¶To heare of such thinges ye be not wont
Nam horum contraria verissima sunt
AS verily as Adam created firste his God
So verily he tasted not, the fruite that was forbod
As verily as Abell, dyd kyll hys brother Kayn
So verily the shyppe made Noye this is playne
As verily as Isaac, hys father dyd begette
So verily the Sodomytes remayn vnburned yet
As verily as the Isralites, the Egiptians dyd oppresse
So verily dyd Moyses gyue God the lawe dowbtles
As verily as Sampson was, slayne of the lion rampynge
So verily dyd Goliad distroye Dauid the Kynge
As verily as in Babilon the meates were eate of Bell
So verily the dragon of brasse deuoured Daniell
As verily as Christe dyd crucifye the Jewes
So verily the Aposteles the gospell dyd refuse
As verily as Simon Magus the Apostles dyd confute
So verily the Apostels dyd princes persecute
As verily as the deuyll hath perfecte loue and hope
So verily goddes worde doth constitute the pope
As verily as Ise sicles wythin be hote and holowe
So verily proude prelates oure master Christe do folowe
As verily as bread doeth make and bake the baker
So verily these thefes the prestes can make their maker.
☞If Leighton wyll neades his maker make
That these are true he can not forsake
A Papiste he is and the popes owne knight
That preacheth falshed in stead of ryght
He knowith not howe to pay hys dettes
But wyth catchinge his creditors in the Popes netts
A thefe, a robber, by preachinge sedition
Is better regarded then the kings cōmission.
Amonge Papistes.

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