The grieuances of the Owners and Masters of shipping trading to the Southwards, against the patent for Dungennesse lights.

What was consen­ted vnto. IT is true that some of vs gaue consent to the setting vp of a light at Dun­gennesse: which was intended should haue bin a faire stone-tower, where­in to hane kept a blazing fire light: and for the charge of building and maintenance thereof, consent was likewise giuen to pay a pennie vpon the tunne of all ships that should take benefit thereby; and this penie to be paid, part by the Owner and part by the Merchant, at the returne of the shippes The Patentees a­buse of the consent: in erecting an vnfit light, and ill keep­ing thereof.from their voyages, and not before.

But the Patentee hath abused this consent: for in stead of a stone tower, he hath erected sleight structures of 3 or 4 masts: and on the top thereof keepes onely a candle light, which is nothing fit for that place, for that we cannot haue any benefit thereby, because it cannot be seene, till ships come very neare it: and also that candle light is so euilly kept, that it is suffered in many darke nights to go out, to the often endangering of our ships and mens liues.

The Patentee re­ceiueth as much a­gaine, as was con­sented vnto, and re­ceiueth it of those that haue no benefit by the light. And in stead of a pennie vpon the tunne to be paid at our ships returne▪ the Patentee hath inserted a pennie out, and a pennie in, which is two pence vpon the tunne, euery voyage. VVhich two pence we refusing at first to pay, he procured his Maiesties letter to the Custome-house, to haue our entries refused, and our Coquets stayed vntill payment were made of the said two pence vpon the tunne. And also he receiueth the like imposition of all ships that bring salt, wines, or oyles out of the Low Countries, [...]though they come not neere the said lights by 18 or 20 miles, nor can haue any benefit thereby.

What we now desire. VVee doe therefore humbly pray this honorable Assembly to prouide that a faire tower may be built, wherein may be kept a blazing fire-light, at the charge of a pennie vpon the tunne, to be payd part by the Owner, and part by the Merchant, at the returne of our shippes: or otherwise altogether to extinguish the light: for much better were it to haue none, then such a one, by which we can haue no benefit, but are often endangered to lose both our ships, goods and liues.

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