.Hic Incipit paruus Catho.

Cū a [...] ̄adùterē quā plurimos hōnes ḡuiter errare
Whan I aduerte to my remembrance
And see how fele folkes erren greuously
In the wey of vertuouse gouernance
I haue supposed in myn hert that I
Oughte to supporte & conseylle prudently
Them to be vertuous in syuyng
And how they shal them self in heneur bring
Igitur fili carissime docebo te quo pacto mores
Therfore my leue child I shal now telle the
Herken me wele the maner and the guyse
How thy sowle inward shal acqueinted be
With thewes good & vertues in al wyse
Rede and conceyue for he is to dispyse
That redith ay & wote not what it ment
Suche reding is no thing but wynde mispent
Ita (que) deo supplica / parentes ama
Pray thy god & preise him with al thyn hert
Fader and moder haue ay in reuerence
Loue hem wele and be thou neuer to smert
To here men is conseil but kepe the thens
[Page] Til thou be cleped be clene withoute offence
Salue gladly to hym that is more digne
Than art thy self yu shalt thy place resigne
Magistrum metue. Rem tuam custodi
[...] thy maistre thy thyng loke thou kepe
Take hede to thin ho [...]sh old ay loue thy wyf
Pleasāt wordes out of thy mouth shold crepe
Be not Irous kepe thy behestes as thy lyf
Be temparat with wyne & be not excessif
Thy wyf is wordes take in noon auctorite
In foly slepe nomore than nedith the
Libroz lege libros disce / quod legeris memento
In goodly bokes whilom shalt thou rede
And that thou redest in thy mynde thou shit
Stere no wight to wrath lye not I the rede
Do wele to god and he wil the efte quyte
Be not wikked ner to the wikked knyt
Stonde in the place of pletyng excercyse
Deme the right and be conseyled of the wyse
Troto lude / aleas fuge / pactū serua
Play with the toppe the dises loke yu eschewe
Dispise noman kepe euer thy beheste
S [...]rne neuer wreche than shalt yu neuer rew
[Page] Coueyte no man is good speke fewe atte feste
Loke thy vengeance be alwey with the leeste
Who hath doon the good haue in remembrance
Loue euery wight and this shal the auance
Beholde my maistre this litel tretyse
Whiche is ful of wit and sapience
Enforce the this matere taccomplise
Thenke hit is translated at your reuerence
Enrolle hit therfore in your aduertence
And desire for to knowe what cathon mente
Whan ye it rede let not your hert be thense
But doth as this saith with al your hole entente
.Hic finis parui cathonis.

.Hic Incipit magnus Catho.

Ideus est aīmus nobis vt carmina dicūt
Hic tibi precipue sit pura mente colendus
For thy that god is in wardly the wit
Of man and geuyth hym vndirstanding
As ditees sayne therfore shalt thou vnshit
Thyn hert to thy souuerayn lord & kyng
And principally a boue al other thing
Geuyng hym laude / honour and reuerence
Whiche hath the endowed with excellence
Plus vigila semper ne sompno deditus esto
Nā diuturna quies viciis alimenta ministrat
A wake my child and loue no slogardye
In moche slepe loke thou neuer delite
Yf thou purpose to worship for to stye
Longe slepe & slouthe to vice doon men excite
It maketh men dul It makith hem vnꝓfite
It fosterith vp filthes of the flesshe
It palleth also and wasteth blodes fresshe
Virtutem primā puta esse compescere linguam
Proximus ille deo qui seit racione tacere
Trusteth wele also the first of vertues alle
[Page] Ys to be stille and kepe thy tonge in mewe
Of tonge vnted moche harme may falle
Leue me wele this is as the gospel trewe
Who that can delauiance of wordes eschewe
And reste with reason this is verrey text
To god aboue that man is alder next
Sperne repugnando tibi tu contrarius esse
Conueniet nulli qui secum dissidet ipse
Aduise the wele that thou neuer trauerse
Thyn owne sentence for thereof fueth shame
Sey not oon & efte the contrarie reherce
Such repugnāce wol make thy worship lame
Where stedfastnesse wol cause thy good fame
For he shal neuer accorde with man on lyue
That with him self wil ay repugne & stryue
St vitam inspicias hot̄m si deni (que) mores
Cum culpas altos nemo sine crimine viuit
Yf thou aduertyse and beholde aboute
The lyues of men and maners also
Bothe of thy self and other the withoute
In myddelerth thou shalt fynde who
That in som̄e part nys vertue foo
Blame no may therfore yf you do a right
[Page] Sith in erth lakes liueth no wight
Que nocitura tenes quāuis sint cara relinque
Vtilitas opibus preponi tempore debet
Yf thou suppose thing that shal noye & greue
Thaugh they be dere & right gret of price
Suche as suffreth not thy prouffit achieue
Yf thou lust to be reuled as the wyse
Absteyne the from suche thing in al wyse
For it is more wisdam in soth faltnesse
To preferre prouffit than suche richesse
Constans et lenis vt res expostulat esto
Temporibus mores sapiens fine crimine mutat
It is a good lesson for the nones
A wight to be tempred with constaunce
And to be glad and mery eftesones
Not alwey sad ne light of contenance
A man is chere may hym ful ofte auaunce
For at iche tyme as the thing requireth
So the wyse man visageth and chereth
Nil temere vxori de seruis crede querenti
Sepe etem̄ mulier quē coniunx diligit odit
Gyf no credence alwey to thy wyf
That for hire Ire and vnpacience
[Page] With scharper tonge than is swerd or knyf
Playneth on thy seruant thaugh nōn offence
Thou fynde in hym lerne wele this sentence
The wyf wol hate and cause to smert
Often hym that hire honsband loueth [...]
Cum (que) mones aliquē nec se velit ipse moneri
Si tibi sit carus noli desistere ceptis
And yf thou warne a wight of his f [...]rfete
al thaugh he grutcheth with frowning cōtenāce
And in his langage manace the & thre [...]e
Yet forbere thou not for al suche displesance
To teche hym to amende his gouernance
As thou began correcte that is a mysse
And that is a frendly teche I wysse
Contra verbosos noli contendere verbis
Sermo datur cunctis animi sapiencia paucis
Ayenst woordy folk ay ful of wynde
Stryue not at al It may not the proufyte
Suche rasshe folkes ben in conceytes blynde
The witles word auayleth not a myte
In fele wordes is ofte wisedom ful fyte
For vnto euery wight is geuen speche
And yet the wyse ful ofte ben for to seche
[Page] Dilige sic alios vt fit tibi [...]
Sic bonꝰ esto bonis ne te mala dāpna sequātur
Loue other men and haue them so in chere
That to thy self thy loue moost extende
Loke no personne be to the more dere
Than thyn estat for than thou shalt offende
And hurte thy self & other folke amende
But euer cherisshe other & loue hem soo
That to thy self thou befounden no foo
Rumores fuge ne incipias nouus autor haberi
Mam nulli tacuisse nocet nocet esse locutum
Tydinges new that flen as the wynde
Esche we my child with al thy diligence
Be neuer besy new tidinges to fynde
Suche nouelte causeth ofte offence
It is no wit It is no saprence
It hurteth not a man to be in pees
But it doth harme to put his tonge in prees
Rem tibi promissam certam ꝓmittere noli
Rara fides ideo (que) multi multa loquntur
Make no promyse of other men is hest
Remembre wele that promyse is vnsure
But yf thou kepe thyn thy name sleest
[Page] To serue thy behest do thy besy cure
Trust not the word of euery creature
Sūme man is feith is esy to breke
For many folkes thenke not as they speke
Cū te aliquis laudat iudex tuus esse memento
Plus alijs de te quā tu tibi credere noli
With wordes faire whan fauel fedith the
Be thou not blynde for his fals flaterye
Late thyn owne ne reason alwey thy Iugge be
And in effect yf thyn estat be hye
thaugh fauel with his crafte wil blīde than eye
In al thy lyf thou neuer geue credence
More to thy self than to thy conscience
Officium alterius multis narrare memento
At (que) alijs cum tu benefeceris ipse s [...]leto
Whan thou seest a nother man is desert
As for his good dedes com̄en dable
In euery place preuy or a part
Suche a wight with tl y good word enable
And though he haue ben by the auaylable
Yet of thy good dede make thou no boluunce
And than shal other men thin name enluūce
Multorum cum facta seney et dicta resenfus
[Page] Fac tibi fuccurrant iuuenis que feceris ipse
And yf thou liue longe an oldmā shalt yu be
Age wol approuche maugre who seith nay
Than perceyue beholde aboute and see
Howe aged folk ben treted with al day
And so pouruey for thy self a say
Into stoupyng age whan thou art crept
Thing may ye help ye in thin youthe was kept
Ne cures si quis tacito sermone loquatur
Conscius ipse sibi de se putat omnia dici
Charge not al thaugh yu see men speke softe
Ne change no chere for ofte it is ful bet
In secret wyse to speke than crye on lofte
A man sholde see alwey where he were set
And after that so sholde he speke or let
But to the suspect of harme it semeth
Men speke of hym he noon other demeth
Cum fueris fel [...]x que sunt aduersa caueto
Non eodem cursu respondent vltima primis
Whan fortune hath yeuen the felicite
And set the on high than be war of a fal
Than sueth ofte suche sharp aduersite
Fals fortune tourneth as doth a bal
[Page] In hyre trust haue thou no sikernesse at al
Hire perelous play turneth whilom to grame
For the ende is woo that beganne that game
Cum dubia et fragilis sit nobis vita tributa
In mortem alterius spem tu tibi ponere no [...]i
Our brotel lyf is here so ful of doute
That in verrey surete no wight may stonde
So sodenly crepen the foules oute
Al aboute this world in euery londe
Of yonge and old for euery wight is bende
To deth therfore set not thyn affiance
In deth of him y may the furuyue parchance
Exigunn [...] munus cum det tibi pauper anncus
Accipito placide plene laudare memento
A litel yefte geuen with good enter
Of thy frend that lyuith in pouerte
With right good chere suche yefte take: bent
Supposing ay that as good wille hath be
And more than many men that richer be
Peyse not the yefte ne pondre not the pryse
Thentent is good & that shal the suffise
Infantem nudum cum te natura creauit
Pauꝑtatis onus pacienter ferre memento
[Page] Sith nature that is thy first norice
Hath brought the hider al naked & bare
Thaugh thou neuer can richesse accomplice
But thou art holde alwey in pouertis snare
Yet no force make neuer to moche care
Take paciently pouerte for the best
Riches is not of nature but of erth encrest
Ne timeas illam que vite est vltima finis
Oui mortem metuit qd viuit perdit idip̄m
Thaugh deth be the fyn of euery creature
And no wight on lyue shal from hym escape
Yet deede not deth with ouer besy cure
To lyue on erth It is but a Iape
Yf thou shalt alwey after deth so gape
Thinke wele to dye but modefye thy thought
Or ellis to lyue auayleth the right noght
Si tibi pro meritis nemo respondet amicus
Accusare deū noli sed teipse coherce
For thy desert yf no frend thanke the
I mene whan thou hast don thy force & payne
To other folkes frendly for to be
Yf they can not gramercy to the sayne
Withdrawe thin hand & so thy self refrayne
[Page] Blame not thy god / for thaire vnfrēdlinesse
But for suche men do afterward the lesse
Ne tibi quid desit quesitis vtere parce
Vt que quod est serues semper tibi de [...]sse puta [...]
Sith no richeman that leuith any where
Yf he consume his goodes al and waste
But that pouerte shal greue sore and dere
Therfore my child suche goodes as thou haste
Let not to sone oute of thy hand beraste
Leest than thy good hereafter wol the f [...]yle
Hold that thou hast It may the efte auayle
Quod prestare potes ne bis promiseris vlli
Ne sis ventosus dum vis bonus esse videri
Behote no man a thing to lene hym twyse
And fayle hym oones that is but vilanye
Yf thou may lene do it in frendly wyse
Suche cheuissance a frend both to be wrye
Of thy good dedes clamoure the [...] net ne crye
Be not wyndy ner of wordes breme
Yf a good man thou liste appere and seme
Qui similat verbis nec corde est fidus amicus
Tu quo (que) fac simile sic ars deluditur arte
And yf thou fynde the sone of doublenesse
[Page] The fals dissimilour yf thou espye
With printed wordes & hert ful of falsnesse
Thou maist in no wyse better blere his ye
Than to serue hym with his owne trecherye
With wordes fayre & frendly to departe
Mene thou the same & art begyle by arte
Noli homines blando nimium sermone probare
Fistula dulce canit uovcrem dū decipit auceps
Preue yu neuer a man by ouer printed speche
For vndre fayre wordes is ofte annexed gile
The word is gay but frendship is to seche
As it is sayd suche craft is in this Ile
Yet fum̄e thinke yf whan they thair tōges file
The whisteling fouler maketh mery songe
And so the briddes begileth he amonge
Cum tibi fint nati nec opes tunc artibus illos
Instrue quo possint inopem deffendere vitam
Whan so is that thou hast goten children
Loke in her yongth than enforme hem soo
In som̄ crafte & mister that they may therin
Lerne to gete her lyuyng & to deffende also
Her lyf whiche euer nedeth & that they vnto
Vertu may atteyne for he that no craft can
[Page] Ofte tym̄ nedeth & is in daūger of euery man
Quod vile est carum quod carum vile putato
Sic tibi nec cupidus nec auarus nosceris vlli
Haue this conceit for it is ofte sene
Thing dere bought ful ofte hate of price
And thinges that litel of valeu bene
In tyme comyng may to gret derth aryse
Remembre wele this and it ay aduertyse
Thus shalt yu best y name of chincherie fleme
And other men shal the no nygard deme
Que culpare soles ea tu ne feceris ipse
Turpe est doctori cum culpa redarguit ipsum
Aduise the wele lete reason be thy guyde
Whan other folkes thou art aboute to blame
That suche default in the be not espyed
For yf it be than shalt thou haue the shame
A mannes honnour suche thing wol reclame
It is ful foule whan a man wol teche
Yf that his dedes ageinst his wordes preche
Quod iustū est petito vel quod videatur honestu
Nam stultū est petere quod possit iure negari
Loke thy desir be grounded of right
And than that it neuer trauerse honeste
[Page] Thyse luratours that ben misreuled so
Interrupte hem self & wrappen in moche wo
For wikked wrath engendreth but hate
Where as good accord norisshe leue algate
Seruoy ob culpam cum be doler vrget in fram
Ipse tibi moderare tuis vt parcere possis
Whan thy seruant thou takest in defaute
Thaugh he can not his negligence excuse
Yet in thyn Ire make not to fers a saute
But with thy male talent take treuse
So shalt thou finde ease this fet yf thou vse
[...] thy passion and ay by suche mesure
That thou saue hem that ben vnder thy cure
Quem superare potes interdum vince ferendo
Maxima etem̄ morum semper pacientia virtus
Sufferance doth ease was seyd longe a goo
Suffre thou and haue al thyn entent
Thaugh al thou maist ouer yet do yu not soo
Conquere by sufferance and be pacient
But for to folowe cruelte neuer consent
For it is cleped a vertu with excellence
A wight to lyue in humble pacience
Conserua pocius que sunt iam parta labore
[Page] Cum labor in dampno crescit mortal [...]s egestas
Be not to skant ner be not to prodigal
Cōserue thy thinges goten with trew labour
It is ful fayre to be called liberal
But ay eschewe wast and be no furfetour
Consume not al thy tresour in oon hour
Whan of thy labour riseth noon auayle
Nedes pouerte must the in hast assayle
Dapsilis interdum notis caris et amicis
Cum fueris felix semper tibi ꝓximus esto
Be thou not like senola for he wold ete
With euery man and at his fest hym fede
But neuer no man might taste of his mete
Ner no wight to him come but he to al mē yede
Be fre of thy mete but loke that larges lede
The no ferther than thou may easly ateyne
be euer thin owne frēd thus caton seith certein̄
Take hede sire and see howe holsumly this clerk
Entretith men with vertuouse doctrine
The first part of this compendious werk
In worship howe they shul ful clerely shynt
Guydyng to renewe streight as a lyne
Whois preceptis to obserue yf that ye [...]iste
[Page] And to his conseil your hertis to enclyne
Right in your age ful wele It shal be wiste
The vertuous fourme y men shul forth conuey
Lo in this lyf as bridel doth a best
That man do not erre here in this ꝑilous wey
Stablisshing hym as doth a stedfast arest
And as saker guydes that men worthiest
Mannes liuyng here to set in gouernance
This sage Cathon putteth in remembrance

.Incipit secundus liber.

t Elluris si forte velis cognoseere cultus
Virgiliū legito qd si mage nosee laboras
Herba [...]um vires macer tibi carmina dicet
Yf thou lust my child set thy hertly delyt
Of erth to knowe the tilthe and the culture
And yf thou wilt be of knowleche parfit
Why sum̄e is erable and sum̄e eke pasture
Why sum̄e is freshe lyke floures of picture
I conseile the to studye sadlye for a whyle
In the laureat poete grete virgile
Si Yomana cupis et punica noscere bella
[Page] Lucanū queras qui martis prelia dicit
And thou haue desirous fresshe corage
To here of romaynes noble worthinesse
Howe they venyquisshed them of cartoge
And many other thurgh manly prowesse
Than rede lucan ful wele can he expresse
Who bare hym best m towne & also in feld
And who did meruailes vnder martes sheld
Si quis amare libet vel discere amare legendo
Nase nem petito s [...]n autem cura tibi hec est
And who what lust eke of louers for to rede
And in that wyse h [...]m self for to auance
As in y craft nas [...] can teche hym fer te spede
For sum̄e loue song. harp. pype and dance
Sum̄e in reding & other thing of pleasance
Sum̄e louyn couertly eke & lust not be esprede
And sum̄ wold beknowen thus writeth ouide
Vt sapien [...]s viuas audi que discere poss [...]s
Per que semetum vicijs deducitur euum
But yet my lef child yf that in auenture
Thin hert be yeuen to no suche maner thing
Or that it be not vnto thy playsure
That virgil macer lucan / or naso doth bring
[Page] Yet that yu may be wyse after in thy leuynge
Yf thou lust to me to yeue audience
I shal shewe the doctrine of sapience
Ergo ades que s [...]t sapiencia disce legendo
Therfore my child come nere to me & lere
And I shal the shewe the verray tresure
Of sapience yf the lust to herken and here
And eh how thou shalt in good estat endure
And lede thy lyf holy after goddis plesure
Therfore approche and lere this reding
To ben a man ay vertuous of leuyng
Si potes ignotis eciam prodesse memento
Vtilius est regno meritis adjuirere ami [...]s
Ther is no wight that ferther may reporte
Of thy good dedes than the stranger may
Make him ay good chere & shewe him disporte
And he shal with honour veter y this no nay
for y vnknowen It prouffiteth sūtime tassay
Frendes y nowe to haue It is a better thing
Than is frendles any man to be a kyng
Mitte arcana dei celum niquirere quid sit
Cum sis mortalis que sunt mortalia cura
Of goddis misterie & ek of his worching
[Page] Make neuer my child to fer inquirance
It is foly any man to muse on suche thing
Dispute thou neuer vpon thy goddes purue [...] ̄ce
For al thing must be vnder his gouernāce
And sith thou art man clad in mortalite
Dispute thou of thing suche as [...] be
[...]que metum leti nā stultū est tempore [...]
Qui mortem metuit amittit gaudia vite
The drede of deth that is inordinate
I mene to drede it ay and neuer to cese
Be ware of that I conseyle the algate
For this is trew as the gospel doutlese
Who that dredith deth is alwey mirthlese
Whan drede of deth any man so agruggeth
He wasteth his tyme & ay his lyf abreggeth
Iratus de re incerta contendere noli
Impedit ira animum ne possit cernere verum
For thing that is vnto the vncertayne
Whan thou art wroth loke neuer that yu [...]
But first yu oughtest to knowe ye mater pl [...]me
For there is no personne oonly on erth a liue
But that he onsawles is also blyue
As besy wrath hath kindled hym on fyre
[Page] And than can he not dente the trouth for Ire
Fac sumptum propere cum res desiderat ipsa
Sandū ete m̄ est aliq̄d cū tempus postulat q̄ res
As tyme requireth so make ay thyn expense
Mesure thyn hand ek after the profecee
Of thing of tyme and also of the presence
So that thou spende nomore than nedith the
And that spende leke that thyn hert be fre
A man shold do kost & make his spending
Cōsiderīg y tyme & ek of his costis rewardīg
Quod nimiū est fugito paruo gaudere memēto
Tuta magis puppis modico que flumine fertur
To moche is neght of any manere thing
The mene is good and moost comendable
That mā standeth surest here in this leuing
With mene estat that holdeth hym greable
Plente and pouerte to degre be not suffrable
For than is the ship in the see moost surest
What tyme the flode is moost demurest
Quod pudeat socios prudens celare memento
Ne plures culpant id quod tibi displicet vni
Yf yu knowe aught y may turne in to shame
Kept it secret and for no thing it bewrye
[Page] Be neuer to besy suche thing to proclame
Or puplisshe as thou knowest wol reprye
Make not al men to gauren on it and crye
Lest y men dāpne y to other folkes vnknow [...]e
For suche fals demers yu maist finde y now
Nolo putes prauos homines peccata lucrari
Temporibus peccata latent et tempore patent
Yf thou espye and see or perceiue a forfaiture
And ek a shrewe of misgouernance
Truste wele that sumtyme shal come an houre
Whan for his dedes he shal suffre panance
Acursed dede asketh wreche and vengeance
Thaugh wikkednesse for ye tyme be [...]ept [...]
Yet atte last it wol discouered be
Corporis exigui vires contempnere nosi
Consilio pollet cui vim natura negauit
Thaugh sumtyme nature hath ben vnkynde
And geuyth a man to be of smale scature
Yet remembre my child & haue in thy mynde
That thou neuer dispyse that creature
For god may sende hym fortune & bone vre
And ofte they be with good conseil alyed
To whom nature hath gret strenthe denyed
[Page] Hoc faciunt stulti quos gloria vexat inanis
Thy self also loke thou not preyse
Ner dispreyse but let thou other men alone
Alwey after prudence thy wordes peyse
For thyn auant honour shalt thou gete none
But haue a mok as sone as thou art gone
A man to preyse hym self as seith the scole
Or dispreyse moche is token of a fole
Litis preterite noli maledicta referre
Post inimicicias iram meminisse malor [...] est
Wrath of old y shold be kept oute of mynde
Be thou not aboute to make it on lyue
But the enuyous hath ay a tacche of kynde
Suche malice my child loke yu neuer reuyue
for suche malice of old wrath maketh a striue
And who remembreth old enemyte
A wikked man forsoth is he
[...]tere quesitis modice cum sumptus habundat
Labitur exiguo quod partum est tempore longo
Whan it is tyme of cost and grete expense
Bewar of wast and spende ay by mesure
Who that to kepe or spende hath no differense
Maketh his goodes may not longe endure
[Page] For the old prouerbe saith mesure is trcsure
Remēbre y sonne thy goodes may slip away
That bifore were goten in many a sonday dey
Incipiens esto cum tempus postulat aut res
Stulticiā similare loco prudencia summa est
It is no wisedam a man alwey to be sege
But sumtyme to be nytt and feyne solye
Who that hath this fet shal fynde auantage
Whan tyme and thing desireth that [...]
And than dissimile that is gret pollecye
For sumtyme to be vnwyse by apparence
Among the wyse is cleped hye prudence
Luxuriam fugito simul et vitare mement.
Crimen auaricie nam sunt contrar [...] [...]
The filthy flesshe meuyng the [...]
That fighteth ay ag [...]yn the soule [...]
By force of hyre actisement liberal
Eschewe my child & kept the from hyre [...]
That art and grace ben set ful fer a [...]
And eschewe ay of auarice y wikked same
Thyse two they ben that causen euyl name
Noli tu quedam referenti credere semper
Exigua ē tribuēda fides (que) multi multa loqūtur
[Page] Beleue yu not lightly in euery wightis sawe
For sum̄me reporten thing al other wyse
Than it was euer thought or don sawe
And som̄e haue it also of custume & of guise
To fede folk with flatering and lyes
Therfore geue vitel trust to suche feire speking
For many folkes speke vntrewe thing
Quod potu peccas ignoscere tu tibi noli
Nam nullū crimen vini sed culpa bibentis
Yf thou surfete in drink forgete yu not that
Aduise the wele efte thou come not in y snare
withdrawe thin hād fede not thy throte to fat
Drinke that suffiseth the & ell loke thou spare
To moche drink maketh men of wit ful bare
And yet the wyne therof is not to blame
To blame is the drinker y makith hym lame
Consil [...]um archanū tacito committe sodali
Corporis auxilium medico committe fideli
To thy trusty frend that is secet to the
Shewe thy conseyl aud thy nede bewrie
For a trusty frend is the chest of priuite
But it is gret hap suche frendes to espye
Crye oute oon among al a companye
[Page] And of thy body betake thou at the cure
Vnto suche a leche that is trusty and sure
Successus indignos noli tu ferre moleste
Indulget fortuna malis vt ledere possit
With thy self a greue the neuer to sore
Thaugh thing a mys sumtyme betyde
Dismay the not in besy wyse therfore
For thyn auenture nedes thou must abyde
Fortune may not alwey be on thy syde
With harmes to greue ay in wayte lith she
To ref men welth honour and prosperyte
Prospice qui veniūt hos casus esse ferendos
Nam leuius ledit quicquid p̄uidimus ante
In thyn owne self compace aboute ay before
Thing to perceyue that after wol fal
It noieth not ner greneth not half so sore
That is a fore seen as other thing shal
Sodein chaunses diseasith moost of al
It hurteth ay lesse and is in better plight
Where a man prudently can haue a fore sight
Rebus in aduersis animū submittere noli
Spem retinere spes vna aīm nō morte relinquit
Whan diuers thinges trauerse thyn entent
[Page] And thou art wrapped in aduersite
For wanhope loke thou be not lost ne shent
Lete neuer dispair thy wit bereue the
But abyde the tyme that better shal be
Hope is she that shal make the a seth
Hope leueth not a man til man leue y breth
Rem tibi quā noscis aptam dimittere noli
Fronte capillata post hec occasio calua
Whan men profre than is tyme to reteyne
Take ay thing whyle they ben in season
Many profre now that after wol refreme
For y is plente now wol afterward be geson
Therfore take ay in time for so cōseileth reson
For the balled hed was sumtyme ful of heris
Whiche is now bare withoute rasure or sheris
Quod sequitur specta qd inminet ante videto
Illum imitare deum qui partē spectat vtrani (que)
Prouide thy self and haue deliberance
By likly coniecture what way betyde
Aduertyse my child in thy remembrance
A fore and after aboute on euery syde
Folowe that god wol & lete him be thy guyde
Whiche hath al thing oonly in his go [...]nemēt
[Page] Fortune feture & pouste & al that is present
Forcior vt valeas interdū parcior esto
Pauca voluptati debentur plura saluti
It is a ta [...]che of a deuouryng hende
To receyue superfluyte and do eke excesse
Tyl his receyt ageyn from hym rebende
Contente thy nature & fle ay from gredinesse
Foule lustes ay kept vnder fote & represse
Fede not thy lust with al that she wol craue
Yf that in helth the liste thy lyf to haue
Sic tibi precipue qd primū est cura salutis
Tempora ne culpes cum sint tibi causa doleris
Take good hede eke of thyn owne estate
To reule thy body wele with good diete
In tyme but loke thou be not at debate
Thurgh thyn owne reule and surfete
Thaugh seknesse & sorowe haue yeue y an [...]
The tyme is good & no diesmale ther is
But yf men it make for that they don a mys
Sompnia ne cures nā mens humana qd optat
Dum viglat sperat ꝑsompnum cernit idip̄m
Drede thou no dremes so seith deut ronomye
For ofte they be caused of duiers complexion
[Page] Som̄ of ymaginacōns & many a nice fātesie
For dremes ben ofte deceit and fals illusion
Or ellis of blode or of superflue replexion
Whan they be wakyng they desire & thinke
Vpon that thing they dreme whan they winke
Iudicium populi nūquam contempseris vnus
Ne nulli placeas dū vis contempnere multos
Whan that a multitude hath yeue a decree
Or concluded ought a gein thyn entent
Trauerse yet neuer a yeinst the comentee
For yf thou do thou shalt be sore shent
Dispise yu not a loone the peoples Iugement
In auenture thou please of hem not oon
Whiles thou woldest trauerse hem euerichon
Mu [...]th a while what al thyse maters mene
Abideth sire and goo no further yet
For to rede theym vayleth not a bene
To no man but he the kernel vnknet
Therfore al your hert & al your mynde vnshet
And loke what lieth vnder y boistous rynde
And I dar sey of wisdam and of wit
Plente and foyson therein shal ye fynde
Refressith your spirites with this holsom diete
[Page] That fostreth vertues and kepith a lyue
To your persone me thinketh ful mete
For to receyue suche a ioyful nutretyf
Whiche your estat shal ay preserue in lyf
In gret honour & kepe you from noyance
Oute of the daunger of vices infectyf
Yf ye wirche after this ordenance
And in special loke that your dede
May bere trew witnesse and testifye
The maters that ye beholde and rede
loke hem with your hert aswele as with your eye
And than dar I say sumwhat ye shal espye
In this werk that shal meue your corage
wherfore your hert your eye & your spirite applie
Your self ay to reule after thyse dedes sage

.Incipit liber tercius.

hOc quicū (que) belis carmen cognoscere lec [...]or
Hec p̄cepta feres que sunt ḡtissima vite
Loo what wight that lusteth him for to rede
In this my diete sumwhat shal be fynde
Wherwith he may his soule fostre and fede
[Page] He menyth gile thaugh outward he fayne
For he can anoynte bothe thin eres twayne
With the oyle of playsance in ful gret foison
But yet vnder y kepe y wele from this poison
Segniciem fugito que vite ignauia fertur
Nā cum a [...]mus languet confumit inercia corpꝰ
Slouthe slogardy and dul Idelnesse
And lachesse that causeth to be negligent
Enforce y ay to eschewe with al thy besinesse
For Idel soule maketh thy body shent
Treuly ther is in erth no gretter argument
For to conclude thy mortal body vnapte
Than the soule in Idelnes to be wrapte
Comoda multa feras sinautē spreueris illud
Non me scriptorem sed be neglexeris ipse
Enprinte my teching in thy soule stedfast
And ful proffitable thou shalt it fynde
Forsake it not ner fro thin hert it caste
For yf that thou exclude oute of thy mynde
This lesson thou art ful barein and blynde
From vertues and therfore wite not me
Sithen the default my sone is than in the
Alterius dictum vel factum ne carpseris vnquā
[Page] Exemplo simili ne te decideat alter
It is ful hard to please euery wight
Displease y of no manere dedes ner th [...]m la
Ner thaire wordes neither for euen so right
As thou displeased them behynde thy lak
Right so wol men make the a mok [...] kna [...]
For the contrarye thaugh men had it sworn
The scorner shal be guerdoned ay with sed
Quod tibi sors dederit tabulis suprema notato
Augendo serua ne sis quem fama sequ [...]tur
Whan thy last sort that men callen fate
Ys good and pleasant after thyn [...]
This mene I lo whan thou art f [...]rtunate
Recorde al thy goodes that god hath the [...]ent
And suffre hem not reklesly to be spent
for than of a wastour thou shalt haue y [...]
For gret riot wol cause thy feble fa [...]e
Cum tibi diuicie superant in fine senecte
Munificus facito viuas non parcus [...]
Into gret age what tyme y thou art [...]
And hast richesse ꝓsperite: gret lubun [...]
be liberal than of y goodes y a fore yu hast kept
Thenke wele thou hast ynogh and suffisance
[Page] Lete neuer thy good of the haue gouernance
But gouerne & departe it ay with thy frend
for whan yu gost hens it may not with y wend
Vtile consilium dominus ne despice serui
Nullius sensum si ꝓdest contempseris vnquam
Grace is youen to man in many sondry wyse
Som̄e haue wisedam & som̄e haue eloquence
The poure folkes also som̄e tyme be ful wyse
A seruāt sumtyme may be ek of gret sapiēce
Thaugh al he be had in litel reuerence
Rewarde his wit yf it be worth the whyle
For vertu is hid vnder many an habit vile
Rebus et in sensu si non est quod fuit ante
Fac viuas contentus eo qd tempora prebent
This worldes welth ebbyng & flowing ay
At no certeyn is like as wankle aprile
Thaugh thou haue losse yu shalt not y dismay
Be content with that thou hast for the whyle
Som̄e mā ther is y hath neither crosse ne pile
Now in his ward & yet right good auenture
Ys him ful negh no mā may knowe his vre
Vxorem fuge ne ducas sub nomine dotis
Nec retinere velis si cepit esse molesta
[Page] Wedde not a wyf for hire enheritance
For she wol cast it often in thy berd
And yf she be noyant and ful of greuance
Constreiue hyre neuer to abyde in thy yerd
Of chastisement It is a cursed swerd
To kepe suche oon that wol ay a twyte
For he is at ease that of suche oon is qu [...]te
Multorum disce exemplo que facta sequaris
Que fugias vita nobis est aliena magist [...]
Of other men thou shalt thy myrrour make
Cōfourme ye to that / that moost men [...]
What thou shalt do & what thou shalt [...]
A better fet maist thou not contreue
Than to other men is dedes releue
In al that perteineth to thy techyng
Make of other men a reule of thy leuyng
Quod petes id tempta operis ne pondere [...]
Succumbat labor et srus [...]ra temptata relenqua [...]
Attēpte no thing y surmonteth th [...] might
Ner that to finiss [...]e thou maist not [...]
For than stādest thou soule in thin own [...]
Ouer his pouer what man that lusteth [...]
With shame his werke must ned [...]s ta [...]e leue
[Page] Refrayne thy tonge with al thy besy cure
Coniugis irate noli tu verba timere
Nā lacrimas struit insidias dū femina plorat
Som̄e women wepen of pure femimte
Whan other wyse they can not thayre entent
Acheue but yet be war of suche nyce pyte
Thy manly reason for that be not blent
For suche weping thy hert aught neuer relent
Som̄e women of kynde be euer wepynge
And vnder that they can bothe pryk & stynge
Vtere quesitis sed ne videaris abuti
Qui sua cōsumūt cum deest aliena sequntur
Whan thou hast goten to thy worship vse
What auayleth richesse with oute honour
To spende ay good & worship to refuse
Is no pomt of proffit ner of socour
Therfore y thou hast goten with trew labour
Consume not in mysuse lest thou doo a mys
Ofte he nedith of other that wasted hath his
Fac tibi ꝓ penis mortem non esse timendam
Que bona si nō est finis tamen illa bono (rum)
Enprinte my child ay hertly in thy mynde
That thou be not of deth so sore a drad
[Page] Whiche shal the from wrechednesse vnbynde
Where in thy lif so longe thou hast forth lad
A lyf ꝑauenture to god and man ful bad
The whiche thaugh she be not to al ꝓffitable
Yet she maketh an end bothe of bad & able
Vxoris linguam si frugi est ferre memento
Nam (que) malum nil velle pati nec posse taceri
Thy wyues wordes thou suffre & take in gre
Whan it auayleth for betyde it may
Ful ofte that of grete prudence is she
And moost to be alowed this is no nay
Suffre hyre than and hyre conceyt assay
For it is hard whan thou can not be stylle
Ner yet to suffre hire thou can eke haue wille
Dilige nō egra caros pietate parentes
Nec matrē offendas dū viuis bonꝰ esse parenti
Goodes that ben geuen the of nature
They come to the of thy progenitours
Therfore my child with al thy force & cure
Loke thou loue hem: cherisshe at al hours
For they fostre y & kept ī youth from s [...]ours
Thy moder my dere child yet in especial
Yet thou do wele neuer offende at al
[Page] Thy good to spende but at thy liberte
Dilige denarium sed parce dilige formam
Quā nemo sanctus nec honestus captat habere
Loue thou the peny as for thy cheuisance
Not for the quoyne to horde it vpon hepe
For of the prince was made the ordonance
Not for in cofres It shold be stille & slepe
but ye it shold ay stere among y people & lepe
In their eschange & who that kepith it Inne
As for the fourme is ay subget to synne
Cum sue [...]s locuples corpus curare memento
Eger diues habet nūmos [...] non habet ipsum
Whan thou hast plente and art pecunial
I mene whan thou hast grete suffisance
Of money foyson and help but smal
Than spende thy money & thy self auance
Kepe neuer the coyne and lyue in greuance
The sike hath siluer in ful gret excesse
But of hym self he hath no sikernesse
Verba cum tuleris discens aliquando magistri
Fer patris imperium cum verbis exit in iram
Thaugh sumtime yu suffre the gret sharpnes
Of betyng yet ay thy maistres chastisemēt
[Page] Take wele in gre with humble lowlines
Sith it is don but al in good entent
In cause to lerne and wysedam for to [...]ent
Al thaught his wordes sowne ful of Ire
Yet suffre thou the talent of that fyre
Res age que ꝓsunt rursus vitare memento
In quibus error inest nec spes est certa laboris
Also my child thou shalt the ay occupye
To wirke thyng that ben proffytable
But loke thou neuer thy wi [...]tes applye
To thinges that may not be auaylable
To kepe a thyng that is not proffytable
By wit or strengthe It is gret errour
Dispayred hope is the end of suche labour
Quod donare potes gratis concede roganti
Nam recte fecisse bonis in parte lucrosum est
Whan yu shalt yeue than yeue in frendly wyse
Frendly contente thou a prayer or a request
For thyng yeuen by tyme is yeuen twyse
Suche gladsome chere makith yeftes richest
Who that yeueth gladly & sone yeueth is lest
Loo no thing better may thing conquere
Than a man to lene that he may forbere
[Page] Quod tibi suspectū est cōfestim discute quid sit
Nam (que) solent primo que sunt neglecta nocere
Whan vpon a thing thou hast a coniecture
As in thy conceyt holdyng in suspect
To discoure that a noon do thy cure
For at the first whan suche thing is reiect
That shold sewe after is easy to correct
A thing that at the first is nought set by
[...] often tymes sene to greue finally
Cum [...] ventris dampnosa voluptas
In [...] gule noli que ventris amica est
And whan thou art disposed inwardlye
To venus actes than expresse thy corage
Suffre not thy flesshe than to lustlye
For grete diete maketh thy flesshe outrage
Where as mesure might causen it to aswage
And gloteny is cleped the chief prometrice
Led [...]g the flesshe ay to wantonesse & vice
Cum tibi ꝓponas animalia aunota timere
Vnū precipue homine [...] plus esse timendum
The rampant lyon and the tigre felle
The Irous bore the hounde ful of enuye
and many moo bestis than here nedith to telle
[Page] Men dreden ful sore and eke thaire tirannye
And wele they do but yet oon beest espye
That is a fore al other moost especial
Man is the beest that thou moost drede shal
Cum tibi preualide fuerint in corpore vires
Hac sapias a [...]o sic tu poteris vir fortis huberi
The vertue that is called fortitude
Stondeth al in the strengthe bodely
As to be eurous mighty stronge and rude
But in the soule It must be sikerly
Neuertheles yf thou wilt thy soule fortefye
And hym withyn a queynte with sapience
Treuly than shalt thou be stronge in [...]
Auxilium a notis petito si forte laboras
Nec quis (quam) mel [...]or medicus quā fidus amicus
what thing in erth y thou shalt take on bende
And thy support shal be in frondlinesse
No strange wight on liue so negh y wel stōde
as thy knowen frend my child this is expresse
Of the stranger hast thou no sikernesse
For whan al other ben for to seche
The feithful knowen frēd can best be thy leche
Cum sis ipse nocens moritur cur victinia ꝓ te
[Page] Stulticia est in mortem alterius sperare salutē
The deth of bestes that ben vnresonable
As by custume and right of sacrifise
To pourge the is no seth greable
Truste not also to gete thy repryse
For they that trusten so ben ful vnwyse
By deth of bestes god wol not quemed be
And a man a bide stille in his iniquyte
Cum tibi vel sociū vel fidum queris amicum
Non tibi fortuna est ho [...]s sed vita petenda
Whan thou wold chese a fr [...]d for trustinesse
Of his fortune make noon inquirance
For fortune is moder of changeablenesse
But aske of his dedes and his gouernance
For that is proued of gretter suffisance
Than vre of fortune that is casuelle
For lyf of man his fortune doth excelle
Vtere quesitis opibus fuge nomen auari
Quid tibi diuicie ꝓsunt si pauper habun das
Vse wele the richesse that thou hast of quest
Of auarice the wikked fame eschewe
Lete not thy good lye ay stopped [...] thy chest
kept not thy tresour & stuf ay closed in mewe
[Page] Suche old tresour wol make thy shame newe
What proffiteth plente and gret tresure
And in pouerte a wreche alwey to endure
Si famam seruare cupis dū viuis honestam
Hac fugias aīo que sunt mala gaudia vite
My sone yf thou desire to reioyse thy fame
In honeste whyle thou lyuest here
Eschewe thing that may causen thy shame
And lichorous lustes must be leyde on bere
And eke thingis fele that ful Ioious appere
Thy worldes ioye is ofte ful de [...]cryf
Be war of ioye that lettith thy good lyf
Cum sapias aīo nost irridere senectam
Nā quocū (que) sene puerilis sensus in illo est
And ay my child assay and aduertyse
That thou neuer skorne ye gret stouping age
Thy elder my sone for no thing thou dispise
Thaugh al in thaire wittes they be not so sage
As in thayre yonth sith age is outrage
Whan age cometh this is soth certayn
A man begynneth than to be a child again
Disce aliquid nā cum subito fortuna [...]dit
Ars remanet vitam (que) hoīs nō deserit vnquā
[Page] Enfor [...]e thy wictes sumwhat for to lere
Aquenite the with cunnyng for it is sure
Yf fortune change and pouerte appere
Who that is cunnyng is likly to recure
Cunnyng and craft remayne euer & endure
And by theym a man may sone releue
Whan fortune hath cast hym to myscheue
Prospicito [...]uncta tacitus quod quis (que) loquatur
Sermo [...]ominum mores celat et iudicat idem
Be stille in scilence with good adiusidnesse
Tar [...]e my child til othir haue sayde
So shalt y lerne sumwhat of stedfastnesse
Lete neuer thy tonge sodeintly be vnteyde
For that might the of hastinesse abr [...]yde
By man is word his maner wol be shewde
By word eke is knowen ye wyse from ye lewde
E [...]cerce studium quāuis perceperis artem
Vt cura ingeni [...] sic et mamis adiuuat vsum
Thaugh of cunnyng thou haue ful gret
Enforce the ay my child yet to lerne more
The soule it is that must be thy receyt
Replenisshe here with vertues tresour & store
Vse maketh maistrie vse yu ay cūnyng therfore
[Page] Vse helpeth art and cure helpith wit
Than vse and cure to gedre must be knit
Multum venturi ne cures tempora fati
Nō metuit mortem qui scit contempnere vitam
The body from ye soule shal haue d [...]sseuerance
Deth is the ende cōmune of euery wight
Charge not therfore of deth is chance
The tribut of deth must thou pay of right
But yet of deth shalt thou s [...]t but l [...]ght
Yf by this lyf thou set right noght expresse
The whiche is ay ful of wo & wrcledncssd
Disce sed a doctis indectos ipse doceto
Propaganda est etm̄ rerum doctrina bonarum
Lerne ay of the wyse & teche the vncūnyng
For it is vertue & at al tyme cōmendable
To encrese doctrine thurgh suche cōmenyng
It is ek alwey a dede of god charitable
Bothe to lerne & to teche It is ful greable
Doctrine helpith vertue euermore on lyue
which newere doct̄ne sone from vs wolde sliue
Hoc bibe qd possis si tu vis viuere sanus
Morbi causa mali nam (que) est quecum (que) voluptas
Drinke not to muche more than yu may bere
[Page] Reule wele ay thy self with ye bridel of mesure
To moche drinke wol thy body noy & dere
For surfet is euermore of helth vnsure
And mesure maketh men in helth tendure
What man is reuled after lustes vile
In good estat he may abyde no whyle
Laudaris quodcum (que) palam quodcum (que) ꝓbaris
Hoc vide ne rursus leuitatis crimine damnis
And yf hyt hap the my child in audience
A thing to prayse bewar y thou not blame
Efte agein right the same in presence
Yf thou dispreyse com̄ende not eke the same
Of suche trauers must nedis ryse shame
To preyse now and efte to blame expres
It is a signe of gret vnstedfastnes
Tranquallis rebus que sunt aduersa caueto
Rurfus in aduersis melius sperare memento
Whan yu liuest here right at thyn owne ease
In al thy hertis ioye rest and prosperyte
Thenke yet parcas that ꝓsperyte may sese
For worldly welth standeth neuer in sikerte
And as sone whan pouerte or aduersite
Assauteth y yet falle thou neuer in dispaire
[Page] Thenke ay t̄ thy self good fortune may repai
Discere nō cesses cura sapiencia crescit
Rara datur longo prudencia temporis vsu
It is ful faire my child to be prudent
And wyse loke that thou lerne fast therfor
To lerne ay my sone do thyn entent
For by cure & besinesse wisdam is the more
Wisdam is she that may not be forbere
The rare prudence that folkes nyce refuse
Can neuer be had but by processe and vse
Parce laudato nam quem tu sept proburis
Vna dies qualis fuerit monstravit anncus
Beware also that thou neuer enhance
In thy laude or preysing a wight to hye
For thou maist haue cause efte to disan [...]
Thy fame but ay thy preysing modefye
For on a day thou shalt ful wele espye
Whether he be frend that frendly semyth
For al be no frendes that men demyth
Ne pudeat que nescieris te velle doceri
Scire aliquid laus est culpa est nil discere [...]
Be not a shamed also my child to lere
That thou canst not for it is but a tecche
[Page] Of foly noght to desire doctrine to here
For wele is him that to cūnyng may strecche
For cunnyngles a man is but a wreche
Therfore to cūne moche it is right comendable
And eke noght to cūne it is moost rep̄uable
Cum venere et bacho lis est et iuncta voluptas
Quod iustū est animo complectere (sed) fuge lites
Venus is ay redy to al hyre actes vile
Whan that bachus hath hyre in largesse
Thurgh the tresour of hyre hete & feruent fyre
Therfore my child thyn apetit thou represse
In wynes hete do thou neuer to gret excesse
Drinke nomore than for the soule is expedient
Eschewe strif & ay with mesure be content
Dimissos animo tacitos vitare memento
Quo flumē est placidū forsan latet alcior vnda
The solin stille mā ofte meneth fraude & gile
Of suche a man eschewe ay the companye
For the stille mā compasseth other whyle
Withyn his deceyt fal shede and trecherye
In flodes stille is water depe and hye
For often tymes betyde vnhappy chance
In stremes softe semyng to thy pleasance
[Page] Cum tua fortuna rerum tibi displicet vni
Alterius specta quo sis discrimine pe [...]or
With thy fortune whan thou art disconte [...]
And canst not take ingre thyn auenture
Beholde aboute and fele in thyn aduisemē
How they y whylom were of goodes more su
Than thou and more likly m welth tend [...]
Bothe for bounte fauour and eke noll [...]sse
and yet sodenly they haue fall into wrechednes
Quod potes id tempta nam litus carpere rem
Tucius est multo quā velum tendere m [...]
Attempte the thing so as thou [...]
passe neuer thy might bere neuer to lye [...]
For there is perel yf that the sereme a ryse
Certein my child this is witheu [...] [...]
The vessel smal is at ful gret auale
Whan that with oore to lende he may a rech [...]
Whan the sayles hye ful ofte gon to wre [...]e
Contra hoīem iustum praue contendere noli
Semper enim deus miutas vlc [...]se [...]ur [...]
agein ye trew iust mā braule yu neuer ne [...]
For vnto god aboue that is gret displeasā [...]
Truste this trewly there is no mā here on liu
[Page] That to the iust man doth dere or greuance
But at the last god wol take bengeance
Therfore hereof it is reason iche man to take
For y right wyse mā of god is neuer forsake
Exceptis opibus noli merere dolendo
Sed gaude pocius si te contingat habere
Yf extorcion or of any misauenture
Haue plukked at the & made the thred bare
Of richesse yet do thou ay thy force and cure
To be mery and eschewe thought and care
For flyteryng thought is a foule snare
Come not therin fortune is vnstable
After pouerte richesse is preygnable
Est iactura grauis que funt amictere dampnis
Sunt quedā que fere decet pacienter amicum
It is harme thy goodes to for go
That ben m hand with force and violence
But yet my child thou must considere who
And what he is that doth suche offence
Betwene frend and foo haue ay a difference
For in sum̄e cas thou aught a frend forbere
And eke suffre hym though he noye & dere
Tempora longa tibi no [...] promittere vite
[Page] Quocū (que) īgrederis sequitur mors corpis vmbrā
Be not sure that thou shalt lyue here longe
A wight shal dye al be it that he be loth or lef
And as ye old so doth the yong eke amonge
Deth stelith ay on as doth a pryue thef
For a geyn deth men may fynde no relef
She is aboute ay to make a final diuorse
And foloweth eche day y schadowe of thy cors [...]
Thure deum placa vitulum siue crescat aratro
Nec credas placare deum dum cede litatur
Worshipe god with all thy puyssance
With hert entier & swete smelling ensence
Suche sacrifice is good to his pleasance
Of the calues smale that neuer did offence
Though yu hem sle the blede may not dispener
With ye lete hem growe & swynke in y ploug
Thy trew hert ay to god is suffisāce is y neg [...]
Cede locum lesus fortune cede potenti
Ledere qui potuit aliquādo prodesse wlebit
Yeue place to hym that exce dith thy might
Thaugh yu be hurt It may ꝓffite par [...]l ance
And selde auayleth any man to sight
Agein suche oon that passeth his puyssance
[Page] Thaugh al it greue now efte it may auance
For ofte is sene that after gret duresse
The mighty man is ful of gentilnesse
Cum quid peccaris castiga teipse subinde
Vulnera dū sanas dolor est medicina doloris
After thy surfet and thy gret offence
Chastyse thy self correcte that is a mys
Redresse y to good reule amēde thy negligēce
And sorowe for synne a verrey medicine is
Repente the sore than art thou sauf I boys
For phisik seith my sone I the ensure
A bitter drink the sharp seknesse may cure
Dampnaris nūquā post longū tempus amicū
Mutauit mores sed pugnere prima memento
Yf yu haue founde good frendship in a wight
Longe a goo & yet thaugh he begyn to change
Dispeire him not men abide not [...] oon plight
For sūtime was lordship ther now is grāge
The worldes cours is wondre queint & strāge
But thaugh as now the mā is wex vnkynde
Yet is old frendship remembrid ay in mynde
Gracior officijs quo sis mage carior esto
Ne nomen subeas quod dicitur officiperdi
[Page] Thaugh it vre the in office to be set
Than be thou gentil & gracious to other men
That they may reporte a godly is met
With office and so good name shal ren
Aboute of the but assure the lest when
The officer is vnbounde than seith the [...]
Now wold to god y this mā were [...]
Suspectus caueas ne sis miser omnibus horis
Nam timidis et suspectis aptissima mors est
Be not suspect that is a wikk [...]d teche
The suspect man with [...]oward [...]
In his liuyng is but a [...] wreche
Mys is a mys but al be wold redresse
He demeth fals and fayleth hertlinesse
By fals conceyt set in malencolye
Sleth him a noon thus deth endith his [...]
Cum seruos fucris ꝓprios mercatus in vs [...]s
Et s [...]mules dicas hoīes tamen esse memento
Yf thou haue men withoute fredom & [...]
Suche as ben cleped m [...]n of bondage
Notwithstāding they be vnder the [...]
yet honoure suche & ouer hem be not to outrage
Yf they beholden vnder thy wordly seruage
[Page] For al they ben bounde yet verrey men they be
that god hath made theim mē yet ay remēbre ye
Quā plurimū rapienda tibi est occasio prima
Ne rursus queras que iam neglexeris ante
Thy first fortune receyue with redinesse
Refuse it not thaugh it be skant & smal
It is wel better in gre to take the lesse
Than to refuse it and after fayle of al
Yeftis of fortune take hem ay as they fal
Refuse hem nowe & efte thou shalt haue nede
Therfore it is to take whan me ꝓfre & bede
Morte repentina noli gaudere malor (rum)
Felices obiunt quor (rum) sine crimine vita
Reioyse the neuer my child in al thy lyf
The sodein deth of a cursed man & wreche
Whan he is ded the soule may not relef
From peyne to ioy the soule may not reche
The fendes halde ay sore that they may keche
Therfore who y lyuith iustly ful wel doth he
For his soule is ay ful of felicite
Cum cōiunx tibi sit nec res et fama laborat
Vitandum ducas inimicum nomen amici
Yf thou haue a wyf in assurance
[Page] Truste hire wele and loue hir inwardlye
with hert with thought with al thy assiance
And be thou neuer infect with suspect Ielosie
Yf no fault be in hire or that thou can espye
Yet yf thy frend tel the suche is the fame
He is a frend and she no thing to blame
Cum tibi contingerit studio cognoscere multa
Hac discas multa vita nescire doceri
Whan thurgh studye and gret excersice
Thou knowest moche & hast gret cunnyng
Yet ay do thy dil [...]gence in the moost byse wyse
To purchase more for it is a holsome thing
For to gret honour cunnyng may the bring
And eschewe thou neuer daily to be taught
for withoute teching cūnyng may not be caught
Miraris verbis nudis me scribere versus
Hec breuitas sensus fecit coniungere binds
Yf thou aught meruayle or lust to muse
In naked wordes why my versis thus I write
In no wyse trewly I may me better excuse
Than sey my wit so dul is and vnpersyte
Whiche arteth me thus rudely for to endite
By two and two my metre for to knyt
[Page] No thing causeth me but simplenesse of wyt
Nowe I haue gadered floures to your lyst
Tasteth theym for they be preseruatyf
Holdeth theym fast & vere hem m your fyst
For the pestilence eyre whiche is infectyf
I conseyle you and I ieparde my lyf
That ye shul lede your lyf in sekernesse
And eke ateyne to moche worthinesse
This mene I to you vnder protection
Of your gode grace what tyme ye rede
Or ellis haue in this mater inspection
As it biddeth that ye wol do in dede
Than dar I afferme withoute drede
Ye shul acheue and be ful vertuous
Here haue I fonde that shal you guyde & lede
Streight to gode fame & leue you in hir hous
.Explicit Catho.

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