Feare God And Honour the King.
A Psalme of Prayer and praise for the prosperous and good estate of our Soueraigne Lord the King, his royall progeny, and the whole estate of his Maiesties dominions and people; drawne from the Foun­taine of Faith, for the priuate vse of the poore Orphanes in Christs Hospi­tall; or any true Christian, wishing wealth and peace to Sion.

[...] LORD giue thy Iudgements to our King, therein instruct him well. [...] And with his Sonne that Princely thing, Lord let thy graces dwell.

Esa 32. 1. Psal. 72. 1. Psal. 82. 2. Psal. 101. Psal. 12. 5.
That they may gouerne righteously, and rule thy folke aright:
And so defend with equitie, the weake, which haue no might.
The simple heart, the Widowes poore, and Orphanes in distresse,
To saue from wrong, and euill doer to punish and represse.
Esa. 32. 2. Pal. 72. 4.
Direct his Nobles readily, to guide their folke in peace:
And let the Magistrates apply, in iustice to increase.
That they also may helpe the weake, and those with wrong opprest:
Psal 10. 12. Psal. 12. 4. Psal. 72. 12.
From such as hurt and proudly speake, to giue them peace and rest,
That all may know, and eke obey; regarde and feare thy might:
So long as Sunne doeth shine by day, or else the Moone by night.
Pro. 16. 15. Psal. 72. 6. Psal. 85. 9. Psal. 10. 1. Psal. 10. 15. Pro. 20. 26. Psal. 2.
Lord make our King vnto the iust, like raine on fields new mowen
And as the drops that laye the dust, and fresh the land late sowen,
That they may prosper in his time, In grace, in wealth and peace:
Although the wicked doe repine, yet let them not increase.
That these endes of the earth (the West) possessions of thy sonne,
May in thy right, rule and be blest, till date of time be done.
Psa. 144. 15 Esa. 66. 12. Ro. 18. 2. Heb. 13. 15. 16. Psal. 89. 15 Ieam. 1. 27.
Plant vnitie within his Realmes, with wealth and grace deuine:
Let knowledge flow like christall streames, and Babels sect decline.
Direct him and his royall race, thy Syon still to reare:
In length of dayes with health and peace, in thy true faith and feare.
That sacrifices of prayer, and prayse, with almes may offered be:
In faith and loue, to thee alwaies, by all in each degree.
With grace & loue, with wealth and peace, this noble Citye blesse,
And all that do our good increase; we pray thee Lord no lesse.
Accept our prayers, receiue our praise, which now to thee we giue,
For these, and all thy gifts alwaies; and will do while wee liue.
All glorie to the Trinitie, both now and eke for aye,
To God all one, in persons three, one essence pure we pray.

Imprinted at London by Edward Allde.

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