[Page] [Page] A MOST HVM­BLE SVPPLICA­TION VNTO THE KING, For present performance of long purpo­sed allowance, to open the Law in the letters and tongue of Adam: for Iewes and all the sonnes of Adam.


YOur Highnes readinesse, my liege Lord, to honour the Gospel, and the kingdome which advaunced Con­stantine your Maiesties auncestour, to rule the worlde, is nowe come to high hope, that Iewes and Christians from Bizantias Rome to Albion, desire an ab­solute treatise for this cause. If it please the K to differre no lōger, long expe­cted allowance, these treatises promi­sed to Iewes of Germanie, as the Princes haue my letters, shalbe soone taken in hand. The new Testament to speak by the phrases of Law & Thalmud, which the holy most learned Apostles trans­late: next that, an Ebrew treatise shew­ing that the Prophetes made this their marke: that God in Christ reconciled the [Page] world vnto him selfe. The third should enlarge al S. Paules Epistles to the E­brewes, by cōsent of Rabbines in those times. The last should bring Rabbines vpon the olde Testament, to teach the same that the new Testament hath. I haue celebrated over the worlde, your Maiesties most religious asseveration in the yere of redemption 1596. For a thousande poundes an yeere for clea­ring the Bible: and your message by a Knight your sewer of 500. pounds an­nuitie. As God hath blessed the King, so your Princely honour in the princi­pal cause of all studie, wil shew readie Royal liberalitie: and stirre vp al the Princes of Christēdome, with speedie zeale without delay.

Your Maiesties most humble subiect, H. Broughton.

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