¶ To all Parsons, Vicares, Curates, Schoolemasters, Churchwardes and Sydemen, and all other the Queenes Maiesties louing subiectes, within the Dioces of Ely, greetyng.

WHereas one Iohn Hitche of Lon­don hath authoritie frō the high Commissioners to sell in euery place within the prouince of Cā ­terbury the Catechismes in En­glish, Latine and Greeke, written by M. Alex­ander Nowell Deane of Paules. And wheras I am credibly informed, that there are some within my Dioces, that refuse the buying of the sayd Catechismes: This shall be to will and commaunde you and euery of you to buy the sayd Englishe and Latine Catechismes, and see them faythfully taught to your Pa­rishioners and Schollers, as ye will aun­swere to the contrary at your perill.

Richard Ely.
God saue the Queene.

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