to his charge for the Company in the Yard, and hee shall deliuer them vnto their Auditors to be perused and examined, at all times when they shall require.

Mr. Shipwright.


THE Mr. Shipwrights duty, is to build and repaire the Companies Ships, vpon which workes, he shall not make any Entrance or begin­ning without Order of Court, obtained for his Warrant and direction, sub­scribed by the Gouernour, or his Deputy, and thirteene Committees at the least.


He shall bring in conuenient time vnto the said Court of Committees his Plots and Models compleat, of all the new Ships which are intended to be by him builded for the Company.


He shall haue a speciall care that his Deputy or Foreman, and all other Carpenters, Cawlkers, or Labourers in the Companies Yard, be able, honest and skilfull men to the busines which they shall vndertake, and hee shall hire them with as much aduantage as possible hee can for the Company, without any sinister respect in the rate of their wages, or in keeping them longer in pay then there shall be necessary occasion of their worke.


Hee shall not breake vp any part of the Companies old Ships indocked, before the Appraisers haue valued the hulles, neither shall hee launch out any of their Ships from the docke where they are built or repaired, before he haue obtained an order of Court for his Warrant.


He shall assist with his best endeuour and skill those Committees, who shall be appointed with him to contract bargaines for Timber, Planck, sheathing Bords, Treenayles, and the like, or to let out the Ioyners Worke, the Caruers Worke, the making of Masts, Boats, Painting, or any other the Companies Workes in the Yard by the great, or to hier Carpenters to the shipping and voyages of this Company.


He shall giue diligent attendance in his owne person, to the ordering of those Workes in the Yards which concerne his charge: And hee shall also giue accompt vnto the Court of Committees of his proceedings in the said Yards weekely, or so often as shall be needfull. And for the better perfor­mance of this Article, hee shall not vndertake or performe the Building of any Ships or other Vessels, but onely for this Company, without an order of Court obtained for his Warrant to the contrary, subscribed by the Go­uernour or his Deputy, and thirteene Committees at the least.

Mr. Pylot.


THE Mr. Pylot his Office is, to commaund and order the workes which concerne the setting vp & taking downe of Masts, Yards, Rig­ging, vnrigging and proportioning the quantities, sorts and sizes of Cor­dage to the Companies Ships, both new and old, and to vse care and dili­gence both by himselfe, and his Deputies, that the Company may not be ouercharged with idle, vnskilfull, or a needlesse number of Workmen, or in the rate of their wages.


Hee shall at conuenient times, Suruay the building and repairing of the Companies Ships, at Deptford and Blackwall, assisting also to the indocking and launching the Companies said Ships, and being launched, to see them safely Moored, with such mooring Cables and Anchors as are best fitting, and most for the Companies profit; And to prouide a competent number of Ship-keepers for each Ship.


Hee shall assist with his best endeuour and skill, those Committees vnto whom he shall be ioyned by order of Court, for the hiring of Saylors to the shipping and voyages of this Company. And hee shall in like manner assist those persons who shal be appointed with him to prouide Canuas, and to deliuer the same proportioned to be made into Sayles for the Companies shipping, and for stores, or the like.


He shall sollicite by his Deputies, and especially in his owne person, the dispatch of the Companies Ships, at Deptford, Blackwall, and Erith, giuing notice from day to day of their seuerall wants, that they may be speedily supplied, and once euery weeke at the least, he shall acquaint the Court of Committees of the state and forwardnes of the said Ships.


He shall after order of Court giuen him, at conuenient and fit times, Py­lot downe the Companies Ships to Erith and Grauesend, attending them there, vntill they shall be dispatched into the Downes, and he shall likewise take charge to bring vp the Companies Ships from Grauesend, vntill they be safely moored at an Auchor, or indocked at Blackwall, and he shall keepe a Booke, in which he shall truly and orderly set downe all the proportions of Cordage by their length and size, which he shall appoint to the Rigging, and also for the storing of each of the Companies Ships to Sea seuerally: And the like diligence shall he performe for the quantity and quallity of Canuas, to be spent in their Sayles, and for their stores to Sea.

Boateswaine generall.


THE Boateswaine generall, shall attend the workes vnder the Mr Py­lot, to proportion and serue Cordage to the Rigging of the Compa­nies Ships, and to sollicite the Saylors or Labourers to their worke, to set vp or take downe Mastes, rigge and vnrigge the Ships; to new lay Ropes; to lodge in appointed places, the Companies Boates, Anchors, Cables, and the like, when the Ships shall be Docked; To attend and be present at the call of the Saylors and Labourers, and to giue notice of those, who are vnable or vnwilling to doe their worke; To assist them that shall be sent to the Companies Ships, when they returne home to take Accompt of the proui­sions, Stores and Victuals remaining, which are to be conueyed to the pla­ces and Officers appointed to take charge of them; To haue a speciall care that nothing be imbeazeled by day or by night, for want of good Watch, and to doe any other worke which shall be thought fit for his imployment.

Purcer generall.


THE Purcer generall, his Duty is, when the Companies Ships are a­floate, to receiue money of the Treasurers once euery weeke (or as of­ten as need shall require) to pay the wages of Saylors and Labourers, who set the Mastes and rigge the Ships, As also the Harbour wages, to Officers and Maryners, who goe the Voyage, and other petty charges incident.


He shall repaire once euery weeke (or as often as shalbe needfull) aboard all the Companies Ships, at Deptford, Blackwall, and Erith, to conferre with the Purcers, or their Mates, concerning the Dayes and rates of payment due to the said Officers, Saylors or Labourers, which when he shall haue paide and satisfied, then shall the said Purcers or their Mates, certifie by him the perticulars vnder their hands to the Treasurer in a Booke for that purpose, to vouch the Parcels in the Audit of his Accompts.


He shall euery time when hee returneth from paying of Wages (as is a­foresaid) bring Notes with him to the Court of Committees from all the Officers, concerning the wants of prouisions, Stores, or any other thing which might hinder the speedy dispatch of all the said Ships.


He shall keepe a true Accompt with the Clarke of the storehouse of the proportions of Cordage, which shall be deliuered to the Rigging of the Companies ships, and likewise for their Stores seuerally, which he shall see iustly performed by waight, size, and length, and hee shall deliuer vp a Booke thereof yearely vnto the Auditors, in the moneth of March, or at a­ny other time, if he be required.


He shall keepe Accompt with the Baker for Bread, Bisket, Meale and Flower: with the Brewer for Beere, and empty Caske in Harbour, and for the Voyage: of all which, he shall deliuer vp in due time a true Accompt of the perticular disposing thereof to the Companies seuerall Ships, or other­wise to their vses.

Porter of the Lodge.


THE Porter shall carefully, looke to the Yard from time to time, that neither Timber, Planckes, Yron, Lead, or any other prouisions, doe passe out of the Gate, without knowledge of the Clarke of the Yard.


He shall vpon iust suspition, search any of the Workmen for Yron worke, or other Materials, which they may haue stolne in the Yard, and if he take any man in the manner, he shall giue present notice thereof to the Mr. Ship­wright, and to the Clarke of the Yard, that they may proceed against the Offender as the cause shall require: and he shall vse the like diligence in the search of those, who vnder colour of carrying out of Chips, might offend in the like kinde.


He shall assist the Clarke of the Yard to walke the Round, euery euening to set the Watch, which shall continue all Night, vntill the Bell ring in the Morning to call the workemen to their labour. At which time the said Porter shall diligently attend the Gate in his own person: And if any work­man or Labourers shall be absent at the Call in the Morning or after Din­ner, they shall not bee admitted into the Yard, but shall loose their pay for that time.


He shall keepe an Accompt dayly of all the prouisions which shall bee caryed out of the Yards (of what kinde soeuer) and he shall note downe the perticulars (so neere as possible he can) in a Booke for that purpose, to be deliuered to the Committees of the Yardes, at all times when they shall re­quire the same. And he shall not suffer any of the Labourers to depart out of the Yard from their worke at vnlawfull times.


He shall not receiue any Money or make any profit for letting in of Gentlemen, Strangers or any others into the Yards: Neither shall he open the Gates at vnseasonable houres, to the Mr. Shipwrights seruants, or to a­ny others, but onely vpon vrgent occasions, as he will answer the contra­ry at his perill.

Clarke of the Cordage and other Stores.


THE said Clarke shall from time to time, orderly & iustly receiue into the Storehouses of this Company, all such Cordage, Marlin, Twyne, Ordnance, great Shot, Brasse sheuers, Pullyes, blockes and the like, by the Order and Warrant onely of those Committees, or others, who shall be au­thorized to buy the said prouisions, whereof he shall make true entry in his Bookes, and likewise giue his receipt of all the perticulars vnder his owne hand vnto the parties, who shall deliuer the same.


He shall in like manner receiue, and also giue his Receipt for euery perti­cular thing, which shall be deliuered vnto him out of the Companies Ships when they returne home, setting downe the waight of euery piece of Ord­nance, the length, size, and waight of the Cables and Hawsers, the waight of the olde Ropes, rigging Ockam and the like, the waight of the Brasse Shiuers, and generally euery other thing, with asmuch plainnesse as possible he can, both for the quantity and quality thereof.


He shall rancke or place the said Cordage, and other things in the Com­panies Storehouses by their sorts and sizes, seuerally laying the Cables and other waighty things nearest the Water-side, the olde Ropes by themselues, and so of euery other thing, to auoyde confusion, and great charges in the often remouing.


He shall take directions from the Mr. Pylot, vnder his hand writing, con­cerning the proportions of Cordage, and other thinges, to be assigned to the Rigging and storing of each of this Companies Ships seuerally, which he shall after deliuer out of the Storehouse, by such order of Measure, waight or tale, as the said prouisions were receiued into the storehouses, whereby the Accompt may rest plaine and without suspect: Wherefore it is further ordered, that the Purcer generall and Purcer of each Ship, or his Mate, shall be present to see the waight and deliuery of euery perticular thing, and to keepe a true Accompt thereof in their Bookes.


He shall for his Discharge in the Audit of his Accompts, deliuer no proui­sions without receipts, and perticularly he shall take a faire and plaine Re­ceipt of the Purcer of each of the Companies Ships, for all such prouisions and Stores as shall be by him deliuered to the Rigging and furnishing of the said Ships to Sea. And he shall keepe faire and true Bookes of accompts, of all his proceedings in the Affaires of this Company, to be deliuered and examined by their Auditors at all times, when they shall require them.

Clarke of the Iron Workes in the Yard.


THE Clarke of the Iron Workes shall receiue from the Smith in the Yard weekely, or so often as neede shall require, all the Anchors, Nailes, Spicks, Bolts, Chaineplates, or whatsoeuer Iron Workes, by waight and tale, for the which he shall giue a Receipt of perticulars vnto the said Smith for his discharge, and the like to the Committees, to the Husband, or to any others, for Lead, Candles, Copper, or whatsoeuer else he shall receiue of them for the Company.


He shall receiue from the Companies Ships, which returne home, the Carpenters tooles, the Smiths tooles and Stores, all the Anchors, Polts, Spicks, Nailes, Chaines, Chaineplates and the like, by waight and tale, for the which hee shall accordingly giue a Receipt of the perticulars vnto the Committees for recouery of old Stores: And he shall giue a true note vnto the Clarke of the Yard, of the waight of all the old Iron workes, which shal be recouered and deliuered him in the breaking vp of the Companies Ships and sheathings.


He shall deliuer vnto the building & repairing of the Companies Ships, the Carpenters tooles Lead, Copper, and the like, all kinde of Iron workes, by waight and tale, by the hands of such persons, who shall be put in trust to serue them to the Worke men, & he shall take their Receipt in his Booke for his discharge, & likewise subscribe the true Copies of all in their books, to auoid difference and errour, and he shall examine the said Seruers of Iron workes, daily, concerning the expence and vse of all; and he shall likewise in his owne person (euery euening at the least) view the works, especially ta­king notice where, and how many great Bolts, or the like things of valuo be driuen or vsed.


He shall keepe a faire Booke with true Accompts, of all his proceedings in this Companies affaires, plainely and orderly setting downe euery perti­cular to each Ship seuerally, and the said Bookes hee shall deliuer vp vnto the Clarke of the Yard, so often as he shall require, to the intent he may ex­amine and digest all into his bookes of Accompts.

Seruars of Iron workes to the Companies Ships.


THey shall receiue from the Clarke of the Iron Workes, the Carpenters Tooles, Lead, Candles, Copper, Bolts, Nayles, Spickes, Chaine­plates or the like, which shall be required for the Workes in the Companies Ships, and they shall giue a Receipt for the same; plainely setting downe the perticulars by waight and tale, and they shall keepe the true Coppies of euery such Receipt to themselues, subscribed by the said Clarke, to auoid error and difference.


They shall deliuer of the said Iron workes and other things vnto the Workmen in the Companies Ships, where they shall attend with diligence, obseruing the vse of euery perticular thing, as neere as possible they may, and especially of the great Bolts, and other things of value, whereof euery Euening they shall giue a reason vnto the said Clarke.


They shall be very carefull that none of the said Iron Workes or other Materials be imbeazeled by the Worke men, or any others; and if they finde any man faulty in this kinde, or in the neglect of their worke, or otherwise howsoeuer, they shall presently giue notice thereof to the Ma­ster Shipwright, and the Clarke of the Yard: and likewise to the Commit­tees when they come thither, that such courses may be taken against the Offenders as the cause shall require.

Smith in the Yard.


THE Smith from henceforth shall receiue all the Iron (both English and Spanish) at certaine prises agreed, or to be agreed vpon from the Husband for this Company, who shall deliuer & keepe accompt with him for the same, and he shall receiue onely so much Iron from time to time, as his present working shal needfully require, for which he shall giue Receipts to the said Husband for the vse of this Company.


He shal diligently worke the said Iron in good and substantiall manner, into such seuerall workes, of Anchors, Bolts, Spicks, Chaineplates, Nailes, or the like workes, ordinary and extraordinary, according to such manner, waight, and size, as shal be appointed him by the Clarke of the Iron works, for such seuerall rates and prizes, as are already, or may hereafter be agreed vpon for this Company.


He shall deliuer vp all his said workes, which shall be ready made, once euery weeke, or so often as shall be required, vnto the Clarke of the Iron workes in the Yard, by waight and tale, taking his Receipt for the perticu­lars, that he may render a true Accompt accordingly.


He shall make choise and triall of all the Iron, which he shall receiue of the said Husband: and if he finde any part thereof which shall not be good for his vse, then he shall refuse the same, that all excuse may be taken away in the defects of Anchors, Chaineplates, or any other workes.

Taphouse in the Yard.


THey who now are, or hereafter shall be lycensed by the Companie from yeare to yeare, to keepe the Taphouse in the Yard, shall dwell and abide in the said Taphouse rent free, for their performance, according to the Articles following.


First, they shall not haue, or retale any Beere in the said Taphouse, aboue the price of sixe shillings the Barrell, neither shall they sell of the said Beere lesse then three full pynts of Ale measure for a penny, and the bread likewise which they shall retale, shall be from time to time of full waight and size, made of good and wholesome Corne.


They shall haue Liberty to sell or retale to the Companies Workemen in the Yard, and to no other persons whatsoeuer, viz. sixe shillings Beere, Bread, Pease and Milke, Porrage, Egges, Butter, Cheese, and no other kinde of victuals, or drinke whatsoeuer.


They shall not suffer any of the Companies Workemen, to come within Roomes of the Taphouse, to drinke, rest, or hide themselues in the time of worke▪ But they shal deliuer them drink for their refreshing, in places open, to the view of the Yard; neither shall they deliuer more then two pence in Beere to one man euery day at breakefast, and betwixt Meales.


They shall permit the Clarke of the Yard, to haue free accesse into all the Roomes and places of the said Taphouse, when he shall so require, to search for Strangers, or Loyterers, or any other disorders which might be com­mitted, contrary to the afore written Articles.


They shall acquaint the said Clarke of the Yard euery pay day of all such summes of money, as shall be due vnto them for drinke and victuals, in­trusted vnto any of the Companies Workemen in the Yard, that hee may rebate the same for them, out of their wages.

Chirurgion generall.


THE said Chirurgion and his Deputy shall haue a Lodging or a place in the Yard, where one of them shall giue Attendance euery work­ing day, from morning vntill night, to cure any person or persons who may be hurt in the Seruice of this Company, and the like in all their Ships riding at an Anchor at Deptford and Blackwall, and at Erith, where hee shall also keepe a Deputy with his Chest furnished, to remaine there continually, vn­till all the said Ships be vayled downe from thence to Grauesend.


They shall also cut the hayre of the Carpenters, Saylors, Caulkers, Labou­rers, & any other Workemen in the Companies said Yards, and Ships, once euery forty dayes, in a seemely māner, performing their works at Breakfast and Dinner times, or in raynie weather, & in an open place where no man may loyter or lye hidden, vnder pretence to attend his turne of Trimming.


They shall discouer vnto the Clarke of the Yard, and to others who shall be in places of Authority, all such persons whom they shall finde decrepit, lame, vncleane, or vnable to the Companies seruice, that they may be forth­with dismissed from the same.


In consideration of the afore-written Attendance and performance, it is ordered, that euery Carpenter, Saylor, Labourer, or other Workeman whatsoeuer in the said Yards, and Ships, shall pay two pence euery moneth out of his Wages, to the said Chirurgion generall.


And the said Chirurgion generall shall assist the Committees to hire vnto the Shipping, and voyages of this Company, skilfull and honest Chirurgi­ons and their Mates, at such reasonable rates of wages, as possible he may: and he shall acquaint and shew them from time to time, all such Medicines and things as shall be furnished into the Chests, of which they are to take charge for the voyages.


He shall vse diligence to furnish vp all the said Chests, in such due times, that they be hereafter brought vnto the Companies house, foureteene dayes at least before there shall be occasion to ship them, that so euery perticular thing may be seene and allowed, by those Committees, Doctors, Apothi­caries, or any others, whom the Court of Committees shall please to ap­point for that purpose.


He shal at the returne home of the Companies Ships from the Indies, re­ceiue, & also giuen a Receipt, to be accomptable to the said Company, for the Chirurgions Chests, Tooles, Medicines, & Ingredients: of all which he shal take a due accompt of the ship Chirurgion, when he deliuereth vp his chest.

Keepers of Anchors and Stores in the Downes.


HEE shall haue charge of the Companies Cables, Hawsers, Anchors, Boates, or any other prouisions already sent, or hereafter to be sent in­to the Downes, and shall keepe a true Accompt in his Booke of euery per­ticular, setting downe orderly the time and the parties name, from whom he shall receiue such things, & shall giue them Receipts for their discharge.


He shall vse diligence when any of the Companies Shippes arriue, in or neere the Downes, to see them speedily furnished with such part of the said prouisions as they shall need, or require, and for what he shall so deliuer: he shall take a Receipt for his discharge of the Master and Purser of such Ships, whereof he shal giue present notice by his Letters vnto the Gouernour, De­puty, and Committees, that so they may demaund an accompt of all ac­cordingly.

Cowper, Boatmaker, Caruer, Mast-maker, Paynter, Ioyner.


THey shall in their seuerall places performe their workes in due time substantially and well wrought, according to such agreements and rates as now are, or hereafter shall be bargained with them in the behalfe of the Company.


They shall keepe a true Accompt of all the Materialls whatsoeuer, which shall be deliuered them from time to time by the Companies Officers, or any others, to the performing of their said works, and so the said Accompts orderly kept of each Ships Materials by themselues, they shall deliuer vp, to­gether with those Accompts which they shall giue in for their owne work­manships, thereby to receiue satisfaction & payment from the Company.


They shall once euery weeke at least compare their Bookes with the Companies Officers, to see how they agree vpon the perticulars, that errors may be auoyded.

Clarke of the Slaughter-house.


THE said Clarke shall hereafter vse his best endeuour and diligence, to see all those Orders duly performed, which are giuen him by pri­uate Instructions in writing, for the pounding, killing, bleeding, cutting, salting, repacking, pickling, & all other diligences to be vsed in the Slaugh­ter-house, for the better preseruation of all the Beefes and Hogges, which shall be hereafter packed and shipped for the voyages of this Company.


He shall appoint a trusty man to keepe the doore of the cutting Roome, who shall suffer no man (without good cause) to goe out and in, and to haue a speciall care, that they carrie nothing with them, more then their owne, setting a Watch likewise ouer the windowes, and to search all the Labou­rers at such times when they leaue worke, and depart the Roome.


He shall keepe a true Accompt of the Receipts of all the Beefes & Hogs, by their waight, and thereof shall giue a Copie to the Committees (appoin­ted for that businesse) that thereby they may cause a Warrant to be framed for the payment of the Debt.


Hee shall likewise keepe a true Accompt of the deliuery of all the said Hogges and Beefes, by the number of peeces (in each Hogshead) & waight, and to what seuerall Ships: plainely setting downe the waste, shancks, Har­borough victuals, Sewet, Tongues, and the like, distinctly; that the Com­pany may see, that all is orderly and iustly issued to their vses, and hee shall require sufficient Receipts from the Pursers or others, to whom he shall de­liuer any thing, that they may serue for his discharge in the Audit of his Accompts.


He shall keepe a true Accompt of the Charges in the Slaughter-house, and of the Salt, Caske, and other things expended there.


He shall also receiue the Remaines of all the victuals whatsoeuer, which shall heereafter returne home in the Companies Shippes from the Indies or other places, and hee shall giue his Receipts to bee accomptable for the same.

VVatchmen in the Yard.


THE Watchmen shall begin their Watch in the Euening, when the Workemen depart out of the Yard, and so continue all night, vntill the said Workemen (at the ringing of the Bell in the Morning) returne to their labour againe.


They shall watch diligently at their standings, often calling one to another to preuent sleepe, and euery houre when the Clocke strikes, they shall walke the Round, and likewise ring the Bell in the Yards, that the Companies Officers (who are lodged there) may take notice of their watch­fulnesse.


They shall haue charge of the Plugs, to performe that worke at due times, for which they shall haue allowance as heretofore.

VVorkemen generally in the Yard.


ALL the said Workmen shall come to their Labour at appointed times, and shall attend to answer to their Calles seuerally, for if any of them be absent, Then such persons shall not bee entertained into the Companies workes, vntill the next call, when they shall bee present, and apply them­selues vnto their Labours.


They shall bee obedient vnto the Mr. Shipwright, to the Clarke of the Yard, the Foremen, and other the Companies chiefe Officers, who shall haue Authority to direct and order the Affaires of the Yard, and shall suf­fer themselues to be searched, by the Porter of the Lodge, vpon suspition that they may conuey away any of the Companies Yron workes, or other thinges.


They shall not loyter nor hide themselues in the times of worke in the Taphouse, or in any other place, Neither yet depart the Yard vpon their owne occasions▪ without licence of the Clarke, or some other chiefe Offi­cer in his absence.


They shall not commit or doe any Ryot, by Fighting, Swearing, brea­king of Pots in the Taphouse, hewing of good pieces of Timber, and Planckes into Chips, or any other waste or hurt: for being conuicted of such defaults, they shall pay the Damage, and so be presently dismissed out of the Companies workes.


They shall rebate out of their Wages, euery pay day, so much money as they shall be found indebted in the Yard to the Taphouse, and also to the Chyrurgion, after the rate of Two pence a Month per man for their Trim­ming and Cures as is ordered. And they shall make complaint vnto the Gouernour, Deputy and Committees, of all disorders, which they shall per­ceiue or know to be performed in the Yard by any man, or of oppressions or wrongs which might be offered them, by any of the Companies chiefe Officers, that such courses may be presently taken for Remedies, as the cau­ses shall require.

Guardians for Recouery of olde Stores, Prouisions and Victuals, which returne home in the Companies Ships.


THERE shall be a trusty Guardian sent to each of the Companies Ships after they returne home, and are come on this side of Grauesend, who shall carefully receiue all the olde prouisions, Stores and Victuals, from the custody of those Officers, who shall haue had the charge of them in the said Ships.


He shall lade the said Prouisions, Victuals or Stores, in one or more Lighters▪ to be deliuered into the Companies Yardes, and other places ap­pointed: keeping a true Accompt of all, and sending a trusty man in each Lighter, with a Note of the perticulars, that nothing may be imbeazeled.


He shall set downe orderly and plainely, euery perticular thing in his Booke, declaring the names of the Ordnance, the number of the Pieces, and their waight, the great Shot by their number and size, the Anchors by their number and waight, the olde Yron workes, Vessels of Pewter, Brasse, Copper or the like, by their waight, Oyle, Wine, Syder or the like, by their. Vessels, and all the Remnants by Gage, measure, waight or esteeme. The Cables, Cablets, Hawsers or Coyles, by their length and sizes, and generally all thinges with asmuch plainenes concerning the quantity, quality and vse, as possible he may.


He shall direct, and cause to be deliuered vnto the Clarke of the Cordage, all the Cables, and other Cordage, together with the Rigging and all other thinges thereunto belonging, as the Pullyes, blockes, brasse Sheuers, and the like, Ordnance, great Shot, Sayles and remaines of Canuas.

To the Clarke of the Storehouse in London, the Gunners, Cookes, and Armorers, Stores, the locke Smiths workes, and the Coopers tooles, with the Caske, Yron hoopes, and other stores.

To the Chyrurgion generall, he shall cause to be deliuered, the Chyrur­gion chest with all Instruments, Medicines, or Ingredients which shall re­maine.

To the Clarke of the Yard, the Carpenters stores.

To the Clarke of the Slaughterhouse, the Beefe, Porke, and all other sortes of Victuals whatsoeuer.

To the Clarke of the Yron workes, the Carpenters tooles, all the Sheetload, Anchors, Boltes, Spikes, Nayles or the like.


He shall set downe seuerally in his Booke all the perticulars, which hee shall haue deliuered (as is afore written) vnto the said Officers, who shall after subscribe the same, and acknowledge to haue receiued all, for and to the vse of this Company: and the said Booke so subscribed, he shall deliuer vp vnto the Committees appointed to take Accompt of the said prouisi­ons, Victuals and stores.

Committees to take Accompt of olde Stores, returned in the Compa­nies Ships.


THE said Committees shall bee Two in number, and at the Returne home of the Companies Ships, they shall appoint some trusty man for Guardian in each Ship to recouer the olde prouisions, Stores and Victu­als, in such manner and forme, as is ordered in the Articles of the said Guar­dians.


They shall giue order at the Arriuall of euery Ship of the Company, that no Officer be paide his wages without their Warrant, certifying that they haue receiued an Accompt of the thinges committed to their charge.


They shall examine the Purcers Bookes for the prouisions, Stores and Victuals, which remained in each Officers custody, at their departure from the Jndies, with their discharge by the expence thereof, and the Remaine which haue bin deliuered vp; and if they finde any exorbitance in the ex­pence, or wants in thinges which may import, then they shall acquaint the Court of Committees thereof, that they may proceed against the Offenders in such manner as the cause shall require.


They shall be present, to see such Bisket and other Victuals giuen to the Poore, as shalbe found vnfit to be kept for the Companies seruice, and hath heretofore in the like cases bin left to the discretion of others to distribute.


They shall cause the said Guardians Booke to be safely kept (in the Comp­ting-house) by the Accomptant, thereby to charge the seuerall Officers, with the things which they haue receiued, according to their Subscriptions: and they shall cause the said Guardians Bookes to be truely coppyed into a ge­nerall Booke of all the Companies Ships, by order as they shall returne home, to the end that the Appraisers of the said Ships from one Stocke to another, may make vse thereof in their Appraisement.

Committees to Appraise the Companies Ships which returne.


THE Committees who shall be appointed with any others, to appraise the Companies Ships, from one Accompt to another, shall proceed with care and diligence, that all thinges may be esteemed and valued with such skill, that neither party may haue iust occasion to complaine.


They shall for their better direction make vse of the Booke of Inuento­ries, for olde prouisions and Stores appertaining to the Ships, which they shall appraise, and therein take notice of the iust quantity and quality of e­uery perticular thing.


They shall after they haue agreed vpon all thinges necessary to be con­sidered, deliuer vp their Appraisement in writing, and subscribe the same, that it may warrant the Entrance thereof, in the Companies Bookes.

Committees of the Yard.


THE said Committees, shall be Twelue in number, and they shall take their turne by Two and two weekely, attended by a Clarke to take notice of all the workmen generally in the yard, and to see them paide their wages, which shalbe noted downe in a Booke for that purpose, whereunto they shall subscribe their Names, that thereby euery Weekes payments dis­bursed by the Clarke of the Yard, may be vouched in the Audit of his Ac­compts.


They shall take good view and information of all the Workemen, con­cerning their Abilitie to their seuerall workes, and also the rates of their wa­ges, least through fauour, they might bee ouer-valued, or kept in Seruice longer then there shall be occasion of their worke, vpon discouery of which wrongs or any other, the said Committees of the Yard, or the greater num­ber of them shall dismisse some and place others as vnto them shall seeme fit, for the good of the Company. And in occasion of any Difference in o­pinion among themselues, they shall bring the matter into the Court of Committees for a Resolution.


They shall on the first Tuesday of euery Quarter in the yeare (and oftner if need shall require) make their generall meetings at the Yard, to take a view of all things there, and to vnderstand the Complaints or other passages of the Companies Affaires, that such remedies and courses may be ordered, as they shall iudge to be needfull.

Committees for Entertaining of Marriners.


THE said Committees shall haue a speciall care to entertaine able men, vnmarryed and approued Saylors, as neere as possible they may, and they shall agree for their wages, with asmuch aduantage as they can, for the Company.


They shall keepe a Booke, in which they shall note downe, the names of euery perticular man, with the day of his Entertainment, his wages, his place, or Office, and in what Ship, and thereof they shall giue a Note vnder their hands to the party hyred, that hee may deliuer the same vnto the Clarke of the Imprest money, to make true Entry thereof in his Booke, and the said Note to keepe by him for his Warrant.


They shall euery Moneth at the least, Audit vp the Accompts of the said Clarke, and once euery yeare by the first day of May, or as often as shall be required, deliuer vp the said Accompts perfectly Audited, & subscribed by them, that they may be by the generall Auditors reueiwed, and so entered in the Companies great Bookes by the Accomptants.

Clarke of the Imprest and Wages.


THE said Clarke shall attend the Committees, who shall haue autho­rity to entertaine Saylors for the Voyages of this Company, and in a faire Booke, set downe the Imprest monyes which hee shall pay to euery perticular man so entertained vpon their seuerall bonds with Suerties, and this shall he performe onely by a Note from the said Committees vnder their hands, which (together with the said bond) shall be his Warrant in the Audit of his Accompts.


He shall vpon the like Warrant pay the wages which is allowed, to the Wiues of the said Saylors vpon Accompt of euery yeares Seruice in the Shipping of this Company, if they bring good Testimony that they are the Wiues of the said Saylors.


He shall likewise pay the wages due vnto all the Marriners, which shall returne home in the Companies Ships, or to their Assignes, according as he shall be directed by seuerall Warrants from the said Committees, the chiefe Accomptant and Auditors for the Company, which Notes hee shall also keepe by him for his Vouchers in the Audit of his Accompts.


He shall attend the dispatch of all the Companies Ships at Grauesend, and in the Downes, and immediately after their departure, deliuer vp his Ac­compt to be Audited by the said Committees, concerning all the charges which shall bee by them disbursed, in whatsoeuer manner for the said Di­spatch.

Committees for the Buying of Victuals, prouisions & Stores to the Ships.


THE said Committees shall be Two at the least, for euery seuerall im­ployment, neither shall any one of them conclude a Bargaine, or buy any Wares whatsoeuer for this Company, without the knowledge and consent of the other who shall be ioyned in Commission with him: and if any one be absent (by whatsoeuer occasion) th▪other shal make it knowne vnto the Court, and from thence receiue his direction and Order.


They shall not buy, directly nor indirectly, any Marchandize whatsoe­uer for the vse of this Company of themselues, nor from any others, where­in they haue any part or interest: for being conuicted thereof, the Bargaine shalbe voyde, and the offence shalbe offered to the consideration of a gene­rall Court.


They shall take Billes of Parcels vnder the parties owne hand writing, of whom they shall buy any Wares for this Company, and therein the bar­gaine concerning waight, tare, price, and the like, shalbe plainly set downe, which Bill of parcels they shall deliuer to the Accomptant, that he may pin the same vnto the Warrant, which shall be directed vnto the Treasurers for payment of the Debt.


They shall take a sufficient Receipt for their Discharge of the Clarkes of the Storehouses, or any other, vnto whom they shall haue Order to con­signe the said Wares so bought, to be disposed for this Company.


And lastly, for such Marchandize as they shall cause to be brought from any of the partes beyond the Seas by Order, and for the vse of this Com­pany, They shall at due time present the Factors Accompts thereof, dili­dently examined, and subscribed also by themselues, that so they may bee reviewed by the Auditors, and after, entred orderly by the Accomptants into the Companies great Bookes.

Masters of Ships and their Mates.


THe said Master and their Mates, after they shall be hired for a voy­age in the Companies Ships, and are entered into Harborough Wa­ges, shall take their Oathes openly in a Court of Committees, and shall en­deuour to finde out able and good Marriners, whom they shall preferre for Entertainement, vnto the Committees appointed to that businesse.


They shall giue their Attendance in the day time, and lodge euery night aboard the said Ships, to further their dispatch, and to keepe good order among the Marriners, and ouer euery other thing, to the benefit of this Companie.


They shall carefully appoint the quarter Masters and Boateswaynes to be daily present in the Ships hold, to see the victuals, prouisions, Stores, and Merchandize, well and orderly stowed, and that the Boatswaine, Gunner, Cooke, Steward, Carpenter, and other Officers, doe attend in the Ships, to receiue and take charge of their seuerall Stores for the voyage, and to giue a true accompt of the disposing of euery perticular thing vnto the Purser.


They shall once euery weeke giue Accompt vnto the Court of Com­mittees, of the forwardnes of their Ships, and of their seuerall wants, that order may be taken for a speedy dispatch of all.


They shall within tenne dayes next after their returne from the Indies, into the Riuer of Thames, deliuer vp vnto the Gouernour, Deputie, and Committees, faire Copies of their Iournell Bookes, concerning their Na­uigation, and other worthy obseruations in the course of their whole voyage.


They shall be aboard the Ships when they vayle downe to Erith and Grauesend, to assist the Master Pylot or his Deputy, in what shall be need­full, And for all other Duties, to be by them performed in the whole course of their voyage, they are at large set downe in the Companies Commissi­ons for their affaires at Sea.

Quarter Masters and Boateswaynes.


THE Quarter-Masters and Boatswaines shall diligently attend aboard the Companies Ships euery day, to see all the victuals, prouisions, stores, and Merchandize, orderly stowed in places fit and conuenient, and they shall not suffer any thing to be laden into the Shippes hold, before the Purser or his Mate haue taken a true note thereof.

Pursers and their Mates.


THey shall (as they are chosen) take their Oathes openly in a Court of Committees, and after giue their daily attendance aboard Ships, to take a true accompt of all the Harborough victuals, and victuals for the Voyage, Prouisions, Stores, and Merchandize, of whatsoeuer kinde: and they shall appoint the Quarter-Masters, Boatswaines, and other Officers, that they neither lade nor vnlade any thing without their knowledge, to keepe a true accompt thereof.


The said Pursers or their Mates shall be present in the Companies Store­house, to take the length, size, and waight of all the Cordage, which shall be serued to the Rigging of the Ships, or for Stores seuerally. Also one of them shal be present, to take the waight of the Bisket, Flower and Meale, from the Baker for the voyage; All which, they shal after see carefelly laden into the Companies, Ships, And they shall giue their Receipts vnto the seuerall Offi­cers, or any other, who shal lade, or deliuer them any manner of prouisions, Stores, victuals, or Merchandize, for the vse of this Company.


They shall haue a Beame and Scales, to receiue, and note downe the waight of Cheese, Butter, Bread, Brasse, Copper and Pewter vessels, or any other things which are charged to the Company by waight.


They shall at the appointed times euery day call the Saylors to their worke, keeping a true note of euery mans dayes and rates of payment, whereby they may receiue their due pay weekely by the hands of the Pur­ser generall, vnto whom they shall also giue a note, certifying the Totals of euery weekes disbursements vnto the Treasurers of this Company.


They shall take Receipts (in a booke for that purpose) of the Boatswaine, Gunner, Cooke, Steward, Carpenter, Cooper, and Armourer, for all their seuerall Stores and Tooles which they shall receiue for the voyage, that they may be accomptable for the same, and the said Receipts shall be or­derly testified by the Master of the Ship, or some other knowne men, And they shall keepe a true accompt, with all the said Officers, of the daily ex­pending of all the said stores and victuals, to the end that at all times it may be knowne what prouisions remaine in the Ships.


They shall vse their best endeuour to learne out, and accordingly to ad­uise the Gouernour, Deputy, and Committees, concerning all priuate trade in the Companies Ships, to and from the Indies, and in those parts from port to port.


They shall haue perticular charge carefully to obserue, and truly to ad­uise the Gouernour, Deputy, and Committees by their Letters, from the Cape of Good Hope, or from any other place, where they shall haue opor­tunitie to write, concerning the goodnesse or defects, of the beefe, porke, bisket, Wine, beere, Sider, Cordage, powder, or any other prouisions whatsoeuer; and also concerning any want, which shall be found in the number of peeces of beefe and porke, in any of the Caske differing from their packing here, or any want of waight in the said peeces of beefe and porke, or powder, or the like, which aduices they shall send, testified and vnder-written by the Master, or some other principall Officers of the ship.


They shall keepe faire Bookes of accompts of all the afore-said things whatsoeuer they shall receiue into the Ships from seuerall men, to the vse of the Company, noting downe euery thing with as much plainenesse as possible they can, concerning number, waight, and measure, and so the said bookes (together with the booke of Receipts from the Officers afore­written, at the departure of the Ships from Grauesend) they shall deliuer vp to the Gouernour and Committees, or to any other who shall haue au­thority from them. The rest of the duties which concerne the said Pur­sers and their Mates, in the whole course of their voyage, are to be seene in the Companies Commissions for the Seas.

Chirurgions in the Companies Ships.


THE said Chirurgions, after they are entertained into the Companies Ships, shall attend the Chirurgion generall, to the furnishing of their Chests, which they ought to carrie to Sea with them, and they shall giue their best aduice and counsell, that all needfull Medicines and other things, may be prouided, whereof they shall take a carefull view, when the Chest shall be deliuered to their charge, that nothing be wanting, which con­ueniently may be had for the preseruation of mens liues, and curing of their diseases.


They shall vse their best endeuour and skill (through the whole course of their Voyage) in those thinges which concerne their places, and at their returne home, they shall deliuer vp their said Chests with all things, which ought to remaine in them, vnto the said Chirurgion generall, for the vse of this Company.

Boateswaine, Gunner, Cooke, Steward, Cooper, Carpenter & Armorer.


ALL the said Officers shall giue their diligent Attendance aboard Ship from time to time, to receiue and take charge of all the Prouisi­ons, Victuals and Stores for the Voyage, which shalbe assigned vnto them seuerally to vse, and to giue Accompt of the same to the Purcers or their Mates, at all times when it shall be required.


They shall also giue their Receipts seuerally, of all the perticular thinges which they shall haue receiued, plainely and orderly set downe in the said Receipt, which they shall after deliuer vp vnto the Purcer or his Mate, for the vse of this Company.

Committees for Commissions, and Letters.


THE said Committees shalbe Eight in number, besides the Gouernour, Deputy & Treasurers, and they shall diligently meete together when­soeuer occasion of busines shall require, being Summoned by order from the Gouernour or his Deputy.


They shall with their best aduice and Counsell, set downe good Lawes and Orders for gouernment at Sea in the Companies Ships, and they shall giue ample and plaine directions by Letters vnto the English Factors in the Jndies, for the generall Affaires of this Company in those parts: And lastly they shall bring the said Commissions and Letters to be openly read in a full Court of Committees, to passe the Iudgement of the said Court, and then be subscribed by the Gouernour or his Deputy, and thirteene Committees at the least.

Factories in the Indies.


THE Election, continuance, and change of the Presidents, Generals, Captaines, Counsels, Factors, and all other Officers imployed in the affaires of this Company in the partes of the East Jndies, shall bee at the Di­scretion of the Gouernour, or his Deputy and Committees, to be performed by the order of the Ballotting Box, or by Erection of handes, as vnto the greater number of them being assembled together shall seeme most conue­nient.


All the said Commaunders and Factors (as they are chosen) shall present­ly take their Oathes openly in a Court of Committees, and shall giue Bonds with sufficient Suerties, for their true performance, as the said Court shall require.


The Affaires of this Company in all the partes of the East Indies, shall haue Dependance vpon two principall Factories (viz.) Bantam in the I­land of Jaua Maior, and Suratt in the Gulph of Cambaia, vnder the Great Mogoll, or any other places where the Presidents shall reside: and vnto them, all the other Factories shall be subordinate, in manner following.


And first vnto Bantam shall be Accomptable, all the Factories in the seuerall Ilands of the Moluccoes, Banda, Amboyna, China, Japan, the Celebes, Borneo, Iaua, Sumatra, and in the Prouinces of Chochinchina, Siam, Patania, Camboia, and all the Factories vpon the Coast of Coromandell, as Petipoli, Mesulipatan Pelicato, and all the rest in the Gulph of Bengala, together with all the Factories vpon the Coast of Jndia or Malabar, from Goa South­wards.


And vnto Suratt shall be Accomptable, Amadauar, Agemir, Agra, Baroche, the Court of the great Mogoll, and all the Factories within the Gulph of Cambaia, and vpon the Coast of Malabar, Southwards as farre as Goa, toge­ther with Mocha, and all other places in or neere the Red Sea, and the Coast of Melinda, and all the Factories in Persia, or within the Persian Gulph.


The said two principall Factories, shall keepe Bookes of all the Letters which they write vnto the seuerall Factories, and receiue from them, fairely coppyed into other Bookes, which they shall yearely send into England vn­to the Gouernour, Deputy, and Committees: and the like they shall per­forme of all the notable occurrences in those parts, briefly set downe day by day in forme of a Iournall.


They shall haue English Beames and Scales, both great and small, to vse in all needfull occasions, and especially by them to receiue all the Wares and Marchandize which shall be sent from hence, and Inuoiced vnto them by waight, which shall be diligently compared in the presence of the Purcers of euery Ship, and if any want bee found, they shall presently by the first Ship send ample Testimony thereof to the Gouernour, Deputy and Committees.


They shall likewise receiue all the Companies Spanish Ryals, both by Waight and tale, in the presence of the Purcers and their Mates, of those Ships by whom they shall receiue such Ryals, and if any want bee found, they shall send ample testimony thereof, as in the last Article.


And forasmuch as the Affaires of this Company, will require the im­ployment of diuers Ships to bee kept continually in the Jndies, for whose Reparations and victualing, it is conceiued very needfull to send great store of Prouisions from hence yearely▪ The Factorie of Bantam shall there­fore prouide conuenient Store-Houses, and places for the receipt of Cor­dage, Tarre, Ordnance, Powder, Shot, Victuals, and diuers other Munitions▪ that so all thinges may remaine in safe and carefull Custody.


They shall appoint a sufficient Boateswaine, and other skilfull Officers, to the ordering of the said Storehouses, that the Companies Shipping may be furnished from thence in such measure, as by their approbation shall be found needfull, so that nothing may be wasted.


They shall appoint certaine Factors, to the ouerseeing and charge of the said Storehouses, with order to keepe faire Bookes of Accompts of all the said Prouisions, which shall be receiued or deliuered vnto the Companies Ships, or otherwise to their vses, And the said Accompts being first exa­mined, allowed and subscribed by the President and his Counsell, shall once euery yeare be sent into England, vnto the Gouernour, Deputy and Com­mittees.


The said two principall Factories shall solicite all the Factories which haue dependance on them, to send the Accompts of their proceedings in the Affaires of this Company at due times, so that they may bee examined and digested into their generall Bookes, the which (together with the ori­ginals of the said Accompts) they shall once euery yeare send into England, vnto the Gouernour, Deputy and Committees, subscribed by the Presi­dent, his Counsell, and the Accomptants.


All the Factories in the Jndies, shall keepe their Bookes of Accompts for the Company diligently, and in an open place fit for that purpose, that so euery Factor in each Factorie may daily view the same, to see and know the true passages of the Companies Affaires, and thereby the better to a­uoide the dangerous negligence of some principall Factors, who assuming the priuate keeping of the Accompts to themselues, it hath bin found or at the least pretended after their Death, that they haue kept no Accompts at all, or such as were very imperfect, whereby the Companie may haue bin much wronged.


They shall send bils of lading vnder written by the Master and the Purser, And perfect Inuoyces of all the Wares which they doe lade for the Companie. And this not onely to be performed by the Shippes or other vessels, wherein such Wares shall be transported; but also by the very next conuenient passage vnto those places whereunto the goods are directed, reseruing likewise bils of lading to themselues for their owne discharge, in any occasion which may happen.


They shall not admit any man into this Companies Seruice, as a Factor, without the order of the Gouernour, Deputy, and Committees; But in ca­ses where they shall finde it very needfull to make vse of some men for their good experience and worth. The wages of such persons, and the appro­bation of their Seruice shall be reserued to the said Gouernour, Deputy, and Committees.


They shall take strict accompts of all the Officers of euery Ship at their Arriuall in the Jndies, concerning the seuerall Stores committed to their charge: and at their returne for England, they shall send the seuerall Receipts of all the said Officers for the Stores, which shall then remaine in their charge to the vse of the Ships, that so they may render a true accompt there­of vnto this Company.


They shall vpon the Arriuall of the Companies Shipping, take accompt of all the Pursers, concerning the debts and death of all men (whosoeuer) in the voyage, setting downe the time, the place, and the persons. And the like, they shall require from all the Factories in the Jndies, whereof by euery Ship which commeth for England, they shall send a plaine and per­fect information to the Gouernour, Deputy, and Committees, for their di­rection in the accompts, and Wages of the said dead men.


After the death of any of the Companies Factors, or other Seruants in the Jndies, the President and his Counsell, shall by the first passage send home to the Gouernour, Deputy, and Committees, the last wils of the de­ceased, together with all their bookes of accompts, letters, papers, and other writings, which doe either concerne the Company, or any other priuate affaires whatsoeuer: Reseruing onely such writings, as may serue to reco­uer in debts, or otherwise to determine any businesse in the Indies▪ of which likewise they shal send a perfect note, and also a true Inuentary of the Estates which shall be found to belong vnto such deceased Factors, or other Ser­uants.


From henceforth all the Commanders and Factors imployed for the Company in the Jndies, shall conuay all their priuate Letters to whomso­euer, vnder a couert, directed to the Gouernour, Deputy, and Committees: for whosoeuer shall be found to send Letters by any other wayes or means, the Company will proceede against them as obstinate offenders, and brea­kers of their orders; neither shall it be lawfull to write the said priuate Let­ters, otherwise then in plaine English, and without any Character.


It shall be lawfull for all the said Factors, to write their perticular Letters vnto the Company▪ But for the Prizes and vent of Merchandize, or any other matter which may concerne the Trade, it shall be wholely referred vnto the generall Letters, for the auoyding of confusion and doubts, which might arise by the diuersity of aduises.


The chiefe Factors in all the seuerall Factories of the Jndies, shall dili­gently enquire, and carefully seaze vpon all such priuate Trade, as shall be hereafter performed by any person or persons whosoeuer, contrary to the orders of this Company, as in the Articles. ⟨205 & 206⟩ And of their proceedings herein from time to time, they shall send aduice and true In­uentaries, by the first passages for England, vnto the Gouernour, Deputy, and Committees. And also vnto the President and his Counsell in the Jn­dies, who by the first shipping for England, shall lade the goods seized as aforesaid, and direct the same vnto the Gouernour and Company vnder their marke.


A diligent enquirie shall be made from time to time, concerning the life and conuersation of all the Factors in the seuerall Factories of the Jndies▪ and if any of them be found to breake the orders of the Company, to deale iniustly, or to be of an euill disposition▪ as a common Drunkard, a notorious Gamester or Whoremaster, or wronger of the Company by priuate Trade, or otherwise insufficient, The President (with approbation of his Counsell) shall by the first passage, ship home such vnworthy Factors, together with the proofes and testimonies of their defaults: that so the Company may proceed against them, according to the quality of their offence.


For diuers reasons (which haue beene duly considered) it is ordered, that all the gifts, presents, or other profits, giuen or bestowed, by any for­raigne Prince, Ruler, or Commander, vpon any whom the Company shall imploy in their affaires, shall be from henceforth reserued to the vse, and brought to the generall accompt of this Company.


And for all other matters occurring from time to time in the affaires of this Company, in the said parts of the East Jndies, they shall be wholly re­ferred to the discretion and ordering of the Gouernour, Deputy, and Com­mittees, by their Letters, Commissions, directions, or instructions: All which writings (for waighty reasons it is thought conuenient) shall be vn­der-written by the Gouernour or his Deputy, and thirteene Committees at the least: for otherwise they shall not be of strength and power, to direct and order the said Factories. Except onely those Commissions, whereby the Presidents (together with their Counsell) shall haue authority to direct, and gouerne the Generall affaires of this Company, both by Sea and land in the Jndies: Vnto which Commissions shall be fixed, onely the great Scale, which by his Maiesties Letters Patents, is graunted vnto the said Company.

Committees for discharge of the Companies Ships.


THE Committees who shall be appointed to see the Companies Ships discharged (after they returne home laden from the Jndies) shall be present to see the Hold opened, and diligently obserue, whether it be full with Wares, or how much it wanteth, that they may report the true estate of all as they shall finde it, vnto the Court of Committees.


They shall prepare strong and good Padlocks (of their owne choosing) with which they shall locke the Hold carefully, when they retire to Dinner, and when they giue ouer the worke at night, alwayes commaunding the Porters and others to be searched, when they come out of the Hold, to pre­uent such deceipt, as they might vse by secret conueyance of Wares, in their Breeches, or otherwise.


They shall appoint some of the Companies Seruants to assist and attend with them vigilantly at the Hold, that nothing may be conuayed from thence without their knowledge, and a true note taken of the perticulars, in as plaine and perfect manner as possible they may: and the said notes of euery seuerall dayes discharge, they shall deliuer vp vnder their owne hands vnto the Gouernour, to be by him deliuered to the Accomptants, who shall enter the same orderly into a Booke for that purpose.


They shall send in euery Lighter laden with Wares from the Ships, one of the Companies trusty Seruants, with a note of the perticulars, and also to watch continually (vntill all be discharged at the Custome-house) that nothing be imbeselled: and for more safety they shall locke vp the Holds of the said close Lighters, and deliuer the keyes vnto them, who shall haue charge to vnlade the said goods.


They shall at the full discharge of euery Ship, goe downe into the Hold, diligently to search, that nothing doe remaine betweene the Seelings, or in any other place of secret conuayance, whereby the Company might be wronged.


They shall cause some of the Companies Seruants, to keep a board con­tinually (day and night) during the time of the Ships discharge, with care­full Watch that nothing be conuayed away by the Captaine, Master, Fac­tors, Officers, Marriners, or any others, without their knowledge: and notes taken of the perticulars, to be sent, and safely kept in the Custome­house, vntill order taken at a Court of Committees, how the said Goods shall be disposed.


They shall appoint some of the Companies trusty Seruants to assist them, in the receiuing vp of all the said goods at the Custome-house, keeping a true note of all things by waight, measure, or tale, according as the Merchan­dize shall require, and the said note to be by them subscribed, that they may after be entered by the Accomptants in to the Book afore written, whereby the iust quantity of Wares may appeare, which shall be deliuered into the custody of them, who shall haue charge of the Companies Warehouses.

Clarkes of the Ware-houses.


THE said Clarkes shall receiue into the Companies Warehouses, all the Spices, Indico, rawe Silke, wrought Silke, Callicoes, Drugs, Carpets, or any other Wares which shall be deliuered them in charge by the Com­mittees of the said Warehouses, for the vse and accompt of this Company.


They shall receiue all the said Wares carefully and iustly, by number, waight, or measure, as the Merchandize it selfe shall require, and thereof make true entry in a Booke of purpose, setting downe the Wares of each Ship seuerally, and the commodities of sundry kindes by themselues, that the charge of euery Warehouse may appeare, when any enquirie shall be made thereof.


They shall giue their attendance with all carefulnes, especially when the Wares are Garboled and repacked, locking vp the dores in time of worke, and suffering no man who shall be imployed in those labours, to depart be­fore he be searched: against which order, if any of them resist, hee shall be presently dismissed out of the Companies seruice.


They shal deliuer of the said Goods from day to day vnto those persons, and in such manner as they shall receiue Warrant to performe from the Gouernour or his Deputy, and the Committees of the Warehouses: and the said Warrants they shall reserue for their discharge; noting downe in a faire Booke euery perticular thing deliuered, the time, the parties name, his suerties, tares, trets, price, and euery other circumstance, to make the par­cell plaine and perfect, and in the Margent to note downe the number of each Warrant.


They shall keepe a true accompt of all manner of charges which they shall disburse to Porters, Carmen, or the like, in the Warehouses, and of the Caske, or Canuas, which they shall receiue to packe or imbale the Com­panies Goods: and they shall likewise render a true accompt, of all the Skinnes, Wrappers, Cotten Wools, or other things, which shall be sold to the most aduantage of this Company.

Committees of Ware-houses.


THE said Committees shall be sixe in number, and they shall see all the Merchandize whatsoeuer for this Company, safely and orderly lodged in the VVarehouses, taking a true accompt of euery Ships lading, concerning the quality and quantity of the VVares seuerally, and so shall they compare all things by the Accompts from the Jndies, to see that the Company be not wronged in their waight, number, measure, false packing, or other defects, whereof they shall presently acquaint the Court of Com­mittees, that such course may be taken for remedy, as vnto them shall seeme needfull.


They shall ouersee the said Warehouses, and commaund, that all things there be well and orderly placed, so that no part of the Wares may receiue any hurt, or be wasted; and they shall cause three Locks of seuerall ope­nings to be made to the outward dores of euery Warehouse, that so the keyes of two of them may be in the power of two seuerall Committees, and the third shall be reserued in the charge of the said Clarke.


They shall vnder-write the Warrants to the said Clarkes, together with the Gouernour or his Deputy, for the deliuery of Wares vpon Stocke vnto the Aduenturers, or vpon Bils, according to the bargaines, which shall be made by the Candels, or otherwise; in which they shall haue a speciall care▪ that nothing be trusted, but vpon good security


They shall Audit vp the Warehouse bookes, concerning the particular charges disbursed by the Clarkes, and take accompt of the Wrappers, Skins, Cotton Wools, and the like, to be sold for the vse of the Company.

Sales of Merchandize.


THE Custome which hath beene vsed heretofore in selling the Wares of this Company at a generall Court, and the Remnants of small va­lue in the Warehouses by the light of a Candle, shall be continued; onely in some cases excepted, where the Gouernour, Deputy, and Committees, shall conceiue it needfull to take some other course for the good of the Company.


All aduentures of Stocks which shall hereafter be sold by the light of a Candle in open Court, shall be published and put to sale in the names of the Aduenturers of such Stock; And it shall not be lawfull for any man▪ either by himselfe or by any others for him, to offer price for the said Aduentures; onely they haue power in the beginning of euery sale to set downe their lowest rates, and then to take their fortune of that which shall follow by the offers of other men.

Solicitor for Payment of Debts.


THE said Solicitor shall attend the Warehouses, to take notice of all the Wares which shall be intrusted to any man by this Company, and shall make the Bils of Debt, and procure them to be signed and sealed by the principall Debtors and their Suerties; which Bils so signed and sealed, he shall deliuer vp to the custody of the Treasurers for this Company.


Hee shall likewise solicite all the Companies Debtors, to bring in their money to the Treasurers at the due time: and if hee finde any man neg­ligent or carelesse to discharge his debt, hee shall acquaint the Court of Committees thereof, that they may take some speedy course for satisfaction.

Solicitor in the Law.


IN all occasions of controuersies, actions, and suites of Law, the said So­licitor shall follow the cause by his owne experience, and according to directions of his learned Counsell assigned him by the Court; concerning which, and all other his proceedings in the affaires of this Company, Hee shall from time to time acquaint the Court of Committees, and attend their resolutions.


He shall assist to make contracts, couenants, and other Writings, where­in the Company shall haue any occasion to make vse of his knowledge and endeuours in matters of that kinde.



THE Wages or Allowance vnto the Presidents, Generals, Captaines, Commanders, Factors, and all other Officers in this Companies Ser­uice (wheresoeuer) shall be agreed and established by the Gouernour or his Deputy, with the greater number of the Committees.


There shall be allowance of two Moneths wages imprested aforehand, vnto all such persons as shall serue this Company in their Shipping to the East Jndies, and for some speciall reasons, there shall be allowance of three Months wages imprested aforehand, vnto all the Ship Carpenters imploy­ed in the said Voyages.


There shall be allowance also of two Months wages (vpon Accompt of euery yeares Seruice) vnto the Wiues of all such persons, as shall be imploy­ed in the Companies Shipping to the East Jndies.


All the Factors for the Company in the East Indies, shall haue one third part of their wages allowed them there yearely (if they require it) for main­tenance of Apparell and the like, after the rate of Fiue shillings sterling for euery Ryall of Eight. But the other two third partes shall be paide heere in England vnto their Assignes. And the said Factors shall not be entertained into the Companies seruice for lesse then Seauen yeares, except onely in some speciall occasions of principall men it is left vnto the discretion of the Gouernour, Deputy and Committees, to agree with them as they shall see cause.


The wages which herafter shall be paide vnto any of the Commanders, Factors or Marryners, that returne home in the Companies Ships from the Jndies, or to the Executors and Assignes of them who happen to dye in the Voyage, shall be made vp iustly by the chiefe Accomptant, assisted by any one of the Auditors, in the presence and with the approbation of one or more of the Committees appointed for entertaining of Maryners: and thus by warrant from them all signed, the Clarke of the wages shall pay euery perticular man his due, reseruing the said Warrants for his discharge in the Audit of his Accompts.


The Companies Officers heere in England vpon yearely Sallary, shall haue their wages paide them Quarterly by iust proportions.


The said Officers from henceforth, shall not take directly nor indirectly, any Fee, payment or Guift of the Brethren of this Company, concerning Warrants, Bonds, Billes, Transportations of Aduentures, or any other seruice which ought to be by them performed in their seuerall places, but their la­bours of this kinde shall wholly depend vpon the yearely Sallarie or other rewards, which shall be agreed or allowed them by the Court of Commit­tees: onely the Secretaries Fees, which are vsually paide by them who are made free Brethren of the Companie shall be continued.


There shalbe no increase of wages giuen to any man, who (in the course of the Voyage whereunto hee is hyred) shall happen to succeed or to be preferred to a higher Office then that place wherein hee was first Shipped. But if any such persons so aduanced shall bee found to haue well deserued for the benefit of the Company, the Court of Committees may gratifie and reward them, as they shall thinke fit.



THE Guifts and Liberality of this Company vnto worthy and well deseruing Persons, shall bee at the discretions and disposing of the Gouernour or his Deputy, with the greater number of Committees; Pro­uided alwayes that no Guift or Gratification to one man shall amount to a greater value then the summe of One hundreth pounds. For if there shall bee occasion to giue a larger Reward to any perticular man, Then in that case they shall acquaint the generall Court therewith, and from thence re­ceiue resolution and direction.


All Gratifications which either haue been giuen heretofore or shalbe gi­uen hereafter, to any of the Companies Officers in the Realme of England, ouer and aboue their yearely Sallarie, shall not remaine constant vnto them in the nature of wages, but such gratifications shall passe the Iudgement of the Court of Committees once euery yeare, at the time of their Election.


The said Gouernour, Deputy, and Committees, shall not allow or take vnto themselues, any summe or summes of money for and in considerati­on of their cares and labours in the Affaires of this Company, but the Re­wards of their Deserts shall be referred once euery yeare to the pleasure of the generall Court, wherein new Directors shall be chosen, or to the next generall Court following.


All Guifts of whatseuer kinde, or to whomsoeuer giuen, either openly in Court, or priuately by the Order of Court, shall be deliuered in the name of the Company, by some Committees appointed thereunto by the Court, who shall render a perticular Accompt of such priuate distributions at all times when the said Court shall require the same.



THE Trade for the East Jndies shall be vnlawfull to all men, otherwise then in the generall or Ioynt Stocke, which shall be mannaged by the Gouernour, Deputy and Committees, for and in the behalfe of all the Ad­uenturers. And whosoeuer shall bee found directly or indirectly, to per­forme any other priuate Trade, to or from the said Jndies, or within any of the seuerall Factories, or from Port to Port there, hee shall Forfeit all the monyes, Wares, Interests, and other profits whatsoeuer (or the value) which shalbe found to belong, proceed, or arise by any such priuate Trade. And the said Forfeitures shall bee recouered according to the Tenor of his Maiesties Letters Pattents granted vnto the Companie.


There shall bee a Tolleration, onely for the incouragement of all the Commaunders, Factors and Marryners, who shall returne home in the Companies Ships and seruice: to bring with them for their owne proper Accompts, so much Raw Silk, Beniamin, Gumlacke, Muske, Sugar Candy, Drugges, Carpets, Quilts, Hard-wax, Preserues, Wormeseeds, Silke Stuffes, Bea­zar-stones, or any other Wares whatsoeuer (Jndico, Callicoes, Dyamonds, and all sortes of Spices onely excepted) as they can bestow or packe into one Chest for each man, of Foure foot long, 1. Foot & a halfe broad, and 1. foot and a halfe deepe, for which they shall not pay Fraight or any other duty vnto this Company.



THE said Beadle shall dayly giue his Attendance at the Companies House, to know the pleasure of the Gouernour or his Deputy, for the Summoning of Courts ordinary and extraordinary, and other meetings of the Committees, and shall diligently attend the Courts, to performe such other Duties as concerne his place.


He shall vse all possible Diligence in the warning of the Generall Courts, and especially the Court for Election of the Gouernour, Deputy, Treasu­rers, and Committees, leauing Tickets at each mans House, and setting vp Billes in the Exchange three dayes at the least before the said Courts.

Porter of the Companies House in London.


THE said Porter shall haue a Roome in the Companies House neare the street Doore, for his aboad in the day time, and a Chamber for his Lodging in the Night.


He shall attend dayly to open and shut the Street Doore, and the backe Gate vpon all occasions needfull, and hee shall diligently obserue such per­sons who enter and depart the Companies House, especially those who may seeme to be suspitious, or are found to bee troublesome by outragious speaking, Swearing, Gaming, Quarrelling, Fighting, or other disorders, and shall cause them forthwith to auoyde the House. Also to apprehend such as shall haue stollen or doe attempt to pilfer, or performe any other thing in the said House, contrary to his Maiesties Lawes.


He shall euery Night before Supper, call John Blount one of the Compa­nies Officers, who is Lodged in their said House, to walke the Round with him into all the open Roomes and places, where they shall carefully view, and after locke vp the doores, and deliuer the Keyes vnto the Companies Secretary.


The street Doore shalbe shut and chayned euery Euening presently after departure of the Officers: and if any chance to knocke later within Night, answer shalbe made them without vnchayning the Doore, vntill the party and his Arrand be knowne vnto the rest of the Officers lodged in the Com­panies house.


The Street doore and backe Gates, shall shut each of them with Two lockes of seuerall openings, to the intent that euery Euening one Key of each doore may remaine with the Porter, and the other Keyes to be deli­uered to John Blount aforesaid, who shalbe present to see the said Doore shut and opened daily, and shal also haue care and, assist the Porter to preuent all disorders in the Companies house.


The Porter shall haue the custody and care of the Companies Fewell and Candles, that they be not wasted by others, and shall make the Fires in the seuerall Offices at the times appointed, and shall daily sweepe the great Hall and Parlour, the Street doore, and all the Yardes, light Candles to the Offi­ces and in the Lanthornes about the House, and to doe all other thinges fit­ting his place.


All the Officers and their Seruants (who doe lodge in the said House) shall haue egresse and regresse into the same, Viz from Sixe a clocke in the Morning vntill Ten a clocke at Night, and not before, or after those times, except onely vpon some speciall occasion by Licence, or by the generall consent of the said Officers.


The said Porter, shall once euery weeke sweepe the Treasury, and all the other Offices in the Companies said House.

Accomptants generall.


THE Booke-keepers shall obserue such Order and Method, in the Mannaging of the Accompts for the Affaires of the Company, as is at large set downe and deliuered them in an Instruction. Page. 75.


They shall not digest or enter into the great Bookes, the Accompts of the Yards, Factors, Husband, Warehouses, Wages, Imprest, Storehouses, or any other Accompts whatsoeuer, before they be Audited, and signed by the se­uerall Auditors appointed thereunto by the Court.


They shall carefully review the workes of the said Auditors, and if they finde any ouersight or errour, they shall presently cause the same to bee re­formed.


They shall not frame or make a Warrant in full payment of any Proui­sions whatsoeuer, bought by the Committees or others, without a Bill of parcels subscribed by them, and also by the parties who solde the goods, that so the said Billes may be fastened to the Warrant for the Discharge of the Debts.


They shall by the direction of the Court, write all the Companies Let­ters, Inuoices, Billes, of lading, Commissions, or instructions for the Jndies, or to any other place beyond the Seas, and the Coppies they shall see fairely written into the seuerall Bookes appointed for that purpose.


They shall note downe in a Booke from time to time, all the Bargaines for Timber, Plancke, Mastes, Treenailes, Deales, Sheathing-boards, and the Coppies of all, they shall deliuer vnto the Clarke of the Yard for his di­rection, in the receiuing of the said Bargaines for the Company.


They shall carefully passe the Brokes vpon all mens Accompts, whoso­euer shall not pay in their monyes at the times appointed.


They shall declare where any Defect is at any time, either in the Offi­cers in not deliuering vp their Accompts, or in the Auditors in not Audi­ting the same.


They shall not deliuer out of the Companies house any the originals, or Coppies of Letters, Iournals, Consultations, Commissions, Accompts, or o­ther writings which doe concerne Nauigation, Trade, or other secrets of the said Company, neither yet shall they suffer any of them to be perused or read in the said House by any person or persons, but onely by such who shall be authorized thereunto by the Court.


They shall yearely deliuer vp vnto the Court at the Fine of Iune, a per­fect Ballance of all Accompts in their charge.

Auditors in the Court of Committees.


THE said Auditors shall be Sixe in number, and in all occasions of dif­ference for matter of Accompts which concerne the Company, they are to examine and search out the Truth, and to deliuer their opinions vnto the Court, or else to determine and end those causes which shall be referred vnto them.


They shall acquaint the Court when any Diuident in money is due vnto the Aduenturers, which take not out their Stockes in goods.


They shall vnderwrite all the Warrants, which are directed vnto the Trea­surers, for payment of the Diuidents in money vnto the Aduenturers, And they shall subscribe to all the perticular Accompts Audited by the generall Auditors, before they be entred into the Companies great Bookes.


They shall haue Authority to make Inquirie and ouersee the Affaires of this Company, concerning the performance of all their Lawes and standing Orders.


They shall carefully take notice of the errors, negligence, obstinacy, or insufficiencie of any man whosoeuer in the Companies businesse.


They shall be prepared at the generall Court, on the last Tuesday in the moneth of May, yearely appointed for reformations, faithfully to deliuer vp their Collections or complaints to the Company, if they be required thereunto.

Auditors generall.


THE said Auditors shal be two in number, and they shal haue a roome or place to themselues, for their meetings in the Companies house.


They shall once euery quarter (at the least) Audit vp the Cashes of the two Treasurers, and the accompts of the Husband, together with the ac­compts of the Clarkes of the Store-houses in London: The accompts of the Clarkes of the Imprest money and wages, the accompt of the Clarke of the Cordage, of the Clarke of the Yard, of the Clarke of Beefe and Porke, of the Clarkes of the Warehouses, &c. And also all the accompts from the Companies Factors in the Jndies, or any other accompts of Fac­tors, who make prouision of Wares for the Company beyond the Seas: And after they haue exactly Audited all the said accompts, they shall bring them to the view of the Auditors Committees, to be by them approued and sub­scribed, before they be deliuered vp vnto the Accomptant generall, to be entered in the Companies great Bookes.


They shall vse speciall care and diligence in the Audit of the accompts of money taken vp at intrest, to see from time to time, that the Company be not charged with more then their occasions require; whereof they shall giue a reason in the first Court of Committees after euery quarter day.


They shall haue care of the generall accompts, to see that all the other accompts and parcels be fairely and truly entered into them by the Bookekeepers, and that they be prepared to deliuer vp a perfect Ballance of all the said accompts vnto the Company, by the last day of Iune yearely.

Audit of Accompts.


IN the Audit of all the Companies Accompts, it is required that the seue­rall Auditors thereunto appointed, doe carefully cast vp euery parcell, and so to follow the Accomptants in all other their performance, that no miscasting or other errors may be passed for want of search.


It is necessary not onely to draw vp accompts by forme vnto a perfect Ballance, but also the very matter it selfe is diligently to be regarded con­cerning the issuing of the Companies materials to their buildings, the prices of prouisions bought, the disbursements of charges and the like; in any of which, if there be found exorbitance, or excesse, it shall be brought to the consideration of the Gouernour, Deputy, and Committees, before the ac­compts be allowed.


And forasmuch as the affaires of the Company are so contriued, that there is now little or no trust imposed in any perticular mans accompts: But that he hath also some checke by Warrants, Bils of parcels, or the ac­compts of other men: It is therefore carefully to be obserued by the Au­ditors, that each Accomptant produce such Vouchers, as are at large set downe in an instruction for that purpose. Page 79.



IT is Ordered and agreed: That if by any meanes the names of any of the Company are not mentioned in the Charter granted by his Maiesty vnto this Society, That (notwithstanding) aswell they as any other, that are or shall be admitted of the Company, by vertue of an Order of Court, here­tofore or hereafter to be made, are in all respects as free of the Company, as if they were expresly mentioned in the said Charter.


It shall be lawfull for each Brother of the Company, already Free, or here­after to be admitted, to make all his Sonnes Free of this Society at their se­uerall Ages of XXI. yeares or vpwards, and all their Apprentizes, who shall haue serued them VII. yeares at least by Indenture, after they them­selues were made Free of this Company. But such as are or hereafter shall be admitted a free Brother of this Society Gratis, that is to bee vnderstood onely in their owne persons, and no otherwise.


And it is further Ordered, that any person or persons (his Maiesties Sub­iects) may from henceforth be admitted a free Brother of this Company by redemption. That is to say a meere Marchant shall pay Fifty pounds, and all others of whatsoeuer Profession, vocation, or Trade, shall pay one Hun­dred Markes for their seuerall Fines, at their admissions by the Gouernour, Deputy and Committees.


All the Apprentizes of this Company, and also such Factors who shall haue serued them faithfully Seauen yeares in the East Jndies, shall bee made Free Brethren of this Company.


It shall be lawfull for the Gouernour, or his Deputy, with the greater number of the Committees, to admit into this Society Gratis, any Noble or well deseruing persons who haue merited, or may by them bee thought worthy to receiue such fauour from the Company, paying onely the Offi­cers Fees, and XX. s. to the Poores Box, at the time of their seuerall admissi­ons.


All such as shalbe made free Brethren (hereafter) of this Company, shall take an Oath in the presence of the Gouernour, or his Deputy, and Sixe Committes at the least, before they be admitted into this Society.


From henceforth all such as are to be made Free of this Company by Pa­trimony or by Seruice, shall require the said Freedome within Twelue Monthes after they are capeable of the same, Pena Fiue pounds, except by motion made in a Court of Committees, they shall haue further time gran­ted them.

Penalties or Fines.


GENERALLY whosoeuer (in Office for this Company) shall bee found to breake any of the Companies Lawes or Orders, through wilfull neglect or insufficiency to the performance of his charge, hee shall be forth with Displaced, and also bee further proceeded against according to the quality of his Offence.


It is Ordered and agreed, that all such as hereafter be chosen Gouernour, Deputy, Treasurer, or Committees of this Company, and doe refuse or will not take the said Offices vpon them: shall Forfeit and pay to be freed there­of for One whole yeare, such reasonable Fines as the generall Court shall thinke good.


The Forfeitures which hereafter are to be payde by the Committees for absence, or late appearance, in their Courtes, and other meetings, without lawfull excuse; or for vnseemely speaking, or wilfull and vnciuill interrup­ting of each others speach, or priuate conferences, to the disturbance of their said Courts and the like: Shall be imposed from time to time, at such rates as the Gouernour, or his Deputy, with the greater number of the Committees shall see cause, for the better effecting of the Companies Af­faires, and preseruation of Order among themselues.


It is ordered for pacification of controuersie in Arguments in the Gene­rall Courts and meetings of Committees, and of lowde or confused spea­ches, That when the Gouernour or his Deputy, commaundeth silence by the stroke of the Hammer, that then euery person bee quiet and still, Pena XII. d. for euery such Offence.


For better and more speedy payment of all Debts due vnto the Company by Bond, Bill, or for Aduentures, or otherwise by any Brethren of the same, who shall not make payment to the Treasurer or to such other as shall be appointed for that purpose, at the time and place limitted and set downe, shall forfeit and pay to the vse of the Generall Company (besides their prin­cipall Debts) the summe of XL s. vpon euery C. l. for each Month they shall omit to bring in the same, and so after the said rate for a shorter or longer time, whether it bee vpon a greater or a lesser Summe of money to be pro­portioned.


All Fines now or hereafter to be Forfeited by the Brethren of this Com­pany, for breach of any the Ordinances of the same, shalbe by him or them presently paide to the vse of the generall Company, or charged vpon his or their stocks or Aduentures with this Society, to the vse aforesaid: or hauing no Stocke or Aduenture with them, to suffer Imprisonment during the pleasure of the Company, according to the power which is graunted them by his Maiesties Letters Patents.

Lawes or Orders.


THE Lawes or Orders now made, together with his Maiesties Letters Patents to the Company, shall be brought by the Secretary vnto eue­ry Court, that they may be perused in all occasions which shall happen.


The Lawes or standing Orders of the Company, shall be publickly read in the beginning of a generall Court, to bee holden on the last Tuesday of the moneth of May yearely if it be required, And then the making of any new Orders, or the Abrogating of any of these which are already made, shalbe offered to the consideration and resolution of the Generality.


All Lawes or Orders heretofore made, being repugnant or swaruing from these, shall henceforth be voyde.

THE ORDER AND METHOD THAT THE ACCOMPTANTS GENERALL SHALL OBSERVE AND PERFORME IN THE Mannaging and digesting the Accompts of the Company: As followeth.

FOR the more conueniencie in the Mannaging of the said Ac­compts, consisting of so many perticular estates and Aduentures, and disposed into such diuersity of imployments and returnes; you shall deuide the said Accompts into two Bookes, namely, two Iour­nals, with their two Lidgers: The one whereof shall be the Ac­compt proper, and the other the Accompt currant, in each of which, you shall handle these perticulars following.

IN the Booke intituled Accompt proper, you shall enter euery perticular mans Aduenture (according to the proportion he hath) mentioning his name and quality so neere as you may, making him Creditor for his said Aduenture in perticular, according to the Payments he bringeth and pay­eth in, that the Acquittances giuen per the Treasurers, and your Bookes may agree vpon all occasions.

IN this Booke you shall enter perticularly the payments and satisfaction that is made to euery Aduenturer (for his Aduenture) as it is taken out by him, be it in money or goods; plainely shewing wherein, and when euery man is satisfied his Aduenture: and you shall in these Bookes charge no man for any thing, saue what is deliuered on his Stocke.

[Page 76] IN this Booke likewise you shall enter euery yeares totall imployment sent to Sea, be it Merchandize, Ships, Victuals or Charges incident, after the same shall be first at large, and after perticularly contracted and dige­sted in the Bookes of the Accompt currant, which you shall yearely by a parcell of Ballance bring ouer to this Accompt, and here in one accompt enter plainely and distinctly the Merchandize first, then the Ships with their victualling, and that yeares charge successiuely; that it may readily appeare what euery yeares imployment and charge amounteth vnto, and wherein it consisteth.

IN this Booke you shall also enter all Factors Accompts both for Sales and imployments made in and receiued from Jndia, and although euery Ships returne may consist of diuers sorts of Merchandize, you shall not­withstanding in this Booke arme but one Accompt for any one Ship, but shall in that Accompt both in Iournall and Lidger, successiuely enter euery commodity, expressing his quantity and cost.

IN this Booke you shall also onely keepe the Accompt of profit and losse, and shall cleare no Accompt or Voyage, till the same be fully accompted for, and shall also in this Accompt passe vnto euery man his profit or losse, as the Stocke generall shall produce.

In the other Bookes called the Accompt Currant, you shall enter and digest all manner imployments and returnes, amply and perticularly; in the mannaging whereof you shall obserue this order following.

FOR the outward imployment or issue of the Stocke afore mentioned in the other Booke, you shall deuide the same into foure Branches, that is to say;

1 THE State of Merchandize, and of them you shall keepe di­stinct and seuerall Accompts in their proper kindes and denomi­nations, not confounding many together: and the said Commodities as they are disposed into voyages, you shall cleare by the voyage where­vnto they are dissigned, and so euery yeare cleare this branch, vnlesse any be left which may remaine on their Accompts till the future yeare.

[Page 77] 2 THE State of Shipping, which you shall likewise seuerally keepe euery Ship by it selfe, charging the same perticularly with euery Materiall that is expended thereon, aswell to the Building, as furni­shing, and for store, together with the Charge of wages of Workmen im­ployed therin, till the such Ship be fully furnished to Sea. And for plainer and ready performance hereof, you shall keepe all the Materials, that are required to the building and furnishing of Ships in their seuerall de­nominations and kindes, (and not heape them confusedly in the names of Officers and Storehouses) that so it may readily appeare how much of euery Prouision is spent Yearely, and how it is spent, to the end ne­cessary and competent proportions may alwaies bee prouided, without superfluety and vnnecessary Charge.

3 THE State of Victualling, you shall likewise keepe in their seuerall Denominations and kindes, and the expence of them, Charge on euery Ship according to his proportions, that of these kindes may appeare what is yearely expended, and needfull to be prouided.

4 EXPENCES Generall, such as are Gratueties, Salary of Offi­cers, Rents, Charges, ordinary and extraordinary, and such like: which you shall likewise keepe distinctly, euery one in his proper Name and tytle, that of this quality also may appeare what is expended yearely.

AND for Conclusion of this Accompt of Imployment, for that euery Yeare breedeth his Voyage, and charge of Ships, Victuals, &c. as a­boue; you shall drawe out of these Branches euery yeares Imployment, to one head or Voyage, and thereon charge, first, the Marchandize agreeing with the Inuoice; next the Ships, and the Victuals; and lastly that yeares ge­nerall Charge, and this in perticular, and successiuely: which thus contract­ed, you shall in one parcell ballance and beare ouer to the Booke called Ac­compt Proper, and there reenter as is ordered in the third Article, for the ordering of that Booke.

SVCH necessary Accompts as arise in the currant of this busines with Factors beyond the Seas for Prouision of Forraine Commodities, Of­ficers at home for the defraying of Charges, and monyes deliuered for Pro­uisions before hand, bee carefull to keepe distinctly and plainely that one Accompt be not confounded with another.

[Page 78] FOR all commodities returned from Jndia, which in the other booke you haue entered according to the Inuoyce in one Accompt, you shall in these Bookes handle perticularly each commodity in an Accompt by it selfe, and the Sales thereof, on which commodities you shall charge his proper charges, and duties paid here in England, and the same being fully sold, you shall passe the nett Proceede thereof into the other bookes, and there make the same good to the Inuoyce or Accompt it belongeth.

FOR such Ships as shall returne from Jndia, being first praised, accor­ding to the Companies order, you shall enter perticularly in this Book, and the same being fully perfected, you shall in one parcell passe the same ouer to the other Booke, and there allow the same in one totall (referred to this Booke) to the Voyage it belongeth.

FOR wages and charges that shall arise vpon any Ships discharge or re­turne, you shall likewise handle in this booke, and the same being per­fected, passe the same in one entire parcell to the other Booke, and there charge the same vpon the Accompt or Inuoyce it belongeth▪ that by this meanes it may plainely appeare, what is got by each perticular commodity, and euery Ships whole lading.

BOTH in the one and the other Accompt, you shall not passe any thing without a sufficient Voucher to iustifie your Iournals parcels vnder some Committy or Officers hand.

AND for conclusion of all, you shall digest and enter all Accompts in­to the Iournall your selfe with your owne hand, For we will admit of no diuersity of hands: And being therein digested, wee haue appointed Jeremy Sambrooke to assist you for the passing of the said Iournals into their Lidgers, and also in any businesse belonging to these Accompts; whom we would haue to be acquainted with all other matters, to the end (That if God shall otherwise dispose you) he may be able to goe forwards with the businesse, and giue vs a reason of the premisses.

Orders to bee obserued For the better Ʋouching of sundry Accompts, and haue reference to cer­taine other Articles, set downe for the perfect Auditing of the Companies Accompts, as in Page. 70


FIRST Let the Treasurers vouch all their Payments in generall, by the Receipts of the Parties who shall receiue any money of them, and al­so by the Warrant of the Gouernour, or his Deputy, with Foure Commit­tees at the least; onely the payments to the Aduenturers vpon Stocke, shall passe by the Warrant of the Auditors.

Let the Monyes receiued for Freedomes bee compared with the Secreta­ries Booke, wherein hee noteth downe the times, Conditions and Names▪ of all those who are made Free Brethren of the Company.

Clarkes of the Yard and Storehouse.

LET the Payment of euery Weekes wages to all the Workemen in the Yardes, be vouched by the Notes of the Committees, who goe week­ly to the Yardes to see the said wages paide.

Let the Accompts be carefully examined for all thinges whatsoeuer de­liuered into the Yardes vpon Bargaines made, and the like concerning the Clarkes Receipts for all the Materials prouided and sent into the Yard by the Husband, or by any other for the Company.

Let the Bookes of all the subordinate Officers in the Yard, which are di­gested into the Clarkes great Bookes, bee diligently compared together, and the like by the Receipts for Materials deliuered ouer from one Officer to another.

[Page 80] Let the Bookes and Receipts of the Purcers in the Companies Ships bee duely examined for all Prouisions, Stores, Victuals, or Marchandize deli­uered out of the Storehouses, Yardes, or by any of the Companies Officers, and charged vpon the said Ships.

Clarke of the Slaughterhouse.

LET the charge of the Clarke of the Slaughterhouse, be compared with the Accompts of Beefe and Porke, and let his Discharge vpon Ship­ping be examined with the Purcers Bookes.

Let no Accompt passe (without the knowledge and Order of the Court) wherein the Offals of the Beefe and Porke, doe exceed those seuerall rates in the tryall made for the Company, which is Registred in the Booke of Remembrances, in Page. 13.

Clarke of the Imprest money and wages.

LET the Accompts of the Clarkes concerning Imprest money, bee ex­amined by the Booke of the Committees, who entertaine the Marri­ners; and by the Bonds of the parties to whome the money is Imprested.

Let the Wages which is paide to Marriners Wiues vpon Accompt for their Husbands, be vouched by the Order and Warrant vnder the handes of the Committees, who entertaine the said Marriners.

Let the Wages which is paide to the Marriners after they returne home, be vouched by Order and Warrant vnder the handes of the Committees, the Accomptant generall, and one of the Auditors.

Accompts of wages.

LET the Accompts of wages for Commaunders, Factors or Marriners, be compared with the Acts of Court, and with the Booke of entertain­ment kept by the Clarke of the Imprest; and let the time of any of their Deaths, and their Debts be examined, by the Aduises or Letters out of the Jndies, and by the Purcers bookes.


LET the Warehouses for Marchandize bee charged with a Booke for that purpose, wherein euery perticular Commodity is set downe by number, waight or measure, as it is receiued out of each Ship seuerally.

Let the said Warehouses bee Discharged according as all the said Com­modities shalbe deliuered out, by lawfull Warrant subscribed by the Gouer­nour or his Deputy, and the Committees of the Warehouses.

Purcer generall.

LET the Purcer generals Accompts for Wages paide aboard Ships, be vouched by the Purcers Bookes of each Ships.

Petty Charges.

LET all petty Charges which is disbursed by the Husband or any Offi­cer to the Committees, or to any others, for their occasions in the Companies busines, bee vouched with a Note vnder the Parties hand wri­ting, to whome the money is payed and warranted, as is ordered.

Factors Accompts.

LET the Factors Accompts concerning Number, Waight and Mea­sure of euery Cargazon sent out or receiued home, bee examined, the one by the Inuoyces, and the other by the Booke for Discharge of each Ship, into the Companies Warehouses.

[Page 82] Let the Bookes of Accompts from Bantam and Suratt, concerning the Affaires of the subordinate Factories, which are digested into the said Bookes, be compared with the Originall Accompts.

Olde Stores.

LET it bee diligently obserued that euery Officer, who shall receiue any olde Stores from the Companies Ships which returne home, bee ac­comptable for the same by the Booke of Inuentaries, wherein all such thinges are noted downe perticularly.


LET there be care taken, that the Brokes bee iustly charged vpon all mens Accompts whosoeuer, that shall not pay in their Monyes at the times appointed, and if any mans Accompt bee found to receiue fauour in this kinde by Order of Court, then let the Court Bookes bee searched, to vouch the parcell.


CONCERNING all the Gratifications giuen by Order of Court, let e­uery parcell be examined by the Court Bookes.

Billes of Parcels for all Goods bought.

AND generally let all the Marchandize, Prouisions, Victuals, and Stores bought, either by the Committees, the Husband, or any other for the Company, bee vouched by a Bill of parcels subscribed by them, and by the Parties who solde the goods.


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