CHRISTIAN Praiers and holie Meditations, as wel for Priuate as Publique exercise:

Gathered one of the most godly learned in our time, by Henrie Bull.

Whereunto are added the praiers, com­monly called Lidleys praiers.

PSAL. 55. In the Euening and Morning, and at Noone, vvill I pray vnto the Lorde, and he vvill heare my praier.

¶AT LONDON, Printed by R. Robinson, for S. Waterson. and N. Ling. 1596.

Ianuary hath XXXI. daies.
1AThe circumcision of Christ. On which daie Noe being in the Arko vpon the waters, began to see the tops of the high mountaines.
6fThe Epipheme Or apparition of our Lord Iesus.
10cThe 10. Nebuchadonosor besieged once againe Ierusalem. 2. reg, 15
15AThe mid-winter after [...].
17cThe 17. the good prince Scanderbeg king of Epirus, a [...]courge to the Turke, as vpon this day died. 1 4 66.
22AThe 22. the Duke of Somerset as vpon this day was beheaded. 1552.
27fThe 27. Saint Paule as vpon this day of a persecuter was connerted, as he is ar­neyed vnto Damascus. Act. 9. 3


Februarie hath XXvii [...]. dayes.
2eThe purification of Marie. As vpon this day Christ our Sauiour was offered vnto the Lord in the temple at Ierusalem, and his mother the vir­gin Marie was purified according to the Law. Luke. 2. 22.
11gThe 11. Noe, fourtie daies after he [...] had seene the tops of the Mountaines, sent out the Rauen, and after that, the Doue which returned. Gen. 8.
18gThe 18. day. Noe put out once againe the Doue. which brought an Oliue branch.
23eMathic Apostle.
25gThe Doue was sent the third time. & returned no more.


March hath XXXI. dayes.
3fThe third day the temple of Ierusalem was wholly finished and consecrated, 1. Esdras. 6.
10fThe 10. as vpon this day, Christ be­ing on the other side of Iordan, was ad­uertised of the sicknes of Lazarus. Ioh. 11
13bThe 13. the feast of Hester was cele­brated, because that day was appointed to put the Iewes to death.
16eThe 16. Lazarus was raised vp againe Ioh. 11.
20bThe 20. Christ made his entrance into Ierusalem.
24fThe 24. he made his Supper.
25gAnnuntiation of Marie. The 25. was taken.
26AThe 26. was crucified.
27bThe 27. he rested in the Sepulchre.
28cThe 28. he rose againe from death.


Aprill hath XXX. dayes.
1gNoe vncouered the Arke. Gen. 8.
2AThe tabernacle was prepared by Mo­ses. Exod. 40.
5dIesus Christ the eight day after his re­surrection, appeared againe to the Apo­ [...]tles which were assembled, where Saint Thomas was present.
10bThe 10. the people of Israel went ouer Iordan dry footed. Iosua. 3. 4.
13eThe 13. Assuerus gaue out proclamā ­tion to put all the Iewes within his king­dome to death. Hest. 3
14fThe 14. was the celebration of the passeouer.
15gThe 15. the people came out of Egypt Exod. 22.
18cThe 18. the people went ouer the red sea drie footed, & Pharao was drowned with all his hoast.
22gThe 22. the people came to Mara, the waters whereof they could not drinke, Exod. 5.
23AMarke Euaugelist.
24bThe 24. the reuelation was made to Daniel of that which shoulde come to passe, from the time of the kings of Per­sia vnto Christ, and from thence vntill the end of the world. Dan. 10. 11. 12.


Maie hath XXXI. dayes.
1bPhilip and Jacob.
3dThe ascension of Christ into heauen fourcie daies after his resurrection. Mark. 6.
6gGod commanded Noe to carrie victo als into the Arke. Gen. 6.
14AThe 14. Ezechias did first celebrate the Passeouer. Par. 30.
15bThe 15. the children of israell mur­mured after flesh, and God sent them plenty of Quailes. This was the thirty day after their de­parture from Egypt Exod. 16.
16cThe 16. day God made Manna to rsine downe. Exod. 16.
17dThe 17. Noe carred into the Arke. Gen. 7.
20gThe 20. day the people departed from mount Sina. Num. 9
22bThe 22. Fire from aboue consumed a part of the host of Israel. Num. 11.


June hath XXX. daies.
1eThis day the children of Israel came to mount Sina, & went thence the third moneth, where they carried almost a yeare.
6cThe 6. the temple of Diana in Ephesus was burned, the yeare before Christ, 54.
13cThe 13. day of this moneth, king As­suerus gaue out proclamation in fauor of the Iewes against Haman and his con­spiracie. Hest. 8.
24gJohn Baptist.
27cThe Arke of Noe was lifed vp the 27 day by the waters of the floud. Gen.
30fPeter the Apostle.


Julie hath XXXI. dayes
6eThe 6. day of this moneth, the Josias of our age, Edvvard the sixt, king of Eng­land died. Anno 1553.
8gDog daies begin.
9AThe 9. of this moneth the citie of Ie­rusalem assieged by the space of eigh­teen moneths was finally taken by the king of Babylon. Ier. 39.
15gAbout this time the great sweat began in England. Anno. 1552.
21fMarie Magdalen.
25cJames Apostle.
27eAs vpon this day, the Athenians recei­ued a great ouerthrow in Sicilia, of the Syracusians.


August hath XXXI. dayes.
1cAaron died in the mountain of Hor, being 123, yeares olde, 40. yeares after the comming out of Egypt. Num. 20. & 33. 38. [...].
10eThe 10. the temple of Jerusalem was set on fire by the souldiours of Iitus, & hath not since been builded againe. Io­sephus, lib. 6. cap. 26.
18fDog dayes end.
24eBartholmevv Apostle.
27AReligion as on this day was reformed, according to Gods expresse truth in the most renounced citie of Geneua. an. 1535


September hath XXX. daies.
7eOur soueraigne Lady Queen Elizabeth was borne vpon this day at Greenwich, Anno. 1532.
9gThe 9. of this moneth, Ierusalem was put to fire and sword, and wholly ouer­throwne, as Christ foretold them, Iose­phus, lib. 7. cap. 26.
14eChrisostome being chased out of his Church of Constantinople, as vpon this daie died.
21eS. Nathevv Apostles
25bThe 25. Nehemias did finish the repai­ring of the walles of Ierusalem. An. 1444 before Christ. Nehe, 6. 5
29fS. Michael.


October hath XXXI. daies.
1AThe Iewes fasted and wept for Godo­lias, Iere, 41 and 42.
10cThe 10. day was the feast of concili­ation, which was the only day that God ordained to fall.
17c [...] The 17. day, which was the 150, after the beginning of the flouds, the Ark re­sted vpon the mountain Ararat in Arme­nia. Gen. 8.
18dLuke Euangelist.
24cThe 24. Titus gaue forth 3000. Iewes to the wild beasts. Anno. 73.
28gSimon and Jude.


November hath XXX. dayes.
1dAll Saintes
10fThe 10. This day happened the wofull slaughter of Verna, where Ladislan king of Hungarie was slaine by the Turke. an. 1444. Also as vpon this day Martin Lu­ther was borne.
17fThe 17. day of this moneth Queene Elizabeth began her raign.
25gThe 25. day was the counterfeit fealt by Ieroboam, after he had withdrawne the ten tribes of Israel from the obedi­ence of Roboam their lawful king, the which be ordained in Dan and Bethel, after he had set vp the the golden caluer to the intent the people should goe no more to worship in Ierusalem. 1. King. 12.
30eAndrevv Apostle.


Decembber hath XXX. dayes.
5cThe shortest day.
15fThe 15. day the yeare before the na­tiuitie of Christ 165. Antiochus the gretset vp an idol vpon the altar of the Lord in Ierusalem, Mach. 1.
20dThe 20. daie, Esdras gaue foorth pro­clamation to the Israclites, to for sake their strange wiues that they had mar­ried, and to send them away. 1. Esd. 9.
21eThomas Apostle.
24AS. Iohn Euangelist died in Ephesus, be­ing of the age of 89. yeres vnder Iraian.
25bThe natiu [...]tie of Christ.
26cS. Stephen.
27dS. John Euangelist.
29fThe Emperour, about 30. yeares after the destruction of Ierusalem.

A Rule to knowe when the Term [...] beginneth and endeth.

HIllarie Terme beginneth the three & twentieth of Ianuarie, if it be not sun­daie, if it be, then the next day after, and endeth the twelfth of Februarie.

Easter Terme beginneth seuenteene daies after Easter, and endeth foure daies after the Ascension.

Trinitie Terme beginneth the next day after Corpus Christi day, and endeth the Wednesday fourthnight after.

Michaelmas Terme beginneth the ninth of October, if it be not Sunday, and endeth the seuen and twentieth of Nouember.

Eight dayes before anie Terme begin the Exchequer openeth, except Trinitie Terme, which openeth but foure daies be­fore.

¶An Almanacke for ten yeeres.

The yere of our Lord.The Prime.The Epact.Sondaies letterLeape yere.Ashwednesday the first day of Lent.Easter day.VVhitsonday.
1596111DCMar. 1.April. 11.May. 30
1597122B Ma. 5.Marc. 2715
1598323A 12April. 61.Iune. 4.
159944G Mar. 4.8May. 27
1600515FEFeb. 17.Marc. 2311
1601626E 8April. 12.May. 31
160277D 28423
1603818B 13Apr. 24.Iune 12
1604929AEMar. 5.April. 8May. 27
16051011G Feb. 24.Mar. 31.Mai. 19


FOrasmuch at of our selues we are destitute of all good thinges, and vtterlie voyde of all necessarie helpes to saluation: the Lord our God of his owne free mercie and goodness [...], offereth himselfe to vs in Christ, and in him he giueth vnto vs, in the steed of our miserie, all felicitie: in the steed of our pouertie, the vnspeakeable riches of his grace: he openeth vnto vs in him the treasures of heauen, that our faith might wholly behold him, and our hope be fully sixed vpon him. In whome it hath pleased him that the fulnesse of his grace shuld dwel, that from thence wee might all drawe (as out of a most plen [...]ifull fountaine) the wa­ters of eternall lyfe, This secrete and greate mysterie is reuealed to such onely, whose eies the Lorde hath opened, to see light in his light. Therefore since we are taught by faith that whatsoeuer wee haue need of, and is wanting in vs, the same is laid vp with God for vs in Christ: it remaineth that wee seeke it in him, and with prayer craue it of him.Rom. 10. The Apostle therefore to shewe that true faith cannot be separate from the inuocati­on [Page 18] of Gods holie name, hath set this order, that as faith commeth by the gospell, so by the same faith our heartes are stirred vp to call vpon the name of God, and therefore he saith that the spirite of adoption, which sea­leth in our hearts the witnesse of the Gos­pell, raiseth vp our spirites that they dare with boldnesse shew foorth their desires: it stirreth vpon vs vnspeakable gronings, and causeth vs to crie with confidence; Abba Father. By the benefit of prayer therfore we attaine to those riches which God hath laid vpon store for vs: for thereby we haue fami­liar accesse to God, and boldlie entring into the sanctuarie of heauen, we put him in mind of his promises: so that now by experience we feele and finde that to bee true indeed, which by the word we did before but onely beleeue: now we inioy those treasures by praier, which by faith wee did before but onelie beholde in the Gospell of our Lord Iesus.

Now howe necessarie and profitable this exercise of praier is, appeareth, in that the Lord himselfe witnesseth our whole saluati­on to consist in the calling vpon his name, wherby he is whollie present with vs: name­lie by his prouidence & fatherly care by the which hee watcheth ouer vs: by his power, [Page 19] by the which hee sustaineth and succoureth our weaknesse, being euery moment readie to perish: and by his goodnes & mercie, by the which he receiueth vs into fauour, being miserably loaden & pressed downe with sin. And hereby groweth singular rest and quier­nesse to our conscience. For when we haue disclosed to him our necessitie, herein wee finde most ioyful and perfect quietnesse, that none of our euils are hidden from him, whom we are perswaded to bee-both most willing and also most able to help vs.

Now that our praiers may be made in such wise as it ought to be, first we must see that we be in heart and mind no otherwise pre­pared, then be commeth those that enter in­to talke with God, as we are taught, Eccl 28 Before thou pray prepare thy self, and be not as one that tempreth God.

We must consider therfore when we pray in whose presence we stande, to whome wee speake and what we desire. We stand in the presence of the almightie Creator of heauen and earth, & all things therin contained: to whose eternall Maiestie innumerable thou­sands of Angels do assist, serue, and obey: we speake vnto him, who knoweth the secrets of our harts: before whom nothing is more odi­ous thé hypocrisie and dissimulation: we ask [Page 20] those things which be most to his glory, and the comfort of our consciences. We must therefore diligentlie endeuour our selues to remoue all such things as may offende his diuine Majestie. And first, that wee be free from all worldlie cares and fleshlie cogita­tions, wherby our minds are caried hither & thither, and being drawne out of heauen, and from the pure beholding of God, are pressed downe to the earth.

And heere let vs call to mind howe vnre­uerently we abuse the great goodnes of god, calling vs into familiar talke with him, whēh we haue not that reuerent fear of his sacred Maiestie, that we would haue of an earthly creature, or a worldlie prince: but suffering our hearts to be carried away with wande­ring thoughts and worldly imaginations, are otherwise occupied, and forsake him in the mids of our prayer.

As God is a spirite, so will he be worship­ped in spirite and truth: that is, in the inward affections of the heart, and with a true, faith­ful, & vnfained kind of worship. And there­fore as at all other times hee requireth the heart, so specially, in the time of prayer, when we shew our selues in his presence, & enter into communication with him: and therupon when he promiseth to heare all those that [Page 21] call vpon him he maketh a restraint & saith, that call vpon him in truth. Seeing therfore that the chiefe dutie of praier consisteth in the heart, we must with our whole hart pour out our prayers vnto God the searcher of hearts, and with a syncere, vnfained, & ardent affection & opening of our heart before god call vpon him, or els we shal not find him.

Let vs knowe therefore, that none prepare themselues rightlie to prayer, but such as haue a reuerende feare of Gods Maiestie, which they cannot haue that come not to i [...] vnburthened of earthlie cares and affections And this is it that is meant in the Scriptures, by the lifting vp of handes, that we should remember our selues to bee farre off from God, vnlesse we lift vp our harts and minds also on high. And therefore it is said in the Psalme. [...]sal. 25 To thee haue I lifted vp my soule. [...] Scripture vseth also this maner of speeche, To lift vp prayer: that they which des [...]e to be heard of God, should not haue their mindes carried away with earthly cogitations and vanitie. And though it bee hard to bee so bent to praier, but that we shal find that ma­nie by-thoughtes will creep vpon vs to hin­der our praier: yet the more harde it is, the more earnestlie wee must wrastle to ouer­come al lets, and hindrances, & labour with­inward [Page 22] groaninges vnto the Lorde, that he will linke our hearts fast vnto him, and not suffer vs to bee ledde awaie from him,Psal. 86. by the vaine suggestions of Sathan, who at all times compassing vs about, is neuer more busie, then when we addresse our selues to prayer, secretelie and subtillie creeping into our breasts, & calling vs back from God, so that oftentimes, when we with all reuerēce shuld speake to God, we finde our hearts, talking with the vanities of the worlde, or with the foolish imaginations of our owne hearts.

Finally, we must be in christian charity, loue and concord with al men seeking vnfained, heartie and brotherlie reconciliation, if we haue offended any man, before we enter into prayer, or els God wil not heare our praiers: yea they are otherwise execrable, and ful of damnable hypocrisie in Gods sight. And this that is spoken of praier, may bee saide also of hearing of Gods word, or anie other seruice of God.

We must therefore laie aside all malice, enuie, wrath, grudge, contention, wrang­ling, dissimulation, all guilefull, craftie, and subtle dealing, 1 Pet. 2. and with a single heart doe to other, as wee would they shoulde doe to vs, Peter willeth, that such as haue once tasted how good and bounteous the Lorde [Page 23] is and are becom new creatures by the hea­uenlie regeneration, through the doctrine of the gospell, should like holie and innocent babes, lay aside all such workes of the flesh, which do depriue a man of the kingdome of God, Galat. 5. And Saint Paule commaundeth vs, that laying aside those cursed vvorkes of darknesse, vve should in the steed thereof, put on (euen as the elect of God, holie and beloued) tender mercie, kindness, humblenesse of minde, meeknesse, long suffering, forbearing one another, & forgiuing one another, if anie haue a quarrell to another, as Christ forgaue vs, end aboue all these things (saith he) put on loue, vvhich is the bond of perfection, & let the peace oh God rule in your hearts vvhen ye shall stand and praie (saith S [...]. Marke) forgiue,Mark, 11 if ye haue anie thing against anie man, that your Father also vvhich is in heauen, maie forgiue you your trespasses [...] for if yee vvill not forgiue, your father vvhich is in heauen vvill not pardon you your trespasses.

Moreouer, we must haue such a feeling of our owne miserie and wretehednes, as may worke in vs an earnest sorrowe and vexation of minde for the same. Example whereof wee may see in the deare seruantes of God, when they say, that out of the deep deepe­nesse, and out of the middes of the iawes of death, they vtter vnto the Lord a sorrowfull [Page 24] voice. He that desireth mercy must haue a feeling of his owne miserie. And therefore saith Dauid: Heale my soule O Lord, for I haue sinned against thee. There is nothing in my flesh (saith hee) because of thy displeasure, neither in there any rest in my bones, because of my sin.

This anguish and sorrowe stirreth vp in Gods children a feruent desire to obtain cō ­fort, help and succour at Gods hande, and therfore such as f [...]ele themselues oppressed with great calamities, hauing by the help of man no hope of deliuerance, doe crie vnto God with afflicted hearts, as Dauid did in his distresse: My soule thirsteth for God, euen for the liuing God: and, as the hart being vvounded brai­ [...]th for the riuers of vvater, so panteth my soule after thee, O God.

This is that godlie sorrow which S. Paule saith, worketh in Gods children repentaunce to saluation. The Lorde is nigh to them (saith Dauid) that are of a contrite heart, and vvill saue all such as are afflicted in spirite. To him vvill I looke, euen vnto him (saith the Lord) that is af­flicted and broken hearted, and trembleth at my vvordes. Therefore Dauid calleth the time of trouble, the fit and conuenient time for the faithful to fly vnto God by prayer. And albeit they be not at al times in like distresse or continuallie groning vnder the burthen [Page 25] of present euils: yet must they needes bee euer in dread of new daungers, and carefully [...]ffraid of further troubles to follow. As trou­ble and feare therfore are the verie spurs to [...]ir them vp to heartie and feruent prayer: [...]o by occasion thereof they haue more free accesse vnto God, as though he did therby call them vnto him.

This godly sorrow for sinne, and feruent desire and longing for Gods louing mercie and fauour, commeth not of our selues, but of the speciall goodnesse of God: for we are of our selues dul and without al lust to pray, [...]ea, so great is our imperfection, that wee know not howe to pray as wee ought, and therefore the spirite helpeth our infirmities, inst [...]ucteth vs what is right, and guideth our affections. Hee maketh intercession for the Saintes (saith [...]. Paule) according to the vvill of God, and that vvith Ʋighes and gr [...]anings vvhich cannot be expressed: that is, hee stirreth vp our he arts, giueth vs a desire and boldnesse to pray, & causeth vs to mourn when we are by any meanes hindred from it, and feele not our selues moued therunto with such feruent zeale and affection as we should be.

Now although wee knowe that it is the only work of the holie Ghost, thus to mo [...]e and incline our heartes to prayer, notwith­standing [Page 26] we may not be negligent & slouth­full to dispose and stirre vp our selues there­vnto, but rather contrariwise, so often as we feele our selues colde, and not disposed to praier as we ought to be, wee must make our supplication vnto the Lorde, that it woulde please him to inflame vs with his holie spi­rit, wherby we may be framed to pray with such feruencie of mind, as we ought to doe.

When we are cast downe by the sence & feeling of our owne infirmity, sinne aud mise­rie: Yet must we pray (notwithstanding) in sure and stedfast hope to obtaine our re­quests. These be things in deed contrarie in shewe, to ioyne with the feeling of the iust vengeance of God, sure affiance of fauour, which things doe yet verie wel agree in that it is the goodnesse of God onlie that raiseth vs vp being oppressed with our owne euils, from the which of our selues we cannot rise. For as repentance and faith are knit as com­panions together, (albeit the one driueth vs downe with feare, and the other lifteh vs vp again with comfort) so in praying they must needs go together. And this agreement Da­uid expresseth in few wordes.Psal. 5. I vvill (saith he) in the multitude of thy mercies enter into thy house, and in the temple of thy holinesse I vvill vv [...]rship thee vvith feare.

[Page 27] Therefore when wee are once touched with true repentance and feling of our own miserie, we must withall haue such a perswa­sion of Gods fauor and mercie towards vs in all our praiers, that they shall be accepted of God so far foorth as it shall be necessary for [...]s.1. Iohn. 5 This is the assurance▪ saith S. Iohn, that vve haue in God; that if vve aske anie thing according to his vvill he heareth vs. If we haue not a sure [...]rust and confidence in the mercie and pro­mises of God, it is vnpossible to make our praier to him aright: and whosoeuer doub­teth whether God heareth his prayer, that man obteineth nothing: to such praiers God hath made no promise. But contrari­wise he saith, vvhatsoeuer ye shall a [...]ke in prai­er, if ye beleeue,Matt. 21 ye shall receiue it. And againe, VVhatsoeuer yee desire, Mark. 11 beleeue that yee shall ob­taine it: and it shal be done vnto you. Ask, saith Saint Iames, in faith and vvauer not, for hee that vvauereth, Iame. 1 is like to the vvaues of the sea, vvhich are tossed of the vvind and caried avvaie. And why should wee wauer or doubt seeing the holie scriptures testifie of God, that he is faithful, iust and true in all his wordes and promises, saying. The Lord is faithfull in all his vvordes, hee vvill euer bee mindfull of his couenant: the trueth of the Lorde endureth for euer▪

[Page 28] And although our faith be not so strong, and therfore our prayer so hearty and zealous as it ought to be: yea, though our faith be faint and cold, yet let vs hold fast this principle, that our praiers are not frustrate or in vaine.

For our comfort herein we haue an exam­ple in the father which brought his sonne first to the Apostles and afterward to Christ and saide.Psal. 51. If thou canst Lord, help: and yet af­terwarde hee acknowledged the weake­nesse of his faithe, and desired to be made strong. I beleeue, Lord (saith hee) help my vn­leefe. How often doe the children of God complaine of this imbecillitie and weaknes of faith? Such as are exercised in true prai­er doe feele, that in crauing of God the for­giuenesse of their sinnes, they bring scars­lie the tenth part of that sacrifice which Da­uid speaketh of, where hee saith: An accep­table sacrifice to God is a troubled spirite: Mark. 9 a bro­ken and an humble heart, O God, thou vvilt not despise. Manie times they are driuen to wra­stle with their owne dulnesse and coldnesse in prayer: Manie times their mindes slippe aside and wander away in vanitie: Manie times they feele not their owne lacke and miserie to pricke them sharplie enough to prayer: yea, and many times they are so bea­ten down with the sense and feeling of their [Page 29] owne sinne and miserie as though they were forsaken of God, and their faith vtterlie ex­tinguished.

In what horrour and anguish of heart was Dauid when he said vnto the Lorde? VVhy loest thou reiect my soule? Psal. 88. VVhy hidest thou thy [...]ace from me? Psal. 39. And againe, Cease from me vntill I goe avvaie and be not. VVhereby it might seem, that he (like a desperate man) desireth nothing els, but that the hand of God cea­sing, he might rot in his euils: but it is not so. For he saith it not, for that he would haue God to depart from him, as the reprobate doe: but onely hee complaineth, that the wrath of GOD was too heauie for him to beare. A hard temptation is it when the faithfull are compelled to crie:Psal. 80. Hovv long [...]vilt tho [...] be angrie against the praiers of thy ser­uants? Lamen. 3 As though their verie praiers made God more angrie, So whē Ieremie saith, The Lord hath shut out my praier, no doubt hee was shaken with a vehement pang of temptation.

These are the imperfections of Gods chil­dren, which euen in beleeuing and hoping, doe oftentimes vtter some vnfaithfulnesse, and in the verie remedies fall into new dis­eases: for there is no prayer they make, which the Lord would not woorthily loath and abhorre, if he should not winke at their [Page 30] spottes & imperfections. And such example are common in the Scriptures.Whereby w [...] see that the Lord oftentimes suffereth his to be grieuouslie tempted and afflicted, and [...]i­deth from them the comfort of his spirite, a [...] though they were cleane forsaken, but to their great consolation in the end.

This is the schoole wherin the wisedome of God nurtureth and trieth her children, [...] we may see, Ecclesi. 4. First she vvill vval [...] vvith them (saith) he by crooked vvaies, and bring them vnto feare and dreade, and torment the [...] vvith their discipline, vntill she haue tried their soules, and haue prooued them by her iudgmentes then vvil she returne the straight vvaie uni [...] them, and comfort them, and shevv them her se­cretes, and heap vpon them the treasures of know­ledge and vnderstanding of righteousnes. Thu [...] vvee see the state of Gods children, th [...] when the Lord hath shewed them what the [...] are of themselues by the fight and horror of their sinnes, and terrour of Gods iudge­ment for the same: then vvill hee shevv them what they are in Christ as Esay saith For a time, a little vvhile I haue forsaken th [...] but I vvil gather thee together in vvonderful mercies. In a short time of vvrath I hidde [...] face a vvhile from thee, but I vvill haue mercy [...]n thee for euer, saith the Lorde thy redeemer [Page 31] Such is the louing kindnesse and mercie of God towards the afflicted, when they are so­rie for their sinnes, lamenting and mourning in their harts, to be deliuered from the same that they might serue God in the freedome of conscience.

This is that mourning, this is that hunger and thirst that Christ speaketh of: Blessed are they that mourne,Math. 5 for they shal bee comforted: blessed are they that hunger and thirst after righ­teousnesse, for they shal be satisfied.

God for his trueth sake, will put the righteousnesse of christ on them, and wash their vn­righteousnesse away in his bloud.Esai. 42. The bruised Reede vvill hee not breake, and the smoking Flaxe vvil he not quench. The afflicted, the heauie and broken hearted, the vveake and feeble vvill hee not forsake: Yea, be they neuer so feeble and so fraile, yet so long as this lust, desire and mourning to bee deliuered from their sinne and miserie, remaineth in them, God seeth not their sinnes, reckneth them not, nor lai­eth them not to their charge, for his trueths sake and loue to Christ, hee is not a sinnes in the sight of God, that would be no sinner. Hee that woulde bee deliuered, hath his heart loosed alreadie, his heart sinneth not, but mourneth, repenteth, and consenteth to the lawe and wil of God, and iustifieth God, [Page 32] this is, he beareth record that God which made the law is righteous and iust: and such an heart trusting in Christs bloud, in Christs righteousnesse, is accepted for righteous, and his weaknes, infirmitie and frailtie is pardo­ned, and his sinnes not looked vppon, vn­til god put more strēgth in him: the increase whereof he shall dailie feel in such sort, that at length he shall in all troubles bee able to say with Dauid:Psal. 23 If I should goe through the shadovv and daungers of Death, I vvil not feare vvhatsoeuer happen.

Nowe to stirre vp our heartes in conside­ration of our great miserie and necessitie, to a more feruent praier, the Lord himself hath commaunded vs to call vpon him for help [...]and succour. Therefore let vs haue the com­maundements of God alwayes in our sight touching prayer, and whiles wee pray let [...] call them to our remembrance. Aske, seeke knock,Math. 7 vvatch and praie. Call vppon me (saieth god) in the daie of thy trouble.Psal. 50. Praie alvvay vvit [...] all maner of praier and supplication,Ephes. 6. and vvate [...] therunto vvith all diligence. Reioice alvva [...] praie continuaellie,1. Tim, 5. in all things bee thankefull, [...] this is the vvill of God in Christ Iesu tovvard [...] you.Col. 4. Continue in praier, and vvatch in the sa [...] vnto thanksgiuing.Philip. 4 Let your requests be shevv­ed vnto God in prayer and supplication, vvi [...] [Page 33] giuing of thankes.

And this wee are also no lesse bounde to doe by the commandement, wherby we are forbidden to take the name of God in vain. For in that we are there forbiddē to take the name of God in vaine, we are commaunded also to take and to vse it to his glorie, giuing vnto him the praise of all goodnesse, helpe, and succour, whilest we aske and looke for the same at his hande. Wherfore except we [...]lie vnto him in our trouble & necessitie, ex­cept we call vpon him for releese and succor, we prouoke his displeasure no lesse, then if we should make vnto our selues Idols, or worship strange gods: for in the contempt of euerie one of the commandements, we shew like contempt and disobedience to the will of God, and all those sentences which com­maunde vs to call vpon God, do appertaine vnto this commaundement: Thou shalt not [...]ake the name of the Lord thy God in vaine: and so praier is a worke and chiefe seruice belon­ging to this commandement. Wee may not therefore thinke that there are no sins but Idolatrie, murther, theft whoredome, and such like, but that it is vndoubtedlie a great sin also, not to render this seruice to GOD, that is, not to praie, not to aske, not to looke for helpe from God in our ne­cessities, [Page 34] not to render thanks for the bene­fits we haue receiued.

Therefore if our vnworthines at any time do crie out against vs, stop or feare vs in such [...]orte that our consciences are astonied and flie from God: if we doubt whether God hath respect to our paiers groannings and teares, we must set before our eies, how that we are commanded, though we be neuer so vnwor­thy, and our sinnes neuer so manie and great to pray for reconciliation, Gods fauour, and forgiuenes of our sinnes. For els, whereas God commaundeth vs to abstain from theft, murther, whordome, &c. we maie in like sort excuse our selues and say, that we are vnwor­thie to obeie Gods commandements: great is our iniquitie, & manifest is our contempt and despising of God, when wee neglect and delaie to call for his help. Such as flie vnto God therefore, to call vpon him in their ne­cessities, obeie his will, and find therein no small consolation, knowing that therby they doe vnto him most acceptable seruice, for as much as he pronounceth that nothing is to him more acceptable, then obedience to his wil and commandement.

As wee are commanded of God boldlie and without all respect of our owne vnwor­thinesse, to come vnto him as a mercifull fa­ther, [Page 35] and one that knoweth our necessity, & pittieth our miserie: so hath he promised ve­rie gratiously to heare vs, and graunt our re­questes. And hereof riseth yet a farre more comfortable and greater consolation, wher­in con [...]isteth our whole co [...]idence and trust of obtaining succour and mercie at Gods hand. VVherefore he allureth vs with manie sweete promises to call vppon him. Mat. 7 Aske, saith he, and ye shall haue, seeke and ye shall find: knocke, and it shall bee opened vnto you: yee shall crie vnto me,Iere. 25. and I vvill heare you, ye shall seeke me,Psal. 50. and ye shall find me. Call vpon me in the daie of trouble,Psal. 145. and I vvill deliuer thee. The Lord is nigh to all them that call vpon him, that cal vpon him in truth: hee doth the vvil of them that feare him,Psal. 91 and hee vvill heare their prayers. Hee shall call vpon me, and I vvill heare him: I vvill bee vvith him in his trouble, I vvil deliuer him and glorifie him.Esay. 65. At the voice of thy crie hee vvill certainlie haue mercie on thee,Rom. 8 vvhen he heareth thee he vvill ansvvere thee. He that is lorde ouer all,Psal. 145. is rich and bountifull tovvardes them that call vpon him. Hee vvill fulfill the desire of them that feare him,Esai. 6 [...] he vvil heare their crie, and vvill saue them. And God to declare his readinesse in hearing of sinners, saith: Before they cry I vvill ansvvere, and vvhiles they are yet thinking vvhat to speak, I vvil heare.

[Page 36] Among many sweete promises of GOD, though these might be sufficient to prouoke vs to feruent and hearty prayer, yet there be certaine other notable and most comforta­ble promises, which we shuld speciallie haue­in remembrance,Luke. 12. as these: If yee vvhich are euill can giue good giftes to your children, havv much more shall your heauenlie father giue the holie Ghost to them that desire him? [...]ccle. 2. Consider the olde generation, and marke them vvell? vvas there euer anie confounded that put their trust in the Lord? or vvho hath continued in his feare and vvas forsaken? or vvhom did he euer despise that called vpon him? And of all other that is the most notable, which by the Prophet Ioel is added immediatlie after, the prophesie of that horrible destruction that was at hande, saying; VVhosoeuer shall call vpon the name of the Lord shal be saued.

Heere let vs consider the order of promi­ses, which pertaine either outwardlie to the bodie or inwardly to the soule. Which parte (the soule I mean) because it is much more precious than the other, wee must firste craue such things as properlie belong to the saluation thereof. But first of all confessing our sinnes vnto God with most humble and penitent hearts, let vs set before vs the pro­mises of remission of the same. For this [Page 37] sentence is true: God heareth no sinners: that is, such as delight and continue in sin. Wher­fore in all other praiers, yea when we bee a­bout to aske any other thinges, whatsoeuer they be, let vs first thinke of the remission of sinnes, hauing alway in our sight some com­fortable promises thereof as this: If vve con­fesse and acknovvledge our sinnes, hee is faithfull and righteous to forgiue our offences, 1. Iohn. 1 and to cleanse vs frō all iniquities. And hereunto let vs craue the light of the holie Ghost, to kindle and confirme in vs the true knowledge of God. Let vs pray for the continuance of Gods ho­lie word and Gospel among vs; for the en­larging of his kingdome, and the aduancing of his glorie. Let vs beg the gift of faith, repentance, feare, patience, prayer, hope, loue, ioy, peace of conscience, with such other fruites of the spirit, and for euerlasting lyfe.

And here also we must remember that we do not onely call our selues continuallie to account for our new sinnes, crauing at gods hand mercie and forgiuenes of the same, but also for those sinnes which might seeme to haue been long agoe forgotten;Psal. 51. as Dauid ha­uing confessed an hainous offence, by that occasion returneth euen to his mothers wombe, wherein he had gathered the infe­tion [Page 38] heaping together the sins of the whole life. Euen so in another place when hee as­keth another thing hee saith, Remember not the sinnes of my youth: remember me according to thy mercie, Psal. 25 for thy goodnesse sake, O lord. Againe, Looke vpon mine affliction and trauell, and for­giue all my sinnes.

VVhen we haue thus prayed for thinges pertaining to the soule, and to the kingdom of God, we must praie also for corporall be­nefits, as well common as priuate, as peace and tranquillitie of those Countries which giue harbrough to the true professors of the gospel and godlie congregations, being in this life, as Daniell in the mids of the Lyons, Pray for the peace of Ierusalem, saith Dauid, Also for defence from miserie,Psal. 88. deliuerance frō trouble, for happy successe in the workes of our vocation, for health, liuing, protection of life, goods, name, &c.

And although the Lorde knoweth before we aske what we haue need of, and is ready to giue liberally, yea & doth giue oftentimes vndesired▪ and furthermore hath promised, that seeking first the kingdome of god & the righteousnes thereof all other things should be giuen vs: yet he commaundeth vs to aske corporall benefits, and that for three causes.

First, that wee shoulde knowe that hee is [Page 39] the author and giuer thereof, and therefore should not onlie be thankfull for the same, but also stirred vp therby to seeke, loue, and worship him.

Secondlie, that we shuld be wel perswaded of his good prouidence toward vs,Iosua. [...]1. when wee vnderstand that he doth not onely promise that he will neuer faile vs, but also hath his hand alwaies streched out to help them that call vpon him.

Thirdlie, that our faith of reconciliation and forgiuenesse of sins should bee exercised through the asking of those corporal things.

And herein we must speciallie and aboue al things seek the glorie of God, & therfore we must praie for these corporall thinges in such sort, that we may offer therwith our obe­dience vnto God. Here of we haue examples of Christ when he said, Father, if it be possible, let this cup passe from me: neuerthelesse not as I vvil, but as thou vvilt. with this obedience to the will of God spake Dauid, when he de­sired to be brought again into his kingdom saying, If I shal find fauor in the sight of the lord, hee vvill bring me againe: [...] Reg. 15 but if hee shall saie vnto me, thou doest not please me, Iob. 3. I am ready let him doe as it seemeth good. And Iob saith, Though he kil me yet vvill I put my trust in him.

Therefore for as much, as we doe knowe [Page 40] that it is the lot of Gods children to bee al­wa [...]e vnder the crosse, and therfore concer­ning those corporall benefites, we know not how, or what to aske as wee ought: wee must herein offer our obedience vnto God, abiding his good will & pleasure so long as it shall see me good vnto him to exercise vs in the want thereof, who suffereth vs some­time to be afflicted for our chastisment, and for the probation of our countenance, and also that we may receiue with greater glad­nesse (if to his diuine wisdome it seeme ex­pedient for vs) that which with ardent de­sire we long looked for. S. Paule saith: VVhen vve are iudged, 1. Cor. 15 vve are chastened of the Lorde, because vve should not bee condemned vvith the vvorld. But when we pray for spiritual things we must aske them absolutely and without condition: for hereunto doe pertaine the chiefe promises of the gospell, of the which God would haue vs most assured. Verilie ve­rilie I saie vnto you (saith Christ) hee that be­leeueth in me, Iohn. 6. hath euerlasting life. As sure as I liue (saith the Lord) I vvill not the death of a sinner, Eze. 33. but that he returne and liue.

To the promise of God wee must ioyne examples, wherby we learne that God hath hard & holpen those that call vpon him. For all deliuerances, whether they bee of other [Page 41] (wherof the scripture are ful) or of our selues (whereof wee haue experience) are exam­ples of Gods promises. Hereby did Dauid comfort himfelfe in the anguish and heaui­nesse of his heart,Psal. 77 saying: I vvill remember the vvorks of the Lord, and call to mind thy vvoon­ders of olde time. Thou hast mightilie deliuered thy people, Psal. 31. euen the sonnes of Jacob and Ioseph. A­gaine, I vvill be glad and reioice in thy mercie: for thou hast seene my trouble, thou hast knovvn my soule in aduersitie. And thus being warned both by promises and examples, let vs learne to cast our care vpon the Lord, to call vpon him, and to looke for help at his hande. So shal our faith by little & little be more firme and certaine, and our heart shal rest in hope and exspectation of Gods help.

But for asmuch as of our selues we are vn­woorthie to appeare in Gods sight, whose terrible Maiestie comming once into our minde, it is impossible but that we should flie from him as a fearfull Iudge: therefore he hath giuen vnto vs, a Mediatour, euen our Lord Iesus, that he being a meane between God and vs, might chaunge the throne of dreadfull glorie into the throne of grace, & that we by his merites hauing accesse vnto God, might haue assured trust to find grace in his sight. 1. Ioh. [...]. If anie man sinne, saith S. Iohn, [Page 42] vve haue an Aduocate vvith the father, Jesus Christ the iust,Actes. 10 and he is the Reconciliation for our sinnes. To him, saith Saint Peter, beare al the Prophets vvitnesse that through his name at that beleeue in him shall receiue forginenesse of their sinnes.Ephes. 5. By vvhome, saith Saint Paule, vve haue boldnesse and enteraunce in all confidence through faith in him.Heb. 4. And againe. VVee haue not an high priest vvhich cannot haue compassion on our infirmities, but vvas in all points tempted like as vve are, sinne excepted: let us goe 'boldlie there­fore unto the throne of his grace, that vve may receiue mercie, and find grace to helpe in time of neede.

And as wee are commanded to call vpon God, and haue a promise also to be heard: e­uen so we are commanded to make our prai­ers vnto him in the name, faith & confidence of this our mediator, and wee haue no pro­mise to be heard without him: in whom are all the promises of God yea and Amen,2. Cor. 1. confirmed and fulfilled.Luke. 11 And no man commeth to the father but by the sonne.

For he is our mouth whereby we speake to the father, hee is our eie whereby wee see the father, and he is our right hande where­by we offer ourselues to the father. VVhat­soeuer therefore we aske in his name, wee haue a promise to obtaine it. Iohn. 16. Verili [...], verili [...], [Page 43] (saith Christ) I saie vntoyou vvhatsoeuer ye [...] shall aske the father in my name, hee shall giue it you: in my name, that is, for my sake: your highe Bishop praying for you. Hetherto yee haue not as­ked anie thing in my name:Iohn. 14. aske and yee shal receiue. In that day ye shall aske in my name, and vvhat soeuerye aske, I vvil doe, that the father maie be glorified in the sonne.

Of praier there be two parts, petition and thankesguing. By petition we poure foorth out desires before God, requiring first those thinges that may set forth his glorie, and then such benefites as are profitable and ne­cessarie for vs. By giuing of thankes, wee praise and magnifie his benefites bestowed vppon vs, acknowledging that whatsoeuer good things we enioy, we haue receiued thē of his free goodnes and liberalitie. Therfore Dauid ioyned those two partes together in one verse, when he saith, Call vpon me in the day of necessitie: Psal. 50. I vvill deliuer theeand thou shalt glorifie me.

The scripture commaundeth vs to vse both, and that continuallie. For our necessi­tie is so great, our life is so full of troubles and calamities, and so many daungers hang ouer our heades euerie moment, that wee haue all cause ynough, yea, euen the most holie with sighes and groanings continually [Page 44] to flie vnto God, and call vpon him in most humble wise. But this we may better perceiue in things pertaining to the soule.

For when shal so many great sins, where­of we know our selues guiltie, suffer vs to be without care & not to craue pardon of God for the same? when will Sathan giue vs rest and quietnesse? when will he cease to range about seeking whom he may destroy? when shall our tentations giue vs truce, so that we shall not need to hasten vnto God for helpe? Finallie, the desire of the kingdom and glory of God ought to drawe vs whollie vnto it, not by fits, but continuallie, that all times should be fit and conuenient for vs to pray. Wherefore not without cause wee are so of­ten commaunded to pray continuallie. And though we be not driuen with like necessitie at all times to praie: yet in this case S, Iames teacheth vs what we ought to doe. If anie man be heauy or afflicted, saith he, let him praie, that is, let him craue Gods helpe and com­fort: and vvho so is merrie, let him sing, that is, let him praise God.

Moreouer, the benefites and blessinges of God, are large and plentifull towardes vs, which way soeuer we turne vs, that wee can neuer want matter and occasion of praise and thanksgiuing. And seeing wee ought [Page 45] to acknowledge God to be the author and giuer of all good things, we should alway re­ceiue the same at his hande with thanksgi­uing: for to that end God continually bestoweth his good blessinges and benefits vpon vs that we should continuallie shew foorth his praise, and be thankful vnto him for the same and so we render vnto him his due honour. And S. Paul, when he saith, that they are san­ctified by the word and praier, signifieth, that to vs they are not holy and cleane without the word and prayer, and therefore Dauid saith, when he had felt the liberalitie of the Lorde, that there was put into his mouth a newe song, that is a new occasion of praise and thanksgiuing. Whereby he signifieth, that it is a wicked silence if we passe ouer a­nie of Gods benefits without praise, seeing that as often as he doth good vnto vs, so of­ten he giueth vs occasion to speake good of him. We should therefore continually, that is, as much as is possible, at all times, in all places, and in things as occasions are conti­nually offred vnto vs, lift vp our prayer vnto God in crauing helpe at his hande, and con­fessing his praise, whereby we may both ob­taine of him all good thinges, and also praise and magnifie his name for all.

Howe this perseuerance in prayer is re­quired [Page 46] of vs, Christ himselfe teacheth vs by the parable of the three loaues,Luke. 11 18 and of the widdowe, and wicked Iudge. VVherby wee are taught to continue in peaier, with all ear­nestnes and feruent supplication, and neuer to faint or giue ouer, vntill we be assured in our spirit that our praiers be heard.

The prayer of the humble (saith the Sonne of Sirach) goeth through the clouds, [...]ccl. 35. it ceaseth not vntill it come neare, and it vvill not depart vn­till God the most high God haue respect there­to. Beholde (saith Dauid,) as the eyes of the ser­uants looke vnto the hand of their maisters,Psal. 123. and as the eies of a maiden vnto the hand of her mistresse of our eyes vvaite vpon the Lorde our God vn­till he haue mercie vpon vs. And thus muste wee not cease to doe, vntill wee may bold­lie say also with Dauid: The Lord hath heard the voyce of my vveeping, the lorde hath hearde my humble petition, the lorde hath receiued my praier.

Now concerning the forme and manner of praying, least wee shoulde followe our owne fantasie, being of our selues so blinde that wee knowe not howe to praye, or what is meet and expedient for vs: The Lord him selfe hath sufficientlie instructed vs: who as he hath taught vs throughout the whole Scripture, howe and for what thinges wee [Page 47] ought to pray, so hath he set foorth one ma­ner of prayer, in the which he hath brieflie comprehended all such thinges as we ought, yea, or in anie wise may aske of God. VVherein hee hath expressed what is due, pleasing and acceptable to him, what is ne­cessarie for vs, and what he will grant: so that there is nothing heerein omitted, that might be thought vpon to the praise & glory of God, or come into the mind of man for his profite and commoditie. And this is that praier that our Lord Iesus Christ taught his Disciples: when they asked of him how they should praie.

VVhosoeuer therefore shall ask any thing that is not contained in this praier, they presume to adde some thing of their owne to the wisedome of God, they are not obe­dient to his will:Mat. 9. and they pray without faith,Luke. 11. hauing no word of God to warrant them, and therefore they shall obtaine nothing. This praier, saith Tertullian, is the doctrine of the wisedome of God, wherein he hath taught whatsoeuer hee willed, and willed whatso­euer was needfull. Albeit wee are not so bounde to this forme of praier, that wee should not vse anie other kinde of wordes then the Lord himselfe heerein hath vsed. For there are elswhere set forth in the scrip­tures, [Page 48] manie prayers farre differing from this in words, and yet written by the same spirit, and verie profitably to be vsed of vs. And many prayers also are continuallie vttred of the faithful by the same spirit, which vary from the same in wordes. But this is required of vs, that none shuld look for, seek or ask anie other thing at all, then that which is brieflie cōprehended in this praier, & which, though it differ in words, yet differeth not in sense & substance: like as it is certaine that all the praiers which are found in the scriptures, & which do continually proceed from the hart of the faithful are referred by the direction of Gods spirite vnto this praier, howsoeuer they differ in the varietie of words.

Manie good and godlie men, euen in our daies well exercised in praier, haue left vn­to vs most worthy examples and testimonies hereof, furnished with ample and large mat­ter to forme holie and true praiers, and full of power to inflame the heart to a feruent inuocation of Gods holy name: whereof wee haue giuen here some taste to the Godly, and specially to the simple, not yet wel exercised.

Read them, meditate, and praie, and ye shal find comfort in your soules.

A Meditation concer­ning prayer.

THe mind of men hath so large roomth to re­ceiue good things that not king in deede can fully sit it, but one­ly God, whome thou the mind fully possesseth, when it ful­lie knoweth him, fullie loueth him, and in all things in framed after his mill.

They therefore (deare Lord God) that are thy children, and haue taken somewhat of thy goodnesse, doe per­petually sigh, that is, doe may vntill they come thereto: & in that they loue thee also aboue all things it wonder­fully woundeth them, that other men doe not so, that is loue thee, and [...] for thee with them.

Whereof it commeth to [...], that [Page 50] they are inflamed with continuall praiers and desires, that thy king­dome might come euerie where, and thy goodnesse might bee both know­en, and in life expressed of euerie man

And because there are innumera­ble many thinges, which as well in themselues, as in others, bee against thy glory, they are kindled with continuall prayer and desire, sighing vnspeakably in thy sight, for the in­crease of thy spirite. And sometimes, when they see thy glorie more put backe, than it was wont to bee, ey­ther in themselues, or in any other, then are they much more disquieted and vexed,

But because they knowe, that thou doest rule all thinges after thy good will, and that none other can helpe them in their neede, they often­times doe goe aside, al businesse laide [Page 51] apart, and giue themselues to godly cogitations & talke with thee, com­plaining to thee as to their Father, of those thinges that grieue them, begging thereto, and that most ear­nestly, thy helpe, not onely for them­selues, but also for others, specially for those whome singularly they im­brace in thee, and often doe repeate and remember thy gracious bene­fits both to others, and to them­selues also: where through they are prouoked to render to thee heartie thankes, theirby beeing inflamed, as well assuredlie to hope well of thy good will towardes them, and pati­ently to beare al euils, as also to stu­dy and labour to mortifie the affecti­ons of the flesh: and to order all their whole life to the seruice of their bre­thren, and to the setting forth of thy glory.

This they knowe is that prayer [Page 52] which thy Sonne Iesus Christ our Lord cōmaunded to be made to thee in the chamber, the doore being shut. In this kind of praier hee himselfe did watch often, euen all the whole night. He [...]rein was Paule frequent as all the Saints b [...]. This kind of praier is the true lifting vp of the minde to thee. This standeth in the affections of the heart, not in words and in the mouth. As thy children be endued with thy spirite, so frequent they this talke with thee. The more thy spirit is in theme, the more [...] are they in talke with thee Oh giue me plentifully thy spirits, which thou hast promised to powre out vpon all fleshe, that thus I may with thy Saintes talke with thee night and daie, for thy onely beloued Sonnes sake, Iesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

Moreouer, thy Saintes, to pro­uoke them to this kinde of praier, do [Page 53] vse first there necessitie, which they consider in three sortes: inwardlie concerning their soules: outwardly, concerning their bodies: and finally concerning their name & fame: wher­to they adde the necessitie of these that he committed to them: the neces­sitie of thy Church, and of the com­mon weale.

Secondly, they use thy comman­dements, which require them vnder paine of sinne, to pray to thee in all their neede.

Thirdly, they vse the consideratiō of thy goodnesse, which art natu­rallie mercifull to young Rauens calling vpon thee, much more then to them, for whome Rauens and all thinges else were made: for whome thou hast not spared thy deare sonne, but giuen him &c.

Fourthly, they vse the [...] sweet and free promises made to heare, and [Page 54] helpe all them that call vpon thee in Christes name.

Fiftly, they vse examples ho we that thou which art the GOD of all and rich vnto all them that call vpon thee in Christs name, hast hard and holpen others calling vppon thee.

Sixtly, they vse the benefites gi­uen them before they asked, thereby not onely prouoking them to aske more, but also certifying their faith, that if thou wast so good to graunt them many thinges vnaskt, nowe thou will not denie them any thing they aske, to thy glory and their wealth.

Last of all, they vse the reading and weighing of Psalmes and other good praiers, because they knowe that thereby peculiarlie, besides the other Scriptures▪ there is no small helpe [...] as may appeare by Paule E­phes. [Page 55] [...]. whereby he willeth the con­gregation to vse Psalmes, hi [...]es, and spirituall songes, but so that in the heart wee woulde sing and say them. Not that thy children doe not vse their tongues and wordes in praying to thee: for they doe vse their tongues, speeche, and wordes, to stirre vp their inwarde desire and feruencie of the minde, ful wel know­ing that else it were a plaine moc­king of thee, to pray with lippes and tongues onely. Oh that I might feele nowe the spirite so to affect mee, that both with heart and mouth, I might heartily and in faith pray vn­to thee.

Now concerning the things that are to bee prayed for, thy children knowe, that the prayer taught by thy sonne most surely and plainly doth containe the same, and therefore they often vse it, first asking of thee their [Page 56] heauenly father, through Christ, that thy name might euerie where bee had in holynesse and praise: then, that thy kingdome by regeneration & the mi­nisterie of the Gospell might come: & so thirdly▪ that willinglie, perfect­lie, and perpetuall, they might stu­die to doe, yea doe indeede, thy will with thy holy and heauenly Angels, and spirits. These things they seeke and pray for, namely thy kingdome and thy rig [...]hteousnesse, before anie worldly benefite.

After which petitions, because all thinges, yea euen the benefits of this present life doe came, from thee, they doe godly desire the same vnder the name of daily bread, being instruc­ted of thy wisdome, that after spiri­tual benefites to aske corporal, is not vnseemly vnto thy children which knowe both spirituall and corporall to come [...] thy mercie.

[Page 57] In the other petitions they prair for thinges to bee taken from them, beginning with forgiuenesse of sins, which were impudentlie praied for, if that, their heartes were not so bro­ken, that they coulde forgiue all things to al men for their part. They adde their profession, that is, chary­tie, whereby they professe, that they haue forgiuen all offences doone to them.

How be it because it is not enough to haue pardon of that which is past except they bee preserued from newe offences they pray thee, not to kinde them into temptation, by permitting them to the peruerse suggestions of Sathan, but rather to deliuer them from his importunitie and power: vnderstanding Sathan the authour of all euill: Oh (deare God) that thou w [...]uldest endue mee with thy spirite of grace and prayer with [Page 58] thy children accordinglie, to make this prayer alwaies whensoeuer I doe pray.

As for outwarde euils, so long as they doe not (as it were) inforce thy people to sinne, in that Christian perfection doth account them amongest thy benefites. Thy Sonne hath not taught thy Church to pray for the taking away of them in their prayer: for heere he hath contained but those thinges for the which all Christians generally and particularlie may of faith pray at all times.

It often commeth to passe, that exterior euils, because they bee not euils indeede, that is, they bee not a­gainst Gods grace in vs, therefore they cannot of faith bee praied for, to bee taken away: for thy children that haue faith, doe alwaies preferre thy iudgement, before their owne. The which iudgement when they knowe [Page 59] by that which hapneth to them, they submit themselues thereto wholy: although the spirit make his vnspeak­able gronings to helpe their infirmi­ties by prayer, not to haue them ta­ken away, but that they might haue strength, and patience, to beare the burden accordingly. Which burthen, if it bee too heauie in the bitter sense end feeling thereof, they in their preiers doe complaine some thing, rather than pray to haue it taken away, as our Sauiour did in▪ he garden when he added to his complaint: Not my will, but thy wil be done.

So do thy people in all their com­plaintes adde, Not as we will, but as thou wilt: For they are taught by thy spirit, no otherwise to pray for the taking away of corporall euils, either from themselues, or from o­thers, vnlesse they by the same spi­rite doe certainely see the same to [Page 60] make to thy glorie: as [...] A­postles and scr [...]ntes, when abso­lutelie and without condition they did aske health or miracle for anie, when they healed or raised the dead [...] by praier: for they knewe nothing can bee better than when it is accor­ding to thy will. Oh that I might alwaies know thy will in al things, and for euer applie myselfe thereto.

Heereof it commeth that thy saints and deare children, which loue their neighbours as themselues, doe yet notwithstanding in their praiers aske vengeance of some (as wee may read in the Psalmes of Dauid) be­cause in praying and talking with thee, they see by thy holy spirit (for without it is no true praier) some­times thy iudgments vpon some, which they perceiue to sinne to death and therefore ought not to be praised for: because thy glory cannot die for [Page 61] f [...]th as it shoulde bee, without their destruction.

Thy will is alwaies best, and the thing whereto they frame [...] their desires. Therefore, when they per­ceiue that it is decreed with thee, such and such by their destruction to set forth more mightily thy glory, [...]owe shoulde they but desire and pray for the same, and write as Dauid hath [...], that the godly in reading and we [...]ing such praiers, might receiue comfort, and the vngodly bee afraid: else▪ [...] that they perceiue not so manifestly the determined iudge­ment of God, they in their praiers doe most heartely pray for them, [...] Samuell did for Saule, Moyses for the Israelites, and Abraham for the S [...] ­domite [...] ▪ Oh good father, for thy merites sake, giue me the [...] loue of mankinde, but yet so that I may loue [...] thee, and in thee, [...] [Page 62] alwaies preferre thy glory aboue all thinges, through Christe our Lorde.

Nowe though thy children doe knowe that thy will cannot but bee doone, and nothing can bee done, but that thou of thine owne will hast de­termined to doe, although no man shoulde desire the same, yet are they earnest and frequent in prayer: first to render obedience to thee: which requirest prayer as a spirituall ser­uice to thee: secondly, because thou hast ordained praier to bee as an in­strument and meane, by the which thou workest thinges with thee al­readie decreede and determined.

Thy children doe vse prayer to of­fer thee their seruice, if it shall please thee to vse the same: and as they doe eate and drinke, which is a meane ordained of thee for the conuersation of their life, not looking thereby to [Page 63] lengthen their daies aboue their bounds, which alreadie thou hast appointed, but as it becommeth them, to vse the meanes, which thou hast or­dained to serue thy prouidence: so do they (as men heerein not curious to knowe thy prouidence further than thou reuealest it) vse prayer as a mean by the which thou art accustomed to worke many of thy childrens desires, that according to thy good will, thou mayest vse the same.

They doe not thinke a mutability in thee (for thou art God, & art not chaunged: with thee there is no vari­ablenesse) and therefore they pray not as men which would haue thy determination and ordinances (which are in most wisedome, and mercy) to bee [...]tered, but rather that they might submite their wils to thine, and make them more able to beare thy will and pleasure,

[Page 64] They knowe thou hast promised to helpe them calling vppon thee: wherfore they doubt not, but so thou wilt doe, and therefore praie accor­dinglie.

They loue thee hartilie, and there­fore they cannot but desire much to talke with thee, that is, to pray: euen as a well manered and louing wife will not take vpon her to aske anie thing of her husband at all, but that she hopeth hee wil take in good part, and do of his own free wil, although she had spoken nothing thereof.

When she knoweth what her hus­bandes will is in thinges she gladly talketh with him thereof, and accor­ding as shee seeth hee is disposed to doe, she wil often desire him to doe it. Euen so thy children (I say) which heartilie loue thee, in that they know thy wisedome and will is best, howe can they but often talke with thee, [Page 65] and desire thee to do that which they knowe is best, which they know also thou wouldest do, if none shoulde ask or pray for the same?

Thy children vse prayer, as a meane, by the which they see plainly thy power, thy presence, thy proui­dence, mercie and goodnesse towards them, in graunting their petitions, and by prayer they are confirmed of them al. Yea thy children vse praier to admonish them, howe that all things are in thy handes. In praier they are (as it were) of thee put in minde of th [...]se thinges which they haue doone against thee, their good Lorde. By reason whereof repen­tance ensueth, and they conceiue a purpose to liue more purely euer af­terwardes, and more heartilie to ap­plie themselues to all innocencie and goodnesse.

Who nowe considering so manie [Page 66] great commodities to come by rea­son of prayer, would maruell, why thy children are much in prayer, and labouring to prouoke others there­vnto. For as none that is a [...]ter to any other will vse anie thing which might offend or hinder his suite▪ so no man that vseth praier, will flatter himselfe in any thing that shoulde d [...]please thee to whom by prayer he moueth sute, whensoeuer he praieth: so that nothing is a more prouocati­on to all kinde of godlinesse than prayer is.

As concerning outward thinges which thy children praie for, although they know thy will and decree is not variable, & thy purpose must needes come to passe, yet doe they receiue by their prayer no small commoditie. For, either they obtaine their re­questes or not. If they doe obtaine them, then proue they by experience [Page 67] that thou doest the will of them that feare thee, and so they are more kind­led to loue and serue thee. And in deed for this purpose thou art wont, when thou wilt doe good to anie, to stirre vp their mindes to desire the same good of thee, to the ende that both thou and thy giftes may & bee so much the more magnified and set by of them, by howe much they haue beene earnest [...]uters and petitioners for the same. For howe can it but inflame them with loue towardes thee, to perceiue and feele thee so to care for them, heare them, and loue them?

If they doe not obtaine that they pray for, yet vndoubtedly they re­ceiue great comfort, to see that the euils which presse them, and whereof they complaine still, do not oppresse and ouercome them, and therefore they receiue strength to beare the [Page 68] same the better. O good father help me that I might heartily loue thee, complaine to thee in all my needes, & alwaies by prayer to powre out my heart before thee, Amen.

Iohn Bradford.

A meditation vpon the Lords prayer.

Our Father.
Exod. 1.

THou good Lorde, which madest heauen and earth, the sea and all that is therein,Gen. 3. together with thy dearlie beloued sonne Iesus Christ,Gen. 12. 22. 23. 24. 25. and with thy holy spirite, thou the same God which openedst thy selfe to Adam by thy promise:Exod. 13. 14. 15. thou the god of Abraham, Isaac & Iacob: thou which broughtest thy people of Israel forth of Egipt with a mightie hand,Exod. 19. 20. and a stretched out power: thou which giuest the Lawe vpon Mount Sinai: [Page 69] thou which spakest by thy prophets: and last of all in these latter daies. by thy dearely beloued sonne Iesus Christ,Heb. 1 whom thou wouldest should be made a second Adam, 1. Co. 15 that as by the first wee are children of wrath,Rom. 5. carnall and full of concupiscence, so by him wee might bee made children of grace, and spirituall by commu­nicating with him the qualitie, me­rites, vertues and grace of his flesh, through the operation of his holy spirite, as hee communicated with vs the substance of our fleshe, in the wombe of the Virgin Marie, in the operation of the same holy spi­rite,Math. 1. being that blessed seede which was promised to Adam, Luke. 1 Abrahā, Isa­ac, Iacob, Ge. 3. 12 26. 28 and Dauid, which should bruse the serpents heade,Psal. 89. which shoulde bring the blessing on all na­tions,2 Reg. 1 which should reigne [...]uer his house for euer,Luke. 1. and mightily [...]uer­comePsal. 110 [Page 70] thine and out enemies, as in deede he did by his incarnation, na­tiuitie, circumcision,Rom. 8. exile, baptisme, fasting temptation, doctrine, mira­cles, workings, agonies, bloudie prayer, passion, death, resurrection, and ascension,Mat. 24 and yet hee still doeth by his mediation & intermission for vs,2 Cor. 15 and at the length will on all partes fully accomplished by his com ming to iudgement which will bee sodainly in the twinckeling of an [...]ie,1. Thes. 4 in the blast of a trumpet,2. Cor. 5. and shoute of an Archangell,Exod. 32 33. when hee shall bee seene with thousandes of Saintes,Joel. [...]. & innumerable thousands of Angels,Psal. 15. al the whole world being on fire & al the people that euer were,Gen. 6. are: or shall bee, then standing before his tribunall or iudgmente seate, to render an account of that they haue done in this bodie, be it good or bad: Thou (I say) this God which are [Page 71] holy, righteous, true, wise, pure, chast, mightie, mercifull, good, grati­ous, an hater of sinne, & a re [...]enger of vnrighteousnes, &c.Our hart is by nature so c [...]rrupt & vnser­chablie euil, that out of it springeth all wic­ked con­cupis­cence, so that the inclinati­on therto is pro [...]e to euil, e­uer from [...] birth vp: & our minde & vnderstāding is so darkned that of our selfe we cānot perceiue those things that be of god as is all the wisdome which we re­ceiue frō Ad [...]m naturally or other­wise at­taine by labour or studie be fore re­genera­tion. Causes [...]o c [...]fort our faith that God is our father. wouldest that I which am borne in sinne, and con­ceiued in iniquitie, which by nature am a childe of width, and in whome dwelleth continuall enmitie against thee. that I which [...] nothing but sinne: and one that doth euil alwaies before thee, should call thee and be­leeue thee, this God and Father of our Lorde & Sauiour Iesus Christ, to be in ve [...]ie deede my father: that is thou wouldest I should be most as­sured, that thou of thine owne good will which thou barest to me wards before I was, yea before the worlde was, hast in Christ chosen mee to be thy Child [...], and through him art be­come my most louing Father, from [...] I should [...]ooke for all good things, & be most certeinly per [...]aded [Page 72] that looke howe much thou art more than a man, so much thy loue and fatherly prouidence towardes mee, passeth the loue and prouidance of a­ny father towardes his childe, in lo­uing mee, caring howe to helpe mee, prouiding for mee, nurturing mee, & helping me in all my needes. So cer­taine thou mouldest haue mee to hee of this, that to doubt of it doeth most displease thee, and dishonour thee, as though either thou were not true, or not able to doe these thinges, [...] else becamest not my father in respect of thine owne goodnesse in Christ only, but also in respect of my worthinesse and descrets.

And that I should not [...] or doubt of this that thou art my deare Father, and I thy childe for euer, through Iesus christ, it [...] required in the first [...] saith: I am the Lord thy God, thou sha [...] [Page 73] haue none other Gods but me.

Againe, thy sonne doth here com­maunde mee to call the by the [...]name of father. Moronuer in the first ar­ticle of my beleefe: I professe the same, in saying: I beleeue in God the Father almightie. Besides this, there are many other thinges to confirme me he erein, as the creation and go­uernement of the worlde generally, and of euerie creature particularlie, for all is made and kept for man, and so for me, to serue me for my commo­ditie, necessitie, and admonition. A­gaine, the creation of me, in that then hast made mee after thy things, ha­uing a reasonable soule, bodie, shape, &c. where thou mightest haue made me a Toad, a Serpent, a Swine, de­formed, frantick &c. Moreover, thy wonderful con [...]etuation, nourishing & keeping of mee [...] in my in­fan [...], [...], &c. An these [Page 74] (I say) shoulde confirme my faith in thy fatherly loue.

But of al things, the opening of thy selfe by thy word and promise of grace made after mans fall, first to Adam, then to Abraham, Isaac, Iacob, and so to other, being published by the Prophets from time to time, and last of all accomplished by thy deare Sonne Iesus Christ, in whom thy promises are yea and Am [...]n: the o­pening of thy selfe thus (I say) in and by Christ, is the most thiefe and sure certificat, that thou art my fa­ther for his sake: & I thy deare child, although of my selfe I am most un­worthy. For thou according to thy promises, hast not spared thy deare Sonne Iesus Christ, but giuen him to the death of the Crosse for my sinnes Thou wouldest he shoulde he made flesh of our flesh, and bloud of our bloude, in the wombe of the [Page 75] Virgin Marie, by the operation of thy holy spirite, that we by the wor­king of the same spirite, through the merrits of his flesh and bloud, might be made flesh of his fleshe and bloud of his bloud: that is, as he hath the substance of our fleshe and bloude: men so we might haue and for euer enioy in him and through him the qualities, vertues, & giftes of righ­teousnesse, holinesse, innocencie, im­mortalitie, and glory, wherewith he hath endued our nature in his owne person for vs all, that as nowe in faith and hope we haue the same, so in his comming, we might fullie en­ioy them in verie deed:Phil. 3. for then shall our bodies nowe vile, bee like to his glorious bodie.

Herein appeareth thy loue,1. Ioha. 3 not that we loued thee, but that thou lo­uedst vs, and hast giuen thy Sonne for vs. Heerein eocst thou commend [Page 76] vnto vs thy loue, that when wet were yet sinners, Christ thy deare sonne died for vs,Rom. 5. so that nothing shoulde seperate vs from thy loue in Christ Iesus,Rom. 8. neither affliction, an­guishe,Rom. 5. persecution, famine, neither life nor death, &c. For when wee were enimies, wee were reconciled vnto thee by the death of thy sonne, much more wee being reconciled, shal be saued in this life.

And that I shoulde not doubts hereof, but certainely be perswaded all this to pertaine to me where I might haue beene borne of Turkes and infidels, lot thou wouldest I shoulde bee borne of Christian Pa­rentes,VVhat Baptisme is and what it requireth brought into thy Church by Baptisme, which is a Sacrament of adoption and requireth faith as well of remission of my sinnes, as of sanctification and holynesse, to bee wrought of thee in mee by thy grace [Page 77] and holy spirite.

Where I might haue beene bo [...]e in an ignorant time & Region, thou wouldest I shoulde be borne in this time and Region, wherein is more knowledge reueales, than euer was heere, or any place is.

where I might haue beene of a corrupt iudgement, and intangled with many errurs, loe, thou of thy goodnesse, as thou hast reformed my iudgement, so doest thou keepe it, & nowe for the same iudgments sake, do [...]st vouchsafe,VVhat is the effect or fruite that commeth of this cer­taine persuasion, that God is our fa­ther. somwhat by the Crosse to trie mee. By all which thinges I shoulde confirme my faith of this, that thou alwaies hast been, art and wilt be for euer my deere fa­ther.

In respect whereof, as I shoulde be certain [...] of saluation, & of the in­heritance [...] heauen for [...] should I bee thankfull, cast my whelt cant [Page 78] on thee, trust to thee, and call on thee, with comforte & certaine hope for all things that I want.

For in that thou hast giuen to me this benefite to bee thy childe, vnde­serued and undesired on my behalfe, simply and onely in respect of thine owne goodnesse and grace in Christ, least at any time I shoulde doubt of it how should I but hope certainely that nothing profitable to me can be denied, in that thy power in infinite? For as thy good will is declared in adopting me, so nothing can be final­ly wanting in mee, which may make for my weale, for then should not thy power be almightie: & theref [...]re my beliefe requireth that I shoulde be­leeue in thee the father almighty.

In consideration whereof I should in all thinges behaue my selfe as a child, reioice in thee, praise thee, trust in thee, feare thee, serve thee, love thee [Page 79] call vpon thee, &c.

But alas, howe heaui [...] harted am I? Now vnthankfull am I? Nowe full of vnbeleife, & doubting of this thy rich mercie: Nowe little doe I loue thee, feare thee, call vpon thee &c.

Oh be mercifull vnto mee, forgiue me good Father for thine o wne sake, and grant mee the spirit of thy chil­dren to reueale thy selte vnto me, and Iesus Christ thy deare Sonne our Lorde, by whome wee art made thy children, that I may truely knowe thee, heartily loue thee, faithfully, hang vpon thee in all my needes, with good hope call vpon thee, ten­der faithfully this honor to thee, that thou art my God and Father, and I thy deare Childe through thy grace in Christ, [...]nd so alwaies be indued with an assured hope of thy goodnes, and a faithfull obedient heart in all things to thy holy will.

[Page 80] At thy handes and from thee, as I must looke for allthings, so come I vnto thee, & pray thee to giue mee these thinges, which thy deere chil­dren haue, and thou requirest of mee that I may come and aske them of thee, as now I do, through Iesus Christ our Lord.

As by this worde (Father) I am taught to glory of thee and in thee, and all that euer thou hast (for thou art wholy mine, my Lorde, my God, my father:) so by this word (Our) I am taught to glory of all the good that all and euerie of thy seruantes that euer were, are, or shalbe, had, haue, or shall haue. For now I am taught to beleeue that thou hast cal­led mee into the communion of thy Church and people, whome heereby I perceiue th [...] host commaunded to bee as carefull for mee, as for them­selues, and in all their praiers to be [Page 81] as mindful of me, as of themselues.

Againe, as by this word (Father) I am taught to remember & render my duty I ow to thee wardes, faith, loue, feare, obedience, &c. So by this word (Our) I am taught my dutie towards thy people, to be carefull of them, and to take their sorrow, pouertie, affliction, &c. as mine owne, and therefore, to labour to helpe them in hart and hand after my vocation and ability, vtterly abhorring all pride, selfe loue, arrogancie, and contempt of anie.

By reason whereof I haue great cause to lament, and to reioyce. To lament, because I am so farre from consideration, much more from doe­ing my duetie to thy, people in thoughts, words and deeds. To re­ioyce, because I am called of thee, and placed in the blessed society of thy Saintes, and made a member and [Page 82] citizen of the heauenly Ierusalem: & because thou hast giuen in commaun­dement to all thy Church, to bee as carefull for me as for themselues.

But alas, how farre am I heere­from? As I am guiltie of vnthank­fulnesse for this thy callyng mee into the blessed communion of thy deare sonne and Church, yea of thy selfe: so I am guiltie of selfe loue, vnmer­cifulnesse, pride, arrogancie, forgetfultnesse, and contempt of thy children: for else I could not but bee otherwise affected, and otherwise labour than I doe.

Oh be mercifull vnto mee good Father: forg [...]ue me and grant for Christes sake, that as my tonge scundeth this worde Our, so I may in heart feele the true ioy of thy bles­sed compassion, and the true loue and communion which thy children haue and feele towardes▪ their bre­thern: [Page 83] that I may reioyce in all trou­bles in respect of that ioyfull commu­nion: that I may denie my selfe to honour thy children vpon earth, and endeuour my selfe to doe them good for thy sake, through Iesus Christ our Lorde. I come onely to thee, to giue mee that which I cannot, nor must not elsewhere haue, and thou requirest it of me, that therefore I should as thy childe, come and crane it to thy glorie.

Which art in heauen.

AS by these wordes Our Father, I am taught to glorie and reioyce for the blessed communion which I am called to with thee, deare Fa­ther, with thy Christ, and with thy holy Church: so also am I heere taught by these wordes, which art in heauen, to reioyce in respecte [Page 842] of the place and blessed ioyes where­unto at the length in thy good time I shall come. For nowe I may per­ceiue, that as heauen is thy home, so is it mine also, being, as I am, thy child through Christ, although here for a time I am bodily on earth and in miserie.

Againe, by these wordes, which art in heauen, I am admonished, not on­lie to discerne thee from earthly Fa­thers, and to know howe that thou art Almighty, present in all places, and of moste puritie to confirme thereby my faith, to be prouoked the more to feare thee, to reuerence thee, &c. But also I am admonished to iudge of thy fatherly loue, by hea­uenly benefites, and not by corporal, simply and alonely: for oftentimes the wicked prosper more in the world and haue more worldly benefites then thy children. So that by this I [Page 85] see, thou wouldest pull vp my minde from earth and earthly thinges, to heauen and heauenlie thinges, and that I should see further by corporal benefits thy heauenly prouidence for me. For if thou place mee thus on earth, and thus blesse me as thou do­est, and hitherto hast done from my youth vp, in that thou art nothing so carefull for my bodie, as for my soule: how should I but think much of thy prouidence, for it is thy home where is such glorie as the eie hath not seene, &c. Of which thinges these corporall benefits of thine gi­uen mee on earth, shoulde bee (as it were) inductions, and the taking of them away, admonitions to bee more mindfull of permanent thinges and lesse mindfull of transitorie thinges.

By reason heereof I haue greate cause to lament and to reioyce. To [Page 86] Lament. because I am so earthlie minded, so little desirous of my home so vnthankefull for thy prouidence and fatherly protection heere on earth.

To reioyce, because of thy home and the greate glorie thereof: because thou dost so prouide for me heere be­cause thou doest so cortect and cha­sten me, &c. But alas, I am altoge­ther a wretch, earthly, and vnthank­full, not onely for these corporall be­nefites, health, riches friendes, fame, wisdome. &c. for thy fatherly cor­rection, sicknesse, temptation, &c. but also for thy heauenly benefites, for Christ Iesus, for the promise of thy spirit, for thy Gospel, &c. yea, euen for heauen it selfe and thy whole glo­rie,Psal. 106. as the Israelites were for the lande of Canaan, and therefore neuer enioyed it, but perished in the wil­dernesse, I am proude in prosperitie [Page 87] and forget thee, waxing secure and carelesse. I am impatient in thy crosse and too much consider worldly dis­commodities.

Oh deare father, forgiue mee for thy Christes sake all mine vnthank­fulnesse, loue of this world, contempt and obliuion of the heauenly bene­fites, and grant me thy holy spirite to illuminate the eies of my minde with the light and liuely knowledge of thy presence,Col. 3. power, wisdom, and goodnesse in thy creatures,Phillip. 3 but speci­ally in Christ Iesus thy sonne, and so by the same spirit inflame mine effections, that I may desire nothing on yarth but thee, and to bee presente with thee, that my conuersation may bee in heauen continuallie, from whence graunt mee still to looke for the Lorde Iesus, to make this my vile bodie like vnto his owne glori­ous and immortall bodie, accor­ding [Page 88] to his owne power by which he is able to do all things. As thou hast giuen me to be thy childe: so I pray thee, giue me these thinges which bee the properties of thy children, giuen from thee in thy good time.

Hallowed be Thy name.

Thy name is that whereby thou art knowne, for names serue to decerne and knowe one thing from another. Nowe, though thou art knowne by thy creatures, yet is this our corrupt estate, they serue but to make vs excuselesse.Rom. 1. Therefore most properly, liuely, and comfortablie thou art knowne by thy holie word, and specialy by thy promise of grace, and freelie pardoning and receiuing vs into thy fauour,Psal. 84. 138. for Christ Iesus sake.Howe Gods name is halowed. For the which goodnesse in Christ, thou art praised and magni­fied, according to thy name, that [Page 89] is, so much as men know thee in Christ, they magnifie thee, and praise thee, which here thou callest hallow­ing or sanctifying. For that thou art the more holy, not in respect of thy selfe, but in respect of men, who the more they know thee, the more they cannot but sanctifie thee, that is, they cannot but as in themselues by true faith, loue, feare, and spiritual seruice honour thee: so also in their outward behauiour, and wordes, they cannot but liue in such sort, as other seeing them, may in, and by their holinesse and godlie conuersation, be occasio­ned, as to know thee, so to sanctifie thy name accordingly: and therefore thou settest forth here vnto me, what is the chiefe and principall wishe and desire of thy children and peo­ple,The chiefe desire of Gods children [...] namelie, that thou in Christ mightest be truelie knowne and ho­noured, both of themselues and of [Page 90] other inwardly and outwardly: as by the contrary a man may castlie perceiue,The greatest grief of Gods people. that the greatest sorrowe and griefe thy people haue, is igno­rance of thee, false seruice or religi­on, and wicked conuersation. A­gainst the which they pray and la­bour diligently after their vocation, as they for the obtaining of the other, both to other and to themselues, doe take no smale paine in prayer, studie, and godly exercise.

By reason heereof I see,Our ig­norance. that I am farre from this desire & lamenta­tion which is in thy children, I see mine ignorance of the true knowe­ledge of thee and thy name: for else it had not needed thee so by thy word to haue reuealed thy selfe. I see also mine owne ignorance of the excellen­cie of the same: for else wouldest thou not haue toulde mee, that the sanctifiyng of thy name is the chiefest [Page 91] thing thou requirest of euery man.

Againe, I see my greate want of holynesse:Our greate neede for else thou needest not to teach mee to seek and pray for that I want not.

Moreouer, I see my greate peruer­sitie, which would not seeke at thy handes for sanctification, although I see my neede thereof. For the which thou wouldest not haue com­maunded me to pray, if I seeing my want, would haue prayed vnto thee for the same.

Last of all,Gods loue. I see thy wonderful goodnesse, which wilt vndoubtedly giue vnto mee sanctification and ho­linesse: for thou wouldest not that I should aske for that thing, that▪ thou wilt not giue me.

So that I haue greate cause to la­ment and reioyce. To lament, be­cause I am so farre from this desire and lamentation which thy children [Page 92] haue. Also because of my ignorance, pouertie, peruersitie, vnthankfulnes, &c. But most of all, because thy holy name, worde and religion is so blas­phemed both in doctrin and in liuing of many, especiallie in this realme.

To reioyce I haue great cause, for thy exceeding goodnesse and mercie, which wouldest so disclose thy selfe by thy workes, worde and Gospell: which wouldest open these thinges thus vnto me, and so giue vnto mee and others sanctification in thy sight by faith, and in the sight of men by purenesse of life, and godlie conuer­sation. But alas, I doe heartily nei­ther the one nor the other, that is, la­ment or reioice, as thou father, which searchest my hearte, doest right wel know.

Oh, be mercifull vnto me, and for­giue me, yea, giue me of thine owne pittie, thy holie spirit to reueale and [Page 93] open to my mind effectually my mi­serable estate & condition, my igno­rance, peruersitie, and my carelesnes for thy true honour and dishonour? in such sort, that I may heartily lament these euils, and haue them pardoned and taken from me, through Iesus Christ our Lord.

Againe, good father, giue mee the same thy holie spirit, to reueale to me thy name, word and Gospell, that I may liuely know thee, vnfaynedlie [...]oue thee, heartilie obey thee, and a­boue all thinges desire and labour by all meanes lawfull, that all godlines in doctrine and conuersation may bee exercised both in me and in all others for whom thou wouldest I shoulde praie.

Here think vpon the state of religion, & the life of the professors of the Gos­pel, that thou maist lament some, pray for some, and giue thankes for some.

[Page 94] Let thy kingdome come.

THy Kingdome is in two fortes to be considered:Gods kingdom in respect of his power. vniuersally and particularly, vniuersally, according to thy power, wherwith thou gouer­nest al things euery where in earth, heauen, hell, diuels, Angels, men, beastes, foules, fishes and all other creatures.

Of this kingdome spake Dauid when he saide: His kingdom ruleth ouer all. Psal. 104 Particularly thy kingdome is to be considered according to thy grace, wherewith thou raignest onely in thy Church & elect people,Gods kingdom in respect of his grace. ruling and gouerning all and euerie mem­ber of thy Church, to thy glorie and their eternal comfort. Not that out of this Church I exclude thy pow­er, (for as there with thou defen­dest thy people, so thou punished [...] [Page 95] thy enimies:) but because thy grace is specially considered beeing (as it were) the verie keeper that keepeth and guideth thy people.Gods kingdom in respect of his glorie.

The time will be when this kingdome of grace and power, now being as dinstinct, shal be vnited and made one kingdome of glorie: which will be when Christ shall giue vp his kingdome into thyne handes, that is, in the resurrection.Howe Gods kingdom is here conside­red and enlarged When death the last enimie shall be subdued, and th [...] shalt be all in all.

In the meane season, this king­dome of grace is miraculously and mightiely propagated, enlarged, and gonerned by the true Ministerie of thy woord and sacramentes, through the working of thy holy spirit: and this is the meane and waie where­by, as thou didst first plant, so doest thou enlarge, amplifie, and preserue the same.

[Page 96] This kingdome of grace begunne, continued, and inlarged by the true preaching of thy Gospell, and mini­stration of thy Sacramentes, is the thing which Christ teacheth here thy children to pray for, that it might come, that is to say, that thy Gospel might so mightily, purelie, and plen­teouslie bee preached (maugre the heade of all thine enemies) that the number of thine electe might bee brought in, and so the kingdome of thy glorie might appeare. So that as I see thy children desire, pray, and labour that thy Gospell might bee trulie preached, hearde, and liued in themselues and in others: so they lament the not preaching and refu­sing the not lining and not beleeuing thy Gospell: yea, they lament the lingring of ye comming of thy Christ: for in his comming they know they shall be like vnto him, and hauing [Page 97] this hope, they purifie themselues as he is pure. By reason heereof I see, first, that I am farre from this desire and lamenting, which thy children haue: I see my ignorance of thy king­dome and power euery where: also of thy grace in thy Church only, and of thy glory when al the enemies of thy grace shal bee cast downe, and thy glorie and power shall embrace each other. I see my ignorance, howe ac­ceptable a seruice to thee is the true preaching, and the hearing of thy Gospel, for els thou hadst not needed to haue placed this petition next to the petition of the sanctifying of thy name.

Againe, I see heere mine vnable­neesse to enter into thy kingdome, and to attaine to it: for els what neede shoulde I haue to pray for that to come from thee, which otherwise may be atchieued?

[Page 98] Thirdlye, I see my peruersity and contempt of thy kingdome & grace: for although I see my want,Our per­uersitie. yet I woulde not desire thy kingdome to come, if thou diddest not commande me so to pray: and if I woulde haue praied for it, thou wouldest not haue commaunded me.

Last of all,Gods goodnes. I see thy goodnesse, which wilt bring thy kingdome, and that as generally, by sending foorth ministers to preach truly: so parti­cularlye, by regenerating mee more and more, and by giuing me as grace heere, so glorie elsewhere: for thou wouldest not I should pray for that which thou wilt denie.

So that I haue great cause to la­ment and reioice. To lament, be­cause of my miserable state and con­dition, because of my sinne, igno­rance rebellion, peruersity, Sathans power, contempt of thy grace, thy [Page 99] Gospell, and ministery here or else­where. To reioice, because of thy goodnesse & great mercie which hast brought me into thy Church, keepest me in it, aud wilt do so still. Also be­cause of the ministerie of thy word & sacramēacute;ts, by which the holy Ghost is and will be effectuall: and finally because of the great glory whereun­to thou hast called mee, and which now thou wilt giue vnto mee asking the same.

But alas how vnthankefull I am and sorrowlesse, Lord thou knowest, for my heart is not hid from thee. Oh be merciful vnto me and forgiue me good father, and gra [...]nt me the spirit of thy children, to reueale vnto mee my ignorance of thy kingdome, my pouertie and peruersitie, that I may lament the same and daily labour for thy helpe and thy holye spi­rite, to suppresse the kingdome of [Page 100] sinne in my selfe and in others.

Againe, graunt me that same thy holie spirit to reueale to me thy king­dome of power, grace and glorie, to kindle mine affections, to regenerate me more▪ and more to raigne in me as a peece of thy kingdome, to giue to me to desire, to pray and to labour for thy kingdome both to my selfe and to others effectually to thy glorie, and to assure my conscience of thy goodnes that thou wilt giue me grace & glo­rie, &c.

Here call to minde the state of the ministery and ministers, the light and life of Gospellers,Gods omnipo­tent will vnknow­en & vn­reuealed the errors and here­sies which men be intangled withall.

Thy will be done.

AS thy power is infinit, so is thy wisedome accordinglie.

Whereby, as we may perceiue that nothing is, or can bee done against [Page 101] thy power, or otherwise than by it: so is there not, nor cannot be any thing done against, or otherwise then by thy omnipotent and secret wil, which is alwaies (as t [...]ou art) good, holie, and iust, how farre so euer it seeme otherwise to our foolishe reason and iudgement: and therefore here we are taught to pray that thy wil may bee done here without sinne on mans be­halfe, as it is on the Angels behalfe in heauen.

Againe, for as much as thou art incomprehensible of thy selfe, as well concerning thy power,Gods wil reueled & know­en, as concerning thy wisdome: we may not according thereto search thee, but rather adore and worship thy maiestie, and trem­ble at thy iudgments and works, and therefore praie alwaies, we may bee content with thy wil, and be buxomr and obedient thereto.

And for as much as thou hast re­uealed [Page 102] vnto vs somuch of thy wil in thy word writtenas is necessary for vs in this life to knowe, yea, as wee can attaine vnto, & a little further: wee ought to take al things done a­gainst the same, as [...]nne and trans­gression, although thou canst vse the same sinne, to serue thy preuidence: of the which prouidence we cannot, nor may not iudge further than thou hast and shalt open it vnto vs.

So that this petition, Thy wil be done is not simply to be vnderstoode concerning thy omnipotent wil vn­reuealed, against the which nothing is nor can be done, but rather concerning thy will reuealed in the lawe and Gospell, the which thou heere teachest mee, that wee shoulde desire not onely to know it, but also to do it, and that in such perfection and wil­lingnesse, as it is in heauen. The which thing I perceiue hereby, that [Page 103] thy children doe desire daily in and for themselues and othrs, and doe la ment the contrarie,Psal. 1 [...] in whom so e­uer it be so that often their eies gush out with riuers of teares, because men keepe not thy lawes.

By reason hereof I see that I am far from the sighes and teares of thy people. I see my ignorance of thy wil if thou hadst not opened the same by thine owne mouth.Our ign [...]rance. I see my igno­rance, how acceptable a seruice obe­dience to thy wil is, and therefore do est thou place this petition amonge the first and continuall desires of thy children.

Againe, I see my pouertie in god­lie obedience,Our ne­cessitie. which had neede to be taught to praie for it, therby to signi­fie vnto me my want & vnability to attaine it but by thy gift.

Thirdlye,Our diso [...]bedienc I see my disobedience for else neuer wouldest thou haue [Page 104] commanded me to haue praier for the doing of thy holy wit, if I seeing my want,Gods goodnes would haue prayed so.

Last of all, I see thy goodnesse, which wilt giue to me, and others, to obey thy will, that is, to loue thee with al our harts, to loue our neigh­bor as our selues, to dy to our selues, to liue to thee, to take by our crosse, and to followe thee, to beleeue, to re­pent, &c. for els thou wouldest neuer haue bidden vs to pray for a thinge which we should not looke for.

So that I haue great cause to la­ment and reioyce. To lament because of my miserable estate and condition, because of my sinne, ignorance, pouer­tie, and peruersitie: and because thy will is euery wher either not known or contemned, and Sathans wil, the will of the world and of the flesh, rea­dily obeied.

To reioice I haue great cause, for [Page 105] that thou hast opened thy selfe & will vnto mankind: for that also thou pe­culiarlie hast taught me these things & because thou wilt graunt me grace to doe the same. But alas, how vn­thankfull I am, and how hard hear­ted thou Lord doest know.

Oh be mercifull vnto me, and for­giue me: I beseeche thee, gracious God. Graunt me thy holie spirit, to reueale to mee my ingnorance of thy will, my pouerty & peruersitie, that I may heartilie be watle it, &c. and by the helpe and working of the same spirit, may suppresse the wil of the fleshe. Againe, graunt mee thy holie spirit, to reueale to mee thy wil declared in thy lawe and Gospell, that I may trulie knowe the same, and in­flame so my affections, that I may wil and loue the same in such sorte, that it may be my meat and drinke to doe thy wil.

[Page 106] Heere call to mind the ten comman­dementes of God particularlie or generally, what therein herequireth, and praie for the same particularlie as you see your neede, and that not onelie for your selfe, but also for others.

Praie for patience to suffer what crosse soeuer God shall lay vpon, and pray for them that be vnder the crosse, that they may be patient: praie for spi­rituall wisedome in euery crosse pecu­liar or publike, that you maye see and loue Gods will.

Giue vs this day our daily bread.

BY Bread the foode of the body,Bread. are vnderstode all thinges necessarie for this corporall life, as meate, drinke, health, s [...]ccesse in our vocati­on: &c.Giue.

By this worde Giue, wee shoulde vnderstand, that not onely spirtuall thinges, but also corporall benefites [Page 107] are Gods free gifts, a come not for our worthines or trauel taken about the same although our trauels be of tentimes meanes, by the which God doth giue corporall things.Dailie.

By daylie we vnderstand the con­tented mindes of thy children, with that which is sufficient for the pre­sēt time as hauing hope in thee that they shall not want, but daily shall receiue at thy handes plentie and i­nough of all thinges.

By this word Our, Our. are as wel vn­derstood publike benefites, as peace in the common weale, good Magi­strates, good lawes, reasonable wea­ther. &c. also particular benefites, namely children, helth, succes in the workes of our vocation, &c. And be­sides this, by it wee shoulde see the care, euen for corporal things which thy children haue for others, as wel as for themselues.

[Page 108] So that heere I may learne how farre I am from that I shoulde bee, and that I see thy children are come vnto. I see my ignorance also, howe that, as spirituall thinges do come from thee, so doe temporall thinges: and as they come from thee: so are they conserued and kept of thee: and therefore thy children are thankefull and look for them as thy meer gifts, notwithstanding the meanes which they vse if they haue them: howbeit they vse them but as meanes, for ex­cept thou worke therewith,Psal. 127 all is in vaine.

Againe, heere I am taught to bee content with that which is sufficient for the present time, as thy children bee, which haue the shortnesse of this life alwayes before their eyes: and therfore they aske but for dailie su­stenance, knowing this life to be com­pared to a day, pea a watch, a sound▪ [Page 109] a shadow, &c.

Moreouer, I may learn to see the compassion and brotherly care which thy children haue one for another, Last of all, heere I may see thy good­nesse, which as thou wilt giue me all things necessarie for this life (or els thou wouldest not bid me aske, &c.) so thou commandest all men to pray and care for mee, and that bodily, much more then, if they be able, they are commanded to help mee both in body and soule.

By reason wherof I haue greate cause to lament and reioyce. To la­ment, because I am not so affected as thy children be, because of my ig­norance, my ingratitude, my peruer­sitie and contempt of all goodnes, and of the necessitie of thy people, which (alas) be in great miserie, some in ex­ [...]e, some in prison, som in pouertie, [...]cknesse. &c.

[Page 110] To reioice I haue great cause, because of thy goodnes in teaching mee these things, in commaunding mee to aske whatsoeuer I want, in giuing me so many thinges vnasked in keeping the benefites giuen me, in commaunding men to care for me, to pray for me, to helpe me, &c.

But alas, how far I am either frō true lamenting or reioycing, Lorde thou knowest. Oh be merciful vnto mee, and helpe mee, forgiue mee, and grant me thy holie spirite to reueale to mee my neede, ignorance, great in gratitude and contempt of thy mer­cies & thy people, & that in such sort, that I might hartely lament and be wail my misery, & through thy good­nesse bee altered with thy people, to mourne for the miseries of thy chil­dren, as for mine owne,

Againe, reueale to mee thy good­nesse, deare father, euen in corporall [Page 111] thinges, that I may see thy mercye, thy presence, power, wisedome, and righteousnesse in euery creature and corporall benefite, and that in such sort, that I may be throughly affec­ted truely to reuerence, feare, loue, and obey thee, to hang vpon thee, to bee thankfull to thee, in all my neede to come vnto thee, not onelye when I haue ordinarie meanes, by the which thou commonly woorkest but also when I haue none, yea, when all meanes & helps are cleane against me.

Heere remember the state of your children and family: also your parents, neighbors, kinsfolks: also your friends, countrie, magistrates, &c. as you shall haue time thereto, and by Gods good spirite shall be prouoked.

Forgiue vs our debts, as we forgiue them that are debtors vnto vs.

[Page 112] BY Our debts wee vnderstand, not onely the things wee haue done, but the omission and leaueing vn­done of the good thinges we ought to doe.Debts.

By Our we vnderstand not onely the particular sinnes of one,Our but also generally the sinnes of all, and euery one of the church.

By Forgiuenesse wee vnderstand,Forgiue­nesse. free pardon & remission of sinnes, by the merites and desertes of thy deare sonne Iesus Christ, who gaue him­selfe a raunsome for vs.

By Our Forgiuing of other mens offences to vs ward,Our for­giuing. weé vnderstand thy good will, not onely that it plea­seth thee that we shoulde liue in lou [...] and amitie, but also that thou woul­dest haue vs to be certaine of thy pa [...]doning vs of our sinnes. For as cer­tain as we are, that we pardon the [...] that offend vs, so certaine should w [...] [Page 113] be that thou doest pardon vs: where­of the forgiuing our trespasses is (as it were) a sacrament vnto vs.

So that by this petition I am taught to see that thy children, al­though by imputation they bee pure from sinne, yet they acknowledge sin to be and remayne in them, and ther­fore doe they pray for the remission and forgiuenesse of the same.

Againe, I am taught heereby to see how thy children do consider and take to heart: not onely the euils they doe, but also the good they leaue vn­doone: and therefore they pray thee heartily for pardon.

Moreouer, I am heere taught is for that thy children are careful for o­ther men, and for their trespasses, and therfore pray that they might be par­doned in saying: Our sinnes, and not my sinnes.

Besides this, I am taught heere [Page 114] to see how thy children not onlie forgiue all those that offende them, but also pray for the pardoning of the offences of their enimies, and such as offend them: So farre are they from maliciousnesse pride, reuenge­ment, &c.

Last of al, I am taught to see how mercifull thou art, which will haue vs to aske pardon (wherof thou woldest that we should in no point doubt but be most assured, that for Christs sake thou hearest vs) and that not only for our selues, but also for many o­thers: for thou doest not commaunde vs to aske for any thing which thou wilt not giue vs.

By reason whereof I haue greate cause to lament and reioyce. To la­ment, because of my miserable estate, which am so farre from these affecti­ons that are in thy children: which am so ignorant and carelesse of sinne, [Page 115] not onely in leauing good vndone, but also in doing euil, and that daily, in thought, word and deede▪ &c. I speak not of my carelesnes for other folkes sinnes, as of my parents, children, family, magistrates, &c., neither of the sinnes of them to whom I haue gi­uen occasion of sinne.

To reioyce I haue greate cause, because of thy mercie in opening to mee these things, in commaunding me to pray for pardon, in promising mee pardon, and commanding others to pray for mee. And surely I ought to be perswaded of thy mercie, though my sinnes be innumerable: for I see not only in this, but in euery petiti­on, how that euery one of the Church praieth for mee, yea Christ thy sonne, who sitteth on th right hand, praieth for me &c.

Oh dearey father, be merciful vnto me, and forgiue me all my sinnes, and [Page 116] of thy goodnesse giue mee thy holie spirite to open mine eies, that I may see sinne, the better to knowe it, the more truelie to hate it, and most earnestlie to striue against it, and that effectually, both in my selfe and others.

Againe, graunte mee the same thy holy spirite, to reueale vnto mee the remedy of sinne. By Christ onlie, and to worke in mee faith to imbrace the [...]ame by Christe, and thy mercies in him, that I may henceforth be indu­ed with thy holy spirite, to beginne to obey thy good will more and more, and to increase in the same for euer.

Heere call to minde the special sins you haue committed heeretofore. Re­member, if you haue occasioned anie to sinne, to praie for them by name. Remember that Gods lawe shoulde bee so deare vnto vs, that the breaking thereof in others, shoulde be [Page 117] an occasion to make vs to lament with teares, &c.

Leade vs not into temptation.

BEcause of our continuall & great infirmities: because of the greate diligence and subtilties of our ene­mies: and because thou art wont to punish sinne with sinne (which of all punishmentes is the greatest and most to bee feared) in this petition thou wouldest haue thy children to haue the same in remembrance, and for a remedie heereof thou hast ap­poynted praier, so that the only cause why anie are ouercome and led into temptation, to see that they forget what they desire in the petition go­ing before this, which should neuer be out of their memorie, to prouoke them to bee more thankefull to thee, and more vigilant and heedy heere­after for falling into the like perils.

[Page 118] For which to be auoyded, thou dost most gratiously set forth a remedy, in commaunding vs to pray ofter par­don for our sinnes past, and for thy grace to guide vs so that wee be not lid into temptation, but might be de­liuered from euil. And because thou wouldest haue all thy children to hang wholy vpon thee, to feare thee only, and ouly to loue thee, noht dost not teach thē to pray. Suffer vs not to be led, but lead vs not into temp­tation, that (I say) they might only feare thee, and certainly know that Sathan hath no power ouerso much as a pigge, but whatsoeuer thou gi­uest vnto him, and of thy secrete, but most iust iudgment doest appointe him to vse, not as hee will (for then wee were all lost) but as thou wilt, which canst will nothing, but that which is most iust: as to giue them to the guiding of sathan, which will [Page 119] not be guided by thy grace, as then diddest Saul, &c.

Occasions to euil are in two sorts:Occaōsis to euil in two sorts One by prosperitie and suc­cesse: an other by aduersitie and the crosse, &c. The euils coming of suc­cesse, commonly are vnthankfulnes, pride, securitie, and forgetting of our selues, forgetting of others, forget­fulnesse of God, of our mortalitie, &c. The euls comming of aduersitie, commonly are impatiencie, murmu­ring, grudging,VVhat tentations are to the go [...]ly, & what they are to the wicked. dispairing, contem­ning of God, flattering of men, stea­ling, lying, with many other euils, whereto tentations will intice a man that is left to himselfe: where­as to one that is guided with Gods spirit, temptations are but trials to the glorie of GOD: comfort of the tempted, and edyf [...]ing of thy Church. But (as I saide) if a man bee left alone, tentations entice euen to [Page 120] the diuel himselfe: and therefore thy children praye to bee deliuered from euill, vnderstanding thereby Sathan himselfe, the sower of and supporter of all euill. And this thy children do as well for others, as for themselues. So that I may learne heereby many good thinges: First to remember often our infirmitie and weakenesse, & the daungerous estate wee stand in, in respect of our fleshe, of the worlde which is full of euil, of Sathan which seeketh to sift vs, and as a roaring Lion to destroy vs, and of our sinnes which deserue al kinde of punishments and correction, that I might with thy children feare thee, watch, pray, and desire the daye of redemption and deliueraunce from all euils.

Againe, I may learne heere, that to auoide all daungers and euils, is not in the power of man, but onelie [Page 121] thy worke. By reason whereof, I shoulde consider thy great goodnesse, which hitherto hast kept me from so many euils both of soule and bodie, yea of name, goods, &c. as thou hast doone in my infancie, childhood, youth middle age, &c.

Thirdly, I may learne heere that I should bee careful for others, both that they might bee deliuered from their euils, and that they might bee preserued from temptation, and from being ouercome in the same, and th [...]r­fore thou teachest me not to pray, De­liuer me from euil simplie, but, Deli­uer vs from euiil.

Last of all, I am taught thereby to see thy goodnes towards me, which will deliuer mee from euill, and from being ouercome in tentations: for thou wouldest not haue mee aske for that which I should not certain­ly looke for at thy handes. By reason [Page 122] whereof thou wouldest haue mee to bee in a certainety of my saluation for euer. For else I cannot beleeue my prayer to bee heard, if that finally I shoulde not bee deliuered from euill: and therefore thou ioynest hereto a giuing of thanks, which with thy Church I should say: For thine is the kingdome, thine is the power, thine is the glorie, for euer.

By reason whereof I haue great cause to lament and to reioyce, To lament, because of my corruption, in­firmitie, weakenesse obliu [...] on, and carelesnesse for thy people, ingrati­tude &c. because of Sathans power vigilancie and prudencie, which hat [...] ouercome most graue, wise, and hol [...] men, whereof some neuer recouerc [...] as Cain, Cam, Achitophel, Saul, Iuda [...] To reioyce, because of thy goodnesse, which teacheth me this, a [...] shewest mee the remedie, commaun­dest [Page 123] all thy church to pray for mee, and wilt at length deliuer mee from all euill, and giue me glorie. But a­las, I am altogether carelesse and miserable. Oh be merciful vnto mee deare father, and for Christs sake for giue me all my sinnes: grant me thy holy spirit to reueale to me mine in­firmities, weakenes, perils, dangers, c. in such sort, that as I may hear­tily lament my miseries, so I may aske and obtaine thy grace to guide me from all euill for euermore.

Againe, grant mee the same thy holy spirite to reueale to me thy loue and kindnesse towards me (and that in eternitie, in such sort, that I may be throughly perswaded of the same, become thankeful vnto the, a dailie expect and look for the reuelation of thy kingdom, power, and glorie, as one that for euer shall haue the fru­ition of the same, through thine own [Page 124] goodnes and mercie in Christ, pre­pared for mee before the beginnings foundation of the world was laide.

Heere call to minde our securitie, sa­thans vigilancie: our negligence, his diligence: our infirmitie, his abilitie: our ignorance, his craft and subtiltie &c.

Againe, call to minde, howe that he hath ouerthrowne for a time, many of the deare saintes of God, to whom we are to be compared in nothing, as Adá Eue, Lot, Iudas, Thamar, Moses, Aaron, Myrian, Samson, Gedeon, Ely, Dauid, Solomon, Ezechias, Iosias, Peter, Tho­mas and innumerable moe.

Also call to minde the goodnesse of God, and of our sheepehearde Christ, which hath kept vs hitherto, keepeth vs still, and teacheth vs heere to know that hee will keepe vs for euer: for hee woulde not haue vs aske for deliue­rance from euil, if that hee would not [Page 125] wee shoulde certainely looke for the same. If thou doubt of small perseue­rance, thou dishonourest God. Bee certaine therefore, rest in hope, bee still in his worde. See also how he hath commmaunded his whole church, and euery member thereof, to pray for thee all well as for themselues, in these and all other thinges.

Nowe and then goe about to recken how many and diuerse kindes of euils there bee, and thereby as you may know you are deliuered from none but by Gods greate goodnesse: so may you see that the number of euils, that you haue, are nothing to bee compared to the multitude of euils, wherewith if your Christ were not, the diuel would all to beray you, infect and corrupt you.

But what are all the miseries and e­uils that can bee, to be compared to [...]he least ioy prepared for vs in heauen? Oh thinke of those ioyes, and pray [Page 126] that when the tide of death commeth we may hale forth of the haueh of this flesh, and this world ioyfully.

In praying this petition, call to minde the euils you haue beene in, the euil, you are in, and the euils you may fall into, if God shoulde not preserue you, that you might be stirred vp the more to thankefulnesse, to prayer, to trust in God.

For thine is the kingdom, thine is the power, thine is the glory, for euer.

AS in the beginning of this pray­er by these wordes (Our father which art in heauen) thy children an excited & stirred vp to a ful confidens of obtaining the petitions following & all things necessarie: so in the latter end thou hast added for the same p [...]pose these wordes (For thine is the kingdom, thineis, &c.) Wherin I [...] [Page 127] taught these many things, First that i [...] prayer I should haue such conside­ration of thy kyngdom, power, glo­rie, & eternitie, that my minde should be striken with an admiration of the same, Secondly, that I should so consider thē, especially in prayer that I should not doubt, but that thou workest, rulest & gouernest all things euery where, in all persons and crea­tures, most wisely, iustly, and merci­fully. Thirdly, that in praier al my petitions should tend to the setting footh of the power, of thy kingdom, and of thy glorie.

Last of all that in prayer I should in no wise doubt of being heard, but be assured that thou, which hast com­maunded me to pray, and hast promi­sed to heare mee, doest most gratious­ [...]e for thy mercies sake, and truthes sake, heare my petitions, according to thy good wil through Iesus Christ [Page 128] thy deare sonne our Lords and only Sauiour.

By reason whereof I haue greate cause to lament and reioyce. To la­ment, because I consider not these thinges in prayer, in such sorte as should moue mee to admiration, and gratitude: because I consider not thy power and wisedome generally in all things: because I am so carelesse for thy kingdome, and because I am so full of dubitation and doubting of thy goodnesse. To reioyce I haue great cause: because thou reuealest these things vnto me on this sorte: because of thy power, kingdome and glorie, which maketh to the hearing of my prayers, and helping of mee, because thou wilt vse me as thine in­strument to set forth thy kingdome, power, and glorie: and because i [...] pleaseth thee to heare my prayer and assuredly wilt saue mee for euer.

[Page 129] But alas howe farre am I from these lamentings and reioycinges? By reason whereof I deserue dam­nation. O bee mercifull vnto mee, and forgiue me, and of thy goodnesse grant me thy holy spirite, to reueale to mee my blindnes, obliuion, & con­tempt of thy kingdome, power, and glore, with the greatnes of my doub­tings, that as I may heartily, lamēt them, so haue them pardoned & ta­ken from mee, through the merites of Iesus Christ thy sonne.

Againe, giue me thy holy spirit to reueale to me in such sort, thy king­dome, power, glorie, & eternitie, that I may alwaies haue the same before mine eies, be moued with the admi­ration thereof labour effectually to set forth the same, & finally, as to haue the fruition thereof after this life so to increase in an assured, cer­taine, and liuelie expectation of the [Page 130] same, that I may alwaies and in all thinges reioyce in thee, through Christ, and giue laudes, thanks, and praises perpetually, vnto thy most holie name: Oh blessed Father, Sonne, and holie Ghost, three per­sons and one God, to whome bee all honour and glorie, world without ende.

H [...]ere thinke that if the kingdome, power, glorie, and eternitie bee Gods, which is our Father, what our dignity is, which be his children. If the power bee our fathers, of whome should wee bee afraide? Let the diuell bee subiect to the Lordes power and kingdom (as he is) how can the subiect haue power ouer vs which be sonnes and heirs, in that he hath not power ouer po [...]kets, without the proudence and permissiō of God. Therefore ful well should wee pray, [...] [Page 431] power is the Lords, and the Diuel hath none, but that he hath of Gods gift. No he were not able to receiue power, if God did not make him able, although the execution of it, is rather of Gods permission.

Giue al thanks, praise, and glo­rie, to God our Father through Christ our Lord and Sauiour, So be it.

Iohn Bradford.

PRIVATE PRAIERS for the Morning and Euening, and for other times of the day.

When you awake out of your sleepe pray thus.

MOst mercifull God and Father of our Sauiour Iesus Christ, I most humbly thanke thee for the sweete sleepe and comfortable rest which thou hast giuen mee this night past: beseeching thee, that like as thou hast nowe awaked my bodie from sleepe, so thou wouldest awake my soule from the sleepe of sinne and darkenesse of this worlde: and that which thou hast new awa­ked out of sleepe, thou wouldest after death (whereof this sleepe is but an image) restore and rayle againe to life euerlasting. O gratious God, [Page 133] make my body, I heartilie pray thee, such a cōpanion, or rather a minister of godlinesse to my soule, this day, & all the time of this presēt life, that in the life to come it may be partaker with the same of euerlasting happi­nes, through Christ Iesus our Lord.

Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, & Christ shal shew light vnto thee. Ephes. 5.

Occasions to med [...]tate.

Here call to minde the great mirth & blessednesse of the euerlasting resur­rection. Also remember to muse vpon that most cleare light, that bright mor­ning and new clearenesse of our bodies after the lōg darknes which they haue bin in. All then shall be ful of vnspeak­able ioy and felicitie.

When you beholde the dai­light, pray.

[Page 134] O Lorde God, thou most glorious and true light, from whence this light of the day & sunne doth spring and shine vnto vs: O light which lightenest euery man that commeth into this world: O light which kno­west no night nor euening, but art al way a midday most cleare and faire: without whom all is most horrible darkenesse, and by whome al thinges are most cleare and bright: O thou wisedome of the eternall father of mercies: lighten my minde, that I may see those thinges onely which pleasethee, and may be blinded to all other thinges, Grant me so to walk in thy wa [...]s by the light of thy holie word, that nothing else may bee light and pleasant vnto me.

Lighten mine eies, Oh Lord, that I sleepe not in death, least mine ene­mies say, I haue preuailed against him Psal. 30.

Occasions to meditate.

Muse a while, howe much the light and eie of the mind and soule is better than of the bodie. Also howe much more we ought to care for the soule, that it may see well, than of the bodie. Moreouer, that beasts haue bodily eies as wel as men, but men onely haue eies of the mind, and that such as are godly wise.

When you arise, pray.

OVR first parentes cast downe themselues from a most excel­lent, high, and honorable state, into shame & miserie, and into the deepe sea of all wickednesse and mischiefe but oh Christ, thou putting forth thy hande, didst raise them vp againe. Euen so wee except we be raised vp by thee, shal ly still for euer. O good Christ, our most gracious Redee­mer, as thou doest mercifully raise [Page 136] vp now this my bodie, euen so I be­seech thee, raise vp my minde & heart to the true knowledge & loue of thee, that my conuersation may be in hea­uen where thou art.

If thou be risen with Christ, thinke vpon those things that be aboue. Col. 3

Occasions to meditate.

Thinke howe foule the fall of Adam was by reason of sinne: and so euerie one of vs frō the hight of Gods grace. Againe, thinke vpon the inestimable benefite of Christ, by whose helpe wee daily rise againe from our fallings.

When you apparrell your selfe, pray.

O Christ cloath mee with thine owne selfe, that I may be so far from making prouision for the flesh to fulfill the Iustes thereof, that I may [Page 137] cleane put off all desires, and crucifie the kingdome of the flesh in mee. Be thou vnto me a garment to keepe me warme, and to defend me from the cold of this world. If thou be absent (deare Lorde) all thinges are colde, weake, and dead: but if thou be with me, all thinges are warme, fresh, and cheerefull, &c. Graunt therefore, that as I cōpasse this my body with this garment: so thou wouldest cloath me wholy (but specially my soule) with thine owne selfe.

Put vpon you as the elect of God, bowels of mercie, meekenesse, loue, peace, &c. Col. 3.

Occasions to meditate.

Call to minde a little howe we are incorporate into Christ. Againe, howe he doth cloath vs, gouerne and nourish vs, and vnder his winges, protection & prouidence, preserueth vs.

When you are made readie, to be­gin the day withall, pray:

O Almighty God and most mer­cifull father, thou knowest and hast taught vs also something to knowe, that the weakenesse of man and woman is great, and that with out thy grace they can neither do nor think any good thing. Haue mercy v­pō me. I hūbly beseech thee, thy most weake, fraile, and vnworthy Childe. Lighten my mind, that I may with pleasure looke vpon good things onely Inflame my hart with the ther­of, that I may carefully court them, and at the last by thy gratious con­ducting may happily attaine them, through Iesus Christ our Lorde. I distrusting altogether mine owke weakenes, commend a offer my selfe both soule and body into thy hands.

[Page 139] Thy louing spirit lead me forth into the land of righteousnesse.

Cogitations meete to begin the daie withall,

Thinke first that man consisteth of soule & body, & that the soule is from heauen heauenly, firm and immortall, but the body is from the earth earthly, fraile and mortall.

Againe, thinke that though by rea­son of sinne wherein you are concey­ued and borne, the partes of the soule which do vnderstande and desire, bee so corrupt, that without speciall grace to both partes you can neither know nor loue anie good thing in Gods sight, much lesse then doe that is good: yet this notwithstanding, thinke that you are regenerate by CHRISTES resurrection, (which your Baptisme requireth you to be­leeue) and therefore haue both those [Page 140] partes some thing reformed, both to knowe, and to loue, and therefore, to doe also some good in the sight of God through Christ, for whose sake our poore doings are accepted for good, the euil and infirmitie cleauing there­vnto, not beeing imputed through faith.

Thinke that by faith, which is Gods seede (for they which beleefe we are borne of GOD, and made Gods chil­dren) giuen to those that bee ordayned to eternall life: thinke (I say) that by faith you receiue more and more the spirite of sanctification, through the vse of Gods worde and sacramentes, and earnest prayer, to illuminate your mindes, vnderstanding, iudgement and reason, and to bowe, forme, frame, and inflame your affections with loue and power to doe that which is good, & therefore vse you the meanes aforesaid accordinglie.

[Page 101] Thinke that by this spirite, you are through fayth coupled to Christ, as a liuelie member, and so to God, and (as it were) made one with him: and by loue, which springeth out of this faith, you are made one also with al that be of God, and so you haue fellowshippe with GOD and all good men that e­uer were or shall be, in al the good that God and all his saintes haue or shall haue.

Thinke that as by faith, and loue through the spirite of GOD you are now entred into his communion (the blessednesse wherof no tongue can ex­presse) so after this life, you shall first in soule, and in the last day in body al­so enioy for euer the same society most perfectly, which nowe is but begunne in you.

Thinke then of your negligence, that doe so little care for this your happie estate.

[Page 142] Thinke vpon your ingratitude to God, for making you, redeeming you, calling you, and solouingly adopting you.

Thinke vpon your folly in fantasing so much earthly and bodily pleasures.

Thinke vpon your dea [...]nee & blindnes, which heare not God nor see him he calling you so diligently by his works word, and sacraments.

Thinke vpon your frowardnes which will not be lead of God, and his spirit.

Thinke vpon your forgetfulnesse and in consideration of your heauenly e­state, how your bodie is the temple of the holy Ghost, your members are the members of Christ, the whole world, and all things there in are your owne. Therefore say vnto your soule, O my soule, arise, follow God contemne this world, purpose well and pursue it long for the [...]ords comming, be readie and [...] [Page 143] And forsomuch as you must liue to Gods pleasure, see the vocation and state of your life wherevnto God hath called you, and pray to God for grace, knowledge & abilitie, to take the most profitable things in hand, wel to begin, better to go on, and best of all to ende the same, to Gods glorie, & to the pro­fite of your brethren, and thinke that time lost wherein you speake not, or do not, or at the least thinke not somthing to Gods glorie, and the commoditie of your brethren.

When you go forth of the doores, pray.

NOw must I walke among the snares of death, stretched out of Sathan and of his mischieuous mi­nisters in the worlde carrying with mee a friende to them both, & a foe to myselfe, euen this bodie of sinne [Page 144] and sinnefull flesh. Oh graund cap­taine Christ, leade me and guide me, I beseech thee. Defend mee from the plagues and subtilties, wherof I am in daunger. Graunt that I may take al things that happen, as I shoulde doe, and setting mine eyes vpon thee onely, I may so goe on foreward in thy waies, as by nothing I be hinde red, but rather furthered, so that all my doings may tend to thy glorie.

Shewe mee thy waies (O Lorde) and teach me thy paths. Psal. 25.

Occasions to meditate.

I Consider, howe vainelie the moste part of men are occupied: howe many waies they trouble and cumber them­selues, thereby much alienating their mindes from the knowledge and co­gitation of that which they shoulde most esteeme, and so become a let and an offence to others. As in going [Page 145] abroad you will see that your apparell bee seemely in the sight of men:Iohn 6 Iohn. 4 so see how seemely you appeare in the sight of God.

When you are going any iourney, praie.

THis our life is a pilgrimage, From the Lord we came, and to the Lorde wee make our iourney: howbeit through daungerous and perillous waies, which our cruel the enemies h [...]ue and do prepare for vs, be­ing nowe more then star [...] blinde by reason of sinne. O Christ, which ar [...] a most true loades man and guide, and also most expert, faithfull and friendly, put thou ou [...] thine hand, o­pen mine eies: make thy high waie knowen vnto mee▪ which thou did­dest first enter into, out of this cor­ruptible life, and hast prepared the same for vs to immortalitie. Th [...] [Page 147] art the way, leade vs vnto the father by thy selfe, that all wee may bee one with him, as thou and hee together be one.

Shewe mee the way that I shoulde walk in, for I lift vp my soule vnto thee Psal. 124.

Or praie thus.

MErcifull father, thou art wont to send to thy seruants and men of simple heartes) thine Angels to be their keepers & (as it were) guids, as elder brother to watch vpon thy weake children: So diddest thou to yong Tobias, to Iacob, to Abrahams seruant, to Iosua, &c. O gratious GOD, though wee bee much vn­like vntothem (so many are our sins) yet for thine owne goodnesse sake, sende thine holy angels to pitche their tentes about vs, to hide vs & defend [...] from Sathan & his slaues [Page 148] to carie vs in their handes, that wee come not into further danger that thou wilt delmer vs out of, for thine owne sake.

His angels are ministers for them that are heirs of saluation. Heb. 1.

Sathan sleepeth not but seeketh al waies to destroy vs. 1. pet. 5.

Occasions to meditate.

Thinke some thing howe wee are straungers from our countrie, from our home, from our originall, I meane from God▪ againe, thinke vpon our madnesse, that doe linger and loyter so gladly in this our iourney and pil­grimage, also how foolish wee are to fantasie thinges which we cannot car­rie with vs, and to condemne consci­ence, which will alwaies be a companien to vs, to our ioy, if it bee good but to our shame and sorrowe, if it be euill and corrupt. Finally howe vnnatu­turall [Page 148] we are, which so litle desire to be at our home, to be with our only fa­ther, master, fellowes, and friends.

When you are about to receiue your meat, praie thus.

THis is a wonderfull mystery of thy worke (O maker and gouer­nour of the world) that thou doest sustaine the liues of men and beastes with these meates. Surely this po­wer is neither in the bread nor foode, but in thy will and worde, by which worde all things do liue & haue their being. Againe, howe great a thing is it that thou art able continually to giue sustenance to so many creatures This is spoken of by the Prophet in setting forth thy praises: All thinges looke vp to thee, Psal. 45 and thou giuest them meate in due season: thou openest thy hand, and fillest with thy blessing eue­rie liuing thing.

[Page 149] These doubtlesse are wonderfull workes of thine almightinesse. I therefore heartily pray thee (O most liberal Lord and faithful father) that as thou by meate, through thy word dost minister life to these our bodies, euen so by the same word, with thy grace thou wouldest quicken our soules, that both in soule and bodie we may please thee, til this our mor­tall carcasse shal put on immortality, and we shall neede no more any fur­ther foode but thee onely, which then will be all in all.

Taste and see howe good the Lorde is Psal. 14.

Blesse the Lorde (O my soule) which feedeth & filleth my mouth with good things. Psal. 103.

Occasions to meditate.

Think a little how great Gods po­wer is that made vs. Also thinke howe [Page 150] greate his wisedome is to preserue vs. But most of all, thinke howe manie things are giuen to our vse, how won [...]derfull it is to giue vs life, but most of all to propagate and aduance to im­mortalitie the life of the soule by his onely beeke. Last of all thinke that God by his prouidence for thy body, would haue thee to confirme thy faith of his prouidence likewise for thy soule.

In the meane time pray.

O Most liberall distributer of thy gifts which giuest vs all kinde of good thinges to vse, and being pure, giuest pure thinges, being holy giuest holy thinges: graunt to vs grace, that wee misuse not these thy gratious giftes giuen to our vse and profite. Let vs not delight in the thinges, but let vs delight in thee from whome they come, as necessary [Page 151] for vs for a season, till we come vnto thee. Graunt vs to be conuersant a­mongest the giftes, soberly, purelie, temperately, and holily, because th [...] art so. Then shall we not turne that to the poyson of our soules, which thou hast giuen for the medicine of our bodies: but vsing thy benefites thankefully, we shall finde them pro­fitable, both in soule and bodie.

Occasions to meditate.

Thinke that the meates and drinks set before you, are giuen to you to vse & not to abuse. Thinke that they are giuen to profite and not to hurte you. Thinke that they are not giuen to you alone but vnto others also by you. In eating and drinking thinke that you doe but feede the wormes. Remember the poore prisoners, the sicke, the affli­cted, &c. as though you were in their case.

[Page 152] Thinke vpon the food of your soule, Christs bodie broken, and bloudshed, desire the meat that lasteth for euer: labour for it, Christes meate was to do his fathers will.

After your meate, praie.

BY corporall meates thou doest sustaine our corporall daily life, readie otherwise to perish. The which surely is a great worke: but yet this is much greater, more profi­table aud more holie, that thy grace (O Iesu Christ) dooth preserue vs from the death of the soule. For this life wee ought much to thanke thee: and because thou dorst prolonge it with thy good giftes we most hear­tilie praise thee. How be it this life is but the way to eternall life, which wee beseech thee for thy deathes sake that thou wilt giue vs, and so shall we not onely giue thee (as wee may) [Page 153] thankes for a time, for temporall things: but also eternall thanks for eternall things. O grant to vs these our desires, for thy mercies sake Amen.

Occasions to meditate.

Thinke nowe that God hath giuen thee this his blessing of foode and su­stenance and thereto time, that thou mightest, as repent, so seeke his glory, and the commoditie of thy brethren: therefore goe there abouts: but first pray for grace well to beginne. Againe, consider how thou hast beene partaker of other mens labours, as of the Hus­bandmans, the Milners, the Bakers, the Bruers, the Butchers, the Cookes, &c. See therefore that thou bee not as a drone Bee, but rather such a one as may helpe the hiue. If God haue thus fed thy body which he loueth not, but for thy soules sake: howe can it bee [Page 154] then, but that hee will bee much more ready to feed the soule: Therfore take a courage to thee, and goe to him for grace accordingly.

Cogitations for about the midday.

As thy bodie is nowe compassed on euery side with light, so see that thy mind may be also. As God giueth thee thus plentifullie this corporall lighte, so pray him that hee will giue thee the spirituall life. Thinke that as the Sunne is nowe most cleare, so shal our bodies be in the day of Iudgement. As now the Sunne is come to the highest, and therefore will beginne to drawe downeward: so is there nothing in the worlde so perfect and glorious, which when it is at the full, will not decrease and so weare away.

When you come home againe, pray.

THere is nothing (O Lord) more like to thy holy nature, than a quiet minde. Thou hast called vs out of the troublesome disquietnesse of the world, into that thy quiet rest and peace, which the world can not giue being such a peace as passeth all mens vnderstanding. Houses are or­dained for vs, that thereby we might be defended from the iniury of the weather, from crueltie of beasts, frō disquietnesse of people and rest from t [...]yles of the worlde. O gracious father, grant that through thy great mercie my body may enter into this house, from outward actions, but so that it may become [...]uxome and obe­dient to the soule, and make no re­sistaunce against the same, that in soule and body I may haue a godlie [Page 156] quietnesse and peace to prayse thy holy name, Amen.

Peace bee to this house, and to all that dwell in the same, Math. 10.

Occasions to meditate.

Thinke what a returne and howe merrie a returne it will bee to come to our eternall, most quiet, and most happie home, then will all griefe and sorrow cease. Whatsoeuer here is plea­sant and ioyfull, the same is nothing but a verie shadowe in comparison of that which is to come.

At the Sunne going downe praie.

HOwe vnhappie are they, (O Lorde) from whome thy Sunne goeth downe & giueth no light, I meane thy grace which is alwaies [...]eare as the midday? Darke night vnto them is the midday, which [...] [Page 157] part frō thee. In thee is neuer night but alwaies day light most cleare. This corporall sunne hath his cour­ses nowe vp, nowe downe: but thou deare Lorde, if wee loue thee, art al­waies one. O that this blacke and vaile of sin were taken away from mee, that there might bee alwaies cleare daie in my mind.

Occasions to meditate.

Thinke that as wee are not sorie, when the Sunne goeth downe, because we knowe it shall rise againe: euen so we should not sorrow for death,This is meant of the bloudie time of Qu. Marie where through the soule and body doe parte a sunder: for they shal eftsoones re­turne and come together againe in most glorious wise. So long as the Sunne is [...]p, wilde beastes keepe their [...], Foxes their burrowes, Owles their holes, &c. But when the Sunne is downe, then come they abroad: so [Page 158] wicked men and hypocrites keep their dennes in the time of the Gospell, but it being taken awaie, then swarme they out of their holes like Bees, as this day doth [...]each.

When the candles be light pray.

MOst thicke and darke cloudes do couer our mindes, except thy light (O Lorde) doe driue them a­way. Thy sunne (O most wise worker) is as it were a firebrand to this worlde. Thy kingdome whereby light commeth both to the soule and bodie, is a firebrande to the spirituall worlde. After day when the night commeth, thou hast giuen for the re­medie of darkenesse a candle. After sinne, for the remedie of ignorance, thou hast giuen thy doctrine, which thy deare sonne hath brought vnto vs, O thou that art the author and [Page 159] master of all trueth & the true light make vs to see, that the dimnesse of our mindes may be driuen cleane a­way.

Lift thou vp the light of thy counte­naunce vpō vs, and send vs ioie & gladnes into our heartes. Psal. 4.

Thy worde is a lanterne to my feete: and a light vnto my paths. Psal. 1 [...]9.

Occasions to meditate.

Thinke that the knowledge which God giueth vnto vs by the candle light (whereby wee see those things in this night of our bodies which are expedi­ent for vs) shoulde make vs to wish much more for this doctrine of God & spirituall light of our soules, & when wee get it, the more to esteeme it, and diligently to embrace it. Againe, that as all woulde bee horrour without can­dle light, so there is nothing but meere confusion, where Gods worde taketh no place.

When you make your selfe vnreadie, pray.

THis our life and weake-knit bo­die by occasion of sin, by little & little shall be dissolued, and so shal be restored to the earth from whence it was taken: then will be an end of this vanitie, which by our folly wee haue wrought to our selues. O most meek father, so do thou vnite me (for thou art he that hath knit these our weak members together) that I may perceiue my selfe to be loosed and dis­solued, and so may remember both of whome I was made, & also whither I must goe, least I be had vnproui­ded vnto thy tribunall seat.

Put off the olde man with his lustes and concupiscences, Col. 3. Ephes. 4.

Be content with Ioseph to put off thy prison apparrell, that thou maiest put on newe, Gen. 4. 1.

Occasions to meditate.

Thinke that wee doe willinglie put off our garments, because wee shall re­ceiue them againe when the night is past: so we should willingly forsake our bodies whē God by death shall cal vs, because we shall receiue them againe, in the resurrection of the iust.

When you enter into your bed praie.

THe daie nowe ended, men giue themselues to rest in the night, and so this life finished, we shall rest in death. Nothing is more like this life than euery day: nothing more like to our graue, then our▪ dedde. O Lorde our keeper and defender, graunt that I now laing me downe to rest, being vnable to keepe my selfe [Page 162] may be preserued from the craftes & assaultes of the Wicked enemie: and graunt further, that when I haue run the race of this life, thou woul­dest of thy mercie call mee vnto thee, that I may liue [...] watch with thee for euermore. And nowe gracious God giue mee to take my rest in thee: and bring to passe, that thy goodnes may be giuen in sleepe before my eies that sleeping I bee not absent from thee, but may haue my dreames to draw me vnto thee, and so both soule and body may be kept pure and holie for euer.

I will lay mee downe in peace, and take my rest, &c. Psal. 4.

Occasions to meditate.

Thinke that as the troublesome day is nowe past, and night come, and so rest, quietnesse, and pleasant sleepe, which maketh most excellent princes [Page 193] and poore wretches alike: euen so after the tumults, troubles, temptations, and tempests of this life, they that beleeue in Christ, haue prepared for them an hauen and rest most pleasant and ioy­full. As you are not afraid to enter into your bedde and to dispos [...] your selfe to sleepe, so be not afraide to die, but ra­ther cheerefully prepare your selfe thereunto.

Think that now you are neerer your end by one daies iourney, than you were in the morning.

When you feele sleepe to be comming, pray.

O Lord Iesus Christ my watch­man and keeper, take mee into thy protection. Graunt that my bo­die sleeping, my minde may watche in thee, and be made merrie by some sight of that celestiall and heauenlie life, wherein thou art the King and [Page 164] Prince, together with the father and the holy Ghost, where the Angels and holie soules be most happie citi­zens. Oh puri [...]e my soule, keepe cleane my body that in both I may please thee, sleeping and wa­king for euer, Amen.

A GENERALL CON­fession of sinnes, with other praiers for the Morning and Euening, to be v­sed in families and publicke assemblies.

O Most mercifull and louing father whose loue is infinite, whose mercy endureth for e­uer, wee sinfull crea­turs, trusting in thine vnspeakeable goodnesse and loue to­warde vs, doe appeare this morning before thy diuine maiestie, most hum­blie confessing our manifolde sinnes and inn [...]merable transgressions of thy commandements and fatherlie will. Against thee only, against thee (O Lorde) haue we sinned, wee ac­knowledge our offences [...] wee accuse our selues vnto thee (O mercifull Lord) and will not hide our vnrigh­teousnesse. [Page 166] We finde in our selues no­thing, but ignorance of thy wil, diso­bedience, mistrust, doubtfulnesse in thy goodnes, and incredulitie, hatred, and contempt of all spiritual things selfeloue, confidence in our selues, & feruent lusting after carnall thinges of this worlde: and this tree of our corrupt nature, bringeth forth conti­nually in vs none other fruites but rotten and vnsauorie workes of the flesh, in thoughts, words, and doings vnto condemnation.

Wherefore we humbly beseech thy fatherlie goodnesse, euen for thy sonne Iesus christes sake, (whome thou hast set foorth for a purchaser of mer­cie to vs through faith in his bloud) make our heartes cleane, take away our stony hearte, and giue vnto vs a true and liuely faith, working in vs vnfained repentance and amende­ment of our sinfull life. (Haue [Page 167] mercie vpon vs, and forgiue vs our sinnes for thy sonnes sake: certifie our consciences of the remission of the same, by thy holy spirite: by whose operation so mortifie in vs our olde man, the whole body of sin, that we continually dying vnto sinne, maie walke in a newnesse of life, to the glo­ry of thy holy name, through Iesus Christ our Sauiour, Amen.

Another confession of sinnes.

O Eternall God most merciful father, wee confesse and acknow­ledge here before thy deuine maiestie, that we are miserable sinners, con­ceiued and borne in sinne and iniqui­tie, so that in vs there is no good­nesse: for the flesh euermore rebel­leth against the spirite, whereby we continually transgresse thy holy precepts and commaundements, and [Page 168] to purchase to ourselues through thy iust iudgment,Gal. 5. death and damnation. Notwithstanding (O heauenly father) for asmuch as we are displeased with our selues,Rom. 2 for the sinnes we haue committed against thee,Iere. 32. & doe vnfainedly repent vs of the same,Esaie. 20 we most humbly beseech thee for Iesus Christs sake, to shewe thy mercie v­pon vs, to forgiue vs all our sinnes, & to increase thy holy spirit in vs, that wee acknowledging from the bot­tome of our hearts our own unrigh­teousnesse,Col. 3 may from hence foorth not onely mortifie our sinfull lustes and affections,Rom 6. but also bring foorth such fruits as may be agreeable to thy most blessed wil,Ephe. 45 through Iesus Christ our onely Sauiour:1. Pet. 2. whome thou hast alreadie giuen an oblation and an offering for our sinnes, and for whose sake we are certainly perswa­ded that thou wilt denie vs nothing [Page 169] that we shall aske in his name, accor [...]ding to thy will. For thy spirit doth assure our consciences, that thou art our mercifull Father, and so louest vs thy children though him, that no­thing is able to remoue thy heauenly grace and fauour from vs. To thee therefore with the sonne, & the holy Ghost, be all honor and glory, world without end, So be it.

A prayer to be said in the Morning.

O Eternall GOD and heauenly Father, seeing that by thy great mercie we haue quietly passed this night, graunt we beseech thee that we may bestowe this day wholy in thy seruice, so that all our thoughts, wordes and deedes, may redounde to the glorie of thy name, and good ex­ample of our brethren. And as it hath pleased thee to make the Sun [Page 170] to shine vpon the earth, to giue vs bodily light: euen so vouchsafe to il­luminate our vnderstanding with the brightnesse of thy spirit, to direct vs in the way ofrighteousnes, so that what thing so euer wee shall applie our selues vnto, our speciall care and purpose may be to walke in thy feare, and to serue and honor thee, looking for all our wealth and prosperitie, to come from thy onely blessing, & that we may take nothing in hand, which shal not be agreeable to thy most bles­sed will.

Furthermore, that we may in such sort trauail for our bodies, and for this present life, that wee may haue alwaies a further regard: that is, to the heauenly life, which thou hast promised to thy children: and in the in meane seasone, that it way please thee to preserue and defende vs both i [...] body and soule, to strengthen vs [Page 171] against all the temptations of the di­uell, and to deliuer vs from all perils and daungers that may happen vnto vs, if we be not defended by thy god­ly power.

And for as much as to begin wel, and not to continue, is nothing: wee beseech thee to receiue vs not onelie this day, into thy holy protection, but also for the time of our whole life, continuing and increasing in vs daily thy good grace & gifts there­of, vntill thou shalt bring vs to that happy state, where wee shall fully & for euer bee ioyned vnto thy Sonne Iesus Christ our Sauiour, which is y true light of our soules, shining day and night perpetually.

And to the ende that we may ob­taine such grace at thy hand▪ vouch­safe (most mercifull Father) to for­giue and forget all our sinnes, which wee haue heeretofore committed a­gainst [Page 172] thee, & for thine infinite mer­cies sake to pardon the same, as thou hast promised to those that aske of thee with vnfained heart, for whom, as for our selues we make our hum­ble petitions vnto thee in the name of thy sonne our Lord & Sauiour Iesus Christ, in such sorte, as he hath taught vs saying: Our Father, &c.

Another praier to be saide in the Morning.

O Almightie and most gratious God, we heartely thank thee for the sweete sleepe and comfortable rest, which thou hast giuen vs this night past: and forasmuch as thou hast commanded by thy holy worde that no man should bee idle, but all occupied in godly and vertuous ex­ercises, euery man according to his calling: wee most humblie beseeche thee, that thine eies may attende vp­on [Page 173] vs, daily defend vs, cherish, com­fort, gouerne vs, and al our counsels, studies and labors, in such wise that wee may spend and bestow this daie according to thy most holy will, set­ing thee alwaies before our eyes, li­uing in thy feare, working that may be found acceptable before thy diuine maiestie, through Iesus Christ our Lord, So be it.

Another prayer for the Morning

VVE humbly and heartily giue thanks vnto thee (O heauenly Father) through thy deerely be­loued son Iesus Christ, that to thy innumerable benefits, hither to powred vpon our soules, and vppon our bodies, thou hast kept vs this night past from manie euils, both spirituall and corporall, and [...] of thy mercie doest offer & giue vs time [Page 174] to repent and amende our liues, so that we might liue henceforth, not as we will, but as thou wilt: and as our bodies do draw continually nee­rer & neerer their ende (the graue I meane:) so our soules might approch to their end, that is, heauen & not hel: for in one state we stand not still, but either we are neerer y neerer & hap­pie state of life, or else the vnhappie condition of death eternall.

Wherefore wee beseech thee to be mercifull vnto vs good Father, and as of thy goodnesse thou giuest vs time to repent and liue godlie, so of ye same thy goodnesse in Christe, wee humbly beseech thee to giue vs thy gracious gift of true, holy, perfect, & perpetuall repentance, that we may more and more lamente our former sinnefull life, trusting vnfainedly in thy rich mercie, through the merites of Iesus Christ, for the pardon of [Page 175] all [...]ur sinnes, and that wee may vn­fainedly purpose, and effectually la­bour to amend our liues this day, & so long as wee haue to liue. in all our doings and wordes, and euen in our verie thoughtes, to the prayse of thy holy name, and good example of our doings and words, and euen in our brethren.

And for as much as thou knowest our weakenesse, our ignorance, and great vntowardnesse, to carrie anie great crosse or affliction: wee beseech thee our sweete Father, so temper and order all things towards vs this day and for euer, that we bee neuer further proued & tempted, than thou wilt make vs able to beare, and so to helpe vs in the same, as may be most [...] thy glorie & our saluation, through Iesus Christ our Lorde, Amen.

An Euening prayer.

[Page 176] O Lord God Father euerlasting, and full of pitie, wee acknow­ledge and confesse, that wee bee not worthy to lift vp our eies to heauen, much lesse to present our selues be­fore thy diuine maiestie, with confi­dence that thou wilt heare out prai­ers and graunt our requests, if wee consider our owne wretched deser­uings. For our consciences doe ac­cuse vs, & our sinnes witnes against vs, & wee know that thou art an Vp­right Iudge, which doest not [...]ustifie the sinners and wicked men,Exod. 20 but pu­nishest the faultes of such as trans­gresse thy commandements. Ye [...] most mercifull Father, since it hath pleased thee to commaunde vs to ca [...] vpon thee in all our troubles and aduersities,Psal. 15. promising euen then t [...] helpe vs,Psal. 18 when we feele our selue [...] as it were swallowed vp of death [...] desperation, we vtterly renounce al [...] [Page 177] wordly confidence and trust, & flie to thy soueraigne goodnes, as our only stay and refuge, beseeching thee not to cal to remembrance our manifold sinnes and wickednesse, whereby we continually prouoke thy wrath and indignation against vs:H [...]. 9. 10. neither our negligēce, nor our vnkindnes, which haue either worthelie esteemed, nor in our liues sufficiētly expressed the sweet comfort of thy holy Gospel re­uealed vnto vs: but rather to accept the obedience and death of thy sonne Iesus Christ our Lord, who by offe­ring vp his bodie in sacrifice once for all,Psal. [...] 9 hath made a sufficient recom­pence for all our sinnes.

Haue mercie therefore vpon vs (O Lorde) and forgiue vs our offen­ces, Teach vs by thy holy spirit that we may rightly weigh them,Ps. 9. 10 & ear­nestly repent vs for the same: and so much the rather (O Lord our God) [Page 178] because that the reprobate,Psal. 8. & such as thou hast forsakē,Psal. 5 cānot prayse thee, nor cal vpō thy name: but the repen­ting heart, the sorrowfnl minde, the consciēce oppressed, hungring & thir­sting for thy grace, shall euermore set forth thy praise and glorie.

And albeit we be but wormes and dust, yet thou art our creator, and we be the worke of thy handes:Psal 22. yea thou art our father,1. Co. 6 & we thy childrē: thou art our shepheard, and we thy flocke: thou art our redeemer,Iere. 10. and wee thy people whome thou hast deerelie bought:Psal. 6. thou art our God, and wee are thine inheritance.

Correct vs not therefore in thine anger (O Lord our God) neither ac­cording to our desertes doe thou pu­nish vs,Eccl. 18 but mercifully chastice vs with a fatherly affection, that all the worlde may knowe, that at what time so euer a sinner dooth repente [Page 179] him of his sinne from the bottom of his hart, thou wilt put away all his wickednesse out of thy remembrāce, as thou hast promised by thy holie Prophet.

Finally, forasmuch as it hath plea­sed thee to make the night for man to rest in, as thou hast ordayned him the day to trauell, graunte (O deare father) that we may so take our bo­dily rest, that our soules may conti­nuallie watch for the time that our Lord Iesus Christ shall appeare for our full deliuerance out of th [...] mor­talll life,Luk. 12 and in the meane seasō that wee be not ouercome by anie fanta­sies,Math. 6. dreames,Luk. 22. or other temptations, but may fully set our mindes vpon thee, loue thee, feare thee, and rest in thee, in such sort that our very sleepe also may be to the glorie of thy holie name.

Furthermore, that our sleepe bee [Page 180] not excessiue or ouermuch, after the insatiable desire of the flesh, but only sufficient to contente our weake na­ture, that wee may the better be dis­posed to liue in all godlie conuersati­on to the glorie of thy holy name, & profit of our brethren, through Iesus Christ our Lord: in whose name we make our humble petitions vnto thee, as he hath taught vs.

Our Father which art, &c.

Almightie and euerliuing God, vouchsafe we beseech thee to graunt vs perfect continuance in thy liuelie faith, augmenting and increasing ye same in vs dailie, vntil we growe to the full measure of our perfection in Christ, whereof wee make our con­fessior, saying: I beleeue in God the father &c.

The Lorde blesse vs and saue vs, the Lord make his face to shine vpon vs, and bee mercifull vnto vs▪ the Lord [...] [Page 181] [...]urne his fauorable countenaunce to­wards vs, and graunt vs his peace.

The grace of the Lord Iesus Christ, the loue of God, and the communion of the holy Ghost bee with vs, and re­mayne with vs for euer. So bee it. 2. Cor. 9. 13.

An other Euening prayer.

MOst mercifull God and tender father, which besides thine in­estimable mercies declared & giuen vnto vs in the making of the world for our sakes, in the redeeming of vs by the death of thy deare Sonne Ie­sus Christ, in the calling of vs to the knowledge of thy blessed worde, in keeping of vs hitherto in thy holie Church, and in thy most gratious gouerning of vs, and all thinges hitherto for our singular wealth & commoditie, hast also most fatherlie [Page 182] cared for vs, and kept vs this daye from all daungers both of soule and bodie, giuing vs health, foode, appa­rell, and al other things necessary for the comfort and succour of this poore and miserable life, which manie o­ther doe want: for these and all other thy good giftes and gracious bene­fites, which thou of thine own good­nesse onely and fatherly prouidence hast hitherto powred vpon vs and doest presently powre vpon vs and many other, we most humbly thanke thee and praise thy holy name, besee­ching thee, that as all things are now hidden by meanes of the darkenesse which thou hast sent ouer the earth, so thou wouldest vouchsafe to hide and burie all our sinnes, which this daie or at anie time heeretofore wee haue committed against thy holie commandements, and as nowe wee purpose to laye our bodies to rest, so [Page 183] graunt the gard of thy good Angels to keepe the same this night & for e­uermore: and whensoeuer our last sleepe of death shall come, grant that it may be in thee good father, so that our bodies may rest both temporally and eternally, to thy glorie and our ioy through Iesus Christ our lorde. So be it.

Another Euening prayer.

O Eternall God and most merci­full-father, who this day, and al the time of our life hast graciouslie defended, nourished, and preserued our soules and bodies, and made such fatherlie prouision for vs poore sinners, that of thy louing kindnesse we haue rich portions, not onely in the creatures of heauen and earth, but also in that plentifull redemptiō which thy most deare Sonne Iesus [Page 184] Christ hath purchased for vs: grant vnto vs (O merciful father) the assi­stance of thy grace and holy spirite, that as our bodies shall nowe take their natural rest, euen so our soules and mindes, at the beholding of thy goodnesse towardes vs, may quiet themselues in thee, & conceiue such inward pleasure & heauēly sweetnes in thy loue, that whatsoeuer we shal from henceforth, either thinke, speak or we, it may be all to the honour of thy holy name, through Iesus christ thy deare sonne our Lorde and onely Sauiour, Amen.

Thy mightie hand and outstretched arme (O Lord) be still our defence, thy mercie and s [...]ing kindnesse in Iesus Christ thy deare sonne, bee our salua­tion: thy trueth and holy worde out instruction: thy grace and holy spirite our comfort and consolation vnto the end, and in the ende.

A prayer for the remission of sinnes.

O Almightie and euer liuing Lord God, the deare father of our Sauiour Iesus Christ, which hast made heauen and earth, the sea, and al that therein is, which art the on­ly ruler and gouernour, conseruer & keeper of all things, together with thy dearely beloued Sonne Christ Iesus our Lord, and with the holy Ghost our comforter: O holy, righte­ous a wise: O strong, terrible, migh­tie & fearefull Lord God, gouernor of the whole world, iudge of al me [...] O exorable, patient, & most graci­ous Father, whose eies are vpon the wayes of all men, and are so clean' [...] that they cannot abide impietie: thou searchest the hearts, and triest the verie thoughtes and reines of all men, thou hatest sinne, & abhorrest iniquitie.

[Page 186] For sinnes sake thou hast greeuous­ly punished mākinde, thy most deare creature, as thou hast declared by the penalty of death laide vpon all the children of Adam: by the casting of Adam and his ofspring out of Para­dise: by the cursing of the earth: by the drowning of the worlde: by the bur­ning of Sodom and Gomor: by harde­ning the heart of Pharao, so that no miracle could conuert him: by the drowning of him and his people in the red sea: by the ouerthrowing of the Israelites in the wildernesse, so that of fire hundreth thousand there were but two that entred into the land of promise: by reiecting King [...] Saul: by the punishmentes vpon thy seruant Dauid, notwithstanding his heartie repentance: by greeuously af­flicting Salomon in himselfe and his posteritie: by the captiuitie of the ten tribes: and by the thraldome of the [Page 187] Iewes, wherein vntill this present day they continue a notable spectacle of thy wrath to the worlde, against, and for st [...]ne.

But of a [...] spectacles of thy anger against sinne, the greatest and most notable is the death and bloudie pas­sion of thy dearely beloued Sonne Iesu Christ. Great was thine anger against sinne, when in heauen & earth nothing could be found which might appease thy wrath, saue the bloud­shedding of thine onely & most deare­ly beloued sonne, in whom, was and is all thy delight. Great was the sore of sinne that needed such a salue: mightie was the maladie, that nee­ded such a medicine. If in Christ, in whome was no sin, thy wrath was so fierce for our sins that he was con­strayned to cry: My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? How great & importable then is thine anger a­gainst [Page 188] vs, which art nothing but sin­full? They that are thy children, through the contemplation of thine anger against sinne, set forth most e­uidently in the death of Christ, doe tremble and are afraide, lamenting themselues vpon him, and heartily crying for mercy: wheras y wicked are altogether carelesse and contēp­tuous, nothing lamenting their ini­quities, or crying to thee heartily for mercy and pardon. Amongest whom wee are rather to be placed, than a­mongest thy childrē, for that we are so shamelesse for our sinnes, & care­lesse of thy wrath, heaping dailie sinne vpon sinne, so that the measure hath ouerflowed and ascended vp to heauē, & brought thy heauy plagues vpon vs, which are but earnest for geeater to ensue: therefore to vs per­taineth shame, and nothing else is one but confusion.

[Page 189] What shall we doe? what shall wee say? who shall giue vs penitēt harts? who can open our lippes, that our mouthes might make acceptable cō ­fession vnto thee, Alas of our selues we cānot think any good, much lesse wish it, and least of all we it. As for Angels, or any other creatures, they haue nothing but that which they haue receiued, and they are made to minister vnto vs. So that where i [...] passeth the power of the maister, the minister must needes want. Alas then, what shall we doe? Thou art holie, and we vnholie: thou art good and wee nothing but euill: thou art pure, & we altogether impure: thou art light, and we most darke darke­nesse: howe then can there be any a­greement betwixt vs? O what now may we do? Dispayre: No. for thou art God, and therfore good: thou art mercifull, and therefore thou forgi­uest [Page 190] sinnes: with thee is mercie and propitiation, and therefore thou art worshipped.

When Adam had sinned, thou ga­uest him mercy before hee desired it: & wilt thou deny vs mercy which now desire the same? Adam excused his fault and accused thee: but we accuse our selues and excuse thee: and shall we be sent emptie away? Noe founde fauour when thy wrath abounded, and shall wee seeking grace, be fru­strate? Abraham was pulled out of Idolatrie, when the worlde was drowned therein: and art thou his GOD onely? Israel in captiuitie in Egypt was graciously visited, & de­liuered: & deare God, the same good Lord shall we alwaies be forgotten?

Now often in the wildernes didest thou deferre & spare thy plagues at the requestes of Moses, whē the peo­ple themselues made no petition to [Page 191] thee? and seeing we not onelie now make our petitiōs vnto thee through thy goodnesse, but also haue a media­tour for vs, farre aboue Moses, euen Iesus Christ, shall wee (I say) deare Lorde depart ashamed? So soone as Dauid said, I haue sinned, thou did­dest forthwith answere him, that he should not die: thou hast takē away his sinnes: and gratious God, euen the selfe same God, shall not wee, not we which now with Dauid gladlie confesse, that we haue sinned, shal we (I say) not heare by thy good spirit, that our sinnes bee pardoned? O graunt that with Manasses wee may finde fauour and mercie.

Remember that thou hast not spa­red thine owne onely deare Sonne Iesus Christ, but giuen him to die for our sinnes, to rise for our righte­ousnesse, to ascend for our possession taking in heauen, and to appeare be­fore [Page 192] thee for vs for euer, a high priest after the order of Melchizedech, that through him we might haue free ac­cesse to come to thy throne, now ra­ther of grace, than of Iustice. Remē ­ber that thou by him hast bidden vs aske, & promised that we sho [...]lde re­ceiue saying: Aske and yee shall haue, seeke and yee shall finde, knocke and it shall be opened vnto you. O deare God, and most meeke and mercifull father, we heartily beseech thee to be mercifull vnto vs, for this thy Christs sake, for his deaths sake, for thy promise, trueth, & mercies sake. Haue mercie vpon vs, pardon and forgiue vs all our sinnes, iniquities, and trespasses, whatsoeuer we haue committed against thee, in thought, word or deed, euer or at any time hi­therto by any meanes. Deare father, haue mercy vpon vs. Though we be poore, yet our Christ is rich: though [Page 193] wee be sinners: yet hee is righteous: though wee be fooles, yet he is wise: though we be impure: yet he is pure and holie: for his sake therefore bee merciful vnto vs.

Call to minde how thou hast pro­mised that thou wilt powre out of thy cleane waters, & wash vs from our filthe, and cleanse vs from our euils. Forget not that thou hast pro­mised to take from vs our stonye heartes, and to giue vs soft heartes, newe heartes, & to put in the mid­dest of vs right spirits. Remember thy couenant, namely that thou wilt be our God, and wee shal be thy peo­ple: that thou wilt put out of thy memory for euer al our vnrighteous­nesse, and hast promised to write in our mindes and hearts thy law and testimonies.

Remember that thou doest straitly charge vs to haue none other Gods [Page 194] but thee, saying, that thou art the Lorde our God. O then declare the same to vs all, we heartilie now be­seech thee. Forgiue vs our sinnes, forget our iniquities, cleanse vs from our filthines, wash vs from our wic­kednesse, powre out thy holy spirite vpon vs. Take from vs our harde heartes, our stonie heartes, our im­penitent heartes, our distrusting and doubtfull heartes, our carnall, our secure, our idle heartes, our impure, malitious, arrogant, enuious, wrath full, impatient, couetous, hypocriti­call, and epicurall hearts: and in place thereof giue vs new harts, soft harts, faithfull hearts, mercifull hearts, lo­uing, obedient, chast, pure, holy, righ­teous, true, simple, lowly, and patient hearts to feare thee, to loue thee, to trust in thee for euer.

Write thy law in our hearts, graue it in our mindes, we heartilie beseech [Page 195] thee. Giue vs the spirite of prayer: make vs diligent and happie in the workes of our saluation, sake into thy custodie and gouernaunce for e­uer our soules and bodies, our liues & all that euer we haue. Tempt vs neuer further, than then wilt make vs able to beare: and whatsoeuer thou knowest wee haue neede of in soule or bodie (deare God & grati­ous father) vouchsafe to giue vs the same in thy good time: and alwayes as thy children guide vs, so that our life may please thée, and our death praise thee, through Iesus christ our Lorde: for whose sake wee hartilye praye thee, to gra [...]nt these thinges thus asked, and all other things ne­cessarie for soule & bodie, not onely to vs, but to all others also, for whome thou wouldest that we should pray, specially for thy children that bee in thraldome, in exile, in prison, misery [Page 196] heauinesse, pouertie, sickenesse, &c.

Be mercifull to the whole realme of England, and graunt vs all true repentance, and turne from vs the euils that wee so wickedlie haue de­serued. Pardon our enemies, persecu­tors, slaunderers, and if it bee thy pleasure, turne their harts. Bee mer­cifull vnto our parents, brethren, and sisters, friendes, kinsfolkes and fa­miliars, neighbours, and such as by anie meanes thou hast coupled and lincked to vs by loue or other wise: and vnto vs poore sinners here ga­thered together in thy holie name, graunt thy blessing and holie spirite to sanc [...]fie vs, & dwell in vs as thy deare children, to keepe vs this day and for euer from all euill, to thy e­ternall glorie, and euerlasting com­forte, and the profite of thy Church, which mercifully maintaine, cherish and comfort strengthenning thē that [Page 197] stand, so that they neuer fall, lifting vp them that bee fallen, and keepe vs from falling from thy trueth, through the merits of thy dearelie beloued sonne Iesu Christ our onelie Saui­our, which liueth and raigneth with thee and the holy Ghost, to whome bee al praise and honour, both now & for euer, Amen. I. B.

A prayer for the true knowledge of the mysterie of our redemp­tion in Christ.

O Almightie God, and father of our Lorde Iesus Christ, and by him also our Father, the Father of all mercy, & God of all consolation, haue mercy vpon vs and heare our praiers. wee most humblie beseeche thee, for thy deare sonne Iesus christ his sake, for his merites and cruell death which he suffered to deliuer vs from eternal death, and the power of [Page 198] darkenesse sende into our hearts the spirit of truth, to worke in vs a true, liuely, & stedfast faith, that the cleere light and brightnesse of thy Gospell, the glorie of Christ, may shine vnto vs, and lighten our minds, that wee may learne and vnderstand the won­derfull and vnspeakeable riches of ye mystery of our redemption in Christ and by Christ.Ephes. 2. O Father of glorie, giue vnto vs the spirit of wisedome, and bring vs vnto the true knowe­ledge of this thy beloued Sonne Iesus Christ, and the knowledge of thy selfe. Open and lighten the eyes of our mindes and vnderstan­ding, that wee may knowe what the hope is whereunto thou h [...]st called vs, and howe rich the glorie of thine inheritance is vpon thy Saints, and the exceeding greatnesse of thy power towardes vs: that by trne faith, by vnderstanding & knowledge of thine [Page 199] eternall-wisedome (which is Iesus Christ) we may be indeede, as wee are called, true Christians, and vn­fained professours of thy holy name, to worship thee in spirit and trueth, & to set forth the glory of thy grace giuen vnto vs in Christ Iesu our lord, Amen.

O deare father, write in our harts loue of thy law, hate to al sin, thank­fulnesse of heart, and continual heat of thy holie spirite, for thy sonne Ie­sus Christs sake: To whome with thee and thy holy spirit be al honour, maiestie, glory, thanks, rule▪ empire, and dominion, for euermore, Amen.

A forme of thankesgiuing for our redemption and prayer for the strength & increase of faith.
Lord incr [...]ase our faith. Luc. 17.

[Page 200] ETernall praise and thankes bee giuen vnto thee, deare God and Father of our Lorde Iesus Christ,Ephes. 4 which hast blessed vs with all spiri­tuall blessings in heauēly things by Christ, in that thou hast chosen vs in him before the foundation of the world was laide, that we should bee without blame before thee through him, by whom we haue redemption through his bloud, euen the forgiue­nesse of our sinnes: in whome, after we heard ye word of truth, the Gos­pell of our saluation, wherein we be­leeued, we are sealed with the holie spirite of promise which is the ear­nest of our inheritance, which spirit hath and doeth beare witnesse vnto our spirits,Rom. 8 that we are thy children and therefore crieth into our harts: Abba Father. And thus (most graci­ous father) when thou hast once gi­uen the earnest penie of our salua­tion [Page 201] into our heartes, thou doest not repent of the gift and calling, neither wilt thou at any time breake thy co­uenant of race and mercy in Christ thy sonnes merites, confirmed in vs by that seale & loue token. For what though wee be weake in our beleefe,Rom. 8 shal our vnbeleefe make thy promise of no effect? No, thou wilt alway bee founde true, but all men are lyars. And yet Lord, thou doest most graci­ously behold & accept,Mark. 9 bee it neuer so little a sparke of faith. We say ther­fore & cry vnto thee, with one ye wept & said: I beleeue, Lord, helpe my vnbe­leefe. Yea, that little, be it neuer so lit­tle, is thy meere gift also. The which as thou hast begun, so (most merciful Lord) increase the same more & more to the peace and comfort of our con­science, and the glorie of thy name, through Iesus Christ, Amen.

A thankesgiuing to God for his great benefites.

HOnour and prayse bee giuen to thee (Lorde God almightie) most deare Father of heauen, for all thy mercies and louing kindenesse shewed vnto vs, in that it hath plea­sed thy gracious goodnesse, freelie and of thine owne accorde, to elect and choose vs to saluation afore the be­ginning of the worlde: and euen like continuall thankes bee giuen vnto thee, for creating vs after thine owne image, for redeeming vs with the precious bloud of thy deare Sonne, when we were vtterlie lost, for sanc­tifying vs with thy holie spirite in the reuelation and knowledge of thy sacred word, for helping and succou­ring vs in all our neede and necessity, for sauing vs from all daunger both of bodie and soule, for comforting vs so fatherlie in al our troubles and af­flictions, [Page 203] for sparing vs so long, and giuing vs so large a time of repen­tance. These benefites (O most mer­cifull Father) like as we do acknow­ledge that wee haue receiued of thy onelie goodnesse, euen so wee beseech thee for thy deere sonne Iesus Christ his sake, to graunt vs alwaies thy holy spirite, whereby we may conti­nually growe in thankefulnesse to­wardes thee, be lead in all trueth and comforted in all aduersitie.

Strengthen our faith, O lorde: kindle it more and more in feruent­nesse and loue towardes shee and our neighbours for thy sake. Suffer vs not (most deere Father) to receiue thy word any more in vaine, but graunt vs alwaies the assistance of thy grace and holy spirite, that in heart, word, and deede, we may sanctifie and doe worship to thy holy name: that wee may helpe to amplifie and increase [Page 204] thy kingdome, and that whatsoeuer thou sendest,Thy kingdome come. we may heartily wel be content with thy good wil and plea­sure.Thy will be done. Suffer vs not to lacke the thing (O Father) without the which wee cannot serue thee:Giue vs this daie &c. but blesse thou so all the workes of our hands, that we may haue sufficient, and not to bee chargeable, but rather helpefull vnto other. Bee mercifull, O Lorde, vnto our offences:For giue vs &c. and seeing our debt is great which thou hast forgiuen vs in Iesus Christ, make vs to loue thee and our neighbors so much the more.Lead vs not into tempta­tion. Be thou (O father) our captayne & defender in all temptations: holde thou vs by thy mercifull hande, that we thereby may be deliuered from al inconueniences,But deli­uer vs from e­uill. and end our liues in the sanctifying and honouring of thy name, through Iesus Christ our Lorde, Amen.

A prayer for true mortification.

O God my creator, preseruer, and euerlasting defender, where first in my creation I was made like vn­to thine owne likenesse, the deuil (a­las) hath since by Adams fall made mee vgly, monstrous, and euill fa­uored, like to him self. For what are nowe, Lorde, mine earthly members but as thine Apostle writeth adul­terie,Colo [...]. 3 whoredome, vncleanesse, vn­naturall lustes, euill concupiscence, couetousnes (which is the worship­ping of Idols) & such other, for the which thy wrath is wont to come vpon the children of vnbeleefe? Ne­uerthelesse, Lord of thy great mercy and goodnesse, against this so greate a mischiefe, a much greater remedy thy fatherly prouidence hath or day­ned: for thou hast sent Iesus Christ thy deare & only natural sonne into this world, the vale of miseries, to [Page 206] loose the workes of the deuill,1 Iohn. 3 and to take away my sinnes.

Therefore Sathan hath nowe no­thing to brag of, for through Christ, al that beleeue in thee,1. Iohn. 5 and so become thy children, do ouercome the world, the flesh, & the deuil, And this is the victorie which ouercometh them al, euen our faith. That faith I meane, which is perswaded, that whosoeuer beleeueth in Christ,1. Iohn 3 shall not perish, but haue euerlasting life.Iohn. 5.

That faith which beleeueth the te­stimony to be true which thou God the father doest testifie of thy sonne, so making thee no lyar: and this is y testimonie that thou hast giuen vs eternall life. That faith which belee­ueth that thou Father,Rom. 8. who raisedst vp Christ from death, shalt also quic­ken our mortall bodies, through thy holie spirit dwelling in vs. That faith which beleeueth it to bee true [Page 207] which thy Sonne Christe affirmed with a double oth, saying: Verily, ve­lily I say vnto you, Iohn. 14. hee that beleeueth in mee, the works that I doe, the same shall hee doe, and greater workes than these shall he doe, because I goe to my Father. Iohn. 15 And finally, that faith which beleeueth that nowe Christ hath been lift vpon the crosse, he shal drawe all thinges vnto him. This faith (I say) is the victory which o­uercommeth our enemies, the deuil, the world,Iohn. 12 and our flesh.

Thou therfore deare father which hast promised to giue whatsoeuer I shall aske in thy deare sonne Iesus name,1 Iohn. 3 for thy great mercie and in­fall [...]ble truethes sake, do now in mee ye thing that he came for: loose in me the workes of the diuel, & take away my sinnes, I beseech thee, make sted­fast my faith and confidence in thy promised mercies, and merciful pro­mises: [Page 208] so that I assuredlie beleeuing in thee, may haue as (thou hast pro­mist) euerlasting life, & making thee (deare God) no [...]i [...]r, may beleeue, feele & know in my heart and conscience, that the same euerlasting life is thy meere and free gift vnto mee, yea all readie of thy great goodnes vndoub­tedly giuen me, being now traslated from death to life.

Of a thankfulnesse wherof Lord,Rom. 8. cause me now dailie to mortifie my earthlie members: yea, deare father [...]th thy spirit which raysed vp christ from death, dwelleth within me, doe thou (who raisedst Christ frō death) quicken my mortal bodie throgh thy spirit so dwelling within me, I be­seech thee: yea Lord Iesu, according to thy promise (because thou art now gone to thy father) make mee worke this wōderful great work that thou speakest of,Iohn. 14 I meane make me being [Page 209] of my selfe but a lumpe of sinne, and a monster most vgly, (as the vices whereon the members of my earth­lie body are aboue declared to be com­pact,Col, 3. doe proone) make me, I say, yet through thy grace, to hate, abhorre, flee and subdue all adultery, whore­dome, vncleannesse, vnnaturrall lusts, euill concupiscence, vnordinate de­sires, wantonnesse, tendernesse, de­licatenesse, idlenesse, drunkennesse, gluttonie, slouthfulnesse, distrust, des­paire, ignorance, weakenesse wilful­nesse, idolatrie, superstition, hypocri­sie, herese, error, sects, variance strife, wrath, enuie, slaunders, lying, swea­ring, cursing, vaineglory, pride, coue­tousnesse, theft, deceite, flatterie, and whatsoeuer else, O Lord, fighteth or reblelleth against thy holy spirit: and then (O Father) I will boast and make vant against mine enemie the deuill, that I haue done greater [Page 210] workes than thy deare sonne Iesus did, at what time hee spake these wordes among the Iewes, because albeit he vanquished Sathan, yet in as much as he himselfe was vtterlie without sin, the victorie seemed the more easie. But I to vanquish Sa­than being my selfe altogether sinful, pea contrary to my most sinfull na­ture to subdue sinne, the diuell, and mine owne fleshe, it seemeth a more victorie & a greater worke than the other. For the which neuerthelesse I will with all submission acknow­ledge vnto thy diuine maiestie, that the whole victorie, Lorde, inDEEDE is thine, and thy holy spirit the begin­ner and finisher both of the will and the works.

Now therefore (Lorde Iesu) streng­theN mee with thy grace and might, that thou maiest by me a most sinfull wretch, drawe all these my earthlye [Page 211] members & horrible vices before re­hearsed, vnder my feete, that I may not onlie fight against them, but al­so subdue them:Rom. 8 so that they may all turne to the best for mee,Iohn, 12. as meete matter whereon I may exercise my faith, power forth my hearty prayer, & giue thee most heartie thanks, for victorie: whereby I may learne and haue experience that thou hast in me drawn al things vnto thee, insomuch as thou thus (Lorde) of thy diuine power drawest both the diued & the sin that dwelleth in me, to set foorth thy honor and glorie, which thing for thy mercies sake bring to passe, O God my creator, preseruer, and euer­lasting defender.

A meditation for the exercise of true mortification.

HE that will be readie in weigh­tie matters to denie his owne [Page 212] will, and to be obedient to the will of God the same had neede to accustome himselfe to denie his destres in mat­ters of lesse weight, and to exercise mortification of his owne wil in tri­fles. For if that our affections by this daily custome bee not (as it were) halfe slayne, surely, surelie, when the plunge shall come, wee shall finde the more to do. If we cannot watch with Christ one houre, (as he saieth to Pe­ter) we vndoubtedlie can much lesse goe to death with him. Wherefore, that in great tentations we may be readie to saie with Christ: Not my will, but thy will be done (for as much as this commonlie commeth not to passe, but where the rootes of our lustes, by thy grace deare father, are almost rotten and rooted out by a dai­ly deniall of that they desire) I hum­bly beseech thee for Christs sake to helpe me herein.

[Page 213] First pardon mee my cherishing, and (as it were) watering of mine affections, obeying them in their de­uises and superfluous desires: where through, in that they haue takē deepe roote, and are too liuely in mee. I se­condly doe beseech thee to pull them vp by the rootes out of my heart, and so hēceforth to order mee, that I may continually accustome my selfe to weaken the principall roote, that by the rootes and braunches they may loose all their power, Graunt mee (I beseech thee) that thy grace may dai­lie mortifie my cōcupiscence of plea­sure in things, that is, of wealth, ri­ches, glorie, libertie, fauour of men, meates, drinks, apparell, ease, yea, & life it selfe, that the horrour and im­patience of more greeuous thinges may be weakened, and I made more patient in aduersitie.

Whereunto I further l [...]stre and [Page 214] pray thy goodnesse, deare father, that thou wilt ad this: namely that I pray for euer become obedient and ready to do thy good wil in althings, heartily and willingly to serue thee, and doe whatsoeuer may please thee. For doubtlesse although wee accu­stome our selues in ye pleasant things of this life, to a mortification and de­niall of ourselues, yet we shall finde inough to doe, when more bitter and weightie crosses come. For if thy Sonne our Sauiour (euer wont to obey thy good will) praied so heartily and often Not my will, but thy will be done, (whereby hee declareth him­selfe to be verie man) how can it bee, but wee, whose nature is corrupt, not only in natiuity, but in the rest of our whole life also, shall finde both our handes full in greate and greeuous temptations, wholie to resigne our selues vnto thee?

[Page 215] Graunt therefore deare father, for thy Christes sake to me a most mise­rable wretch, thy grace and spirit to be effectual in mee, that daily I may accustome my selfe, to denie my will in more easie and pleasant things of this life, that when neede shall bee, I may come vnto thee with a resigned wil, alwaies stedfastlie expecting thy mercie, and in the meane season conti­nually obeying thee with readinesse I willingnesse, dooing whatsoeuer may most please thee, through Christ our Lord, who liueth with thee, &c.

A meditation of the cōming of Christ to iudgement, and of the reward both of the faithfull and vnfaithfull.

OH Lord Iesus Christ, the sonne of the euerlluing GOD, by whom al things were made, are ruled [Page 216] and gouerned: as of thy loue for our redemption thou diddest not disdain to bee our mediator, and to take vpon thee our nature in the wombe of a virgin purely and without sinne, by the operation of thy holy spirit, that both thou mightest in thine owne person wonderfully beautifie and ex­alt our nature, and worke the same in vs also, first abolishing the guil­tines of sinne by remission, then sinne it selfe by death, and last of all, death by raising vp againe these our bodies that they may bee like to thine owne glorious and immortall bodie, accor­ding to the power wherewith thou art able to subiect all thinges vnto thee: as (I say) of thy loue for our re­demption thou becamest man, and that most poore and afflicted vpon earth, by the space of three & thirtie yeeres at the least, in most humilitie, and paiedst the price of our ransome [Page 217] by thy most bitter death and passion: (for the which I most heartily giue thankes vnto thee) so of the same thy loue towardes vs, in thy good time thou wilt come againe in the clouds of heauen, with power (I greate glo­ry, with flaming fire, with thousands of saintes, with Angels of thy pow­er, with a mighty crie, shout of an Archangel,Math. 24 and blast of a trumpe, so­denly as a lightening which shineth from the East, &c. when men thinke least, euen as a theefe in the night, when men be asleepe, thou wilt so come,Math. 15 I say, thus sodainely in the twinckling of an eie, all men that e­uer haue beene, be, or shall bee, with women and children, appearing be­fore thy tribunall seate, to render an account of all thinges, which they haue thought, spoke, and doone a­gainst thy lawe openly and before all Angels, Saintes, and diuels, and so [Page 218] to receiue the iust reward of thy ven­geance, if they haue not repented and obeyed thy Gospell, and so departe from thee, to the Diuel and his An­gels, and all the wicked which euer haue beene, be, or shalbe, into helfire, which is vnquenchable, and of pains intollerable, easeles, endles, hopeles, euen from the face of thy glorious & mightie power.

But if they haue repented and be­leeued thy Gospell: if they be founde watching with their lampe, and oyle in their handes: if they bee founde readie apparelled with the wedding garment of innocencie: if they haue not hardned their harts, and hourded vp their treasure of thy vengeance in the day of wrath to bee reuealed: but haue vsed the time of grace, the ac­ceptable time, the time of saluati­on, that is, the time of this life, in the which thou stretchest out thy hande, [Page 219] and spreadest thine armes, calling and crying vnto vs to come vnto thee, which art meeke in heart and lawlie, for thou wilt ease all that labour and are heauie loaden: if they haue visited the [...]ke & prisoners, comforted the comfortlesse, sedde the hungrie, clo­thed the naked, lodged the harbour­lesse: if they haue not loaden their hearts with gluttony and surferting and carelesnesse of this life: if they haue not digged and hid their talent in the grounde, doing no good there­with, but haue been faithfull to oc­cupie thy giftes to thy glorie, & haue washed their garments in thy bloode by heartie repentance: then shal thy Angels gather them together, not as the wicked which shall bee collected as faggots, & cast into the fire, but as the good wheat that is gathered into the barne: then shall they bee caught vpto meete thee in the cloudes: then [Page 220] shall their corruptible bodie put on incorruption: then shall they bee en­dued with immortalitie, and glorie, then shall they be with thee, and goe whither thou goest: then shall they heare: Come ye blessed of my father, possesse the kingdom prepared for you from the beginning, &c. Thē shal they be set on seats of maiesty, iudging the whole world: then shall they raigne with thee for euer: then shal God bee al in all with them & to them: then shall they enter and inherit heauen­lie Ierusalem, and the glorious rest­full lande of Canaan, where it is al­waies daie & neuer night, where is no manner of weeping, teares, infir­mitie, hunger, colde, sicknesse, enuie, malice, nor sinne: but alwaies ioye without sorrow, mirth without measure, pleasure without paine, hea­uenly harmony, most pleasant melo­die, saying and singing: Holie, holie, [Page 221] holy, Lord God of hostes, &c.

Finallie the eie hath not seene, the eare hath not hard, neither hath it en­tred into the heart of man, that they shall not inherite and most surely en­ioy, although here they be tormented, prisoned, solicited of Sathan, temp­ted of the fleshe, and intangled with the world, where through they are in forced to cry:Apo. 22 Thy kingdome come: Come Lord Iesu, &c.

Howe amiable are thy Taberna­cles. Like as the Hart desireth the wa­ter brookes, Psal. 4, 5. &c. Nowe let thy seruaunt depart in peace. I desire to bee dissol­ued and to be with Christ. Rom. 8. We mourne in our selues, waiting for the deliue­rance of our bodie, &c. Oh gracious Lorde, when shall I finde such mer­cie with thee, that I may repent, be­leeue, hope, and looke for these things with the full fruition of those hea­uenlie ioyes which thou hast prepa­red [Page 222] for all them that feare thee [...] ­rest with thee for euermore.

A meditation of the life euerlasting the place where it is, & the in­comparable ioyes thereof.

THat there is an euerlasting life, none will denie, but such as will denie God. For if hee be true and iust, (which he must needes be, or els he is not God) then can there not be but an eternall life. That he hath both spoken it, and promised it, in Math. 25. 1. Cor. 15. Heb 4. 11. 13. 1, Pet. 1. it plainelie appeareth, & else­where in verie manie places. So y to denie an euerlasting life is to de­nie God, to denie Christ and all that euer he did: also to denie al pietie and religion, to condemne of foolish­nesse all good men▪ Martyrs, con­fessors, Euangelists, Prophets, Pa­triarches. [Page 223] Finally the denial of eter­nall life is nothing else but a deniall of the immortality of the soule, and so a plaine making of man nothing better then beastes. If it bee so, let vs then eate and drinke, for to morrow we shall die.1. Co. 15 Lord preserue vs from this Saduceall and Epicuriall im­pietie, and grant vs for thy mercies sake deare God, that we may be assu­redly perswaded, that there is indeed an eternall life and blisse with thee, for them that put their trust in thee: amongst whome account mee for thy mercies sake.

Againe this eternall life,VVhere this et [...]nall life is. and the place appoynted for them that be thy seruauntes, all men doe graunt to bee with thee. Albeit they do not thinke that because thou art euery where. therfore eternal life is euery where, For they by thy worde doe knowe, that in as much as no man can see [Page 224] thee and liue, which eternall life and thy blessed presence is most pleasant and had in fruition,Iohn. 4. after in another worlde, whereunto by corporal death they do departe and are translated to a place aboue them,1. Tim. 6 wher thou dwel­lest in a light whereunto no man can approch. Abrahams bosom (they read) was aboue, as the place of the wic­ked was belowe and beneath. Helias was caught vp into heauen, and thy deare Sonne our Sauiour prayed that where he is, those also might bee which thou haddest giuen him,Iohn. 17 and might see his glory. Nowe hee (deare father we learne by thy spirite) was ascended & taken vp in his very body into heauen,Act. 7. whither Stephen looked vp & saw thy Christ standing on thy right hande, to whome he prayed. O Lord Iesu, receiue my spirite. Graunt I beseeeh thee, gratious God and fa­ther, that I may haue a cleane heart [Page 225] more and more to see thee, and so in spirite to see and looke often vpon this place: whither bring mee at the length in bodie also I humblie praie thee.

Nowe what a thinge this euerla­sting life is, no man is able to con­ceiue, much lesse able to vtter: For the peace of God which is eternall life, passeth all vnderstanding. 1. Cor. 5 The eie hath not seene, the eare hath not heard, nei­ther can mans hearte conceiue those thinges which thou (deare God) hast prepared for them that loue thee. What so euer therefore can bee spoken or imagined of thy kingdome, of the cleerenesse, ioye, and felicitie of the same, is nothing in comparison, as wee may see by the Prophets: which (because they coulde not otherwise) vnder corporall thinges haue sha­dowed the same,VVhat know­ledge maie. So that the confi­dence of eternall life, what a thing it [Page 226] is, can in no wise bee tolde. Howe­beit, somewhat wee may be brought to some sight of it by earthly things to thinke on this had in this life of the life euerla [...]ing. If GOD haue giuen here so many things in a strange place, how many are ye great good things yt be at home: If in pri­son are so many mercies, how manie are they in the pallace? If ye wicked haue so many benefites, what is the store prepared for thy seruaunts, Oh Lord? If thy children find such com­forts in the day of tears & mourning what shall they find in the day of the mariage? If with beastes men be­ing, haue yt vse of innumerable bles­sings, Oh how many are the bles­sings which they shall enioye with thy Angels, and with thy selfe) O deare God) when they shall see thee & haue the fruition of thee: in whom is fulnes without lothing of al good & faire thinges, so that nothing can [Page 227] be more desired, & that for euermore?

This thy children doe not see as they now beleeue it: I say that euen in their bodies they shall see it for e­uer: as Iob saide, They beleeue that they shall see thee, & their owne eies be holde thee when these our corpo­rall eies, our bodies being raysed, shal do their duties. Such a know­ledge of thee they beleeue to haue,Iob. 15. as shall not be onely intellectuall and by faith, as now it is, but euen a full sight and fruition, yea, a coniunction and felowship with thee.1. Co. 13 Now they see but as in a glasse, euen in a darke speaking: but then they shall see thee face to face.Heb. 11. For faith, though it bee the substaunee of things hoped for, & a certayne darke sight of thee: yet it may not be compared to the rewarde of faith and glorious sight wh [...]ch we shal see in the life to come,1 Ioh. 13 whē faith and hope shall cease.

[Page 228] Nowe, thy children knowe that they be thy sonnes, though it yet ap­peare not what they shall bee. Wee know (say they) that when our christ God and man shal appeare, then shal we bee like vnto him, for we shall see him euen as he is. Oh great prero­gatiue to see Christ, as he is: which is not to be considered, so much for ye manhead, as for the Godhead it selfe as Paule doth also write,1. Co. 15 that when all thinges are subiect vnto the Sonne, then shal he be subiect vnto thee deare Father also, that God may be all in all. And therfore Christ our sauior prai­ed for vs, that we might knowe thee the onelie true God: Not that our Christ thy Sonne is not with thee: the true, coequall, and substantiall God, but that we might knowe how that after the Iudgemente such a mysterie of his mediatorship shall not bee in heauen, as is now in earth.

[Page 229] Then thou blessed Trinitie, God the Father, God the Sonne, and God the holie Ghost shalt be al in al: thou shalt bee the end of our desires: thou shalt bee looked vpon without ende: thou shalt be loued without lo­thing: thou shalt be praysed without wearinesse. Although loath somnesse bee wont to followe fulnesse: yet out fulnesse in the contemplation of thy pleasures shal bring with it no kinde at all of loathsomnesse. Satietie of ioyes shal be in the beholding of thee.Psal. 16 pleasures are on thy right hande foreuer, We shall be satisfied when wee arise after thine Image,Psal. 19 I meane in the resurrection.

O deare Father, shewe thy selfe vnto, vs, and wee aske no more. Oh graunt vs with thy Saints in euer­lasting life, to praise with perpetuall praises thy holy name. Happie then and happie againe were wee, if that [Page 230] daie were come that wee might sing with the Angels, Elders, and innu­merable thousands, a newe song, and say: Thou Christ Iesu which wast slain art worthy to receiue power, & riches, and wisedom, & strength, and honour, and glorie, and blessing.

In this blessed life all kinde of maladies, griefes, sorrowes, & euils be farre away, and all ful of al kinde of mirth, ioy, and pleasure. Oh that wee might see now a little with saint Iohn, that holy Citie new Ierusalem, descending from heauen, prepared of God as a bride trimmed for her hus­band. Oh that we might nowe some­thing heare the great voye speaking out of the throne: Behold the taber­nacle of God is with men, and hee will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and hee shall bee vnto them their GOD, hee will wipe away all [...]eares from their eies, and death shall [Page 231] bee no more, nor weeping, nor crying, nor sorrowe, for the former things are gone. I. B.

Another meditation of the blessed state and felicitie of the life to come.

THis body is but a prison, where­in the soule is kept, and that verilie not beautifull nor bright, but most foule and darke, disquiet, fraile, and filled vp with much vermine, and venemous vipers, (I meane it con­cerning our affections) standing in an aire most vnwholsome, & prospect most loathsome, if a man consider the excrementes of it by the eyes, nose, mouth, eares, hands, feete, and all the other partes. So that no Bocardo, no Little ease, no Dungeon, no Bishops prison, no Gatehose, no sinke, no pit, may be compared in any point to bee so euill a prison for the soule, as the [Page 232] bodies for and of the soule: where­through the children of God haue bin occasioned to crie & lament their long being in it. Oh saith Dauid, How long shall I lie in this prison, Oh wretch that I am (saith Paule) who shall deliuer mee out of this bodie of sinne: Which is in heauie burden to the soule, as the wise man saith. And the godly cry:Luke 2 Now let thy seruant de­part in peace. Psal. 1 43 Oh that I were dissol­ued & had put off this earthly & fraile Tabernacle. Take me vnto thee, and bring my soule out of this prison, that it may giue thankes vnto thee, O Lord, for so long as wee bee in this bodie, wee cannot see the Lord: yea, it is as an heauie habitation, and depresseth down sore the spirit from the famili­aritie which it self should haue with God. This word and life is an exile, a vale of misery, a wildernesse of it selfe, being voide of all vertues and [Page 333] necessarie for eternall life, full of e­nemies sorrowes, sighing, sobbinges gronings, raiseries, &c. In daunger to hunger, colde, heate, thirst, sores, sickenesse, tentations, trouble, death, and innumerable calamities, beeing momentanie, short, vnstable, and no­thing but vaine, and therefore is com­pared to a warfare, a womans tra­uaile, a shadowe, a smoake, a vapor, a worde, a storme, a tempest, in the which Gods people feele great mole­stations, griefes, and troubles, nowe of sathan himselfe, now of the world, now of their own flesh, & that so won­derfully, diuersly, dangerously; & con­trarily, that they are inforced to cry: O Lord, when shal we come and appear before thee, when shal this misery end? when shal we be deliuered out of this vale of miserie, out of this wildernesse, out of these continuall afflictions and most perilous seas.

[Page 234] But where thou art (Lorde and deare Father of mercy) there is not onely no prison, no dolours, no sor­rowe, no sighings, no teares, no sick­nesse, no hunger, no heate, no colde, no paine, no tentations, no displea­sure, no malice, no pride, no vnclean­nesse, no contention, no torments, no horrour, no sinne, no filth, no stinch, no dearth, no death, no weeping, no teares, no misery, no mischiefe: there is (I say) not only no such thing, or anie euill, noysome, or displeasant thing, but all libertie, all light, all pleasantnesse, all ioye, reioycing mirth, pleasure, health, welth, riches glorie, power, treasure, honor, tri­umphe, comforte, solace, loue, vni­tie, peace, concorde, wisedome, ver­tue, melodie, meekenesse, felicitie, beatitude, and al that euer can be wished or desired in most securitie, eternitie, and perpetuitie, that ma: [Page 235] bee thought not onely of man but of Angels, and Archangels, yea aboue all thoughts. The eie hath not seene the like, 1. Cor. 2 the eare hath not hearde, nor no hearte is able to conceiue in anie point, anie parte of the blisseful beati­tude which is with thee most deare Lorde and sauiour, most gracious God and comforter.

Where thou art, O blessed GOD, the Archangels, Angels, Thrones, Powers, Dominations, Cherubines Seraphins Patriarches, Prophets, Apostles, Martyrs, Virgins, Con­fessours, and righteous spirites cease not to sing night and day:Apo. 4 holy, holy, holy Lord God of Hoasts, honour, ma­iestie, glorie, power, empire, and domi­nion, be vnto thee. Oh God the crea­tour, O Lord Iesu the redeemer, O holy spirite the comforter. Apo [...] [...]

In recordation of this, O howe thy children reioyced Howe cōtemne [Page 236] they the pleasures of this worlde? How little esteeme they anie corpo­rall griefe or shame?Psal. 84How desire they to be with thee? Howe amiable are thy tabernacles, O Lorde GOD of hostes, say they? My soule hath a de­sire to enter into the Courtes of the Lorde my hearty and my soule reioy­ceth in the liuing GOD: blessed are they that dwell in thy house, that they maie bee alwaies praysing thee: For one daie in thy Courtes is better than a thousand elsewhere. I had rather be a doorekeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tentes of vngod­linessePsal. 42 for the Lorde God is a light and defence. And againe, Like as the Hart desire the water brookes, so longeth my soule after thee, O God. My soule is a thirst for God, yea euen for the li­uing God. When shall I come to ap­peare before the presence of God? My soule thirsteth for thee,Psal. 63 my soule also [Page 237] longeth after thee, in a barren and dry land where no water is.

They (thy children I meane O Lorde) desire the daie of that their redemption.Rom. 8 Still they crie, Let thy kingdome come. Apoc. 12 They crie, Come Lord Iesus, Phil. 3. They lift vp their heades looking for thy appearing, Oh Lorde which wilt make their vile bodies like to thine & owne glorious and im­mortall bodie. For when thou shalt appeare they shall bee like vnto thee. Thy Angels will gather them toge­ther,Mat. 24. and they shall meete thee in the cloudes, and bee alwayes with thee. They shall heare this ioyfull voyce: Come ye blessed of my father, possesse the kingdome prepared for you from the beginning.

Then shall they be like to thy An­gles. Then shall they be like vnto the Sonne in thy kingdome.Mat. 13. Then shall they haue crownes of glorie,Apoc. 7, [Page 238] and be indued with white garments of innocencie and righteousnesse, ha­uing palms of victory in their hands. Oh happy is he that may but see that immortall and incorruptible inheri­taunce, which they shall inioy for e­uermore, Amen. I. B.

A meditation of the presence of GOD.

THere is nothing that maketh more to true godlinesse of life, than the perswasion of thy presence (deare father) and that nothing is hid from thee, but all to thee is o­pen & naked, euen our very thoughts which one day thou wilt reueale and open either to our prayse or punish­ment in this life: as thou diddest Dauids faultes which he did secretly. 2. Keg. 12. or in the life to come Matth, 25. for nothing is so hid that [Page 139] shall not be reuealed? Therfore doth the Prophet saie: Woe to them that keepe their secret thoughts to hide their counsell from the Lorde, and doe their workes in darknesse, saying, who seeth vs?

Graunt mee therefore deare God, mercie for all my sinnes, especyallie my hid and close sinnes. Enter not into iudgemēt with mee, I humbly beseech thee, giue me to beleeue true­ly in the Christ, that I neuer come into iudgement for them, and that with Da [...]id I might so reueale thē vnto thee, that thou wouldest in thy great mercie couer them. And graunt further, that henceforth I may alwaies thinke my selfe con­tinually conuersane before thee, so that if I do well, I need not to passe of the publishing of it, as hypocrites [...]: If I think o do any euill, I may [...]th with know that the same shall [Page 204] not alwaies be hid from men.

Graunt mee that I may alwaies haue in minde that daie wherein the hid workes of darknesse shall be illu­minated, and also that sentence of thy sonne, that nothing is so secret which shall not be reuealed. So in trouble and wrong I shall finde comfort, and otherwise be kept through thy grace from euill, which doe thou worke I humbly beseech thee for Christs sake. I. B.

A meditation of the prouidence of God.

THis ought to bee vnto vs moste certaine, that nothing is done without thy prouidence,God worketh all in al, maruellously iustlie & holilie. (O Lord) that is, that nothing is done, bee it good or bad, sweete or sowre but by thy knowledge, that is, by thy will, wisedome, and ordinaunce, (for all this knowledge both comprehend [...] [Page 241] in it) as by thy holie worde wee are taught in many places: that euen ye life of a sparrow is not without thy wil, nor anie libertie or power vpon a porket haue all the diuels in Hell,Mat. 10. but by thy appontment and will:Math. 8. which will we alwaies must beleeue most assuredly to be al iust and good howsoeuer otherwise it seeme vnto vs: for thou art maruellous and not comprehensible in thy waies, & holy in all thy workes.

But hereunto it is necessarie also for vs to knowe no lesse certainlie,God worketh by meanes without meanes and a­gainst meanes. that though all thinges bee done by thy prouidence, yet the same proui­dence hath many & diuers meanes to worke by, which meanes beeing contemned, thy prouidence is con­temned, also. As for example, Meat is a meane to serue thy prouidence for the preseruation of health & life heere, so that he which contemneth [Page 242] to eate because thy prouidence is cer­taine and infallible, the same contem­neth thy prouidence.

In deede, if it were so that meate could not be had, then should we not tie thy prouidence to this meane, but make it free as thou art free, that is, that without meate thou canst helpe and giue health and life, for it is not of any neede that thou vsest any in­strument or meane to serue thy pro­uidence. Thy power and wisedome is infinite, and therefore shoulde wee hang on thy prouidence, euen, when all is cleane against vs. But for our crudition and infirmities sake, it hath pleased thee by meanes to worke and deale with vs heere, to exercise vs in obedience, and because we cannot else (so great is our corruption) sustaine thy naked and bare presence.

Graunt me therefore deere Father I humbly beseech thee for Christes [Page 243] sake, that as I somthing now know these things, so I may vse this knowledge to my comfort & commodity in thee: that is, grant that in what state soeuer I be, I may not doubt but the same doth come to mee by thy most iust ordinance, yea, by thy mercifull ordinance: for as thou art iust, so art thou mercifull: yea thy mercie is a­boue all thy workes.

And by this knowledge graunte me that I may humble my selfe to o­bey thee, & looke for thy helpe in time conuenient, not onely when I haue meanes by which thou maiest work and are so accustomed to do: but also when I haue no meanes, but am de­stitute thereof, yea, when al meanes be directlye and cleane against mee: grant I say, that I may yet stil hang vpon thee and thy prouidence, not doubting of a fatherly ende in thy good time.

[Page 244] Againe, least I should contemne thy prouidence, or presume vpon it, by vncoupling those thinges which thou hast coupled together: preserue mee from neglecting thy ordinary & lawfull meanes in all my needes, if so be I may haue them, & with good consciēce vse them, although I know thy prouidence bee not tied to them further than pleaseth thee: & graunt that I may with diligence, reue­rence and thankefulnes, vse them &, thereto my diligence, wisedome, and industrie in all thinges lawfull to serue thereby thy prouidence, if it so please thee: howbeit so that I hang in no parte on the meanes or on my diligence, wisedome, and industrie, but onely on thy prouidence: which more and more perswade mee to bee altogether fatherlie and good, how farre soeuer otherwise it appeare & seeme, yea, or else is felt of me. By [Page 245] this I being preserued from negli­gence on my behalfe, and despaire or murmuring towardes thee, shall be­come diligent and patient through thy meere and alone grace: which giue and increase in me, to the praise of thy holy name for euer, through Iesus Christ our Lorde and onelie Sauiour. Amen. I. B.

A meditation of Gods power, beauty, goodnesse, &c.

BEcause thou lord wouldest haue vs to loue thee, not onelie doest thou wil, entice, allure, and prouoke vs, but also doest commaund vs so to doe, promising thy selfe vnto such as loue thee, & threatning vs with dam nation if we do otherwise. Whereby we may see both our great corruptiō and naughtinesse, and also thine ex­ceeding great mercie towards vs.

First concerning our corruption [Page 246] and naughtinesse, what a thing is it, that power, riches, authority, beau­tie, goodnes, liberalitie, trueth, iustice (all which thou art good Lorde) can not mooue vs to loue thee? Whatso­euer things wee see faire, good, wise, mightie, are but euen sparkles of that power, beautie, goodnesse, wisedome, which thou art. For to the ende thou mightest declare thy riches, beautie, power, wisedome, goodnesse, &c. thou hast not onely made, but still doest conserue all creatures to be (as Da­uid saith of the heauens) declarers & setters foorth of thy glorie, and as a booke to teach vs to knowe thee.

How faire thou art, the beauty of the Sunne, Moone, Starres, lights, flowers, riuers, fieldes, hilles, birdes, beastes, men and all creatures, yea, the goodlie shape and forme of the whole world doth declare.

Howe mightie thou art, wee are [Page 247] taught by the creation of this world euen of nought, by gouerning the same, by punishing the wicked migh­tie Giants therof, by ouer throwing their deuises, by repressing the rages of the sea within her boundes, by stormes, tempestes & fires. These and such like declare vnto vs thine inuisible, almighty, & terrible power, wherby thou snbduest al things vnto thee.

Howe rich thou art, this worlde, thy great and infinite treasurehouse, doth well declare. What plentie is there not onelie of thinges, but also of euery kinde of thing? Yea, howe dost thou yearely and daily multiply these kinds? How many seeds dost thou make of one seede? Yea what great increase dost thou bring it vn­to? These cannot but put vs in re­membrance of the exceeding riches that thou hast. For if to thine ene­mies which loue the not (as the most [Page 248] part in this world be) if to them thou giuest so plentifully thy riches heere: what shall we thinke that with thy selfe thou hast laid vp for thy friends.

Howe good thou art, all creatures generally and particularly do teach. What creature is there in the world which thou haste not made for our commoditie? I wil not say how that thou mightest haue made vs crea­tures without sense or reason, if thou haddest woulde. But among all thinges, none doth so teach vs thy great loue towardes vs, as doth the death of thy most dearelie beloued sonne, who suffered the pains & ter­rors thereof,Iohn, 15. yea and of Hell it selfe. for our sakes. If this thy loue had been but a small loue, it would neuer haue lasted so long nor Christ should neuer haue died.

I. B.

A Meditation concerning the sober v­sage of the bodie, that it may be sub­iect and obedient to the soule.

THis our body which God hath made to bee the tabernacle and mansion of our soule for this life, if we consider it accordingly, we could not but vse it otherwise than we do: that is, we would vse it for the souls sake being the guest thereof, and not for the bodie it selfe, and so should it be serued in things to helpe, but not to hinder the soule. A seruant it is, & therefore it ought to obey & serue the soule, that the soule might serue God not as the body will, neither as the soule it selfe will, but as God will, whose wil we should learne to know and behaue our selues therafter. The which thing to obserue is harde for vs nowe: by reason of sinne which hath gotten a mansion house in our [Page 250] bodie, & dwelleth in vs as doth the soule. To the which (sinne I meane) wee are altogether of our selues in­clined, because we naturally are sin­ners and borne in sinne, by reason whereof wee are redie as seruantes to sinne, and to vse our bodies accor­dingly, making the soule to sit at re­ward, and pampering vp the seruant to our shame.

Oh therefore (good Lorde) that it would please thee to open this geare vnto mee, and to giue mee eies to consider effectually th [...]s my body what it is, namely a seruant lent for thee soule to soiourne in, and serue the in this life: yea it is by reason of sin that hath is dwelling ther, become nowe hto the soule nothing else, but a prison, and that most strait, vile, stin­king, filthy, and therefore in danger of miseries to many in al ages, times and places, till death haue turned it [Page 251] to dust whereof it came, and whither it shall returne, that the soule may re­turne to thee from whence it came, vntill th [...] day of iudgement come, [...] the which thou wilt raise vp that bo­die, that then it may be partaker with the soule, and the soule with it inse­parably of weale or woe, according to that is done in and by the same bo­die here now in earth.

Oh that I coulde consider often and heartily these things, then should I not pamper vp this body to obey it, but bridle it that it might obey the soule: then should I flie the paine it putt [...]t) my soule vnto by reason of sinne and prouocation to all euill, and continually desire the dissolution of it with Paule, and the deliuerance from it as much as euer did prisoner his deliuerance out of prison: for al­ [...]ely by it the Diuell hath a doore to tempt, and so to hurt mee: in it I am [Page 252] kept from thy presence, & thou from being so conuersant with me, as else thou wouldest be: by it I am restray­ned from the sense and feeling of all the ioyes and comfortes (in maner) which are to bee taken as ioyes and comfortes indeede. If it were dis­solued and I out of it, then coulde sathan no more hurt me, then woul­dest thou speak with me face to face, then the conflicting time were at an end, then sorrowe would cease, and ioy would increase, and would I en­ter into inestimable rest. Oh that I could consider this accordingly. I. B.

Another meditation concerning the sober vsage of this bodie and pleasure in this life.

The beginning of all euill in our kinde of liuing, springeth out of the deprauation and corruptnesse of our iudgement, because our will [Page 253] alwaies followeth that which reasō iudgeth to be followed. Nowe, that which euery man taketh to be friendly and agreeing to his nature, the same doth he iudge necessarily to be good for him, and to be desired. This is meate, drinke, apparel, riches, fa­uour, dignitie, rule, knowledge, and such like, because they are thought good & agreeing, either to the bodie or to the minde, or to both, for they helpe either to the cōuersation or to the pleasure of man accounted of e­uerie one amongst good things.

Howbeit, such is the weakenes of our wit on the one part, & the blind­nes and too much rage of our lustes on the other part, that wee being left to our selues, cannot but in the de­sire of things which we iudge good and agreeing to our nature, by the iudgement of our senses and reason, [...]e cannot (I say) but ouerpasse the [Page 254] boundes whereby they might be pro­fitable vnto vs, & so wee make them hurtful vnto vs, which of thēselues are ordained for our health.

What is more necessarie than meat and drinke, or more agreeing to na­ture, but yet how few be there which do not hurt themselues by them? In like maner it goeth with riches, estimation, friends, learning, &c. yea al­though wee be in these most tempe­rate, yet when there wanteth the spirite our regenerator, we ar so drow­ned in them, that we vtterly neglect to lift vp your minds to the good plesure of God, to the ende we might imitate and follow God our maker, by yeelding our selues ouer, dulie to vse his giftes to the common & pri­uate vtilitie of our neighbors.

But now, God only is life and e­ternitie, and cannot but demaund o [...] vs his handy woorke, that we should [Page 255] render our selues and al we haue, to the end wherefore wee were made, that is, to resemble for our portion, his goodnesse, as they which be no­thing else but witnesses and instru­ments of his mercie: So that when wee wholly doe naturally striue a­gainst that kind of life whereunto he hath created vs, by seeking alwaies our selues, what other thing ought to ensue, but that he should again de­stroy vs, and take away his notable gifts, wherwith he therfore indued vs, that by al kind of wel doing wee should resemble his image: yea what other thing may ensue, but that hee should leaue vs, and that eternally, that wee might feele and by experi­ence proue howe bitter a thing it is to leaue the Lord, in whome is all goodnes? Oh that I might therfore [...]nde such fauour in thy sight (deare father) that thou wouldest work in [Page 256] mee by thy holy spirite, a true know­ledge of all good thinges, heartie loue to ye same: through Christ Ie­sus our Lorde and onelie Sauiour, Amen. I. B.

A meditation of death, and the com­modities it bringeth.

VVHat other thing doe we day­lie in this present life, but heape sinne vpon sinne, and hoorde vp trespasse vpon trespasse? so that this day is w [...]rse alwaies then ye­sterday by increasing, as daies, so sins and therefore thy indignation, good Lord, against vs: but when we shall be let out of the prison of this body, and so taken into thy blessed com­panie, then shall we be in most safe­tie of immortalitie and saluation, then shal come vnto vs no sickenesse, no neede, no paine no kind of euil to soule or bodie, but whatsoeuer good [Page 257] we can wish, that shall we haue, and whatsoeuer wee loath, shall be farre from vs. O deare father, yt wee had faith to behold these thinges accor­dingly, O that our hearts were per­swaded thereof, and our affections inflamed with the desire of them.

Then should we liue in longing for that which now wee must loath. Oh helpe vs, and graunt that wee beeing ignorant of thinges to come and of the time of our death (which to thee is certayne) may so loue & finish our iourney here, that we may be readie, and then depart when our departing may make most to thy glorie, & our comfort through Christ.

What is this life but a smoke, a vapour, a shadowe, a warre farre, a bubble of water, a worde, grasse, a flower? That thou shalt die, it is most certaine, but the time no man can tell when. The longer in this life [Page 258] thou doest remayne, the more thou sinnest: which wil turne to thy more paine. By cogitation of death our mindes be often in maner oppressed with darkenesse, because we doe but remember the night of the body, for­getting the light of the minde & of the resurrection.

Hereto remēber the good thinges that after this life shall insue with­out wauering in certaintie of faith, and so shall the passage of death bee more desired It is like a sailing ouer the sea to thy home and countrie, it is like a medicine or purgation to ye health of soule & body: it is the best Phisition: it is like to a womans trauell. For as the childe being de­liuered commeth into a more large place, than the womb where in it did lie before: so thy soule being deliue­red out of the bodie, commeth into a much more large and faire place [Page 259] euen vnto heauen.

A meditation vpon the passion of our Sauiour Iesus Christ.

OH Lorde Iesus Christ, ye sonne of the euerliuing God, by whom all things were made, and bee ru­led and gouerned: thou the liuely I­mage of the substance of the Father the eternall wisedome of God, the brightnesse of his glorie, GOG of God, light of light, coequall, coeter­nall and substantiall with the fa­ther: thou which of the loue thou hadst to mankinde, when hee was fallen from the fellowshippe of God into the society of Sathan and al e­uil, didst vouchsafe for our redemp­tion, to become a mediator betweene God & man, taking to thy godheade our nature, as concerning the sub­stance of it, and so becamest man al­so the heire of all, and most merciful [Page 260] Messias, which by the power of thy Godheade and merites of thy man­hoode, hast made purgation of our sinnes, euen by thine own selfe, whi­lest thou wast heere on earth, beeing nowe set on the right hand of thy fa­ther for vs, euen concerning our na­ture, in maiesty, glory & power infi­nite, I praie and humblie beseech thy mercy to graunt mee at this present to reherse some of thy passions & suf­ferings for mee the last night yt thou wast here before thy death, that thy good spirit might therby be effectuall to worke in me faith, as well of the pardon of my sinnes by them, as mortification of mine affections, comfort in my crosses, and patience in afflic­tions Amen.

In the midst of thy last Supper with thy deere apostles, these things coulde not but bee before thee, name­ly that they all woulde leaue thee, [Page 261] the most earnest woulde forsweare thee, and one of the twelue shoulde most trayterously betray thee▪ which were no smal crosses vnto thee. Iudas was admonished of thee to beware, but when he tooke no heede, but wil­fully went out to finish his worke, contemning thy admonition & coun­sell: hee coulde not but vexe thy most louing heart.

After supper there was contention amongest thy Disciples, who should bee greatest after thee, yet dreaming carnally of thee and thy kinkdome, & hauing this affection of pride & ambi­tion busie amongest them notwith­standing thy diligence in reprouing and teaching them.

After thy admonition to them of the crosse that would come, therby to make them more vigilant, so grosse were they, that they thought they coulde with their two swordes put [Page 264] away all perils, which was no little greefe vnto thee. After thy comming to Gethsemane, heauines pressed thee and therefore thou wouldest thy dis­ciples to pray. Thou didst tell to Pe­ter and his fellowes, that thy harte was heauie to death. Thou diddest will them to pray, being carefull for them also least they should fall into temptation. After this thou wentest a stons cast from them, & diddest pray thy selfe, falling flat & goueling vp­on the earth: but (alas) thou feltest no comfort▪ & therefore thou camest to thy Disciples (which of all others were most sweete & deere vnto thee) but loe▪ to thy further discomfort they passe neyther of thy perils, nor of the [...]r owne, and therefore sleepe apace.

After thou hadst awaked them, thou goest againe to pray, but thou foundest no comfort at al, and there­fore [Page 263] diddest returne againe for some cōfort at thy dearest friends hands. But yet againe (alas) they are fast a sleepe. Wherupon thou art inforced to goe againe to thy heauenly father for some sparke of comfort in these thy wonderfull crosses and agonies. Now, here thou wast, so discouraged & so comfortlesse, that euen streams of bloude came running from thine eies and eares, and other partes of thy bodie. But who is able to ex­presse the infinitenesse of thy crosse euen at thy being in the garden? Al which thou sufferedst for my sake, as ye l to sa [...]is [...]ie thy fathers wrath for my sins, as also to sanctifie al my sufferings, the more gladly to be su­steined for mee.

After thy bloody prayer thou ca­mest & yet againe foundest thy dis­ciples a sleepe, & before thou canst well awake them, loe, Iudas com­meth [Page 264] with a great bande of men to apprehende thee as a theefe, and so doth, leading thee away bound to y high Bishops house Annas, and so from him to Caiphas. Heere now to augment this thy misery, behold thy disciples fly from thee: false witnes­ses be brought against thee: thou art accused and condemned of blasphe­mie: Peter euen in thy sight forswea­reth thee: thou art vniustly stricken for answering lawfullie: thou art blindfold, striken and buffeted al the whole night in the bishop Caiphas house of their seruants.

In the morning betimes thou art condemned againe of the Priests of blaspemie, and therefore they bring thee before the seculiar power to Pi­late, by whome thou art openly ar­raigned as other theeus & malefac­tors were: and when hee sawe that thou wast accused of malice, yet hee [Page 265] did not dismisse thee, but did send thee to Herod, where thou was shamefully derided in comming and going to him and from him al the way, especi­ally after Herod had apparelled thee as a foole.

Afore Pilate againe therefore, thou wast brought and accused falsely: no man did take thy parte, or speake a good word for thee.

Pylate caused thee to bee whipped and scourged, and to be handled most pittifully, to see if any pittie might appeare with yu prelates, but no man at all pitied thee.

Barrabas was preferred before thee, all the people, heade and taile was against thee, and cryed hang him vp, Vniustly to death was thou iudged thou was crowned with thornes y pierced thy braines: thou wast made a mocking stock [...]: thou wast reueiled, beaten and most miserably handled.

[Page 266] Thou wentest through Ierusalem to the place of execution, euen to the Mount of Caluarie: a great crosse to hang thee on, was laid vpō thy back to beare and drawe as long as thou was able.

Thy body was racked to be nay­led to the tree, thy hands were boa­red through, & thy feete also, nailes were put through them to fastē thee thereon: thou wast hanged between heauen & earth, as one spued out of heauen, & vomited out of the earth. vnworthie of any place: the high Priest laughed thee to scorne, the Elders blasphemed thee, and saide God hath not care for thee, the com­mon people laughed and cried out vpon thee, thirst oppressed thee, but Vinegar onely and gall was giuen thee to drink: heauē shined not vpon thee: the Sunne gaue thee no light: y earth was afraid to beare thee: sa­than [Page 267] tempted thee, and thine owne senses caused thee to crye out: My God my God, why hast thou forsaken mee? Oh wonderful passions, which thou sufferedst. In them thou tea­chest mee: in them thou comfortest mee: for by them God is my father: my sinnes are forgiuen. By them I should learne to feare God, to loue God, and neuer to leaue him for any temptations, but with thee to crie: Father into thy handes I commende my spirite.

A prayer to Christ crucified.

AS thou, O Lorde was crucified for me: so I beseech thee crucifie me with thee, that I may rise again with thee to euerlasting life. Thy flesh was crucified for mee: crucifie with thee: (O CHRIST) the kingdome of the fleshe, which hath dominion in mee, that I may put off the old Adam, and by newenesse of [Page 268] life may bee transformed into thee the seconde Adam, sinne, infidelitie, and the whole tyrannie of Sathan being vanquished and ouercome.

Bring to passe (O Lorde) that by thy crosse and payneful suffering, thy yoake may be to me made light, and thy burthen easie, that willingly and gladly following thee, I may come whither thou art gone: that is, to thy father most blessed and immortall, from whome nothing shall afterward be able to seperate vs.

God forbid that I shoulde reioyce in anie thing, but in the crosse of our Lorde Iesus Christ, wherby the world is crucified vnto mee, and I vnto the world. Gal. 6.

A Prayer to Christ ascended and raigning in glorie.

OH good Christ, our first begot­ten brother and tender hearted [Page 169] Ioseph, Oh naturall Sonne of that Father, to whome we are made Children of adoption through thee, Oh our head raigning on high in glorie, forget not vs thy poore mem­bers heere on earth, whereunto aba­sing thy selfe thou camest downe and sufferedst for vs most cruell death. Out of this thy throne of Maiesty & glore, thou puttest vs in assured hope and confidence that wee also shall at­tayne to that blessed place, whither thou art gone before to take possession for vs. Oh our strōg tower of defence and succour, what can hurt vs nowe trusting in thee? Most vnhappie are they which are ignorant of thee. Most happy are they, which alwaies behold thee. Blessed are they which haue knowne thee heere in the dayes of their mortalitie: But more bles­sed are they which see thee in the heauens, and shall see thee reigning [Page 270] with thy father in ioyes incompa­rable. Oh Lorde the onelie ioye and comfort of our souls, shew vs thy lo­uing countenance, embrace vs with the armes of thy mercie: receiue vs O good Ioseph, thy younger brethrē with the kisse of comfort powre into our hearts thy holy spirite: pluck vs vp from the earth & earthly things: open our eies and lift them vp vnto thee: open thy mouth & call vs vnto thee: open our eares that wee may heare thee so that whatsoeuer we do speake or thinke, it may bee directed vnto thee alone our redeemer, medi­ator and aduocate.

If ye be risen againe with Christ, seeke the thinges which are aboue, where Christ sitteth at the right hand of God: set your affection on thinges that are aboue, and not on thinges which are on earth. Col. 3.


THou Lord diddest put away Ma­rie Magdalen from the kissing of thy feete, because thy flesh was not yet exalted, and she knew not yet the dignitie of thy clarified bodie, and beautified with the glorie of immor­talitie, but was addicted only to thy bodily presence.

She yet sought the liuing among the dead, neither was it knowne to her that thou was equall with thy father. Wherfore thou wouldest not suffer her so much as to kisse thy feet:Luke. 14. because it was a thing vnwor­thy for thy maiesty. Oh thou mighty Lion of the tribe of Iuda: thou con­querour of hel and death, euerliuing and immortall, thou art nowe risen from death for vs: thou art now as­cended to thy father and our father, and sittest at his right hand in glo­rie: suffer vs to come neere vnto thee [Page 272] that wee may kisse thee: yea, Lorde, thou louer of our soules come thou rather vnto vs,Gan. 1. and kisse vs with the kisse of thy mouth, that wee may bee glad and reioyce in thee, drawe vs that wee may runne after the sauour of thy sweete oyntments: that wee may behold thee in righteousnesse, and when thy glorie shall appeare wee may bee satisfied,Psal. 17. for in thy pre­sence there is fulnesse of ioy, and in thy right hande there are pleasures for euermore. [...]. 16

A prayer for true repentance.

MOst gratious God and merci­full father of our Sauiour Ie­sus Christ, because I haue sinned & done wickedlie, & through thy good­nesse haue receiued a desire of repen­taunce, whereunto this thy long [...] suffering doth drawe my hard heart [...] [Page 273] I beseech thee for thy great mercies sake in Christ, to worke the same re­pentaunce in mee, and by the spirite, power and grace, so to humble, mor­tifie and feare my conscience for my sinnes to saluation, that in thy good time thou maiest comfort and quickē me again, through Iesus Christ thy dearely beloued sonne, So be it. I. B.

A prayer for the strength and in­crease of faith.

O Merciful God and deare father of our Lorde & Sauiour Iesus Christ (in whome as thou art well pleased, so hast thou commaunded vs to heare him) for as much as hee often biddeth vs to aske of thee, and also promiseth that thou wilt heare vs and graunt vs that which in his name we shall aske of thee: loe gracious father wee are bold to beg of thy mercie through thy sonne Ie­sus Christ one sparkle of true faith [Page 274] and certaine perswasion of thy goodnesse & loue towardes vs in Christ, where through I being assured of ye pardon of all my sins by the mercies of Christ thy sonne may be thankful to thee, loue thee, a serue thee in ho­linesse and righteousnes al the daies of my life. I. B.

A prayer for the true sense and feeling of Gods fauour and mercie in Christ.

OH Lorde God and deare Father, what shall I say that feele all thinges to bee (in manner) with mee as in the wicked? blind is my mind, crooked is my will, and peruerse con­cupiscence is in mee, as aspring or stinking puddle. O howe fainte is faith in mee? How little is my loue to thee or to thy people? How greate is selfe loue? Howe harde is my heart? By the reason whereof I am [Page 275] mooued to doubt of thy goodnesse to­wardes mee, whether thou art my mercifull father, and whether I bee thy childe or [...]. In deede worthily might I doubt: of that the hauing of these were the cause, and not the [...] rather of thy children. The [...] why thou art my father is thy mercie goodnesse, grace and trueth in Christ Iesus which cannot but re­maine for euer. In respect whereof thou haste borne me this good will, to bring me into thy Church by bap­tisme, and to accept me into the num­ber of thy children, that I might bee holy, faithfull, obedient and innocent and to cal me diuers times vp the ministerie of thy worde into thy king­dome: besides thy innumerable other benefites, alwayes hitherto powred vpon mee, All which thou hast done of this thy good will which thou of thine owne mercie barest to mee in [Page 276] Christe, and for Christe, before the world was made. The which thing as thou requirest straitely that I should beleeue without doubting, so wouldest thou that in all my needes I should come vnto thee as vnto a Father, and make my mo [...]e without mistrust of being heard in thy good time, as most shall make to my com­fort. Loe therefore to thee deare Fa­ther, I come through thy sonne our Lorde, mediator and aduocate Iesus Christ, who sitteth on thy right hand making intercession for mee, and pray thee of thy great goodnesse and mercy in Christ to bee mercifull vnto mee, that I may feele in deede thy sweete mercie as thy childe. The time (Oh deare Father) I appoint not, but I praie thee, that I may with hope f [...]ll expect and looke for thy helpe. I hope that as thou for a little while hast left mee, so thou wilt come and visit mee. [Page 277] and that in thy great mercie, wherof I haue neede by reason of my great miserie.

Thou art wont for a little season in thine anger to hide thy face from them whom thou louest, but surelie (O Redeemer) in eternal mercies thou wilt shew thy compassions. For when tho [...]eauest vs O Lord, thou doest▪ not leaue vs verie long, ney­ther doest thou leaue vs to our own losse, but to our lucre & aduantage: men that thy holy spirite with big­ger portion of thy power and vertue may lighten and cheere vs, that the want of feeling of our sorrow, maye to recompensed plentifully with the liue y sen [...]e of hauing thee to our e­ternal ioy: & therefore thou swarest that in thine euerlasting mercy thou wilt haue compassion on vs. Of which thing, to the ende we might bee most assured, thine oth is to bee [Page 278] marked, for th [...]n say [...]st [...]: As I haue sworne, that I will neuer bring anie more the waters to drowne the world: Esaie 54 So haue I sworne that I wil neuer more bee angrie with thee▪ nor [...] thee. The mou [...]t [...] [...] shall [...], & the hilles shall fall down [...], but my lo­uing kindnesse shall not mooue: and the bond of my peace shall not faile thee. Thus saiest thou, the Lord our mer­cifull redeemer.

Deare Father, therfore I praie thee remember, euen for thine owne trueth and mercie sake, this promise and euerlasting couenaunt, which in thy good time. I may thee to write in my hart, that I may know thee to bee the onely true God, and Iesus Christ whom thou hast sent; that I may loue thee with all my heart for euer: that I may loue thy people for thy sake▪ that I may bee holie in thy sight through Christ, that I [Page 279] may alwaies not onely striue against sin, but also ouercome the same day­ly more and more, as thy children do, aboue al things des [...]ring the sanctifi­cation of thy name, the comming of thy kingdome, the doing of thy will heere on earth as it is in heauen, &c. throguh Iesus Christ our redeemer, mediator, and aduocate. Amen. I. B.

A praier against our spirituall ene­mies, the diuell the world and the flesh.

O Lorde God, the diuell goeth a­bout like a roring Lyon, see­king whome hee may deuoure: the flesh lusteth against the spirite, the worlde perswadeth vnto vanities, y we may forget thee our Lord God, & so for euer ve damned. Thus are we miserably on euery [...] befet and [...] [...]eged of cruell a vnrestful, enemies [Page 280] and like euerie momente to perish, if we be not defended with thy godly power against their tyrannie. Wee therefore poore and wretched sinners despayring of our owne strength, which indeede is none, most heartily praie thee to indue vs with strength from aboue, that wee may bee able through thy helpe, with strong faith to resist Sathan, with feruent praier to mortifie the lustes of the fleshe, with continual meditation of thy holie lawe, to auoide the foolish vani­ties and transitorie pleasures of this wicked worlde: y through thy grace wee beeing set at libertie from the power of these our mortall enemies, may serue thee heere in true holinesse and righteousnes, and after be parta­kers of the euerlasting ioyes prepared for thy children, which as they are great and vnspeakeable, so are there fewe that doe inioy them. For straite [Page 288] is the way, and narrowe is the gate that leadeth therunto, and few there be that find it. Notwithstanding (O God) thou hast a litle flock to whom it is thy pleasure to giue that ioyfull kingdome: whose names are written in the booke of life. Make vs there­fore of that nūber, for Iesus christes sake, & place vs amongest those thy sheepe which shal stand on thy right hande to receiue that blessed inheri­taunce, and dwel with thee for euer­more.

A prayer for present helpe in tentation.

DEare father, to whom it is more easie to doe all thinges, then for mee to thinke anie one goodthing: Loe, doe thou but speake a worde, and thy deadlie sicke seruaunte my sonle, shall be made whole. Helpe (O Lorde) for the great mercy sake, [Page 282] for thy trueth sake, and for thy deare sonne Iesus Christs sake, & set thy sterngth suffice against my weake­nesse, and the holy-spirit against my sinfull flesh and olde man.

Thou art faithfull (O Father) who hast promised that I shall not bee tempted further, than thou wilt make me able to beare. Giue nowe therefore thy grace and strength vn­to thy seruaunt, that I may with a strong faith in thy in fallible trueth & promised mercie, vanquish and sub­du whatsoeuer rebelleth against thy most blessed will. Preserue and keepe holie my soule and bodie: and let them not bee defiled and made a dangeon of diuels & wicked spirits through delectation in sinne. Behold deare Father, the postes thereof are sprinkled with ye precious bloud of thy deare son, and of thy great mercy that are made the temple and taber­nacle [Page 283] of thy holy spirit. Shall nowe (alas) the Diuell, the worlde, or the flesh, plucke from thee that thing which presently cryeth to thee with assured tr [...]st in thy promised helpe? Nay father, but graunt that I may by thy mightie power, turne al their crafts, decrits, and raging assaultes vnto the increase of my faith, and that by experience of thy fatherlie assi­stance in this my present temptation, I may with assured hope and trust in thy readie helpe and comfort, ouer­came my saide enimies heereafter in like assaults, & prayse thy holy name for the victory through Iesus Christ our Lord.

My sonne, if thou wilt come into these rule of the Lorde, stande fast in righteousnes & feare, and prepare thy soule to tentation.’Eccles. 2.

Remedies against sinfull motions and tentations.

First remember that sinne is so hai­nous a thing, that God by his iustice might worthilie damne thee for the same, and is therefore to bee abhorred as a sweete poyson, a flattering death & destruction of the soule, which woulde cut thee off from God thy Sauiour, and make thee a bondslaue to Sathan thy deadlie enemie.

Auoide therefore euen at the first the occasions thereof, & betimes quash out the braines of the childrē of Baby­lon against the hard stones, whiles yet they bee young and weake, least when they be growne elder & stronger, they dash thee to peeces.

And for remedie against the same, flee vnto God who commandeth thee to call vpon him in thy troubles, and promiseth to deliuer thee, and wil not [Page 285] suffer thee to be further tempted than hee will make away out, whereby thou shalt escape: and doubt not, but he that causeth thee to hate the sinne which thy nature is to loue, will deliuer thee also from the daunger thereof, and make thee to triumphouer Sathan, to his confusion, to Gods glorie, and thy great comfort: which are causes that our tender louing father sendeth ten­tations vnto vs: & he that is not temp­ted, what is he?

Nowe after thou hast obtained the victory, remember two thinges: first to giue most heartie thankes to God for his grace and assistance, whereby thou hast ouercome, and bee not vn­thankefull in anie wise: and then that hee who continually goeth about like a roring Lion, seeking whome he maie deuoure, wil not be long or farre away from thee, but will attempt againe the same or as euill waies to ouercome [Page 286] thee. Watch therefore and praye.

A prayer for the auoiding of Gods heauie wrath and venge­ance for our sins.

OH Lord God strong and mighty great and feareful which dwel­lest in the heauens, and workest great wonders, we thy miserable children heere vpon earth do most humbly be­seech thee to be mercifull vnto vs, to pardon our offences, and to forgiue vs all our sinnes. O Lord, enter not into iudgement with thy seruantes, for if thou doe, there shall no flesh bee saued in thy sight.

Wee confesse and acknowledge, O Lorde, that it is our sinnes, which hath moued thee to wrath, and to shewe such fearefull tokens of thy displeasure towardes vs in these our daies: first with fire from heauen, [Page 287] betokening thy hote burning iud g­nation and wrathful displeasure for sinne, which aboundeth at this day: then with such horrible and mon­strous shatmpes against nature, as wer neuer seen heere in our daies, nor in any time before vs, which doe beto­ken to vs none other thing, but thy plagues to come vpon vs for our de­generate & monstrous life and con­uersation▪ and now besides all this, by great mortalitie, plague, and pe­ [...]ilence thou hast terribly threatned vs, fatherly warned vs, and merci­ [...]ully called vs to repentance. The axe is set to the roote of the tree, and if wee bee not as rotten members without all sense and feeling, wee may perceiue our carefull destructi­on and desolation to bee at hande, (vnlesse wee speedilie repente and [...]arne vnto thee) because wee haue [...]ene so long taught out of thy most [Page 288] holy and sacred worde, and yet no fruites of repentance or Christian life will appeare.

Woe and alas to these our daies, that neither preaching by word most comfortable, nor preaching by fire most terrible, nor preaching by mon­sters most straunge and ouglie, nei­ther yet by plagues and pestilence most horrible, will stirre by our sto­nie heartes, and awake from our sinnes.

Wee feare (O Lorde) that the Turkes with all the rest of the vn­beleeuing will condemne vs in the lust day: which if they had bin so lōg instructed by the comfortable prea­ching of thy word, & sweet promises of thy Gospell, or seene the won­ders which we haue seene, no doubt their righteousnes would haue shi­ned at this day, to our greate shame and confusion, thou hast no lesse [Page 289] [...] vs (O Lorde) of thy feare­full displeasure & heauy plagues at hand for our great wickednes, than thou diddest the Israelites of that horrible destruction which came vpon them, whome thou first in mercie diddest cal to repentāce by the prea­ehinge of thy worde: but when no warning would serue, thou diddest sende them monstrous and fearefull [...]gnes and tokens, to declare that thy vis [...]ation was not far off. But they like vnto vs at this day, did alwaies interpret these things after the ima­gination of their own vaine hearts, promising to themselues peace, whē [...] struction was ouer their heades.

Which things when we do cal to minde (for asmuch as they are writ­ten for our learning, Example and warning) it maketh vs to tremble and quake for feare of thy iust iudge­ments. For if thou hast thus dealt [Page 290] with thine owne deare) and those [...] children, in take of thy great wrath against sinne: what shall wee looke for who doe no lesse deserue thy fear­full scourge (for of mercie it is that thou doest thus long forbeare: vs) and liue as though there were no God at all to be reuenged vppon our sinnes? It maketh vs to feare & crye inwardly in our soules: Come Lorde Iesu, A [...]oc. 22 holy and true in all thy doings, & shorten our dais: bring this our pil­grimage to an eude: suffer vs not to heape sinne vpon sin vntil the day of vengeance, least wee be caught vp a­mongest the number of the wicked & reprobate: which shall neuer fee thy louing countenance.

It maketh vs to cry to thee (O Lorde) Let thy kingdome come, and end this our sinfull life, wherein we doe nothing but prouoke thee to wrath.

[Page 191] Correct vs not O Lorde,Psal. 6 in thine in­dignation, neither chasten vs in thy heauie displeasure. And though to vs belongeth nothing but shame & con­fusion, though our offences haue de­serued to be visited with the rod,Psal. 89. and our sinnes with scourges, yet in mercie Lord, & with fatherlie correction, cha­sten vs, and thy louing kindnesse take not away from vs.Psal. 57 To thee wee flie for succour, vnder the wings of thy mer­cie shall be our refuge, vntil thou turne thy wrathfull countenaunce from vs. Wee knowe that thy mercie is aboue all thy workes,Eccle. 2. and euen as greate as thy selfe: Therefore will wee saie with holie Iob, Though thou kill vs, yet will wee put our whole trust in thee.Iob. 13

Thou camest to comfort & plucke out of the dungeon of Hell, such wretches as wee are. Thou art the good Samarican that camest to heale [Page 292] our deadlie woundes: thou art that good Phisition that camest to cure our mortall, infirmities:Luke 15 thou art the good Shepheard that camest to seeke vs wandring & lost sheepe,Ephe. 5, to bring vs to thy sold againe: and more than that,Esaie, 53 thou art our brother: flesh of our flesh, & bone of our bones, which hast tasted of our infirmities, felt our temptations, & borne the burden of our sinnes: therefore at thy hands we looke for mercie against the day of vengeance. And though thou punish vs, yet our hope is & euer shal be that thy rodde shall no further touch vs, than shall make to thy glorie, our cō ­moditie, and the strengthening & in­crease of our faith.

Let this thy Preaching sundrie wayes (O Lord) be sufficient for our warning, and graunt that wee maye speedily and from the bottome of our heartes repent, endeuour to doe thy [Page 390] righteous and blessed will reuealed in worde, and frame our liues ac­cording to the same, that wee maie here liue in thy feare al the dayes of our life, & after this our sinful course is ended, may dwel with thee in thy blessed kingdome, through the death & merites of Iesus Christ our one­ly redemer. So be it.

Another prayer for the auoy­ding of Gods deserued wrath han­ging ouer vs for our sinnes.

VVHen wee looke backe and be­holde our sinnefull life past, what a dungeon of errours, vice and wickednes openeth himself vnto vs: So that there is no mā but he must needs be ashamed of himself whē he calleth to mind what he hath bin: & trembleth when he conf [...]aereth the wickednes [...]S sinful course of his [Page 294] life to come: for who shall vndertake that the rest of our a [...]fe shall bee anie better than is past? Howe can wee then sufficientlie magnifie: & prayse thy great mercy which hast deferred thy punishment so long? Beholding therfore this our dangerous & mise­rable state, wee come vnto thee (O thou great and mightie Iudge) in trembling & feare, humbly beseech­ing thee not to heape vpon vs thy de­serued vengeance, but let thy tender kindnesse & loue thou dearest to Ie­sus Christ thy Sonne our gracious Lord & redeemer, couer our iniqui­ties: for whose sake (though wee de­serue al extremity) thou doest pardon vs.

If thou Lord shalt straitly marke our iniquities, O Lorde, who shall bee able to abide it? psal. 103.

A prayer to be saide of all such as suffer any kinde of crosse.

ALmighty God, king of al kings, and gouernour of all thinges, whose power no treasure is able to resist; to whom it belongeth iustly to punish sinners; and to be mercifull vnto them that truly repent: we con­fesse thou doest most iustly punish vs for vnto haue u [...]ously finned a­gainst thee, and wee acknowledge that in punishing vs thou doest de­clare thy selfe to be our most merciful father, aswell because thou doest not punish vs in any thing as we haue deserued, as also because by puni­shing vs thou doestcal vs, and (as it were) drawe vs to increase in repen­tance it fayth, in prayer, in contem­ [...]ing of the world, and in heartie d [...] ­ [...]ing for euerlasting life & thy bles­s [...] presence,

[...] therefore gracious [...] [Page 269] Lorde thankefully to acknowledge thy great mercy, which hast thus fa­uourablie dealt with vs, in punish­ing vs, not to our confusion, but to our amendement. And seeing thou hast sworne that thou wilt not the death of a sinner, but that hee turne and liue, haue mercie vpon vs, and turne vs vnto thee, for thy dearelie be oued Sonne Iesus Christs sake, whom thou wouldest should be made a slayne sacrifice for our sins: there­by declaring thy great and vnspeak­able anger, against sinne, and thyne infinite mercy towardes vs sinnefull wretches.

And for asmuch as the dulnesse, blindnes, & corruption of our hearts is such, that we are not able to arise vp vnto thee by faithful and heartie prayer according to our great neces­sitie without thy singular grace and assistaunce, graunt vnto vs gracious Lord, thy holy and sanctifying spi­rite, [Page 297] to worke in vs this good work, with grace to weigh and cons [...]r the neede and greatnesse of that we doe desire, and with an assured faith & trust that thou wilt graunt vs our requestes, because thou are good and pracious, [...]uē to young Raunes cal­ling vpon thee, much more then to before whō thou hast made al things yea, and hast not: spared also thyne than deare Sonne, because thou hast commaunded vs to call vppon thee: because thy throne wherto we come, is a throne of grace and mercie, be­cause thou hast giuen vs a mediator Christ to bring vs vnto thee beeing the way by whome we come, being the doore by whom we enter, and be­ing our head on whom we hang, and hope, yt our poore petitions shall not be in vayne, through him and for his names sake.

Wee beseech thee therefore of thy rich mercie, wherein thau art plēti­full [Page 298] to al them that call vpon thee, is forgiue vs our sinnes, namely, our vnthankefulnesse; vnbeleef; self loue, neglect of thy worde, security, hypo­crisie; cōtempt of thy long suffering omission of prayers, doubting of thy power, presence, mercy and good [...] towardes vs, vnsensible, of thy grace, [...]patience, [...]c, & to (this thy benefit ofim correcting vs, adde thy gracious gift of repentance, sayth the spirit of prayer:e the contempt of this worlde, and heartie desiring [...] for euerlasting life. In due vs with thy holy spirit according to thy co­uenant and mercy, a [...]el to assure vs of pardon; and that thou [...] accept vs in thy fauour as thy [...] chil­dren in Christ & for his sake, as to write thy same in our hearts, & [...] to worke in vs, that wee may nowe begin and go forwarde in beleeuing [...]uing, fearing, obeying, praying▪ [Page 299] hoping a seruing thee, as thou doest require most fatherly & most iustire of vs, accepting vs as perfect in thy light, through Iesus Christ our lord [...]men.

A Praier of the afflicted for the profession of Gods worde.

O Gracious God, which seekest almeanes possible, how to bring [...]y children into the feeling and [...]re sence of thy mercie, and therfore then prosperity wil not serue, then [...]ndest thou aduersity, graciously cor­ [...]ting them heere whom thou wilt [...] elsewhere to liue with thee for­ [...]er; we poore wretches giue hūble [...]aises & thanks to thee, yt thou hast [...]ched vs worthy of thy correctiō at [...] presēt, hereby to worke yt which [...] in prosperity & liberty did neglect. [Page 300] For the which neglecting and many other our greeuous sinnes, whereof we now accuse our selues before thee (Most mercifull Lorde) thou ough­test most iustly haue giuen vs ouer, and destroied vs both in soule & bo­dy. But such is thy goodnes towards vs in Christ, that thou seekest to forget all our offences, and as though we were far otherwise than we bee indeed, thou wilt that we should suf­fer this crosse now layd vppon vs for thy trueth and Gospels sake, and so be thy witnesses, with thy Prophets, Apostles, Martyrs, and Confessors, yea, with thy dearely beloued Sonne Iesus Christ: to whome thou doest now heere beginne to fashiō vs like, that in his glorie we may be like to him also.

O good God, what are we on wh [...] thou shouldest shew this great mer­cie? Oh louing Lord, forgiue vs our vnthankefulnesse, and sinnes. Oh [Page 301] faithfull Father, giue vs thine holie spirite nowe to crie in our heartes, Abba deare father: to assure vs of our eternall election in Christ: to reueale more and more thy truth vnto vs: to confirme, strengthen, and stablish vs in the same, that wee may liue & die in it as vessels of thy mercy, to the glorie, and to the commoditie of thy Church. Indue vs with the spirite of thy wisedom, that with good con­science we may alwaies so aunswere the enimies in thy cause, as may turn to their conuersion or confusion, and our vnspeakable consolatiō in Christ Iesus: for whose sake wee bes [...]che thee hence foorth to keepe vs, to giue vs patience, and to will no otherwise for deliuerance or mitigation of our misery, than may stand alwaies with thy good pleasure and mercifull will towards vs.

Graunt this deare father, not one­ly [Page 302] to vs in this place, but also to all others elsewhere, afflicted for thy names sake, through the death and merites of Iesus Christ our Lorde Amen, I. B.

A praier to God the Father, the Sonne and the holie Ghost.

O Almighty and euerliuing God, the eternall Father of our Lord Iesus Christ, which of thy vnmea­surable goodnes hast opened thy self vnto vs, and with a loude voyce hast saide of thy sonne Iesus Christ our Lorde, Heare him. O maker and pr [...]seruer of all thinges, with thy coe­ternall sonne our Lorde Iesus christ which raigneth with thee, and was manifested in Ierusalem, & with thy holie spirit, which was powred vp­on the Apostles: O wise God, mer­cifull Iudge, and mightie Lorde, which hast saide. As truelie as I liue [Page 303] I will not the death of a sinner, but ra­ther that he should conuert and amēd: which also haste saide: Call vppon me in the day of trouble, and I will de­liuer thee, haue mercie vpon vs for Iesus Christes sake, whome thou wouldest of thy meruailous & in­comprehensible counsai [...]e, shoulde be made for vs a staine sacrifice, media­tour, reconciler,He. 9. 10 and peacemaker to the ende that thou mightest sh [...]we [...]hine exceeding great wrath against [...] and thine in estimable mercy to­wards mankind. Sanctifie & illu­minate our hearts and soules with thy holy spirit, that wee may trulie [...]eleeue in thee, call vpon thee, bee thankeful vnto thee,Esaie, 59 and obedient [...] thy holy will. Defende, gouerne, [...]nd cherish thy church, as thou hast [...]omised saying: This is my couenant [...]at I haue made with them, my spirite [...]hich is in thee, and my worde which [Page 304] I haue put in thy mouth, shall not de­part out of thy mouth, nor out of the mouth of thy feede for euer. Preserue those kingdomes & common weales, which giue harborough to thy peo­ple, and maintaine the ministerie of thy holy worde and Gospell, that the kingdome of thy sonne Iesus Christ may increase and shine throughout all the world.

O Iesu Christ,A praier to God the son Sonne of the euerliuing God crucified for vs; and raised also from the dead, and now [...] raigning at the right hand: of thy fa­ther; that thou maist giue giftes vn­to [...], which hast saide: Come vnto mee all yee that labour, & are heauie loaden; and I will refresh you, Hau [...] mercie vpon vs, & praie for vs vnto thy eternall father: sanctifie and go­uerne vs with thy holy spirit:Iohn 14. help [...] and succour vs in all our necessitie [...] as thou hast promised, saying: I will [...] [Page 305] not leaue you comfortlesse.

O holy and blessed spirite, toge­ther with the father and the son, one true and euerlasting God, full of ma­iestie and power, which with thy heauenly inspiration quickenest the mindes of those that afore were dead in sinne,A thanksgiuing to the holy Ghost. makest ioyfull the heartes of the faithfull penitent. bringest into the way of truth, all such as haue erred and gone astray, comfortest the soules of such as hunger and thirst after righteousnesse, and plenteous­ly inrichest those with diuers giftes which aske them in Iesus Christes name: purifie our heartes (wee be­seech thee) and inflame them with the fire of thy loue: replenish them with thy heauenly benefites and spi­rituall blessinges, that they may bee made meete temples for thee: leade [...]s into all truth, which art the one­ly fountaine of truth, and mortifie [Page 306] in vs whatsoeuer proceedeth not of thee.

Or else pray thus.

O Holie spirite, powred vnto the Apostles, which hast promised vnto vs by the Sonne of God our Redee­mer, to kindle in vs a true knowledge and inuocation of God, as it is writ­ten: I will poure vpon you the spirit of grace and of compassion: make to arise in our hearts a true feare of God, and faith and knowledge of thy mercie, which the eternall father of our Lord Iesus Christ hath promised vnto vs for his sonnes sake. Be our comforter in all our counsels and daungers. Il­luminate our vnderstanding, and fill our herrtes with newe affections and spirituall motions, and renewe vs both in soule and bodie, that wee may die to sinne, and liue to righteousnes. and so in true obedience may praise [Page 307] the father of our Lord Iesus Christ, and his sonne our redeemer, and thee also our comforter euerlastingly.

A thanksgiuing to God the Father, the Sonne, and the holy Ghost.

VVE render thanks vnto the, O Almightie and eternall God, with thy deare sonne our Lorde Ie­sus Christ, and with thy holy spirite, for that of thine exceeding great good­nes, thou hast made thy selfe knowen vnto vs by most assured and euident testimonies: and for that thou hast gathered and chosen vnto thy selfe a perpetuall Church, and wouldest that thy Sonne our Lorde Iesus Christe shoulde suffer death, to re­store vs from death to life: for that thou hast giuen to vs thy Ghospel & the Holye Ghost: for that thou for­giuest vs our sinnes, deliuerest vs [Page 308] from the power of the deuell, and from eternall death, and giuest vnto vs e­uerlasting life: finally, for that thou hast visited vs with manye great be­nefites, giuing vs life, foode, doctrin peace in such places as we haue liued in, & hast diminished the pains which we haue iustly deserued.

Wee giue thankes vnto thee, O Lorde Iesus Christ, sonne of the li­uing God,A thanksgiuing to the son. crucified for vs and risen againe, because thou hast coupled vnto thee our humaine nature, and of thy inestimable loue didest giue thy selfe to death for vs, turning vppon thee the greate wrath of GOD the Father, conceiued against vs, to re­concile vs vnto him, and to purchase vs eternall redemption: because thou hast brought vs to this grace, where­in we stande and reioyce in hope of the glorie of GOD: because thou dost preserue, cherishe, and de­fend [Page 309] thy church against the Diuell and all thine enemies: because thou giuest and renewest often the light of thy Gospell and maintainest the mi­nisterie of thy worde: because thou doest forgiue vs our sinnes and gi­uest vnto vs euerlasting life: because, thou art our mediatour, and makest continuall intercession for vs, and fi­nally because thou dost succour and preserue vs in all our necessities,A thanksgiuing to the holy Ghost. dangers and afflictions.

Wee giue thankes also vnto thee, Oh holy spirite, the giuer of life, which wast powred vppon the Apo­stles, because thou kindlest thy light in our heartes: because thou rulest, in­structest, admonishest, and helpest vs: because thou gouernest and guidest the labours and workes of our voca­tion, and sanctifiest vs to eternall life.

A prayer to God for his helpe and Pro­tection against the obstinate ene­mies of the truth.

MOst righteous Iudge, God of all mercie and comfort, which by thy secret iudgment and wisedome doest suffer the wicked to triumph and increase for a time, for trial of the faith of thy welbeloued little flocke, and the mortifiing of their lusts, but at length to the vtter confusion of thy enemies, and ioyfull deliuerance of thy people: looke downe wee beseech thee on thy dispersed sheepe, oute of thy holy habitation in heauen, and strengthen our weakenesse againste, their furious rages: abate their pride ass wage their malice, confound their deuises, wherewith they lift vp them selues against Christ Iesus thy sonne our Lorde and Sauiour, to deface his glorie, and to set vp Anti­christ. [Page 311] Wee be not able of our selus to thinke a good thought, much lesse to stande against their assaultes, except thine vndeserued grace and mightie arme defende and deliuer vs. Per­forme thy promises made to Iacob, & stoppe the mouthes of the cursed Edo­mites, Cal them to repentance whom thou hast appointed to saluation: bring home them that runne astray: lighten the blinde and teach the igno­rant: forgiue all those that wilfully and obstinately rebell not against thy holie will. Let thy fearefull threat­ninges pearce our st [...]nie heartes, and make vs tremble at thy iudgements. Make the examples of them whom thou hast ouerthr [...]wne in their owne deuises, as Cain, Cham, Nymrod, Esau Pharaoh, Saul, Achitophel, Iudas, & such other to be a warning for vs, that we set not vp our selues against thy holy will. Grant free passage to thy ho­ly [Page 312] worde: that it may worke effectu­ally in vs the worke of life and blessed hope of our saluation, to the eternall praise of thy maiestie, through our mediatour Christ Iesus: to whome with thee and the holy ghost, three persons and one God, bee praise and thankesgiuing in all congregatio [...]s world without end. So be it.

A praier for the afflicted and per­secuted vnder the tyranny of Antichrist.

O Mercifull Father, who neuer doest forsake such as put their trust in thee: stretch forth thy migh­tie arme to the defence of our bre­thren by the rage of enimies perse­cuted, and greeuously tormented in sundry places for the true profession of thy holy Ghospel, who in their ex­treme necessities cry for comfort vnto thee. Let not thy long suffering, O [Page 313] Lord, be an occasion, either to increase the tyranny of thy enimies, or to dis­corage thy children, but with speede O Lorde, consider their greate mise­ries and afflictions. Preuent the cru­ell deuise of Hamon: stay the rage of Holophernes: breake off the counsel of Achitophell. Let not the wicked say, Where is now their God? Let thy af­ficted flocke feele present aide and re­leefe from thee: O Lord, looke down vpon them with thy pytiful eye from thy holy habitation: sende terrour and trembling among their enemies: make an ende of their outragious tyranny: beate backe their bolde­nesse in suppressing thy truth, in destroying thy true seruants, in de­facing thy glorie and in setting vp Antichrist. Let them not thus proudly aduance themselues against thee and thy Christ, but let them vnder­stande and feele that against thee they [Page 314] fight. Preserue and defend the Wine which thy right hande hath planted, and let all Nations see the glorie of thine annointed. Amen.

A prayer to be saide before the prea­ching of Gods worde.

ALmightie God and most merci­full father, whose worde is a lan­terne to our feete, and a light vnto our steppes, we most humbly beseech thee to illuminate our mindes, that wee may vnderstand the misteries conteined in thy holy lawe, and into the selfe same thing, that wee godly vn­derstand, we may be vertuously trans­formed, so that of no part wee offend thy diuine maiestie, through Iesus Christ our Lord.

An other.

IN this great darknes of our soule [...] O Lord, thou shinest diuers waie [...] [Page 315] vnto vs by the light of thy grace, but in nothinge so effectually as in the preaching of thy worde. Greate is the Haruest (as thou thy selfe hast saide) and the workmen are few. The greatest part of men are ignorant & wrapped in miserable blindnesse and fewe there bee that teach thy worde truely and as they ought. Wee be­seech thee therefore to sende foorth woorkemen into thy haruest. Sende [...]eachers (O Lord) which are taught of thee, and instructed by the spirite of godly wisdome and vnderstan­ding, which by their preaching will [...]eeke, not themselues, but thee, be­cause they are godly: and can so doe, because they are wise & vnderstand. [...]iue to the preacher of thy wor [...]e are present, out of the treasures of by wisdome, that which hee may [...]wre vpon vs to our saluation: and [...]to vs giue thy grace & holy spirite, [Page 316] (O Lord) so to heare and to receiue thy worde, that the good seede which falleth vppon vs bee not choked with thornes, or withered away with heate, or deuoured by the foules of the aire, but may grow vp in a good­grounde, and fructifie with greate increase.

A prayer to be sayde after the prea­ching of Gods worde.1. Pet. 5.

ALmightie God and most merci­full Father,Num. 29. wee heartely beseech thee that this seede of thy worde no [...] sowen amongest vs,Deut. 9. may take such deepe roote,Iosua. 7. that neither the burning heate of affliction,Math. 13 or persecuti [...]e cause it to wither, neither the th [...]nie cares of this life doe choke it, be that as seede sowen in good ground it may bring foorth thirtie, sixtie, [...] an hundred folde: as thy heauen [...] wisedome hath appointed▪ And [...]cause [Page 317] wee haue neede continually to craue many thinges at thy hands,Luk. 17. we humbly beseech thee (O heauenly fa­ther) to grant vs thy holy spirite,Rom. 8 so to direct our petitions,Iames. 5 that they may proceede from such a feruent minde,1. Iohn, 5 is may be agreeable to thy most bles­sedRom.. 12 will.VVisd. 9.

And seeing that our infirmitie is such, that wee are able to doe nothing without thy helpe,2. Cor. 3. and that thou art not ignorant with howe manie and [...]reate tentations wee poore wretches are on euery side compassed and in­closed,Iohn. 19. let thy strength (O Lorde) [...]ustaine our weakenesse,Phill 2. and assist vs with thy grace,Psal. 40. that wee may be fafe­ [...]pre serued against all the assaultes [...] Sathan,1. Pet. 1. who goeth about like a [...]aring Lyon,1. Pet. 5. seeking to deuour vs.Luke. 17 Increase our faith (O merciful Fa­ther) that wee doe not swar [...]e at a­ [...]etime from thy heauenly worde▪ [Page 318] Augment in vs hope and loue,Psal. 95. with a carefull keeping of all thy comman­dements,Heb. 15. that no heardnes of heart,2 Iohn. 2 no hypocrisie, no concupiscence of the eyes, nor intisements of the worlde, doe drawe vs away from thy obedi­ence▪ And seeing the times are dan­gerous wherein wee liue, let thy fa­therly prouidence defende vs against the violence of all our enimies, and specially against the furious rage of that Romish Idoll, enimie to thy Christ.

Furthermore, for as much as by thy holie Apostle wee bee taught to make our prayers and supplications, for all men, wee praye not only for our selues heere present, but beseech thee also to reduce all such as bee yet ignorant, [...]phe. 13 from the miserable captiui­tie of blindnesse and error,Rom. r I 1. Go4. to the pure vnderstanding of thy heauenly trueth, that wee all with one consent [Page 319] and vnitie of minde, map worship thee our onely God and sauiour.

Wee beseech thee also (most decare Father) for pastors and ministers to whome thou hast committed the dispensation of thy holy worde,Iohn. 21 and charge of thy chosen people,Math. 18 that both in their life and doctrine they may bee founde faithfull,2 Iohn. 9 setting onely before their eyes thy glorie,Mork. 6. and that by them all poore sheepe which wander and goe astray, may be sought out & brought to thy fold.

Againe, that it woulde please thee to deliuer thy church from such idle [...]h [...]pe heardes, wolues, and hirelings [...]s seeke themselues and their bellies, and not thy glorie,Pro. 2 [...]. and the safegarde of thy flocke▪ Iohn. 16.

Moreouer because the heartes of [...]ulers are in thy handes,Rom. [...]3 wee make our praers vnto thee for all Princes and Magistrates,Iohn. 6. to whome thou [Page 320] [...]ast committed the administration of iustice: especially (O Lord) for the Queenes Maiestie, that it woulde please thee to Indue her with thy plentifull grace and principall spirit, that she may with a pure faith ac­knowledge Iesus Christ thy onely sonne to bee King of all Kinges, and gouernour of all gouernours, euen as thou hast giuen all power vnto him both in heauen and earth: and so work in her heart, that shee consi­dering whose Minister shee is, may heartely seeke, and zealously promot [...] thy true honour and glorie, carefully trauelling to bring thy people come­mitted to her charge, (and yet remai­ning almost in all partes of this Realme in miserable blindenesse and darke ignorance) to the true know­ledge of thee, ruling & guiding them as shee is taught and commanded by thy holy worde.

[Page 321] Also wee beseech thee, to indue all such as are in any authoritie vnder her, with thy grace and holie spirite, that they may bee found vpright and faithfull in their calling, fauoureres and furtherers of thy holy Ghospell, maintainers & defenders of the true Preachers and Ministers thereof, & such as in singlenes of heart wil seeke not themselues, but thy glory and the comm [...]tie of thy people.

And for that wee bee all members of the mysticall bodie of Christ Ie­sus, wee made out requestes vnto thee,1. Cor. 2 Rom. 12 Iacob. 5 (O heauenly father) for all such as are afflicted with any kinde of crosse or tribulation, as war, plague, [...]mine, sicknesse, pouertie, imprison­ment, persecution, banishment, or my other kinde of thy rooddes,2. Cor, 12 Heb. 13 whe­ther it be griefe of bodie, or vnquiet­ [...]es of minde, that it would please thee to giue them patience and con­stancie, [Page 322] till thou sende thein full deliuerance out of all their troubles.

Finally (O Lord) we most humbly beseech thee to shewe thy great mer­cie vpon our brethren which are persecuted, cast in prison, and dayly con­demned to death for the testimonie of thy trueth,Heb. 13▪ Rom. 8. and though they be vtterly destitute of all mans aide,Psa. 4. yet let thy sweet comfort neuer departe frō thē,Iohn. 1 but so inflame their harts with thy holy spirit, that they may boldly & cheerefully abide such trial as thy godly wisedome shall appoint:1. Pet. so that at length aswel by their death as by their life,Acts. 2. Math. 10 the kingdome of thy sonne Iesus Christ may increace & shine throughall the worlde.Luk. 21 In whose. name wee make our humble petiti­ons vnto thee, as he hath taught vs saying: Our father which art, &c.

A praier to be said before the receiuing of the communion.

O Father of mercie and God of al consolation, seeing all creatures do acknowledge and confesse thee to be their gouernor & Lord, it becom­meth vs, the workmanship of thine own hands, at al times to reuerence & magnifie thy godly maiestie:Gen. 1 Eph. 2. First, for that thou hast created vs to thine owne image and stmilitude,Galat. [...] Gen. 2. but chiefly because thou hast deliuered vs frō that euerlasting death & damnation,Act. 4 Heb. 9 into which Sathan drew mankind by the meanes of sinne,Apoc. 5 Ioh. 3 Heb. 8 Heb. 4. from the bondage whereof,1. Pet. 1 Esay. 45 53 neither man nor An­gell was able to make vs free: but thou (O Lord) rich in mercy and in­ [...]nite in goodnesse,Mat. 3. 17 lere. 31. hast prouided our redemption, to stand in thine onely & wel beloued sonne: whom of verie [...]oue thou diddest qiue to bee made [Page 324] man like vnto vs in all things, sinne excepted, that in his bodie hee might receiue the punishment of our trans­gression,Heb. 8. by his death to make satis­faction to thy iustice,Rom. 5. and by his re­surrection to destroy him that was the author of death,Heb. 2. and so to bring a gaine life to the worlde,Iohn. 6. from which the whole ofspring of Adam was most iustly exiled.Gen. 3. Rom. 5. Eph. 3.

O Lorde, wee accknowledge that no creature was able to comprehende the length and breadth,Eph. 2 Ioh. 6. 17 Gen. 6 Rom. 3 Esai. 64. the deepenesse and height of that thy most excellent loue,Psal. 5. 12 Rom 7. which mooued thee to shewe mercie where none was deserued,Math. 16 2. Cor. 2 Luke. 11 Mark. 10 to promise and giue life, where death had gotten victorie, to receiue vs in­to thy grace when wee could doe no­thing but rebell against thy Maie­stie. The blinde dulnesse of our cor­rupt nature will not suffer vs suff [...] antly to weigh these thy most amp­ [...] [Page 325] benefites. Yet neuerthelesse at the commaundement of Iesus Christe our Lorde, wee present our selues to this thy table (which hee hath left to bee vsed in remembrance of his death vntill his comming againe) to de­clare and witnesse before the worlde,Math. 16 Luke. 11 1. Cor. 11 Ioh. 8. that by him alone wee haue receiued libertie and life:Galath. 5 Rom. 8 1. Pet. 1 Ephe. 5 Ephe. 2 Heb. 4 Rom. 3 Math. 23 Phil. 3 Ephe. 1 Ephe. 2 Apoc. 13 that by him alone thou doest acknowledge vs to be thy children and heires: that by him a­lone wee haue entrance to the throne of thy grace: that by him alone wee are possessed in our spirituall king­dome to eate and drinke at his Table, and with whome wee haue our conuersation presently in hea­uen, and by whome our bodies shall be raised by againe from the dust & shall be placed with him in that e [...]d­lesse ioye, which thou (O Father of mercie) hast prepared for thine elect before the foundation of the worlde [Page 326] was laide.Rom. 3 Ephe. 2 Titus. 3 Rom. 8 And these most inestima­ble benefites wee acknowledge and confesse to haue receiued of thy free mercy and grace, by thine onely beloued son Iesus Christ. For the which therefore we thy congregation, mo­ued by the holy spirite, doe render to thee all thanks, praise, and glory, for euer and euer.

A thankesgiuing after the receiuing of the holy Communion.

MOst mercifull father, wee ren­der vnto thee al praise thankes honour & glory, for that it hath plea­sed the of thy great mercies to grant vnto vs miserable sinners,1 Gor. 10 so excellēt a gift and treasure,Rom, 4 Iohn. 6 as to receiue vs into the fellowship and companie of thy deare son Iesus Christ our lord, whom thou hast deliuered to death for vs, & hast giuen him vnto vs, as [Page 327] a necessary foode and norishment vnto euerlasting life. And now wee be­ [...]ech thee also (O heauenly father) to grant vs this request, that thou ne­uer suffer vs to become so vnkind as to forget so worthie benefits, but fa­ther imprint and fasten them sure in our hearts,Luk. 15 Galat. 5. that wee may grow & in­crease daily more and more in true faith,1. Tim. 4 Ephe. 4. which continually is exercised in all manner of good works:2. Pet. 5 Mat. 5 1. Pet. 1. and so much the rather (O Lorde) confirm vs in these perillous daies & [...]ages of Sathan, that wee may constantly stand and continue in the confession of the same, to the aduancement of thy glorie, which art God ouet all thinges, blessed for euer.

A lamentation of a sinner afflicted in conscienc [...] his offences.

IN the midde st [...] the desperate as­saultes of my soule, the intollera­ble [Page 328] heauinesse of my minde hath here­to fore (LORD) cried as shrill in thine eare, as though I had shri­ked, and with lamentations cried out saying: Helpe, helpe me my God, my creator, my most prouident keeper, & euerlasting defender, for beholde I perish.

On this occasion (Lorde) when heauinesse of minde did heeret ofore assault mee, I remembred that thou haddest many times set before mine eyes the wonderfull greatnesse of thy most tender loue towardes mee, by the great multitude of thy benefites powred upon met, which benefites e­uerie of thy workes (as they came before mine eies) gaue mee iust occa­sion to be mindfull of.

Would not (thought I) if I had in any manner any [...]race at al, would not such loue brin [...] nowe into my heart a wonder [...] [...]electation, ioy, [Page 329] and comforte in God for the same [...] And againe, coulde such delight in Gods sweete mercie and tender loue towards mee (if I were not as euil is a cast-awaye that were none of Gods children) bee without loathing of my sinne, and lust and desire to doe Gods holy will? And these thinges thought I (fie vpon mee vnthanke­full wretch) are either not at all in mee, or else in deed so coldly and sten­derly, that they being truely weighed and compared to right cousnesse, are more vile than a filthy cloth starched in corrupt bloud,Psal. 104

O (thought I) Iain afraid I haue deceiued my selfe: for thy ser­uantes at all times (I trowe) f [...] otherwise than I now doe the fruit [...] of thy spirit, as loue, ioy, peace, & such like. But my loue (alas) towardes thee, what is it? my ioy is not once almost felt of mee: for my very soule [Page 330] within mee (as Dauid in his heauinesse said) refuseth comfort, and fa­reth as though it did vtterly des­paire:Psal. 77 & what peace can I feele then, or certaintie of thy fauour and loue? Iustly may I powre out this dolor­ous lamentation of Sion: The Lorde hath forsaken me, and my Lorde hath forgotten me. Esai. 49

Euen in the middest (I say) of these my former desperate assaultes, mine intollerable heauines cryed to thee O my God, & from heauen thou heardest my gronings, and thervpon first preparedst my heart to aske comfort of thee, and then thou didst ac­cept my praier, and gauest me plentifully my asking.

Oh my soule consider well that thou art neuer able to declare the exceeding goodnes of GOD in this, that hee heard the verie desires of thee beeing afflicted: who is so rea­die [Page 331] fauorably to grant the requests of the afflicted, that oftentimes he tarieth not vntil they doe call, but or euer they call vpon him, fauourably hearest them, as the Psalmist sayth: The desire of the afflicted thou hearest O Lord: Psal. 10 thou preparest their heartes, & thine eares heare them.

Oh Lorde my God, meruailous things are these, whether I consider this meruailous manner of thy hea­ring, or else the meruelous nature & propertie of thy goodnes. Meruai­lous (no doubt) is that thy hearing, whereby the very desires of the aflic­ted are heard: but much more mar­uailous is this thy goodnes, which tarrfest not vntil the afflicted do de­sire thy helpe, but preparest first their hearts to de [...]re, and then thou giuest them their destres.

Yea Lorde (worthy of all praise) it cannot otherwise [...]e, For howe [Page 332] shouldest thou do otherwise than thy nature and property is? Art not thou verie goodnesse mercy it selfe? How canst thou then but pitie and helpe miserie?

Art not thou both the creator and also the conseruer of all thinges?

In somuch as the Lyons whelpes roaring after their praye, doe seeke their foode at thy handes,Psal. 147 Esay. 94. and the Ra­uenes birdes lacking meate, do cal vpon thee.

If then thy fatherly prouidence and tender care (O Lorde) vppon all thy creatures be so great, that the ve­rie beastes and foules haue this ex­perience of thy goodnesse in their ne­cessities, that their roarings and cry­ings haue the strength of earnest cal­ling and desires: howe much ra­ther doe these sighinges, groninges, and desperate heauinesse of men, but chiefely of thy children, crie and call [Page 333] lowde in thine eares, though they speake neuer a word at all.

Should I then now despaire of thy fatherly mercie, whiles presently I feele thee, stirre vp my soule and heart to craue helpe at thy hande [...] Shoulde I thinke that thou wilt absent thy selfe for euer?Psal. 77▪ that thou wilt bee no more intreated? that thy mercie is cleane gone? that thy promise is come vtterly to an ende? and that thou wilt now shut vp thy louing kindnesse in displeasure?

Nay Lorde, for all alterations are of thy right hande, and turne al waye to the best to them that feare thee: All this is but mine owne inffrmi­tie: for thou art euer one, thy promi­ses bee infallable, and the loue to­wardes thine, euerlastingly during. I will therefore in this my present tentation & greeuous assault, powre [...]ut the heauinesse of my heart be­fore [Page 334] thee deare Father. Out of the deep wil I crie, and lift by my soule vnto thee,Psa. 77 from whome I assuredly knowe my helpe is comming, I wil also for my present comfort, call to remembrance (O Lord my God) thy tender mercies towards mee already shewed, the multitude of thy benefits the greatnes of the same, the long cō tinuance of them, euen from my conception vntill this instant: & finally, thy continuall lust & desire to powre them vpon me.

And moreouer, fith thy goodnesse is so great (O Lord) that thou doest not onely pitie miserie, but also cal­lest the heauy hearted and afflicted unto thee,Math, 11 promising. that thou witt ease their miserie, for as much as by the motion of thy good spirit I loath and abhor my s [...]nnes, feele the gree uousnesse of them, and thy heauie wrath towards mee for the same: & [Page 335] finally, what neede I haue of thy gracious aide and succour: heresore (O Lorde) in thy sonne Christes name, with sure confidence and trust in thine infallible promise, in this mine anguish and trouble I come vnto thee at thy mercifull calling, & craue comfort at thy hand. For thou hast promised, that when I loath my sinnes, thou wilt vtterly forget them when I feele the greeuous burthen of them, thy mercie swalloweth them vp: when I seeke that I want thou wilt assuredly grant it me. For [...]th tthou moouest my heart to desire help, how should I mistrust but thou wilt for thy trueths sake, guie mee my asking?

Yea, where I knowe not how,Rom. 8 or what to desire, as I ought, thy holy spirite gratiously working in mee, maketh intercession mightily for me with gronings which cannot bee [Page 336] expresseth, and therewith certifieth my spirite, that by adoption through thy great mercie and goodnesse I am become thy childe and heire.

Why should I not then bee of good comfortand ioyfull in thee my God? For if thou bee on my doe, who can be against mee? Since thou diddcst not spare thine owne sonne, but ga­uest him for mee, euen when I was thine enemie: howe fhalt thou not with him, nowe that by his death I am brought into thy [...],Rom. 8 giue mee all thinges with him, and for his sake? Who shall lay any thing to the charge of thine elect. It is thou Lord which iustifiest mee. It is Christe that hath died for m [...]e, yea, rathe [...] that is risen againe for mee. Who al­so is set on thy right hand, and hat taken possession, yea, and perpetual­ly there maketh interrcession for m [...] vntill that ioyfull day be come, wh [...] [Page 337] I shall haue ful fruition of the most glorious presence of thy diuine maie sty in that kingdom which thou hast prepared before the begining of the world,Ephe. 1. but in time (to thy gratious goodnesse thought best) make known to me, by giuing thy holy spirit into my hearte: whereby,Rom. 8. when I first (Lorde) beleeued thy holy worde, which is thine owne power to saue al that beleeue, I was sealed, confir­med, & stablished in the certaintie of that thine euerlasting kingdom and inheritaunce.

For the which inestimable bene­site of the rich grace (Oh Lorde my God) I beseech the, euen for the loue thou barest to Christ Iesus thy son, and thy mercie thou haddest on him when he cried on the crosse:Math. 27▪ My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken mee? Helpe, help, I say, inflame my hart with loue so plentifully towardes [Page 338] thee againe, that I may be euen swallowed vp in the ioyful feeling of the same, in such sort that I may of very thankefulnesse loue thee my God a­lone, thee I say my deare God, and nothing but thee, and for thy sake O holy spirite whose worke this is in mee, increase this the work of thiue infinite mercie, & preserue mee that I neuer become vnthankefull vnto thee therefore, Amen.

A praier for the sicke

O Most merciful God, which ac­cording to the multiude of thy mercies doest so put away the sinnes of those which truly repēt, that thou rememberst them no more: open thy dies of mercy, and look vpon this thy sicke seruant [...] who most earnestly de­streth pardō & forgiuenesse, Renue in him (most louing Father whatso [Page 339] euer hath been decayed by the fraud and malice of the Diuell, or by his owne carnal will and frailtie. Pre­serue & continue this sicke member in the vnitie of the Church. Consi­der his contrition accept his teares, asswage his paine a shall bee seene to thee most expedient for him. And for as much as he putte [...]h his full trust onely in thy mercie, impute not vnto him his former sinnes, but take him vntoty fauour, through the merits of thy most dearly beloued sonne Iesus Christ.

A praier to be said at the houre of death.

O Lorde Iesus Christ, which arl the onely health of all men li­uing, and the euerlasting life of them that die in thee: I wretched sinner doe submit my selfe wholy vnto thy [Page 340] most blessed will, and being sure that the thing cannot perish which is committed vnto thy mercie, willinglie now I leaue this fraile and sinneful flesh, in sure hope that thou wilt in better wise restore it to meE againe at the lost day in the resurrection of the iust. I beseech thee most merci­full Lord iesus Christ, that thou wilt by thy grace make strong my soule against all tentations, and de­fende mee with the buckler of thy mercie against all the assaultes of the diuell.

I see and acknowledge that there is in my selfe no hope of saluation, but all my confidence, hope, and trust is in thy rich mercie and goodnesse. I haue no merites or good workes which I may alledge before thee: of sinnes and euill workes (alas) I see a great heape: but yet through thy mercie I trust to be in the number of [Page 341] them to whom thou wilt not impute their sinnes, but wilt accept and take mee for righteous and iust, and to bee an inheritour of Euerlasting life.

Thou mercifull Lorde wast borne for my sake: thou diddest suffer both hunger and thirst for my sake: thou diddest teach, pray, and fast for my sake: all thy holy actions and works thou wroughtest for my sake: thou sufferedst most greeuous painEs and torments for my sake: Finally, thou gauest thy most precious bodie and bloud to be shed on the crosse for my sake. Now most merciful Sauiour, let all those thinges profite mee, that thou freely hast done for mee, which hast giuen thy selfe also for mee. Let thy blond clense and wash away the spottes and fowlnesse of my sinnes. Let thy righteousnes hide and couer my righteousnesse. Let the merites [Page 342] of thy passion and bloodshedding be the satisfaction for my sinnes. Giue mee Lord thy grace, that the faith of my saluation in thy blood wauer not in me, but may euer be firme and constant: that the hope of thy mercy and life euerlasting neuer decay in mee: that loue waxe not colde in mee: Fi­nally, that the weakenesse of my flesh bee not ouercome with the feate of death.

Graunt mee mercifull Sauiour, that when death hath thut vp the eies of my body, yet the eies of my soule may stil behold and looke vpon thee: & when death hath taken away the vse of my tongue, yet my hearte may crie & say: Lorde into thy handes I commend my soule: Lord Iesu receiue my spirite.

A praier for a woman with childe.

[Page 343] THou art wonderfull (O Lorde) in all thy workes▪ and whatsoe­uer thy good pleasure is, that doest thou easily bring to passe, neither is ther any thing vnpossible with thee that thou wilt haue doon. And albeit this thy almightie power sheweth it selfe abundantly in all thy workes, yet in conceiuing, forming and bringing forth of man, it shineth most e­uidently.

At the beginning (O Father) when thou madest man and woman, thou commaundest them to increase, multiplie, and replenish the earth. If through the subtile inticementes of Sathan they had not transgressed thy commaundement by eating the forbidden fruite, the woman whome thou haddest appointed to be the in­strument & vessell to conceiue, nourish and bring foorth man through thy woonderful workmanship, had with [Page 344] out any labour, paine or trauaile brought forth her fruite.

But that which thy goodnes made easie, sin and disobedience hath made harde, painfull, daungerous and without thy speciall helpe and suc­cour, imposible to bee brought to passe,: so that nowe all women bring forth their childrē in great sorrows, paines, and troubles. Notwithstan­ding, that which through their own imperfection and feeblenes, they are not able of themselues to passe, thou through thine vnspeakable power makest easie in them, and bringest vnto a ioyfull ende.

Wee therefore being fully perswa­ded of thy fauour and goodnesse, of thy present helpe, and of thy sweete comfort in all miseries and necessi­ties, knowing also by the testimo­nies of thy holy word how great and intollerable the paines of women [Page 345] are that trauell of child, if through thy tender mercy they be not mittigated and eased: most humbly praye thee for Iesus Christes sake thy son our Lorde, to helpe and assist this thy seruant nowe in trauell and labour, that by thy almightie power shee may safely bring foorth that which by thy goodnesse shee hath conceaued, and that thy louing kindnesse may make that easie and tollerable vnto her, which sinne hath made hard and painefull.

Ease (O Lorde) the paines which thou most righteously hast put vpon her and all women, for the sinne and diso bedience of our Graundmother Eue, is whome al we haue sinned. Be present with her in her trouble, ac­cording to thy mercifull promise: Giue her strength, and make perfect that which thou hast so gratiousLie begun. Let thy power be shewed no [Page 346] lesse in the safe bringing forth, than in the wonderfull forming & fashio­ning of that shee beareth. Make her a glad and ioyfull mother, that shee through thy goodnes being safely deliuered and restored to health again, may liue and praise thy blessed name for euer.

A Psalme to be saide in the time of any common plague, sicknesse, or other crosse and visitation of God.

O Come let vs humble our selues and fall downe before the Lord with reuerence and feare.Psal. 95.

For he is the Lord our God, and we are the people of his pasture, and sheepe of his handes.Oseas. 6.

O come therefore,Actes. 1. let vs turne a­gaine vnto our Lorde, for he hath smitten vs▪ and he shall heale vs.

Let vs repent and turne from our [Page 347] wickednesse, and our sinnes shall be forgiuen vs.

Let vs turne,Ionas. 3. and the Lorde will turne from vs his heauy wrath, and will pardon vs, and wee shal not pe­rish.

For we acknowledge our faultes, and our sinnes are euer before vs.Psal. 51.

Wee haue sore prouoked thine an­ger (O Lorde:Lamen.) thy wrath is waxed hote, & thy heauy displeasure is fore kindled against vs.

Thou hast in thine indignation stricken vs with greeuous sicknesse and by and by wee haue fallen as leaues beaten downe with a vehe­ment winde.Esay. 64.

In deede wee acknowledge that our punishmentes are lesse than our deseruings:Iudith. [...] but yet of thy mercy lord correct vs to amendment,Iob. 11. and plague vs not to our destruction.Sap. 12.

For thy hand is not shortned, that [Page 348] thou canst not helpe: neither is thy goodnesse abated that thou wilt not heare.

Thou hast promised,Esai. 65. O Lord, that afore wee crye thou wilt heare vs: whilest wee yet speake thou wilt haue mercie vpon vs.

For none that trust in thee shal be confounded:Tob [...]. 8 neither any that call vp­pon thee shall be despised.Iob. 3.

For thou art the onely Lord,Oseas. 6 who woundest and dost heale againe, who killest and reuiuest, bringest euen to hel, and bringest backe againe.

Our fathers hoped in theeSap. 22. & tru­sted in thee, and thou diddest deliuer them.

They called vpon thee. and were helped: they put their trust in thee: and were not confounded.

O Lord,Psal. 6 rebuke vs not in thine in­dignation: neither chasten vs in thy heauie displeasure.

[Page 349] O remember not the sinnes and offences of my youth: but according to thy mercie think thou vpon vspsal. 25 O Lord, for thy goodnesse.

Haue mercie vpon vs O Lord, for we are weake: O Lord heale vs, for our bodies are vexed.

And nowe in the vexation of our spirites and the augnish of our souls, we remember thee: and we crie vnto thee,Baruc. 3 heare Lord, and haue mercie.

For thine owne sake,Ionas. 2. and for thy holie names sake, incline thine care & heare,Dan. 9 O merciful Lord.

For wee doe not powre out our praiers before thee, trusting in our owne righteousnesse: but in thy great and manifolde mercies.

Wash vs thoughly from our wic­kednesse: and clense vs from our sins

Turne thy face from our sins, and put out all our misdeeds.

Make vs cleane heartes, O God, [Page 350] and renue aright spirite within vs.

Helpe vs, O God of our saluation, for the glorie of thy name: O deliuer vs,Psal. 70. and be mercifull to our sinnes for thy names sake.

So wee that bee thy people, & sheep of thy pasture, shal giue thee thankes for euer, and will alwaies be shew­ing foorth thy praise from generati­on to generation.

Glorie be to the father, &c.

As it was in the beginning &c.

A psalme of thankesgiuing for deliue­rance from the plague, or any o­ther kinde of sicknes, trou­ble or affliction.

LOrde thou art become gracious to thy lande,Psal. 83. thou hast turned a­way the afflictions of thy seruants.

Thou hast taken away all thy dis­pleasure, and turned thy selfe from [Page 351] thy wrathfull indignation.

For if thou Lorde hadst not helped vs,Psal. 94 it had not failed but our soules had been put to silence.

But when wee said: our feet haue slipped, thy mercy (O Lorde) helped vs vp.

In the multitude of the sorrowes that wee had in our hearts thy com­forts haue refreshed our soules.

Our soules waited still vpon the Lorde, our soules hanged vppon his helpe, our hope was alwaies in him.

In the Lordes word will wee re­ioyce:Psal. 62. in Gods worde did wee com­fort onr selues.

For the Lord said: Call vpon mee in the time of trouble,Psal. 50. & I wil heare thee, and thou shalt praise mee.

So when wee were poore, needie, sickly,Psal. 40. & in heauines, the Lord cared for vs: hee was our helper [...]nd our [Page 253] deliuerer according to his word.

In our aduersitie and desiresse he hath lifted vp our head,Psal. 17. and sau [...] vs from vtter destruction.

He hath deliuered our soules fro [...] death:Psal. 33. hee hath fed vs in the time [...] dearth, hee hath saued vs from th [...] noysome pestilence.

Therefore wil wee offer in his ho­ly temple the oblation of thankesgi­uing with great gladnes:Psal. 27 wee w [...] ­sing and speake praises vnto the lor [...] our Sauiour.Psal. 106

Wee will giue thankes vnto th [...] Lord,Psal. 86. for he is gratious, and his me [...]cie endureth for euer.

The Lord is ful of compassion an [...] mercie,Psal. 103 long suffering, plenteous i [...] goodnesse and pitie.Iob. 5. 7

His mercie is greater than the h [...]uens,Psal. 108 and his gracious goodnes rea [...]cheth vnto the cloudes.Psal. 103

Like as a father pitieth his ow [...] [Page 353] children: euen so is the Lord merciful vnto them that feare him.

Therefore will we praise thee and thy mercies,Psal. 72. O God: vnto thee will wee sing, O thou holy one of Israel.

We will sing a new song vnto thee, O God: wee will praise the Lorde with psalmes and thankesgiuing.Psal. 98.

O sing praises, sing praises vnto our God: O sing praises, sing praises vnto our king.Psal. 47

For God is the king of the earth, sing praises with vnderstanding.

We will magnifie thee, O God, our king,Psal. 145 wee will praise thy name for e­uer and euer.

Euery daye wil wee giue thankes vnto thee, and praise thy name for e­uer and euer.

Our moutn shall speake the praises of the Lord & let all flesh giue thanks to hs holy name,Psal. 72. for euer and euer.

Blessed bee the Lorde God of Is­raell [Page 345] for euer: and blessed be the name of his maiesty, worlde without end, Amen.

Glorie be to the Father, &c.

As it was in the beginning &c.

Prayers to be said before meales and after.

ALL things depend vpon thy pro­uidence (O Lord) to receiue at thy hands due sustenance in time conuenient. Thou giuest to them, and they gather it: thor openest thy hand and they are sanctified with all good things.Psal 104.

O heauenly father, which art the fountaine and full treasure of all goodnesse,1. Tim. 4 Wee beseech thee to shewe thy mercie vpon vs thy children, and sanctifie these thy giftes which we re­ceiue of thy merciful liberalitie, gran­ting vs grace to vse them soberly and purely, according to thy blessed will: [Page 355] so that thereby we may acknowledge thee to be the author and giuer of all good thinges:2. Tim. 2. and aboue all, that we may remember continually to seeke the spiritual foode of the world,Iohn. 6. wherwith our soules may be norished e­uerlastingly, through our Sauiour Christ, who is the true breade of life which came downe from heauen, of whom whosoener eateth shal liue for euer, and raigne with him in glorie world withour end, So be it.

Another prayer before meales.

VVHether ye eat or drinke (saith S. Paule) or whatsoeuer ye do else,1. Cr. 10 let all be done to the praise & glo­rie of God.

Eternall and euerlasting God, fa­there of our Lord Iesus Christ, who of thy most singular loue which thou [Page 356] barest to mankinde, hast appointed to his sustenance, not only the fruits of the earth, but also the fouls of the aire, the beastes of the field, and fishes of the sea, and hast commaunded thy ben [...] fites to be receiued as from thy handes with thankesgiuing, assuring thy children by the mouth of thine Apostle, that to the cleane al things are cleane, as the creatures which be san­ctified by the worde and prayer: grant vnto vs, so moderatly to vse these thy giftes present, that our bodies be­ing refreshed, our soules may be more able to proceede in all good works, to the praise of the holy name, through Iesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

Our father which art in heauen, &c.


O Eternall God, the very God of peace and al consolation, which [Page 357] broughtest againe from death our Lorke Iesus the greate shepheard of the sheep, through the bloud of the e­uerlasting couenante: make vs fruit­ful in all good works to do thy wil, and worke in vs that which is accep­table in thy sight. SanctifiE vs tho­roughout, and keepe our whole spirit soule and bodie faultlesse, vnto the comming of thy dear sonne our Lord Iesus Christ. Thou art faithful (O Father) who hast promised this, who also shall bring it to passe: to thee therfore be giuen euerlasting praise, ho­nour, and glorie, Amen.

A thankesgiuing after meales.

LEt al nations magnifie the Lord, let all people reioyce in praysing and extolling his greate mercies: For his fatherly kindnesse is plentiful­ly shewing foorth vpon vs, and the [Page 358] truth of his promise endureth for e­uer.

Wee render thankes vnto thee, O Lord God, for thy manifold benefits which we continually receiue at thy bountifull hand, not onely for that it hath pleased thee to feede vs in this present life, giuing vnto vs al things necessarie for the same: but especially because thou hast of thy free mercie fashioned vs anewe, into an assured hope of a farre better life, the which thou hast declared vnto vs by thy ho­lie Gospel.

Therefore we humbly beseech thee, Oh heauenly father, that thou wilt not suffer our affections to bee so in­tangled and ro [...]ted in these earthly & corruptible things, but that we may alwayes haue our mindes directed to thee o [...] high, continually watching for the cōmming of our lord Isesus Christ, what time he shal appeare for [Page 359] our full redemption. To whom with thee and the holy Ghost bee all honor and glorie, for euer and euer, So bee it.

Another thankesgiuing after meales.

GLorie, praise, and honour be vn­to thee most mercifull and omni­potent Father, who hastfed and daylie doest feede (of thy most bounti­full goodnesse) al liuing creatures: we beseech thee, that as thou hast nouri­shed these our mortal bodies with corporall food, so thou wouldest replenish our souls with the perfect knowledg of the liuely word of thy beloued son Iesus Christ, to whom with thee & the holy Ghost be praise, glorie and honour for euer. So be it.


[Page 360] MOst bountifull and gratious God, which feedest all flesh, and hast promised, that asking of thee, we shall not lacke if wee first seeke thy kingdome & the righteousnes there­of we feeling presently the benefit of this thy gratious promise in feeding our bodies with this corporal foode do rendervnto thee most harty thanks for the same, beseeching thee likewise to feed our soules with that heauen­lie foode which perisheth not, but abi­deth vnto euerlasting life: so that we being norished by thy goodnesse both in bodie & soule, may be apt & readie to do al good workes which thou hast prepared for vs to walke in, through Iesus Christ our Lord.

Vnto him that loueth vs, and washed vs from our sinnes in his bloud, and made vs Kings and Priestes, vnto God his father, be all glory, power, and do­minion for euermore, Amen.


THe God of glorie, who hath cre­ated, redeemed, and presently fed vs, be blessed for euermore, Amen.

The God of all power, who hath called from death the greate pastor of the sheepe our Lord Iesus, comfort & defend the flock which he hath redeemed by the bloud of the eternall Te­stament increase the number of true preachers: represse the rage of obsti­nate tyrants: lighten the harts of the ignorant: releeue the pains of such as be afflicted, but specially of those that suffer for the testimonie of thy truth: and finally, confound Sathan by the power of our Lord Iesus Christe, So be it.

Prayers, commonly called Lydleys prayers, with cer­tayne godly addi­tions.

‘Before thou prayest, forgiue, if thou hast any thing against any man and come not to GOD with a double heart, but lift vp pure handes with­out wrath or doubting.’1. Tim. 2.

AL mightie and most mercifull Father, I thy poore creature & work of thy hands, acknowledge & confes vnto thee my manifolde sinnes and [...]ffences, which I frō my youth vp vnto this day, haue committed against thee in thoughte, word & deede, beseeching thee for Ie­sus Christ thy deere sonnes sake, to [Page 363] haue mercie vpon mee, and to pardon the same according to thy greate mer­cie, which hast promised, that At what time soeuer a sinner doth repent him of his sinne, from the bottome of his heart, thou wilt put his wickednesse out of thy remembrance.

O Lord, I confesse that I was borne in sinne, and conceiued in wic­kednesse, and am by nature a childe of wrath: for in my flesh dwel­leth no good thing, and of my selfe I am not able to thinke a good thought, much lesse to doe that thou in thy lawe requirest of mee, saying: Cursed is he that continueth not in all thinges that are written in the lawe to doe them. Againe, thy lawe is spirituall, but I am carnall, sould vnder sinne. Therefore, O LORD, I come vnto thee for grace (which hast said, Aske & ye shal haue seeke & ye shall find: knock & it shal be opened [Page 364] vnto you) to preuent & draw my will vnto all goodnesse: for none can come vnto thee except he be drawn: & except we be borne from aboue, we cannot see the kingdom of God.

Therefore (O Lord) renew in mee a right spirit, that I may receiue strength and ablenes, to doe thy righ­teous will.

Grant that I may euer desire and will that which is most pleasing and acceptable to doe thy will.

Thy will be my will, and my will be alwayes to follow thy will:

Let there be euer in mee one will & one desire with thee, and let me neuer desire to will or not to will, but as thou wilt.

Graunt mee that aboue all things I may rest in thee, and fully quiet & pacifie my heart in thee: for thou Lord art the true peace of the heart, and the perfect rest of the soule.

[Page 365] Thou knowest Lord, what is most profitable & expedient for me: where. fore doe with mee in al things as it shall seeme best vnto thee. For it may not be but well that thou dost which doest most iustly and blessedly dispose al things after thy most godly wise­dome. Therefore whether it be by prosperitie or aduersitie, losse or gain, sicknesse or health, life or death, thy will be done.

Cast out of my heart, al vnprofi­table cares of worldly thinges, and suffer me not to be lead with the vn­stable desires of earthly vanities: but giue me grace that all worldlye and carnal affections may bee mortified & die in mee.

Graunt vnto mee the strength of thy holie spirite, to subdue this body of sinne with the whole lustes there­of, that it may be obedient both in wil, minde and members: to do thy [Page 366] holy wil:

Assist me with thy grace (O Lord) that I may be strenthened in the in­warde man,Ephes. 6. and bee armed with thy holy armor, which is the breast­plate of righteousnesse, the shielde of faith, the hope of saluation for an helmet, and the sworde of the spirit, which is thy holy word, that I may stand perfect in all that is thy will, & be found worthy through Christ, to receiue the crowne of life, which thou hast promised to all them that loue thee.

Giue me grace that I may esteeme all thinges in this world as they be, transi [...]orie & soone vanishing away: and my selfe also with them drawing towardes mine end. For nothinge vnder the Sunne may long abide, but all is vanitie and affliction of spirite.

Oh Lorde God which art sweete­nesse [Page 367] vnspeakeable turne into bitter­nesse vnto me all transitorie & earth­ly delights, which may drawe mee from the loue of eternall things: and for al worldly comforts, giue me the sweete comfort of thy holy spirit: for thou Lord art my ioy, my hope, my crowne, and my glorie.

Blessed are they that for the loue of thee, set not by the pleasurs of this worlde, but crucifie the flesh and the iustes thereof, so that in a cleane & pure conscince they may offer their praiers vnto thee, and be accepted to haue companie with thee, together with the Angels & heauenly spirits.

O euerlasting light, send down the beames of thy brightnesse and lighten the inward partes of my heart.

Open my heart, that I may behold thy lawes, and teach me to walke in thy commaundements.

Beholde my weaknes (O Lord) [Page 370] be clarified and made glorious in thy kingdome.

Oh holie father, thou hast ordey­ned it so to be, and it is done as thou hast appoynted.

Wherefore (O Lorde) giue mee the grace to rest in thee aboue all things, and to quiet my heart in thee aboue all creatures, aboue all glorie and honour, aboue all dignitie and power, aboue all health and beauty, aboue all riches and treasure, aboue al ioy and pleasure, aboue all fame & praise, aboue al mirth and consolati­on that mans hart may take or feele besides thee. For thou Lorde art most good, most wise, most righ­teous, most holie, most iust, most blessed, most high, most mightie, most comfortable, most beautifull most louing, most glorious, in whom all treasures of goodnesse most per­fect [...]y rest.

[Page 371] And therefore, whatsoeuer I haue besides thee, it is nothing vnto me: or my heart may not rest, nor fully bee pacified, but onely in thee.

Oh Lord Iesu, who shall giue mee wings of perfect loue, that I may fly vp from these worldly miseries, and rest with thee?

Oh Christ the king of euerlasting glorie, my soule crieth vnto thee with continual gronings, & saith: How long tarrieth my Lord God to come to me?

Oh, when shall the ende come of all these miseries?

When shall I cleane be deliuered from the bondage of sinne?

When shall I Lord, haue my minde onely fixed on thee, and be merrie in thee with perfect ioy and gladnes?

When shal that blessed houre come that thou shalt visit mee, and make mee glad with thy blessed presence, when thou shalt bee to mee all in all?

[Page 372] When shall I come vp to thee, and feele and enioy those sweete consola­tions which with thy blessed Saints are alwaies present?

When shall I haue peace without trouble, peace without & peace with­in and on euery side stedfast & sure?

O Lord Iesu, when shal I stand and behold thee, and haue full sight & contemplation of thy glorie?

When shall I bee with thee in thy kingdom, that thou hast ordained for thine elect before the beginning?

Oh blessed mansion of that hea­uenly citie: Oh most cleare daie of eternitie, whom the night may neuer darken.

This is the daye alwaies cleare & merrie, alwaies sure and neuer chan­ging.

This daye shineth cleare to thy saints in heauen, Oh gracious God, with euerlasting brightnesse: but to [Page 373] vs heere on earth (so great is ye dark­nes of sinne in vs) it shineth obscure­ly, and as it were a farre off: wee see but a glimmering thereof.

Would to GOD this day might shortly appeare, and shine vnto vs, and that these wordly vanities were at an ende.

Thy heauenly Citizens know and feele how ioyfull this day is: but we the children of Eue, strangers & ex­iles here on earth, do lament and be­waile the bitter tediousnesse of this present life, short and euil, ful of sor­row and anguish.

Where man is oftentimes defiled with sinne, disquieted with trou­bles, oppressed with cares, bus [...]ed with vanities, blinded with errors, ouercharged with labours, vexed with tentations, ouercome with vaine delightes and pleasures of the worlde, and miserably wrapped in [Page 374] manie kindes of calamities.

Wherefore, O Lord, arise & helpe mee: comfort mine exile: asswage my sorrowe: destroy the power of mine enemies, the kingdom of sinne, Sa­than, the worlde, & my wicked flesh, which alway make battel against me, and bring these cōflicting daies to an end. So shal I sing praises vn to thee (O God of my saluation) & magnifie thy holy name world with out end, Amen.

A confession of sinnes, and a prayer for the remission thereof.

O Lorde God, rich in mercie, and of [...]reat goodnesse, who of thy tender loue towardes vs, euen whē we were thine enemies, didst sende into the worlde thine owne deare Sonne Iesus Christ to be a slayne sacrifice for our sinnes: so that who­soeuer [Page 375] beleeueth in him, shoulde not perish, but haue life euerlasting: haue mercy vpō me, acording to thy great mercies, & according to the multitude of thy compassions put awaie mine iniquities.Psal. 38

For mine iniquities are gone [...]uer my head, and as a weightie burthen they presse me downe.Luke. 1 [...]

Against heauen and against thee haue I st [...]ned: O Lorde, I am not worthy to be called thy childe.

I am ashamed to lift vp mine eies vnto thee for my sinnes are ascēded vp into thy sight.

There is nothing sounde in my flesh because of thy displeasure,Psal. 38 nei­ther is there any rest in my bones be­cause of my sinne.

Behold I am solde vnder sin,Rom. 7. & in my flesh ther dwelleth no good thing

For the good which I would doe I doe not: but the euill which I [Page 376] would not doe, that I doe.

[...]tash me therfore, O Lord, frō mine iniquities, & clense me from my sinne.

Purifie my hart by the sanctifying of thy holy spirite, & by the sprinck­ling of the bloud of thy deare Sonne from the filth of sinne and an euil cō ­science.Psal. 51

Make mee to heare ioy & gladnes, that the bones which thou hast bro­ken may reioyce.Psal. 5

Create in mee a new hart O God, and renew a right spirit within mee.

Cast mee not away from thy pre­sence & take not thy holy spirite from mee.

Restore to me the ioy of thy salua­tion, and stablishe mee with thy free spirite:Psal. 8

For thou art good to them y trust in thee, and to the soule that seeketh thee.Psal. 25

AL thy waies are mercy and trueth [Page 377] to them that seeke out thy couenaunt and thy testimonies.

The fountaine of thy goodnes is e­uer full and ouerflowing: thy mercie neuer decayeth.

Thou woundest and healest againe thou killest and reuiuest, bringest e­uen downe to hell, and bringest backe againe.

Thou raysest vp those that are fal­len, thou comfortest ye broken harted.

Thou strengthenest the wearie standes and crooked knees: & out of the gulfe of hel thou deliuerest the af­flicted.

Out of darknes thou bringest light out of death life, and out of damnati­on thou bringest saluation.

Heare me therefore, O Lorde, ac­cording to thy louing kindnes, turne vnto mee according to the multitude of thy tender mercies.Psal. 30

Looke vpon mine affliction and my [Page 378] trauell, and forgiue mee my sinnes.

Remember not the offences of my youth,Psal. 63 nor my rebelliōs against thee.

For if thou Lord shouldest marke our iniquities,Psal. 130 Lord who should bee able to stand in thy sight?Ioh. 15

Seeing thou hast found iniquity euen in thine Angels, & the heauens are not clean in thy sight: much more is man abhominable & filthie, which drinketh iniquite like water.

Notwithstanding thou hast said, O lord, that as the reghteousnes of the righteous man shal not saue him whensoeuer he offendeth: so shal not the wickednesse of the wicked man hurt him whensoeuer hee forsaketh his wickednes and turneth to thee.

For thou knowest thine owne handie work: thou remēbrest what wee are: thou seest that we are but weake and feeble flesh.Psal. 83

Looke not therefore vpon my [Page 379] sinnes, O Lorde, but looke vpon the face of thine annoynted.

For he hath borne our iniquities he hath ca [...]ried our sorrowes.Esai. 58

Hee was wounded for our trans­gressiōs: he was broken for our ini­quities: the chastisemēt of our peace is laid vpon him.

He gaue his bodie to be beaten, and his cheekes to bee stricken: he bare y sinnes of manie, and prayed for the offenders.

He came to bring glad tidings to the poore,Esai. 61 to bind vp ye broken hear­ted, to preach liberty to the captiues, to cōfort them that mourne in Si­on, and to giue vnto them beauty for ashes, the oyle of ioy for mourning, the garment of gladnes for ye spirite of heauinesse, that they might be cal­led trees of righteousnes & the plan­ting of the Lord.

For his sake therefore, O Lorde, [Page 380] be mercifull vnto me, and saie vnto my soule: behold I come to thee, thy health and thy saluation.

A prayer for the true knowledge and vnderstanding of the worde of God.

LEt my praier come before thee,Psal. 61 O Lord, & giue mee vnderstanding according to thy worde.

Blessed art thou, O Lord, teach me thy statutes.

That with my lips I may declare all the iudgements of thy mouth.

That I may delight in the way of thy testimonies aboue all riches.

That I may meditate in thy pre­cepts, and consider thy waies.

That I may take pleasure in thy statutes, and not forget thy word.

Be good vnto mee thy seruant, O Lord, y I may liue & keep thy word.

Open mine eies, that I maye see [Page 381] the wonders which are in thy lawe.

I am a stranger vpon earth, not­withstanding hide not from mee thy commaundementes.

For my hart languisheth with the desire that it hath to thy iudgments.

Thy testimonies are my delighte and my counselles.

I will praise thee with an vpright [...]art, when thou hast taught mee the [...]udgmentes of thy righteousnesse.Psal. 25

Shewe mee thy waies, O Lorde, and teach me thy paths.

Leade mee foorth in thy trueth, and each mee, for thou art my God and [...]y saluation,Psal. 119 in thee doe I trust al the day long.

Make mee vnderstand the way of [...]hy preceps, and I will consider thy [...]onderous workes.

Thy handes haue made mee and [...]ashioned mee, giue mee vnderstan­ [...]ing that I may learne thy comman­dementes.

[Page 382] That they which feare thee, seeing mee may reioyce because I haue tru­sted in thy word.

Shewe the light of thy counte­nance vpon thy seruant, and teach me thy ordinances.

Thou art good and gracious, therefore according to thy goodnesse teach me thy statutes.

O Lorde of whose goodnesse the earth is ful, teach me thy ordinances.

O lorde I beseech thee, accept the sacrifice of my lippes, and teach mee thy iudgements.

The righteousnesse of thy testi­monies is euerlasting: graunt me vn­derstanding and I shall liue.

Deale with thy seruaunte accor­ding to thy mercies, and teach me thy statutes.

I am thy seruant, graunt mee vn­derstanding, that I may knowe thy [Page 383] testimonies.

My lips shall shewe foorth thy praise, whē thou hast tanght me thy statutes.

My tong shall talke of thy word, for al thy commandements are righ­teous.

For in thee is awel of liuing wa­ters aud euer flowing,Psal. 36 & in thy light shall wee see light.

A prayer for the leading of a godly life.

I Crie vnto thee with my whole heart:Psal. 119. heare me (O Lord) & guide [...]e, that I may keepe thy statutes.

I call vpon thee: saue mee, that I may keepe thy testimonies.

Let my prayer bee directed in thy [...]ght as incense,Psal. 131 & the lifting vp of [...]y handes, as an euening sacrifice.

I haue gone astray like a loste [...]eepe, seeke thy seruant, for I doe [Page 384] not forget thy commandements.

Teach me thy way (O Lord) that I may walke in thy trueth: knit my heart vnto thee, that I may feare thy name.

Let thy louing kindnes come vnto mee,Psa. 119 O Lorde, and thy saluation ac­cording to thy promise.

Let my heart be vpright in thy sta­tutes, that I be not confounded.

Oh that my waies were so direc­ted,Psal. 86 that I might keepe thy statutes.

Then shall I not bee confounded, when I haue regarde vnto all thy commandements.

I made my supplication in thy presēce with my whole hart, be mer­cifull vnto mee according to thy pro­mise.

Guide mee (O Lorde) that I may consider my waies, and turne my fee [...] into thy testimonies.

Wherewith shal a man redresse his [Page 385] waies? In taking deed therto accor­ding to thy word?

Teach me (O Lorde) the may of thy statutes, that I may keepe them to the ende.

Giue me vnderstanding that I may keepe thy law, yea that I may keepe it with my whole heart.

Direct me in the path of thy com­maundements, for therein is my de­light.

Turne away mine eies that I re­gard not vanitie, & quickē me in thy waie.

Stablish thy promise to thy ser­uaunt, whereby he may be taught to feare thee.

Direct my steppes in thy worde, and let not iniquity haue dominion euer me.

Let not the foote of pride come a­gainst me, & let not the hande of the wicked moue mee.

[Page 386] Gather not my soule with the sin­ners, nor my life with ye bloudy men.

Let my foote stand in vprightnes, that I may praise thee, O Lorde, in the congregation.

Let not the word of trueth depart out of my mouth,Psa. 141, for I trust in thy iudgements.

Set a watch O Lorde before my mouth, & keepe the dore of my lips.

Let not mine heart bee inclined to euil,Psal. 116 to worke wicked workes with them that worke iniquitie.Psal. 17

Teach me good iudgment & know­ledge,Psal. 119 for I do beleeue thy comman­dements.

Staie my steps in thy pathes, that my feete do not slide.

Stablish mee in thy promise, that I may l [...]ue, and let me not be disap­poynted of my hope.

Staie thou me (O Lord) & I shal be safe, and I will delight continu­ally [Page 387] in thy statutes.

O God, create in me a pure heart, & renue a right spirit within mee.

Cast me not away from thy pre­sence, and take not thy holy spirite from mee.

Restore me to the ioy of thy salua­tion, and stablish mee with thy free spirite.

Let me heare thy louing kindnes in the morning: shew mee the waye that I should walke in, for in thee is my trust.

Teach mee to doe the thing that pleaseth thee, for thou art my God: let thy good spirit leade me vnto the land of righteousnesse.

A prayer for deliuerance from sinne, & to be restored to Gods grace & fauour againe.

OH Almightie and euerlasting Lorde GOG, which hast male [Page 388] heauen and earth, and all thinges, therein contained: O incomprehen­sible vnitie: Oh alwaies to bee worshipped most blessed trinitie: I humblie beseech thee and pray thee by the assumption and crucified hu­manitie of our Lorde Iesus Christ, that thou wouldest incline and howe downe the great depth of thy Deitie to the bottomlesse pit of my vilitie. Driue me from al kind of vice, wic­kednes & sin. Create in mee a cleane heart, and renue in me a right spirit, for thy holy names sake.

Oh Lorde Iesu, I beseeche thy goodnesse, for the exceeding great loue which drew thee out of thy Fathers bosome, into the wombe of the ho­lie virgin, and for the assumption of mans nature, wherin it pleaseth thee to saue mee, and to deliuer mee from eternall death: that thou wouldest drawe mece out of my selfe into thee [Page 389] my Lord God, and graunt that this my loue may recouer againe to me thy grace to increase & make perfect in me yt which is wanting, to raise vp in me yt which is faln, to restore to me that which I haue lost, and to quicken in mee that which is dead & shoulde liue, so that I may become comformable vnto thee in al my life & conuersatiō, thou dwelling in me, & I in thee, my heart being coupled with thy grace, & setled in thy faith for euer.

Oh my God, loose and set at liber­tie my spirit from al inferior things: Gouerne my soule and so work, that both in soule and body I may be ho­lie, & liue to thy glorie, world with­out end, Amen. I. B.

A prayer necessarie to be said at all times.

O Bountifull lorde Iesu, O sweet Sauiour, O Christ the sonne of [Page 390] God, haue pittie vppon mee, merci­fully heare mee, and despise not my prayers: Thou hast created mee of nothing, thou hast redEemed mee from the bondage of sinne, death, & hell, neither with gold nor siluer, but with thy most precious body once of­fered vpon the crosse, and thine owne bloud shed once for al for a ransome, Therefore cast me not away, whome thou by thy greate wisedome haste made. Despise mee not, whome thou hast redeemed with such a precious treasure, nor let my wickednesse de­stroye that which thy goodnesse hath bu [...]lded.

Now whiles I liue O Iesu ha [...]e mercie on mee: for if I die out of thy fauour, it wil be too late afterwarde to call for thy mercy. Whiles I haue time to repent, looke vpon mee with thy mercifull eies, as thou diddest vouchsafe to looke vpon Peter thine [Page 391] Apostle, that I may bewayle my sin­ful life, & obtayne thy fauour to liue and by therein. I acknowledge, that if thou shouldest deale with me according to thy iustice, I haue deserued euerlasting death.

Therefore I appeale to thy highe throne of mercy, trusting to obtayne thy fauour: not for my merites, but for thy desertes (O Iesu) who hast giuen thy selfe an acceptable sacrifice to thy father, to appease his wrath, & to bring all finners truly repenting & amending their euil life, vnto his fa­uour againe.

Accept mee (O Lorde) among the number of them whom thou hast in Christ elected and chosen to saluati­on. Forgiue me my sinnes: giue mee grace to leade a godly and innocent life: graunt mee thy heauenly wise­dome: inspire my hearte with faith, hope, and charitie: giue mee grace [Page 392] to be humble in prosperity, patient in aduersity, obedient to my rulers, in al my doinges faithfull, dealing tru­ly with al men: to liue chastly in wed locke, to abhore adultery, fornicati­on, and al vncleannesse, to do good af­ter my power vnto al men, to hurt no man: that thy name may be glorified in me during this presentlife, & that I afterward may attain euerlasting life through thy mercie, and the me­rites of thy death and passion, A­men.

A prayer for grace and remis­sion of sinnes.

O Lorde God mercifull Father, I poore wretched sinner come vnto thee in the name of thy dearely beloued sonne Christ Iesus my Sa­uior, beseeching thee for his sake, to be merciful vnto me, & to cast all my [Page 393] sinnes out of thy sight, euen through the merites of his bloudie death. Powre vpon mee (O lorde) thy holy spirite of grace and wisedome, to go­uerne & lead my body and soule in thy holy work & commandements. Shew thy mercy vpon mee, & so lighten the natural blindnes and darkenes of my heart through thy grace, that I may daily be renewed by thy holie spirite. Open my heard heart & grosse eares to heare and reade thy worde and heauenly voyce, and to beleeue and followe it in my conuersation, and e­uer to hold fast that blessed hope of euerlasting life. Mortifie and kill all vice in mee, that my life may expresse my faith in thee. Mercifully heare the humble supplications of thy ser­uaunt, and graunte mee thy peace al my daies. Graciously pardon my in­firmities, and defend mee in al daun­gers, hath outwardlie in my bodie. [Page 394] goods and name, and inwardlye in my soule, against al euil temptations and subtile baites of sathan that roa­ring Lyon, seeking whome hee maye deuoure. Graunt (O Lorde) that I and euery member of thy Church in his vocation and calling, may trulie and godlilie serue thee. Graft in my hearte the loue of thy name: increase in mee true religion, replenish mee with all goodnesse, and of thy greate mercie keepe me in the same vnto the ende. Giue vnto mee the spirite of praier, true humilitie, perfect pati­ence, and continuall ioy in the holy Ghost. I commend vnto thy pratec­tion (O Father) my house & all that thou hast giuen me: my whole fami­ly, my wife & children: and mee that I may wel and holily gouerne, nou­rish and bring them vp, in thy feare & seruice,

And forasmuch as in this worlde [Page 395] I must alwayes be at war, not with one sort of enimies, but with an infi­nite number: not only with flesh & bloud, but with the diuel, which is the prince of darknes, grant mee thy grace, that being armed with thy de­fence, I may stand in this battaile with an inuincible constancy against all corruption, which I am incom­passed with on all sides, vntil such time as I hauing ended the combat which during this life I must su­staine, in ye end I may attaine to thy heauenly rest, which is prepared for mee, through Christ our Lorde and Sauiour, Amen.

A praier taken out of the first Psalme.

ALmightie and moste gracious GOD, take away from vs all euil counsel, and then our sins: suf­er vs not to runne into an vngodlye [Page 396] and wicked life: and finally keepe out mindes farre from the contempt of godlinesse, and scorning of vertue, [...] in the steade of these euils, grant [...] we may continually bee occupied in thy law and sacred scriptures, that we be not carried about like the wic­ked, as like dust and fruitlesse chaffe with euery blast of affectiō and doc­trine: but rather that wee as trees planted by the water brooks, indued with the life of the spirit and faith may also bring forth ye fruits of good workes: and that whatsoeuer we [...] take in hand may prosper, & tende to the praise and glory of thy name and furtherance of our saluatiō: & at the last, when the wicked shal fall away in thy iudgment, we may stand sted­fast and be made perfect, through Ie­sus Christ our Lord, Amen.

Out of the same Psalme.

ALmighty God, we are sufficient­ly taught, that grieuous calami­ [...]ies and miserable plagues do there­ [...]ore daily vex and trouble the church [...]ecause we haue not ceased to follow [...]he counsel of the vngodly, which be­ing once knowne, wee ought to haue schewed. The way also of ye wicked [...]e haue not shunned: yea wee haue not ceased to walke their race by con­ [...]inuall transgressing of thy comman­ [...]ements, wee haue also of long time [...]ntemned al godly correction & dis­ [...]pline, & whatsoeuer hath bin taught [...]s out of thy word, hath bin too litle [...]egarded, yea, without al shame neg­ [...]ected and scorned.

Wherfore it is no meruaile, if we [...] the steede of that happinesse and met peace: which we (alas) haue too [...]ing abused, bee nowe compelled to [Page 398] suffer all heauie, grieuous, and most bitter plagues, But now, O God, in humblencs of hart we fly vnto thee, confessing our grieuous offences, & wee most humblie and heartily be­seech thee, yt those euils which we so foolishly & wretchedly haue commit­ted, thou wilt mercifully for giu [...] vs▪ and frame our mindes wholi [...] to the obedience of th [...] lawe, insuch wise that our hearts might be occu­pied both day and night in nothing else, but in the meditation of thy holy Scriptures, for so shall we gi­uing credite to thy wordes, bring [...] foorth seasonable and pleasant fruit and shall not be spoyled of the grace [...] of the holy Ghost: yea, our doing shal neuer be without happy successe [...] Now we are tossed hither & thither not vnlike to leaues and chaffe, wit [...] the mind of aduersity and affliction yet graunt (O most merciful father [Page 399] that our life perish not with the wic­ked, but that ye cause of the iust may bee defended by thy singular proui­dence and protectiō: so that in iudg­ment and in the company of the iust we may be able to stand, and not bee confounded, through Iesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

Out of the same Psalme.

ALmightie GOD, for asmuch as we haue nowe learned, that a great part of our felicitie, so long as we liue heere, consisteth in this, that we refrayne from vngodly counsaile and wicked manners, and also auoid the companie of those that despise & [...]eride all good thinges: and that in the steade of these euils, we giue our selues to the heauenly studie of thy [...]olie lawe, to be occupied and exer­cised therein both daye and nighte, [Page 400] (whereby we doe perceiue that wee haue very much erred & straied from this way of our saluation, yea wee haue in these things most wickedlie offended: therefore we beseech thee, e­uen for thy mercies sake, that thou wilt pardō our offences, & that hence forth by continuall study & exercise of thy worde, thou wilt vouchsafe to make vs fruitfull plants, y wee may not only bring forth wholsom fruits in thy Church whiles we liue heere, but also may be able in y other world to stand in iudgment before thee, who best knowest the way of the iust tho­rough Iesus christ our Lord Amen.

A prayer taken out of the second Psalme.

VVE perceiue (most mercifull and mightie God) that not onely Antichrist, but also the power & strength of the whole worlde, con­spireth [Page 401] against thee, and against thy Christ, which thinke the Gospel and the building vp again of the Church to vs an intollerable bondage, & [...] yoke. Wherefore they labour by [...] possible meanes, to breake asunder the societies and congregations of the faithfull, and cast away all disci­plin [...]. But for asmuch as thou [...]iut­test to heauen, and art not ignorant what the diuell or wicked flesh goeth about: laugh thou to scorne their value counsels, and bring their pur­poses to might. Let them feele thine [...] to [...] kindled against them, and make them astonished at the [...] of th [...] [...]t in [...]gnation, so that they may not be able to destroy the Church, o­uer whom thou hast appointed Iesus Christ our onely sauiour to be a go­uernour, thee in [...] raigne vp his [...] and spirite with [...] might and power. Wherefore [Page 402] [...] vnto vs although vnworthy and shrinking children, such faithe constancie, that we may find him and also confesse him to be our only king and that we may nothing doubt, but that wee be his nation, people and heritage, being most assured of this, that he is of such strength [...] and wee that with his word more [...] yron, be is eble to destroy whom he will, and breake them in peeces like earthen [...]ots.

Therefore O GOD, turne the Kings and Princes of the world vn­to to thee, that they may be wise and vnderstand▪ whereby they may vn­fainedly acknowledge, im [...]race, and kisse his sonne least when his wrath shall once bee kindled, they perish and be destroyed for euer. And wher it shall bee thy good pleasure▪ make them blessed [...] themselues to thy gouernanc [...] [Page 403] and protection, by Christ Iesus our Lord, Amen.

Out of the same Psalme.

MOst mightie and merciful Lord God though the diuel rage, the powers of the world daily rise vp, & the flesh with all her bond [...]a [...]ce con­spire against the kingdome of thine onely begotten son Iesus Christ our Lord: yet make vs to vnderstand, and with constant faith to be perswaded that thou deridest and contemnest all such whom thou canst in thine anger & fierce displeasure when thou wilt, [...]odainelie destroy & bring to nought: In this faith, seeing wee are some­times so weake, that being ouercome with sundrie kinds of terrours and dreade we are not so obedient to thy commandements as we ought to be, wee therefore beseech thee for thy great goodnesse sake to be mercifull [Page 404] vnto vs, and grant that we may con­stantly beleeue thy Sonne our king, a [...]d our redeemer, to hauethe highest power and dominion with thee in all things. For seeing thou hast begottē him, thou hast also deliuered to him all nations to be ruled by his power as his owne inheritance. Graunt therefore vnto vs, that yet at the length we may be wise & understand in such sort as wee may serue thee with all due feare and worshipp: that in the last day wee be not dashed in peeces as earthen vessels with the rod of thine indignation: through Ie­sus Christ our Lorde, Amen.

A praier which M. Iohn Bradford saide a little before his death in Smithfield.

MErcifull God and Father,Math. 27 to whome our sauiour Christ ap­proched in his feare need, by reason [Page 405] of death, and found comfort: gratious God, and most bounteous Christ, on whom Stephen called in his extreeme neede,Acts. 7. and receiued strength, most be­nigne holy spirite, which in the midst of all crosses and death didst comfort the Apostle S. Paule with more con­solations in Christ, than he felt sor­rowes and terrors in the world: haue mercie vpon mee, a most miserable, vile and wretched sinner, which now draw neere the gates of death, deser­ued both in soule and bodie eternal­lie, by reaso [...] of my manyfolde hor­rible, olde and newe transgressions, which to thine eies (O Lorde God) are open and knowen. Oh bee mer­cifull vnto mee, and forgiue mee for the bitter death and bloudshedding of thine onely sonne Iesus Christ. And though thy iustice do require in respect of my sinnes that nowe thou shouldest not heare mee, contera­ning [Page 406] thy dailie callinges: yet let thy mercie which is aboue al my workes and wherewith the earth is filled, let thy mercy (I say) preuaile towards me, through the merits and medi­ation of Christ our fauiour, for whose sake it pleaseth thee to bring me foorth now as one of his wit­nesses and a recorde bearer of thy ve­ritie and trueth taught by him, to giue my life therefore, of which dig­nitie I do acknowledge (deare God) that there was neuer any so unwor­thie and unm [...]ete, no not the thiefe that hanged with him on the crosse▪ I humbly therefore pray thee that thou wouldest accordingly aid, helpe and assist me with thy strength and heauenly grace, that with Christ thy Sonne I may finde comfort, with Stephen I may see thy presence and gratious power, with Paule and al o­thers which for thy names sake haue [Page 407] suffered afliction and death, I may [...] & present with mee thy grati­ous [...], that I may by my death glorist thy holy [...], set forth and retifie thy veritie, comfort the hearts of the heauie, confirme thy church in thy truth conuertsome that [...] be conuerted [...] so depart out of this [...] (where I do nothing but dai [...]e heape [...] vpon [...]) and enter into the fruition of thy blessed mercie, whereof howe giue and increase in me a liuely taste, [...] and feeling, where through the ter [...]our of death, the tormentes of [...], the paines of [...]me, the dartes of Sathan and the dotours of hell may neuer ouercome [...], but may be dri­ [...]en away through the working of y most gratious spirit which now [...] me withall. y through the samespirit I may offer (as now [...] I [...] readie to doe) in Christ [Page 408] and by him myselfe wholy soule and bodie, to be a liuely sacrifice, holy and acceptable in thy sight (deare father) whose I am and al waie [...] haue beene euen from my mothers wombe, yea▪ euen before the worlde was made, to whome I commend my selfe, faith & name, familie and friendes, countrie and all the whole Church, yea [...] my verie enimies, according to thy good pleasure, beseeching thee intire­ly to giue once more to this Real me of England the blessing of thy word againe, with godly peace, to then teaching and setting foorth of the same▪ O deer father, now guide me to come vnto thee: so purge and purshe me by this fire in Christes death & passion through thy spirite that I may be a bu [...]nt offering of sweete [...] thy sight, which liuest and raignest with the sonne and the holy [...], now [...] euermore, world without [...], Amen.

The Letanie.

O God the Father of heauen, haue mercie vpon vs miserable sin­ners.

O God the father of heauen, &c.

O God the sonne redeemer of the worlde, haue mercy vpon vs misera­ble sinners.

O God the sonne redeemer of &c.

O God the holy Ghost proceeding from the father and the sonne, haue mercie vpon vs miserable sinners.

O God the holy Ghost, &c.

O holy, blessed, & glorious Trini­tie, three persons and one God, haue mercie vpon vs miserable sinners.

O holy, blessed, and glorious, &c.

Remember not Lord our offences, nor the offences of our forefathers; neither take thou bengeance of our sinnes spake vs good Lord, spare thy people; whome thou hast redeemed [Page 410] with thy most precious bloude, and be not angry with vs for euer.

[...] Spare to good Lord.

From all [...] from sinne, from the crafts and assaults of the deuill, from thy wrath, and from euerlasting damnation.

Good Lord deliuer vs.

From blindnesse of heart, from pride, vaine glory and hypocrisie frō [...], hatred, and malice, and all [...]

Good Lord deliuer vs.

From fornication, and all other [...] sin, and from all the deceits of the world, the flesh and the diuell.

Good Lord deliuer vs.

From lightning and tempest, from plague, pestilence & famine, from bat­t [...]l & murther, & from soda [...]ne death.

Good Lord deliuervs.

From all sedition and priuie con­spiracie, from all false doctrine and [Page 411] herisie, from hardnesse of heart & con­tempt of thy word & commandement.

Good Lord deliuer vs.

By the misterie of thy holy incar­nation by thy holy natiuitie and cir­cumcision, by thy baptisme, fasting, & temptation.

Good Lord deliuer vs.

By thine agonie and bloudy sweat, by thy crosse and passion, by thy glo­rious resurrection and assention, and by the comming of the holy Ghost.

Good Lord deliuer vs.

In all time of our tribulation, in all time of our wealth, in the houre of death, and in the day of iudgement.

Good Lord deliuer vs.

We sinners do beseech thee to heare vs, O Lorde God, and that it may please thee to rule and gouerne thy holy Church vniuersally in the right way.

We beeseech thee to heare vs &c.

[Page 412] That it may please thee to keepe & strengthen in the true worshipping of thee, in righteousnes and holines of life, thy seruant Elizabeth our most gracious Queene and go [...]ernor.

We beseech thee to heare vs, &c.

That it may please thee to rule her hearte, in thy faith, feare, a loue, and that she may euermore haue affiance in thee, and euer seeke thy honour & glorie.

We beseech thee to heare vs, &c.

That it may please thee to be her defender and keeper, giuing her the victorie ouer all her enemies,

We beseech thee to heare vs, &c.

That it may please thee to illu­minate all bishops, p [...]stors & Mini­sters of the church, with true know­ledge & vnderstanding of thy worde, and that both by their preaching and liuing they may set it forth, and she in it accordingly.

[Page 413] We beseech thee to heare vs, &c.

That it may please thee to endue the Lorde of the councell, and all the nobilitie with grace, wise dome and vnderstanding.

We beseech thee to heare vs, &c.

That it may please thee to blesse & keepe the Magistrates, giuing them grace to execute iustice, and to main­taine trueth.

We beseech thee to heare vs, &c.

That it may please thee to blesse & keepe all thy people.

We beseech thee to heare vs, &c.

That it may please thee to giue to all nations vnitie, peace and concord.

We beseech thee to heare vs, &c.

That it may please thee to giue vs an heart to loue and dread thee, and diligently to liue after thy comman­dements.

We beseech thee to heare vs, &c.

That it may please thee to giue all [Page 414] thy people increase of grace, to heare meekely thy worde, and to receiue it with pure affection & to bring foorth the fruites of the spir [...]te.

We beseech thee to heare vs, &c.

That it may please thee to bring in to the waie of trueth, all such as haue erred and are deceiued.

We beseech thee to heare vs, &c.

That it may please thee to streng­then such as do stand, and to comfort and helpe the weake hearted, and to raise vp them that fall, and finally to beate downe sathan vnder our feete.

We beseech thee to heare vs &c.

That it may please thee to succour helpe and comfort al that he in daun­ger necessitie and tribulation.

We beseech thee to heare vs &c.

That it may please thee to preserue all that trauell by lande or by water, all women laboring of childe, all sicke persons and yong children, [Page 415] to shewe thy pittie vpon al prisoners and captiues.

We beseech thee to heare vs, &c.

That it may please thee to defende and prouide for the fatherles children and widowes, and al that be desolate and oppressed.

We beseech thee to heare vs, &c.

That it may please thee to haue mercie vpon all men.

We beseech thee to heare vs, &c.

That it may please thee to forgiue our enimies persecutors, and slaun­derers, and to turne their hearts.

We beseech thee to heare vs, &c.

That it may please thee to giue and preserue, to out vse the kindly fruits of the earth, so as in due time we may enioy them.

We beseech thee to heare vs, &c.

That it may please thee to giue vs true repentance, to forgiue vs all our sinnes, negligences, and ignorances [Page 416] and to indue vs with thy holy spirit, to amend our liues according to thy holy word.

We beseech thee to heare vs, &c.

Sonne of God, we beseech thee to heare vs.

Sonne of God, we beseech thee, &c.

O lambe of God that takest away the sinnes of the world.

Graunt vs thy peace.

O lambe of God, that takest away the sinnes of the world.

Haue mercie vpon vs.

O Christ heare vs.

O Christ heare vs.

Lord haue mercie vpon vs.

Lord haue mercie vpon vs.

Christ haue mercie vpon vs:

Christ haue mercie vpon vs.

Lord haue mercy vpon vs.

Lord haue mercie vpon vs.

Our father which art in heauen &c.

And lead vs not into temptation: [Page 417] But deliuer vs from euil, Amen.

The versicle. O Lord deale not with vs after our sinnes.

The answere. Neither reward vs after our in­iquities.

Let vs pray.

O God mercifull father which de­spisest not the sighing of a con­trite heart, nor the desires of such as be sorrowfull, mercifully assist our praiers that we make before thee in all our troubles & aduersities when­soeuer they oppresse vs & gratiously heare vs that those euils which the craft and subtiltie of the diuell or man worketh against vs, bee brought to nought, and by the pro­uidence of thy goodnesse, they may be dispersed, that me thy seruantes being hurt by no persecution, [...]aie e­uermore giue thankes vnto thee in [Page 418] thy holy Church, through Iesus Christ our Lord.

O Lord arise, helpe vs, and deliuer vs for thy names sake.

O God, we haue heard with our eares, and our fathers haue declared vnto vs the noble workes that thou diddest in their daies, and in the olde time before them.

Lord arise, helpe vs, and deliuer vs for thine honour.

Glorie [...] to the father, and to the Sonne, and to the holy ghost.

As it was in the beginning, is now, & euer shall be, worlde without end, A­men.

From our enimies defend vs, O Christ.

Gratiously looke vpon our afflicti­ons.

Pitifully behoulde the sorrowes of our hearts.

Mercifully forgiue the sinnes of thy [Page 419] people.

Fauorably with mercy heare our prayers.

O Sonne of Dauid, haue mercie vpon vs.

Both nowe and euer vouchsafe to heare vs, O Christ.

Graciously heare vs O Christ, gra­ciously he are vs O Lord Christ.

O Lorde let thy mercy be shewed vpon vs.

As we doe put our trust in thee.

Let vs pray.

VVE humblie beseech thee (O Father) mercifully to looke vpon our infirmities, and for the glorie of thy names sake, turne from vs all those euils that we most righ­teously haue deserued, and graunt that in all our troubles we may put our whole trust and confidence in thy [Page 420] mercie, & euermore serue thee in ho­linesse and purenesse of liuing, to thy honor and glorie, through our onely mediatour & aduocate Iesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

A prayer for the Queenes Maiestie.

O Lord our heauenly father, high and mighty, king of kings, Lord of Lords, the onely ruler of princes, which doest from thy throne beholde all the dwellers vpon the earth: most hartily we beseech thee with thy fa­ [...]our to behold our most gratious so­ueraine Ladie Queene Elizabeth, & so replenish her with thy grace of thy holy spirit, that she may al waies in­cline to thy wil & walk in thy waies, endue her plentifully with heauenly gifts, grant her in health & welth lōg to liue: strengthen her that she may [Page 421] v [...]quish & ouercome al her enemies & finally after this life, shee may at­taine euerlasting ioy and felicitie: through Iesus Christ our Lord, A­men.

A prayer for Bishops and Ministers. of the Church.

ALmightie and euerliuing God. which onely workest great mar­ueiles, send down vpon our Bishops and Pastours, and al congregations committed to their charge, the health full spirit of thy grace: and that they may truely please thee, powre vpon them the continual dewe of thy bles­sing. Graunt this (O Lorde) for the honor [...] aduocate and mediatour Iesus Christ.

For Raine.

O GOD, heauenlie Father which by thy son Iesus Christ, hast promised to all them that seeke [Page 422] thy kingdome and thy righteousnes thereof, al things necessarie to their bodily sustenance, send vs wee bee­seech thee in this one [...] moderate rained showers, that wee may receiue the fruits of the earth, to our comfort, and to thy honor, tho­rough Iesus Christ [...] Lorde, A­men.

For [...]aire weather.

O Lorde God, which for the [...] of man drodest once drowne all the worlde, except eight persons, & afterwarde of thy great mercie did­dest promise neuer to [...] it so againe: we humbl [...]e [...] if, that although we for our [...] haue worthyly deserued this plague of raine and waters, yet thou wilt send vs such weather whereby [...] may receiue the fruits of the earth in due season, and learne both by thy [Page 423] punishment to amend outlines, and for thy clemencie to giue thee praise & glorie, through Iesus Christ our Lorde, Amen.

In the time of dearth and famine.

O Merciful God and heauenly fa­ther, whose gift it is that ye raine dothfal the earth is fruitfull, man and beastes increase, and fishes doe multiply, beholde we beseech thee, the afflictions of thy people, and graunt that the scarcitie & dearth which we doe now most iustly suffer for our iniquitie, may through thy goodnes bee mercifully turned into cheapnes and plenty, for the loue of Iesus Christ our Lorde, to whome with thee and the holy Ghost, be praise for euer, A­men.

In the time of warre.

ALmightie God, king of al kings, and gouernour of all thinges [Page 424] whose power no creature is able to resist, to whome it belongeth iustly to punish sinners, and to be mercifull to them that truely repent: saue and de­liuer vs (we humbly beseech thee) frō the hands of our enimies: abate their pride, asswage their malice, and con­found their deuises, that wee being armed with thy defence, may be pre­serued from all perils, to glorifie thee, which art the onely giuer of all vic­torie, through the merites of thy on­ly sonne Iesus Christ our Lord, So be it.

In the time of anie common plague or sicknesse.

O Almightie God, which in thy wrath in the time of King Da­uid, diddest stay with the plague of pestilence threescore and ten thou­sand, and yet remembring thy mer­cie didst saue the rest: haue pittie vp­on [Page 425] vs miserable sinners that [...] are visited with great sicknesse & morta­litie, that like as thou diddest then commaund thine Angel to cease from punishing: so it may now please thee to withdrawe from vs this plague & grieuous sickenesse, through Iesus Christ our Lord.

A prayer for the strength and com­fort of the holy Ghost.

ALmightie & most mercifull God, which giuest to thine elect people thy holy spirit, as a sure pledge of thy heauenly kingdome, wee most humbly beseech thee so to replenish our hearts with the grace of thy holy spirit, that he may bear witnes to our spirit [...] ye we be thy children, & heires of thy kingdome, & that by thy grati­ous working of this thy good spirite. we may kil al carnal lustes, vnlawful pleasures, concupiscences, and euil af­fections contrarie to thy most blessed [Page 426] pleasurs, concupiscences, and euill af­fections, contrarie to thy most blessed wil through our Lord & sauiour Ie­sus Christ. So be it.

For [...] hope and sure taste of euerlasting life.

O Almightie God, which hast pre­pared euerlasting life▪ for al those that be thy faithfull seruants, grant vnto vs [...] hope of this [...] euerla­sting, yt whites we bee heere in thit miserable world, we may haue some tast and feeling of it in our heartes, through the merits of our Lorde and sauiour Iesus Christ. So be it.

For the true knowledge of God and his word, and a life agree­able to the same.

GRaunt vnto vs (O mercifull God, we most heartelie beseech [...] thee) knowledge and true vn­vnderstanding [Page 427] of thy blessed will and word, that all ignorance being expel­led we maie know what thy wil and pleasure is in all things, and how to doe our duetie, and truly to walke in our vacation▪ and that also wee may expresse in our liuing those thinges that me. doe knowe, that wee bee not onely knowers of thy wil & woorde, good Lord, but also may be heartie & faithfull workers of [...]same, through our Lord and sauiour Iesus Christ, So be it.

A prayer for the strength and in­crease of faith.

O Almighty and euerlasting God, which not onely [...], euerye good and perfect gift; but also in­creasest those giftes that thou haste giuen: [...]e most humbly beseech thee [...] in vs ye gift of faith, that we may true lie beleeue in thee, & in [Page 428] thy promises made vnto vs in Christ su our Lorde and that neyther our negligence nor infirmitie of the flesh, nor by grieuousnesse of tentati­ons, neither by the subtil craftes and assaultes of the diuel, wee be driuen from this faith in the bloud of our Lord and sauiour Iesus Christ. So be it.

For a godly life.

ALmighty God, giue vs grace that we may cast away the works of darknes & put on vs the armour of light, now in the time of this mortall lif [...] (in the which thy so [...]l Iesus Ihrist came to visit vs in great humilitie) that in the last day when be shal come again in his glorious maiesty to iudg the quick & the dead, we may rise to the life immortall, through him who liueth & raigneth with thee y holie [Page 429] Ghost, now and for euer. So be it.

A prayer for the true perseuerance and assured hope of eternall life.

BLessed God which hast caused all holy scriptures to be written for our learning; grant that we may in such wise heare them, reade them, marke them, and inwardly printe them in our heartes, that by patience & comfort of thy holy word, we may imbrace and euer hold fast the blessed hope of euerlasting life, which thou hast giuen vs in our Lord and Sauiour Iesus Christ. So be it.

A prayer for the obtaining of our petitions.

ALmightie God, which hast gi­uen vs grace at this time with one accord to make our common sup­plications vnto thee, and doest pro­mise that when two or three be ga­thered [Page 430] together in thy [...], thou wilt grant their requests: fulfill now (O Lorde) the desires and petitions of thy seruants, as may be most expe­dient for them, graunting vs in this world knowledge of thy tru [...] and in the world to come life euerlasting▪ Amen.

The end of the Letanie.

A GODLIE INSTRV­ction, conteining the summe of all the diuinitie necessary for a Christian conscience.

A Man that is regenerate and borne of GOD, the which thing that euerie one of vs bee our Baptisme, the Sacrament of re­generation doth require vnder paine of damnation, and therefore let eue­rie one of vs with the Virgin Marie say. Bee it vnto mee O Lorde, accor­ding to thy worde, according to the sa­crament of baptisme, wherin thou [...]st declared our adption, and let vs lament, y doubting hereof in vs, [...] against it as we shall be made able of the Lorde, a man (I say) that is regenerate, consisteth of two men, [Page 432] (as a man may say) namely of the old man,The old man. and of the newe man. The old man is like to a mightie Giant, such a one as was Goliah, The new man. for his birth is now perfect: but the newe man is like vnto a little child, such a one as was Dauid, for his birth is not yet perfect, vntil the day of his generall resurrection.

The olde man therefore is more stronger,VVhy the olde man is stronger than the newe. lustie and st [...]ring then is the newe man, because the birth of the new man is but begun now, and the olde man is perfectlie borne. And as the oldeman is more stirring, lu­stie and stronger than the newe man: so is the nature of him cleane contra­rie to the nature of the new man, as being earthly and corrupt with Sa­thans seed,In what respect one man is. the nature of the newe man beeing heauenly and blessed with the celestial [...]eed of God. So that one man, in as much as hee is [Page 433] corrupt with the seede of the serpent is an olde man:both an old man also a new man and in as much as he is blessed with the seede of God from aboue hee is a new man. And as, in as much as hee is an olde man, he is a sinner and an enemie to God: so in as much as he is regenerate, hee is righteous and holie, and a friend to God, the seede of God preseruing him from sinne, so that he cannot sin, as the seede of the serpent, where­with he is corrupt euen from his conception, inclineth him, yea, infor­ceth him to sinne, and nothing els but to sinne. So that the best parte in man before regeneration, in Gods fight is not onely an enemie, but eni­mitie it selfe.

One man therefore which i [...] rege­nerate,How one man may be called alwayes sinfull [...] alwayes iust. may well bee called alwayes iust and alwayes sinfull: iust in re­spect of Gods seede and his regene­ration: sinfull in respect of Sathans [Page 434] seede and his first birth.Why the old man often­times preuay­leth a­gainst the new man. Betwixt these two men therefore, there is con­tinuall conflict and war most dead­lie. The flesh and the olde man by reason of his birth that is perfect, doe often for a time preuaile against the new man (being but a childe in comparison) and that in such sort, as not onely other,The olde man so mightily preuay­leth somtimes a­gainst the new man in the chil­dren of god, that the spirit & seed of God see­meth to be vtter­lie taken from thé whereas indeede it is not so, as af­terward, to their great cō ­fort they find and feele but euen the chil­dren of God themselues thinke that they be nothing els but old, and that the spirit and seed of God is lost and gone away, where yet notwitstan­ding the truth is otherwise, the spi­rite and the seed of God, at the length appearing againe, and dispelling a­waye the cloudes which couer the Sunne of Gods seede from shining, as the cloudes in the aire doe the cor­porall Sunne: so that sometimes a man cannot tel by any sense, that the [...] is any sunne, the cloudes and windes so hidet [...] it from our fight: Euen so [Page 435] our cecitie or blindnesse, and corrupt affections doe often shadow the sight of Gods seede in Gods children, as though they were plaine reprobates. Whereof it commeth that they pray­ing according to their sense, but not according to the trueth, desire of God to giue them againe his spirite, as though they had lost it, and hee had taken it away. VVhich thing God neuer doth indeed although hee make vs to think so for a time: for alwaies he holdeth his hand vnder his chil­dren in their falles, that they lie not still as other do which are not regenerate. And this is the difference be­twixt Gods children, which are re­generate aud elect before all times in Christ, and the wicked cast awayes: that the elect lie not still continuallie in their sin, as doe the wicked, but at the length doe returne again by rea­son of Gods seede, which is in them [Page 436] hid as a sparke of fire in the ashes: as we may see in Peter, Dauid, Paule, Ma­rie Magdalen, and others. For these (I meant Gods children) God hath made all things in Christ Iesu: to whome hee hath giuen this dignity, that they should be his inheritance and spouses. This our inheritour Christ Iesus, God with God, light of light, coeternall & consubstantiall with the father and with the holie Ghost, to the end that he might be­come our husband (because the Hus­band and the Wife must be one body and flesh) hath taken our nature vp­on him, communicating with it and by it in his owne person, to vs all his children, his diuine maiestie (as Peter saith) and so is become flesh of our flesh, & bone of our bones sub­stantiallie, as wee are become flesh of his flesh, and bone of his bones spiritually: al that euer we haue per­teining [Page 437] to him▪ yea euen our sinnes, as all that euer he hath, perteining vnto vs, euen his whole glorie. So that if Sathan should summon vs to answere in our debts, and sinnes▪ in that the wife is no suable person, but the husband, wee may well bid him enter his action against our hus­band Christ, and he will make him a sufficient answer.

For this ende (I meane that wee might be coupled and maried thus to Christ, and so be certaine of salua­tion, and at peace with God in our consciences) God hath giuen his ho­ly word which hath two parts (as now the children of God doe consist of two men) the one part of Gods word being proper to the old man,The law pertai­neth to the olde man, and the Gos­pell to the new man. & the other part of Gods word beeing proper to the newe man. The parte properlie pertaining to the old man is the lawe: the part properly pertei­ning [Page 438] to the new man, is the Gospell. The law is a doctrine which com­maundeth and forbiddeth,VVhat the Law is. requiring, doing, and auoyding. Vnder it ther­fore are conteined al precepts, threat­nings, promises vpon conditions of our doing and auoyding. &c.

The Gospell is a doctrine which alwayes offereth and giueth, requi­reng on our behalf,VVhat the Gos­pel is. not as of worthi­nesse or as a cause, but as a certificate vnto vs, and therefore vnder it are contained all the free and sweet pro­mises of God. as I am the Lord thy God, The con­science feared & beaten downe with the terror of Gods iudgmēt against sin, maie not look vpon the law, but fly to the Gospell for relief and com­fort, &c.

In those that be of yeares of dis­cretion it requireth faith, not as a cause, but as an instrument whereby we ourselues may be certaine of our good husband Christ, and of his glo­rie: and therefore when the consci­ence feeleth it selfe disquieted for feare of Gods iudgement against sin [Page 439] she may in no wise looke vpon the doctrine pertaining to the olde man, but to the doctrine onely that per­taineth to the newe man, in it not looking for that which it requireth, that is, faith, because wee neuer be­leeue as wee should: but onely on it which it offereth, & which it giueth that is, on Gods grace and eternall mercie and peace in Christ Iesu. So shall she be in quiet when she looketh for it altogether out of her selfe in gods mercy in christ Iesu:John. 13 in whose lap if she lay her head with S. Iohn then is shee happie,When the con­science is quiet & at peace with god the Law serueth onely to keepe down the olde man. and shall finde quietnesse in deede. When she feeleth her selfe quiet, then (in Gods name) let her looke on the lawe, and vpon such things as it requireth, thereby to bridle and keepe, downe the olde Adam, to stay the Goliah: frō whom she must needs keepe the sweet pro­mises, being the bed wherein her [Page 440] spouse & she [...] lie together. For as the wife [...] keepe her bed onelie for her husband, although in other things she is contented to haue fel­lowship with others, as to speak, sit, eate, drinke, go, &c. so our consciences which are christs wiues, must needs keep the bed, that is, goes sweet pro­mises all only for our selues and our husband, there to meete together, to imbrace and laugh together, and to be ioyful together. If sinne, the lawe, the deuill, or any thing els woulde creepe into the bed and lye there, then complaine to thy husbande Christ, and foorthwith thou shalt see him, play Phinees part. Thus my dear­ly beloued,Num. 2, 5 I haue giuen you in few wordes, a summe of all the De­uinity which a Christi­an conscience can­not want.


The Table.

  • AN introduction to praier. 17
  • A meditatiō cō ­cerning praier. 49
  • A meditation vpon the Lords praier. 68
  • Priuate praier for the morning, euening, and o­ther th [...]e [...] of the day 132
  • VVhen you avvake out of your sleepe. cod.
  • VVhen you behold the daie light. 134
  • VVhen you arise. 135
  • VVhen you apparell your selfe. 136
  • VVhen you are made readie to beginne the day vvithall. 138
  • Cogitation meete to be­gin the day vvithal. 139
  • VVhen you goe foorth of the doore. 143
  • VVhen you are going anie iourneie. 145
  • Ʋ Ʋhen you are about to receiue your meat. 148
  • In the meale time. 150
  • After your meat 152
  • Ʋ Ʋhen you come home againe. 155
  • At the Sunne going dovvne. 156
  • VVhen the candles b [...] light. 158
  • Ʋ Ʋhen you make your selfe vnreadie. 160
  • VVhen you goe into your bed. 161
  • VVhen you feele sleepe to be comming. 163
  • A generall confession of sins, vvith other prai­ers for the morning & e­uening, to be vsed in fa­milies and publike assem­blies 165
  • Another confession of sins. 167
  • A praier to be said in the morning. 169
  • An other. 172
  • An other. 143
  • An euening praier. 176
  • Another. 181
  • Another. 183
  • A praier for [...] [Page] of sinnes. 185
  • A praier for the true knovvledge of the myste­rie of our redemption in Christ. 197
  • A forme of thankesgi­uing for our redemption, and a praier for the strength and increase of faith. 200
  • A thankesgiuing to God for his great bene­fites. 202
  • A praier for true mor­tification. 205
  • A meditation of the exercise of true mortifi­cation. 212
  • A meditation of the cōming of Christ to iudgement, & of the revvard both of the faithfull and vnfaithful. 215
  • A meditation of the life euerlasting, the place vvhere it is, & the incō ­parable ioyes ther of. 222
  • Another meditation of the blessed [...] & fe­licitie of the life to come 231
  • A meditation of the presence of God. 238
  • A meditation of the prouidence of God, 240
  • A meditation of Gods povver, beautie, goodnes, &c. 245
  • A meditation concer­ning the sober vsage of the bodie, that it may bee subiect & obedient to the soule. 249
  • Another meditation concerning the sober v­sage of the bodie & plea­sures in the life. 252
  • A meditation of death and the commodities it bringeth. 256
  • A meditation vpon the passion of our Sauiour Iesus Christ. 259
  • A praier to Christ cru­cified. 267
  • A praier to Christ as­cended and raigning in glorie. 268
  • [Page] A praier for true repentance. 272
  • A praier for the strēgth & increase of faith. 273
  • A praier for the true sense and feeling of Gods fauour and mercie in Christ. 274
  • A praier against our spiritual enimies, the di­uel, the vvorlde and the flesh. 279
  • A praier for the presēt help in temptation. 281
  • Remedies against sin­full motions and tentati­ons. 284
  • A praier for the auoi­ding of Gods heauie vvrath and vengeance for our sinne. 286
  • Another. 263
  • A praier to be saide of such as suffer anie kinde of crosse. 295
  • A praier for the affli­cted for the profession of Gods vvord. 299
  • A praier to God the father, the sonne, and the holie Ghost. 302
  • A thankesgiuing to God the father, the sonne and the holie Ghost. 307
  • A praier to God for his helpe and protection against the obstinat eni­mie, of the truth. 310
  • A praier for the affli­cted and persecuted vn­der the tyrannie of An­tichrist. 312
  • A praier to be said be­fore the preaching of Gods vvord. 314
  • A praier to be saide after the preaching of Gods vvord. 316
  • A praier to be said be­fore the receiuing of the communion. 323
  • A thankesgiuing after the receiuing of the com­munion. 326
  • A lamentation of a sin­ner afflicted in consciēce for his offence. 327
  • A praier for the sicke 33
  • [Page] A praier to be said at the houre of death. 339.
  • A praier for a vvomā vvith child. 343
  • A Psalme to be said in the time of anie common plague, sicknes, or other crosse and visitation of God. 346
  • A Psalme of thankes­giuing for deliuerance from the plague or anie other kinde of sicknes, or affliction. 350
  • Praiers to be said be­fore meate & after. 354
  • An other praier to be said before meate. 355
  • An other 356
  • A thankesgiuing af­ter meales 357
  • An other thankesgi­uing after meales. 359
  • Another 360
  • An other. 361
Praiers commonly called Lidleys Praiers, with certaine godlie additions.
  • A Confessiō of sin. 362
  • A confession of sins and a praier for the re­mission thereof. 374
  • A praier for the true knovvledge and vnder­standing of the vvord of God. 380
  • A praier for the lea­ding of a godlie life. 383
  • A praier for the deli­uerance from sin, & to be restored to Gods grace & fauour againe. 387
  • A praier necessarie to be said at all times. 489
  • A praier for grace & remission of sin. 392
  • Praiers taken out of the first Psalme. 39
  • Praiers taken out of the second psalme. 400
  • [Page] A praier vvhich M. Iohn Bradford said a li­tle before his death in Smithfield. 404
  • The Letanie 409
  • For the Queenes ma­iestie. 410
  • For Bishops & mini­sters of the Church. 421
  • For raine. 421
  • For fair vvether 422
  • In the time of dearth and famine. 423
  • In the time of vvar 423
  • In the time of any cōmō plague or sicknes. 424
  • For strength and comfort of the holy Ghost. 425
  • For sure hope & true tast of euerlasting lyfe. 426
  • For the true knovv­ledge of god & h [...] vvord and a lyfe agreeable to the same. ibi.
  • For the strength & in­crease of faith. 427
  • For a godly life. 428
  • For the true perseue­rance and assured hope of eternall lyfe. 429
  • A praier for the obtei­ning of our petitions 429
  • A godly instruction, conteining the sum of al the Diuinity necessa­srie for a Christian con­science. 4 [...]1

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