FOR AVTHORITY AND ALLOWANCE to expound the Apocalyps in Hebrew and Greek, To shew Iewes and Gentiles: that Rome in Cęsars and Pope, is therein still damned.

And for translaters to set over all into other large-vsed tongues.



SInce the time that the Iesuites, my liege L. are busy with our K. I held it my duety to shew readynes to combate with them. And because the Apocalyps revealeth per­petual wrath of God vpon Rome for killing of Christ as was told by Balaam, Numb. 24. I made two English Commentaries vpon that book: one brief, to shew the harmony of the visions: the other large: shewing how God in one word lappeth the whole tenour of Romes badnes. Because it is not fit for me to steale a victory: I would make two Cōmentaryes moo: in tongues which the Pope is bound to vnderstand: one in Ebrew vpon an Ebrew translation: an other in Greek vpon Iohns owne style. The Hebrew would yeeld this commodity. The Apocalyps in two sorts draweth all the law to it. It sheweth Christ from all the law and prophets: and the curse of Rome from all the old cursed since the serpent de­ceived Eve. This cannot be so well done in any tongue as in Ebrew: as Iohn translateth Ebrew most strictly: and this would winne millions of Iewes, which grone to be taught. Sr Iohn Fortescue of honourable memory, re­ceiving the Hebrew books which I printed vpon myne own charges, told the messenger cōfidently, that he would obteyn of the K. a very great stipend to go forward. But the very aged honourable gentleman was prevented by death: that the K. might shew himself willing of himself: in his enemies cause: that the Pope may be known of all Iewes that he is the taile of the old Dragon. So both Iewes and Papists shalbe together here benefited. Yea and Turks too. Of which argument I may here lay down part of a letter of the Lieger at Constantinople, written to M. Richard Stapers merchant. These be his words.

There [Page] is a Iew taking himself learned, and hearing of the good fame of M. H. Broughton, hath invited him to make proof of his learning, by the due answer expected by the Iew from the sayd Broughton. And therefore I require your worship; though as I heare, he be not in London, yet to cause the same to be sent vnto him, and to procure answer: and if it were possible to cause him to come hither: being, as I heare, little esteemed there. I assure your worship it might turne to the benefit of Christendom.

Yours Barton.

I was at Basil when the Iewes letter, and the Ambas­sadours came to my hand: and I printed the Iewes letter: and others in Ebrew to Archb. Whitgift, and in Greek to the rest of the Bishops. And when they despised the cause: they and the like sped never the better: and vpon myne own charges I printed, and scattered books. I wish your Maiesties charges to clear all the Bible so. And this much for Hebrew handling of the Apocalyps. Now for Greek. The Caesars wickednes should be told briefly: whereby they are so hatefull to God: from Greeks, best in their own tongue: and the Popes continuall trechery to overthrow the East Empire, ever since great Constan­tine left hated Rome: and I would expound in Greek all the Apocalyps for Graecia: and chose out of their Com­mentaries all that is good. A Greek Bishop told me they haue 30. which he will help me too, by the Patriarch. Wee haue but two printed. I request your Maiesties au­thority and allowance for this paynes: even to hire also others to turn all to other tongues. This summer might at Basil, where plenty is of Ebrew Printers, serve me for to expound in Ebrew, the Apocalyps: and the next, for the Greek: and the rest of my life should open the consent of [Page] all the Bible shewing Christ, in Adams tongue: which work would force Academiques to better agreement: as that litle which I haue done in Ebrew, is welcome to all sorts. This I dare promise your M. by Gods help, that you shall never repent of liberality this way: and I most humbly request your royall wisdome to regard aright this most weighty cause.

Your Maiesties humble subiect, H. BROVGHTON.

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