Apon thy cors vengeance vengeance thay cry
Thou art the cause thay may not rest nor ly
Thou sais for thame few psaltris psalmis or cred [...]
Bot geris me tell thair trentalis of mysdedis
And thair ald sin wyth new schame certify
Insensuate sow cesse false Eustase air
And knaw kene scald I hald of alathya
And cause me not the cause lang to declare
Off thy curst kyn deulber and his Allya
Cum to the croce on keneis and mak a crya
Confesse thy crime hald kenydy the king
And wyth ane hauthorne scurge thy self ād dyng
Thus dree thy penaunce wyth deliquisti quia
Pas to my conmissare and be cōfest
Cour before him on kneis & cum in will
And syne ger Stobo for thy lyf protest
Renounce thy rymis bath ban and birn thy bull
Heve to the heuyn thy handis ande hald the still
Do thou not thus bogane thou salbe brynt
wyth pik fire ter gun puldre or lynt
On Arthuris sete or on ane hyar hyll
I perambalit of pernaso the montayn
Enspirit wyth Mercury fra his goldyn spere
And dulcely drank of eloquence the fontayne
Quhen it was purifit wyth frost and flowit clere
And thou come fule in marche or februere
Thare till a pule and drank the padok rod
That gerris the ryme in to thy termes glod
And blaberis that noyis mēnis eris to here
Thou lufis nane irische elf I vnderstand
Bot it suld be all trew scottis mēnis lede
It was the gud langage of this land
And scota it causit to multiply & speede
Quhill corspatrik that we of tresoū rede.
Thy fore fader maid irisch & irisch men thin
Throu his tresoū broght inglise rumplis in
Sa wald thy self myt thou to him succede
Ignorant / fule in to thy mowis & mokis
It may be verifyit that thy wit is thin
Quhare thou writis densmē dryit apon the rattis
Densmen of dēmark ar of the kingis kyn
The wit thou suld haue had. was castin in
Evyn at thyne ers bakwart wyth a staf slong
Herefore false harlot hursone hald thy tong
Deulbere thou devis the deuill thyne eme wyth dyn.
Quhare as thou said yt I stall hēnis & lāmys
I latt the witt I haue land store & stakkis
Thou wald be fayn to gnaw lad wyth thy gāmys
(Wnd)Under my burd smoch banis behynd doggis bakkis
Thou has a tome purs. I haue stedis & takkis
Thou tynt cultur I haue cultur & pleuth
Substance and gere thou has a wedy teuch
On mount falconn̄ about thy crag to rax
And yit mount falconn̄ gallowis is our fair
For to be fylde wyth sik a fruteles face
Cum hame and hyng on oure gallowis of aire
To erd the (vnd)under it I sall purchas grace
To ete thy flesch. the doggis sall haue na space
The ravyns sall ryve na thing bot thy tong rutis
For thou sik malice of thy maister mutis
It is wele sett yt thou sik barat brace
Small fynance / amang thy frendis thou beggit
To stanch the storm̄ wyth haly muldis thou loste
Thou sailit to get a dowcare for to dreg it
It lyis closit in a clout on seland cost
Sik reule gerris the be seruit wyth cald rost
And sitt vnsoupit oft beȝond the sey
Criant caritas at duris amore dei
Barefut brekeles and all in duddis vpdost
Deulbere has not ado wyth a dunbar
The erl of murray bure that surname ryght
That euyr trew to the king and constant ware
And of tha kyn come dunbar of westfelde knyght
That successione is hardy wyse and wyth
And has na thing ado now wyth the deuile
Bot deulbere is thy kyn and kenis the wele
And has in hell for the a chaumir ditht
Cursit croapand craw I sall ger crop thy tong
And thou sall cry cor mundum on thy kneis
Duerth I sall dyng the quhill thou dryte and dong
And thou sal lik thy lippis & suere thou leis
I sall degrade the graceles of thy greis
Scaile the for scorne and shere the of the scule
Ger round the hede transforme the till a fule
And syne wyth tresone trone the to the treis
Raw mowit ribald renegate rehatour
My linage and forebearis war ay lele
It cūis of kynde to the to be atraytoure
To ryde on nyt to rug to reue and stele
Quhare thou puttis poyson̄ to me I appelle
The in that part preue it pelour wyth thy persone
Clame not to clergy I defy the gersone
Thou sall by it dere wyth me doerthe & thou dele
In ingland oule suld be thyne habitacione
Homage to Edward langschankꝭ maid thy kyn
In dunbar thai ressauit hym the false nacione
Thay suld be exilde scotland mare et myn
A stark gallowis a wedy and a pyn
The hede poynt of thyne (eldis)elderis armes ar
Wryttyn abone in poesi, hang dundar
(Quart)Quarter and draw, and mak that surname thin
I am the kingis blude his trew speciall clerk
That newir yit ymaginit hym offense
Constant in myn allegeance word et werk
Onely dependand on his excellence
Traistand to haue of his magnificence
Guerdoū reward and benefice bedene
Quhen yt the ravyns sal ryve out bath thine ene[?]
And on the rattis salbe thy residence
Fra etrike forest furthward to drumfrese
Thou beggit wyth a pardon̄ in all kirkis
Collapis cruddis mele grotis grisis & geis
And (ond)onder nyt quhile stall thou staggis et stirkis
Be cause yt scotland of thy begging irkis
Thou scapis in france to be a knyt of the felde
Thou has thy clamschellis / and thy burdoū kelde
Wnhonest wayis all / wolronn̄ yt thou wirkis
Thou may not pas mount barnard for wilde bestis
Nor wyn throu mount scarpre for the snawe
Mount nycholas mount godart thare arestis.
Brigantis sik bois and blyndis thm̄ wyth a blawe
In parise wyth the maister buriawe
Abyde / and be his prentice nere the bank
And help to hang the pece for half a frank
And at the last thy self sall thole the lawe
Haltane harlot the deuill haue gude thou hais
For fault of puissance pelour thou mon pak the
Thou drank thy trift / sald & wedsett thy clais
Thare is na lorde that will in seruice tak the
A pak of flaskynnis fynance for to mak the
Thou sall ressaue in danskyn of my tailye
With de profundis fend the and that failye
And I sall send the blak deuill for to bak the
In to the katryne thou maid a foule cahute
For thou bedrate hir donn̄ fra starn to stere
Apon hir sydis was sene thou coud schute
Thy dirt clevis till hir towis this xx yere
The firmament na firth was newir cler
Quhill thou deulbere deuillis birth was on the see
The saulis had sonkyn throu the syn of the
War not the peple maid sa grete prayere
Quhen that the schip was saynit et vndir saile
Foul brow / in holl thou preposit for to pas
Thou schot and was not sekir of thy tayle
Beschate the stere / the compas et the glas
The skippar bad ger land the at the bas
Thou spewit and kest out mony a lathly lomp
Fastar, than all the marynaris coud pomp
And now thy wame is wers than ewir it was.
Had thai bene prouuait sa of schote of gvne
By men of were but perile they had past
As thou was louse and redy of thy bune
Thay myt haue tane the collum at the last
For thou wald cuk a cartfull at a cast
Thare is na schip that wil the now ressaue
Thou fylde faster than fyftenesum myt lawe
And myrit thaym wyth thy mak to the myd mast
Throu ingland thef and tak the to thy fute
And boun̄ with the to haue a fa [...]se botwand
A horse marschall thou call the at the mute
And with that craft convoy the throu the land
Be na thing argh, tak ferily on hand
Happyn thou to be hangit in northumbir.
Than all thy kyn ar wele quyte of thy cumbir
And that mon be thy dome I vndir stand
Hye souuerane lorde lat newir this synfull sot
Do schame / fra hame / vnto your nacion
That newir nane sik ane be callit a scot
A rottyn crok / louse of the dok thare donn̄
Fra honest folk deuoide this lathly lown̄
In sum desert / quhare thare is na repaire
For fylyng and infecking of the aire
Cary this cankerit corrupt carioū
Thou was consauit in the grete eclips
A monstir maid be god mercurius
Na hald agayn. na hoo is at thy hips
Infortunate false et furius
Evill schryvin wan thryvin: not clene na curius
A myten full of flyt [...]ng flyrdom like
A crabbit scabbit euill facit messan tyke
A schit but wit / schir et iniurius
Greit in the glaykꝭ gude maister gilliā gukkꝭ
Our imꝑfyte in poetry or in prose
All clocis vndir cloud of nyt thou cukkis
Rymis thou of me. of rethory the rose
Lunatike lymare luschbald louse thy hose
That I may touch thy tone wyt tribulation
In recompensing of thy conspiration
Or turse the out of scotland tak thy chose
Ane benefice quha wa [...]d gyue sic ane beste
Bot gif it war to gyngill iudas bellis
Tak the a fidill or a floyte et geste.
Wndought thou art ordanyt to not ellis
Thy cloutit cloke thy skyrp & thy clamschellis
Cleke on thy cors / and fare on. in to france
And cum thou newir agayn but a mischanche
The fend fare wyth the forthward our the fellis.
Cankrit Caym tryit trowane tutiuillus
Marmaidyn mym̄ken monstir of all men
I sall ger bake the to the lard of hill house
To suelly the in stede of a pullit hen
Fowm̄t fasert / fostirit in filth and fen
Foule fond flend fule apon thy phisnom fy
Thy dok of dirt drepis & will newir dry
To tune thy tone it has tyrit carlingis ten
Conspiratour cursit cocatrice, hell caa
Turk trumpour / traitour / tyran intemperate.
Thou irefull attircop pilate apostata
Iudas iow iuglour lollard laureate
Sarazene / symonyte / provit pagane pronūciate
Machomete manesuorme: bugrist abhominabile
Deuill dampnit dog sodomyte insatiable
With gog and magog grete glorificate
Nero thy nevow. golyas thy grantsire
Pharao thy (fad)fader Egipya thy dame
Deulbere thir ar the causis that i conspire
Termygantis tempise the / et waspasius thine em̄
Belzebub thy full brothir will clame
To be thyne air and Cayphas thy sectour
Pluto thy hede of kyn and protectour
To hell to lede the. on lyt day and leme
Herode thyne othir Eme and grete Egeas
Marciane / machomete / and maxencius
Thy trew kynnismē Antenor et Eneas
Throp thy nere nece / and austern̄ Olibr [...]
Puttidew baal and Eyobulus.
Thir fendis ar the flour of thy four branchis
Sterand the potis of hell et newir stanchis
Dout not deulbere tu es dyabolus
Deulbere / thy spere / of were / but feir thou yelde
Hangit mangit (edstangit)ederstangit strynd stultorum
To me maist hie / kenydie / et flee the felde
Pirckit wickit conwickit lanip lollardorū
Defamyt / blamyt / schamyt primas paganorum
Out / out. I schout / apon that snowt that snevillis
Tale tellare. rebellare / induellar / wyth the deuillis
Spynk / sink wyth stynk / ad tertera termagorum
Wythin a garth. (vnd)vnder a rede rosere
Ane ald man. and decrepit herd I syng
Gay was the note / suete was the voce et clere
It was grete ioy to here of sik a thing
And to my dome. he said in his dytyng
For to be yong I wald not for my wis
Off all this warld to mak me lord et king
The more of age / the nerar hevynnis blis
False is this warld and full of variance
Besoucht with syn. and othir sytis mo
Treuth is all tynt gyle has the gouuernance
Wrechitnes has wroht all welthis wele to wo,
Fredom̄ is tynt / and flemyt the lordis fro
And couatise is all the cause of this
I am content / that youthede is ago
The more of age / the nerar hevynnis blisse
The state of youth I repute for na gude
For in that state. sik perilis now I see
Bot full smal grace the regeing of his blud
Can non̄ gaynstand. quhill yt he agit be.
Syne of the thing yt tofore ioyit he
Nothing remayins for to be callit his
For quhy it were bot veray vanitee
The more of age / the nerar hevynnis blisse
Suld no mā traist this wrechit warld for quhy
Of erdly ioy ay sorow is the end
The state of it can no mā certify
This day a king / to morn̄ na gude to spend
Quhat haue we here bot grace vs to defend
The quhilk god grant vs for to mend oure mys
That to his glore he may oure saulis send
The more of age / the nerar hevynnis blisse
DEvise prowes and else humilitee
That maidenis haue in eūich wyse
Transmovit is in serpentis crueltee
Fra thay in warld be weddit wyth thir wyis.
No mānis wit to wond may suffice
Quhare ar be cūmyn thir maidenis myld of mude.
Off all thir wyfis yt noū ar found gude
O maidynhede of vertu nobilest
Flurisching in ioy / and perfyt lawlynes
O wyfhede wariit of wyfs wickitest
Moder of vice. and hertis hye distresse
The cause causing of ruyne as i gesse
That all this warld has broght to confusion
Begonnyn was throu thy persuasion
Ensample his how thyne iniquitee
Our cūmyn has wysedom̄ & strenth of hand
Be salomon the first may provit be
Wisest but were in warld yt was lyfand
His grete wisedome myt not agayn the stand
Thou gert hym err in to his (latt)latter elde
Declyne his god. and to the mawmentis yeld
Sampson the forse strongest yt ewir was borne
Off manly forse throu the destroit was
Both his eyne blyndit and eke forlorn̄
Dauid that slew the gyant golyas
And mony mo. the quhilk I haue na space
For to reherse for lak of tyme and wit
And for grete labour thar fore I mon our sett
Thou devillis member thou cursit homycide
Thou tigir tene fulfild of birnyng fyre
Thou schryne secrete of stynkand voke & pride
Thou cocatras that with the sicht of thy ire
Affrayit has full mony a gudely syre
That (eftward)efterward in warld had newir plesance
Grete god I pray to tak on the vengeance
In maidynhede sen was oure first remede
And fra the hevyn oure haly fader sent
The secund persone his sone in a god hede
To tak mā kynde apon the maidyn gent
Clene of hir corse / and clenar of entent
That bure the barne quhilk coūit vs fra care
Scho being virgyn clenar than scho was are
Grete was the lust / that thou had for to fang
The frute vetit throu thy false counsailing
Thou gert mankynde consent to do that wrang
Declyne his god / and brek his hye bidding
As haly write beris suthfast witnessing
Thar for thou fro the ioy at paradise
And thyne ofspring was banyst for thy vice
Androv myllar

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