[Page] [Page] AN ANSVER VNTHO THE COMPLAINT OF R. CANT. That he is an athean, Ievv, vilain, traitour, in Rabbi Dauid farars disputation: at Amsteldam 1609. To the King.

A SVBTILE Ievv, my Liege Lord, babtized, a child & bro­ught vp in our Christian vni­versities, studi­ed maliciously to over throvv the Gospell & in six poinctes he had caught infinite milliones of ours by our notes in Athean vi­lanie of judaisme vvith him. I printed a purgation of al our Bishops: that in allo­vvance of my book shevving vvhat con­cent God gaue to scripture, vvher I dis­comfited his side from those six quarels, revoking the errours, they are no more in athean vilanie of judaisme vvith him. The jevv sayth none other could haue cleared our Gospel R. cant. being honored vvith a copy bestovved termes vntolera­ble. j complain to your LL. and he to the LL. of Amsteldam: that j teach him hovv the jevv had caught in Athean vilanie of judaisme: & vvil not be cleared. An other complaint of his Libelling against the [Page] Scottish mist, your vvisdome vvill bid Rich: C. surcease. The time vvas vvhen the k. fvvare full often that I should haue vvhat I vvold for Quenching Sinons fy­re. vvher the Kinges Bench hath condem­ned, he may not plead scandalum: Besides these be matters of flat Atheisme. I vvrot a book to the Lerned nobilitie, amending, errours of our translation in the Bible, & crede, & of successor that he brēt. I might as Lavvfully haue set croydon on a fyer: an other vvork, & an other, & an other, & an other allovved by D. vvh. & after his death, by the K. he Brent. & at this hour he imprisoneth about a thousand copies of a commentarie vpon Daniel. Bargulus Illyricus might as Lavvfully. I humbly requi­re justice against him.

Your maiesties most humble subiect, Hugh Broughton.

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