A MANVAL OF PRAIERS VSED BY THE FATHERS OF THE PRIMA­tiue Church, for the most part within the foure first hundred yeares of Christ, & al before the end of the sixt hundred yeare: diuided into seueral Chapters.

Wherin by the very praiers of the Apostles, and their successors, (here related without anie word or sillable, added or altered) al the cheifest questiōs now in controuersie, are inuincibly proued for the holy doctrine of the present Roman Church; by which we are instructed how to beleeue, and what to practise in deuotion.

By R. B. P.

Simb. Apostol. I beleeue the holy Ca­tholicke Church.

With Licence. 1618.

TO OVR MOST RE­nowmed Queene Anne: And al her Right honorable, and other Ladies.


RIght noble, and other worthy La­dies; as by place of dignitie you are honorable in this world, and ho­nour is that which many of you e­nough, if not to much, affect to haue: and being had, continue as careful to encrease, and feareful not to loase it: So seeing you consist (as al men and women doe) of two portions: the cheif and best by nature immortal, and the other, after a short life and death, to be cloathed with immortalitie; and al ho­nors, and pleasures here, be fading & mortal, and no obiects of delight for creatures immortal: It is wisdome in time, for al that loue and desire honor, to prouide how to ioyne honor & im­mortality together: for most sure it is, [Page] that both you, and al humane kinde shal be immortal, and if we seeke not here for a better honour then this which is mortal, we shal remaine with­out honour, and be in dishonour for euer. And al who haue or claime title vnto honour, must also render true and due honour to euerie one more honou­rable in degree. For, to render honour is the vrgent and bynding law of God, Nature, and Nations.

But they which be often honourable in this world, are not alwaies so strictly bound for accepting or seeking honour. And because I do not doubt, but ma­nie, or most of you, are expert enough in the second case of admitting honour vnto your s [...]ues, and as negligent, or ignorant in the former, so generally commanding precept of performing honour, office, and dutie: I haue (to condemne ignorance, wilfulnes, and al vaine euasions) perused the bookes of armorie, of the best and most anutient Heraldes, in the Religion of Christ: next vnder him his holie Apostles, their happie successors, the practises of A­postolick [Page 5] and al Churches, with the learned vertuous Fathers of this sacred Primatiue vnspotted Church, of the first, second, third, fourth, fift, and none after the sixt hundred yeare after Christ: and out of them gathered to­gether, and set downe in this breife Summarie of true honour: To whom, when, where, how, and what honour, these most diuine and honourable persons, yelded vnto others: nor by anie pri­uate inference or exposition of mine owne, but in the very wordes & prai­ers them selues, without anie sillable added, or altered; by which those ho­lie Churches & Fathers, publikly pro­fessed and proposed to al posterities, that inward faith which they beleued; and also, that office, dutie, and ho­nor, which they and al good Christiās owe, and ought to render. That ex­cept anie men or women, naming them selues Christians, wil be so impious Antichristians, to condemne these most holie guides, and Pastors in the king­dome of Christ, and now by these pro­fessions of their faith, & performinges of dutie and honour, glorious and hap­pie [Page 6] Sainctes in heauen, and our most B. Sauiour & Redemer him self, Christ Iesus, to be a seducer: the cheifest con­trouersies of this time in Religion, be­ing in this short Treatise, by these in­uincible Argumentes and authorities demonstratiuely proued, made euident, and adiudged, for the most sacred doc­trine of the present Romane Church, wil haue an end: the wilful and obsti­nate inuincibly refuted, the ignorant truly instructed, the vniustly persecu­ted truly rewarded and pitied, most sa­cred preisthood and Sacrifice, by many so prophanly vsed, wil here thus pro­ued appeare most reuerent, holy, and glorious. To be breife, what homage, honour, dutie, loue, pitie, compassion, or releife we owe, and must render, to the Church Triumphant, Militant, or patient, that we may truly, with the o­ther Articles of our holie Creede, be­leue and confesse the holie Catholicke Church, the Communion of Sainctes: they are here thus manifestly and vndeniably determined: and al cheifest matters now called into question, so decided. Diuers praiers of this subiect, I haue [Page 7] wholly here omitted, being alreadie lately published in my Manual of Me­ditations and Prayers. And in some few Cōtrouersies (though of least momēt) because their praiers do not belong to al estates for which this booke is pu­blished, I haue bene silent. The cause why I principally dedicate it to you, is not to make you patrons of the prai­ers of Sainctes, and their holie faith, but to make them Patrones vnto you: not to constitute you Iudges of the ho­nour which is due to the High Queene and Ladie in Heauen, but to make you ladies there: nor to make your vn­learned sexe vmpeare ouer the whole Church of God, but to procure you to be true members of that holie com­panie, forth of which there is no salua­tion; not because I woud exclude your Lordes, whom I duly honour, but to haue it presented to them by you, and you in knowing, and performing the true honours and duties here remem­bred, to be more honourable both to them and others; and them, by this and your example, to learne and do the ho­nours and duties they owe to others. [Page 8] Neither do I omitte the inferiour of your kind, to be grateful vnto you, (though the vertuous among you, I honour with double honour) that liue in state. But because vertue or vice, is often learned from the higher, I wish you the first, and you therin to be imitated, and made a Rule. And so in al dutie I shal euer rest

Your Maiesties dutiful subiect and Ladiships. true seruāt and frend. R. B. P.

The Table of the contentes.

  • The first Chapter containeth prai­ers concerning Iustification, which is not by faith alone.
  • The 2. Chapter; Iustification and merite of Almes, Sacrifice, suffering persecution, Praiers of Sainctes, & o­ther good deedes in grace.
  • The 3. Chapter, of the Communi­on of the Militant Church, with the Triumphant, in honour, praier, & pro­tection; and first of our B. Ladie S. Marie, the Mother of God.
  • The 4. Chapter, of the same. The 5. Chapter, of Praier and honour to the holie Angels, and their Pro­tection.
  • The 6. Chapter, of praier and ho­nour to al the Sainctes in heauen in ge­neral, & their protection.
  • The 7. Chapter, to Sainctes in par­ticular, deceased before the Passion of Christ.
  • The 8. Chapter, of praier & honour vnto, and the patronage of Sainctes in particular, after the Passion of Christ.
  • The 9. Chapter, the old Lytanies [Page 10] of the Church.
  • The 10. Chapter, Reuerence of ho­lie Reliques.
  • The 11. Chapter, praiers for one de­parted out of this life.
  • The 12. Chapter, praiers for al faith­ful deceased.
  • The 13. Chapter, praiers before re­ceiuing the B. Sacrament, prouing it to be the true Body, and Bloud of Christ.
  • The 14. Chapter, praiers after re­ceiuing, this B. S. prouing the same.
  • The 15. Chapter, of Sacramental Confession, a due preparation for that B. Sacrament.
  • The 16. Chapter, the external holy preisthood, and Sacrifice of Christians, Christes true Bodie and Bloud offered both for the liuing & dead.
  • The 17. Chapter, the preeminence of S. Peter, and his Successors, in the Apostolick Romane Sea, in this holy preisthood.
  • The 18. Chapter, what diuersitie of orders belong vnto holie Preisthood; their Vowes, Virginitie, Chastitie, & al degrees of the Church.


How Man is or may be iustified: but not by Faith onely.
Chapter 1.

WHosoeuer wil be saued; S. Athanasius Creede. be­fore al thinges it is needeful that he hold the Catholick Faith. Which except euerie one shal keepe whole and inuiolate; without doubt, he shal perish for euer. And the Ca­tholicke Faith is this, that we worship one God in Trinitie, and Trinitie in v­nitie &c. But it is necessarie to eter­nal saluation, that he also beleue faith­fully, the Incarnation of our Lord Ie­sus Christ &c. At whose coming, al men must rise with their bodies; and render accompt of their owne deedes. And they which haue done good things shal go into life eternal: & they which haue done euil thinges, into euerla­sting fire. This is the Catholick faith, which except euerie man faithfully and firmly beleue, he can not be saued.

[Page 14] August. medi­tat. cap. 33.O Lord, I besech, intreate, and de­sire thee, increase my faith, increase my hope, increase my Charitie. Cause vs by thy grace, to be alwaies stedfast in fatih, and effectual in worke, that by right faith, and worthy workes of faith by thy mercie, we may come to eternal life.

August. Serm. 39. de verbis Domini.Decline from euil and do good, & when thou hast done this, secure expect life; and then boldly thou shalt say; O Lord, I haue done what thou hast commanded, pay vnto me what thou hast promised.

S. Ephrem Ser. de laude omnium Mar­tyrum.O most holie Martyrs, we besech you, that you would intreate our Lord for vs wretched sinners, that he would powre his diuine grace vpon vs, which may continually lighten and illuminate our heartes with the beame of holie Charitie, by which we may be able to loue him with al our heart, and with al our minde.

Gregor. natal. SS. Innocent. These Inno­cents none a­boue two yea­res old, could haue actual faith: much lesse the new found faith.O Lord help vs we besech thee, by the praier of those Sainctes, which not yet able to professe thy Sonne with humane voice, were crowned with ce­lestial glorie, for his Natiuitie. O Lord [Page 15] we besech thee, let them obtaine for vs, puritie of mindes, whose innocencie, we solemnly celebrate.

O God looke vpon vs, and make,S. Iacobus in Mis. that our Oblation sanctified by the ho­lie Ghost, be acceptable for propitia­tion of our sinnes, & those sinnes which the people by ignorance haith commit­ted: and for the rest of the soules of them which are departed before vs.

O Lord God,Seuerus Patri­arch. Alexand. de tit. Bap. graunt vnto vs that with ioy we may keepe and fulfil thy com­mandementes al the daies of our life.

There remaine (saith the holie Apo­stle Paule) Hope, Faith, and Charitie, S. Gaudentius Bririen. Epis. Ser. 10. ad Neophitos, An. 386. 1. Cor. 13.13. these three: but the greatest of these is Cha­ritie. Faith is that, by which we con­f [...]sse the Trinitie to be of one substance. Hope is that, by which we hope the Re­surrection of the flesh; and rewardes to be hereafter for merites. Charitie is that, by which we so loue Christ, that we would suffer our selues with a wil­ling minde, to be put to death for his name. But because al which are bapti­zed in the Apostolick faith, beleue sure­ly in the Trinitie, and hope for thinges [Page] to come: yet al can not say forth of af­fection with the holie Apostle, Who shal seperate vs from the loue of Christ? tribula­tion? or distresse? or persecution? or famine? or nakednesse? or daunger? or the sword? Therfore some of our water pottes hold two measures,Hee there ex­poundeth Christs first miracle of wa­ter turned into wine, some pots holding two measures o­thers three. Io. 2. but some three measures. Therfore our Lord Iesus rich towards al, and oueral who cal vpon him, vouch­saife to geue, that we may receiue three measures perfect in his loue. Also that without warre of persecution, constāt in the loue of God, with prepared min­des, for al suffering of present paines, we may wel Merite the Renowmed crowne of a vanquishing conscience, by the triumph of secret conflict.

Gotticum Mis. sale antiquis. To. 6. Bibl. SS. Part.Let vs with praier, besech our holie and blessed God of reward, entreating for our brethren and sisters, by whose ministerie & cost, they which are needy in the Church, do not suffer want, that our Lord wil communicate spiritual ri­ches vnto them, which geue releefe of worldly substance, to the pouertie of faithful soules by our Lord Iesus Christ.

Merciful God, graunt vnto the prai­ers of thy seruantes, that whosoeuer; [Page 17] [...]indful of thy heauenly precept [...]s, do minister necessaries to the poore, may be crowned with incorruptible & hea­uenly glorie, of thy miseration & mer­cie, by our Lord Iesus Christ. Amen.

O God from whom Iudas the trai­tor receiued the punishment of his of­fence,Supr. Ord. Rom. antiq. in ser. S. i [...] caena Domini. and the theife the reward of his confession: graunt vnto vs the effecte of our holie petition, that as our Lord Iesus Christ in his Passion, gaue to them both the stipendes of their me­rites; so he wil bestow vpon vs the grace of his Resurrection.

Christ our God and our Lord,Missa Indor antiq. who by his grace hath made vs worthie to receieu his precious Bodie and Bloud: graunt that we may please him in our wordes, deedes, and thoughtes, that this Sacrament which we haue recei­ued, and shal receiue, be vnto vs a pledge of remission of our debtes, and great hope of Resurrection from the dead.

O Lord our God,Can. vniuers. seu Mis. Ethiop. make vs pure & cleane from al il odoures of feines, & worth i [...] of thy [...] [...]nd [...].

[Page 18]O louer of men, make us iust with­out spotte, with gladnes al the daies of our life. O Lord our God, pro­tect, nourish, and gouerne vs, by the powers of the Princes of thy Angels. Seperate vs from al euil workes, con­ioine vs with al good workes by Christ thine only Sonne.

Aug. l. medit. cap. 20.O house of God, bright and bewti­ful, I haue loued the dwelling place of the glorie of our Lord my possessor and maker. Speake thou, aske thou him, that he may make me worthie of the participation of thy glorie. I do not dispaire to obtaine it; olny let thy merits help me.

Mis. Indor. antiq.O my Lord, I besech thee, that this oblation, may be to vs, o my Lord, a loosing of our debtes, & remission of sinnes, and new life in the heauenly kingdome.

Muzarab. in fest. S. Iacobi.O Lord my God, graunt to me so to receiue the bodie and bloud of thy Sōn, our Lord Iesus Christ, that by it I may merite to receiue remission of al my sinnes, and to be filled with thy holie Spirit, [...] our God, who liuest & reig­nest world without end. Amen.

[Page 19]O God by whom we reproue the er­rour of them which think,August. lib. 5. soliloq. c. 1. there be no merites of soules with thee.

O Lord let blessed Agatha the Mar­tyr,Gregor. in na­tal. S. Agathae. who hath bene acceptable to thee both by merite of Chastitie, and pro­fession of thy vertue: obtaine Pardō for vs.

O holie and blessed Paula:Hieronim. epist. 27. ad Eustochium, thy faith & workes, associate thee to Christ.

That Praiers, Sacrifice, suffering per­secution for Christ, Almes-deedes and other good workes, done in grace are meritorious.
Chapter 2.

O Lord we reuerence the memory first of the glorious alwaies Vir­gin Marie, Mother of God,Gregor. l. Sa­crament. in Ordnar. Mis­sae. et Mis. Rom. antiq. and our Lord Iesus Christ. Also of the blessed Apostles and Martyrs Peter and Paul, [Page 20] Andrew, Iames, Iohn, Thomas, Iames, Philip, Bartholomew, Mathew, Simon and Thadee: Linus, Cletus, Clemens, Xistus, Cornelius, Ciprian, Laurence, Chrisogonus, Iohn & Paul, Cosmas & Damianus, and of al thy Sainctes; by whose merites and praiers, vouchsaife to graunt, that in al thinges, we may be defended by the helpe of thy pro­tection.

Gregor. l. Sa­cram. in natal. S. Io. Baptist.O God almightie, we besech thee that by the intercession of B. S. Iohn Baptist, we may be defended. That he may obtaine indulgence and fauour for vs, that we may be helped by his me­rits; that by his patronage meriting it, we may haue increase of securitie.

Graunt we besech thee, that thy fami­lie, by the intercession of thy forerun­ner, blessed Iohn Baptist, may be free­ed from al sinnes, and merite to come to him whom he foretold.

S. Ephrem.O most gentle God, by the praiers of the Mother of God, euer a Virgin, and the heauenlie armie, and company of Angels, Cherubins, Seraphines Pro­phets, Martyrs, godlie Rulers: by the intercessions of holie Religious peo­ple, [Page 21] & supplications of al the blessed, haue mercie on me thy creature.

O God mercifully heare vs,Gregor. sh [...]. in Octau. Apost. & graūt that by the merites of blessed Peter, & his coapostle Paule, we may obtaine, the glorie of eternitie.

O God almightie we besech thee,In vigil. S. Andr. Apost. that blessed Andrew thy Apostle, may obtaine help for vs. Let vs be protec­ted by his merites.

Pelag. 2. epist. 4. ad Episco. Germ. et Gal. Greg. in vigil Apost. Pet. & Paul. in praef. S. Gregory teacheth the like prayers of the Church before his time of the other A­postles, in par­ticular, S. Ia­mes, S. Ma­thew, S. Iohn, S. Thomas, Matthias, Phi­lip, Iames.O Lord it is worthie and iust, right and helping to saluation, humblie to pray thee, that thou, o eternal Shep­heard, wilt not forsake thy flocke, but wilt keepe thy people with continual protection, by thy blessed Apostles, that it may be gouerned by the same Rulers, who being the vicars of thy work, thou hast appointed Pastours to rule it.

Gregor. sup. in natal. SS. Abdon et Sen­nen. Natal. S. Her­met.O God graūt to thy seruantes, that by the merites of thy Sainctes, Abdon and Sennen making intercession for vs, we may deserue to be deliuered from al aduersities.

O Lord let the intercession of bles­sed Hermes thy Martyr, not cease to pacifie thy iustice, and make our ser­uice deuout vnto thee.

[Page 22] Natal. S. Cornel. et Ci­prian.O Lord by the intercession of thy Sainctes Cornelius and Ciprian, turn [...] from vs al euils, which we iustly de­serue.

Nntal. S. Georgii.We humbly besech thee o God om­nipotent, that by the intercession of B. George, thy Martyr, thou wilt graunt vs worthilie to serue thee. O Lord cleanse vs from al guilt of our sinnes, by the intercession of blessed George thy Martyr.

Natal. S. Anastas.Graunt o Lord, that the guiftes, which we offer, may be to the helpe of our saluation, the merite of blessed A­nastasia making intercession for vs.

Natal. S. Ce­cil.O God we besech thee, that by the intercession of blessed Cecilie, we may deserue to receiue the benefites of thy guift.

Natal. S. Sa­turn. S. Greg. sup. hath aboue 50. other the like, vsed by the Church before his time. Prudentius to S. Vincentius in Him. S. Vincentii.O God graunt vs to be helped by the merites of blessed Saturninus thy Mar­tyr.

O twice renowmed, be present now & receiue the humble wordes of them that pray vnto thee, and be an effectu­al oratour for our offence at the throne of the Father. We besech thee by thy self, by that prison, the increase of thy [Page 23] [...]; by thy bondes, flames, hookes, the block of thy prison; by those pot­sheardes, The pauement of his prison stro­wed with sharp peeces of pot­sherdes, wher­on his naked body after o­ther torments, did lye. Sophron. Hie­rosol. Encom. Angel. by which thou obtained victory, by which, we that come after thee, with reuerence kisse thy bedde: haue mercy on our praiers, that Christ being pacified wil not impute our sinnes vnto vs.

O most laudable and excellent spi­rits, openly propose the infinite mercy of God, praying the bountiful & gen­tle God, that by your intercession, he wil vouchsaife to admitte, al the afflic­tions, and sicknes, & calamities, which in al my life I haue suffered, for a re­compence of my sinnes, and release & pardon of the condemnation and grea­uous tormentes which I haue iustly de­serued, & accompt them in their steade and place.

Of the Communion of the Church [...] with the Triumphant by Praier & honour to the Saincts there, by vs on earth: & their patronage vnto vs and first of the most B. Virgin Marie.
Chapter. 3.

S. Ephrem orat. de laudi­bus Sanctis. Dei matris.O Virgin vouchsaife, that I thy ser­uant may praise thee. Haile most bright, & most bewtiful vessel of God, Haile Ladie Marie fuf of grace: Haile among women most blessed Virgin. Haile most shyning starre, from which Christ went forth. Haile most glori­ous light, Mother and Virgin. Haile Ladie higher then al. Haile song of the Cherubins, and Himne of Angels. Haile peace, ioy, and saluation of the world. Haile gladnes of mankind. Haile praise of the Fathers, and honour of the Prophets. Haile bewtie of Mar­tyrs, and crowne of Sainctes, Haile glorie of the godlie. Haile most excellent ornament of the heauenlie holies. Haile most worthie miracle of the world. Hail tree of life, ioy, and pleasure. Haile quiet Hauen, and deliueresse of those that be troubled. Haile the helper of [Page 25] them that be in daunger. Haile [...]ou [...] of grace and consolation. Haile refuge of sinners. Haile hope of al that be ver­tuous, and afflicted with aduersities. Haile Queene and defence both of men and women. Haile most glorious Me­diatrix of the world. Haile doare of heauen. Haile opening of the gates of Paradise. Haile key of heauens, & the kingdome of Christ.

O immaculate, vnspotted,S. Ephrem orat. de sanctis. Dei genetrice. vncorrup­ted, chast Virgin, Spouse of God, our Ladie, only hope of the dispaired, help of the oppressed, and most speedie aide of those that runne vnto thee, and re­fuge of al Christians: admitte my prai­er, most vile, & vttered with vncleane lippes; and also intreate thy Sonne my Lord and God, with thy motherly gen­tlenes, that he may also open vnto me, those most merciful bowels, of his pie­tie: and setting aside mine innume­rable sinnes, conuert me to penance, and graunt me truly to fulfil his com­mandementes.

O merciful, gentle, and bountiful La­die, be alwaies present vnto me; in this life an earnest protecti [...] and helper, [Page 26] driuing backe mine enemies inuasions, and bringing me to saluation, and in the last moment of my life, kepe my wretched soule, driuing farre from it the vgsome sight of wicked diuels, & in the terrible day of Iudgment, deli­uering me from euerlasting damnation; lastly making me heire of that inacces­sible glorie, of thy Soone and God. Which by thine intercession and fauour I besech thee againe and againe, most holie Ladie, Mother of God, that I may obtaine by thy grace, mercie and gentlenes of thine only begotten Sonn our Lord, and God, and Sauiour Iesus Christ.

As thou art the Mother of the most merciful God; so mercifully receiue me a sinner: be present with me, o merci­ful, gentle, & bountiful Virgin.

S. Ephrem in lamen. Sanctis. Dei genetricis &c.O immaculate and blessed Mother, (without sinne) of thy Sonne, & God of al, pure, sound, most sacred; we praise thee, we blesse thee, as ful of grace, who broughtest forth Christ. We al prostrate ourselues to thee, we al besech thee. Deliuer vs o vnspot­ted, from al necessitie, from al tempta­tions [Page 27] of the diuel. Be our Reconcilia­trix and Aduocate in the hour of Iudg­ment. Deliuer vs from the fire to comand darknes: and vouchsaif vs the glo­rie of thy Sonne; for thou art the most holie hope of Christians with God.

To whom be honour world without end. Amen.

O holie and immaculate Virgin Ma­rie Mother of God,August. me­ditat. c. 40. and Mother of our Lord Iesus Christ, vouchsaife to make intercession for me, to him whose Tem­ple thou deseruedst to be.

I besech the Intercession of blessed Marie the Virgin;Ambros. orat. praeparat. that my praier may be effectual.

O holie Mother of God Virgin Ma­rie, pray for vs.Greg. in An­tiphonar.

O Queene of heauen and Ladie of earth, euer most holie Virgin,Io. Cassian. Coufes. The­olog. part. 3. Mother of God & our Lord Iesus Christ; pray for vs and daily, yea continually make intercession for me thy seruant, and for al the holy Church of God, for remis­sion of sinnes, purging of vices, for in­crease and perfection of vertues, for the peace and health of the faithful people, for the fruictes of the earth, for the sta­bilitie [Page 28] of the Church, the order of Sain­ctes, and for al seruantes of God, men and women, both liuing and departed, that by thy praiers and holie merites, God almightie may take mercie on a people ful of sinnes, here, and for e­uer.

S. Leander Liturg. Muza­rab. infest. S. Iacobi.Haile o Queene, Mother of mercie, life, sweetenes, and our hope al haille. We that are the banished children of Eue do crie vnto thee. To thee we sigh groaning and weping, in this vale of teares. Therfore o thou our aduocate, turne those thy merciful eyes vnto vs, and shew vnto vs after this exile, bles­sed Iesus the fruite of thy wombe. O merciful, o ful of pitie, o sweete Virgin Marie. Pray for vs o holie Mother of God. That we may be made worthie of the promises of Christ.

Athanas. ser. de sanctis. Deipara To. 3.Harken o daughter of Dauid & A­braham, and incline thine eare to our praiers, and forgeat not thy people. We crie vnto thee, o most holie Virgin, remember vs, and render vnto vs for this litle speech, great guiftes out of the riches of thy graces, thou who art ful of grace. We vse these wordes for [Page 29] thy praise, If at anie time Himne, if at anie time praise, be offered vnto thee, either by vs, or anie creature, to thee I say our gracious Ladie, Queene, Mi­stris, Mother of God, Arke of the Sanc­tuarie. Al orders of Angels and earth­ly thinges pronounce thee blessed. We exalt thee with a great and lowde voice saying: Haile gratious, our Lord is with thee, o Mistris, and Ladie and Queene, and Mother of God, make in­tercession for vs.

O venerable Virgin, chast,S. Gregor. Nazian. in traged. Chri [...] patiens. most hap­py, adorned with the garment of im­mortalitie, accompted as a Goddesse: be mercifuly present to my praiers, re­ceiue my petitions.

O Ladie graunt that I may so depart forth of this life, that hauing thee so great a gouernesse of it, I may alwaies find thee for me a most acceptable Pa­tronesse to thy Sonne. Suffer me not to be deliuered ouer as it were to be crucified and exposed to the scorne of him that is the sworne enemie & plague of al mortal men.

O maiden equalled by none in grace, Mother and Virgin, comly aboue al [Page 30] virgins, and the greatest, who excedest al orders of heauenly inhabitantes, Queene, Ladie, the good of mankind: be alwaies a frend to mortal men, and to me euerie where the greatest saif­guard.

O thrice blessed Mother, o light of virgins, which inhabitest the most glo­rious Temple of heauen, free from the stianes of mortalitie: now thou art a­dorned with the stoale of immortalitie, harkē gently from aboue to my wordes, and I besech thee o Virgin, receiue my praiers.

S. Chrisostom. in mis. transla­ted by Erasmus of Roterad.It is worthy and iust, to glorify thee Goddes Mother, & alwaies most bles­sed, & wholly vndefiled Mother of god more honourable then the Cherubins, and, incomparably, more Glorious, then the Seraphins, which without cor­corruption, hast brought forth God: verily we magnify thee Goddes Mo­ther.

O glorious Mother of God, who brought forth true God: pray vnto him to saue our soules.

O Mother of God, because thou art more excellent then al creatures, we [Page 31] which are not able to praise thee wor­thily, do freely besech thee, haue mer­cie vpon vs.

Haile ful of grace, our Lord is with thee. S. Andreas Ar­chiepis. Hie­rosolym. ser. in salutat. S. Mar. Deiparae to. 2. Bibl. SS. Patr. An. 550. Haile organe of ioy, by which the con­demnation of our offence is purged, and ful cōpensation of true ioy is made. Haile truly blessed. Haile illuminated. Haile magnificent Temple of Diuine glory. Haile consecrated Palace of the King. Haile bride chamber, in which humanitie was espoused to Christ. Haile elected to God before thou wert borne. Haile Goddes Reconciliation with men. Haile treasure of life which neuer fadeth. Haile heauen celestial, Tabernacle of the sunne of glory. Haile most ample feild of God, whom none other place but thou alone, could com­prehend. Haile holie virginal earth, of which the new Adam by an vnspeaka­ble framing, was formed; which should restoare the old Adam to saluation.

Haile Marie ful of grace, S. Iacob. in mis. receiued in concil. 6. genral. Can. 32. our Lord is with thee; blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruite of thy wombe; for thou hast brought forth the Sauiour of our soules. It is worthie, it is worthie [Page 32] that we cal thee who art trulie blessed the Mother of God alwaies blessed & euerie way irreprehensible, & the Mo­ther of our God, more honourable thē the Cherubins, and more glorious then the Seraphins: who without corrup­tion, hast brought forth God the word. We truly magnify thee the Mother of God, o ful of grace, to thee euerie cre­ature maketh ioy, the companie of An­gels, and mankind: thou who art the sanctified Temple, the spiritual paradise, the glorie of virgins, of whom God re­ceiued flesh, and became a child, our God who is before the world: for he made thy belie his Throne, and thy wombe more spacious and large, then the heauens them selues. To thee o ful of grace, euerie creature doth gra­tulate; glorie to thee.

Precat. Syriac. apud Seuer. Patriarch. Alex. in prec. Syr. to. 6. Bibl. SS. Patr.O holie Marie Mother of God, pray for vs, I say sinners. Amen.

O Mother of God, Queene of hea­uen, doare of paradise, Ladie of the worlde, begin praiers for my sinne.


Eutichian. in vit. S. Theo­phili.O my blessed Ladie, and defence of mankind, the harbour and protection [Page 33] of them that flee vnto thee. I know o my Ladie Mother of God, that I haue greatly offended thee. For who o my Ladie hath hoped in thee and was asha­med? or what man hath faithfully as­ked thy help, able to al thinges, & hath at anie time bene forsaken? verly no man at anie time. Wherfore I a sinner also and wicked person, aske thy euer-during fountaine, from which cures do flowe to our soules, be merciful vnto me.

Of the same praying vnto, and honou­ring this most blessed Virgin Marie.
Chapter. 4.

HAile ful of grace, S. Andreas Hierosol. in salutat. Angel. Serm. our Lord is with thee. He that said Let light be made, let the firmament, and the rest of the workes of wonderful creation, be made. Haile Mother of immeasurable [Page 34] ioy. Haile new Arke of glory, in which the spirit of God descending, rested; Arke in which rested the sanctification of new glorie. Haile ornament of al Prophets and Patriarks, and most true praise of the vnsearchable oracles of God. Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruite of thy wombe, and verily thou art trulie blessed, for God hath blessed thee a Tabernacle to him self. Blessed art thou among wo­men, who alone hast gott the blessing which God had promised to the Gen­tiles by Abrahā.Gen. 12. Verily thou art bles­sed, who art called the Mother of the blessed child Iesus Christ our Sauiour; for whom the Gentiles crie,Math. 22. Blessed is he that cometh in the name of our Lord, & blessed the eternal name of his glorie. Bles­sed art thou among women, whom al genera­tions proclame blessed, kinges do glorifie, whom Potentates adore, whom virgins both following and going before thee, do attend into the Temple of the King.

August. ser. 2. de anuntiat. et assumpt. B. Mar.O haphie Marie, and worthie of al praise. O Virgin, o glorious Mother of God, o high child-bearer, to whose bowels, the maker of heauen and earth [Page 35] is committed. O B. Marie, admitte our praiers within the sacrarie of thy Auditorie, and bring againe vnto vs grace of reconciliation. Obtaine what we aske and excuse that we feare; for we finde none more excellent in merits, to pacify the Iudges anger, then thou art, who hast deserued to be the Mo­ther of our Redemer & Iudge.

Succour those that be in miserie, as­sist the weake harted, comfort those that weepe, pray for the people, intreat for the Cleargie, make intercession for the company of Monkes, besech for the deuout woman sexe. Let al persons perceaue thy helpe, that celebrate thy name. Haue compassion vpon the af­flicted, beare a merciful affection to vs that be pilgrims from heauen. present our wepinges vnto God, and for vs in­treate him as thine owne sonne. We on earth are yet afflicted, intertained with iniuries, affected with reproches: do hunger, thirst, are detained in pri­son. But thou in heauen art preferred before al companies of virgins, thou fo­lowest the Lambe whether soeuer he goeth. Thou in that most happy Region of the [Page 36] blessed, hast gotte the cheifest dignitie. To thee a kingly Queare of Angels is placed in the palace of the eternal King. And the King of kinges himself louing thee aboue al, with an embracing of loue, doth sociate thee to him seif, as his true Mother and comlie Spouse. Therfore, possessing these felicities, turne thy self to the saluation of our soules: assist the praiers of them that aske thee; be careful daily to pray for the people of God, thou being blessed, didest deserue, to beare the Redemer of the world: who liueth, and reigneth, for euer. Amen.

August. supr.O blessed Marie, who is able wor­thily, to render dutie of thankes, & so­lemnitie of praises vnto thee, who, by thy singular assent, hast sucoured the world which was lost? What praises shal the frailtie of man yeld vnto thee, who by thy negotiation alone, hast? found the meanes to recouer it againe Wherfore receiue such as they be, very smale, such as they be, thankes vnequal to thy merites; and when thou hast re­ceiued our praiers, by praying, excuse our faultes.

[Page 37]Blessed among women,Andreas Cre­tens. in salut. Angel. in En­com. 2. dor­mit. Deipar. c. 8. pacify our Lord for his common creature. For so long as thou didest conuerse on earth, a litle portion of the earth had thee: but since thou art translated from earth, the whole world conteineth thee a common propitiatorie.

O Mother of God,cap. 12. supr. to vs that honor thee geue againe this reward of a litle guift, that we may haue more precious and resplendant then riches, humble praiers to thy Sonne and our Lord, and King, and God.

O vnspotted,S. Ephrem o­rat. de laudib. sanctis. Dei matris. and whollie pure Vir­gin, Goddes Mother, Queene of al, hope of the desolate, my most glorious Ladie, higher then the inhabitantes of heauen, more pure then the beames & brightnes of the Sunne, more to be ho­noured then the Cherubim, more holie thē the Seraphim, hope of the Fathers, glorie of the Prophets, praise of the A­postles, and honour of Martyrs, ioy of Sainctes, and light of the godlie Abra­ham, Isaac, and Iacob, ornament of A­aron, shynnig of Moyses, fleece of Ge­deon, the Crowne of the companie of sarced Prelates, and al Sainctes and Vir­gins; [Page 38] inaccessible for brightnes. By thee we are reconciled to Christ, my God, thy Sonne. Thou art the helper of those that sinne, and are destitute of aide, comfort of the world, renowmed deliuerer of the imprisoned. Thou the receiuer of orphanes. Thou the redemption of captiues. Thou the exultation of the sicke and saiftie of al. Thou the or­nament, crowne, & ioy of virgins, haue mercie on me that am defiled, who with vetie manie sinnes, haue offended my Creator, my God, and Iudge, that most hateful Sathan do not glorie against me. O syncere Virgin, I haue none other trust. for thou, o inuiolate Virgin, art my harbour and readie helper. Lastly I am whollie vnder thy winge and pro­tection. most renowmed Mother I be­sech thee with frequent teares, I lye prostrate to thee, o my Ladie, humbly cra­uing, that thy sweete Sonne, & geuer of the life of al, do not take me away, for manie sinnes which I haue commit­ted.

Basilius Seleu­cus orat. 1. de verb. Incarnat.O thrice holie Virgin Marie, looke vpon us frō heauen with a merciful eye, and now lead vs from hence in peace, [Page 39] place vs free from confusion before the Throne of the Iudge, and at last make vs partakers of the station at the right hand; that from thence being taken to heauen together with the Angels, we may praise the increated, and Homou­sion Trinitie.

O Virgin Mother of God and Christ,Canon vniuer.+sal. or mis. Ethiop. to. 6. Bibl. po [...]. at al times carrie vp our praier with the elect of thy Sonne, that our sinnes may be forgeuen. Be ioyful o Lady because thou hast brought forth to vs the true light: pray for vs with him, that he wil haue mercie on our soule; pray for vs in the sight of the Throne of thy sonne Ie­sus Christ: be ioyful, o immaculate, ve­rily our Queene: be glad, o glorie of our parents, because thou hast brought forth vnto vs Emanuel: o verily Medi­atrix before our Lord Iesus Christ. We humblie besech thee, that thou wilt be mindful of vs, that our iniquities may be blotted out.

Verily the blessed Virgin Marie was a great miracle: for what was,S. Chrisostom. apud Meta­phrast. et Breu. Rom. 12. Septemb. or euer shal be found at anie time greater, or more renowmed then she? She alone [...] assed heauen & earth in renowme. [Page 40] What more holie then she? Not the Prophets, not Apostles, not Maryrs, not Patriarches, not Angels, not Thro­nes not Dominations, not Seraphim, not Cherubim; Lastly no other thing a­mong thinges visible, or inuisible, can be founde greater or more excellent, The same is the handmaid and Mother of God. The same a Virgin & Mother. This is the Mother of him, who before al beginning, was begotten of his Fa­ther; whom Angels and men acknow­ledge Lord of al thinges. Wil you know how much this Virgin is more excellent then the celestial powers? They with feare & tembling do assist: she offereth Mankind to him whom she brought forth. By her also we obtaine Pardon of sinnes. Haile therfore o Mother, Heauen, Maiden, Virgin, Throne, of our Church the renowme, glorie, and firmament: pray for vs dai­ly to Iesus, thy Sonne, and our Lord, that by thee we may finde mercie in the day of Iudgment, and obtaine those good thinges, which are laid vp for those that loue God, by the grace, and bountie of our Lord Iesus Christ wit [...] [Page 41] whom to the Father and Holie Ghost, be glorie, honour, and Rule, now and euer world without end. Amen.

O holie Mother of God,S. Ciril. Alet. homil. conit. Nestor. praise be to thee, for thou art the precious pearle of the world. Thou the vnquenchable lampe, crowne of virginitie, Scepter of true faith, indissoluble Temple contai­ning him, who can no where be contai­ned: A Mother and Virgin. Thou art blessed among women, Mother of him that cometh blessed in the name of our Lord. By thee the Trinitie is sanctifyed: By [...]ee the precious Crosse is celebrated and worshipped in al the world. By thee heauen doth ioy, the Angels and Archangels reioice, the diuels are driuē away, and man him self is called backe to heauen. By thee euerie creature, de­tained in the errour of Idols , is con­uerted to the knowledge of the truth, & faithful men haue come to holy baptism, & churches are builded in al the world. Thou being helper, the Nations haue come to penance. What more? By thee the only begotten Sonne of God, that true light, hath shyned to them that sat in darknes and shadow of death. By thee [Page 42] the Prohets foretold. By thee the A­postles preached saluation to the Gen­tiles. Who shal be able to expresse the greatnes of thy praises, o Marie, Mo­ther and Virgin. Let vs extol her, a­doring her Sonne, the immaculate Spouse of the Church. To whom be honour and glorie world without end.


Of Praier and honour vnto the bles­sed Angels in heauen.
Chapter. 5.

August. me­ditat. c. 20.O Ierusalem, the eternal house of God, next to the loue of Christ, be thou my gladnes and consolation. Let the sweete memory of thy blessed name, be the releife of my sorow & we­risomnes.

Io. Cassian. [...]es. Theo.O holie Angels, holie Archangels, [Page 43] holie Powers, holie Potentates,log. part. 3. et August. me­ditat. c. 23. holie Principalityes, holie Dominations, holie Thrones, holie Seraphines, holy Cherubins, holie Michael, holie Gabri­el, holie Raphael, and thou my holie Angel, to whom our common maker, hath committed me to be kept, and al you administring spirits, and heauenlie Citizens, & al orders of blessed Spirits make intercession and pray for me, a wretch, and your vnworthie seruant, & for al the Church of God, that we may be worthie of the promises of Christ, that by your praiers we may be ioyned to your B. felowship for euer.

Let vs aske that we may haue God,Nemetian. Datiu. Felix et Vict. epist. ad Ciprian. inter. epist. eius 7 [...]. Mallabar. Indi in mis. S. Sophron. Hierosol. En­com. Angel. and Christ, and the Angels, fauourers vnto vs in al our actions.

We besech the Angel of peace & loue with praier and obsecration.

O you diuine armies of God, & im­material, O Angels intellectual, & rea­sonable: But it is better by degree, & in order, to Praise, magnify, and cal v­pon you. O Seraphines,Seraphines praied vnto. I besech you to cleanse the inward corners of my soule, from the filthes of sinne; and vt­terly expelling and putting away the [Page 44] darknes of my heart, lighten the inter­nal senses of my minde.

Cherubins.O you Cherubins adorne me with the knowlege of the heauenlie word. Kin­dle anger in me against the old serpent and powerablie carrie me on high from the earth.

Thrones.O you Thrones, who are the seate-bearers and rest of God almightie, deli­uer me from al deceipt and cursed work, and make me worthie of the glorie and Maiestie of God.

Dominations.O venerable Dominations, graunt vnto me that I may gouerne the passi­ons of my minde, which corrupt the vn­derstanding: and to the last breath of my life subdue the deceiptes of the di­uel which greuosly hurt my soule.

Potentates.O Potentates, named agreable to your office, geue power vnto me against the visible and inuisible enemies, which rise against my soule, & labour to bring my mind into captiuitie, & endeuour to ouerthrow my waies.

Powers.O you immoueable and mightie po­wers, compasse me about with heauen­ly strength and power, that am weake and infirme, and make me apt, that I [Page 45] may manfully driue away, and tread vn­der foote, those spritual snakes & scor­pions.

O Principalities,Principalities. cheife in the third order of Angels, be faithfully present, and vse your careful diligence that I may triumphe ouer my most noysome enemies, and resist them without feare & wound euen to the end.

O you the rest of the Angels & Ar­changels,Archangels. Angels. I aske and besech your boun­ty, o you good & without blemish An­gels and Archangels, o vndefiled spirits, I intreate your magnificence preserue my life without offence, my hope vnmo­ued, manners blamelesse, my loue to­wardes God and my neighboure perfect, and free from al transgression, I besech you leade and guide me with your hand, and direct me to euery way of saluation, and acceptable to God.

Al places are ful of Angels,Origen homil. 2. in Ezechiel▪ o An­gel come receiue one cenuerted frō old error, from doctrine of diuels, from iniquity speaking against God: and re­ceiuing him as a good Phisitian, cherish, and instruct him: and cal vnto thee o­ther fellowes of thy ministery, that al [Page 46] you together may instruct them to faith, which sometime were deceiued.Luc. 25. For there is greater Ioy in heauen for one sinner doing penance then nyntie nine iust.

August. in Iob. conc. 2 ad cap. 19. Haue mercy vpon me, haue mercy vpon me o my freindes. he seemeth to request the Angels to pray for him: or surely the Saincts to pray for a penitent.

August. l. me­ditat. c. 4.O holy Michael, holy Gabriel, holy Raphael, o you holy Quiets of Angels, and Archangels, I presume to aske you by him that hath chosen you, and of whose sight you reioyce, that you vouch saife to pray for me to God a sinner.

S. Chrisost. in Liturg.O Michael Prince of the heauenly ar­mie, we vnworthie do besech thee, that thou wilt defend vs by thy intercessi­ons; keepe vs with the shadow of thy winges of an immaterial nature. We fal downe, and without ceasing crie vn­to thee: deliuer vs from daungers, as prince of the heauenly powers.

Victor Vticenc. l. 3. persec. Vandal. Hebr. 1.14.Be present vnto me o you Angels of my God which are neuer absent consti­tuted in your ministerie, for them that shal receiue the inheritance of saluation. Con­sider and behold, how Syon, the Citie of our God, is made vyle, become as it [Page 47] were polluted among her enemies. Al comlines and delightes, are gone from her countenance. Her Virgins & yong people brought vp in Monasteries, haue learned to treade sharp wayes,

O you Angels, succour vs.Gregor. in a­gend. mortu­or. Gregor. in Sa­cramentar. O God omnipotent, we humbly aske & intreate, that the intercession of Arch­angels, be vnto our Lord for vs, the In­tercessions of Michael, and Gabriel, & Raphael, that we may appeare worthy before our Sauiour, by the intercession of the neene orders of Angels. The Thrones, & Dominations, and Princi­palities, and Powers: also Cherubins, and Seraphimes, vouchsaife to pray for vs.

O thrice most holie and much belo­ued, and reuerenced Prince,Sophron. Hie­rosol. Encom. Angel. S. Machael. and cheife of the Angels Michael, when at the last al those admirable thinges which are expected, shal be ended, by the sounde which thou shalt geue: then, o holy Arch-prince, teacher of those that erre, raiser of them that fal, defender of soules, preseruer of bodies, abandoner of diuels, and lightner of euerie crea­ture: then I besech thee, vouchsaife to [Page] be present, a faithful Patrone of my soule.

O most holie Michael, illustrate my inward senses, and illuminate the inter­nal eye of my soule, and strengthen my heart, tossed with the waues of this life and my mind bended downe to earthly things, lift it vp ward to heauēly wisdō, and strengthen my weak handes against mine enemies expert in warr; & fortify my feeble feete, that they forsake not the path that leadeth to heauen; and cure the rest of the greifes of my mise­ries and laboures.

Michael signi­fieth, who as God.O Michael both in deede and name, I pray thee, and so much as I am able be­sech thee, that when I shal depart forth of this life, thou wilt appeare ioyful, & pacified, and shrowde me vnder the ho­noured couering of thy winges: & be­ing deliuered from the narrow & darke places of hel, lead me into the roomes of the wonderful Tabernacle, leading me euen to the house of God.

S. Gabriel.O most heauenlie and excellent An­gel Gabriel; o Gabriel obtainer, and geuer of true gladnes: I often request and besech thee, that thou wilt l [...]uing [Page 49] visit me oppressed with great sicknes, and fil me with celestial vertue, and ioy of minde; and being freed from the tor­mentes of Belial, and dangers both of visible and not visible enemies, by thine authoritie, and intercession to God, ioyne me to the companie of the iust & Sainctes; and at last settle me in those places which flow with al delghtes.

O heauenly spirits, I desire to aske, and earnestly besech you, that when as the last gaspe of my life, I shal be com­pelled to goe forth of this earthen ves­sel, and you are to weigh in a balance, al mine actions, and take accompt of al things, which openly or secretly I haue designed, that then either al of you, or at least they whom God shal send forth of your order, to receiue mine vnhappy & wretched soule, wil shew your selues pleased & gētle vnto me; & those weightes which I with my wicked deeds, haue desperatly burdened, you wil happily vnloade, and by al meanes and skil, as the ministers of our only mercicul God, disburden.

When the day of confundation co­theth, and the end of the world shal be, [Page 50] when the heauens shal tremble and the firmament shake, and the dreedful Iudge approach, and you going before his coming, shal runne ouer the boundes & endes of the earth, to gather together, al mortal men that are dead from the beginning of the world, and set them before the vncorrupt Iudge, for euery one to yeld accompt of euerie deede, e­uerie thought, and conceipt of minde: Then I besech you, and wil neuer cease to the end of my life to besech you, who behold al thinges, and performe the publicke ministeries of God, with authoritie, then I say, then I besech you, be mercifully present with me, and as the Princes of the most excellent King, spare me a wretch, and vnhappie, & by your intercession to God, deliuer me from that doleful and angrie sentence, that sendeth into euerlasting fyre. And contrariwise, make me, with al my par­takers, & kinsfolkes, whose names and calling he knoweth, who knoweth al thinges, partaker of that ioyful & plea­sāt state & life that is voide of al sorow, and wanteth nothing; and lastly pronounce me heire of that ioy which ne­uer [Page 51] endeth.

Of praier and honour to al the blessed Sanctes in heaven in general.
Chapter. 6.

O House of God shyning and bew­tiful,August. l. me­ditat. c. 20. I haue loued thy comlines, and the dwelling place of the glorie of our Lord, my possessor and maker.

Let my pilgrimage sigh vnto thee day and night: Let my heart be open vnto thee, my minde intende thee, my soule desire to come vnto the felowship of thy blessednes. I speake to him who made thee to possesse me in thee, because he hath made me and thee. And speake thou, aske thou him, to make me wor­thie of the participation of thy glorie.

I wil begin to throw downe my self vpon my knees, and pray vnto al Saincts,Origen in la­ment. to succour me, who dare not aske God for the exceding greatnes of my sinne, O ye Sainctes of God, with exceding sorow, teares, and weping, I besech you, that you wil fal downe before his mercies for me a wretch. Amen.

[Page 52] Cassian. Con­fes. Theolog. part. 3. See S. August. med. c. 23.O al you heauenly Citizens make in­tercession and pray for me a wretch, and your vnworthie seruant; And also for al the holie Church of God, that we may be made worthie of the promises of Christ: that by your praiers we may be ioyned to your blessed felowship for euer.

O happie Sainctes of God, who haue now passed ouer the troublesome sea of this mortalitie, & are come to the Ha­uen of euerlasting quietnes, securitie, and peace, and deserued to be fellowes of the heauenly powers; you are secure of your selues, be careful for vs. I be­sech you by him that hath chosen you, who hath made you such, of whose con­templatiō you now reioice, with whose bewtie you are now filled, by whose im­mortalitie and vnchangeablenes, you are become immortal and vnchangea­ble: be mindful of vs wretches, yet in the sea of this life, tossed with waters fownd about vs. Make intercession & pray for vs wretches, and verie negli­gent sinners, constantly, and without ceasing, that by the armes of your prai­ers, we may be carried to God. We sail [Page 53] as you know, by this great & vast sea, where the great wahle is readie to de­uoure those that passe by. where there be daungerous places, Scilla, and Cha­ribdis, with many others, in which men vnwares, and doubtful in faith, do suf­fer ship wrackes, wherfore in al thinges we want your help, we are carried on the tree, and by the Crosse of our Lord hope to passe ouer to harbour. Let the aduerse partes flee away, by the sight of the signe of Christ. Al you armie of the heauēly coūtry, pray, that by your me­rits & by your praiers, we may with our shippe saife, & marchandise preserued, happily enter into the hauen of eternal glorie; where you are, where you re­ioyce, where you reigne with God with out end.

We besech the Sainctes,S. Hieron [...]. ad Psal. 15. that we be not seperated from thee: if we do not deserue to be cloathed with glorie, yet that we be not excluded from pardon.

I besech the intercession of the A­postles.Ambros. [...] 2. praep [...]r.

O holy Quiers of Patriarches,August. l. me­dit. c. [...]0. Pro­phets, Apostles, Euangelistes, Martyrs, Confessors, Preistes, Leustes, Monkes, [Page 54] Virgins, and al the iust; I presume to ask you by him who hath chosen you, and of whose sight you ioy, that you wil vouchsaife to pray to God for me a sin­ner, that I may be deliuered from the iawes of the deuil, and from euerlasting death.

S. Chrisost. in mis. vers. a leo­ne Tusco.O Apostles, Martyrs, and Prophets, Preistes, Confessors, and iust men, and holie women, who haue wel ended your combat, & kept your faith, being faith­ful to our Sauiour, pray for vs, that our soules may be saued. Amen.

Victor vticenc. l. 3. persecut. Vandal.O you Patriarches, of whom the Church which now laboureth on earth, is descended, make intercession for it. O you holie Prophets, behold how she is afflicted, whom you haue tuned forth with Prophetical praise. O you Apo­stles, be you intercessors for her, whom to gather together, you haue runne a­bout al the world.

Paulin. Nolan. natal. 9. S. Felicis.O you holie prophets, who foretold the coming of God in our flesh: & you Martyrs, who with the slaughter of your bodies, & shedding of your bloud, haue geuen testimonie to the Lambe that was killed, and is aliue: I humbly [Page 55] besech you to be present with me.

The Infantes protomartyrs in the or­der of Sainctes,S. Ciprian. de stel. et mag. [...] Innocent. acquainted with the di­uine secrets by their familier nearenes: vouchsaife to intreate the mercie of God for our laboures.

O most blessed Martyrs, who for our Sauiour, and the loue of him, haue fre­ly and perfectly sustained tormentes,S. Ephrem set. de sanctis Mar­titib. & therfore are more familiarly ioyned to God: We intreate you, that you wil vouchsaife to make intercession to our Lord for vs wretches and sinners, and polluted with the filthines of negli­gence, that the grace of Christ may com vpon vs, to illustrate our heartes with the beame of his holy loue.

O most blessed men, o most glorious Martyrs of God, help me a wretch with your praiers, that I may obtaine mercie in that hour, when the secrets of men shal be manifest. Stande before the Throne of the Maiestie of God for me, that by your praiers, I may deserue to be saued, and with you to enioy eternal blessednes.

I aske the Sainctes by their interces­sion, to obtaine vnto me the goodwil [Page 56] of God. I aske and besech, that by the Intercession of al Sainctes, I may ob­taine the help of God.

Theodoret. up. vit. vlt. he meaneth those Sainctes wose life he had written in [...]hat history.I besech those Sainctes, whose life I have written, that they wil not despise me, liuinge farre from their spiritual companie, but draw me lying beneath, and lift me vp to the toppe of vertue, & ioyne me with them, that I may not only praise the riches of others, but my selfe may haue some occasion of praise, glo­rifying the Sauiour of al, both in deede and word, and thought.

Gregor. anti­phonar. ad Proces.O Sainctes arise, and kepe vs humble sinners in peace.

Of praier and honour vnto some Sainc­tes on particular deceased before the Passion of Christ.
Chapter. 7.

Origen in la­ment.O Father Abraham, pray for me, that I be not driven from the boundes, which I have greatly desired.

[Page 57]O blessed Iob,Origen. l. 2. in Iob. who liuest for euer with God, and remainest a conquerour in the sight of the King our Lord: pray for vs wretches, that the dreadful mer­cie of God, defend vs in al tribulations and deliuer vs from al oppressions of the diuel, and number vs among the iust, & inrol vs with those that are saued, and cause vs to rest with them in his king­dome, where we may continually mag­nify him with his Sainctes, Amen.

O blessed Iob, be a guide vnto vs,Olimpiodorus. in c. 15. Iob. & forsake vs not vntil thou haue directed vs vnto the plaine way in which we may trauaile saifly, & not erre from truth.

The Protomartyrs,Ciprianus de Stel. et magis. he meaneth the holy Inno­centes put to death by He­rode. which haue the first place in the order of Sainctes, and acquainted with diuine secrets by their most familiar nearnes: vouchsaife to entreate the clemency of God for our laboures, whom to this day deadly He­rode persecuteth: with whose bloud, and death, the diuel delighteth. Ther­fore these translated from their cradles to heauē, are made Senators of the hea­uenly Capitol, and Iudges there, ob­taining pardon for some without des [...]r­uing.

[Page 58] Antipater Bostrens. Epis­cop. orat. in S. Io. Baptist. c. 3 See more supr. cap. 2.O Baptist, I besech thee graunt vnto me the hope of my Praier, and as thou art a voice, preserue vnto me sure & sta­ble, the senses of the instrumentes of voice.

S. Ephrem Syr. l. de lau­dib. Ioseph. Patriarch. his prayer at the Tombe of Ra­chel his mo­ther.O Rachel, Rachel, my Mother, be­hold Ioseph thy Sonne whom thou hast loued, what hath chanced vnto him. Behold he is ledde captiue as a malefac­tor. O Rachel, receiue thy sonne; O mother, receiue me; o my mother heare the mourning and bitter scriking of my heart; mine eyes can no longer sustaine teares, neither my life sufficeth, to such lamentations and groaninges.

Of praier and honour vnto Sainctes in particular, deceased after the Passion of Christ.
Chapter. 8.

S. Leo ser. 1. de I [...]un. 10 mens.THe most blessed Apostle Peter, vouchsaife by his praiers, to helpe [Page 59] our praiers, fastings, and almes.

Blessd Peter and al Sainctes,S. Leo in ser. octau. Pet. et Pauli. that haue bene present with vs in manie tribulati­ons, vouchsaife to help our praiers with the merciful God, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

O Peter,Ambros. in c. 22. Luc. pro­pe finem. from whence may I cal thee to teach me what thou didst think when thou didst weepe? from whence I say may I cal thee? from heauē where thou art among the Queares of Angels, or frō thy graue also? because thou thin­kest it no iniurie to be there frō whence our lord arose; teach vs what thy teares did profitt thee.

O Peter & Paul,Chrisost. ho [...]. in natal. Apo­stol. Petri et Pnuli. To. 3. sur. Gal. 6. 2. Pet. 1. pray for vs continu­ally, we besech you. performe your promises, for these are your couenantes, of one of you this; come with me, & let vs not faint in good thinges. and of the other, that: I wil studie after my death, to make mention of you. Therfore do not forgeat your agreed couenantes, but you which are immediatly present to the B. Trini­tie without beginning, aske for vs al thinges belonging to saluation.

O holy Paul Doctor of the Gentiles, and al you holie Apostles,Victor v [...]. l. 3. persec. V [...]. lament toge­ther [Page 60] with vs. We prostrate, aske by him who promoted you lowly fishers, to the highest Apostolical dignitie; that you do not despise your wretched sin­ners.

Elpis hym. de Petro et Paulo.O Paul excellent Doctor, instruct our maners, and endeuour to translate vs in minde into heauen.

Mis. or cant. vniuer. Ethi­op.O S. Paul, who hast receiued the Crowne, pray and make intercession for vs, that our soules may be deliuered by the multitude of the mercies of Iesus Christ, and his holy name.

Damasus de S. Andrea.O S. Andrew, cherish vs which be fainting, haue care of vs, that by the victorie of the Crosse, we may go to the countrie of heauen.

Mazarab. in offic. vesper. S. Iacob.O verily worthily, more holy Apo­stle, the shyning head of Spaine; be a defendour, patrone, and saifguard to vs from heauen: driue away from vs, sik­nes, sore, and sinne. Be fauourable, that by heauenly help, we may possesse Ioy, obtaining the kingdome, may be adorned with eternal glorie; that by thee we may escape hel.

Ciril. Alexand. hom. die Ioh. Euangelist. in Concil. Ephes.O Euangelist, o blessed Iohn, speak vnto vs some great and notable thing. [Page 61] O Aposte, open vnto vs the wel of life, graunt now that we may draw from thy fountaines.To S. Clemēt. Ephrem Episc. Chensonis de S. Clemente. An. 500.

O ornament of Martyrs, and glory of Sainctes, defend and kepe this company without harme by thy praiers. O most holie, driue-backe the cruel diuels with the dart of thine intercessions.

O holie Lawrence thou hast a double mansion, one of thy bodie on earth,Prudent. hym. 2. de S. Lau­rent. and an other of thy soule in heauen. There thou art a chosen Citizen of the vnspea­kable citie, & wearest a celestial Croune aboue, in the euerlasting Court. I seeme to see a man glittering with il­lustrious pretious stones, whom the heauenly Rome hath chosen vnto her for an eternal Consul. What power is bestow­ed vpon thee, and what great office is giuē vnto thee, is expressed by the ioies of the Romanes, whose petitions thou yeldest vnto, what anie man doth hum­bly aske, he prosperously obtaineth. They aske, they offer, they honour, & no man departeth in sadnes, as though thou wert alwaies present, embracing in thy nurcing bosome; thy countrie Citizens norish them with a fatherly [Page 62] loue. Among these, o honour of Christ, heart me also confessing the sinnes of my heart, and bewraying my deedes. I acknowledge and know my selfe vn­worthy to be heard of Christ him selfe, yet I may receiue cure by his Mar­tyrs my Patrones. O bountiful, heare thy Suppliant: & vnbind him from the bandes of the world.

August. l. 7. de Baptismo contia Dona­tist. c. 1.Blessed Ciprian, vouchsaife to helpe vs with his praiers, in the mortalitie of this flesh, as labouring in a dark cloude that by the guift of God, we may, so much as we can, imitate his good thinges.

To the same S. Gregor. Naz. orat. in S. Ci­prian. in fine.O noble Maryr, looke downe merci­fully on vs from aboue, and direct our speach and life, and feede this holy fold, or gouerne it, and so much as is possible dispose other thinges to the best.

To the 40. martyrs. S. Basil. ser. in 40. martyrs. Where two or three be gathered together in the name of our Lord, there is God. But where fourtie shal be, who wil doubt but God is present there? He that is oppressed with anie distresse; let him flee to these: he that doth ioy, let him pray to these. The one to be deliuered from thinges that be euil; the other to [Page 63] continew in his ioyes. O holy Queare, o sacred order, o common kepers of mā ­kind, most excellent fellowes of cares, offerers vp of praiers and Vowes, most potent Ambassadoures with God, the Starres of the world, Floures of the Churches.

O holie S. Albane,S. Amphibalus apud Capgratr. et alios in vit. S. Albani et Amphibali. I besech thee to pray to our Lord for me, that it wil please him to send his Angel to leade me securely that I be not hindered in my way, by the cursed enemie the diuel.

O holy Father Albane, who leauing thinges terrestrial, hast ascended the high seate of heauen with glorie: now we besech thee with earnest praier, thee who art our true glorie, vnbind by thy deuout praiers, the sinnes of thy ser­uantes. Pray for the English Nation, and for the euerlasting peace thereof, & obtaine for vs thy suppliants, the eternal ioyes of life, where Alleluya doth soūd continually.

Gradual. an­tiq. et mis. Sa­lisb. in fest. S. Albani.O Sainct Albane pray for vs. O S. Albane, make intercession for the soules of the deceased.

Litan. Angl. antiq. ante Baptist. et cōmned. ani­mae. allowed by S. Amal. c. 18. litan. l. 1. de offic.O twice renuomed, descend hither a while, bringing Christes fauour with [Page 64] thee,To S. Vincen­tius. Prudent. hym. 5. de. S. Vincent. that our greeued senses, may feele the ease of pardon. Let no death now remaine, but the noble Soule receiue flesh againe; that as it hath bene parta­ker of laboures and common daunger, so it may be coheire of glorie for euer.

Ptudent. in hym. 10. S. Romanni. martyr.O Romanus constant Confessor of Christ our God, be frendly vnto me, & moue the organe of my speachles mouth graunt me to declare the meruelous thinges of thy praises, for thou knowest that the dūme, may be made to speake.

Gregor. Nys. orat. de S. Theodoro mart.O blessed Theodorus, be Present vnto vs; we want manie benefites Make intercession and pray for thy coū ­trie to our common King and Lord. We feare afflictions, we expect daun­gers. As a souldier defend vs, that the madde and wicked Barbarian, rage not against Churches or Altares; that the prophane and impious, do not spurne the holy thinges, And if there be need of greater aduocation and praier, then assemble the companie of thy brethren Martyrs, and pray together for vs with them al. Let the praiers of manie iust blotte out the sinnes of the multitude & people, Moue Peters, stirre vp Paule, & [Page 65] also Iohn the Diuine and beloued Dis­ciple, that they wil be careful for the Churches which they haue founded, for which they haue borne Chains, for which they haue suffered daungers and death: that heresses do not as thornes ouergrow the vineyard; let not cocle choake vp the wheate, but by vertue of thine owne, and thy felowes praiers, o admirable man, let the Christian com­mon wealth, become a feild of corne, which feild may remaine to the end in a fertile and fruitful foile, of faith in Christ, alwaies bringing forth fruit of eternal life.

O Felix, o Sainct of God,Paulin. Nolan. natal. 8. Natal. 3. S. Faelicis. o beloued of God, be a right hand, and most saife Towre of defence vnto me. Receiue the praiers of thy suppliants, and commend thē to God. Intreate the dreadfull Ma­iestie of our Lord, that by thy abundā [...] praiers, and merites, he wil pardon our offences

O great Basile,Gregor. Naz. mon. in mag­num Basilium, in fine. looke downe vpon vs from heauen, and either command my greife to go away, or help me, and per­swade me so patiently to endure it, that when I shal at last depart from hence, [Page 66] thou maist receiue me into the eternal Tabernacles, and that with thee, I may behold the Blessed Trinitie in such ma­ner as it is.

Gregor. Naz. orat. funebri in Athanas. A­lex. Epis. in fine.O Athanasius, looke downe gent­ly vpon vs from aboue, and direct this holy people, worshipper of the holy Trinitie, and nourish vs in peace, & de­fend vs. Direct vs in our combate, & receiue vs: and place vs with thy self, and those that be as thou art.

Gregor. Nis. ser. de vita S. Ephrem.O holy Ephrem, excellent Father & Doctor of the Church, standing by the heauenly Altare, and Prince of life, & together with the Angels, sacrificing to the sacred Trinitie: remember al vs, & obtaine pardon of sinnes for vs, that we may enioy the euerlasting blessednes of the celestial Kingdome, in Christ Iesus our Lord. To whom be glorie for e­uer. Amen.

To S. Martine. Fortunatus l. 1. vit. S. Mar­tini.O merciful, haue mercie vpon me a wretch: that when the high Iudge of the world shal come, thou wilt procure that my sinnes be blotted out. Be a mediator betwene our Lord and me. Let thine intercessiō vnbind him, whom his offence doth binde. Let thy gen­tle [Page 67] pietie harken vnto me; for with praier, thou art powerable with him whose thou art. what I aske, thou art able to doe, because he geueth al to his frendes.

I besech thee craue pardon,Fortunat. l. supr. thou who hast gotte the crowne, o sheephard, deliuer thy sheepe, that it be not lame nor shutte forth. Be vnto me a Medi­diator betwene God and the guiltie. Be mindful of thy seruants by him whose light thou shalt see for euer.

O beloued of God, remember,To S. Hono­ratus. S. Hilatius A­relaten. inv [...] ta S. Honra [...]. An. 450. re­member vs continually: Thou standest without blemish before God singing that new song, and following the Lambe whether soeuer he goeth. Thou that art a follow­er of him, be a Patrone vnto vs, an in­terpreter of our Praiers, an acceptable & strong Aduocate.

Make intercession for vs to our Lord Ie­sus Christ,To S Germa­nus. Constantiu [...]. Presbiter in vi­ta S Germ. l. 2. c. 7. An. 480. To S. Simeo [...] Priscus. The­odoret. in Phi­lotheo. in vit­a. that we may deserue to ob­taine the song of the heauenly Trmupet, the voice of that desired sound, and the ioyes of the holy Resurrection.

I desire Intercession which holy Si­meon can geue, and I know I shal ob­taine it. For he wil graunt my petition, Imitating the Bountifulnesse of our [Page 68] Lord.

Theodoret. in­vit. 8. Sanct. in vit. 10.I pray also, that I may haue the In­tercession of holy Aphrates. I aske that I may also haue the Benediction of holy Theodosius.

To one S. Ia­mes. Theodoret. sup. vit. 22.Holie Iames, vouchsaife with his praiers, to sustaine & vphold our weak­nes, that being strengthned, we may re­ceiue manie victories from others that haue gotten them against vs, and so de­part out of this life with them as Con­querours.

Maximus Taur. bomil. de S. Agnete An. 430.O most blessed Agnes, glorious vnto Christ, bewtiful to the Sonne of God, and acceptable to al Angels, and Arch­angels: vouchsaife to remember vs we intreate thee, with what praiers we are able: that he who hath geuen victorie, of thy laboures vnto thee, wil bestow pardon of sinnes vpon vs.

S. Damasus de S. Agnete.O Agnes a true ornament, the bright image of shamfastnes, o noble Virgin I besech thee, fauour my praiers.

Prudent. hym. 14. de S. Ag­nete.Agnes o happie Virgin, o new glory, noble inhabitant of the heauenly towre: bow downe thy face, adorned with a double Diademe, vpon our vncleanes.

To S. Agatha. S. Damasus de S. Agatha.Thou shynest as a bride heauen, [Page 69] aske for me, fauour those which honour thee.

O holie & blessed Paula,S. Hieron. epist. 27. ad Eustochium. help with thy praiers the decaying old age of thy worshipper: thy faith and workes asso­ciate thee to Christ; being present thou shalt more easily obtaine what thou as­kest.

THE OLD LITANIES vsed within the first 600 yeares. ci­ted by Wallafridus Strab. l. de rebus Ecclesiast. 28. de lit. agend. S. Amalar. l 2. de eccl. offic. c. 28. Cermonial. antiq. tit. Lytan. and others.
Chapter. 9.

LOrd haue mercie vpon vs.

Christ haue mercy vpon vs.

Lord haue mercie vpon vs.

O Christ heare vs.

O God the Father of heauen, haue mer­cie vpon vs.

O God the Sonne Redemer of the world haue mercie vpon vs.

O God the holy Ghost, haue mer­cie vpon vs.

O holie Trinitie one God, haue mer­cie vpon vs.

O holie Marie, pray for vs.

O holie Mother of God,

O holie Virgin of virgins,

O holie Michael,

O holie Gabriel,

O holie Raphael,

O al holie Angels & Archangels of God,

O al holie orders of blessed spirits,

O holie Iohn Baptist,

O al holie Patriarches & Prophets

S. Peter,

S. Paul,

S. Andrew,

S. Iohn,

S. Iames,

S. Mathew,

S. Bartholomew,

S. Symon,

[Page 71]S. Thadeus,

S. Mathias,

S. Barnabas,

S. Marcke,

S. Luke,

O al holie Apostles and Euangelistes,
pray for vs.

O al holie Disciples & Innocētes,
pray for vs.

S. Stephen,

S. Linns,

S. Cletus,

S. Clement,

S. Fabian,

S. Albane,

S. Cosmas,

S. Damian,

S. Primus,

S. Faelician,

S. Dionise with his felowes,

S. Victor with his felowes,

O al holy Martyrs,

S. Siluester,

S. Leo,

S. Ierome,

S. Augustine,

O al holy Confessors,

O al holy Monkes & Er [...]mi [...]e [...],

[Page 72]S. Marie Magdaleine

S. Marie of Egipt,

This S. Marga­ret was in the primatiue Church, not she of Scotlād.S. Margaret,

S. Scholastica,

S. Pernel,

S. Genouefs,

S. Praxedes,

S. Sotheris,

S. Prisca,

S. Thecla,

S. Afra,

O holy Virgins,

O al holy Sainctes of God men & wo­men,
pray for vs.

Of honour & reuerence to the holie bo­dies, and other Reliques of Sainctes.
Chapter. 10

S. Ciril. Alex. apud Damas. l. 2. paral. cap. 7.WE honour the vessels of the bodies of Sainctes, and re­pay vnto them memory, as it were re­ward [Page 73] and wages of their vertue & mag­nanimitie of mind.

The noble reliques are pulled forth of their vnnoble sepulchre.S. Ambros. l. 9. epistol. 85. Reliques wor­shipped, lying vnder the Al­tar: Christ of­fered vpon the Altar. The Trophes of victorie are shewed vnto heauē. Let the triūphant victims succede vnto the place where Christ is the Sacrifice: But he who suffered for al, vpon the Altare: These redemed by his passion, vnder the Altare. This place I had appointed for my selfe, for it is worthie a priest should rest there, where a Preist accustomed to offer Sacrifice. But I yeald the right hand portion to the holy victims. This place belōged to Martyrs: therfore let vs burie the sacred reliques, & carrie them into worthie houses, and celebrate the whole day with faithful deuotion.

O thrice and four times,Prudent. hym of S. Lau­rence. o 7. times happie, that Citizen who celebrateth thee, & nearhād the seate of thy bones, who may lay himself downe neare them who sprincleth the place with teares, who presseth his brest vpon the earth, who offereth vowes in secret.

O blessed Apostles, what thankes shal we render vnto you,Chrisostom. ser. de Apostol. apud Meta­phrast. who haue laboured so much for vs. O Peter, I remember [Page 74] thee, and I am amased. O Paule, I cal thee to mind, & rauished in mind, I am oppressed with teares. For what I may say, or what I may speake, beholding your afflictions, I know not. O peter, thou maist ioy, to whom it was geuen, to enioy the Crosse of Christ. Ioy thou also o Paule, whose head was cutte of with a sword. Let that sword be to me for a crowne; and the nailes of Peter, for pretious Stones, infixed in my Di­ademe.

O who wil graunt vnto me to be rol­led about the bodie of Paule, to be fas­tened to his sepulchre, to see the dust of that bodie, fulfilling the thinges, which as yet were wanting in Christ, bearing the signes of his woundes.

Prudent. to S. Vincentius in hym. S. Vin­cent.O double renoumed, we besech thee by thy handes, blocke of thy prison, by those potsheardes by which thou gainedst conquest; by which we that come after, with reuerence kisse thy bedde,: haue mercy vpon our praiers.

S. Ciril. Hiero­sol. Cateches. 4.Here Christ verily was crucified for our sinnes, and if thou wouldest deny it, this place apparant disproueth thee. Blessed is this mount Golgatha, in which [Page 75] now, for him that was crucified, wel make ioy in him, and the whole globe of the earth is filled with wood of the Crosse by parcels.

When wil that day be,Hierom. epist. 17. in the per­sons of Paula & Eustoch. c. 8. that it may be lawful for vs to enter into the Sepulchre of our Sauiour? to wepe in the Sepul­chre of our Lord, and then to licke the wood of the Crosse; and in mount Oli­uet with our Lord ascending, to be lif­ted in desire and mind.

Praier for one in particular deceased.
Chapter. 11.

GOd of his mercie forgeue to the departed out of this life,Dionis. Areo­pag. l. Eccle. hierarch. c. 12. contempl. al sinnes by humane frailtie and weaknes com­mitted, and bring him into light, and the Countrie of the liuing, into the bo­some of Abraham, Isaac, and Iacob; in­to the Place voide of al greife, sadnes, and groaning.

[Page 76] Clem. Rom. Constitut. SS. Apostol. l. 8. c. 47.Let vs pray for al that rest in Christ, that our gentle God, who hath receiued his soule, wil forgeue him al offence, & being merciful vnto him, wil place him in the Region of the godly and blessed, in the bosome of Abraham, Isaac, & Ia­cob, with al that haue pleased him from the beginning of the world, and perfor­med his wil, where there is no sorow, sadnes, or sighing.

God of Abraham, God of Isaac, and God of Iacob, God, not of the dead, but of the liuing because the soules of al do liue with thee, and the spirits of the Iust are in thy handes, and torment shal not touch them, for al that are sanctified, are vnder thy hand: Looke thou also now vpon this thy seruant whom thou hast receiued into the other life, and pardō him what­soeuer he hath offended in. Assigne gē ­tle Angels vnto him, and place him in the bosome of Patriarches, Prophets, and Apostles, and al that from the be­ginning of the world haue pleased thee, where there is no sorow nor horror, but the felowship of the godlie, and such as reioyce, and the blessed Countrie of the iust, beholding the glorie of thy Christ, [Page 77] by whom to thee be glorie, honour, worship, thankes, and adoration in the holie Ghost for euer. Amen.

O Lord of life, and death.S. Gregor. Naz. orat. in funere Caesatis. By C. is meant Caesati [...]s the [...] newly deade, but may be v­sed for any faithful depar­ted. Ambros. orat. de obitu Theo­dosii Imp. o keeper and benefactor of our soules, receiue the soule of C. whom we commend to thy wisdome, by which al thinges are done, and hereafter in time conuenient also, receiue vs and gouerne vs in our flesh, so long as is profitable for vs.

O Lord who kepest litle ones, and sauest those that trust in thee, geue vn­to thy perfect seruant, that rest which thou hast prepared for thy Sainctes. Let his soule returne thither frō whence it came, where it can feele no sting of death: where it may know, that this death is not the end of mā, but of sinne. For in that he is dead, he is dead to sinne, that there may now be no place for sinne. Amen.

O Lord we commend vnto thee,S. Leander [...] spal. in Liturg. Mu [...]arab. in mis. de S. [...] ­cobo. the soule of thy seruant, that being dead to the world, he may liue to thee. And the sinnes which by frailtie of worldly con­uersation, he hath committed, blotte thou out with the pardon of thy most merciful pietie, by our Lord. Amen.

[Page 78]In the name of our Lord Iesus, his soule, and al soules of the faithful de­ceased, by the mercie of God, rest in peace without end. Amen.

Antiquis vsus apud S. Albin. l. de diuin. offic. c. Quo­modo moritu­rus olim proui­debatur.Our Lord raise him vp againe to e­uerlasting life, and be merciful vnto vs. Our Lord place him in the bosome of Abraham, and be merciful vnto vs.

Of praier, Sacrifice, Almes, and o­ther good deedes, for al true faithful deceased.
Chapter. 12.

Precat. Syro­rum antiq. a­pud seuerum patriarch. A­lex. in precat. Abecedar. To. 6. Bibl. 55. patr.Opardoner, and clenser; o forge­uer, blotter out, and forgeating our manie, and great sinners withou nū ber, and the sinnes of al thy faithful peo­ple: pardon o God, and haue mercy v­pon vs. Remember vs o Lord God in the mercies that are from thee, and re­member our soules, and the soules of our fathers, and brethren, and instruc­tours, [Page 79] and of our deceased. Finally of al faithful deceased, children of thy holy and glorious Church. O Lord God, geue rest to their soules and bodies, and sprincle the dew of thy miserations vpō their bones. O Christ our King, take compassion, and be merciful vnto vs & them.

O thou my God,Armerians di­uided almost a 1000 yeares frō the Roman Church in their liturg. who geuest rest to the dead and raisest againe those that be buried: receiue the soules of thy ser­uants, which we haue remembred, and place them, o my Lord, in the blessed mansions of the house of thy Father, with Abraham, and Isaac, and Iacob, thy frendes, and with al Sainctes, that haue performed thy wil in the true faith and of thy Father, and thy holy Spirit for euer. Amen.

O Lord geue euerlasting rest vnto al which haue gone before vs in the faith of Christ. O Lord remember, haue mercy vpō, & shew fauour to the soules which rest; pacify, illuminate them, & associate them vnto thy Sainctes in the kingdom of heauen, & make them wor­thie of thy loue.

Let vs bring forth our praiers,Liturg. Eccle. gotticae. asking [Page 80] of the pietie of our Lord, that he wil vouchsaife to place the soules of them that rest, in the bosome of Abraham, & admitte them vnto the part of the first Resurrection.

S. Iacob. li­turg. Hierosol.O Lord graūt our oblation be grate­ful and acceptable, for the rest of the soules of them which are deceased be­fore vs.

Epiphanius 75. haer. contra Aerium.Because, while we are in this world, oftentimes we be deceived, & err, both vnwillingly, and voluntary: we make memorie both of the lust, and sinners that are deceased; for sinners, beseching the mercie of God.

Christom. to. 5. in mis. translated by Erasmus.O God have respect vnto vs, and re­member al that are deceased in hope of the Resurrection, and life euerlasting, and cause them to rest where the light of thy countenence is seene.

Mis. Constantinopolt. ascribed to S. An­drew Apost. & S. Christom.O Lord as merciful, remember thy seruantes, & pardon whatsoeuer thinges they in their life haue offended in.

We Offer vnto thee this reasonable dutie for the faithful deceased, for our Brethren and Sisters, by the intercessi­on of Patriarches, Prophets Apostles, Martyrs, Confessors, & al Sanctes.

[Page 81]O Lord remember our deceased Prin­ces,Ethiop. in mis. ascribed to S. Matth. A­postle. Bishops, Kinges, and al that are dead in the true faith. O Lord remē ­ber al men and women thy seruantes, brethren and sisters, and al the faithful deceased, and resting in the signe of the true faith.

O Lord remember al those that sleepe in hope of Resurrection of euerlasting life,Liturg. Ca­padoc. auth. S. Basil. and refresh them where the light of thy countenance doth visit.

O Lord remember al thy seruantes,Gregor. in mis. Gelasius apud S. Albin. l. offic. c. de celebrat. missae. which haue gone before vs with the signe of faith, and rest in the sleepe of peace. O Lord we besech thee to graūt vnto them, and to al that rest in Christ, a place of refreshing and peace.

Euerlasting God, we humbly besech thee, that thy seruant,S. Barnab. or S. Ambros. in mis. meduil. for a Bishop. to whom thou hast geuen the gouernmēt of thy Church being now deliuered from the prison of flesh, and ioyned to the Prelates of A­postolick dignitie, may deserue to ob­taine, the reward of eternal life.

My praise and my life,Augustin. l. 9. confes. c. 13. for father and mother. God of my heart, I besech thee for the sinnes of my mother; heare me by the medicine of our woundes which hanged vpon the [Page 82] Crosse, & sitting at thy right hand, ma­keth intercession to thee for vs. I know that she delt mercifully, and with al her heart forgaue offences to them that had offended her. Therfore forgeue thou also her debts, if she hath incurred any, by so manie yeares after the water of saluation. O Lord forgeue her, forgeue her I besech thee; enter not into iudg­ment with her. Let her rest in peace together with her husband.

Mis. S. Iacobi Apost. allowed Concil. gene­ral. 6. can. 32.O Lord our God, remember the soules of the orthodoxal, and true be­leuers, frō Abel the iust, vnto this day: Cause them to rest in the land of the li­uing, in thy Kingdome, and delightes of paradise, in the bosome of Abraham, I­saac, and Iacob, our holy fathers, from whence is banished, sorow, sadnes, and groning; where the light of thy coun­tenance, doth rule and shine continu­ally.

S. Basil. in mis. receiued con­cil. 6. supr. c. 32.O Lord Creatour of bodies & soules, remember at thy heauenly Altare, al those that are departed forth of this wretched world, and refresh them in thy Tabernacle ful of bewtie. Passe them ouer beyond the horrible mansiōs [Page 83] of torment, and place them in thy light-some Tabernacles. Deliuer them from want of light, & from darknes, & take them forth of tribulation and greife, & let thy countenance appeare peaceable unto them, neither seuerly examine their former life. But whether in word or work, as men in flesh, they haue sin­ned, forgeue, and abolish their er­rours.

O holy Father, we besech thee for the soules of the faithful departed,Ambros. pre [...]. 1. praepar. to. 4.that they may haue eternal saluatiō, perpetu­al health, ioy and comfort euerlasting.

O Lord make an end of our sinnes,S. Leander hispal. et S. I­sodor. in liturg. Muzarab. graunt ioy, to the afflicted, deliuery to captiues; health, to the sicke, and rest to the dead.

O Lord our God,Liturg. Alex­andr. ascribed to S. Marke E­uangelist. geue rest to the soules of the faithful departed in thy ho­ly Tabernacles in thy Kingdome, graū ­ting vnto them the good thinges of thy promises, which the eye hath not seene, and the eare hath not heard, and haue not as­cended into the heart of man, which thou o God, hast prepared for them who loue thy name.

O God geue rest and good memorieSeuer. Patri­arch. Alex. l. de ritib. Baptismi. [Page 84] to all hauing societie with vs; & to my father, and to my mother, & to my mai­ster who brought me vp.

Io. Cassian. 3. part. confess. Theolog.O most holy Virgin, Mother of God, pray for al seruantes of God, men and women, both liuing and departed out of this life.

Praiers preparatorie, before receiuing the most blessed Sacrament of the Altare Christs true bodie & bloud.
Chapter. 13.

S. Ignatius E­pist. ad Roma­nos.I Doe not ioy in corruptible nourish­ment, nor in the pleasures of this life; I desire the bread of God, the bread ce­lestial, which is the flesh of Christ, the Soune of God; and drink I desire his bloud, which is life euerlasting.

S. Dionisius Areopag. l. eccle. Hier. c. 5. in contempl.O diuine and sacred Misterie, vouch­saif to open tne couerings of signifying signes which are about thee, and appa­rantly appeared and replenish the eyes of [Page 85] our vnderstanding, with a singular and manifest brightnes of thy light.

When thou receiuest the holy meate,Origen. in hom. 5. in di­uersos Euang. locos. and that incorrupted banquet, when thou dost enioy the bread and cuppe of life; thou dost eate and drinke the bo­die and bloud of our Lord: Then our Lord entreth Vnder thy roofe, and thou therfore humbling thy self, imitate the Centurion and say, O lord I am not wor­thie that thou shouldest enter vnder my roofe.

O Lord our God, the heauenly bread,S. Iacob. A­post. in Liturg. See S. Ciril. Hierosol. ca­tech. S. Mistag. life of al, I haue sinned against heauen, and before thee, and I am not worthie to be made partaker of thine immacu­ate misteries; but as a merciful God, make me worthie of thy grace, that without condemnation, I may be parta­ker of thy holy bodie & pretious bloud, to forgeuenes of sinnes, and life euer­lasting.

O Lord who dwellest aboue the Che­rubim,Canon vni­uersal. seu mis. Ethiop. ascri­bed to S. Ma­teew Apostle. and lookest downe vpon thy peo­ple, and inheritance: blesse thy seruants and their children; graunt a portion to them that come to receiue of thy mira­culous Table for purging of their mind, [Page 86] and remission of sinnes, & vnion of the holie Ghost, and health of soule and bo,die, & inheritance of the Kingdome of heauen. Amen.

Iacob. Apost. in mis. supr.Tast and see that our Lord is bounti­ful, who distributed into partes, & not diuided, and bestowed vpon the faith­ful, is not consumed, for remission of sinnes, and life euerlasting, now & euer & world without end.

Liturg. S. Marci Euange­list.O Lord God almightie, we besech thee, to driue away from our thought the darke assaultes of sinne, & make our mindes ioyfui with the brightnes of thy holie Spirit, that being increased with the knowlege of thee, we may worthi­ly participate of those good thinges, which are proposed vnto thee, of the immaculate body, and pretious bloud, of thine onely begotten Sonne, our Lord, and God, & Sauiour Iesus Christ. Forgeue vnto vs al shew of sinnes, by thy manifold & vnsearchable goodnes, by the grace, and mercies, and gentle­nes of thine only begotten Sonne, with whom to thee, be honour, & Rule, with the most holie, and good, and quit­ning Spirit.

[Page 87]O Lord our God,S. Basil. Ana­phor. who out of the a­boundance of thy grace, hast bestowed vpon vs al thinges: Thou geuest vnto vs more then we demand, & more boū ­tifully then we vnderstand, thou dea­lest with vs: stretch forth o Lord, thy inuisible hand, and blesse thy seruantes, and handmaides, and clense them from al spotte of flesh and spirit, and vouch­saife vs to be made partakers of the bo­dy of thine only begotten Sonne, that with puritie and holines humble, we may offer our praiers to thee, and vnto thine only Sonne our Lord Iesus Crist, & to thy most holy Spirit, to be adored world without end. Amen.

O our God,Basil. sup let vs not be guilty of the Body & Bloud of Christ thy Sonne, nor sicke in mind, or bodie, because vnwor­thie we participate the sacred Myste­ries: but rather graunt vnto vs, that vntil our last breath, we may please thee and be accompted worthie to receiue the sauing Sacraments of our Lord and Redemer Iesus Christ, nor to be vnwor­thie of his bodie and purging bloud; but meete to receiue thē, that by them being strenghned, clensed, and perfec­ted, [Page 88] we may worthily besech thee, by that praier which thy only begotten Sonne hath taught vs, that we may crie with a pure heart and say. Our Father which are in heauen, halowed be thy name.

S. Ambros. l. 4. de Sacram. Tom. 4. Eras. praefat. in com. 4. Ambros.O high Preist and true Bishop Iesus Christ, who hast geuen for vs wretched sinners, thy flesh to eate, and thy bloud to drinke, cause me by thy grace alway to beleue and vnderstand, to thinke and firmly hold, to say and esteme of so great a misterie, that which is pleasing vnto thee, and profitable for my soule. O holy bread, o liuely bread, bread bewtiful, pure bread which did descend frō heauen, and geuest life to the world, come into my heart, and cleanse me frō al vncleannes of bodie and soule: en­ter into my soule, heale it within, and without. Be thou a perpetual saluati­on of my bodie and soule. Driue back from me the enemies which lye in waite for me. Let them depart from thy pre­sence, that I being both without and within defended by thee, may come by [...] ready path, to thy kingdome, where thinges are not handled with misteries, as in this time, but we shal see thee face to [Page 89] face, when thou shalt deliver thy kingdomes to God the Father & God shal be al in al. Then thou shalt fil me with thy self with a meruelous fulnes, that I shal neither hunger nor thirst for euer. Who with the Father and holy Ghost, liuest & reig­nest world without end. Amen.

O Lord make me worthie,Chrisost. in li­turg. to. 5. by the In­tercession of the vnspotted, our Lady, Mother of God, and euer Virgin Marie, that without condemnation I may re­ceiue thy immaculate guist to remission of sinnes, to life euerlasting, purgation of euil cogitations, for illustration of thy commandements.

O Lord Iesus Christ,Gregor. in Sa­cramentar. I­sodor. l. 1. offic. c. 1 [...]. Sonne of the liuing God, who by the wil of thy Father, the holy Ghost cooperating, hast reuiued the world: deliuer me by this thy sa­cred body and bloud, from al mine ini­quities, and al euils, & cause me alwaies to cleaue to thy commandemens, and suffer me neuer to be seperated frō thee: who with the same God the Father and holie Ghost, liuest and reignest world without end. Amen.

O Lord my God,S. Leander in liturg. Muza­rab. in fest. S. Iacobi. graunt vnto me so to receiue the Bodie and Bloud of thy [Page 90] Sonne our Lord Iesus, that by it I may deserue to haue forgeuenes of al my sinnes, and be replenished with thy holy Spirit, o our God, who liuest & reignest world without end. Amen.

Haile for euer, o most sacred flesh of Christ, for euer the greatest sweetnes. O Lord I am not worthy thou shouldest enter under my roofe, but only say the word, & my soule shall be cured. O Lord I am not wor­thie thou shoudest enter under my roofe, but only say the word, & my soule shal be cured. O Lord I am not worthie thou shoudest enter under my roofe, but only say the word, & my soule shal be cured. The Bodie & Bloud of our Lord Iesus Christ, preserue my bodie and soule vnto euerlasting life.


S. Citil. Hie­rosol. mystag. catech 5.After receiuing of the bodie of Christ, I come to the Chalice of his bloud prostrate in maner of Adoration and worship saying. Amen.

Of Praiers & Thankes after receiuing of this most blessed Sacrament of the Altar, which is Christs true Body & Bloud.
Chapter. 14.

HAuing receiued the pretious Body and pretious Bloud of Christ,S. Clem. Ro. constitut. A­postol. l. 8. c. 21. let vs geue thankes to him, who hath made vs worthie to receive his holy Misteries; And we aske that they be not to vs for iudgment, but saluation, for the profit of our soule and body, for preseruation of godlines, for remission of sinnes, to life of the world to come.

O Lord God omnipotent,S. Clem. supr. l. 8. c. 22. Father of Christ, thy blessed Sonne: the hearer of them which rightly cal vpon thee, who knowest the intercessions of the silent. Let vs geue thankes vnto thee, for that thou hast made vs worthie of the parti­cipation of thy holie Misteries, which thou hast geuen vnto vs for confirmati­on of thinges wel knowne; for keping of pietie, for remission of sinnes, be­cause the name of thy Christ is called v­pon [Page 92] ouer vs, and we are reconciled vn­to thee: Thou who hast seperated vs frō Communumcatinge with the vngodly, ioyne vs with those that be consecrated vnto thee, confirme vs in truth, by the coming of the holy Ghost, reueale thin­ges which we know not, fulfil thinges which are wanting, strengthen thinges knowne, defend Preistes vnspotted in thy seruice, preserue kinges in peace, Magistrates in iustice, the ayre in holsō ­nes, the fruites in fertilitie, the world in perfect prouidence. Represse war­ring Nations, conuert them that erre, sanctifie thy people, conserue Virgins kepe the married in faithfulnes, streng­then the ignorant, bring infantes vnto ripe age, confirme nouices, instruct Ca­thecumens, and make them worthy to be admitted to thy Misteries, and ga­ther vs al together into the Kingdome of heauē, in Christ Iesus our Lord, with whom to thee and the holie Ghost, be Glorie, Honour, and Worship, for e­uer.S. Thomas A­post. apud Ab­diam l. 9. hist. Apost. in S. Thomas Apostol. there the Eucharist was receiued in one kinde. Amen.

O Lord Iesus, I besech, that this thy Sacrament, be vnto vs to life; that it be to vs for remission of sinnes, for thy [Page 93] Passion was celebrated for vs. Thou di­dest drinke gaule for vs, that al bitter­nes of the aduersary might dye in vs. Also for vs thou didest drinke vineger, that our wearines might be comforted. Thou wert spitted vpō for vs, that thou mightest sprincle vs with immortal dew. Thou wast stricken with a brittle reede, to make firme our brittlenes to euerla­sting life & eternitie. Thou wast croun­ned with thornes, to croune those which beleue in thee with the euerflorishing Laurel of thy loue. Further thou wast wrapped in a Syndon, to inuest vs with a certaine enwrapping of thy vertue. Thon wouldest be put in a new Sepul­chre, to reforme new grace, a new world vnto vs. I desire this Eucharist be vnto vs to life, & the bowels of mer­cie, and grace of saluation, & health of our soules. Amen.

O Lord fil our mouth with thy praise,S. Iocobus A­post. in liturg. & replenish our lippes with ioy, that we may praise thy glory, and al the day thy magnificence. We geue thankes vn­to thee o Christ our God, because thou hast vouchsaifed vs to be made partakers of thy body and bloud, to remission of [Page 94] sinnes, and life euerlasting.

O God who for thy manifold and vn­speakable bounty, hast condescended to the infirmitie of thy seruantes, & vouch saifed to make vs partakers of this hea­uenly Table: condemne not vs sinners, for receiuing thine immaculate myste­ries, but bountifully preserue vs in sanc­tification of thy holy Spirit, that we be­ing made holy, may obtaine part & in­heritance with al Sainctes, which from eternitie haue bene accepted of thee in the light of thy countenance, by the mercy of thine only begotten Sonne our Lord and God, and Sauiour Iesus Christ. Amen.

O Lord thou hast geuen vnto vs sanc­tification, and receiuing of the most ho­ly bodie and pretious bloud of thine only begotten Sōne our Lord Iesus Christ. Bestow vpon vs also, the grace of thy good holy Spirit, and preserue vs with­out offence in faith: lead vs into per­fect adoption, and Redemption, & into those future eternal fruitions. Amen.

Blessed be God, that blesseth & sanc­tifieth the receiuing of his holy, liuely, and immaculate Misteries, now & euer, [Page 95] & world without end. Amen.

We geue thankes to thee o our God,S. Basilius A­naphora. we exalt thee the Father omnipotent, & merciful, & praise thee Creatour of the world, and adore thee abounding with mercie and grace, because thou hast ta­ken mercy vpon vs, and cleansed vs, and blotted forth our sinnes, and vouchsai­fed vs the receiuing of thy holy & liuely Sacraments, which euen the Angels desires to behold: Therfore let their swet­nes vnto vs a cleansing, & their par­ticipation, for remission of sinnes before committed by vs, and for a medicine of those in which we are yet conuersant: Finally for an auoiding and defence a­gainst those which hereafter may be cō ­mitted by vs, and for ioy and exultation with Sainctes, who from the beginning haue pleased thee.

We geue thankes vnto thee,Chrisost. Li­turg. o most gentle Lord Redemer of our soules, be­cause at this present thou hast made vs worthy of thy heauenly and immortal Mysteries. Direct thou our way, kepe vs in feare, defend our life, strengthen our goinges, by the praiers and inter­cessions of the holy & glorious Mother [Page 96] of God, and alwaies Virgin Marie. O God he thou exalted aboue the heauens, and thy glory ouer al the earth, now and euer, world without end. Amen.

S. Leander et Isodor. in mis. Muzarab. in fest. S. Iacob.O Lord my God, Father & Son & ho­ly Ghost, cause me alwaies to seeke & loue thee, and by this holie Communi­on which I haue receaued, neuer to de­part from thee, because thou art God, and besides thee, there shal be none o­ther for euer. Amen.

Being refreshed with the body and Bloud of Christ, we praise thee o Lord, Alleluya, Alleluya, Alleluya.

The Body of our Lord Iesus Christ which we haue receiued, and his holy bloud which we haue drunke, adhere fast vnto our bowels, o euerlasting al­mighty God, that it come not vnto vs to iudgment nor condemnation, but profit to saluation, and remedie of our soules vnto life eternal. Amen.

Liturg. gottic.O Christ Iesus, who hast effected an euening Sacrifice by the Crosse, in the e­uening of the world: vouchsaif to make vs new Sepulchres for thy Bodie.


Of Sacramental Confession, a due pre­paratiō before receiuing the most blessed Sacrament of the Altare.
Chapter. 15.

THere is yet an other hard and la­borious remission of sinnes by pe­nance,Origen. hom. 2. in leui [...]. when the sinner doth wash his couch with teares, & is not ashamed to tel his sinne to the Preist of our Lord,Psal. 32. & seeke remedie, according to that, I will pronounce against me, mine iniustice to our Lord: and thou hast forgeuen the wickednes of my heart.

Graunt o Lord,Mis. Ethiop. ascribe to S. Matth. Apost. as thou hast geuē vn­to to thy Preistes, the preisty office in thy holy Church: so we besech thy good­nes and clemencie, o louer of men, that they may absolue vs thy seruantes, & al bowing downe their heades before thy sight in this thy holy Sacrifice.

I confesse to God almightie,S. Damas. S. Leander liturg. Muzarab. S. Anast. finair. l. de S. Sina [...] micralog. l. eccle. offic. c. [...]3. gem. ani­mae antiq. rit. miss. c. ibi. 64. to the Blessed Marie euer Virgin, to the blessed Michael Archangel, to the blessed Iohn Baptist, to the holie Apostles Peter and Paul, and al Sainctes, & to you my gho­stly [Page 98] Father, that I haue greuously offen­ded in thought, word, and deede, by my default, by my default, by my gre­uous default; Therfore I besech the B. Mary euer Virgin, blessed Michael Ar­changel, the holy Apostles Peter & Paul and al Sainctes, and you my ghostly Fa­ther, to pray vnto God for me.

Praxis eccl. antiqui ord. Rom tit. con­fes. penitentia­lis. S. Albin. l. offic. eccle. c. in capite Iem­nii.I confesse to thee o Lord, Father of heauen and earth, and to thee o good & most bountiful Iesus Christ, together with the holy Ghost, before thy holy Angels, and thy Preist, that I was con­ceiued in sinne, and borne in sinne, and norished in sinnes, and conuersing in sinnes after Baptisme, vnto this hour: I confesse also, that I haue sinned too-much, in pride, vaine-glorie, in proud lookes, and apparel, and al mine acti­ons, in enuie, in hatred, in couetousnes aswel of honour, as money: in anger, frowardnes, in slouth, in glottonye &c. ‘Here the penitent maketh particular con­fession of al his sinnes he can remember: which done before the Priest absolueth him,Antiq. eccle. Praxis apud S. Albin. Flac. Alcuin. supr. he addeth as foloweth.’ Manie surely, and innumerable others are my sinnes which I can not remember, [Page 99] in deedes, in wordes, in thoughtes; for al which my wretched soule is sorowful and somtime afflicted with sharpe pe­nance: therfore I humbly besech the counsail and iudgment also of thee who art ordained arbitratour and meanes, betwene God and man a sinner. And I humbly besech thee, that thou wilt be an Intercessor for the same my sinnes.

Because in these and al other vices,Praxis antiq. in ord. Rom. supr. in which humane frailtie can sinne a­gainst his Lord and maker, either in thought, word, or deede, or delight, or desire, I know and confesse my selfe to haue sinned, and to be guiltie in the sight of God, aboue al men. Therfore I humbly besech al you, o holy Angels of God, and al Sainctes, and thee o re­uerend Preist, in whose sight I haue cō ­fessed al these thinges, that you may be witnesses vnto me in the day of Iudge­ment, against the diuel, aduersarie and enemie of mankind, that I haue confes­sed al these thinges. I also earnestly in­treate thee, o Preist of God, to make in­tercession for me, and my sinnes, to our Lord God, that I may deserue to ob­taine pardon and Indulgence for these, [Page 100] and al other my sinnes, by the merites & Intercessions of al Sainctes.

The Absolution by the Preist, is not for this place, but diuers formes therof are in the Ord. Rom. in S. Albin. sup. Canon uniuers. & others.

Of the external preisthood of Christs Church primarily cōsisting, in offering the most holy Sacrifice of Christiās Christ his most pretious Body, & bloud for the liuing & dead.
Chapter. 16.

S. Marcus E­uangelist. in Liturg.O Lord, we offer this reasonable & vnbloudie Oblation, which al Nations offer vnto thee, from the rising of the Sunne, to the setting therof, frō the north to the south; because thy name is great among the Gentiles, & in euerie place, Incence, and Sacricfice, & Oblation, is offred to thy name.

S. Clem. Ro. Cōstit. Apost. l. 8. c. 5. Bi­shops power & office from the Apostles time.O Lord almightie, geue vnto him par­ticipation of the holy Ghost, that he [Page 101] may haue power to remitte sinnes accor­ding to thy commandement; also to geue orders as thou hast charged, & of vnbinding al band, according to the power which thou gauest to thine Apo­stles, and to please thee in meeknes, & a cleane heart, offering vnto thee with­out offence alwaies, and without sinne, that pure and vnbloudie Sacrifice which by Christ thou hast appointed, the My­sterie of the new Testament.

O Lord, o Lord,S. Iacobus A­postol. in li­turg. see mis. rom. antiq. who hast graunted vnto vs abiect sinners, and thy vnwor­thie seruantes, that with confidence we might come to thy holy Altare, & offer vnto thee this dreadful & vnbloudy Sa­crifice for our sinnes & ignorances. O Lord let it please thee, that we may be ministers of the Sacrifice of thine imma­culate Mysteries, & admitte vs coming to thy holy Altare, that we may be wor­thie to offer Sacrifice for our selues, and for those thinges which the people by ignorance hath committed. O God haue respect vnto vs, and behold this our reasonable dutie, and receiue it, as thou receauedst the guiftes of Abel, Sa­crifices of Noe, Preistly duties of Moy­ses [Page 102] and Aaron, pacifyinges of Samuel, penance of Dauid, Incence of Zachary: as thou receiuedst this true worship of the hand of thine Apostles, so also from the handes of vs sinners, receiue by thy gentlenes, these guiftes proposed: and make that our Oblation, sanctifyed by the holy Ghost, be grateful and ac­ceptable for propitiation of our sinnes, and those which the people by ignorāce hath committed.

Liturg. Ethiop. ascribed to S. Matth. Apost.O Lord, our god, who receiuedst the Sacrifice of Abel, & Noe, & Abraham, and Elias, and Dauid, and the oblation of the poore widow in the holy Temple: So receiue the oblatiō of me, and al thy seruantes, offering in thy holy name; & let it be a redemption for mine & their sinnes; & as we offer, so render reward vnto vs in the world present, & to com world without end. Amen.

Enschius Cae. sariens. l. 1. Demonst. E­uangelic. c. 10. Malach. 1.11. From the rising of the Sunne, to the set­ting therof, my name is glorified among the Gentyles: and in euery place, incense & a pure oblation is offered vnto me. Ther­fore we Sacrifice to our Lord, most high Sacrifice of praise, we sacrifice to God the holy sacred Sacrifice, ful, and brin­ging [Page 103] sweetnes; we sacrifice after a new maner according to the new Testamēt, a pure Oblation.

O Lord God receiue our Supplicati­on, make vs worthie,Chrisost. in liturg. Con­stant. in offering praiers and the vnbloudy Sacrifice, for al thy people. Thou didest become Man, and wert our high Preist, and as the God of al, deliueredst vnto vs the Sacrament of this Mysterie and vnbloudy Oblation. Make me worthie indued with grace of Preisthoode, to assist to this thy holie Table, and consecrate thy holy Body & pretious Bloud. Graunt that I may of­fer these Sacraments vnto thee; for thou art he which offereth, and he that is offered, he that receiueth, and he that is distributed Christ our God.

O Christ our God,S. Basil. liturg. eccl. Cappad. thou art he which offerest and art offered. O Lord thou hast shewed vnto vs that great Mystery of saluation, thou hast made vs, wret­ches and thy vnworthy seruantes, to be worthie ministers of thy holy Altar.

O Lord graunt, that our Sacrifice be acceptable, and receueable in thy sighr, for al our sinnes and ignorance of thy people.

[Page 104] Basil. liturg. Syror.Make vs worthie to offer this reue­rend and vnbloudy Sacrifice, to put a­way our sinnes, and for an expiation of thy people, & those sinnes which by ig­norāce it hath cōmitted, & for the quiet rest of them that are deceased. O Lord, holy of holies, God of powers, we of­fer vnto thee, this reuerend & incruen­tal sacrifice for thy holy Churches which are from one end of the earth, to the other.

S. Barnab. A­post. and S. Ambros. in li­turg. mediolan.Almightie euerlasting God, let this Oblation which I vnworthie do offer to thy pietie, for me a wretch, and for mine innumerable offences, be placable and acceptable vnto thee. We humbly aske and besech, that thou wilt accept and blesse these guiftes, these offerings these holy vnspotted Sacrifices which we offer vnto thee for thy Catholicke church. We aske and pray, that thou wilt receiue this Oblation in thy high Altare by the handes of thine Angels, as thou didest vouchsaife to receiue the guiftes of thy seruant Abel the iust, and which thy high Preist Melchizedech hath offered vnto thee.

Ambros. l. 4. de Sacramen.Being mindful of Christes most glori­ous [Page 105] passion, and Resurection from those below, and ascension into heauen: O Lord we offer vnto thee this immacu­late Oblation, vnbloudy Sacrifice, this holy bread, and Chalice of eternal life: And we aske and pray, that thou wilt receiue this Oblation in thy high Altar by the handes of thine Angels, as thou didest vouchsaife to receiue the guifts of thy seruant iust Abel, and the Sacrifice of our Patriarch Abraham, & which the high Preist Melchizedech, offered vn­to thee.

O Lord,Ambros. l. 4 de Sacram. I being mindful of thy ve­nerable passion, do come to thine Al­tare (although a sinner) that I may of­fer vnto thee the sacrifice which thou hast instituted and commanded to be of­fered in commemoration of thee, for our saluation. O high God, receiue it I be­sech thee, for thy holy Church, and for the people which thou hast gotten with thy bloud.

O high Preist and true Bishop Iesus Christ, who hast geuen vnto vs thy flesh to eate, and thy bloud to drinke, & hast put this Mysterie in vertue of the holy Ghost saying, So often as you do these, you [...] [Page 106] shal do them in memory of me. I aske by the same thy bloud, the price of our salua­tion, I ask by this meruelous & vnspeak­able Charitie, with which thou hast vouchsaifed to loue vs wretches, & vn­worthy, that thou wouldest wash vs frō our sinnes in thy bloud. Teach me thy vnworthy seruāt whom thou hast vouch­saifed to cal vnto preistly functiō: teach me I besech thee, by thy holy Spirit, to handle so great a Mysterie, with that re­uerence and honour, with that deuoti­on and feare, with which it behoueth, and becometh. For thy great clemency graunt me to celebrate the solemnities of Masse, with a cleane heart, and pure minde. For with how great contrition of heart, and fountaine of teares, with how great reuerence and trembling, with how great chastity of body and pu­rity of soule, is that diuine and heauenly Sacrifice to be celebrated, where thy flesh in truth is receiued, where thy Bloud in truth is drunke, where lowest thinges are ioyned to the highest, earth­ly thinges to diuine, where the presence of holy Angels is, where thou meruelously and vnspeakably, art constituted Sa­crifice [Page 107] and Preist.

We aske thee also o Lord, for the soules of the faithful departed, that this great Sacrament of pietie, be vnto them saluation, health, ioy, and refreshing.

O Lord let that inuisible and incom­prehensible Maiestie of thy holy Spirit, descend, as long agone it did, vpon the Oblations of the Fathers, and make our Oblations thy Body and Bloud, and teach me an vnworthy Preist, to handle so great a Mysterie, with puritie of heart and deuotion of teares, with reuerence and dread, that thou maist receiue plea­sedly and gently of my handes, for the saluation of al both liuing and dead.

We aske that the holy Ghost coming,Liturg. eccle. Hierosol. auct. S. Iacobo A­post. may with his holy, good, and glorious presence, sanctify and make this bread, the holy Body of thy Christ, & this Cha­lice, the pretious Bloud of thy Christ, that it may be vnto al receiuing of them, to remission of sinnes.

O louer of men,Liturg. E­thiop. we humbly besech thee, that thou wilt shew thy face vpon this bread, and Chalice, vpon this por­table Altare: Blesse, sanctify, cleanse, and change this bread into thine imma­culate [Page 108] flesh, and this wine into thy pre­tious bloud.

S. Basil. liturg. Cappadoc.O Lord Iesus Christ, our God, at­tend from thy holy Tabernacle, & from the Throne of the Glorie of thy King­dome, & come to sanctify vs, & vouch­saife with thy powerable hand, to im­part vnto vs thine impolluted bodie and pretious Bloud, and by vs, to al the people.

Basil. Ana­phor. syr.O Lord, make this bread, the glori­ous Body of our Lord, Iesus Christ, for expiation of offences, remission of sinnes, and life euerlasting, to them that receiue it. Amen. And this Chalice the pretious bloud of our Lord God & Sauiour Iesus Christ, for expiation of offences, and forgeuenes of sinnes, & life euerlasting to them that receiue it.


S. Chrisost. in liturg. Con­stant.O Lord send forth thy spirit vpon vs, and vpon these guiftes proposed, and make this bread the pretious body of thy Christ, and that which is in this Chalice, the pretious bloud of Christ thy Soone, transchanging them with thy ho­ly Spirit.

Gel [...]si [...]s apud S. Albin. l. de diuin. [...]. c. de cel [...]. missae. [...]t S. Isodor. hisp [...]l. l. 1. de offic. c. 15. de mis. et or [...]ti [...].O Lord we besech thee, that pacified. [Page 109] thou wilt accept this Oblation of our seruice, and of al thy family. Which Oblation, o God, vouchsaif we besech thee, in al thinges to make blessed, rati­fied, & acceptable, that it may be made for vs the body and bloud of thy most beloued Sonne our Lord Iesus Christ.

O lord we thy seruantes, and thy ho­ly people mindful of so blessed passion, rysing from hel, and ascention into hea­uen of the same Christ, thy Sonne our Lord, do offer to thine excellent Maie­stie, out of thy guiftes, a pure oblation, holy oblation, immaculate oblation, the holy bread of eternal life, and Cha­lice of euerlasting saluation. Vouch­saife to accept them, as thou didest the guiftes of thy seruant iust Abel, and the Sacrifice of our Patriarch Abraham, & that which Melchizedech, thy high Preist offered vnto thee, holy Sacrifice, immaculate Oblation.

Humbly we besech thee, o god al­mightie, that as many of vs as shal re­ceiue of this participatiō of the Altare, the holy Body and Bloud of thy Sonne, may be filled with celestial Benediction and grace, by the same Christ our Lord.

[Page 110]Amen.

S. Ciril. Hie­rosolymitan. catech. mystag. 5.O Lord, we offer this Sacrifice vnto thee, that we may remember al those, which before vs are departed from this world: First the Patriarkes, Prophets, Apostles, Martyrs; that God by their praiers, wil receiue our praiers. We pray for our holy Fathers and Bishops: after we pray for al which are dead a­mong vs, beleuing it to be the greatest help of soules, for whom is offered prai­er of that holy and dreadful Sacrifice, which is placed vpon the Altar. When we pray for the dead, although they be sinners, we offer vp Christ, who was slaine for our sinnes, that we may pro­cure him who is most bountiful, to be merciful both to our selues and them.

Litur. gottic.O Lambe of God, that takest away the sinnes of the world, looke vpon vs, and haue mercie vpon vs. Thou art made vnto vs a Sacrifice, who art our Preist: Thou art our reward, who art our Redemer; kepe vs whom thou hast redemed, from al euils.

What preeminence aboue al others, S. Peter & his Successors in his Sea Apostolick haue, in this sacred Preist­hood.
Chapter. 17.

O Peter,S. Chrisost. ser. in adorat. c. 26. to. 4. sur. the Rocke and firmament of the Church, highest topp of the Apostles; I besech thee to be present this day, taking pitie vpon vs; and in spirit, conuerse in this place.

O B. Peter,Victor. vticen. l. 3. persecut. vandal. why art thou silent for the sheepe and Lambes commited vnto thee by our commō Lord, with great charge and carefulnes.

O good Shepheard, gentle Peter,Elpis hi [...]n. de SS. Petro et Paulo. re­ceiue the praiers of them that pray vn­to thee, and by authoritie committed vnto thee: Vntye the bandes of our sinne.

The confession of Peter,S. Hilarius com. in Matth. c. 16. vpon S. Peters confes. obtained plainly a worthie rewarde; because he had seene the Sonne of God in man. Blessed is this man, who was praised to haue fixed his eyes, and seene more thē [Page 112] a thing humane,Tu ei Chri­stus f [...]lius Dei vi [...]i. not beholding that which was of flesh and bloud, but per­ceiuing by the reuelation of out heauen­ly Father the Sonne of God, and iudged worthy who should first acknowledge that which was in the Christ of God. O happy foundation of the Church in na­ming of thy new name, and a rock wor­thie of the building by that Rock which should dissolue the infernal lawes, and gates of hel, & al the cloisters of death.

O blessed porter of heauen gates, to whose wil the Keyes of the euerlasting entrie are committed, whose terrestrial Iudgment preuenteth the authoritie in heauen; that what thinges on earth are bound or loosed, obtaine the conditi­on of the same decree in heauen.

Gregor. in se [...]t. Cathedrae. S. Peeri. Apost. [...]t in natal.O God, who didest bestow vpon S. Peter thine Apostle, the Keyes of the Kingdome of heauen, & geue vnto him the high Preistly power of binding and loosing: graunt, that by the help of his intercession, we may be deliuered from the bandes of our sinnes.

Gregor. l. 11. epist. 43. c. 44. [...] Leon­ [...]sse.By how much you more feare the ma­ker of al thinges, so much more you may loue his Church, to whom it was said. [Page 113] Thou art Peter, Matth. 16. and vpon this rocke wil build my Church, & the gaites of hel shal not preuaile against it: & I wil geue vnto thee the keyes of the Kingdome of heauen: & what soeuer thou shalt binde vpon earth, shal be bound also in heauen, and whatsoeuer thou shalt vnbind on earth, shal be vnbound in heauen. From whence it is not doubt­ful vnto vs, with how stronge a loue you bind your selues to him, by whom you desire to be vnbound from al the bandes of sinnes. Therfore I besech he may be the keeper of the Empyre, a Protector to you on earth, an Intercessor for you in heauen.

Let it be lawful for no man without daunger of his state,Concil. Rom. circ. An. 460. to violate either the diuine constitutions, or the Decrees of the Apostolike Sea. We pray, that by S. Peter these thinges be obserued for euer.

We, with al our Nobles,Constantinus magnus Imp. ad Syluest. Pap. Isodor. hispal. hist. I­sodor. Iun. collect. can. Adrian. primus epist. ad Con­stant. et Iren. & the whol Senate, and my Lordes; and al people, subiect to the Romane glory of the Em­pyre, haue Iudged profitable, that as S. Peter, semeth to haue bene constituted the Vicar of the Sonne of God on earth: so also the Popes, which are Succes­sors [Page 114] of the same prince of the Apostles,Ado. vien. Chron. aetat. 6. &c. obtaine power of principalitie, more then the terrene meeknes of our Empe­rial serenitie, graunted from vs and our Empyre, choosing vnto vs the same Prince of the Apostles, and his succes­sors, to be firme Patrons with God.

Pelag. 2. epist. ad illegit. Sy­nod. Constan­tinop. An. 579.Pray, that the Ecclesiastical honour, be not euacuated in our daies; nor at a­ny time the Romane Sea, which by our Lordes inssitution, is the head of al Churches, may want, or be spoyled of her priuileges in any place.

Canon. vni­uersalis or E­thiop. liturg. the. Preists praier.O Lord God almightie, who by the mouth of thine only begotten Sonne, our Lord God and Sauiour Iesus Christ, hast said to our Father Peter, Thou art a Rocke, and vpon this Rock wil I build my Church; and the gates of hel shal not preuail against it (to be shaked) and I wil geue vnto thee the Keyes of the Kingdome of hea­uen: whomsoeuer thou shalt binde vpō earth, shal be bound in heauen; & whomsoeuer thou shalt vnbind on earth, shal be vnbound in heauen. Let thy seruantes and handmaides be vnbound from the mouth of the holy Trinitie, the Father, the Sonne, and ho­lie Ghost, and also from my mouth, thy [Page 115] seruant a sinner, & ful of offences.

What diuersitie of orders and degrees belongeth to true Preisthood, Vowes, Virginitie, Chasti­tie, & al degrees of the Church.
Chapter. 18.

O Lord remember thy holy and on­ly Catholicke,Liturg. S. Marci. and Apostolicke Church, from the endes of the earth, vnto the last endes therof, is diffused, and al thy people, and al thy foldes.

O Lord God omnipotent, we pray & besech thee, to preserue the most holy, and most blessed high Preist, Pope N. and most reuerend Bishop N: Preserue them vnto vs many yeares peaceably ex­ecuting holy preisthood, for thy holy, and blessed wil, rightly administring the word of truth, with al orthodoxal Bi­shops Preistes, Deacons, Subdeacons, [Page 116] Lectors, singers, & Lay people.

S. Basil. Ana­phor. concil. 6. general.O Lord remember the orthodoral Bishops, Preistes, Deacons Subdeacons, Lectors, singers, Monkes, perpetual Virgins, Widowes, Lay people liuing in al places.

S. Gregor. Sacramentar. Mis. antiq. et ord. Rom. ser. 6. Parasc.O Lord who didest breath vpon the faces of thine Apostles, & say vnto them, Receiue the holy Ghost,: so breath v­pon vs thy seruantes, standing round a­bout in the entrance of the holy mini­sterie, Bishops Preistes, Deacons, Lec­tors, Singers, and Lay people, with al fulnes of the Catholicke and Aposto­licke Church.

O Lord remember our fathers, and brethren, which are dead in the true Faith, Preistes, Deacons, Subdeacons, Lectors, Monkes, liuing in perpetual chastitie.

Let vs pray for al Bishops, Preistes, Deacons, Subdeacons, Acolythites, En­orcistes, Lectors, Ostiaries, Confessors, Virgins, Widowes, and for al the holy people of God.

Liturg. S. Ia­cobi concil. 6. general.Let vs pray vnto our Lord for those which liue in Virginitie and Chastitie in Monasteries, and in venerable Mariage, [Page 117] and for our holy fathers & brethren that be exercised in mountaines, in caues, & holes of the earth.

Let vs besech our Lord,Missal. gottic. praying for our brethren, which haue vowed glo­rious Virginitie in body & minde, that the spirit of mercy may prosecute them euen to the consummation of their pur­pose.

O Lord behold sacred Virgins, and voluntarie chast persons, the pretious Margarites of thy Church, that with an equal estimation, they may keepe their bodies and spirit, with an inuiolate con­science of chastitie, by Iesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

O Lord, thou hast shewed vnto me,S. Thomas A­post. apud Ab­diam l. 9. histor. in S. Thoma. that I am thine, for which I neuer tooke wife, that I might wholly intend to thee, lest the vse of coniugal loue, might diminish, or custome dissolue, the grace of thy Temple.

You Virgins,S. Ignatius ep ad Philadel. haue you only Christ in your praiers before your eyes, and his father, you being illuminate by the ho­lie Ghost. God graunt I may enioy your sanctitie, as of Iesus the sonne of Naue, as of Melchizedech, as of Elizeus, as [Page 118] of Iohn Baptist, as of that beloued Dis­ciple, as of Timotheus, as of Titus, as of Euodius, as of Clement, which ended this life in puritie.

Ambros. l. 4. de Sacrment.O King of Virgins, and louer of cha­stitie and integritie, with the heauenly dew of thy blessing, quench in my bo­dy, the nurishment of burning lust, that the tenure of chastitie of bodie and soule remaine in me. Mortify in my members the prickes of flesh, & al lasciuious mo­tions, and geue vnto me true and per­petual Chastity, with the rest of thy guiftes, which please thee in truth, that I may be able to offer vnto thee the sa­crifice of praise, with a chast bodie, & cleane heart.

Laus Deo.

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