TIME Complaining, giueth a most godly admo­nition, and very profitable Instruction to England in this our dangerous Tyme.

Whereunto is added a comfortable prayer to be vsed in this Tyme. By IOHN CARPENTER.

Eccl. 3. 1. Euerie thing hath a Tyme, yea all that is vnder the Heauen, hath his conuenient season.
‘NON SOLO PANE VIVET HOMO: Luke 4‘Verbum Dei manet in aeternum:’


Imprinted at London by Thomas Orwin,

To the Worshipfull mine especiall good friends, John VVal­rond of Bouy Esquire, & to Mistris Iane W. his wife the blessing of of God be multiplied and continued.

THE great desire and godlie delight, which J knowe to be in you both, to heare, reade and meditate in the Law of GOD, with that blessed man, whom Dauid describeth: the bringing vp of your children with Abraham in the way of the Lord, and the exer­cising of your family in godlines, with your worthie examples vnto others, and vertues thereunto correspondent (besides your manifolde friendshippes towards me, your poore neighbour): [Page] haue often times moued me to praise GOD for you, and to commend your happie lot: And at this time to vn­fold some parte of my gratefull good will, by sending vnto you this little token (the complaint of Tyme). I be­seech you to accept it gladly at my handes, in regarde of my good will, chiefly in respect of the thing itselfe, which (though as briefe a Jonas Ser­mon to Niniue) expresseth greate matter for instruction, admonition, exhortation, commination, and conso­lation, in all pietie. The Lord make vs thankefull for his gratious benefites, and so to vse the happie Time of our peace, that our great prosperitie, be­yond other Nations, may rather fur­ther vs, than hinder vs in that good [Page] course of godlines which we haue be­gonne, to the attaining of eternall life in Christ Iesu. And that howsoeuer all the world be affected, we may fully resolue to serue the Lorde as Josua did, with our families: and not forget to pray vnto GOD with Hester and her Maidens. Then shall wee enioy the benefite of our blessed time with Hezekias, and obtaine that safete ia­gainst our enemies, which other godlie haue obtayned by the mercie and lo­uing kindnes of our good GOD. To whose blessed protection I commend you and yours. London, this last of June, 1582.

Your W. Poore Neighbout and friend in Christ Iesu Iohn Carpenter.

To all true English heartes: faith, peace, thankefulnes, and all godlinesse is wished in the Lord our Sauiour.

THE greater your bene­fites are, which ye haue receiued from the Lord (deere brethren) the more shoulde bee your thankfulnes vnto him: and hauing much forgeuen you, ye should with Mary also loue much, ye haue en­ioyed a most blessed & long time of peace and prosperitie, vnder our most gratious, godlie and soueraigne Lady Queene Eli­zabeth, whom GOD long preserue: and through her Christian gouerment, such excellent blessings, both for the bodie and the Soule, as the like no nation vnder Hea­uen at this day doeth enioy, for which the Lord expecteth your thankful heartes and faithfull loue towards him. But alas, your long peace & prosperitie hath brought too [Page] many men into such a carelesse security & contempt of the true Religiō so long vsed amongst you, that thereby the opportu­nitie of so blessed a time is iustlie occasio­ned to lament, and to wishe rather an ende of her course, than that her continuance should yeeld long Libertie to such men, so to abuse the Lord & his creatures, by their horrible sinnes and iniquities. As the old Israelites recompenced their long peace with al kinde of vngodlines: so haue Eng­lishe men rewarded the Lorde euill for good, to the great griefe of his Soule, the sorow of the true Englishe heartes, and a­buse of his blessings. The benefit of their time also they either doe not knowe, or haue forgotten it: for they endeuour not to vse her, but euery way to abuse her, and wast out the time in their worldlie vani­ties, which being once let gon, is neuer re­called againe. Neyther may you thinke, that only the Lorde is greued, your selues are sory, and Time lamenteth: but that also all the Creatures of GOD (as Paule testifi­eth) Ro. 8. [Page] which senie for mans vse, feeling how monstruously they are abused by thē which shoulde in godlines vse them with thankfulnes, doe altogether in one harmo­ny & consent grone & sigh for speedy de­liuerance, not willing, as it were, to serue any longer to the benefite of ingratefull men. And that, were it not, for your sakes which trust in your Lorde (as in Iosua his house vnder so gratious a princesse) which praie heartely to the Lorde euen in the night when others sleep, which performe true fidelitie and obedience to GOD and your Soueraigne: it coulde not otherwise bee, but that the treacheries conspired, and horrible plagues threatned against vs would take effect: which yet the vngodly consider not, and therefore they endeuour neither repentance nor holines of life, nor vse time, nor to take time therunto. How­beit, I beseech you, for the tender mercies of Christ, that you hold on, as ye haue be­gonne in faithfulnes and true obedience to GOD and your Queene, to liue in vnitie [Page] and loue within your selues, and to fight against your enemies with that Spirituall Armor which Saint Paule hath appointed you. Then shal ye be stronger than your e­nemies, Eph. 6. be they neuer so manie, and be a­ble to beate downe the verie hammer of the earth to his shame & confusion. Then shall Goliath fall downe before Dauid, & Senacherib before Hezekias yea Sisa­ra shall perish before Deborah, Haman be­fore Hester, and proud Holofernes shalbe slaine by a womans hand. The Lord giue vs his grace, to redeeme the time because the dayes are euill, to know the time of our visitation, and what belongeth to our peace, to seeke the Lord, whiles he may be found, and praie vnto him now whiles he is neare: that wee may thereby enioy the benefite of our happie time, that the true hearted may reioyce in spirite, that the Creatures may be willing to serue for our comfort; and that the Lorde may bee mo­ued thereby the sooner to lead vs to his e­uerlasting peace through Christ Iesus our Lord Amen.

Rather yours then mine owne in Christ. I. C

Tyme complaineth, for that she is so vainely consu­med of worldly men, as wearie of conti­nuance.

WHen high Iehoue did men embrace
In Paradize, with great good wil,
Then Ladie Tyme had pleasant face,
And did with him reioyce her fill:
But when man fell, and sinned sore,
She wysht to die, and liue no more.
O worthie power, that me began,
And framed man a Saint of ioy
But oh alas to sinfull man,
That did procure his owne annoy▪
Which caused Time to loath his lore,
And wish to end, and be no more.
Yea, though the Lord hath proffered peace.
In Christ his sonne, for all his crime:
Yet Lo alas, men still encrease
Their faithlesse facts, and wast out Time.
And should not Time, then wish therefore,
To leaue her life, and liue no more.
Although it be mans proper crime,
Which doth deserue the chiefe dispraise:
Yet euerie man cries out of Time,
And sayth, how euill are these our dayes?
As if Dame Time, and daies began,
This noysome harme to euerie man.
What eares can heare to be belyed?
What tongue would tast the bytter gall?
What nose would poysoned ayres abide?
What sight would see his loftie fall?
What sence can serue to daylie payne?
And how should Time mens sinnes sustaine?
Old▪ Heuah cracks Gods right decree:
By Satans shiftes, and Adam falles.
Now Cayn killes Abell cruelly.
The sonnes of Seth to lust be thralls,
Cham can disclose his fathers shame:
And breastes do burne in Sodoms flame.
The daughters both of aged Lot,
Can frame a frawde for soire Sire:
And Absolon, now feareth not,
His fathers heart to set on fire.
Now Esau voweth Iacobs bloud,
And Iosephs breathren thinck no good.
Such are the sinnes that swell and sway,
In wofull wretched worldlie place:
These be the dolours of this day,
That frame by fraud Time to deface:
And these be they (alas) which stand
Now entertayn'd in euery Land.
Ah wretched wightes, may Time therefore,
With griefe complaine, with sorrows crie:
Why should I liue, and any more,
My selfe vnto such bondage tye?
Should worldlie men thus God requite
Ingratefullie with such despite?
Should England now gin to recoile,
And yeld to that which God doth hate?
Then England shall full shortlie toyle,
and groane her griefes and staggring state:
Except Repentance timelie turne
From her the wrath, which now doeth burne.
For loe, the instrumentes of Ire
Are readie prest, and draw them nye:
The Lion, Woulfe and dragon dire,
The Foxes with the Assyrian flie,
The Satyres, fawnes, and spirites of hell,
Do stand and daunce where men do dwell.
Therefore (O Land) thy languish flye,
Be wise in Time, looke well about,
Repent with auncient Niniuie,
Yer God do blotte thine honour out:
Els Ladie Time yet will implore,
That she might sleepe, and wake nomore.
Then shall thy friends lament thy lorne,
Then will thy foes clap hands and ioy:
Then may mens mindes be rent and torne,
And pleasant places lodge annoy:
Then Ladie Time no more will turne,
To build the walles that foes shall burne.
O Gratious God that lodgest loue
In breast diuine with mercies hie,
With pitie yet this people proue,
And saue our soules from miserie.
Grant Grace and Time, as erst of yore
That we may praise thee euermore.
Though mirth & pastime haue their tydes,
when peace and safety Sway:
Yet now the Time exhorteth men,
to wepe, to fast, to pray.

[...]. Here followeth a very profitable dialogue betweene Tyme and England: mouing all persons within this land to esteeme of Gods mer­cies thankefully, to repent, and tend to the end of their deliuerance, by seruing God in holinesse & righteousnesse before him, without delaie.

NOwe leaue and let me rest in peace,
Oh England, be content:
It doth me good, to thinke on rest,
For why, my Joyes be spent.
I loue not thus to languish long,
Nay rather let me die,
Sith all the Creatures in their kinde
Resound this Harmonie.
Oh come (O Christ) and set vs free,
From bondage, Payne, and Synne:
And quickely ende the tedious toyles
That wee doe labour in.
Ah Lord! Sould I abide this thrall:
This anguish, Griefe and woe,
That for the sinnes of sinfull soules
I suffer? Surely, No.
Nor could I be content (except
That thou haddest so decreede)
To proffer foorth my tender pappes,
Their thanklesse wombes to féede.
Oh land, now go therefore to God
before that I go hence:
Beseeching him to stay the strokes
of rightefull recompence.
Ah Time; and art thou discontent
with me? And wilt thou fly?
Nay, rather tarrie as of yore:
oh liue and do not dye.
For Noah yet prepares his Arke
as glad with me to dwell,
And Lot is here (though faint for feare,
and preacheth passing well.
I haue the Arke in custodie:
oh Time, feare not therefore.
And God is good and gratious yet
to me, as once of yore.
Yet Dauid liueth in the land,
yet Solomon doeth raigne:
Yet Hezekias is in place,
Iosiah doth remaine.
Yet Christ is in Ierusalem,
the Apostles preach and pray,
I haue the peace, and grace of God:
oh Time, now therefore stay.
These godlie Saints, these graces great,
this peace, thou hast misused
Vnthankfully: and Lady Time
full often hast abused.
Therefore the righteous do departe;
Isa. 57. 1. psal. 12. 1.
and perish from the land,
And faith and trueth from sinfull Soules,
will vanish out of hand.
Which if it come, calamities
will shortlie fall on thee:
And thou no longer shalt disdaine
these godlie Saintes, and me.
For when that Noah is embarke,
Gen. 7. 1. 10. Gen. 19. 22. 23. 24. 1. Sam. 4. 21. 22. 1. King. 2. and 11. and. 12. 2. King. 20. 17. 19. and 22. 19. 20.
the flouds will flash from skie,
And when from Sodom Lot departs,
with fire will Sodom frie.
If once the Arke be tane from thee,
thy glory wil departe:
If Dauid die, and Solomon,
then woe shalbe thine heart.
If Hezekias thou entumb,
and Iosias enterre:
Alas, who will praie for thy peace?
who can thy plagues deferre?
And if thy Sauiour thee forsake
Math. 23. 37.
and holie Saintes, for sinne:
Alas, how can thy peace be kept:
and Candle holden in?
Eccles. 3. 1. 2.
And as for me: If once I fly,
I am not stayd with hands:
As balde occasion, that is turn'd,
and byrds scapt out of bands:
Therefore, sith Christ knocks at thy gate,
in Time him entertayne:
Reu. 3. 20.
And pray him heartilie that Time
may longer yet remaine.
Then as one bound, I will abide,
Ro. 8. 20.
in hope, and him obey.
But ah, against his holie will,
entreate me not to staye.
Dan. 9. 3.
Therefore to thee (O Christ) I come,
my Refuge sure and strong:
And I confesse with weeping eyes,
that I haue doone thee wrong.
For though with manie a benefite
thou hast enriched me:
Yet most vnthanckfully I tooke
the same (as all men see)
I am the gratelesse vine which nought
Isa. 5. 4.
but sharp Labruscas yeld:
I am the fruitles figge tree set
Luk 13. [...]
within the fruitefull field.
I am the sonne, that promised
to worke, but went astray:
Mat. 21. 30. Luk. 17. 17. 18.
I am one of those lepers nine,
which thancklesse went away.
I am not worthie of thy word:
not worthie to be graced:
Nor worthie of this peace, and prince,
which thou in loue hast placed.
Therefore thy wisdome worthily
hath threatned to mee payn:
Isa. [...].
To take away my Soueraigne Queene,
and grace from me againe.
And well I know: If thus I should
consume out pretious Time,
By liuing in my lewd delight,
encreasing sinfull crime:
That plagues will soone light on my head,
and vengeance shall ensue,
Deut 28.
To cast a downe my hawtie hornes,
and bring my fearefull rue.
That all my fayre profession, then
shall nothing helpe at all,
Nor beautie, policie nor strength
shall saue me from a fall.
Then they that would not learne by lawes
by wisdom, threats and scholes:
Shall learne at length by painfull proofe
the rodde of froward fooles.
And finallie, then shall I crie,
as forced thereupon,
With tired Time, to vtter forth
my Cairopenthicon.
That is the com­plaint of peereles time.
But seeing thy mercy (O good God) Dan. 9. 9
in goodnes thou hast ment
Vnto the sinner that returnes
in time, and doth repent:
Lette me reteine a faithfull hope
of mercie, I thee praie:
And graunt thy grace, and healthfull Time,
in peace, with me to stay.
Oh let thy Candle giue me light:
and banish night away.
Oh let my Princesse raigne in peace,
and let her foes decay.
Oh giue her ioye, and comfort me,
that Time no more may sing,
Her heauie Chronopenthicon,
but praise thee heauenly King.


❧ That Praier is ne­cessarie in this our dan­gerous time.

WHen that proud Senacherib had sent to blaspheme the God of Israell, to the greate discomfort and horror of godly king Hezekias and his people: Hezekias, notwith­standing the ordinary meane of defence by the calling of his strong men together, and fortifieng the walles of Jerusalem, knowing that the strength of the Lord is farre aboue the might of man, and hee guideth euerie battell, as pleaseth himself, repaireth vnto the Lord, humbleth himselfe, proclaimeth a fast, and praieth before the Lord with a faithfull heart, and hereby hee found the shining beames of Gods mercie on himself [Page] and his people. By this example, let vs bee moued in this time of extremitie, when all our enemies conspire together against vs, to runne vnto our good God and craue the ayde of his hand to help and defend vs. For as he was to Hezekias, so to the godly now: as hee might say then, so wee say now: the Lord is our God, our rock, our defender in whom wee trust, by whome we escape death: And turning vnto him with faithfull hearts and repentance let vs pray vnto him in this ma­ner.

❧ A Godlie and com­fortable Praier.

O Most gratious God and merciful Sauior, we pray and beseech thee to bee mercifull to our sinnes, accor­ding to thy greate mercie, as thou hast forgeuen vs euen from our bondage in Egipt vntill now. Geue vs not ouer, O Lord, our most gratious father, leaste the heathen which despise thee, behold our miserie, and say in derision: loe where is now their God in whome they trust? And although when a man putteth away his wife, and she goeth from him and marieth with another, then the question is: should he resort to her any more after that? And [Page] the land is vnpure and defiled, commit­ting fornication with many louers: yet Ier. [...]1. turne vs againe (O GOD) and we shalbe turned. And because thou art mercifull and of long suffring, louing and gentle to them that offende, not willing the death of a sinner, but rather that hee should con­uerte and liue, represse the vehement heate of thy fire with godly pitie, stay thine hand from our destruction, and looke fa­uourably vnto our Soueraigne Princesse, Elizabeth thy seruant, as thou diddest vn­to Dauid, Hezekias and Iosia, and so to the whole land. And send vs peace, yea an happie peace. Blesse vs al with thy spirite, defend vs with thy right hand, shrowd vs vnder thy wings against our enemies, that so we may serue thee in holines and righ­teousnes al the daies of our liues. Let it not be sayed: how long shall the land mourne, and all the herbs of the fielde perish for the wickednes of them that dwell there­in: let not the creatures haue such cause for vs to desire to leaue vs: let not Time say of [Page] vs: these be they that greue me, waste mee out riotouslie, make me complaine and wish to rest and rise no more. But let it bee saied: beholde the Lorde liueth for euer worthie of praise, because hee hath bin mercifull vnto sinners, causing them to be­leeue, repent, and turne vnto him and be saued. And though thou once spakest to Ier. 15. 1. Ieremie against thy owne people being disobedient vnto thee, saying: Though Moses and Samuel stoode before mee, yet haue I no heart vnto this people, driue them away, that they may goe out of my sight, some vnto death, some to the sword, some to hunger and some to captiuitie: yet we knowe (O our good Lord) that when Ephraim was heard lamenting & praying Ier. 31. 18. of 6. 1. Io. 2. 10. heartilie vnto them in his distresse thou thoughtest vpon mercy, as a father pitying his owne children. And though Ionas cried out, destruction destruction against Niniuie: yet seeing them to turne from their euill waies, thou didst repent, & lay­ed not that euill vppon them. Let vs there­fore [Page] presume on GOD, to call for mercie vppon repentaunce, and let vs heare that sounding in our eares, which Hezekias proclaymed in all his prouinces saieng: be not you stiffnecked like as were your fa­thers: but yeld your selues vnto the Lord, 2. Chro. 30 8. and enter into his holy place which hee hath sanctified for euer: & serue the Lord your God, & the fearcenesse of his wrath shalbe turned away from you. Let vs not only heare this, but obey this, that we may find the comfortable commoditie there­of. Graunt vs grace (O father) to forsake our euill waies, & our own imaginations, Isa. 55. and turne hartilie vnto thee. Oh graunt, it that wee may put displeasure betimes Eccles. 1 and. 12. out of our hearts, and in season remoue e­uill from our bodies, that we may not any longer delight in Childhood and youth, which are vanities: that we may fruitfully remember thee in these our tender yeres, while we haue libertie to goe where wee list, before the Time of trouble come, and the dayes approach wherein wee shall crie [Page] out: oh these daies be euill: they doe not delight vs. Graunt (O good Lord) that thy grace may guide vs, that we may not con­temne, but most gratefullie entertaine our faithfull Iacob: if for nothing els, yet in regard of these our present commodi­ties, whereof his departure wil shortlie de­priue vs, if we continue vnthankfull. That wee may reteine him as good Abraham and Lot did the Angels, as Rahab did the Spies of Iosuah, as the widows did the prophets, Elias & Elizeus as Zacheus and Martha did our sauiour Christ, and as Li­dia did the Apostles: that so wee may ob­taine thy mercy, enioy thy fauour, abound with blessings, bee encreased in our trea­sures, defended in thy faith: and preserued from our enemies, whome, wee beseeche thee, either to conuert and bring home to thee, or else to cast downe before vs: that wee being in peace vnder our vines, and 1 King [...]. 25. 2. 2. King. 17. figge trees may freelie serue thee to thy glorie. Graunt wee pray thee (O good Lord) that though the ramping Lyons of [Page] Samaria seeke to spoile vs, wee may not haue any iust cause to feare, because by faith in thee we shall sodainly resist them: thy feare (O father) shall shield vs and their treacheries and deuelish pretences shall fall on their owne heads. Though the flies Isa. 7. 8. that swarme about the water of Egipt, and the Bees that be in the Assyrians land flie together, and light in al the desolate val­leyes, in the hoales of the stones, and vpon all thorny and bushye places: yet we may not then feare, nor bee discouraged, be­cause they haue conspired wickedlie a­gainst vs thy people: against our gratious Soueraigne Ladie, thine anoynted, yea a­gainst thee our GOD, whom we serue, whom we honour, on whom we depend for whose cause we bee persecuted, vnder whose banner wee fight, and through whom we stand: which in mercie to vs, & in iustice to them, haste promised vppon our repentance, and hope in thee, and thou wilt surelie performe (if our sinnes hinder it not, and prouoke thee to wrath against [Page] vs) that it shall not so goe forth & come to passe, as they haue imagined. And so long as thou art pleased with vs, wee shall not bee deliuered into the hand of bragging Holofernes. Though the great red Dra­gon Iud 2. 5. Reu. 12 and 20. 2. with seauen heads and tenne hornes bend his force against vs, though with his taile he draw downe the third part of the starres of heauen, though he persecute the woman and her child; though the kings of Psal 2. 2 and. 99. the Earth and the mightie Potentats of the world rise vp and take counsell toge­ther against thee, and thine annoynted: though the people tremble, the Earth bee moued, the heauens bend, the Sea do rage, and all the Creatures looke sower, and cry for deliuerance: yet shal we not be dismaid we shal not tremble, nor be shaken, as long as we trust in thee, leane vnto thee, and rest vpon thee and the Rock of thy trueth: for thou art our God for euer, mighty, strong, terrible and glorious, which sittest be­tweene the Cherubins: thou art greate in the middest of Sion, & high aboue all the [Page] Nations of the earth: thou hearest them, thou rulest them, thou sendest them forth and restraynest the furie of Leuiathan in Iob 40. 1 and 41. 1 the Sea, and of Behemoth in the wilder­nesse: Be thou with vs continually, hold vs by thy right hand strongly; guide vs by thy counsell wiselie, and receiue vs into glorie victoriouslie. And if thou be with vs, who dare bee against vs▪ For thou arte stronger then al they that be in the world. Therefore with a true faith, and heartie re­pentance we come vnto thee. Blesse vs (O father) both without and within. Be thou our gard: thy word our guide, thy spirite our comfort, thy Sonne our Sauiour, and thy seruant our Soueraigne Lady Eliza­beth our louing Mother in Israel. Giue vs grace (O heauenlie King) to accompte the Time of grace pretiouse, to redeeme the Time, because the dayes are euil: to vse the Creatures gratefully, to entertayne faithe hope and charitie, and grant, that we may no longer by meanes of our transgressions constraine Iacob to departe, Ieremie t [...] ­ment, [Page] Ioseph to be aflicted, the Creatures to grone, & the peereles Time to sighe and crie for perpetuall rest. But rather that we our selues may bewaile our sinnes & the miseries of this life, with the godly, with the Creatures, with Time, and to crie out vnto thee Lord in heartie and humble de­sires: O come good Lorde, come Lord Ie­sus, Reu. 22. 20. how long shall the vngodlie triumph? The iust be afflicted? the creatures groane for deliuerance? Finish soone these sinfull dayes: cast downe the Dragon, the old ser­pent, Antichrist and all thine enemies into the bottomles pit of euerlasting torment, & receiue thine holy elected Saintes into thy sweet bosome, with this comfortable call: come yee blessed, receiue the king­dome Mat. 25. 34. prepared for you from the begin­ning of the world. Into the which King­dome we beseech thee, O louing father to receiue vs, for the sake of thy deare sonne Iesus, to whom with thee and the holie ghost, three distinct persons, and one eter­nall God, bee all honour, glorie power and dominion, now & for euermore Amen.

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