Certayne versis / writtene by Tho­mas Brooke Gētleman / in the tyme of his imprysōment / the daye before his deathe / who sufferyd at Norwich / the. 30. of August. 1570.

I Languishe / as I lye /
And death doth make me thrall /
To cares which death shall sone cut of /
And sett me quyt / of all.
yett feble fleshe would faynt /
To feale so sharpe a fyght /
Saue Fayth in Christ / doth comfort me /
And sleithe such fancy quyght.
For fyndyng forth howe frayle /
Eache wordly state doth stande /
I hould him blyst / that fearyng God /
Is redd of such a band.
For he that longest lyues /
And Nestors yeares doth gayne /
Hath so much more accompte to make /
And fyndyth Lyfe but vayne.
What cawse ys then to quayle /
I am called before /
To tast the Ioyes which Christis bloode /
Hath bowght and layde in store.
No no / no greter Ioye /
Can eny hart posses /
Then throwgh the death to gayne a lyfe /
Wyth hym in blyssednes.
Who sende the Quene long lyfe /
Much Ioye and contries peace /
Her Cowncell health / hyr fryndes good lucke /
To all ther Ioyes increase.
Thus puttyng vppe my greaues /
I grownde my lyfe on God /
And thanke hym with most humble hart /
And mekelye kysse his rodde.
Finis /
ꝙ Thomas Brooke.

☞ Seane / and allowyd / accordynge to the Quenes Maiestyes Iniunction.

God saue the Quene

☞ Imprynted at Norwich in the Paryshe of Saynct Andrewe / by Anthony de Solempne. 1570.

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