¶ Pleasure And Payne, Heauen and Hell: Remembre these foure, and all shall be well.

¶ Compyled by Roberte Crow­ley, Anno Domini, MDLI.

❧ Cum priuilegio ad imprimendum solum.

¶ O ye that be my fathers blessed ones come and posses the kyngdome that was prepared for you befor the beginning of the worlde.

¶ Goe ye curssed sorte into the euerla­styng fyre that was prepared for the Deuill and his Angelles

Math, xxv,

¶ To the ryght worshypful Lady Dame Elizabeth Fane, wyfe to the ryght worshypfull Syr Rafe Fane Knyghte: Roberte Crowley Wyshethe the Lyfe euer­lastynge

AFter I had compiled thys li­tle treatise (ryght vertuouse Lady) I thought it my duty to Dedicate the same vnto youre Ladishyppes name, as to a ryght worthy Patrones of al such as laboure in the Lords harueste. Not for that I thyncke I haue herein done any thyng worthy so liberall a Patro­nes, but for the worthynes of the mat­ter, whych is a parte of the holy gospel of Iesu Christ wrytten by the holy Eu­angelyste Mathewe, and is most nece­ssary to be beaten into the heades of all men at thys daye, to dryue them (if it be possible) from the gredy rakeying to­gyther of the Treasures of this vayne worlde. I do not doubt, but if god haue not geuē mē vp to their owne herts lust they wyll nowe at the laste endeuoure to lyue the gospell which they haue of longe tyme talked. In dede it was ne­cessarie [Page] that God should styr vp some to plage such emonge his people as had o­ffended euen as he dyd often tymes styr vp the Heathen to plage hys people of Israell but yet it is not necessarye that the same should continue in oppressyng the offendars and Innocent togither. For so shal they also deserue the lordis Wrath & in the ende be plaged by some other that God shall styr vp to reuenge the iniurye done to the innocent sorte Moued therefore wyth the desyre to se the wealth of my contrey by the pacifi­yng of gods Ire, which (no doubt) wyl fal vpon this realme very shortly, if op­pressiō and gredye couetise cease not: I haue so playnely as I coulde, set forth in thys litle boke the terrible Iudgment of god (which no doubt of it is at hāde) that if there remayne any feare of god in mens hertis it may cause them to staye at the least waye and not to pro­cede any farder in ye Inuētyng of newe wayes to oppresse the pore of thys real­me whoes oppression doeth alredy crye vnto the lorde for vengeance. The lorde work in the hertis of the rych that this vengeaunce fall not on thys realme in oure dayes, for doubtles it wyl be gret when it cometh. And if the oppress­ion cease not, the vengeance can not ta­rye [Page] longe. For the lorde hath promised to reuenge his people in haste. This lord preserue your good ladiship to hys good pleasure in thys lyfe and geue you blysse in the lyfe to come So be it.

Your Ladyships at cōmaun­dement Robert Crowley.
WHē Christ shall come
to iudge vs all
And geue eche one
Mat. xvi.
as he hath wrought
Hys fathers frendis
then wyll he call
To enioye that
whych they haue sought
By beleueng
that they were bought
Wyth his bloude shedde
vpon a tree
As by theyre workis
Mat. vii.
all men maye see
Come, come, shall he saye
to these men
Come and possesse
for euermore
Mat. xxv.
That kyngdome whych
my father when
No worlde was made
layed vp in store
For you, whome he
dyd knowe before
To be in maners
Rom. viii
lyke to me
That am his sonne
and aye haue be
Come shall he saye
for aye when I
Stode nede of meate
ye gaue me fode
Mat. xxv.
So dyd you drynke
when I was drye
Reioyceng when
you dyd me good
No fende therefore
shall chaynge your mode
For you shall
alwayes be wyth me
And shall my fathers
i. Cor. xiii.
godheade se
And at all tymes
when I haue bene
Of nedefull lodgeynge
Mat. xxv.
You haue bene gladde
to take me in
Whether it were
yarly or late
You dyd me neuer
chyde nor rate
But gaue me wordis
curteyse and kynde
Procedynge from
a faythfull mynde.
¶ So when I was
naked and bare
Hauynge no clothes
my fleshe to hyde
from your owne backs
Mat. xxv.
then dyd you spare
'nd gaue me clothes
for backe and syde
So that I myght
the colde abyde.
But if you lackt
Then dyd you my
greate lacke lament.
Infyne, when I
was weake and sycke
And had no conforte
aboute me
To come to me
you dyd not stycke
Mat. xxv.
And succour my
And when it chaunced
me to be
In prisone and
could not get oute
To raunsome me
you went aboute.
¶ Then shall the iuste
Mat. xxv
answere agayne
And saye, O lorde,
when sawe we the
In prisone or
in other payne
Through extreme nede
and pouertie?
Arte not thou lorde
of lande and see?
What? lorde we knowe
that sea and lande
Haue euermore
bene in thyne hande
we know that thou
gaueste all thynge
i. Cor. iiii.
To all estates
doeth hygh and lowe
There is no myghty
lorde nor kynge
But he is in
thyne hande we knowe.
In vayne lorde we
might plante and sowe
If thou gaue vs not
frute and grayne
We coulde haue nought
lyfe to sustayne
Then shall Christe saye,
all this is true
I gaue you lyfe.
and dyd you fede
Wyth graynes and fruitis
doeth olde and newe
And gaue you all thyngis
at your nede
In all your wayes
I was your speede
And gaue you that
wherefore ye sought
wych wythout me
Iohn. xv.
had come to nought.
☞Yet all that I
haue sayde before
Is true also,
for when you gaue
Ought to such as
were sycke or sore
Whome nede constray
forto craue
Then I confesse
my selfe to haue
Mat. xxv
Receyued all that
at your hande
Whereof they dyd
in greate nede stande.
¶ Then shall the iuste
wyth ioye enter
Into the ioyes
that shall not ende
Bycause theyr hertes
were aye tender
To geue such thyngis
as god dyd sende
Mankynde from peryle
to defende.
Mat. v.
Thus shall they lyue
in ioye and blysse
In paradice
where no payne is.
But to the wycked
Christ shall saye.
Auoyde frome me
ye wycked sorte
For in my nede
you sayde me naye
Mat. xxv.
Wyth spytefull wordis
of disconforte
Yet my preachars
dyd you exhorte
Me in my membres
to refreshe
i. Corhi. x.
knoweynge that all
are but one fleshe.
☞ Then shall these men
Mat. xxv.
wyth faynte herie saye
Lorde when dyd we
see the in nede?
Thou haste bene lorde
and Kynge alwaye
No wyght was whome
thou dydest not fede
All this we learned
in oure Creede,
For thou arte Iesus,
that Gods sonne
That hath create
boeth sonne and mone.
☞Oh, shall Christe saye
to them agayne,
Ye deafe dorepostis
coulde ye not heare?
i. Cohr. xii
Thynke you the heade
bydeth no payne
When the members
make heauye there?
In you, nought but
flesh doeth appere.
For if my spirite
in you had ben
Me in myne you
must nedis haue sene.
¶ The pore, the pore,
and indigent
Came vnto you
ofte tymes ye knowe
And you sawe them
wepe and lament
Yet would ye not
on them bestowe
The leaste frute
that to you dyd growe
No no, you were
redy to take
That other gaue them
for my sake.
Your hertis were hardee
then the flynt
In them no pitie
Ezech. 33.
coulde be founde
Your greedye gutte
coulde neuer stynt
Tyll all the good
and fruitfull grounde
Were hedged in
whythin your nownde.
You wycked sorte,
howe vsed ye,
The londis and goodis
ye had of me?
☞ You made your boaste
all was your owne
To spare or spende,
at your owne wyll
And when any
pore men were knowne
Mat. xxi▪
That were so bolde
to calle it yll
My landis and goodis
in waste to spyll
You shet them vp
in prisone strong?
Tormentynge them
euer emonge.
False libertynes
you dyd them call
Because they tolde
you your duitie
You sayde the loselles
woulde haue all
That you had goten
And kept longe tyme
moste carefully,
But ye belye them
I know well
And slaunder this
my true Gospell
☞ Emonge all myne
there is not one
That would haue ought
more then his owne
As I shall tell you
playne anone
For to me all
Luke. xvi.
theyr hertis be knowne
They reaped nought
that you had sowne.
But wylled you
to let them haue
That I gaue you
mankynde to saue
Not one so blynde
emonge you all
But he knoweth I
made all of nought
Appoyntynge all thyngis
Psal. viii
To serue mankynde,
whome I haue wrought
Lyke to my selfe
Gensis. i.
in loueyng thought
Wyllynge that eche
should at his nede,
Haue breade and Broth.
harbour and wede.
❧ But syth it was
That emonge all
there should be some
Alwaye sycke, sore
and impotent,
I indued you
wyth such wysedome
As dyd honest
stuardis become
Cammittyng whole
Mat. 24.
into your hande
The riches boeth
of sea and lande.
☞ My purpose was
that you should haue
Alwaye all nedefull
thynges in store
To succour such
as nedis must craue
Of you thyngis nedefull
I made you rych
to fede the pore
But you lyke seruauntis
Haue in excesse
Mat. 24
consumed all
☞ But when I found
you negligent
In fedynge of
my family
Then my prophetes
to you I sent
Commaundyng that
you should yerely
Malc. iii
Brynge all your tythes
Into my barne
that there myght be
Meate in myne house
for pouertie.
But you gaue to
theyr wordis no hede
You helde all faste
and woulde nought brynge
Into my barne
the pore to fede
But spent all at
your owne lykynge
Gene. 32.
In wantones
and banketynge
And in rayment
past your degree
As men that had
no mynde of me
¶ Yea some of you
were not content
To holde fast that
ye should haue brought
Into my barne,
there to be spent
But gredyly
Iohn. x,
ye begde and bought
That my true seruantis
as they ought
Dyd at my true
prophetis byddynge
Into my barne
faythfully brynge
¶ And when you had
once goten in
Into my folde
emonge my shepe
Then you thought it
to be no synne
Styll in your kennells
forto slepe
Settyng such ones
my flocke to kepe
As were more lyke
Iohn. x.
to eate the lambe
Then to defende
his feble dame
Ezech. 34.
☞ Ye robde, ye spoylde,
ye bought, ye solde
My flocke and me,
in euery place
Ye made my bloude
vylar then golde
And yet ye thought
it no trepasse
O wycked sorte
voyde of all grace
Auoyde from me
downe into hell
Wyth lucifer
there shall ye dwell
Ye had the tythes
of mens encrease
That shoulde haue fedde
Ezech. 34.
my flocke and me
But you made your
selfes well at ease
And toke no thought
for pouertie
It dyd not greue
you forto se
My flocke and me
suffer greate nede
For lacke of meate,
harbour and wede.
¶ No Hell can be
a worthy payne
For your offence
it is so greate
For you haue robbed
me and slayne
My flocke for lacke
of nedefull meate
The woule, the lambe
the malt and wheate
You dyd by force cary awaye
And no man durst
once saye you naye,
¶ Howe can you loke
to haue mercie
At myne hande? whome
ye would not feede
Wyth that was myne
euen of dutie
To succoure me
and myne at nede?
Syth you myght in
the scripture rede
That suche men shall
no mercie haue
Iacob. ii.
As kepe theyr owne
when nede doethe craue
Vnto the Hungry
Esai. viii
parte thy breade
And when thou shalt
the naked se.
Put clothes on him,
this myght you reade
In my Prophetis
that Preached me
And in Iohns Pistle
these wordis be.
Howe can that man
haue Charitie
That beynge riche
sheweth no pitie?
Prou. xxi.
the man
that stoppeth his eare
At the crye of
such as be pore
Shall crye, and no
man shall him heare
Nor at his nede
shewe him succoure
Ryght so,
Prou. xxii
he that
doeth endeuoure
To be made rych
by oppressynge
Shall leaue him selfe
(at the last) no thynge.
For he shall geue
the ryche alwaye
More then he can
scrape frome the pore
So that in tyme
he shall decaye
And haue no nedefull
thynge in store
This might you reade
and ten tymes more
In the bible,
that holy boke
If you had had
Math. x.
tyme forto loke
But such scriptures
you coulde not broke
As bade you geue
ought to the pore
You wyshed then
out of the boke
But you were suer
to haue in store
Plentie of scripturs
To proue that you
myght aye be bolde
Wyth your owne
to do what you woulde
You thought you myght
your goodis employ
To priuate gayne
in euery thynge
You thought it no faute
to anoye
Such men as were
Mat. vii.
nygh you dwellynge
Were it by purchaise
or byldynge
Neither to get
into your hande,
Your neyghbours house
his goodis and lande
All was your owne
that you myght bye
Or for a long tyme
take by lease
And then woulde you
take rent yerely
Much more then was
the tenantis ease
Luke. iii.
It was no faute
your rentis to rease
From twentie markis
to fourtie powndis
Were it in tenementis
or growndis
What though the pore
dyd lye and dye
For lacke of of Harboure
in that place
Where you had goten
By lease or else
by playne purchase
All houseynge that
shoulde in that case
Haue ben a slafegard
and defence
Agaynst the stormy
Yea what if the pore
For lacke of fode
vpon that grownde
The rentes whereof
Math. x.
you haue reysed
Or hedged it
wythin your mownde?
There myght therwyth
no faute be founde,
No though ye bought vp
all the grayne
To sell it at your
pryce agayne
You thought that I
woulde not requyre
the bloude of all suche
at your hande,
But be you sure
eternall fyre
Is redy for
eche hell fyre brande,
Boeth for the housynge
and the lande
That you haue taken
Iacob. ii.
from the pore
Ye shall in Hell
dwell euermore,
Yea that same lande
that ye dyd take
From the plowemen
that laboured sore
Causeynge them wycked
shyftis to make.
Shall nowe ly vpon
you full sore
You shalbe damned
for euermore
The bloude of them
that dyd amisse
Mat. xviii
Through your defaute
is cause of this
The fathers whose
children dyd growe
In Idlenes
to a full age
Woulde fayne be
excused by you
That were the cause
that they dyd rage
You toke from them
theyr heritage
Leaueyng them nought
wheron to worcke
Which lacke dyd make
them learne to lurke
The sones also
that wycked were
And wrought after
theyr wycked wyll
Would nowe ryght fayne
be proued cleare
Bycause your mysse
hath made them Ille
But they muste nedis
be gyltie styll
Because they woulde
worke wyckedly
Rather then lyue
in miserie
And yet shall you
answere for all
Theyr bloude I wyl
Ezech. iii
of you require
Because you were
cause of theyr falle
That are become
vesselles of Ire
Boeth they and you
shall haue your hyre
In Hell emonge
that wycked sorte
That lyue in paynes
wythout conforte.
☞ Infyne, all such
as dyd amysse
Through your defaut,
what so they be
Shall lyue in payne
that endlesse is
Because they would not
credite me
That am the trueth
and verite
I tolde them if
Debru. xii
they were opprest
I woulde se all
theyr wrongis redreste
The wycked sorte
that dyd rebell
Agaynst you when
you dyd them wronge
Shall haue theyr parte
wyth you in Hell
Where you shall synge
a dolefull songe
Worlde wythout ende
you shall be stonge
Wythe the pricke of
the conscience
Eccles. vii
A iuste rewarde
for your offence.
☞ And you that woulde
nedis take in hande
To guyde my flocke,
as shepheardis shoulde
Onlye to possesse
rent and land
And as much richesse
as you coulde
To leade your lyfe
euen as you woulde
Auoyde from me
downe into hell
Wyth Simon Magus
there to dwell
Actu. viii
❧ If I should rehearse
all at large
That in your wycked
lyfe is founde
And laye it strayght
to your charge
No wyght there were
in this world rownde
But woulde wonder
Genes. 7.
I had not drownde
The hoole earth for
your synne onlye
That woulde be called
my cleargie
Firste (wyth Magus)
ye made your waye
Lyke gredy woulles
into my folde
Your wycked wyll
coulde fynde no staye
So longe as ought
was to be solde
Either for seruice
or for golde,
By you the patrons
fell from me
And are become
as Ill as ye
¶ You dyd prouoke
them fyrste to sell
And then they learned
forto bye
Thynkynge that they
myght bye as well
As the leadars
of the clargie.
And then they founde
meanes by and by
To catch and kepe
in theyr owne hande
The tenth increase
by sea and lande
¶ Theyr owne chyldren
they dyd present
Theyr seruauntis
and theyr wycked kynne
And put by such
as I had sent
To tell my people
of theyr synne
And youe were gladde
Iohn. x.
to take them in
Bycause you knewe
that they dyd knowe
That youe came in
by the wyndowe
❧ Such as woulde haue
entryd by me
That am the dore
of my shepe folde
You sayde were not
worthy to be
Admitted into
my householde
You thought by them
you should be tolde
Esaie. xxx
Of your moste wycked
Your falsehead
and your periutie
Act xxiiii
¶ You layde to theyr charge
Sisme and
sedicion also
But you dyd them
falsely belye
Thynckynge therby
to worke them wo
And doubtlesse ofte
it chaunced so
For many of them
you haue slayne
Wyth most extreme
and bitter payne.
¶ Thus by your meanes
my people haue
Ben destitute
of sheperdis good
They haue ben ledde
by such as draue
Them from the fylde
of gostly foode
They beate them backe
wyth heauye mode
And made them fede
in morysh grownde
Where neuer shepe
coulde be fedde sownde.
¶ The kyngis and Rulars
of the earthe
For lacke of knowledge
Apo, xviii
went astraye
And you stopped
my seruantis breathe
That woulde haue taught
them the ryght waye
You thought your lyueynge
Iohn, xi
woulde decaye
If kyngis and Rulars
of the lande
Should theyr owne duitie
¶ For so longe as
you kept them blynde
Makynge them thyncke
they had no charge
You had all thyngis
at your owne mynde
And made your owne
powr wondrouse large
You had an owre
in echmans barge
You bade the princis
take no care
For you would all
the dayngar beare
¶ This haueynge
my flocke in your hande
You taught them not
but kept then blynde
So that not one
dyd vnderstande
The lawes that I
Psal. xiiii
had lefte behynde
The maister could not
teach his hynde
How he should worke
in his callynge
Fearynge my wrath
in euery thynge
The father coulde not
teach his sonne
Howe in his dayes
to walke vpryght
But gaue him leaue
at large to runne
In wycked wayes
boeth daye and nyght
Makyng him wycked
in my syght
O wycked guidis
this was your dede
Ezech iii
But I shall requite
you your mede
☞ The matrons and
mothers also
Coulde not teach theyr
daughters my lawe
But wyckedly
they let them go
Whyther theyre wycked
luste dyd drawe
Can you denie
but this you sawe?
And whye dyd you
not set them ryght
To seke thynges
pleasante in my syght?
☞ All maner men
were oute of frame
None knewe his duitie
And you are founde
in all the blame
That haue entred
by Simonie
Ier. xxiii
Whych thynge you shall
dearely bye
For wyth Satan
you shall be sure
Worlde without ende
styll to endure.
☞ For at your handis
nowe I requyre
The bloude of all
that perished
In placis were
you toke the hyre
And let my flocke
be famisshed.
For aye ye shal
be banyshed
The blysse that I
bought for them all
That folowed me
when I dyd call.
Iohn. x
Auoyde from me
downe into Hell
All ye that haue
wrought wyckedly
wyth lucifer
there shall ye dwell
And lyue in paynes
Your wycked soule
shall neuer nye
Mark, ix
But lyue in payne
for euermore
Because ye paste not
for my lore
Awaye, awaye
ye wycked sorte
Awaye I saye
oute of my syght
Henseforth you sh a
haue no conforte
But bytter mournynge
daye and nyght
Extreme darknes
wythouten lyghte
Wepynge, waylynge,
wyth sobbynge sore
Mat. xxv
Gnashyng of teeth
for euermore,
Luke. xiii.
Your Conscience shall
not be quiete
But shall styll burne
lyke flameynge fyre
No burnyng brymston
hath such heate
As you shall haue
for youre iuste hyre
The hote vengeaunce
of my greate Ire
Shall be styll boylynge
in your breaste
So that you shall
neuer take reste
Then shall the wycked
fall in haste
Downe into the
pyt bottomelesse
Mat. xiii.
Moste bytter paynes
there shall they taste
And lyue euer
in greate distresse
None shall confort
theyr heauinesse
In deadly paynes
there shall they lye
And then they would
Apocal. ix
but shall not dye,
¶ Such as were here
so loth to dye
That they thought
no plisicke to dere
Shall there lyue
in such miserie
That only death
myght their hertis there
They shall alwayes
desyre to here
That they myght dye
for euermore
Theyr paynes shalbe
so passynge sore,
Then shall Christe
wyth his chosen sorte
returne agayne
To hys father
geueyng conforte
To such as for hys sake
Apoc, xxii
were slayne,
No wyght shall there
fele any payne
But all shall lyue
in such blysse there,
As neuer tonge
coulde yet declare.
That we maye then
lyue in that place
Wyth Christe oure kynge
that hath vs bought
Let vs crie vnto God
for grace
To repent that
we haue mysse wrought
And where we haue
wyckedly sought
To be made rych
Luke. xix.
by wycked gayne,
Let vs restore
all thynges agayne.
Let the pore man
haue and enioye
The house he had
by Copyeholde,
For hym, his wyfe,
and Iacke hys boye,
To kepe them from
hunger and colde,
And thoughe the lease
therof be solde
Bye it agayne
though it be dere,
For nowe we go
Phil. iiii.
on oure laste yere.
Caste downe the hedges
and stronge mowndes,
That you haue caused
to be made,
Aboute the waste
and tyllage growndes
Makeynge them wepe
that erste were glad.
Leste you your selfes
be stryken sadde
When you shall se
that Christe doeth drye
All teares from the
Apoc, xxi.
oppressedis eye.
Restore the fynes
and eke the rent,
That ye haue tane
more then your due
Else certenly
you shall be shent,
When Christe shall
your Euidence vieu,
For then you shall
fynde these wordes trew,
You are but stuardes
of the lande,
That he betoke
Luke. xix,
into your handes
And you that haue
taken by lease
Greate store of growndis
or of houseyng,
Your lyueyng thereby
to encrease,
And to maynetayne you
ii. The. iii
Fall nowe to worcke
for your lyueynge
And let the lordes
deale wyth theyr growndis
In Territories,
Fieldes, and Townes.
You do but heape
on you gods Ire
Whych doubtles you
shall fele shortely
In that you do
so muche desyre
The lease of eche mans
house to bye.
Esaie. v.
You study no mans
wealth pardye,
But all men se
you do aduaunce
Your selfe by pore mens
What though your liueingly theron?
Shoulde you not geue
them vp therfore?
It is Abhomination,
And doubtles God
wyll plage it sore,
Repent, I saye,
and synne no more,
For nowe the daye
is euen at hande
When you shall at
your tryall stande.
Let not the wealthy
lyueynge here
(Which can but
a shorte tyme endure)
Be vnto you
a thynge so dere
That you wyll lose
endlesse pleasure
Rather then leaue
the vayne treasure
O rather let
your leases go
Then they shoulde worke you
endelesse woe.
Rehore the tythes
vnto the pore
For blynde and lame
shoulde lyue theron
The wydowe that
hath no succoure
And the chylde that
is lefte alone,
For if these folke
do make theyr mone
To God, he wyll
sure heare theyr crye
And reuenge theyr wronge
by and by.
Restore your tythes
I saye once more
That trwe preachars
may lyue theron
And haue all nedefull
thynges in store
To geue to such as
can get none
Leste theyr greate
Do styr the Lorde
vengeaunce to take
Euen for hys trueth
and promes sake.
Geue ouer your
Ye men of God
if you be so
Betake you to
one benifice,
And let your lordelyke
lyueuynges go,
For holy wryte
teacheth you so
Learne at the laste
to be content
Wyth thynges that be
If you be mete
to do seruice
To any prince
or noble man
Than medle wyth
no benifice
For certenly
no one man can
Do the duitie
of moe men than
Of one: which duitie
you do owe
To them that geue
you wage, you knowe
☞ Robbe not the people
that do paye
The tenth of theyr
increase yerely
To haue a learned
guyde alwaye
Present wyth them
to edifie
Them by teachyng
the veritie
Malac, iii
Boeth in his worde
and eke his dede
And to succoure
such as haue nede
☞ And you that haue
tane vsurie
Of such as nede
draue to borowe
Make restitution
leste it turne you
to great sorowe
When no man can
Psal xv.
be your borowe
Wich shalbe at
the daye of dome
Phil. iiii.
Which doubtlesse is
not longe to come
☞ And you that
by disceyte haue wome
Were it in weyght
or in measure
Be sorye that
ye haue so donne
And seke to stoppe
goddis displeasure
By bestowynge
Luke. iii.
this worldis treasure
To the confort,
helpe and succoure
Of such as be
nedie and pore
¶ And you that erste
haue bene oppreste
And could not beare
it paciently
For you I thynke
it shalbe beste
To repent you
must hertily
And call to god
for his mercie
To geue you grace
forto sustayne
That crosse when it
Marc. 14
shall come agayne.
To make an ende
let vs repent
All that euer
we haue mysse wrought
And praye to god
To take from vs
all wycked thought
That his glory
maye be styll sought
By vs that be
his creatures
So longe as lyfe
in vs endures
And that henceforth
eche man maye seke
In all thyngis
to profite all men
And be in herte
lowly and meke
As men that be
in dede Christen
As well in herte
as name and then
We shall haue blysse
wythouten ende
Vnto the which
the lorde vs sende


❧ The boke to the Christian Readars

MY brother (the trūpet)
dyd warne you before
That al mē shuld walk
in their callynge vpryght
Directyng their wayes
by gooddis holy lore
knowyng that thei be always
in the lordis syght
Whoe seeth in the darcke
as well as in lyght.
He hath cryed vnto you
all this last yere
And yet non emendment
doeth in you appeare.
☞ In dede, very many
do him entertayne
Lyke as there were none
more welcome then he
Yet I thyncke they do
his warnynge dysdayne
Because he doeth tell them
what is theyr duetie
For he is very playne
wyth euery degre
The rych and the myghtie
he doeth nothyng feare
No more doeth he wyth
the pore mans falte beare
☞ It pleased my father
to sende him before
That he myght make redy
and prepare his waye
By causeynge all men
to walke in his lore
That haue in tymes passed
wandred astraye
Leste payne be theyr portion
at the laste daye
And nowe hath he sent me
that they maye se
As it were in a glasse
what theyr rewarde shalbe
I am the rewarde
that al men shall haue
For the iuste shall haue plesure
and the wicked panye
When euery mā shal aryse
oure of his graue
And haue the spryte knyt
to the body agayne
In heauen or in hell
they shall styll remayne
Or blysse or of payne
they shall haue theyr fyll
The good sorte In heauen
and in hell the Ill
Beholde me therfore
wyth a gostly eie
And let me not from
your presence departe
For no doubt you wyll
all wyckednes defye
So longe as I shall
remayne in your herte
I sha [...]l cause you from
wyckednes to conuert
So that in the ende
you shal be ryght sure
To lyue wyth my father
in ioye and pleasure.

¶ Imprin­ted at london by Robert Crowley dwellynge in Elie rentis in Holburne Anno Domini .M.D.L.I.

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