Pretty Nannie:
OR, A dainty delicate new Ditty, fit for the Contry, Town, or Citty, which shewes how constant she did prove unto her hearts delight and onely Love.

To a dainty delicate new tune named, Northerne Nannie.
I Haue a Loue so faire,
so constant, firme, and kind,
She is without compare,
whose fancies me doth blind.
She is the flower of Maids,
that euer was or can be,
Faire Mymphs lend me your ayds
to sing of my swéet Nannie:
Her golden hair, her face so faire,
her glancing eye hath wounded me,
Her chéeke like show where Roses grow,
Pretty Nanny,
My Mistris of true constancy
I am thine owne and shall be.
If Venus would defend,
and grant to grace my bed,
I would not wrong my friend,
by no inticements led:
No not the fairest dame,
shall win her faucur from me,
For in the mind I am,
Ile honour none but Nannie:
For she may cōmand my heart, my hand
my body too for to ride or goe,
If she but say by night or day,
Pretty Nannie,
My Mistris of true constancy,
I am thine owne and shall be.
My loue I will not change
for Craesus gold and treasure,
Nor will I seem to range
from thée my ioy and pleasure:
Though some doe count our sex
to wauer in affection,
Yet doe not thou suspect,
for I doe hate that action:
My loue is set, none shall me let,
nor me perswade, be not afraid,
From thée to turne, Ile rather burne with fire,
Thou plaine shalt see that I love thee,
And will yeeld to thy desire.
She is so rare and wise,
and prudent in her cariage,
That gallants did deuise
to win her vnto mariage:
But she denies all those
that doe aske such a question,
And to me she doth disclose
her constant true affection:
She will not lie nor falsifie,
but true doth proue like the turtle-doue
As I doe find to me she's kind,
Pretty Nannie,
My Mistris of true constancy,
I am thine owne and shall be.

The second part,

To the same tune.
HEr fauour and her face,
doe set my heart on fire,
When I doe her imbrace,
I haue my hearts desire,
Her pretty lisping tongue,
doth joy my heart in speaking,
I thinke no time too long,
while I with her kéepe waking:
Her lips so soft I kisse full oft,
yet shée'l deny immodestie,
My mother's come, O I must be gone
Pretty Nannie,
My Mistris of true constancy,
I am thine owne and shall be.
When I am from her sight,
my heart is drown'd with sorrow,
If I doe misse one night,
I sée her the next morrow:
She is my onely deare,
my ioy and my swéet pleasure,
She is a iewel rare,
that far surpasseth treasure:
Her glistering eyes like starry skies,
her dimpled chin I haue ioyd to sée
Her neck so white like christ all bright
Pretty Nannie,
My Mistris of true constancie,
I am thine owne and shall be.
For to sell this bargaine now
I leaue my heart in pawne,
As by a faithful vow,
that is betwixt vs twaine:
Then doe not thou disdaine
my Mistris true for to be,
Grant loue for loue againe,
my owne swéet pretty Nannie:
And with a kisse be friend me this,
my Loue adieu I pray be true,
My heart with faith for euer saith
Pretty Nannie, &c.
Then kindly she replide,
thou hast thy hearts desire,
Ile be thy louely Bride,
my loue to thée is intire:
As I have constant béene,
so Ile remaine for euer,
As plainely shall be seene,
from thee I will not seuer:
With hand & heart ile take thy part,
in wealth and woe I wil doe so,
The world shal see that I loue thee▪
Most kindly,
Thy Mistris, &c.
Though all my friends doe frowne▪
and seeme for to preuent me▪
Not for a thousand pound,
that I wil discontent thee:
I wil not yeeld to loue,
nor fansie any other,
My mind shall not remoue,
with father nor with mother,
I wil not change nor seeme to range▪
no, Ile indure for euer sure,
My heart is thine and thou art mine▪
Sweet honey, &c.
What saist thou my sweet heart▪
wilt thou consent vnto me?
Tis thou must ease my smart▪
or else thou wilt vndoe me:
Quoth she I doe consent,
to what thou dost require▪
My selfe I doe present
to please thy hearts desire:
My loue on thee shal setled be,
what thou dost craue I grāt you haue
my life, my bloud, to doe thee go [...]
My hony,
Then doe not doubt my constancy,
I am thine owne and will be.
R. C.

Printed at London for Tho▪ Lambert, at the signe of the Horshoo in Smithfield▪

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