¶ The ꝓnostication of maister Adrian of arte and medicine doctour moost ex­pert maister and excellēt in astronomy. For the yere of our lorde. M. D. xx.

Cūpuilegio aregia maiestate idulto▪

[Page] WHere as diuers expert maisters in astro­nomy haue made pronosticacions for this p̄sent yere / if [...]e shulde translate into our [...] langage the pronosticacions of euery doctour / it shulde be a tedious besines and cōfusyd prolixite / aswele to the trāslater as to the redars of the same. Therfore to auoyde suche tedious prolixte we haue red the ꝓnostications of Iaspar / Cornelius / & Adrian. Amonge whome we haue trāslated [...]nostication of maister Adrian as most cōpendious c [...] my other written for this present yere / wher­of [...]me amonge lerned men of the moste ex­ [...]tie / which lyueth at this tyme: ther­for [...]xpedient to translate the pronosticacio [...] maister Adrian rather than of any other.

[...] pronostications / if I shulde folowe myne [...] custome of other doctours of this faculte [...] shulde declare the foundation and grounde whe [...]cions of the celestiall constellacions of the yer [...]rounded. but to auoyde the tediousnes of ꝓ­li [...]yt to write of suche foundacions. Neuerthe le [...]che so [...] of them: that is to say the eclyps of the [...] and of th [...] [...]oone. which eclyps shal ha [...]e strengthe and effect in this present yere. And fyrst of al we regard and consyder the eclyps of the Son̄ / whiche was the yere of our lorde. M. D. xviij. the .viij. day of Iune / in the thirde aspect of Gemini which yet extēdeth his effect vnto this p̄sent yere. Secondly we regard & cōsider the cclyps of the son̄ / which was in the fast yere passed the .xxiij. day of October. whiche eclyps shal worke his effecte about Autumne or haruest tyme of this present yere. Thyrdly we cousyder the eclyps of the moone / whiche was the .vj. day of Nouember of the yere last passed / which also shal haue strength and effect anon after the eclyps of this present yere / and shal so contynue al the wynter.

¶ Of the eclyps of the son̄ of this yere.

¶ In this yere we shal haue a smal eclyps of th [...]si nat exten­dyng it selfe v [...]t [...] .iij. poyntis / amountyng as if it were almooste vnto the fourth part of halfe the son̄. and this eclyps shalbe th [...] xj. day of October the .v. houre. the .vj. minute. at after none. an [...] shal contynue an houre / and almost an halft. This eclyps sha [...]

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