The second Booke of the Musicke of M. William Da­mon, late one of her maiesties Musitions: conteining all the tunes of Dauids Psalmes, as they are ordina­rily soung in the Church: most excellent­ly by him composed into 4. parts. In which Sett the highest part singeth the Church tune.

Published for the recreation of such as delight in Musicke: By W. Swayne Gent.

Printed by T. Este, the assigné of W. Byrd.




TO THE RIGHT HONO­rable, Sir VVilliam Cecill Knight, Baron of Burghley, Lord high Treasorer of England. William Swayne wisheth long life, and the same to be most healthie and happie.

RIght Honorable my singuler good Lord, there came to my hands of late a booke conteyning all the tunes of the Psalmes, as they are ordinarilie soung in the Church, composed into foure parts by M. William Damon late one of hir Maiesties seruaunts, which booke being found not onely in my poore opinion, but in the riper iudgement of some speciall Musicions to be excellentlie sette, either to serue for voices or instruments: for the great vse that might come thereof, and part­lie to preserue the labours of the Auctor, so worthie and skillfull a man in his profession: also to leaue his Religion and pietie herein witnessed, that so careful­lie and speciallie laboured to aduaunce the vse of singing the Psalmes: I was earnestlie dealt with all not to deteyne that as a part of my priuate store in Mu­sicke, that of it selfe conteyned matter so worthie publiquelie to enterteyne and to receiue enterteynment. Therefore with their perswasions and reasons, I was brought to publish them for the vse and comfort of all, especially of the godlie. And now right honorable my verie good Lord, calling to minde the dutie, honor, and seruice due by mee vnto your good Lordship, for the great loue and fauour which I haue alwaies receiued at your L. hands. (For I acknowledge my selfe to none more bound then to your honor:) I haue beene the more emboldened to present this simple worke to passe vnder your L. fauour and protection. Wishing that the same may chieflie serue to the glorie & praise of God. And then at your L. pleasure, at some times for the recreation of your minde, after your worthie and great trauayle from day to day taken in the most weightie affaires of this commonwealth. And so I commend your good L. to the mercifull keping of thalmightie God.

Your good L. most bound during life, William Swayne.

To the Reader.

HEretofore gentle Reader, M. William Damon one of her Maiesties Musitions, being earnestly requested by a friend of his did at sundry times when he resorted to his friends house compose the tunes of Dauids Psalms as they are ordinarily soung in the Church note for note, inten­ding thē for his friends priuate vse. These Psalmes so set, & made without labour or purpose to publish them, were notwithstan­ding published by the same friend of M. Damon; which not an­swering thexpectation that many had of the Auctors skill, gaue him occasion to take vppon him a new labour to recouer the wrong his friend did in publishing that that was so done, as might well please him, but was not purposed or framed for the learned eares of our times. Therefore at his best leisure & fittest times he composed the same tunes againe in so excellent a man­ner that by comparison of these and the former, the Reader may by triall see that the Auctor could not receiue in his Art such a note of disgrace by his friends ouersight before, but that now the same is taken away, and his worthie knowledge much more graced by this second trauaile. Now to acquaynt thee with the Auctors order in this second woorke, he hath for varietie gone through the Psalmes twice, which are now deuided into two Setts: whereof in the former the ordinarie singing part is caried in the Tenor: In the second set it is conueyed in the highest part. Herein ther is required of the Reader, if he be a louer of Musick, that he would accept of their labour that haue taken paines in publishing exactlie a worke of such singuler skill, and speciall vse for them, that after the serious labour of their calling are de­sirous rather to recreate them selues in singing of Psalmes, then in other exercises of lesse comfort, and euill marke.

William Swayne.

Veni Creator.

[...] COme ho- ly Ghost eternall God, eter- nall God, proceeding from [...] aboue, ij. both frō ye father & the Sonne, ye God of peace & loue, visite [...] our minds & into vs, & into vs, thy heauenly grace inspire, ij. That in [...] all truth & godlines, & godlines, we may haue true desire. we may haue true desire.

The humble sute of a sinner.

[...] O Lord of whome I do depend, behold my carefull hart: and [...] when thy will and pleasure is, release me of my smart. Thou seest my sorrowes [...] what they are, my grife is knowen to thee: and there is none, that can remoue, [...] or take the same from mee.

Te Deum.

[...] WE praise the God, we knowledge thee, the [...] onely Lord to be. And as eternall Father all, the [...] earth doth worship thee. To thee all Angells cry, the heauens and all the [...] powers therein: To the Cherub and Seraphin, and Seraphin, to cry they do not [...] linne. to cry they do not linne.

The song of the three Children.

[...] O All ye workes of God the Lord, O all ye [...] workes of God the Lord, blesse ye the Lord, blesse [...] ye the Lord, prayse him and magnifie him for euer. for euer.


[...] THe onely Lord of Israell, of Israell, be praysed [...] euermore: For through his vi- si- ta- ti- on, and mercy [...] kept in store, his people now he hath redeemd, he hath redeemd, that long hath [...] beene in thrall, and spread abroad his sauing health, and spread abroad his sauing [...] health, vpon his seruants all. his seruants all.


[...] MY soule doth magnifie the Lord, doth magnifie the [...] Lord, my sprite eke euermore, reioyceth in the Lord [...] my God, the Lord my God, which is my sauiour my sauiour. And why because he [...] did regard, and gaue respect vnto, respect vnto, so base estate of his handmaid, [...] of his handmaid, and let the mightie goe. and let the mightie goe.

Nune dimittis.

[...] O Lord because my hartes desire, hath wished long to [...] see: My onely Lord and Sauior, thy sonne before I dye: [Page 5] [...] the ioy and health of all mankind, desired long before, which now is come in [...] to the world, of mercy bringing store.

Quicunque vult.

[...] WHat man soeuer he be that saluation will attaine: The [...] catholike beliefe he must, beliefe he must, before all things re- [...] taine. Which Faith vnlesse he holy keepe, he holy keep, & vndefiledly, defiledly, [...] Without all doubt eternally, eternally, he shal be sure to dye. he shall be sure to dye.

The Lamentation of a sinner.

[...] O Lord turne not away thy face, turne not away thy face, [...] from him that lyeth prostrate, that lieth prostrate: Lamenting [...] sore his sinful lyfe, his sinfull lyfe, before thy mercy gate. Which gate thou openest [...] wide to those, thou openest wide to those, that doe lament their sinne, shut not that [...] gate against me Lord, but let me enter in.

The Lords prayer.

[...] OVr Father which in heauen art, Lord hallowed [...] be thy name. Thy kingdome come, thy wil be done in [...] earth euen as the same, in earth euen as the same in [Page 7] [...] heauen is. Giue vs O Lord our dayly bread this day, our dayly bread this day, as [...] we forgiue our debters so, forgiue our debts we pray. Into temptation leade vs [...] not, from euill make vs free, for kingdome powre & glory thine, both now and euer [...] be. both now and euer be.

The X Commaundements.

[...] HArke Israell & what I say, Hark Israel & what I say, giue heed to vnder- [...] stand, I am ye Lord thy God that brought thee out of Egipt Land. Euen from the [...] house wherin thou didst, in thraldome liue a slaue. None other Gods at all before my [...] presence shalt thou haue. my presence shalt thou haue. my presence shalt thou haue.

The complaint of a sinner.

[...] WHere righteousnesse doth say, Lord for my [...] sinnefull part, In wrath thou shouldst me pay, [...] thou shouldst me pay, vengeance for my de- [...] sert, I can it not deny but needes I must confesse, how that continually, thy [...] lawes I do transgresse, thy lawes I do transgresse.

Heere beginneth the Psalmes.

Psalm. 1

[...] THe man is blest yt hath not bent, yt hath not bent to wicked rede his [...] eare, Nor led his life as sinners do, nor sate in scorners chaire: But in the lawe of [...] God the Lord, doth set his whole delight, his whole delight, and in that lawe doth [...] exercise, him selfe both day & night. him selfe both day & night.

Psal. 3.

[...] O Lord how are my foes increast, my foes increst, which vex me [...] more and more? They kill my hart when as they say, when as they say, God can him [...] not restore. But thou O Lord art my defence, when I am hard bestead: My worship [...] & mine honor both, mine honor both, & thou houldst vp my head. houldst vp my head.

Psal. 6.

[...] LOrd in thy wrath reproue me not, reproue me not though [...] I deserue thine ire, though I deserue thine ire: Ne yet cor [...] rect me in thy rage, correct me in thy rage, O Lord I thee desire, I thee desire. For [...] I am weake, for I am weake, therfore O Lord, of mercy me forbeare, and heale me [...] Lord, for why? thou knowest my bones do quake for feare my bones do quake for feare.

Psal. 14.

[...] THere is no God as foolish men affirme, in [...] their mad mood: affirme in their mad mood: there [...] driftes are all corrupt and vaine, corrupt and vaine, not one of them doth good. The [Page 11] [...] Lord beheld from heauen hye, from heauen hye, the whole race of mankind, and [...] saw not one that sought in deede, the liuing God to finde. the liuing God to finde.

Psal. 18.

[...] O God my strength and fortitude, and fortitude, of [...] force I must loue thee: Thou art my castle & defence, my [...] castle and defence, in my necessitie. My God my rocke in whome I trust, the [...] worker of my wealth: My refuge buckler and my shield, the horne of all my [...] health. the horne of all my health.

Psal. 21.

[...] O Lord how ioyfull is the king, how ioyfull is the [...] king, in thy strength & thy power: How vehemently doth [...] he reioyce, doth he reioyce, in thee his Sauiour. For thou hast giuen vnto him, for [...] thou hast giuen vnto him, his godly harts desire: To him nothing hast thou de- [...] nide, hast thou denide, of that he did require, of that he did require.

Psal. 23.

[...] MY Shepheard is the liuing Lord, ye liuing Lord, no- [...] thing therfore I neede: In pastures fayre, with waters [Page 13] [...] calme with waters calme, he set me for to feede. he set me for to feede.

Psal. 25.

[...] I Lyft myne hart to thee, I lyft myne hart to thee, [...] my God & guyde most iust: Now suffer mee, to [...] take no shame, to take no shame, for in thee do I tust. Let not my foes re- [...] ioyce, my foes reioyce, not make a scorne of me, a scorne of me: And let them [...] not be ouerthrowne, that put their trust in thee. that put their trust in thee.

Psal. 25. BASSVS. An other of the same.

[...] I Lyft myne hart to thee, myne hart to thee, my [...] God & guide most iust: & guyde most iust: Now suffer [...] me to take no shame, for in thee doe I trust.

Psal. 30.

[...] ALL laude and prayse with hart & voyce, & praise with [...] hart & voyce, O Lord I giue to thee, I giue to thee, which [...] didst not make my foes reioyce, my foes reioyce, but hast exalted me. O Lord my [...] God, to thee I cryde, in all my payne & griefe: Thou gauest an eare & didst pro- [Page 15] [...] uide, & dydst prouide, to ease me with reliefe.

Psal. 41.

[...] THe man is blest that carefull is, the needy to con- [...] sider: For in the season perilous, the Lord will him deliuer. [...] The Lord will make him safe and sound, & happy in the land: & he will not de- [...] liuer him, deliuer him, into his enemies hand. into his enemies hand.

Psal. 44.

[...] OVr eares haue heard our fathers tell, our fathers tel, & [...] reuerently record: the wondrous workes that thou hast [...] done, that thou hast done, in older time O Lord. How thou didst cast the Gentiles [...] out, the Gentiles out, & stroydst them with strong hand, planting our fathers in their [...] place, and gauest to them their land their land, and gauest to them their land.

Psal. 46.

[...] THe Lord is our de- fence and ayd, the strength where- [...] by we stād: whē we with woe are much dismayd, are much dis- [...] mayd he is our helpe at hand, he is our help at hand. Though thearth remoue we [Page 17] [...] will not feare Though hills so high and steepe, so high and steepe, be thrust and [...] hurled heere and there, here and there, within the Sea so deepe. within the Sea so deepe.

Psal. 50.

[...] THe mighty God theternall hath thus spoke, and [...] all the world he will call and prouoke, euen from the [...] East, & so foorth to the West, and so foorth to the West. From toward Syon which [...] place him liketh best, which place him liketh best, God will appeare in beauty [...] most excellent, Our God will come, ij. be-fore that long time be spent.

Psal. 51.

[...] O Lord consider my distresse, consider my distresse & [...] now with speede some pity take: My sinnes de- face my [...] faults redresse, my faults redresse, good Lord for thy great mercies sake. Wash me O [...] Lord, Wash me O Lord, and make me cleane, and make me cleane, from this vn- [...] iust and sinfull act: and purifie yet once againe, my haynous cryme and bloudy [...] fact. my haynous cryme and bloudy fact.

Psal. 52.

[...] WHy doest thou tyrant boast abroad, thy wicked workes [...] to prayse? doest thou not know there is a God, there is a [Page 19] [...] God, whose mercies last alwayes? Why doth thy minde yet still deuise, yet still deuise, [...] such wicked wiles to warpe? Thy tounge vntrue in forging lyes, in forging lyes is [...] like a rasour sharpe.

Psal. 59.

[...] SEnd ayd & saue me from my foes, saue me from my [...] foes, O Lord I pray to thee: Defend & keepe me from all [...] those, & keepe me frō all those, that rise and striue with me. O Lord preserue me [...] from those men, whose doings are not good: And set me sure and safe from them, [...] and safe from them, that thirsteth after bloud. that thirsteth after bloud.

Psal. 61.

[...] REgard O Lord for I complaine, Regard O Lord for I com- [...] plaine, and make my sute to thee: Let not my word re- [...] turne in vaine, returne in vaine, but giue an eare to me. From of the coastes & vtmost [...] parts, and vtmost parts, of all the earth abroad: in griefe and anguish of my hart, [...] I cry to thee O God.

Psal. 68.

[...] LEt God arise and then his foes, and then his foes, will [...] turne them selues to flight: His enemies then will run abroad, [...] and scatter out of sight. And as the fyre doth melt the waxe, doth melt the [Page 21] [...] waxe, & winde blow smoke away: So in the presence of ye Lord, the wicked shall de- [...] cay. the wicked shall decay. the wicked shall decay▪ shall decay.

Psal. 69.

[...] SAue me O God and that with speed, and that with speed, [...] the waters flow full fast: So nye my soule doe they pro- [...] ceede, that I am sore agast. I sticke full deepe in filth and clay, in filth and clay, [...] wheras I feele no ground: I fall into such flouds I say, that I am like be drownd.

Psal. 72.

[...] LOrd giue thy iudgements to the King, thy iudgements to the king, [...] therin instruct him well: And with his sonne that princely thing that [...] princely thing, Lord let thy iustice dwel. That he may gouerne vprightly, gouerne [...] vprightly, & rule thy folke a right: & so defend through equitie, the poore that [...] haue no might. the poore that haue no might.

Psal. 77.

[...] I With my voyce to God doe crye, to God doe crye, with [...] hart and harty cheare: My voyce to God, my voyce to God I [...] lift on high, and he my su [...]e doth heare. In tyme of griefe I sought to God, I [Page 23] [...] sought to God, by night no rest I tooke: But stretcht my hands to him abroade, to [...] him abroad, my soule comfort forsooke. comfort forsooke.

Psal. 78.

[...] ATtend my people to my Law, and to my words in- [...] cline: My mouth shall speake strange parables, strāge [...] parables, and sentences diuine. Which we our selues haue heard & learnd, euen [...] of our fathers olde: And which for our instruction, instruction, our fathers [...] our fathers haue vs tolde.

Psal. 81.

[...] BE light and glad in God reioyce, in God reioyce, [...] which is our strength and stay, be ioyfull & lift vp your [...] voyce to Iacobs God I say. Prepare your instruments most meete, some ioyfull [...] Psalme to sing, strike vp with Harpe and Lute so sweet, on euery pleasant string.

Psal. 88.

[...] LOrd God of heath the hope and stay, the hope and stay, thou [...] art alone to mee, I call and cry throughout the day, throughout the [Page 25] [...] day, and all the night to thee: O let my prayers soone ascend, vnto thy sight on high, [...] incline thine eare O Lord entend, and harken to my cry. and harken to my cry.

Psal. 100.

[...] ALL people that on earth do dwell, on [...] earth do dwell, sing to the Lord with [...] cherefull voice, with cheerefull voice: Him [...] serue with feare his prayse forth tell, his prayse foorth tell, come ye before him and re- [...] ioyce. before him and reioyce. before him and reioyce.

Psal. 103.

[...] MY▪ soule giue laud vnto the Lord, ij. my spirite shall [...] do ye same: & all ye secrets of my hart ye secrets of my hart prayse ye his holy name. Giue [...] thāks to God for all his gifts, for all his gifts, shew not thy selfe vnkind, and suffer [...] not his benefites, to slip out of thy minde. to slip out of thy minde. of thy minde,

Psal. 104.

[...] MY soule praise the Lord, ij. speak good of his name: () [...] Lord our great God how doest y appeare, so passing in glory, that great is thy [...] fame, Ho-nor & maiestie in thee shine most cleare, with light as a robe thou hast [...] thee beclad, thou hast thee beclad, wherby all the earth thy greatnes may see, the [Page 27] [...] heauens in such sort, the heauens in such sort, thou also hast spread, that it to a cur- [...] taine compared may be. com-pared may be.

Psal. 111.

[...] WIth hart I do accord, to prayse & laud ye Lord, in presence of the [...] iust, in presence of the iust. For great his workes are found, to search them such are [...] boūd, as do him loue & trust. ij. His works are gloryous, his workes are [...] glorious, are glorious, also his righteousnes, it doth endure for euer. His wondrous [...] workes he would, we still remember should, we still remember should, his mercy [...] fayleth neuer. his mercy fayleth neuer.

Psal. 113.

[...] YE children which do serue the Lord, which doe serue the Lord, [...] prayse ye his name with one accord: yea blessed be alwaies his name. Who frō y [...] rishing of ye Sun, the rising of y Sun, till it returne wher it begun, is to be praised [...] with great fame. The Lord all people doth surmoūt, as for his glory we may coūt, [...] we may count, aboue the heauens high to be With God the Lord who may com- [...] pare, whose dwellings in the heauens are, of such great power and force is he. [...] and force is he.

Psal. 116.

[...] I Loue the Lord because my voyce, because my voyce, & praier heard [Page 29] [...] hath he: Whē in my dayes I calde on him, I cald on him, he bowed his eare to me he [...] bowed his eare to me. When in my dayes I cald on him, I calde on him, he bowed his [...] eare to me. he bowed his eare to me. he bowed his eare to me.

Psal. 119.

[...] BLessed are they that perfect are, & pure in minde and hart, & [...] pure in minde & hart: Whose liues & conuersation, frō God lawes neuer start. Bles­sed [...] are they that giue thē selues, his statutes to obserue: Seeking ye Lord, see- [...] king the Lord with all their hart, and neuer from him swerue. and neuer from [...] him swerue. and neuer from him swerue. from him swerue.

Psal. 120.

[...] IN trouble & in thral vnto the Lord I call, & he doth [...] me comfort: Deli-uer me I say, from lyers lips alway, [...] and tongue of false report. & tongue of false report.

Psal. 121.

[...] I Lift myne eyes to Sion hill, to Sion hill, frō whēce I [...] doe attend: I doe attend: That succour God me send. The [...] mightie God me succour will, me succour will, which heauen & earth framed: & earth [...] framed, and all things therein na- med. therein named▪ therein named.

Psal. 122.

[...] I Dyd in hart reioyce, I dyd in hart reioyce, [...] to heare the peoples voyce, in offering so willing- [...] ly: For let vs vp say they, for let vs vp say they, & in the Lords house pray, the [...] Lords house pray, thus spake the folke full louingly. Our feete that wandred [...] wide, shall in thy gates abyde, shall in thy gates abyde, O thou Ierusalem full [...] fayre, which art so seemely set, much like a citie neate, y like wherof is not else [...] where. the lyke whereof is not else where.

Psal. 124.

[...] NOw Israell may say & that truely, may say and that truely, [...] if that the Lord had not our cause mayntaynd, if that the [...] Lord had not our right sustaynd, when all the world against vs furiously, made [...] their vprores and sayd we should all dye. made their vprores and sayd we should all [...] dye. we should all dye.

Psal. 125.

[...] SVch as in God the Lord do trust, as mount Sion shall [...] firmely stand, shall firmely stand, and be remoued at no [Page 33] [...] hand, the Lord will count them right and iust, them right and iust, so that they [...] shall be sure, they shall be sure, for euer to endure.

Psal. 126.

[...] WHen that the Lord againe his Sion had foorth brought, [...] from bondage great & also seruitude extreme: His work was [...] such as did surmount mans hart and thought, so that we were much like to [...] them y vse to dreame. Our mouthes were with laughter, with laughter filled then, [...] and eke our tongues did shew vs ioyfull men, did shew vs ioyfull men.

Psal. 130.

[...] LOrd to thee I make my mone, when dangers me op- [...] presse, I call I sigh plaine and grone, I sigh plaine and [...] grone, trusting to finde release, trusting to finde release, Heare now O Lord my re- [...] quest, O Lord my request, for it is full due time: and let thine eares aye be [...] prest, vnto this prayer mine. this prayer mine.

Psal. 132.

[...] REmember Dauids troubles Lord, how to the Lord he [...] swore, and vowd a vow to Iacobs God, to Iacobs God, to [Page 35] [...] keepe for euer more, I will not come within my house, nor clime vp to my bed, [...] nor let my temples take their rest, or the eyes in my head, or the eyes in my head.

Psal. 134.

[...] BEhold and haue regard, ye seruaunts of the Lord, which [...] in his house, which in his house by night do watch, prayse him with [...] one accord, prayse him with one accord.

Psal. 135.

[...] O Prayse the Lord, praise him praise him, praise him with [...] one accord, with one accord. O prayse him still, O praise him [...] still all ye that be the seruants of the Lord. O prayse him ye that stand & be in [...] the house of the Lord, in the house of the Lord, ye of his court and of his house, & [...] of his house, prayse him with one accord. prayse him with one accord.

Psal. 136.

[...] PRayse ye the Lord for he is good, for he is good, [...] for his mercy endureth for euer. Giue prayse vnto the [...] God of Gods, for his mercy endureth for euer. Giue prayse, giue prayse vnto the [Page 37] [...] Lord of Lords, for his mercy endureth for euer. Which onely doth great won- [...] ders work, great wonders work, for his mercy endureth for euer.

Psal. 137.

[...] WHen as we sate in Babilon, ij. the [...] riuers round about, the riuers round about, & in re- [...] membrance of Sion, the teares for griefe burst out, ij. We hangd [...] our Harps & Instruments, ij. the willow trees vpon, the willow [...] trees vpon, for in that place men for their vse, men for their vse, had planted many [...] one, had planted many one.

Psal. 141.

[...] O Lord vpon thee do I call, Lord hast thee vnto me, Lord [...] hast thee vnto me: And harken Lord vnto my voyce, when [...] I doe cry to thee. doe cry to thee. As incense let my prayer be, direc-ted in thine [...] eyes, and the vplifting of my hands, vplifting of my hands, as euening sacrifice, as [...] euening sacrifice.

Psal. 142.

[...] BEfore the Lord God with my voyce, I did send out my [...] cry, send out my cry: And with my strayned voyce vnto the [...] Lord God prayed I. My meditation in his sight, to poure I dyd not spare: And [Page 39] [...] in the presence of the Lord, my trouble did declare, my trouble did declare.

Psal. 145.

[...] THee will I laud my God and king, my God and king, & [...] blesse thy name for aye: For euer will I prayse thy name, & [...] blesse thee day by day. Great is the Lord, most worthy praise, his greatnes none can [...] reach: his greatnesse none can reach: From race to race they shall thy works, they [...] shall thy workes prayse, and thy power preach. prayse & thy power preach.

Psal. 147.

[...] PRayse ye the Lord for it is good▪ prayse ye the Lord for it is [...] good, vn- to our God to sing, for it is pleasant, and to prayse it is a comelie [...] thing: The Lord his owne Ierusalem, Ierusalem he buildeth vp alone, he buildeth [...] vp alone, and the disperst of Israell, of Israell, doth gather into one. doth gather [...] into one. doth gather into one.

Psal. 148.

[...] GIue laud vnto the Lord, from heauen that is so [...] hye, prayse him in deede and word, prayse him in dede and [Page 41] [...] word aboue the starry skye, and also ye, his Angels all, armies royall, prayse [...] him with glee.

Heere endeth all the tunes for the Psalmes, the highest part singing the common Church tune.

The X Commaundements.

[...] ATtend my people & giue eare, my people [...] and giue eare, of ferely things I will thee [...] tell, I will thee tell: Se that my wordes in [...] minde thou beare, my wordes in minde thou beare, and to my precepts listen well, & [...] to my preceptes listen well.

The Lords Prayer.

[...] OVr Father which in heauen art, our Father which in heauen [...] art, and makest vs all one brotherhood: To call vppon thee [...] with one hart, our heauenly Father & our God: Graunt we pray not with lips alone, [...] but with the hearts deepe sigh, but with the harts deepe sigh and grone.

The Creede.

[...] ALL my beliefe and confidence, is in the Lord of [...] might: the Lord of might: The Father which all things hath [...] made, the day and eke the night. The heauens and the firmament, the heauens [Page 43] [...] and the firmament, and al-so many Star: The earth and all that is therin, which [...] passe mans reason farre. which passe mans reason farre.

Da pacem Domine.

[...] GIue peace in these our dayes O Lord, our dayes O Lord, great dan- [...] gers, great dangers are now at hand: Thine e-ne-mies, with one accord, Christes [...] name, Christes name in euery land, seeke to deface roote out and race, thy true [...] right worship in deede: be thou the stay, be thou the stay Lord we thee pray, [...] thou helpest alone in all neede. thou helpest alone in all neede.

[Page 46] [...] O Heauenly God O Father deere, O Father deere, [...] cast downe thy tender eye: cast downe thy tender [...] eye: vpon a wretch that prostrate here, vpon a wretch y prostrate here, before [...] thy Throne doth lye. O powre thy precious Oyle of grace into my wounded [...] hart: O let the drops of mercie swage, the rigor of my smart. the rigor [...] of my smart. the rigor of my smart. the rigor of my smart.

W. Damon.


These are before the Psalmes.

  • COme holy Gost. 1
  • O Lord of whome I do depend. 1
  • Wee praise thee God. 2
  • O all ye workes of God. 2
  • The onely Lord of Israell. 3
  • My soule doth magnifie the Lord. 4
  • O Lord because my harts desire. 4
  • What man soeuer he be that. 5
  • O Lord turne not away thy face. 6
  • Our Father which in heauen art. 6
  • Harke Israell, and what I say. 7
  • Where righteousnesse doth say. 8

The Table for the Psalmes.

Psalm. A Fol.
  • 30 All laud and prayse. 14
  • 78 Attend my people to my law. 23
  • 100 All people that on earth do dwel. 25
  • 81 Be light and glad. 24
  • 119 Blessed are they. 29
  • 134 Behold and haue regard. 35
  • 142 Before the Lord. 38
  • 148 Giue laud vnto the Lord. 40
  • 25 I lift mine hart to thee. 13
  • 25 An other of the same. 14
  • 77 I with my voyce. 22
  • 116 I loue the Lord. 28
  • 120 In trouble and in thrall. 30
  • 121 I lift mine eyes. 30
  • 122 I did in hart reioyce. 31
  • 6 Lord in thy wrath. 10
  • 68 Let God arise 20
  • 72 Lord giue thy iudgements. 22
  • 88 Lord God of health. 24
  • 130 Lord to thee I make my mone. 34
  • 23 My shepherd is the liuing Lord. 12
  • 103 My soule giue laud. 26
  • 104 My soule prayse the Lord. 26
Psalm. N Fol.
  • 124 Now Israell may say. 32
  • 3 O Lord how are my foes. 9
  • 18 O God my strength & fortitude. 11
  • 21 O Lord how ioyfull is the king. 12
  • 44 Our eares haue heard. 16
  • 51 O Lord consider my distresse. 18
  • 135 O Prayse the Lord. 36
  • 141 O Lord vpon thee do I call. 38
  • 136 Prayse ye the Lord. 36
  • 147 Prayse ye the Lord. 40
  • 61 Regard (O Lord.) 20
  • 132 Remember Dauids troubles. 34
  • 59 Send ayd & saue me. 19
  • 69 Saue me O God. 21
  • 125 Such as in God the Lord 32
  • 1 The man is blest. 9
  • 14 There is no God. 10
  • 41 The man is blest that careful is. 15
  • 46 The Lord is our defence. 16
  • 50 The mightie God. 17
  • 145 Thee will I laud. 39
  • 52 Why dost thou tyrant boast. 18
  • 111 With hart I do accord. 27
  • 126 When that the Lord. 33
  • 137 When as we sat in Babilon. 37
  • 113 Ye children. 28

These are after the Psalmes.

  • Attend my people, 41
  • Our Father which in heauen art. 42
  • All my beliefe and confidence. 42
  • Giue peace in these our days. 43
  • O Lord in thee is all my trust. 44
  • Preserue vs Lord. 45
  • O heauenly God. Being of 5. parts. 46

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