He wil my corse all beclip et clap to his breist
Quhē schaiffyn̄ is that ald schaik with a scharp rasour
He schowis on̄ me his schewill mouth & schēdis my lippis
And with his hard hurtheonē scyn̄ sa hekllis he my chekis.
That as a glemand gleyd glowis my chaftis
I schrenk for ye scharp stound bot schout dar I nought
For i schore of that auld schrew schame hī betide
The luf blenkis of that bogill fra his blerde ene
As belzebub had on̄ me blent abasit my spreit.
And quhē ye smy on̄ me smyrkis with his smake smolet
He fepillis like a farcy aver that flyrit on̄ a gillot.
Quhē that ye sound of is saw sinkis in my eris
Tan ay renewis my noy or he be neir cūand.
Quhē i heir nēmyt his name yā mak i nyne crocis.
To keip me fra ye cūmerans of that carll mangit
That full of eldnyng is et anger et all euill thewis
I dar nought luke to my luf for that lene gib.
He is sa full of ielusy and engyne fals.
Eu (er) ymagynyng in mynd mat (er)is of euill
Compasand et castand cacis a thousand
Ho he sall tak me with a trawe at trist of ane oyir
I dar nought keik to ye knaip that ye cop fillis.
For eldnyng of that ald schrew that eu (er) on̄ euill thynkis.
For he is wistit et worne fra venus werkis.
And may nought beit worght a bene in bed of my mystirs.
He trowis that ȝoung folk iȝerne ȝeild for he gane is
Bot i may ȝuke all yis ȝer or his ȝerd help
Ay quhē that caribald carll wald clym̄ on̄ my wambe
Than am i dangerꝰ et daine & dour of my will
ȝit leit i neū that larbar my leggis ga betuenene
To fyle my flesche na fūmyll me with out a fee gret
And yoght his pen̄ purly me payis in bed
His purse pays richely in recompense eft (er)
For or he clym̄ on̄ my corse t [...]at carybald forlane.
I haue cōdition̄ of a curche of kersp all yer fynest.
[Page] A govn of engranyt claitgh ritgh gaily furrit.
A ring with a ryall stane or oyer riche iowell.
Or rest of his routy raid yotgh he wer rede wmyod
For all ye buddis of iohnt blunt quhē he abone clymis.
Me think ye baid deir a boutht sa bawth ar his werkis
And yus i sell him solace yotgh i it sour think
[...]ra sic a syre god ȝow saif my sueit sist (er)s deir.
Quhē that ye semely had said hir sentence to end.
Than all yai leuth apū loft with latis full mery
And raucht ye cop round about full off ric [...]e wynis
And ralȝett lang or yai wald rest with ryatus spec [...]e
The wedo ye toyir wlonk warpit yer wordis.
Now fair sist (er) fallis ȝow but fenȝing to tell.
Sen mā ferst witgh mat (er)mony ȝow menkit ī kirk.
Now haif ȝe farne be ȝour faith ꝯfese ws ye treuth.
That band to blise or to ban qulk ȝow best thinkis.
Or how ȝe like lif to leid in to lell spousage
And syne my self ȝe exem̄ on̄ ye samy wise
An i sall say furth ye sout [...] dissymyland no word
The plesand said i ꝓtest ye treuth gif i schaw
That of ȝour toungis ȝe be traist ye toyir twa grantit
With yat sprang vp hir spreit be a span̄ hec [...]ar.
To speik ꝙ scho i sall noutgh spar yer is no spy neir.
I sall a ragment reveil fra rute of my hert
A roust that is sa rākild quhill risis my stomok
Now sall ye byle all out brist that beild has so lang.
For it to beir on̄ mi breist wes berdin our hevy.
I sall ye venome devoid with a vent large
And me assuage of ye swalme that suellit wes gret
My husband wes a hur mast (er) ye hugeast in erd
Tharfor i hait hī with my hert sa help me our lord
He is a ȝoung mā rytgh ȝaip bot noutgh in ȝouth flouris
For he is fadit full far et feblit of strenth
He wes as flurising fresche with in yis few ȝeris.
Bot he is falȝeid full far et fulȝeid in labour.
[Page] He has bene lychour so lang quhill lost is his n [...]
his [...]me is vaxit larbar et lyis in tho swonne.
Wes neu (er) sugeorne wer set na on̄ that snaill tyrit
For eft (er) vii oulkis rest it will noutgh rap anys
He has bene waistit [...] he me wif chesit.
And in adultre in my tyme i haif him tane oft
And ȝit he is als brankand witgh bonet on̄ syde.
And blenkand to ye brithtest that in ye burtgh duellis
Alse curtly of his clething et kemyng of his hair.
As he that is mare valȝeand in venus chalm (er)
He semys to be sūthing worth that syphyr in bour
He lukis as he wald luffit be yotgh he be litill of valour.
He dois as dotit dog that danys on̄ all bussis.
An liftis his leg apon̄ loft yotgh he noutgh list pische
He has a luke witghout lust et lif witghout curage
He has a forme without force et fesson̄ but vertu.
And fair wordis but effect all fruster of dedis
He is for ladyis in luf a right lusty schadow.
Bot in to derne at ye deid he salle drup fundī
He ralis et makes repet witgh ryatus wordis
Ay rusing hī of his radis et rageing in chalm (er).
Bot god wait quhat i think quhyē he so thra spekis.
And how it settis him so syde to sege of sic mat (er)is
Bot gif him self of sū evin mytgh ane say amang yaī
Bot he noutgh ane is bot naue of naturis possessoris
Scho that has ane auld mā noutgh all is begylit
He is at venus werkis na war na he semys
I wend i josit a gem̄ et i haif geit gottin
He had ye glemyng of gold et wes bot glase fundī
Thought mē be ferse wele i fynd fra falȝe yer curage
That is bot eldnyng or anger yer hertis withī:
ȝe speik of berdis on̄ bewch of blise may yai sing
That on̄ sanct valētynis day ar vacandis ilk ȝer.
Hed i yat plesand prevelege to ꝑt quhē me likit.
To c [...]ange et ay to cheise agane yā chastite adew.
[Page] Than suld i haif i a fresch feir to fang ī mynn armys
To hald a freke quhill he faynt may foly be calit
Aponē sic mat (er)is i mus at mydnyght full oft
And murnys so ī my mynd i murdris my selfin.
Than ly i walkand for wa and walt (er)is about
Uvariand [...] my wekit kyn that me away cast
To sic cradounē b [...] cur [...] that knyt my cler bewte
And yer so mony kene knygtis yis kenrik within
Than think i on a semlyar ye suth for to tell
Na is our syre be sic sevin with yat i syth ost
Than he ful tend (er)ly dois turne to me his twme ꝑson.
And with a ȝoldin ȝerd dois ȝolk me ī armys
And sais my sou (er)ane sueit thing quiy sleip ȝe no betir
Me think yer haldis ȝowe a hete as ȝe sū harme alyt.
ꝙ i my hony hald abak and handill me nought sair;
A hathe is happinit hastely at my hert rut.
Uwith yat i seme for to swounē tought i na swerf tak
And yus beswik i yat swane with my sueit wordis
I cast on him a crabit e quhē cleir day is cūmyn
And lettis it is a luf blink quhē he about glemys
I turne it in a tend (er) luke that i in tene warit
And him behaldis hamely with hertly smyling
I wald a tend (er) peronall that myght na put thole.
That hatit me with hard geir for hurting of flesch
Had mā gud my to hir gest for i dar god suer
Scho suld not stert for his straik a stray breid of erd.
And syne i wald that ilk band that ȝe so blist call
Had bund him so to to yat bryght quhill his bak werkit
And i wer in a beid broght with berne that me likit
I trow that bird of my blis suld a bourd want
Onone quhē yis amyable had endit hir speche
Luly rauthand ye laif allowit hir meklē
Thir gay wiffis maid ga [...] amang ye greue leiffis.
Thai drank et did a way dule vnd (er) derne bewis
Thai swapit of ye sueit wyne yai swan quhit of hewis
[Page] Bot all ye pertlyar ī plane yai [...]ut out thar vocis▪
Than said ye weido I v [...] [...]
Now tydis me for to talk my taill it is n [...]
God my spreit now inspir et my speche qu [...]in
And send me sentence to say substātious et noblē.
Sa yat my preching may pers a our ꝑverst hertis
And mak yow mekar to mē in man (er)is et conditiounis
I schavv ȝow sist (er) in schrift i wes a schrew eu (er) ī nīcrit
bot i wes schene in my sc [...]rowd et schew me
And yougt i dour wes et dane dispitois et bald
I wes dissymblit suttely ī a sanctis liknes
I semyt sober and sueit et sempill without fraud
Bot i couth sexty dissaif that suttillar wer haldī
Uvnto my lesson ȝelyth et leir at me wit
Gif yov nought list be forleit with losingeris vntreu
be constant ī ȝour gou (er)nance et count (er) feit gud man (er)s.
yougt ȝe be kene inconstant et cruell of mynd
yougt ȝe as tygris be terne be tretable in luf
And be as turtoris i your talk yout ȝe haif talis brukill.
Be dragonis baitht and dowis ay in double forme
And quhen it nedis ȝow onone note baith ther stranthis
Be amyable with humble face as angellis apperand
And with a t (er)rebill tail be stangand as edderis
Be of ȝour luke like innocentis yog [...]t [...]e haif euill myndis.
Be courtly ay in clething et costly arrayit
That hurtis ȝow nought worth a hen ȝowr husband pays for all.
Twa husbandis haif i had yai held me baith deir.
Thought i dispytit yaī agane yai spytit it na thing.
Ane wes ane hair hogeart that hostit out flewme
I hatit him like a hund thought i it hid preue.
With kissing et with clapping i gert ye carill fon̄
Uveil couth i krych his cruke bak & kem his kewt noddill.
And with a bukky i my cheik bo an him behind
And with a bek gang about et bler his ald e
And with a kyind contynan [...] [...]ys his crynd c [...]ekis.
[Page] [...] to my mynd makand mo [...]is at that mad fad (er).
Trovand me wit [...] [...] to [...] hī so fair.
This coug [...] [...] with [...] na dises tak
bot ay be me [...] et myrth full of cher
I had a lufsum [...] for to be slokyn.
That couth be secrete and sure and ay saif my honour
And sew bot at certane tymes et in sicir placis
Ay quhē ye ald did me anger with akword wordis
Apon ye galland for to goif it gladit me agane
I had sic wit that for wo weipit i litill.
bot leit ye sue it ay ye sour to gud sesone bring.
Quhē that ye chuf wald me chid with girnand chaftis
I v [...]d him chuk cheik et chyn et cheris hī so mekill
that his chief chymys had chevist to my sone.
Suppos ye churll wes gane chaist or ye child wes gottī
As wis womā ay i wrouht et not as wod fule
For mar with wylis i wan na withtnes of handis
Syne maryt i a nīchand mygti of gudis.
He wes a mā of mydeld et of mene statur.
bot we na fallowis wer ī frendschiprblud
In fredome na furth bering na fairnes of ꝑsounē
Quilk ay ye fule did forȝet for febilnes of knawlege.
Bot i sa oft thogt hī on quhill angrit his hert.
And quhilū i put furht my voce et pedd (er) hī callit
I wald ryght tinchandly talk bei wes tuyse maryit
For endit wes my innocence with my ald husband
I wes apperand to be pert within ꝑfit eild.
Sa sais ye curat of our kirk that knew me full ȝing
He is our famous to be fals that fair worthy prelot.
I salbe laith to-lat him le quhill i may luke fueth
I gert ye buth mā obey yer wes no bute ellis
He maid me ryght hie reu (er)ens fra he my rytht knew.
For yot i say it my self ye seu (er)ance wes meklē
Be tuix his bastard blude et my birth noblē
That page wes neu (er) of sic price for to p̄some anys.
[Page] Unto my ꝑsone to be peir had pete nought grantit.
Bot m (er)cy in to woma heid is a meklē vertu.
For neu (er) bot in a gentill hert is gen (er)it ony ruth
I held ay grene ī to his mynd that i of grace tuk hī
And for he couht ken him self i curtasly hī lerit
He durst not sit anys my sūmondis for or he secund charge
He wes ay redy for to ryn so rad he wes for blame.
bot ay my will wes ye wat of womāly natur.
The mair he loutit for my luf ye les of hī i rakit
And eik yis is a ferly thing or i hi faith gaif
I had sic fauour to that freke and feid syne for eu (er).
Quhē i ye cure had all clene et hī our cūmy haill
I crew abone that craudonē as cok that wer wictour.
Quhē i hī saw subieit et soit at myn bydding
Than i him lithtlyit as a lowne et lathit his man (er)is
Than woxe i sa vnm (er)ciable to m (er)tir hī i thougt
For as a best i broddit hī to all boyis laubour
I wald haif ridd hī to rome with raip ī his heid
wer not ruffill of my renovnē et rumour of pepill
And ȝit hatrent i hid within my hert all.
bot quhilis it hepit so huge quhill it behud out.
ȝit tuk i neū ye wosp clene out of my wyde t [...]rote
Quhill i outht wantit of my will or quhat i w [...]ld desir
bot quhē i seu (er)it had that syre of substance ī erd.
And gottī his biggnigis to my barne et hie burrow lādis.
Than with a stew stert out ye stoppell of my hals
That he all stwnyst throu ye stound as of a stele wappī
Than wald i eft (er) lang first sa fane half bene wrokin
That i to flyte wes als fers as a fell dragoun
I had for flatt (er)ing of that fule fenȝeit so lang.
Mi uidentis of he (er)tagis or ai wer all selit.
My breist ythat wes gret beid bowdyn wes sa huge
That nieir my baret out birst or the band makin
bot quhē my billis et my bauthles wes all braid selit
I wald na langar beir on bridill bot braid vp my heid.
[Page] Thar myght na molet mak me moy na hald my mouth in.
I g [...]t ye rīȝeis rak et rif in to sondir
I maid that wif carll to werk all womēs werkis
And laid all mā [...] mat (er)is and m [...]sk in yis eird
Than said i to my cūmar (ris) in c [...]sall all about
Se now i cabeld ȝonē cout wiht a kene brydill
The cappill that ye crelis kest in ye caf mydding
Sa curtasly ye cart drawis ā kēnis na plūgeing
He is nought skeith na ȝit sker na scippis nought on̄ syd.
And yus ye scorne & ye skaith scapit he noyir,
He wes no glaid sū gest for a gay lady
Thar for gat hī a gam̄ that ganyt him bettir
He wes a gret goldit mā et of gudis riche
I leit him be my lūbart to lous me all nustis
And he wes fane for to fang fra me that fair office.
And thoght my fauo (ris) to fynd thrō his feill giftis
He grathit me in a gay silk et gudly arrayis
In gownis of engranyt claight et gret goldī chinȝeis
In ringis ryally set with riche ruby stonis
Quhill hely raise my renovnē amang ye rude peple
Bot i full crftaely did keip yai courtly wedis.
Quhill eft (er) dede of that drupe that dotht nought in chalmir
Tought he of all my clathis maid cost et expense
Ane oyir sall ye worschip haif that weildis me eftir
And yoght i likit him bot littill ȝit for luf of oyirs
I wald me prūȝa plesandly in precius wedis
That luffa (ris) myght apon̄ me luke & ȝing lusty gallādis
That i held more in daynte et derer be ful mekill
Ne hī that dressit me so dink full dotit wes hi [...] heyd
Quhē he wes heryit out of hand to hie vp my honoris
And payntit me as pako proudest of feddīs
I hī miskēnyt be crist et cukkald hī maid
I him for leit as a lad et lathlyit hī mekle
I thoght my self a papīgay et him a plukit h [...]rle
All yus enforsit he his fa et fortifyit in strenth
[Page] And maid a stalwart staff to strik hī selfe doune
Bot of ane bowrd in to bed i sall ȝow breif ȝit
Quhē he ane hal [...]ar wes hanyt & hi behuffit cage
And i wes laith to be loppī with sic a lob avoir.
Alse lang as he wes on̄ loft i lukit on̄ hī neu (er).
Na leit neu (er) in my thoght that he my thing persit:
Bot ay in mynd ane oyir mā ymagynit that i haid
Or ellis had i neu (er) mery bene at that myrthles raid.
Quhē i that grome geldit had of gudis & of natur.
Me thoght hī gracelese on̄ to goif sa me god help.
Quhē he had warit all on̄ me his welth et his substance
Me thoght his wit wes all went a way with ye laif
Ad so i did him dispise i spittit quhē i saw.
That sup (er) spendit euill spreit spvlȝeit of all vertu.
For weill ȝe watt wiffis that he that wantis riches
And valȝeandnes in venus play is ful vile haldī
Full fruster is his fresch array et fairnes of personne
All is bot frut lese his effeir et falȝeis at ye vp with.
I buskit vp my barnis like baronis sōnis.
And maid bot fulis of ye fry of his first wif
I banyst fra my boundis his breyir ilkane.
His frendis as my fais i heid at feid evir.
Be yis ȝe beleif may i luffit noutgh hī self.
For neu (er) i likit a leid that langit till his blude
And ȝit yer wismē yai wait that all wiffis euill.
Ar kend with yer conditionis et knawī with ye sa [...]
Deid is now that dyour et dollin in erd.
With him deit all my dule et my drery thogtis
Now done is my dolly nyght my day is vpsprūgī.
Adew dolour adew my daynte now begynis.
Now am̄ i a wedow i wise and weill am̄ at ese
I weip as i wer woful bot wel is me for eu (er).
I busk as i wer bailfull bot blith is my hert.
My mouth it mak (ris) murnyng et my mynd lauc [...]is.
My clokis yai ar caerfull in colour of sabill.
[Page] Bot courtly and ryght curyus my corse is yer vndir.
I drup with a ded luke in my dule habit.
As with māis daill had done for dayis of my lif.
Quhē that i go to ye kirk cled in cair weid.
As foxe in a lambis fleise fenȝe i my cheir
Than lay i furtgh my bright buke on̄ breid on̄ my kne.
With mony lusty lett (er) ellūmynit with gold
And drawis my clok forth wart our my face quhit
That i may spy vnaspyit a space me beside
Full oft i blenk by my buke et blynis of deuotion̄
To se quhat berne is best brand or bredest in schuldīs
On f [...]eit is maist forcely to furnyse a bancat.
In venus chalm (er) valȝeandly withoutī vane ruse.
And as ye new mone all pale oppressit with change.
Kythis quhilis her cleir face trō cluddis of sable
So keik i thrō my clokis et castis kynd lukis.
To knythis and to cleirkis and corly ꝑsonis.
Quhē frendis of my husbandis behaldis me on̄ fer
I haif a watt (er) spunge for wa with in my wyde clokis
Than wring i it full wylely et wetis my chekis.
Wit that watt (er)is myn ene et weltīs doune teris.
Than say yai all that sittis about se ȝe nought allace
ȝone lustlese led so lelely scho luffit hir husband
ȝone is a pete to enprent in a princis hert
That sic a perle of plesance suld ȝone pane dre
I sane me as i war ane sanct et semys ane angell
At langage of lichory i leit as i war crabit
I sich wit out sair hert or seiknes in body
According to my sable weid i most haif sad manīs
Or yai will se all ye suth for certis we wemen.
we set ws all for ye sytgh to syle mē of treuth.
we dule for na euill deid sa it be derne haldin
wisemē has wayis aud wond (er) full gydingis
wit gret engyne to be iaip yer iolyus husbandis
And quyetly with sic craft gvoyis our matīs.
[Page] That und (er) crist no creatur kēnis of our doingis.
Bot folk a cury m [...]y mistuke that knawlege wantis
And has na colouris for te couer yer awne kindly favtis:
As dois yir damysellis for derne dotit lufe.
That dogonis haldis in dainte et delis with yai so lang
Quhill ar ye c̄tre knaw yer kyndnes et faith
Faith has a fair name bot fals heid faris beittir.
Fy on̄ hir that cā nought feyne her fame for to saif
ȝit am i wise in sic werk et wes all my tyme.
yoght i want wit in warldlynes i wylis haif in luf
As ony happy wamā has that is of hie blude
Hutit be ye halok lase a hund (er) ȝeir of eild.
I haue ane secrete serwand rycht sobir of his toung
That me supportis of sic nedis quhē i a syne mak.
yoght he be sympill to ye sicht he has a tong sickir.
Full mony semelyar sege wer seruice dois mak
Thotgh i haif cair vnd (er) cloke ye cleir day quhill nygt
ȝit haif i solace vnd (er) serk quhill ye sone ryse
ȝit am i haldī a haly wif our all ye haill schyre.
I am sa peteouse to ye pur quhē yer ꝑsonis mony.
In passing of pilgrymage i pri [...] me full mekle
Mair for ye prese of peple na ony ꝑdon wynyng.
Bot ȝit me think ye best bourd quhē baronis et knythis
And oyir bachilleris blith blwmyng in ȝouth
And all my luffaris lele my lugeng ꝑsewis
And fyllis me wyne wātonly with weilfair et ioy
Sū rowis et sū talȝeis et sū redis ballatis.
Sū raiffis furght rudly with riatus speche
Sū plenis et sū prayis sū prasis mi bewte
Sū kissis me sū clappis me sū kyndnes me ꝓferis
Sū kerffis to me curtasli sū me ye cop giffis
Sū stalwardly steppis ben with a stout curage
And a stif standand thing staiffis in mi neiff
And mony blenkis ben our that but full fer sittis
That mai for ye thik th [...]ng noutgh thrif as yai wald.
[Page] Bot with my fair calling i comfort yaī all.
For he that sittis me mxt i nip on his finger
I serf hī on ye toyir syde on ye sanū fasson.
And he that be hi [...] me i hard on him lene.
And hi befor with my fut fast on his i stramp
And to ye bernis far but sueit blenkis i cast
To eu (er)y mā in speiall speke i sū wordis
So wisly and so womāly quhill warmys yet hertis
That is no liffand leid so law of degre
that sall me luf vnluffit i am so loik hertit
And gif his lust so be lent ī to my lyre quhit
That he be lost or with me lak his lif sall not danger.
I am so m (er)cifull ī mynd et menys all withtis
My sely saull salbe saif quhē sa bot all iugis
Lladyis leir yir lessonis et be no lassis fundī.
This is ye legeand of my lif yought latyne it be nane.
Quhē endit had hir ornat speche yis eloquēt wedow
Llowd yai lewth all ye laif et loffit hir mekle
And suid yai sald exampill tak of her sou (er)ane teching
And wirk eft (er) hir wordis that womā wes so prudent
than culit yai yer mouthis with confortable drinkis
And carpit full cūmerlik with cop gonig round.
Thus draif yai our that deir nyght with danceis full noble
Quhill that ye day did vp daw et dew donkit flouris
The morow myld wes et meik ye mavis did sing
And all remuffit ye myst et ye meid smellit.
Silu (er) schouris doune schuke as ye schene cristall
And berdis shoutit in schaw with yer still notis.
The goldī glitt (er)and gleme so gladit yer hertis
That maid a glorius gle amang ye grene bewis
The soft sow [...]h of ye swyr et sovne of ye stremys
The sueit sawour of ye sward singnig of foulis
Myght confort ony creatur of ye kyn of adā
And knidill agane his curage yoght it wer cald sloknyt.
Than rais tyer ryall rosis in yer rithe wedis
[Page] And rakit hame to yer [...]st thrō ye rise blwmys
And i all prevely past to a plesand arber.
And with my pen̄ did report yer pastance most mery.
ȝe auditoris most honorable that eris has gevin.
On̄ to yis vncouth aventur quhilk airly me hapīnit
Of yer thre wanton̄ wiffis that i haif writtī heir
Quhilk wald ȝe vvaill to ȝour vvif gif ȝe suld vved one
I yat in heill vves and gladnes
Am trublit now with gre seiknes
And feblit with infermite
Timor mortis conturbat me.
Our plesance heir is all vane glory.
This fals warld is bot transitory
The flesch is brukle ye fend is sle
Timor et cetera.
The stait of mā dois change et vary.
Now sound now seik now blith now sary.
Now dansand mery now like to dee
Timor et cetera.
No stait in erd heir standis sickir.
As with ye wynd wavis ye witkir
wavis yis warldis vainte
Timor et cetera.
On̄to ye ded gois all estatis
Princis prelotis et potestatis.
Baith riche et pur of al degre.
Timor et cetere.
He takis ye knythis in to feild.
Anarmyt vnd (er) helme et scheild
wictour he is at all melle
Timor mortis conturbat me.
That strang vnmercifull tyrand
Tak on̄ ye modīs breist sowkand
The bab full of benignite.
[Page] Timor mortis conturbat me
He ta [...] ye campion in ye stour
The capitane closit in ye tour
The lad [...] full of bew [...]
Timor mortis &c.
He sparis no lord ofr his p [...]
Na clcerk hi intelligence
his awfull strak may no mā fle
Timor &c.
Art magicianis and astrologgis
Rethoris logicianis et theologgis
Thame helpis no conclusionis sle
Timor mortis &c.
In medicyne ye most practicianis.
Lechis surrigianis et phisicianis
Thame self fra ded may not supple
Timor. &c.
I se that makaris amang ye laif
Playis heir yet pageant syne gois to graif
Sparit is nought, yer faculte
Timor &c.
He has done petuously devour
The noble chaucer of makaris flour
The monk of bery et gower all thre
Timor &c.
the gud syr hew of eglintoun
Et eik heryot et wyntoun.
He has tane out of yis cuntre
Timor mortis conturbat me
that scorpion fell has done infek
Maist (er) iohne clerk et iames afflek
Fra balat making et trigide
Timor mortis conturbat me
Holland et barbour he has berevit
Allace taht he nought with ws lewit
[Page] Schir munge lokert et ye le
Timor mortis &c.
Clerk of tranent eik he has tane
that maid ye ant (er)is of gawane
Schir gilbert hay endit has he
Timor mortis &c.
He has blind hary et sandy traill
Slaine with his schour of mortall haill
Quhilk patrik iohnestoun myght nought fle▪
Timor mortis &c
He has Reft m (er)seir his endite
That did in luf so lifly write.
So schort so quyk of sentence hie
Timor mortis conturbat me
He has tane roull of aberdene
And gentill roull of corstorphin.
two bett (er) fallowis did no mā se
Timor &c.
In dūfermelyne nē he has done rovne
with maist (er) robert hērisoun
Schir iohne ye ros enbrast has he.
Timor mortis conturbat me
And he has now tane last of aw:
Gud gentill stobo et quintyne schaw
Of quhā all withtis has pete
Timor mortis conturbat me.
Gud maist (er) walt (er) kēnedy
In poynt of dede lyis veraly.
Gret reuth at wet that so suld be
Timor mortis conturbat me
Sen he has all my breyer tane
He will naught lat me lif alane.
On forse i man his nyxt pray be
Timor mortis conturbat me
Sen for ye ded remeid is none
[Page] Best is that we for dede dispone.
Eft (er) [...] deid that lif may we
Timor mortis conturbat me
My gudame wes a gay wif bot scho wes ryght gend
Scho duelt furht fer ī to frāce apon falkland fellis
thai callit her kynd kittok quhasa hir weill kend.
Scho wes l [...]e a caldrone cruke cler vnd (er) kellys
thai threpit that scho eit of thirst et maid a gud end
Eft (er) hir dede scho dredit nought in hevin for to duell
And sa to hevin ye hie vvay dreidles scho uvend
ȝit scho wand (er)it and ȝeid by to ane elriche well.
Scho met yar as i wene.
Ane as [...] rydand on a snaill
Et cryit ourtane fallow haill Till it wes neir evin.
And raid ane inche behind ye taill
Sa scho had hap to be horsit to hir herbry.
Att ane ailhous neir it nyghttit yai yare
Scho deit of thrist ī yis warld that gert hir be so dry
Scho neu (er) eit bot drank our mesur et mair
Scho slepit quhill ye morne at none et rais airly
And to ye ȝettis of hevin fast cā ye wif fair
And by sanct petir in at ye ȝet scho stall prevely
God lukit et saw hit lattī in et lewth his hert sair
And yar ȝeris sevin
Scho lewit a gud lif
And wes our ladyis hen wif ay quhill scho wes ī hevī
And held sanct pet (er) at strif
Sche lukit out on a day and thoght rythgt lang
To se ye ailhous beside in till ane euill hour
And out of hevin ye hie gait cought ye wif gaing
For to get hir ane fresche drink ȝe aill of hevī wes sour.
Scho come agane to hevīnis ȝet quhē ye bell rang
Saint petir hat hir with a club quhill a gret clour
Rais ī hir heid becaus ye wif ȝeid wrang
[Page] Than to ye ailhous agane scho ran ye pycharis to pour
And for to brew and baik.
Frendis i pray yow hert fully
Gif ȝe be thristy or dry Anys for my saik
Drink with my guddame as ȝe ga by
Explicit &c..
I maist (er) andro kennedy.
Curro quando sum vocatus
Gottin with sum incuby
Or with sū freir infatuatus
In faith i cā nought tell redly
Unde aut vbi fui natus.
Bot in treuth i trow trewly.
ꝙ sum dyabolus incarnatus
Cum nichill sit cercius morte
Uve mon all de mā that is done
Nescimꝰ qn̄ vel qua sorte
Na blind allane wait of ye mone
Ego pacior in pectore
This night i myght not sleip a wink
Licet eger in corpore.
ȝit wald my mouth be wet with drink
Nunc condo testamentum meū.
I leiff my saull for eu (er)mare
Per omīpotētē deum
In to my lordis wyne cellar
Semper ibi ad remanēdum
Quhill domisday without disseuver
Bonū vinum ad bibendum
Uvith sueit cuthbert that luffit me neuir
Ipē est dulcis ad amandum
He wald oft ban me ī his breith
Det michi modo ad potandum
And i forgif him laith et wraith.
Quia in cellario cum ceruisia.
[Page] I had lever lye baith air et lait.
Nudus solus in camesia
Na in my lordis bed of stait
A barell bung ay at my bosum
Of varldis gud i bad na mair.
Corpus meum ebriosum.
I leif on to ye toune of air
In a draf mydding for eu (er) and ay
Ut ibi sepeliri queam
Quhat drink and draff may ilka day
Be cassyne sup (er) faciē meā.
I leif my hert yat neu (er) wes sicir.
(sed) semꝑ variabile
That neu (er) mare wald flow nor flicir.
Consorti meo iacobe
yought i wald bynd it with a wiclr
Uerum deum renui
Bot and i hetht to teme a bicker
Hoc pactum semper tenui
Syne leif i ye best aucht i botht
Quod est latinū ꝓpt (er) caupe
To hede of kyn bot i wait nought
Quis est ille yā i schrew my scawpe
I callit my lord my heid but hiddill
Sed nulli alii hoc dixerunt
Uve weir als sib as seue et riddill.
In vna silua que creuerunt.
Omīa mea solacia
Thai wer bot lesingis all et ane
Cum omni fraude et fallacia
I leif ye maistt (er) of sanct antane.
Uvillm̄o gray sine gratia▪
Myne awne dere cusing as i wene
Qui nū (quam) fabricat mēdacia
Bot quhē ye holyne growis grene
[Page] My fenȝening and my fals wynyng
Relinqua falsis fratribus
For yat is goddis awne bidding
Dispersit dedit pauperibus.
For mēis saulis yai say yai sing
Mencientes pro muneribus
Now god hif yaī ane euill ending
Pro suis prauis operibus
To iok fule my foly fre
Llego post corpus sepultum
In faith i am mair fule yā he.
licet ostendit bonum vultum
Of corne and catall gold and fe
Ipse babet walde multum
And ȝit he bleris my lordis E
Fingendo cum fore stultum.
to mast (er) iohne clerk syne
do et lego intime
Goddis malisone and myne
Ipē est causa mortis mee
War i a dog and he a swyne.
Multi mirantur sup (er) me
Bot i suld ger that lurdane quhryne
Scribendo dentes sine de.
Residuum omnium bonorum.
For to dispone my lord sall haif
Cum tutela puerorum
Ade kytte and all ye laif
In faith i will na langar raif
Pro sepultura ordino
On ye new gys sa god me saif
Non sicut more solito.
In die mee sepulture
I will nane haif bot our avn [...] [...]
Et duos rusticos de rure
[Page] Berand a barell on a styng.
Drynkand and playand cop out evin.
Sicut egomet sol [...]m.
Singand and gret and with hie Stevin.
Potum meum cum fletu [...]ssebam.
I will na prestis for me sing.
Dies illa dies ire
Na ȝit na bellis for me ring:
Sicut semper solet fieri
Bot a bag pipe to play a spryng
Et vnū ail wosp ante me
In stayd of bane (ris) for to bring.
Quatuor lagenas nas ceruisie
within ye graif to set sic thing.
In modum crucis iuxta me.
To fle ye fendis yā hardely sing
De terra plasmasti me

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