AFter my verie heartie Commendations, Since it hath pleased his Maiesty out of his gracious and Royall care of the good of his Kingdome and Sub­iects, by his Letters Patents to recommend by way of Collection, the [...]e­paire of the ancient Hauen of the Coast townes of Dunwich, Southwold, and Walberswick in the Countie of Suffolke, to the charitable beneuolence of all his louing Subiects within this his Maiesties Realme of England, and Principalitie of Wales: I thought it meet (being petitioned by the partie [...] name in the said Letters Patents) to giue this addition of assistance thereunto, though there bee expressed in the Briefes (which he will deliuer you) sufficient Motiues to induce euery man to bestowe what is fitting, for the aduancement of so worthie an action. Wishing and desiring you not onely to extend your owne charitable contribution thereunto, but also to mooue and exhort all those within your seuerall Citties, Townes, Ports, Villages, and Parishes, to contribute cheerefully and liberally toward the effecting of a worke so profitable to the Common wealth, and of so great a consequence for the safetie and defence of the Coast. And so commending this same to your best care and discreet carriage, I bid you farewell. From my house in Phillip-lane, London, this 19. day of Iune, 1619.

Your very louing Friend, E. ZOVCH.

To all Mayors, Iurates, Constables, Bayliffes, Ministers, Churchwardens, and to all other his Maiesties Officers within the Libertie of the Cinque Ports, as it shall ap­pertaine.

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