THE SECOND PART of the true watch, CONTAINING THE perfect rule and summe of Prayer: So plainelie set downe, that the weakest Christian, ta­king but the least paines, may in a very short space, learne to pray of him­selfe, with much assurance and com­fort: both to get strength to ob­serue the Lords watch; and to helpe to turne away, or at least finde comfort in the euils that are to come.

Luk. 21. 36. Watch and pray continually, that you may be accounted worthie to escape al these things that shall come to passe, and that yee may stand before the Sonne of Man.
Esay 62. 6. 7. Yee that are the Lords remembrancers, giue him no rest.

AT LONDON Printed F. K. for Samuel Macham, and are to be sold at his shop in Pauls Church yard, at the signe of the Bul-head. 1607.

TO THE RIGHT HONORABLE MY singular good Ladie, L. ELIZABETH Countesse of Huntingdon.

OVR Sauiour hath not without good cause, (Right Honorable) so oft called on vs to watch and pray,Mark. 13. 33. and 14. 38. ioyning these two toge­ther; and warning his Disciples in their greatest dangers to watch and pray, that they might not fall into temptation; and also charging vs al to watch and pray continually, that wee may bee accounted worthy to escape all the euils that shal come to passe,Luk. 21. 36. and to stand before the Sonne of man: because wee can neither watch vnlesse we pray, to obtaine strength from the Lord by it; nor pray with any comfort or power [Page] vnlesse we watch; nor euer get as­surance to escape the euils that shall come on the world, much lesse the temptations of Satan, and damnati­on of hell, and appeare with bold­nes before our Sauiour, vnlesse we both watch and pray. In regard whereof, first my dutie to the Ma­iestie of God, who prepared the watch against so needfull a time; and after so graciously caused my poore desire therein to be accepted in his church, hath encouraged me to endeuour to adioine vnto the watch, this short directiō for praier, as a secōd part & vnseparable cōpa­niō, for the further good of his ser­uāts, of whō sundry haue desired it at my hands. And secōdly, your La­diships most fauourable acceptance of it, being dedicated vnto my Ho­norable Lord, perswading mee of your Honors vnfained desire both [Page] to obserue the same, and walke in al the waies of the Lord, haue imbol­dened mee to presume to offer this vnto your Honorable Ladiship: both to testifie my dutifull & thank­full affection to your Honor also: and withall my feruent desire that you may both walke hand in hand all your daies, in the selfesame nar­row way of eternall life; as be­ing of the same heart and holy accord; inabled thereunto by the spirit of the Lord, obtained by con­tinuall and instant prayer. That so ye may shine as glorious lights to­gether in the earth, and after in the heauens aboue the brightnes of the Sunne for euermore.

This shall bee in the meane time your key into the palace of the Al­mightie,Mat. 7. 7. 8 and 21. 22. and to the presence cham­ber of his glorious Maiestie:Psal. 135. 18. where­by you may be admitted at al timesIames 4. 8. [Page] to most familiar conference; receiue immediate answers from his High­nes:Esay 65. 24 obtaine the riches and plea­sures of his house, with the most pretious iewels of his treasurie, to adorne you farre more gloriouslie then al the pearle & pretious stones of all the Princes of the earth: all which shall vtterly vanish as the dimmest star, when the brightnesse of your glory shall appeare.Gen. 32. 28. and 1. 2. You shall as Israel preuaile with your God;Hebr. 1. 14. haue his Angels and all the hoasts of heauen at your desire;Iames 47. all being at a perpetuall league with you:Ephes. 6. 18. vanquish the diuels and put them to slight:Iob 22. 27. 28. 29. ouerthrow the plots of the wickedest, and bee accepted for the Church: subdue in your selfe each corruption: bring euery thought into an holy obedience: finde the Comforter at hand in all your trials; the sweete voice of the [Page] Spirit, making you with cōfidence to call him Abba, oh Father;Rom. 8. 15. 16. and gi­uing you most strong assurance of a kingdome, and the life of the An­gels in the very terrours of death. And in a word, you shall thus most happilie redeeme the daies of our vanitie, and treasure vp in heauen abundantly against the time of the perfect accomplishment of your e­ternall triumph and felicitie.

Wherunto according to my per­petuall bounden dutie I shall al­waies striue during my life; both by my incessant prayer, and all o­ther holy meanes, which the Lord shall in mercie vouchsafe vnto mee his poore and vnworthie seruant. And in this studie towards your e­ternall glory and happines I rest my selfe; nothing doubting of your like honorable acceptation of this my poore endeuour, howsoeuer [Page] penned in a most plaine and famili­ar stile; not to delight the curious with an houres reading, (which I leaue to others) but to helpe the ho­nest heart that is desirous to learne of our Sauiour how to pray,Luke 18. 1. and con [...]inue therin in this life without fainting,Esay 65. 13. 14. to reioyce and sing with the Angels for euer after; when all others shall weepe and mourne, and neuer find any comfort or re­lease.

Your Honors in the Lord euer to be commanded. IOHN BRINSLEY.

THE PREFACE TO THE CHRISTI­an Reader, containing a large and plaine direction to all the simpler sort, how to vse this aright; and an earnest exhortation to all sorts to giue themselues instantly to wat­ching and prayer.

IT hath bin wished (Chri­stian and louing Reader) that as I haue gone brief­ly thorow the Comman­dements and Articles of the faith, to set downe the true watch; so I would take some paines in like man­ner to go thorow the Lords Prayer, to set downe the rule and summe of prayer, for the further perfecting and our better [Page] performing the same watch. Whereupon notwithstanding my great inabilitie, in respect of many of my brethren, yet con­sidering the Lords former mercie, who shewes his power in weakenes; and that by this motion of diuers, he seemes to re­quire my poore labour in this also, I haue attempted likewise to make triall herein: the better to inable the simpler sort, and to stir vp all sorts to this holy dutie of prayer; that wee may obtaine strength from the Lord to keepe his watch more faithfully, with innumerable other be­nefits procured by the same. And the ra­ther waying well into what dangerous times we are fallen; wherein the greatest part (as it is much to be feared) in such a declining to Atheisme, and generally to extreame coldnes or luke-warmenes, do seldome or neuer pray priuately; vn­lesse perhaps they vse the Lords Prayer without vnderstanding. And of those who vse to pray, some although they [Page] pray much, yet they do it verie supersti­tiously, to the prouoking of the Lord, and hurt of their owne soules, insteed of re­ceiuing any true comfort therein; as all our popish sort doe. Others haue a desire to pray, but want abilitie or leasure; as all our young and weak Christians. A third sort droope in their troubles, temptati­ons and feares, & are at their wits end, as Iacobs sons, not knowing what way to take, and so continue fretting & vex­ing themselues, or attempt vnlawfull meanes for their reliefe and comfort. A fourth are afraid to vse the Lords Prai­er as a prayer, because they cannot com­prehend the power and meaning of it in so short a forme. A fifth haue gone forth with our Sauiour into the garden, pro­mising and beginning to watch & pray, which yet through our long peace, ease and prosperitie, are fallen a sleepe. Ano­other sort liue in monstrous sinnes, as in oppression and vnmercifull dealing, de­ceit, [Page] secret vncleannesse and the like, without repentance; and yet imagine that they do pray, that their prayers are accepted, and that they shall be heard in the day when they crie, deceiuing their owne soules. A last sort, and those one only and scarse to befound abide therein with our Sauiour, in watching, cries and teares; wrastling and weeping as Iacob for the deadly malice & bloodie threats of Esau; and holding vp their hands with Moses against Amaleck, and also to pacifie the Lords wrath, that it may not be powred out vpon his people, for all our grieuous prouocations. To witnes my loue therefore yet further to all these, and all other the Lords people, I haue thought it my dutie, to offer this weake labour also vnto the Church of God, commending the successe vnto him who is only wise, and worketh by what instruments it pleaseth him, and aboue all that we are able to conceiue: yet not [Page] before I had first communicated it vnto some, much reuerenced of all, for their learning and pietie. Now I onely craue pardon to speake freely, to each of these sorts particularly.

And first to you that pray not at all,1 looke but vpon the necessitie of prayer,Harken you that pray not at all. and consider well in what state you stand vntill you both can and vse to pray; that you are in state of damnation, hauing all things accursed vnto you, and working your perdition; and that you but onely tarrie for the execution of Gods venge­ance; and then if God open your eyes to see your selues and your danger, I shall not neede to call vpon you: for, I know you will giue no rest vnto your eyes, vn­till yee both can and do practise this du­tie: nor that you will euer let day passe hereafter, but reserue some part of it frō your pleasures and profits, to bestow on the Lord in praier, at least a morning and an euening sacrifice.

[Page] 2 For you that pray in an vnknowne tongue, or without vnderstanding,You that pray man vnknowne tongue. bee aduised to spend no more labor in vain, deceiuing your owne soules: but learne of your Lord and Sauiour to pray according to that heauenly paterne, wherein all true wisedome and comfort are to bee found, and which hee hath prescribed vnto you to vse, if you be any of his dis­ciples; warranting you, that if you so aske you shall haue; and then shall you finde him to answere to your hearts de­sire, and carry you into all his sauing truth.

3 And you that haue a desire to pray, but know not how to performe this dutie aright;You that desire to pray. I haue chiefely intended your good, both to direct you for the things which are principally to be begged of vs, cōtained in the Lords praier, the summe whereof I haue indeuoured to set downe plainely in these short formes, applying them to the times; and also to helpe you [Page] for the maner of vttering your requests; ayming at this specially, that by daily practise and meditation herein, you may better attaine to the true vnderstānding of the Lords prayer, and euer haue it in fresh memorie: which being the true perfection and paterne of all holy pray­er, doth in the infinite wisedome of God comprehend whatsoeuer wee can aske. That so you hauing first gathered by wise obseruation in the watch, a true ca­talogue of your owne speciall sinnes and wants, together with the maine sins and wants of the Church and Land, may be able of your selues both for matter and words, to make a most holy confession of sinnes, and powre forth your supplicati­ons according to your necessities, with comfort and assurance. I haue set them downe in two formes, both containing the same matter, as they are one set a­gainst the other: the one more shortly, because of our wearinesse in the best [Page] things, and chiefely in this dutie of prai­er, (though of all other most necessarie) the other somewhat more largely, for the fuller vnderstanding of it; & the heads of both in the margent, for the better re­membring therof, or conceiuing the like. Not intending to tie any necessarily euer to vse one of these, (though it were much better to vse them or the like, then not to pray at all, or to pray vnprofi [...]ablie) nor to vse the whole euer at large; al­though all the things therin comprized, are to be begged daily for our selues, or our brethrē; but to vse those most which chiefely concerne our speciall necessities, and the necessities of the Church & our Land; all which may be referred to one of these sixe petitions; As when we would pray for the glorie of God, or to kindle the zeale of it in our hearts, or that hee would shew his glorie in the preseruation of our King and Realms, to vse the first. For the Church of God and perfect vni­tie [Page] therein, and against the proude ene­mies thereof; or to get more assurance that we are true members of it, to vse the second petition. The third for cheereful­nes in doing Gods will or submission to the same. The fourth for dependance on God, for the things of this life, and a­gainst all worldly cares. The fifth for forgiuenes of sins. The last against dan­gers or feare of temptation, or any euill whatsoeuer. I haue laboured to set downe the heads so plainly in the margent, di­stinguishing them by figures, that euerie one that is desirous to learne, hauing but the seuerall parts of the Lords prayer in his mind may meditate of them happily at his worke, or as God giues any leasure; first marking how many things are chiefely to bee learned in the Preface; then in each petition; so in the conclusi­on: and withall labouring to feele the need that hee hath of them, our miserie without them, and our happinesse in in­ioying [Page] them; stirring vp his heart to a vehement desire of them: and then at time of prayer, to trie how hee can pray of himselfe according to the same order; vsing in the meane time, the helpe of one of the prayers set downe, to get fit words; and withall a daily meditation of his particular sinnes, (chiefely those follow­ing his nature and course of life, with his principall wants, dangers, chastise­ments and mercies receiued;) which wil be the speediest teacher to the simplest to pray with true feeling and power. If you would yet wish further direction for the generall confession of sinne, you may vse the first and second helpes in the watch of the miseries and hainousnes of sin, E­dit. 2. p. 5. l. 9. If for an increase in holi­nes, the third helpe of the blessings fol­lowing a holy conuersation, pag.. 11. If for true comfort and thankesgiuing; you may vse the helpe of the rules for directi­on and comfort in our examination, [Page] pag. 13. All which with the graces we haue obtained in the Law, and promises wee are assured of in the Gospell, must needes cause the simplest to send forth most sweete prayers and thankesgiuings vnto the Lord. And so much for you that are desirous to pray.

Now to you that droope and faint vnder your seuerall troubles and temp­tations,4 not knowing what to doe,You that faint in your trou­bles. the Lord hath here shewed you plainly what you should doe. Learne of Eliphas in Iob: Iob 22. 21. Acquaint your selues with your God, search your sins by the true triall; Make peace with him;26. then you may lift vp your face to God, make your prayer vnto him, and he will heare you: 28. And his light shall shine vpon your waies. When others are cast downe you shall be lift vp,29. and God will saue the humble person. Ther­fore continue in prayer, wrastling with him, let him not go before he haue bles­sed [Page] you, hee will certainly doe it: Proue and see. Onely, waite vpon the Lord in the way of righteousnes vntill hee send you comfort; vsing all holy and warran­table meanes to helpe herein, to serue his diuine and fatherly prouidence; but bee afraid of so much as euer thinking of a­ny indirect course (as to do but the least euil to obtaine neuer so great a good) and much more of rebelling against the Lord or his anointed, and that authoritie which he hath set ouer you; lest aboue all other your miseries, you bring vpon you the terrors of an accusing conscience,Rom. 13. 2. and procure vnto your selues most cer­taine w [...]e and endlesse damnation. And thus much also for you that faint in your trials. If you desire further aduice, looke the watch, pag. 127.

You that are afraid to pray, vsing the 5 Lords praier as a praier,You that are afraid to vse the Lords praier. because you can­not comprehend the meaning of it in so few words: and for that the multitude [Page] abuse it; accept my earnest endeuour to knit our hearts in one, both by assisting you, that you may haue the summe of the chiefe heads euer in fresh memorie, as before your faces; and that those who a­buse it without vnderstanding may learne a more holy vse thereof. If yet you say, that you cannot so comprehend the full meaning of it, and all things con­tained in it, the like you may say (as I take it) of euery seuerall petition thereof, and so we should vse none of them in our prayers at all.

For you beloued that sometimes were 6 feruent in prayer,You that are fallen asleepe. but now are cold and heauie, or altogether fallen asleepe; I say not vnto you awake; Behold frō whence you are fallen, and the danger wherein your selues and the Church of God stand continually; seeing our experience tea­cheth vs, that there is but a haire bredth betweene vs and death; especially if euer the Lord should leaue his anointed, [Page] our Iosiah, the breath of our nostrils, for one minute, into the enemies hand. But only [...] put you in mind of the speech of our Sauiour to his drowsie Disciples; Sleepe hencef [...]th & take your rest. I be­seech the Lord that I may neuer see that day. But what meane all our prodigious signes? and aboue all the worst, that al­most all areI desire to awake you by oft bea­ting vpon this point. fallen asleepe in the midst of such inueterate and deadly malice, with all sorts of grieuous sins, increased to the vttermost, to prouoke the Lord: after so many bloodie practises, and ter­rible forewarnings giuen so oft, and gratiously to preuent the fierce wrath of the Lord; with such sudden and inso­lent ouer flewings; some of them in the middest and highest part of the Land, where the people were altogether secure, as not hauing the least thought of any danger by water; which together with the former, (principally of the raging seas) all must needs acknowledge to bee [Page] the finger of God. If our sinnes had been so increased in the daies of popish blind­nes, they had been nothing in respect; but now in such a glorious light, wherin all of vs haue been conui [...]ced so many waies; and subscribed in our hearts to the truth of God; and also doe gene­rally still iustifie the good waies of God; and yet for most part set our selues to trample all vnder our feete, hating or scorning all that so walke, how gratious, dutifull and blamelesse soeuer they bee; this must needs make our sins vnmeasu­rablie sinfull, and aboue the sins of all o­ther people.

And you that imagine you pray, and are accepted of the Lord, and yet liue in your vnmerciful oppression, or any other such haynous sin; may it not well be de­maunded of you, as the Lord doth of the people before the Captiuitie:Ier. 7. 9. 10. Will you sweare, lie, dissemble, oppresse, build your houses with blood, commit adulterie, [Page] drinke the blood of soules and all other euil, and yet crie, the temple of the Lord, we are the seruants of the Lord, and call vpon his name? Will the Lord take a wicked man by the hand? Can the hy­pocrite call on God in the day of his aduersitie? No, no, you deceiue your own soules; vntill you haue made peace with God by vnfained repentance, and by Zacheus restitution peace with men. Nay although you cōmit not halfe these sins,Ezec. 18. 11. but liue in any one of them, or any other like, hath not the Lord saide you shall surely die for it? What good then can your prayers doe, when the Lord turnes away his eare (as frō that whichProu. 28. 9. is abominable,)Prou. 1. 24. 25. 26. and will laugh at your destruction; because you would not first harken vnto him to turne from your e­uill waies, while he stretched forth his 7 hands vnto you?You that still conti­nue with our Saui­our.

Therefore vnto you (my deere bre­thren of all sorts and degrees) who haue [Page] continued with our Sauiour hitherto, in watching, prayers and teares, and yet at length begin with Moses to faint, with long holding vp your hands, or are in danger thereof; I vnfainedly desire of the Lord, that I may bee as Aaron or Hur, to helpe to confirme your weake hands and wearie knees.Deut. 20. 1. 2. 3▪ Let not your hearts faint.2. Chr. 25▪ 2. The Lord our God is with vs while we are with him. Let vs conti­nue wrastling and weeping, and become so much more instant and importunate as the sins & dangers increase; vrging him euer with his owne glorie, the pride of his enemies, and their blasphemies, if euer they should preuaile: together with his gratious promises, loue and former mercies, both to all his owne people in all ages, and especially towards our selues, declared hitherto in all our peace, prospe­ritie, miraculous deliuerances, with con­tinuance of the Gospell beyond all expe­ctation. Oh that all in the Land fearing [Page] the Lord,Three things wi­shed at the hands of all fearing God. and the tokens of his displea­sure, had hearts to performe but these three duties to his heauenlie Maie­stie.

1 First that euerie one of vs would but learne to know our owne speciall faults and wants by carefull meditation in the law,Each to know and amend our speciall faults. together with the sins and wants of the Church and Land, and so to consi­der each night how we preuaile in refor­ming our selues; and then frame our praiers and thankesgiuing accordingly: for each of our particular and principall sins, are as Satan that stood at Iehosu­ahs right hand, that our praiers cannot go vp vnto the Lord. And of all others, that euery one whose conscience doe ac­cuse them of crueltie towards their bre­thren, would take away that crying sin of oppression, crying louder for venge­ance then al the sins of the earth besides, which brought the floud of waters, when the earth was filled with crueltie; and [Page] brought in the fierce Babylonian, to op­presse and spoile the great men in Iudea, and to make those goodlie houses deso­late,Esay 5. 8. 9. which had formerly been built by the oppressions and spoiling of the poore: which makes the poore to sigh being wea­rie of their liues,Psal. 12. 5. whose sighes the Lord must needes heare and auenge,Exod. 22. 22. 23. when man regardeth them not:Deut. 9. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. which will so shut vp the bowels of the Lords mercie and compassion, that hee will shew vs no more mercie, but, reiect all our praiers, because we would haue no mercie of the poore; no, though Noah, Iob and Da­niel were amongst vs;Ezek. 14. 14. that they should but saue their owne soules; and so must needs bring a fearefull desolation vpon our sinfull nation, vnlesse it be speedilie redressed: besides the blasphemies of the Idolatrous enemies of the Church of God, and their braggs of their workes of mercie and pitie; thereby mouing the people to a discontentednes, & to dislike [Page] of the religion of the Lord, as being the breeder and nourisher of all such cruel and vnmercifull dealing; though euen in this same bloodie sin, they be as deepe as any other.

2 Secondly, that all would learne of our Sauiour to pray as he hath commanded.To learne of our Sauiour to pray. I haue this consident hope, that the wea­kest Christian amongst vs hauing a good heart,My hope of the sim­plest. although he haue neuer been able to vtter his requests to God for him­selfe or Gods Church,Learne but the chiefe heads of the mar­gents and trie, ma­king them your mor­ning medi­tation. would in few weekes (but following this poore directi­on) learne to pray in feeling with much comfort: & those who want good hearts, would by this practise obtaine them.

Thirdly, that wee would all ioyne to pray according to the two first petitions, 3 for the Church of God, our Prince and Realmes, with true vnitie therein,To pray according to the two first petiti­ons chiefe­lie. and against all the enemies of them; for then vndoubtedly we should neither neede to feare the practises of the Popes Semina­ries [Page] nor diuels,The fruit hereof. nor yet all the enemies of the world; but only stand still with Mo­ses, and see what the Lord would still do for vs. Happie shall they be, whom the Lord singles out vnto this worke, to be if it were but as one of Gedeons three hundred, for the perpetuall preseruati­on of the Church of God and their coun­trey. But for the rest, although they scape the Beare, yet a Lion shall teare them in peeces; for being deliuered with Gods s [...]ruants from the temporal iudge­ment, the eternall wrath of God doth certainly remaine for them. Wherefore giue me leaue to speake a little furtherA further pressing the exhor­tation to prayer. vnto your soules in this important busi­nesse, if I may awake but some of you.

You that spend your liues in pleasures,1 will you not be perswaded to spend someTo them that liue in pleasures. houres in this heauēly work, to talke with God for the sauing your owne soules and the people of the Lord? Oh that you knew the vnspeakable sweetenesse that heerein [Page] you should find; whereas in your vaine pleasures what can you looke for, but in­tolerable bitternes in the end? will not all these increase the wrath against vs? whereas the changing them into pray­ers, with fasting and teares, would be as the sacrifice of Noah, wherein the Lord would certainly smell a sauor of rest; and as the repentance of Niniuie, that hee that had compassion on the poore igno­rant heathen, would much more cause his face to shine still more bright, vpon vs, whom he hath vouchsafed so long the profession of his name. Know it for certaine, as the Lord hath giuen any of you mo of his outward blessings, & with them more time & meanes to serue him, so hee lookes for so much more time at your hands to be spent in instant prayer, then of any other of the earth, and so must your account be. Do not the popish sort that liue in your bosoms obserue, be­sides your extreame irreligiousnes, how [Page] you neuer vse to pray priuately, or with any deuotion? and are they not hereby hardened to like far better of their owne blind superstition; wherein they spend so much time in praier? How will you an­swere your God for the blood of so many soules as hereby perish? If you could bee perswaded (which you will one day feele, either in this life, or when it is vtterlie too late) that these & all other your sins, wherein now is your felicitie, will bee as so many swords to peirce your poore soules, and so many diuels to torment you eternally; and your repentance & death altogether vncertaine: you durst not let one minute passe, but would fall into bit­ter mourning for all your sinnes, and for your time so ill spent, and bee warned by our Sauiour to begin to watch and pray, that you might escape all these miseries, that will certainly come vpon you.

You also that haue filled your houses 2 with the spoiles of the poore, & the earth [Page] with their cries, the crie of your sinnes is gone vp into the heauens, that the Lord threatneth to be auenged forthwith. Let the counsell of Daniel to Nabuchad­nezar be acceptable vnto you,Dan. 4. 24. if you will escape the decree that is comming forth against you. Breake off your sins by righ­teousnes, and your iniquities by mercie towards the poore.Esay 1. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. Repent and make re­stitution while you may▪ Cease to do euil, learne to doe well, seeke iudgement, re­leeue the oppressed, iudge the fatherlesse and defend the widow, as the Lord bids you by his Prophet. Then you may pray, and your praiers shall be heard: though your sins were as crimson (that is, most bloodie sins) yet they shall be made white as snow. If yee consent and obey, yee shall eate the good things of the Land: but if yee refuse and be rebellious, ye shall be de­uoured with the sword; for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it. Your oppressiōs which haue pressed downe the poore vn­to [Page] the ground, will one day crush you in­to the bottome of hell, and will be a loade heauier then the whole earth vpon you: that you would giue all the world, if you had it, to be disburdened of them; and at your death the iudgement threatned vnto Iehoiakim shall surely light vpon you,Ierem. 22. 18. 19. that none shall lament or mourne for you, to say, ah Lord, ah his glorie; but all shall reioyce that the earth is eased of you; and your remembrance shall re­maine most vile and loathsome to all po­steritie, as the memorie of other oppres­sors doth before.

And for you that would neuer spare so much as one houre from your worldly 3 businesses to priuate praier,To the worldling. when God opens your eyes to discerne the true profit hereof, aboue the other, & that hitherto you haue been meerely of the world, and vtterly without God; howsoeuer you look to your worldly businesse, you will looke to this businesse of the Lord, and set your [Page] selues times of praier, which the gaining of the world cannot make you to forget.

4 And in a word, so many of you as can talke with men of any earthly matter,To all that cānot pray of them­selues, nor regard to learne. and make any request for this present life, for whatsoeuer you need; and yet could neuer vtter so much as one speech, no not in secret to your Father in heauē, nor make any one supplication for any heauenly thing with feeling; how can you thinke that euer you were touched with Zeale of Gods glorie or his king­dome? or how can you imagine that you can be the children of the heauenlie Fa­ther, or haue any interest in the Lord and his kingdome; or be any thing but meere worldlings, sauoring onely the world, and it alone your portion, hauing a world of miseries and torment remai­ning for you for euer? Learne therefore to praie aboue all; you will finde this a treasure ten thousand times better then all the wealth & pleasures of the world. [Page] For what you would haue, this will vn­doubtedlie procure you, as far as shall be good; and whereas all the honors, plea­sures, riches and friends in the world, can neuer giue you any true contentmēt, nor adde one minute vnto your life; this only will fill your hearts in heauenly con­tentation, with abundant ioy and glad­nesse, and make you liue and raigne with Christ for euer in the heauens.

Now so many as acknowledge that thus indeede you ought both to watch 4 and pray,To all that acknow­ledge the truth and necessitie hereof. and yet but only giue these the reading, without care to learne the pra­ctise of them, or happily hauing some good motions or purposes, to put them forthwith in practise, or it may be, haue begun well, yet through your pleasures or worldly businesse, or at least a carnall sloth and securitie leaue them off, and returne to your old courses, bee warned from the Lord; for this will certainly be one further witnesse and conuiction a­gainst [Page] you, then euer formerly you recei­ued, and much better it had bin for you, that you had neuer seene this way of life, thus plainly and easily set before you, and how you may either helpe to preserue the whole, or at least escape your selues from the euils to come; then after you haue knowne it, and subscribed in your hearts to the truth and necessitie of it, and hap­pilie put your hands to the plow, to looke backe againe. Remember Lots wife; if you be out of Sodome hie for your liues, vntill you be safe in Zoar; and being safe your selues, learne to be as importunate with the Angell of the Couenant, when you but thinke of the sins of the Land, as faithfull Abraham was: comforting and incouraging your selues in this, that you are not alone but many with you, and the Lord hath yet his ten righteous left, in all quarters some, that mourne and crie for all the abominations. If in this attempt I haue failed of that I de­sire, [Page] I humblie craue pardon; and also that my good will may be accepted, in this endeuour intended chiefely to helpe the simple. Vouchsafe me your better di­rection, and I shall willinglie follow it. My desire is to labour herein also to bring this together with the watch to more perfection, if I shall find it accep­ted, and that it may bring the least good to Gods Church; in which I desire not to liue one day longer, then I may bee some way profitable. I haue so oft made reference to the watch as to a maine ground of prayer, and for that this is as a second part, and an vnseparable com­panion thereof,Ephes. 6. 13. 14. 18. (as the Apostle makes them Ephes. 6.) and also that I neede 5 not trouble you with oft repetition of theTo them that are not perswa­ded of such present ne­cessitie of praier, but thinke me ouer feare­full. same things.

Cōcerning the present necessitie here­of, (that I may neither seeme ouer bold, not yet to fearful of some grieuous iudg­ment without cause) I desire of all sorts [Page] that you would examine it betweene the Lord and your owne consciences (to whom I appeale, and which I know will witnesse with me, when I shall stand be­fore the great tribunall) your conscien­ces I say, not asleep in this deepe security, but either throughly awaked by the law, or as they were vpon the instant of the discouerie of the gunpowder plot; or at any time before any of our great deliue­rances, fullie accomplished in the midst of our extreame dangers. Remember but whether your hearts weare not then as my heart is now; that if God had done with vs as he then threatned, he had not been most righteous, and wee iustlie de­serued it. Did not all hearts tremble in the acknowledgement of the truth of his Maiesties sacred speech in the Parlia­ment house at that time? And who would not haue confessed in any of these dangers, that it had not been full time for each to haue betaken himselfe to this [Page] armour; to haue run to God by instant supplication, and stood vp in the breach; and for euery one to haue learned to watch and pray? And must not our case since be far more desperate, wee ha­uing receiued thus our third most terri­ble admonition, together with so many mercies still heaped vpon vs? Let vs but thinke what wee haue done since that time, to secure vs from the finall execu­tion of his vengeance: haue we not most fearefully increased the transgression, go­ing still many degrees backwards, run­ning from the Lord, and suncken deeper in our rebellion, insteed of turning to him according to our oft promises, and his infinite mercy? Besides our impuden­cie in sinning; and our eating vp one another in euery corner and degree, rac­king al things to the vttermost farthing, and all commonly to maintaine pride and all excesse; countenancing the lew­dest in euery place, disgracing and trea­ding [Page] vpon the vpright, that he that ab­staines from euil maketh himself a prey: Let but the shamelesnes of that one sin of quaffing, condēned by the heathē, in As­suerus Court in their greatest pomp and excesse that euer we reade of, and regi­stred in Gods book for that cause, be wit­nes: although we cānot imagin that euer it was practised in halfe so odious a ma­ner, as it is ordinarilie with vs euerie where, in scorning the Lord to his face, and sacrificing to Satan. Our cloakes of Ciuility wil proue but Adams figleaues. Inquire of your own hearts, whether this be not the generall verdict of all whom God hath touched, or who retaine any of their ancient feeling; yea whether the ve­ry blind may not grope it; that there was neuer such a declining to all loosenes, opē prophanenes & euen Atheisme heard or read of in any age, where the Gospell was professed, nor that sinne was practised with so high a hand. And then answere [Page] plainly, whether the Lord may not iustly get himselfe glory of vs, in the declarati­on of his iustice, and the power of his wrath against our sins; seeing the riches of his mercies in sparing and deliuering vs, haue made vs so far to exceede, as to deny the tokens of his wrath, and despise him to the face; scorning and hating no­thing so much as a holy care to serue him according to his wil. Or what followes a­mongst men (euē the most equal & mer­ciful) after the third admonitiō at most, but the due execution & final expulsiō? And whether we haue not iust cause to feare and seeke to pacifie his wrath? Or whether hee may not most righteouslie cause his owne children to crie in feeling the miseries which haue not cried out in seeing the abominatiōs, & seeking to pa­cifie him: and also whether hee may not iustly pluck the world frō vs, which hath so bewitched & plucked vs frō him. And to conclude, whether it be not much bet­ter [Page] that we each awake and meet him in time with intreaty of peace, because he is so merciful, thē to be awaked of him and crie day and night (as his people in the Captiuitie) when it is too late, and he will shew no mercy vntill his work be accōpli­shed vpō vs. Thus hauing presumed this second time, to testifie my heart to al, and my earnest desire of a heauēly vnion, and all happines to Gods Church, & this our nation, I take my leaue; with my instant praiers that al Gods seruants may haue their eies open, to see the necessitie of this work aboue al other, & their harts prepa­red to set thēselues forthwith hereunto, (which hath made me the longer in per­swading vnto it.) The whole successe I leaue to his heauenly Maiestie, whose this work is, & who hath long called vs al vnto the practise of it, looking & won­dring that so few haue come to help,Esay 6. 3. 5. and whose only arme hath helped vs hithertoEzek. 22. 30▪ & wil for euer,Iudg. 5. 23. if we but only cry to him.

[Page 1]THREE PRINCIPALL points to be first learned and felt of euery poore Christian, that intends to helpe in this worke of prayer; the summe where of being in our hearts, will bee as a continuall spurre and preparatiue to prayer, and as the life and soule thereof. • 1. The necessitie of prayer. , • 2. The speciall properties of them that can pray. , and • 3. The power of prayer rightly perfor­med. 

The necessitie of prayer.

1 WE can neuer come to any as­surance that we are in the fa­uour of God,Without this cōstāt practise, we can neither be assured that we are Gods chil­dren, nor that wee haue right to any creature. or his children, before wee make conscience to practise this dutie daily: for the spirit of prayer, (which makes vs to pray with sighes & grones) is the earnest and seale of our adoption; [Page 2] and is giuen vnto vs so soone as euer Christ is made ours by faith; and there­fore in the meane time we stand in stateRom. 8. 15. 16. of damnation,Gal. 4. 6. and are theeues and vsur­pers of that which we haue.

2 We can haue no comfort,But haue all things work to our damnati­on. that the things which we enioy shal be to our sal­uation; but to increase and seale vp our condemnation; seeing they are only san­ctified by the word and prayer;1. Tim. 4. 5. and for that we receiue them without giuing the Lord his due glory.Prou. 16. 4.

3 We cannot looke to obtaine any one thing as a blessing,We cannot looke to obtaine a­ny thing as a blessing, nor turne away any euill. of al those things which our Sauiour hath taught vs to pray for, nor to turne away any one euil but by prayer: for God hath ordained this to be the onely hand hereunto,Mat. 7. 7. say­ing,Iam. 4. 2. 3. Aske and ye shall haue.

4 Seeing euery worldling can speake to his friend,Nor be any thing but meere worldlings, feeling no want, nor able to speake of any thing else. for worldly things; and e­uery child can and vseth to run to his lo­uing father making his mone & requests for whatsoeuer he would haue; how can we imagin that God is our heauenly and tēder Father, or we any thing but mere­ly [Page 3] earth-wormes and worldlings,Rom. 8. 5. vntill wee vse to run vnto him daily to beg of him heauenly things, which wee conti­nually and principally stand in need of.

5 If we will be saued we must pray,Otherwise we cannot be saued. seeing our Lord and Sauiour, (who will saue only those that obey him, and de­stroy all the rest,) hath so oft charged vs to pray, and to pray continually, as the importunate widow; teaching vs also,Luke 18. 1. so plainly how to pray;Matth. 6. 9. leading vs by the hand, if we will be guided by him; and made vs such gracious promises if we wil pray;Psal. 14. 4. and contrarily describing the ac­cursed Atheists to be such as call not vp­on his name.Ier. 10. 25.

6 Lastly,The Lord cals vs al to step into the breach with Moses. the Lord our merciful God, at this time especially cals vs all that are in any fauour with his Maiestie, to steppe vp into the breach to stay his hand for being auenged,Ezec. 22. 30 for the generall ouer­flow of iniquitie in all estates; concer­ning which all naturall men could say long agoe, that God must needes bring some terrible plague vpon our nation, without speedie repentance; which in­deed [Page 4] hee had done sundrie times since, (butAt the in­tended in­uasion. thrice aboue all other, neuer to be forgotten) had not his hand been won­derfully stayed: and we notwithstanding since insteed of repenting,The death of Q. Eli­zabeth. haue growne much worse in euery kind of iniquitie, being now become not only secure,The gun­powder plot. but also hardned in all our euill courses, to make but a sport of sin, and a scorne of al those who make any conscience to walk in the waies of the Lord; so that hereby our sin must needs be increased to the vt­termost, and much more considering the Lords most miraculous deliuerances of vs; his continuall threatnings and ad­monitions by his seruants proclayming his wrath; warnings from heauen and earth; a continued pestilence for so ma­ny yeeres together, visiting euery cor­ner of our Land; the raging of the winds and waters, to such a terror and desolati­on: the sword set to our very hearts; the graue prepared for vs by our enemies, yet wee deliuered, and sundrie of them throwne in as our ransome. Now after al this, and that in the cleare light of the [Page 5] Gospell, with innumerable mercies be­sides, & sundry promises of our amend­ment wee waxing still worse and worse, and now without all hope of recouerie; how can it be but the Lord must needes waxe wearie with forbearing; or what comfort can bee left vs but onely the in­stant prayers of Gods faithfull seruants,Reade with reuerence the Pro­phet Iere­mie, with the rest who liued hard be­fore the captiuitie euen in Iosiahs daies, and com­pare times with times, and it will make vs crie instātly to God, day and night. either to stay his hand still, or to secure vs to bee hid in the euill day? If all this cannot awake vs, yet this one thing well considered, will vndoubtedly rouse vs, as the certainest euidence of vengeance approching, that those enemies by whō he hath so oft threatned vs to auenge his quarrell, and whom we al know by long experience to thirst most greedily after our blood, are againe increased in num­ber, pride and malice, after the time that we had thought them quashed for euer rising, or once daring to shew their faces againe: that knowing their holie father, the bloodie positions, Machiauellian plots and practises of their cursed religi­on in all countries, we must needes see our selues in imminent danger of vtter [Page 6] destruction euerie houre, more then that mightie arme shal still protect vs, which wee see to bee iustly stretched out a­gainst vs for our sinnes, and the power of praier which hither­to hath staied it, to be fear­fully abated.

THE SPECIALL PRO­perties of them that can pray: (for as Iosuah told the people they could not serue the Lord,Ios. 24. 19. so euery one cannot pray)Prou. 28. 9. and these euidently groun­ded out of the Lords Prayer.

1 WE must bee the children of GOD,Wee must be children of childlike affections towards our heauē ­ly Father, and able to cal him Fa­ther. borne anew by his Word and Spirit, hauing some assurance of his fauour, and a desire to grow there­in; carrying alwaies childlike affections to his Maiestie: for we must come to him as to our deare Father, and be able by the Spirit of adoption to call him Abba, oh Father.

2 Wee must euer come vnto our Fa­ther only through his beloued Sonne,Rom. 8. 15. by whom we are reconciled,Comming in faith on­ly in Christ & in a true sense of our owne vn­worthines. made his chil­dren, and kept in his fauour; and withall in a true sense of our vnworthines to bee called his children, or make any request [Page 8] vnto him: and so we must make our pe­titions only in the name of this our Lord and Sauiour, in whom alone our Father is well pleased: begging in faith (that is) in full assurance to be heard for Christs merit, in whatsoeuer wee request of our tender Father.

3 We must come in all humilitie be­fore his heauenly Maiestie,In all hu­militie, be­ing but dust and ashes; yet with our hearts lift vp to heauen. remembring we are but dust and ashes; yet full of hea­uenly affections; able to lift vp our harts vnto him, and to bee onely conuersant with him in the heauens for the time of prayer principally; hauing all our thoughts separated from the earth, and all earthly cogitations; because we speak to our Father which is in heauen.

4 We must be brethren of brotherly and tender hearts towards all the chil­dren of our heauenly father,Wee must be brethrē tenderly affected to­wards all the childrē of our hea­uenly Fa­ther. (that is, all those who soundly professe the Gospell of Christ in word and conuersation) be­cause our heauenly Father will haue vs hereby both to declare and increase our loue; praying all one for another, and in the name of all, as deare brethren and [Page 9] feeling members; crying earnestly for all: Our Father.

5 We must be such as are zealous for the glory of our heauenly Father;Zealous of our Fathers glorie a­boue all things in the wo [...]ld. desi­rous both to behold his glory, shining brightly in all his workes, and chiefely in his heauenly word; and labouring to draw all others to a like reuerend admi­ration thereof; making this the end of all our indeuours, that our heauenly Father may bee honoured; and casting all our thoughts which way we may gaine him any glorie; more afraid of dishonoring him any way, or offending him, but euen in our thoughts, then any euill that can befall vs in the world; and such as vse to mourne for all the dishonors done vnto God his heauenly Maiestie; that we may euer both truly begin and end our prayers with this feruent desire; That his great name may be glorified, because all kingdome,Seeking first the kingdome of heauen, and the righteous­nes therof. power and glorie are only his for euer.

6 Such as first seek his kingdome and the righteousnes of it; that is, the inlarge­mēt of the Church wherin Christ raignes [Page 10] and is magnified, and so the spreading of his true religion, and of all the meanes belonging to the conuersion and sauing of his elect; with the vtter ouerthrow of all false religion and vngodlines, where­by Satan and Antichrist do raigne, vsing all diligence for sauing ourselues and o­thers:) that being heere partakers of his kingdome of grace, wee may euer after raigne with him in glorie: and also such as long and waite for the comming of our Lord and Sauiour Iesus Christ. O­therwise how can wee pray in truth: Let thy kingdome come?

7 We must bee of an holy conuersa­tion,Making cō science of euery tittle of the will & word of the Lord. as the loyal subiects of this heauen­ly kingdome; striuing to know the will of our heauēly Father, in al things which concerne vs; and such as make consci­ence of euery tittle of his word, as Noah and Moses: who in all things as the Lord bad them, so did they: able to say as Dauid, I am heere Lord to do thy will, I am desirous to do it as cheerefully as the Angels in heauen; readie with Abra­ham to leaue all at the Lords comman­dement, [Page 11] and offer vp whatsoeuer is dea­rest vnto vs in the world; and to receiue any triall with patience and thankfulnes, and with Paul, not onely ready to bee bound, but to die at Ierusalem for the name of Iesus. Or else we can neuer pray in sinceritie, Thy will be done in earth as it is in heauen.

8 Such also as labor to depend whol­lie vpon the Lords fatherly prouidence,Labouring to depend wholly vpō the Lords prouidēce and prote­ction. and watchfull protection, for this life, and all the comforts of it; in a feeling of our owne naturall frailtie, that if hee but take away our breath wee are gone, and cannot of our selues continue one mi­nute; and withall, that wee are neither worthie of, nor able of our selues to get the least crumme of bread, much lesse to cause it to do vs any good; and therfore such as vse to beg it euery day from our heauenly Father, and that as well for the poore as for our selues, being liuely tou­ched with their miseries; desirous to im­ploy that which he bestowes vpon vs, to his glory and the good of his children; labouring (as Iacob and Paul) if we haue [Page 12] but bread to be therewith content: such as neither trust in the abundance of meanes, nor faint in the want of them; but onely vse all meanes appointed to serue his diuine and fatherly prouidence, casting all the care for the successe vpon him alone, being assured that he cannot faile vs, nor forsake vs of that that shall be best for vs; (so far as may stand with his owne glorie and the good of vs his people) at least so long as we endeuour to honor him, walking as his obedient children: without this we can neuer pray aright; Giue vs this day our daily bread.

9 We must bee such as vse to trauell vnder the burden of all our sins,Trauelling vnder the burden of our sinnes. especial­ly presumptuous and scandalous; in the sense both of the multitude & haynous­nes of them, & also our misery by them, vntill we be throughly washed from thē in the blood of Iesus Christ; as hauing no other meanes of deliuery or satisfa­ction: feeling with Paul the corruption of our nature, and our daily infirmities to be as a death vnto vs; and hereupon vsing to crie instantly in the eares of the Lord: [Page 13] Forgiue vs our trespasses; neuer giuing him ouer vntil we obtaine this assurance.

10 We must be voide of malice,Voide of malice, v­sing to pray for our e­nemies. and such as vse to pray for our very enemies; and are readie to doe them any kindnes, wherby to gaine them to Christ, or leaue them more without excuse; because then wee haue this assurance to bee forgiuen, and not else; neither can we say in truth Forgiue vs our trespasses, as wee forgiue them that trespasse against vs: but pray for a curse vpon our selues.

11 Hauing a continuall sense of the danger we stand in,Fearing al­waies, and watching, lest wee should fall into temp­tation, so suspecting all our waies. of falling into some sinne euery houre, to the dishonor of our heauenly Father, and prouoking his dis­pleasure, with innumerable euils follow­ing thereupon; through the deadly ma­lice and subtiltie of Satan, who hath the aduantage of our corrupt nature, and all things in the world to beguile vs: fea­ring alwaies lest for our sinnes the Lord should leaue vs in his hand; and there­upon such as are carefull to keepe our rankes, and the watch of the Lord. That wee may continually pray in feeling, [Page 14] Leade vs not into temptation, but deli­uer vs from euill.

12 Carrying alwaies a reuerent and thankfull acknowledgement of his ab­solute kingdome,Acknow­ledging e­uer his so­ueraigntie, and how he disposeth al for his own glorie, and the good of his elect. power and soueraign­tie ouer all creatures, that hee ouerrules both the rage of men and diuels, and all other things in heauen and earth, dispo­sing all to his owne glorie, and the salua­tion of his obedient subiects and chil­dren; that we may be euer able to sound forth with thankfulnes, For thine is the kingdome, power and glory for euer and euer.

13 Lastly wee must bee such true be­leeuers,Able in true faith with thāk­fulnes to say Amen. as being assured that hee will graunt all that we beg, as shall bee most for his own glory, and the greatest good of his elect, do rest our selues wholly vp­on his fatherly loue, being able in thankfulnesse euer to say: A­men; Lord let it be so as we doe assure our hearts it shal bee.

THE POWER OF true Prayer.

1 WHen we are such sound Chri­stians,To giue vs assurance of Gods fauour. and vse to pray in this manner, wee shall haue a certaine assu­rance that we are Gods children,Rom. 10. 12. and in his fauour,Rom. 8. 15. 16. 26. and such as shall be saued vn­doubtedly: for this is the Lords seale and the earnest of our inheritance.2 Cor. 1. 22.

2 We shall haue a comfortable and sanctified vse of all things wee enioy.To haue all things san­ctified vnto vs. 1. Tim. 4. 5.

3 We shall bee sure to obtaine what­soeuer he hath taught vs to pray for;To obtaine whatsoeuer we so pray for. so far as shal be for his owne glory and our good; for the very forme of prayer con­taines a most gratious promise; that so asking we shall obtaine: otherwise our Sauiour would neuer haue taught vs to pray so; assuring vs that if wee aske in faith we shall haue, and that according [Page 16] to our faith, it shall bee done vnto vs.

4 The seruent prayers of a few of vs,For the turning a­way any iudgement from our Land, or procuring any bles­sing. being such as are described, shall doe more for turning away any iudgement from the Church; discouering and ouer­throwing the deepest plots of Gods e­nemies, or for procuring any blessing to our Land, then many of our valiantest souldiers and wisest polititians; or then many thousands of our enemies, & hun­dred thousands of the wicked ioyning with them to prouoke the Lord by their sins, can doe to bring a iudgement vpon vs. For wee know how many times that one Moses staied the Lords hand, that he could not destroy his people; and also that Eliah was the Chariots and horse­men of Israel; yet were they men sub­iect to like passions that we are: for our God is still the same of infinite compas­sion; and therefore looke what Gods seruants haue been formerly able to doe by their praiers, the same shall wee doe still, so farre as shall be necessarie, if we striue to walke in their steps. So that we haue no cause to feare, sith one of them [Page 17] alone could so farre preuaile with the Lord, but that many of vs ioyning as an a mie to compasse the Lord about with our prayers and teares, may much more ouercome his heauenly Maiestie, if our hearts and hands be steadie with Moses; especially he hauing shewed such tokens of his compassion and loue towards his chosen flocke amongst vs, as neuer in a­ny age more:Ezech. 22. 30. and now calling vs also to stand vp in the breach,Iob 22. 30. hauing assured vs that the innocent shall deliuer the Iland. Therefore all of vs that feare the Lord, must cheerfully each incourage one ano­ther to this dutie,Deut. 20. 1. 3. 4. confirming the wea [...]e hands and wearie knees;Heb. 12. 12. being certain­ly assured of this at least, that though the Lords decree should bee gone forth a­gainst vs for all our exceeding prouoca­tions, and that hee would not spare the whole at our prayers, (whereof notwith­standing we may haue gratious hope to the contrarie, if we can but find our harts feruently set to this dutie of prayer) yet we shall saue our owne soules,Ezek. 14. 14. and the Lord will bee vnto vs as a sanctuarie, [Page 18] whereas otherwise, if such a iudgement come vpon vs, as hath been so oft almost fully executed, (which the Lord in mer­cie still saue vs from) we are all accessary to it, who haue not sought in time to turne it away, and accursed with Meroz, Iudg. 5. 23. because we came not to helpe the Lord against the mightie: and so shall find no­thing but feare and an euill conscience to chase vs:Prou. 28. 1. whereas on the contrarie wee shall be strong and couragious as Lions whatsoeuer come to passe; knowing that euen in the midst of the fire there he will bee with vs,Esay 43. 1. 2. 3. that the flame shall not so much as kindle on vs (more then he wil dispose to his own exceeding glorie and our endlesse comfort) and also in the flouds that they do not ouer­whelme vs.

A MOST HEAVEN­lie and sure rule according to the whole Lords Prayer in order: whereby wee may grow to strong assurance and much power in Prayer.

LIue alwaies as an obediēt child, in the eye of thy heauenly Fa­ther; humbled in the reue­rence of his most holy and glorious Maiestie, and in the sense of thine owne vilenesse and vnworthines to be called his childe; longing vntill he take thee vnto himselfe into the hea­uens; studying what way thou mayest Let the desire of the two first petiti­ons be euer in thy hart, & beg al o­ther things for them only as be­ing the end of all, then shalt thou bee each way most blessed, and aske what thou wilt so, & thou shall re­ceiue it. honor him most in the meane time: and that first by yeelding all obedience to the lawes of his kingdome, and gay­ning moe thereunto: attending conti­nually what his diuine will and pleasure is concerning thee, chiefely in thy par­ticular [Page 20] calling, and the charge commit­ted vnto thee: and then thou shalt sure­ly find him God all-sufficient vnto thee, more tender ouer thee then euer was fa­ther or mother, performing vnto thee all his promises according to all thy pe­titions, for this and for the better life; and sealing vnto thee a plentifull assurance of the free pardon of all thy sinnes in the blood of his Sonne Iesus Christ; and that he will saue thee from the tempter, and all euill that they shall not hurt thee: That thou shall be able with all ioy and thankfulnes to acknowledge vpon hap­pie experience, his absolute kingdome and power, and so to giue him continu­ally with all his holy Angels, all glory, praise and dominion, resting thy selfe most fully satisfied in his onely loue and fauour for euer and euer.

THE SVMME OF all in other words, most plainly; for the vnderstan­ding of the simplest.

OBserue diligently the Watch of the Lord; growing daily in the practise of euery Commā ­dement, and faith in all his promises: and keepe in thy heart a Catalogue or short summe of thine owne chiefe sins, wants and infirmities, together with the maine sins and wants of the Land, and tokens of the Lords wrath due ther­unto (gathered by wise obseruation ac­cording to the rule of the Watch) and withall set before thee the infinitnesse of the Lords loue and compassion towards his, with his speciall fauours towards thy selfe: and then pray feruently in faith to thy heauenly Father, looking stedfast­lie at Iesus Christ thy Sauiour; crying [Page 22] onely in zeale for his glorie and king­dome; and thou shalt bee able to pierce the heauens; to preuaile with God as Iacob, and much more with men; and finde by good experience the truth of that promise,Esay 65. 24. that before thou cal­lest God will answere; and whilest thou speakest hee will heare.


Our Father] Oh Lord most holy and glo­rious, terrible to all the wic­ked, but most gratious and ful of compas­sion towards all that desire to obey al thy Commaunde­ments: we that are but dust and ashes, chil­dren of wrath by nature, and most rebelli­ous of all thy creaturs, dare not of our selues once [Page 24] lift vp our eies to heauen.

Father.] Yet neuerthelesse seeing it hath pleased thee to receiue vs for thine own children by grace, thorow thy Son Iesus Christ, by whō thou hast pur­chased & or­dained vs to eternal glory, and giuē him to be our me­diatour; wee come before thee, (oh Fa­ther) in his name; magni­fying thee for this fauour, beeing the greatest hap­pines that e­uer could be­fall vs.

[Page 25] Increase in vs daily this as­surāce, by ma­king vs to grow in repē ­tance & faith; & framing vs to the image of thy Son, in al knowledge▪ loue & obedi­ence; wholly changing and renewing vs, that wee may bee no longer strāgers from thee, but may delight to be euer in thy presēce, hea­ring thy voice or speaking to thee in pray­er, crying, Oh Father.

[Page 26] Our] And that it may bee more euident that thou art our Father in­deede, giue vs grace to loue thy childrē a­boue all other for thy sake: and each so much more, as they more ex­cell in vertue, and are more deare vnto thee, that we may daily re­member them in al our pray­ers, saying; [Page 27] Our Father: And delight in their com­panies onely, as those with whom we shal liue for euer. Knit our harts in brotherlie loue, that wee may tenderlie comfort & e­difie one an­other, afraide of grieuing or hindering, & much more of turning anie one out of the way of life.

Let our holie agreemēt in al the substance of thy truth, with our ioint profession to walk together in the path of life, bee of [Page 28] more force to vnite vs, then all the trash of the world, or cunning of Satan to di­uide vs.

Are we not all that so walke, thine owne children, and coheires of thy kingdom; notwithstan­ding all our imperfections and some lesse diuersities which must accōpanie vs while wee are in the earth.

Cōfoūd ther­fore all deui­ces working this diuision, to thy disho­nor [Page 29] & reioy­cing to our e­nemies, who thus conspire to worke our shame & ruin, if it were pos­sible.

Let vs neuer rest vntill wee finde these hartie affecti­ons towards al thy childrē, that heereby we may know certainly that we are trāsla­ted frō death to life, whē we can pray, Our father.

VVhich art in heauen▪] And whereas thou raignest in [Page 30] the heauens where thou hast prouided throns for vs, humble vs stil more, in the sense of thy greatnes; see­ing we are but poore wormes crawling in sin.

And yet so lift vp our hearts vnto thee, yt wee may bee with thee, es­specially in all our prayers; lōging to be­hold thee face to face: & let our cōuersati­on be so hea­uēly, that the world may see that wee are thy heauenlie children tra­uelling [Page 31] to­wards thee, & our selues may grow vp to a full assurance that heauē is ours, reserued by our Lord & Sauiour for vs, & all crea­tures euer to do vs good.

Hallowed] And seeing thou hast vouchsa­fed vs onelie this honor, to be the heires of thy king­dom, whereas thou mightest iustlie haue lefte vs with [Page 32] the wicked to euerlasting perdition.

Giue vs grace euer to testi­fie our thank­fulnesse, see­king in and a­boue al things to honor thee. Opē our eyes to behold thy power, wise­dom & good­nes shining in all thy works, & much more in thy heauē ­ly word chief­lie in all thy iudgmēts vp­on thine ene­mies, & mer­cies towards thy children, still shewed e­uery day.

[Page 33] Make vs able to cōsider of, and set forth the prayses belonging to thee therein, both in word & deed; yt by vs thy great name may be knowne in all the world. A­boue all in that wherein thou hast bin magnified be­fore our eyes, in shewing thy fatherly care for vs, & wrath against our e­nemies: how for dishono­ring thee in abusing thy Gospel, and al thy blessings bestowed on vs aboue all people; thou hast not onely corrected vs [Page 34] tenderly with thy milder rods, but hast also sundrie times raysed vp most cru­ell enemies, threatning not onely to take away the Gospell, but our vtter de­struction also, and brought them to the very executiō of it, because we would not hearken and turne vnto thee accor­ding to thy mercies: yet euer when we haue cried vnto thee, thou hast pluc­ked thē backe in the instant, and taken vē ­geance for vs: so as we haue [Page 35] oft thought yt they durst neuer haue attēpted the like againe: & so, as if the most barba­rous nations had receiued but the least of our deliue­rances with our meanes they would haue repēted long agoe, as wee haue oft promised.

Oh gracious Father make vs euer to acknowledge this, & to see that thy anger is againe more [Page 36] fearfully kind­led, for that these our e­nemies, (as our sinnes) do stil increase in number and malice, with­out hope of leauing off their practi­ses, vntil they haue wrought either ours or their owne endlesse ruin.

Good Father, let this to­ken of thy wrath, (toge­ther with the arming of the dumbe crea­tures, both windes and waters so oft threatning our destructi­on, [Page 37] for the o­uerflow of all iniquitie in e­uerie place) preuaile so mightily with vs, that wee may all pre­sently seek to appease thine anger. Did­dest thou not before ye bloo­die and fie­ry conspiracie warne vs all from heauen (as thou didst Ierusalem) in­closing vs in a fiery tent with pillers of dark­nesse, of fire & blood (fore­shewing vs as by yt which fol­lowed we may iustlie deeme) yt bloodie de­structiō which was towards vs?

[Page 38] Did not many of our hearts trēble at that sight, causing vs to seeke more earnest­ly to turne a­way the fu­ture euils?

And feared wee without cause? Had it not bin effe­cted indeed, and we all in­closed in the most dark, fie­ry and bloody tent that euer ye world heard of; if yu hadst not heard the prayers of thy poore children, in the verie in­stant, and re­membred vs in mercie?

[Page 39] And shall wee remain sense­lesse still in the middest of the tokens of thy wrath, making the whole land to trēble at the report of thē? Saue vs from that the hea­uiest iudgmēt that euer fell vpon the hart of man, wher­by not onely the Egyptiās, but also thine owne people were prepa­red for their final desolatiō, so oft threat­ned by our Sauiour, that by seeing wee should see & not perceiue, but haue our [Page 40] harts more ful (by al ye means vsed for our repentance) lest we should conuert & be spared.

Opē our eyes to see our fearful estate, and how farre this iudgemēt hath seased on vs already. Conuert vs & we shal be cō ­uerted, & not harden our selues against the tokens of thy wrath, thy word and ser­uants.

[Page 41] Oh leaue vs not vnto thē whose mer­cies are cruel­tie, to cause them to blas­pheme, but let vs still fall into thy hāds who pitiest vs whē thou smi­test vs, and in wrath remem­brest mercie.

Though our sinnes be hay­nous [Page 42] to anger thee, yet let the cry of thy seruants still preuaile.

Hast thou not saide it, that the innocent shall deliuer the Iland? and dost thou not cal vs to stand vp in ye breach, because thou wouldest not destroy vs? Hast thou not beene wont to pardon whole natiōs at the prayers of a few of thy seruants?

Therefore we thy remem­brācers [Page 43] (knowing that thou art still the same, as to thy seruāts in for­mer time, and wee as deare vnto thee; and that thou cāst denie vs no­thing which we beg in thy Sonnes name, according to thy will, for our good) doe humblie in­treate thee, to glorifie thy mercie in par­doning our sin, and tur­ning vs spee­dilie vnto thee; but make thine enemies to feele thy hand, & those chiefely, who haue as Bala­am caused vs to prouoke [Page 44] thee so grie­uously, that we haue been so oft in so fearefull dan­ger, by our backslidings and rebelliōs.

Get thy selfe glory vpō thē as vpon Pharaoh, that whē thou hast de­liuered vs and ouerthrowne thē, as fundrie times thou hast begun, wee may sing praises, and e­uer keep a re­membrāce of thy mercie.

Let vs bee a­fraid of obscuring any part of thy glo­rie; [Page 45] and much more of see­king our own honour, or ta­king any part of thine ho­nour to our selues, being proud of thy gifts. But a­boue all, keep vs from disho­noring thee, by our sinfull liues amongst the wicked, to cause them to blaspheme.

Let this bee our honor to honour thee, and contrari­ly our grea­test dishonor.

Strēgthen vs to walk so vp­rightly, that others seeing our good workes, may [Page 46] glorifie thee, and wee may weare the re­proch of the wicked as a crowne.

So kindle the zeale of thy glorie in our harts, that we may bee grie­ued continu­ally for all the dishonors done vnto thee. And that insteede of being a­shamed of thee, or any part of thy truth, we may euer professe it with all ho­lie wisedome, and boldnesse as our chiefest glory; that our Sauiour may acknowledge vs before thee in the presēce [Page 47] of men & An­gels, to be the heires of thy kingdom; whē he will denie all other, as those whom hee neuer knew, to their endlesse con­fusion.

Thy kingdome come]

And whereas thou (oh Father) art chief­ly glorified in the increase of thine owne people which obey thy word, amongst whom onelie thou raignest, and especial­lie when thou causest thy re­ligion [Page 48] & peo­ple to prosper against all the power of hell: Grant thy Go­spell whereby thou conque­rest & rulest, to be sincere­lie preached euery where, and make it so powerful that it may destroy the kingdome of Satā & An­tichrist; & ga­ther all thine vnto thee, that so thou mayest hasten thy glorious kingdome.

And to this end, raise vp Kings and Queenes to nourish vs with the word [Page 49] of life, & pre­serue vs from the rage of all our cruel ene­mies, especi­ally that bloo­dy Antichrist: and for those that are such already, make thē ten times more, accoun­ting this their greatest dig­nitie to haue the bringing vp of ye heires of thy king­dome com­mitted vnto them.

And as it hath pleased thee to settle this kingdome in so great peace amongst vs, deliuering vs frō that blood thirstie whore of Babylon, & [Page 50] to cōtinue the same beyond all former ex­pectation vn­der our dread Soueraigne, so indue him with such an abūdant por­tiō of thy Spi­rit, according to that high dignitie laide vpon him; and with such ten­der affections towards thy children, that in token of true thankful­nes for all his dominions, & chiefelie the wōderfull de­liuerances of his Maiestie & his, (and of all vs thy people principally by him) hee may set himselfe with Iehosaphat [Page 51] and Ezechiah, & other wor­thie Kings of Iuda, to in­large thy king dome, & pro­mote thy pure religion, de­stroying al vn­godlines; and to procure each way the good of vs thy poor chil­drē cōmitted to him; that al we being still more loyallie affected, as toward our most happie nursing father vnder thee, & as al the good people were towards Da­uid, may euer sound foorth thy praises for him, and pray earnestlie for his preserua­tion, [Page 52] & of our Queene with all their royal progenie, that his kingdome may bee esta­blished vntill Christ shall come, to re­signe vp this earthly scep­ter and raigne with thee e­ternally.

[Page 53] Giue all our Rulers ye same heart, yt they may be as the hāds of thine annointed in euery place, for this pur­pose.

And as thou hast ordained chiefely to fi­nish thy king­dome by the preaching of thy Gospell, which thou did dest first spread by thy holy Apostles subduing the world therby, so wee pray thee to send foorth such powerful preachers into e­uerie congre­gation, which [Page 45] may not cease to admonish euerie one with teares: framing thē ­selues by all holy meanes to win all; a­fraid of the least offence, which might hinder the sal­uation of anie one. Awaken at length all sorts of vncō ­scionable mi­nisters, drūkē with ye blood of their peo­ple; that re­mēbring the crie of Abels blood, they may be thinke themselues in time what to answere when Christ shall come: and ei­ther giue thē repentance & [Page 55] care for their peoples salua­tion, or free them frō thē, and cōmit thē to such by whō they may bee brought into obediēce to the lawes of thy king­dome; that thou alone maiest raigne as Lord a­mongst them, Antichrist be­ing cast out vtterly, with al things where­by hee hath kept any of thy people vn­der his slaue­rie, or seekes to pull them into Babylon.

[Page 56] Deface (oh Lord) all the prints of his Idolatrie, and cut off all hopes of euer building vp Babel againe.

And seeing the chiefe glorie and safetie of thy king­dom, is in the vnity of thy subiects; take away, good Lord, all cau­ses of conten­tions. Con­found all the plots of cur­sed Balaam, who knowing that no king­dome diuided can stād, seeks to rend thy Church in peeces, the easier to pre­uaile against [Page 57] it, when thou art also depar­ted from it; as euer Satan hath beene wont. Graunt yt we may buy this peace, with the losse of all, except thy fauor, that al sorts seeing our holie a­greemēt, may ioyne them­selues vnto vs, and come into the bo­some of thy Church. And moreouer, sith thou wilt haue euery one to helpe to build vp thy king­dome, and to saue others by bringing them therun­to, graunt vs more care, not onely for our [Page 58] charges com­mitted to vs; but for euerie one tied vnto vs by any spe­cial bond that wee may take euery first oc­casion for gai­ning them vn­to thee, by all holy meanes.

Let vs not rest before they be safe. And that wee may preuaile the more, giue vs (oh Lord) a sweet feeling what a blessed thing it is to be of thy kingdome, & par­takers of thy glorie: euen to be Kings & Priests vnto thee; and what happi­nes [Page 59] there is in liuing such a holy conuer­sation, & how wretched the state of all o­ther people is, being bōd­slaues of Sa­ran, and reser­ued for hell.

Graunt vs to liue in all things, as thy obedient sub­iects, that wee may passe frō this kingdom of grace into thy glorious kingdome.

Make vs to feare the oc­casiōs of back­sliding, that wee neuer so much as once look back vn­to the world, [Page 60] but hie fast towards hea­uē where our Sauiour keeps possession for vs. Destroy in vs all our cor­ruption, wher­by Satan pre­uailes against vs. Hastē that day when the differēce shall appeare be­tween vs and thē that feare thee not, whē we shal raigne with thee for euer.

And because wee now liue by faith, and not by sight, the wicked oft flourishing whē thy chil­dren are affli­cted: [Page 61] Oh Lord in­crease our faith in all thy sweete promi­ses, yt through the comfort of it, & power of godlinesse, we may grow vp to a full as­surance, that wee are the true heires of thy kingdome and ouercome all hinderan­ces, that be­ing faithful to the death, we may haue the crown of life. Fill our hearts with such peace & ioy, with all the fruits of righ­teousnes, that all may see to what king­dome wee be­long, and wee feeling ye be­ginning [Page 62] of it here, may en­ter into thy heauenly ioy. Thy wil be &c.] And that our childlike affe­ctiōs, with our zeale & thāk­fulnesse, may more appeare to all ye world; quicken vs to do thy heauē ­ly will, chiefe­lie wherein thou hast shewed vs how thou wilt haue vs walk, that wee may do it cheere­fullie, as the Angels.

Accept our will for the deede. Let it be our chiefe desire to stād in thy pre­sence, [Page 63] to en­quire by all holy meanes what thy di­uine pleasure is: and euer so soone as thou hast made it knowne vnto vs, giue vs Da­uids Eccho, to say I am heere Lord to doe thy will, thy law is within my heart.

And whereas it is thy de­cree, that thorow many troubles wee must enter in­to thy king­dome; (good Father) sub­due our cor­rupt wils to thy holy will, that hūbling our selues vn­der [Page 64] thy hand, we may trie & reforme our waies immedi­ately, without once whispe­ring against thee: know­ing yt in loue thou so wor­kest our good in all our tri­als, and wilt giue vs a hap­py issue in thy due time.

And if it shall bee thy good pleasure to cal vs to suffer for thy name; keepe vs that we may suffer as thine owne children for righteousnes, and then to take vp our crosses with thankfulnes, [Page 65] reioicing that thou countest vs worthy that honour, loo­king stedfastly at our Lord & Sauiour, who hauing▪ first troden yt way before vs, sits for euer in glorie at thy right hand. But keepe vs that we neuer do any thing against thy re­uealed will, to procure ther­by neuer so great a good; seeing thou canst and wilt effect whatso­euer is best without our sin. That wee may euer tru­ly pray; Thy will bee done in earth, as it is in heauen.

[Page 66] Giue vs this day &c.]

And thou (oh deare Father) when wee are such; that ye world may see thy tēder care ouer vs, and how thou fulfillest thy promises vnto vs, & that wee may the bet­ter attend the seeking of thy glorie and good plea­sure; vouch­safe vs the cō ­forts of this present life. Shew vs thy loue in proui­ding for vs in due time. Di­rect vs to vse all painfulnes and holy wis­dom, chiefely [Page 67] in our parti­cular calling, with all the meanes to serue thy pro­uidence: auoi­ding whatso­euer may hin­der our com­fort, or hurt our estate. Graunt vs to hide our selus vnder thy watchful pro­tection, know­ing that our times are in thy hand, to continue as pleaseth thee; and to consi­der that of our selues, we cannot pro­long our liues one minute, nor haue any power to get one morsell of bread, vnlesse thou both [Page 68] shew vs the meanes, assist vs to vse thē, & giue a bles­sing to them. Hūble vs here in, that wee are not wor­thie the least crumme of bread, which we are taught to beg daily: and that wee are but vsur­pers of it, and of whatsoeuer else we haue, vnlesse we be in Christ; be­cause wee ha­uing lost all, can haue no right to anie thing vntill it bee restored vnto vs in him who is Lord of all. Increase our assurance that thou hast giuen him vn­to [Page 69] vs, yt we may haue a true ti­tle to whatso­euer wee en­ioy. Blesse thy good creaturs to nourish & comfort vs.

Giue vs con­tented hearts though wee haue but bread, ac­knowledging thy fatherlie prouidēce as wel in want as plentie, and that thou wilt make euen bread suffici­ent when o­ther means faile.

And if we shal come to haue no more but for the pre­sent [Page 70] day, nor any meanes of succour; then strengthen vs to cast our selues vpon thee without fainting, and to shew that we liue not by bread onelie, but by thy power & ten­der care and blessing Cer­tifie our con­sciences, that though wic­ked men may bee hunger­starued, yet thou wilt ne­uer let any of vs that serue thee, being heires of thy kingdome, to wāt any thing that is good for vs, but wilt work extraor­dinarilie cau­sing [Page 71] our ene­mies to feede vs, or the fouls to bring vs meate, ra­ther then we shall want. Keep vs ther­fore from car­king cares a­forehand, for prouision for vs or ours, & much more from murmu­ring, whereby thou art disho­nored & pro­uoked. Make vs able to san­ctifie thee, v­sing only the means for thy protection & prouidēce, cō ­mending our selues wholly vnto thee, be­ing certainlie assured that thou canst not faile vs. And [Page 72] whē thou dost bestow thy gifts vpon vs, make vs to be­hold thy good nesse in them, vsing thē ho­lily, & neuer abusing them to satisfie our lustes, or to puffe vs vp, or set our confi­dence & loue vpon thē; but that wee may imploy them to maintaine thy worship & seruice, and performe all holie duties, especially for the reliefe of thy children, for whom we are to praie daily, and to whom thou hast giuen an interest in the vse of them; [Page 73] that so we may shew our thākfulnesse to thy heauenly Maiestie, loue to thy childrē and chiefelie the most ex­cellent, and therein the true practise of the Com­munion of Saints, way­ting for the ioyfull sen­tence, [Page 74] Come ye blessed of my Father, receiue the kingdome prepared for you &c.

Forgiue vs our trespasses.]

And whereas our sins onely doe hinder, & turne from vs all these bles­sings which we haue beg­ged▪ and bring innumerable euils vpon vs, insteede of thē, & so make vs most vn­happie, wher­upō thou hast taught vs to crie euerie day, forgiue vs our sinnes;

Pardon (good Lord) and re­moue all our [Page 75] sinnes out of thy sight. And to ye end that we may neuer giue thee rest vntill we haue gotten this as­surance; teach vs that here­in is all true happines, and without it we are most mise­rable, & with­out all hope of comfort.

Shew vs also the haynous­nesse of sinne, declared in the fearefull punishment of thy most glo­rious Angels, the excellen­test of all thy works, whom for one sinne thou diddest throw downe [Page 76] vnto hel to be reserued in chaines of darkenesse to the iudgemēt of the great day. And after wards in our first parents cast out of their happie estate accur­sed in them­selues and all their posteri­tie, euen al vs, vntill wee ob­taine deliue­rance by lay­ing hold of our Lord and Sauiour. Make vs able yet more plainely to behold the same, not on­ly in the ge­nerall destru­ction of the olde world; turning So­dom into [Page 77] ashes; prepa­ring hell for an euerlasting punishment to all vnbelee­uers and impenitent sin­ners; but also in thy seue­ritie against thine owne children, as in cutting off Moses (onelie for that hee did not sancti­fie thee at the waters of strif) that he could not enter in­to Canaan, af­ter hee had led thy peo­ple forty yeers and now brought them to the borders of it.

[Page 78] And besides the heauy pu­nishmēt of Da­uid and his house all his life long, and the fearefull iudgemēts on many of thine owne faithful seruāts. Teach vs to cōceiue aright of the vilenesse and danger of sin hereby, that the least sinne of thine elect could neuer haue bin ran­somed, but by the sacrifice of thine owne deare Sonne; and how thou diddest powre out vpon him the ful viols of thy wrath, to cause him to crie, my God vvhy hast thou [Page 79] forsaken mee.

Giue vs a con­tinuall medi­tation hereof, and of the in­numerable e­uils which e­uerie sinne brings on thine owne children, vn­lesse they bee preuented by speedy repen­tance, especi­ally depriuing vs of all true comfort and power in prai­er, so long as wee remaine therein with­out repētāce, besides ye losse of many ex­traordinary fauours. Shew vs withal how our sinnes in­creased, be­ing [Page 80] commit­ted not onely against thy glorious Ma­iestie, but also against our high calling, and all thine abūdant mer­cies with so strong means to restrain vs, besides so ma­ny vowes and promises of a­mendment, & that after par­don formerly obtained and sealed vnto vs.

Grants vs some sight also of the multitude of our sins, not onely in brea­king thy Com­mandements, [Page 81] in thought, word or deed, but euen in o­mitting anie part therof, or doing it with­out all our heart; besides the sin of our first parents whereof wee are all guiltie; and the cor­ruption of our sinful natures whereby wee are so infected with sin, that wee are incli­ned vnto euil cōtinaully; & vnable to thinke anie thing but that which is sin­full; so little moued by thy iudgemēts or mercies, to make anie right vse ther­of. [Page 82] Giue vs such a liuelie sense hereof, & of our daily frailties, in [...]r­mities & noy­some lustes, flowing from this lothsome sinke, that in the feeling of this bondage of our corrup­tion, wee may euer sigh, de­siring to be deliuered there­from.

Set before our faces also the grieuous sins of our youth, & much more those which [Page 83] we haue com­mitted since our high cal­ling, contrarie to our consci­ences, and whereby wee haue dishono­red thee to the reproach of thy Gospel, griefe of thy seruants, or hindering the saluation of a­ny soule: that by al these we beholding the infinitenes of our debt, and our great misery therby, that we may runne continually to the fountaine of thy Sonnes blood, which is open to all the house of Israel for sin & vncleannesse, crying, Wash [Page 84] me thorowlie from my sin, purge and pu­rifie me. And yet that the vgelie view of them may not vtterly dismay vs, as though we could not be purged frō them; comfort vs in the infi­nite worth & merit of thy Sonnes blood which is al-sufficient to cleanse vs thorowly, al­though wee had al the sins of the world vpon vs, so long as wee can crie to be washed ther­in. But yet seing thou ad­mittest none to this foun­taine, but on­ly [Page 85] them that come in true fainth, and vn­faied repen­tance for all their sins, re­soluing to liue a new life, and crying after this fountain:

Make vs able in the sense of our vilenes by nature, and our particular sins, to mourn bitterly when wee looke at thy Son whō we haue pear­ced thereby, and so to hate sinne, that we may be afraid of euer defi­ling our selues againe, sin­ning against that precious blood.

[Page 86] Helpe vs to trie our repē ­tance & faith to bee such as are sound, & haue beene wrought in vs by the prea­ching of the Gospel, & do cōtinually in­crease, which are the cer­taine euiden­ces thereof.

Grāt vs grace to iudge our selues daily, yt we may not be iudged of thee. Remem­ber vs also, we intreate thee againe, for our sinfull Land; though euen the earth bee [Page 87] corrupt, & the crie of the sinnes excee­ding great, yet let the cry of vs thy childrē in euery cor­ner preuaile against ye crie of the sinnes, that thy mer­cie may bee magnified in all the world. As vvee for giue &c.] And as thou hast taught vs to pray onely so to be forgiuē, as we forgiue others; assu­ring vs that if we do forgiue wee shall bee forgiuen, and otherwise we shall neuer bee forgiuen. Change our malicious and proud hearts, [Page 88] that although we hate ye sins and company of the wicked, and reioice in the execution of thy righte­ous iudgmēts, and pray dai­ly for the con­founding of al the wicked practises and deuises of the enemies of thy Church; that yet wee may seeke the saluation of al sorts: and for them that are our enemies but vpon pri­uate respects, giue vs grace to pray ear­nestly for thē that they may repent & ob­taine mercie.

[Page 89] And that wee may seeke to pacifie them, by offering them full sa­tisfaction, and doing them a­ny good, so far as may stād with their sal­uation, & the credit of the Gospell, to heape coales vpon their heads, either to gaine them or leaue them more without excuse; and to seale vp to our selues a ful re­mission of all our sins ther­by.

[Page 90] Leade vs not in­to temptation.] And seing our deadly enemy seekes houre­ly to tempt vs to sin to dis­honour thee, and become his vassals, yt thou mightest leaue vs in his hand to execute his malice vpon vs, and bring vpon vs al the euils which follow sinne, wherupon our Sauiour hath taught vs to pray, Leade vs not into tempta­tion: Open our eies (good Fa­ther) to see our continual danger; and [Page 91] first for the multitude of damned spi­rits ranging vp and downe as roaring Li­ons to deuour vs. Teach vs to know that they are able to bring vs to as fearful sins as euer were committed, & to destroy vs vtterlie in a moment with all that wee haue, if thou giue them leaue. Ac­quaint vs with their subt [...]l­ties in fitting their tempta­tions to our particular e­states and dis­positiōs which they know, by dogging vs e­uer, & taking [Page 92] their aduan­tages to soli­cite vs to those sinnes, whereby they haue most preuailed against vs formerly or against other thy seruants; and how they are wont also to draw vs on by degrees, as first to yeelde to some smal­ler matters which are ac­counted no sinnes; or to thrust our selues care­lessely or with our warrant into the dan­ger and occa­sions of temp­tation, negle­cting the cal­ling laid vpon vs, as Dauid to lie on his bed [Page 93] in the after­noones in­steede of loo­king to the af­faires of his kingdome.

Make vs able to consider how they haue all the baites of the world, both the credit, ri­ches & plea­sures thereof, which they e­uer hold forth vnto vs, if wee will follow their counsel; and otherwise threaten not only the losse of all these, but also of all comforts, with hatred, dis­grace and ma­ny other euils which wee must suffer frō [Page 94] malicious mē, if we wil make such a strict conscience of all our waies, to the verie least duty that thou hast cō ­manded.

And whereas wee are ordi­narilie secure in ouerwee­ning of our own strength; Shew vs (oh Lord) the vilenesse of our corrupt natures, which are euer rea­die to con­spire with Sa­tan to our vt­ter perdition, & to swallow euery baite which he lay­eth [Page 95] for vs, without anie feare of dan­ger; so that wee haue no strēgth, more then thou reachest forth thine hand to helpe vs. Re­ueale vnto vs also the dan­ger wee stand in frō thy glo­rious Maiesty, lest yu shouldest leaue vs vp vnto the power of the temp­ter, and our owne corrup­tion; to awake vs from our security, for our neglect of thy watch, & care­lesse vsing the meanes of grace, or at least for tēp­ting thee, in not auoiding [Page 96] each occasion of temptatiō.

And seing the tempter in all his temptati­ons, hideth the danger & vglines of sin, shewing only the faire side of it, that is, the go [...]d that wee shall get thereby, and chuseth the subtillest and fittest instru­mēts to serue his purpose, as the counsel or example of men of chief­est reputatiō, somtimes chā ­ging himselfe into an Angel of light, neuer comming like himself; wher­by hee de­ceiues [Page 97] all the world, and oft preuailes with vs thine owne children, at least to pre­sume to sinne, because thou art so merci­full;

Good Father set before vs a cōtinual view hereof, and of the sundry e­uils which by euery sin wee ha [...]e vpō our heads; especi­ally the woūd of conscience which wil cer­tainely come on vs vnlesse it be preuen­ted, & which none can beare. Make vs to know that howsoe­uer [Page 98] reprobats may wallow in their filth, and scape vnpuni­shed here, be­ing reserued for hell, and fatted for de­struction: yet thou wilt not suffer any of vs thy chil­drē, who haue begunne to make a profes­sion of thee according to thy word, to commit the very least sin, but wilt make vs feele the smart of it, vn­lesse wee pre­uēt thee spee­dily by repen­tance, because thou wilt not bee dishono­red by vs, nor haue vs con­demned with [Page 99] the world; & that the wic­ked may see thy hatred a­gainst sin, and what plagues remaine for thēselues for euermore. Yea (oh holie Fa­ther) let vs feare alwaies lest thou shouldest leaue vs neuer so lit­tle, & suspect all our waies, in as much as Satan more maliceth vs, thē any other of the world, and therefore seeks hourely to prouoke thee to leaue vs in his hand, and for that our sins will cause moto blaspheme, hardening thē [Page 100] to perdition, than the sins of any other: wherupon ve­rie few of thy worthiest ser­uants haue e­scaped to the end; without some grieuous wounds, the scarres wher­of they haue carried to their graues, to the blemi­shing their professiō, the griefe of thē ­selues and all the godlie. And therfore as thou hast giuen vs this only remedie to watch and pray that wee enter not in­to temptati­on, so make vs able to keepe this thy [Page 101] watch, and by it to bee bet­ter acquain­ted with our selues, & our particular in­firmities, that wee may al­waies weare the compleat armour, chief­lie the shield of faith, & thy Word euer in readinesse a­gainst each temptation, which w [...]l put Satā to flight; that being strēgthned by thy Spirit, we may stand fast in the euill day, & get the cōquest with­out anie grie­uous wounds; to thy greater glorie, & our owne greater honor in the [Page 102] heauens: Wee do not pray a­gainst tempta­tions altoge­ther, knowing the profit that wee reape thereby; but that wee may indure figh­ting valiantly and conque­ring, vntill thou set the crowne vpon our heads.

For thine is the &c.] We haue been bold to beg all these things of thee (oh holy Fa­ther▪) because all kingdome, power & glo­rie are one­lie thine; ac­knowledging [Page 103] that we haue receiued all from thy hea­uenly bounty; and being as­sured th thou wilt grāt vs all these things for thy Sonnes sake, and whatsoe­uer else is good for vs, so far as shall bee for thine owne glorie, seeing thou art absolute Lord & King in heauē and in earth, and doest dispose, guide and o­uerrule all things, as shal make most for thine owne glorie, and the greatest good of vs thine obedi­ent [Page 104] subiects and children;

That we may set foorth the glorie of thy dominiō, and happinesse of thy Kingdom, liuing as thy loyal subiects; to which wee hereby binde our selues for euer; and so returne all possible thāks and praise to thy heauenly Maiestie, say­ing euer, Amē.

Be it so (oh Lord holy & true) as wee [Page 105] fully beleeue it shall bee. E­uen so Amen: Come Lord Iesus, come quicklie.

[Page 23] OVr Father which art in heauen]1. We must come trem­bling, be­cause of Gods glori­ous Maiesty: Oh Lord most holy and most glorious, whose brightnes the Angels are not able to behold, so ter­rible to all the vngodly, as they shall wish the moun­taines to couer them, that they may neuer appeare in thy presence; and yet a most gratious and tender Father to all thy children that desire to obey all thy Cōmandements:And our ovvne vile­nesse by na­ture. we that are but dust and ashes, and by nature through the fal of our first parents, [Page 24] children of wrath in state of damnatiō, bond-slaues of Satan, and most rebelli­ous of all thy creatures, dare not presume of our selues, once to lift vp our eies to heauen;2. Yet in cō ­fident bold­nes, as to our Father in Christ. yet neuer­theles seeing it hath plea­sed thee of thy free mer­cie to adopt vs to be thy childrē by grace, through thy Son Iesus Christ, and hast chosen vs hereunto, bought vs with his preci­ous blood, called vs by thy Gospel, sealed vs with thy Spirit, and giuen him to bee our perpetuall me­diator at thy right hand, bidden vs to come to thee as to our tēder father, and call thee father through him; oh deare Father wee present our selues before thy diuine Maiestie onely in his name,3. Onely in the name of Christ our Mediator. magnifying [Page 25] thy mercie that thou hast4. With thankful­nes for our happiestate in him. vouchsafed vs this blessed estate to be thy children,Watch. ed. 2. p. 1. l. 1. 2. and to haue thy fauor, be­ing the greatest happines that euer can befal mortal creatures.5. Begging an increase of our assu­rance. Giue vs hearts (most gratious Father) to seek daily to increase this assurance, by growing in repentance for all our sins and faith in thy sweet pro­mises; frame vs euery day more & more to the image of thy Sonne,By more con­formitie to Christ in knowledge. Watch. pag. 88 lin. 6. in all knowledge of thy heauē ­ly Maiesty;And al child­like affecti­ons. being affectio­ned to reuerence, loue and obey thee as our most deare Father, wholly chā ­ged in all the parts & qua­lities both of our soules and bodies; that we may be no longer strangers frō thee, as all the wicked are, who bidde thee to depart [Page 26] from them; but may take our chiefest delight to be euer in thy presence,Delighting in the pre­sence of our Father. to heare thee to speak to vs in thy heauēly word, & to vt­ter all our wants and our whole heart to thee in our praiers, crying, Oh Father.

Our] And that it may be more euident,6. And an increase of our loue to al Gods chil­dren: not only to our selues, but to all the world, that wee are thine own children indeed, giue vs hearts to loue all thy children, being our bre­thren and sisters, aboue all other for thy sake alone: and euery one so much the more, as they more liuely carry thy image in all ho­lines excelling in vertue,Chiefely as they more excell in vertue: and so are more deare vn­to thy heauenly Maiestie; that we may euery day in all our prayers remember them as our selues, beg­ging [Page 27] alike for them all, saying,By praying for them as for our selues, and delighting in their companies. Our Father: And that wee may delight in their companies onely, as those with whom we shall cōuerse together for euer in the heauens. Knit all our hearts in this firme bond of brotherly loue,Begging most in­stantly our heauenly vnion to bee shevved in al duties: that we may tenderly ex­hort, releeue, helpe, com­fort & support the weake­nesses one of another, see­king by all meanes the e­difying of others, afraid of giuing the least offence to grieue, and much more to hinder the saluation or turne any one out of the way of life.Confirmed by all bonds of agreement: Let this hap­pie brotherhood and ho­ly agreemēt in all the sub­stance of thy truth, which is able vndoubtedlie to saue our soules, together with our ioynt profession [Page 28] to walke hand in hand, in all the narrow way of life, haue more power firmely to vnite vs, then all the trash, pompe or pleasure of the world, with all the cunning of Satan or Anti­christ can haue to diuide vs.

Are wee not all that so walke,And com­mon interest. thine owne chil­dren, hauing thy Son our Sauiour, thy Spirit our cō ­forter and earnest for our ioint inheritance and glo­rie; notwithstanding all our infirmitie and imper­fections, with some lesse diuersities in iudgement, which must accompanie vs vntill we bee perfect in the heauens?

Confound therefore all the deuices of thine ene­mies,And all con­trarie deui­ces of our e­nemies con­founded. that worke this euill among thine owne chil­dren, [Page 29] to so great disho­nor to thy heauenly Ma­iestie, whereby our ene­mies insult ouer vs, who haue conspired thus to worke our shame, and to prouoke thee against vs,Which by our di [...]isio [...] seeke our ruine: to leaue vs into their hāds to our vtter ruin, if it were possible. Deare Father, let vs neuer thinke our state to be good, vntill vve carrie these hartie affecti­ons to al thy children,That we may neuer thinke our state good. stu­dying to knit this bond of loue, being able truly thus to pray, Our father. For hereby we know that wee are translated from death vnto life,Vntill vve loue the bre­thren. because we loue the brethren, and vntill this time we abide still in death.1. Iohn 3. 14.

Which art in heauē 7. To grow in reuerence to our hea­uenly Fa­ther. And whereas thou our Father art highly exalted in the [Page 30] heauen of heauens, and there also hast prouided thrones for vs thy childrē after wee haue suffered a little; humble vs euer­more in the sense of thy greatnesse, together with our owne basenes and vn­worthinesse, beeing but poore wormes crawling vpon the earth, & loaden with innumerable sinnes. And yet withall lift vp our hearts alwaies vnto the heauens,8. And in heauenly af­fections: there to be con­uersant with thee our hea­uēly Father, minding hea­uenly things▪ especially in all our prayers; longing there to behold thee face to face: and that in the meane time while wee a­bide heere below,And conuer­sations: we may be of such heauenly con­uersatiōs, so vsing ye world, as if wee vsed it not, that [Page 31] the world may see that wee are not of it, but pil­grims and strangers here, and thy heauenly childrē:To declare our selues his children. and that our selues also may hereby grow vp to a strong assurance that hea­uen is ours,Watch. pag. 90. lin. 9. & all the ioyes thereof reserued for vs by our Lord & Sauiour,And heauē ours, and all creatures at a league vvith vs for our good. and all the creatures in heauen and earth at a league with vs to do vs good, so far as shall stand with thine ho­nor and our saluation, euer readie to helpe in time of need.

Hallowed be thy name] And seeing thou (oh ten­der Father) hast vouchsa­fed vs this honour aboue the greatest part of the word,For this ho­nour that God hath vouchsafed to vs to be his children. to bee thine▪ owne children and heires of thy glorious kingdom, wher­as thou mightest iustlie [Page 32] haue left vs in our sinnes with all the wicked to e­uerlasting shame and per­ditiō.1. To seeke his honor in and aboue al things. Giue vs grace (good Father) to testifie our loue and thankfulnesse all the dayes of our life,VVatch. p. 78. lin. 17. in study­ing in and aboue al things which way to honor thee.2. To haue our eies open to behold his glory, shi­ning in all his workes, as his Crea­tures: Open our blinde eyes to this end, to behold the glory of thy wisedome, power, goodnes and righ­teousnes shining in al thy workes, euen in the basest creature in heauē or earth; and much more in thy heauenly word;VVord: Iudgement: chiefely in all thy terrible iudge­ments executed vpon the enemies of thy Church therin reueiled,Mercie: with mer­cies towards thy chil­dren,Watch. pag. 31. lin. 17. and which thou still shewest euery day, espe­ciallie towards our selues. [Page 33] Make vs ab [...]e to take euery occasion to consider of a­right,3. To be a­ble to set foorth his praises be­longing to him therein, and haue a holy vse of them. and set foorth the praises belonging to thee therein, and haue a holie vse of them both in word & deed, yt by vs thy great name may be knowne & magnified in al the world. Aboue all,4. Chiefely his glory ma­nifested in our daies, for vs and a­gainst our enemies. set euer before our faces (good Lord) that wonderfull glory wherein thou hast been magnified in these our daies, and be­fore our daies, in the eui­dent declaration both of thy displeasure against vs of this sinfull nation; and withall of thy mercy and tender care for vs, and wrath against our ene­mies; how for dishono­ring thee,First for vs, in ab [...]ndant mercies. by abusing thy Gospell which thou hast giuen vs with such peace and prosperitie, as neuer [Page 34] nation knowne before, thou hast not only corre­cted our grieuous trans­gressions and securitie,And then correcting vs fa [...]herly for abusing his mercies to his disho­nor: So to bring vs to amendment: as a tender Father with thy milder rods of dearth, pe­stilence & sundrie the like, to bring vs to amendmēt, and cause vs with more cheerefulnes to embrace thy Gospell, and bring foorth the fruits of it:After threatning vs by cruell enemies, to take avvay all: but also raised vp against vs sundrie times, most cruell enemies, threatning not only the taking away thy Gospell, but our vtter de­struction also,Bringing them to the execution: & brought the enemies to the verie execution thereof, because we would not serue thee with good hearts, accor­ding to all thy mercies bestowed vpon vs: and yet euer when we haue cried vnto thee, thou hast heard [Page 35] vs,Yet euer de­liuering and auenging vs, vvhen vve haue cried vnto him: as thou diddest thy people Israel, and as thou diddest heare Iehosaphat against the Moabits, and Ezechiah and Esay against the proud Assyrian; and plucking them back in the instant, hast taken venge­ance for vs: that we haue oft thought that they durst neuer haue risen a­gainst vs any more:So as it had been enough to haue con­uerted the most barba­rous nation. so as if the most barbarous na­tions of the earth, had re­ceiued but the least of our deliuerances, with our meanes, they vndoubted­ly had repented long ago in sack-cloath and ashes; as we for the present haue promised vnto thee. Oh gratious Father,5. To pray for grace e­uer to re­member and acknowledge this. inable vs alwaies to remember and acknowledge this, and to see moreouer that thine anger is not yet turned a­way, [Page 36] but more fearefully kindled against vs,And to see moreouer his anger kind­led againe, by increase of our sins, with these bloodie ene­mies, and their malice. for that as our sins and prouocati­ons are multiplied, so these our bloody enemies insteede of decreasing, or ioyning themselues vnto vs, do still increase daily; and their malice is be­come much more deadly against vs thy poore chil­dren, without hope of lea­uing off,Without hope of lea­uing off; vn­till they haue their vvils. vntill they haue wrought either ours, or at least their own vtter ruine, which in time they must needs effect.

Good Father cause this principal token of thy dis­pleasure,And also witnessed by many feare­full signes: together with all other signes therof shew­ed from heauen and earth,Arming windes and vvaters a­gainst vs: (as the arming of the dumbe creatures against vs, both winds and waters so strangely and furiously [Page 37] in so many places, threat­ning vtterly to sweepe vsThreatning to sweepe vs avvay: away in our deadly securi­tie,For our o­uerflovv of iniquitie, that we may be awaked, and seeke to appease his wrath in in time. for the great ouerflow of all iniquitie euerie where) cause this to work so mightilie, that we may all bee presently awaked out of our deepest securi­tie, and seek by al meanes to appease thy wrath. Oh Lord, diddest thou not before that most secret,That re­membring our former vvarnings from heauē, and vvhat follovved the fierie tent spred ouer our heads. bloodie and fierie conspi­racie, warne vs all frō hea­uen, (as thou diddest Ie­rusalem before her last de­struction) by a fierie tent directly ouer our heads, inclosing vs all, with pil­lers of most horrible dark­nes, pillers of fire, and pil­lers of blood, foreshew­ing vs (as by that which followed wee may iustlie deeme) that bloody dark­nesse [Page 38] and fiery destruction that was towards vs? Did not the hearts of many of vs tremble in the behol­ding thereof, and in fea­ring some grieuous iudg­ment that was to come, causing vs to flie to thee, to seeke to hide our selues vnder thy wings? And did wee feare without iust cause? Had it not been ef­fected indeed, and we all, chiefely our dread Soue­raigne with all our heads and rulers, inclosed in the most darke, fiery & bloo­die tent, that euer the world heard of; in that most vnnatural and accur­sed massacre, if thou our gracious and most tender Father haddest not heard the prayers of thy poore children, which both be­fore and at that very in­stant [Page 39] were humbled be­fore thee, and so thought on vs in mercy? And shall we now be senselesse still in these signes, & tokens still entring in vpon vs, as fearefully as euer any of the ten plagues vpon the Egyptians,VVee may not be sense­lesse in these tokens of his wrath, sea­zing vpon vs as feare­fully as any of the piagues of Egypt. making the whole land to tremble, at the very report of them? Saue and deliuer vs from that iudgement,Chiefely to be saued frō that heaui­est iudge­ment: of all o­ther the heauiest that euer fall vpō the heart of man: and whereby not onely the Egytians were prepa­red for their finall ouer­throw in the sea, but also thine owne people Israel, both before the great cap­tiuitie,VVhereby both Egypt and Israel vvere pre­pared for [...]estruction. and also before the last and vtter desolation of that natiō, so oft threat­ned by our Sauiour: (that by hearing we should [Page 40] heare,That we should be worse for all the meanes sent to call vs to repen­tance, vntill the iudgement come, that we may s [...]e our estate and turne: & not vnderstand, and seeing we should see, & not perceiue; but haue our hearts made more fat and senselesse (by all the meanes sent to call vs to repentance) lest wee should be conuerted, and thou shouldest spare vs. Oh open our eies that we may see in what state we stand, and how farre this iudgement hath seased vpon vs already. Conuert vs & we shall be conuer­ted; and neuer let vs, (as those whom thou hast vt­terly destroyed) harden our selues against the eui­dent tokens of thy wrath,And not harden our selues a­gainst the Lord. denying or making light of them, much lesse to op­pose our selues against thee, thy word, and ser­uants. Preserue vs from the outragious ouerflow­ings [Page 41] of the multitude, which thou mayest iustly arme against vs in their ignorance, like the furious waues of the raging seas, for lack of our care & cō ­science to see thē taught, to knowe thee and thine ordinances, and to feare thy great and mighty name. Let not the flouds of iniquity swallow vs vp. Aboue all,That vvee may neuer fall into the bloody ene­mies hands: neuer leaue vs in their hands whose very mercies are cruelties, that they should blas­pheme thy great name, to say where is now their God; but let vs still fall in­to thy hands,But still in­to the Lords. and deale with vs as it pleaseth thee, for with thee is mercy, and when thou smitest vs, yet thou pitiest vs,Because hee pitieth vs vvhen hee smiteth vs. euer in wrath remembring mer­cie. Though our prouoca­tions [Page 42] be more hainous, then we are able to expresse, yet Lord heare the crie of thy seruants, and let them stil preuaile6. To pray instantly that the crie of his ser­uants may preuaile: with thee to stay thy hand. Hast thou not sayd it, and ma­nie a time made it good, euen vnto this very day,As hitherto according to his promise: Sith he cals vs novv to stand in the breach, as Moses to stay his hād: to declare the riches of his mer­cie: sauing vs still at the prayers of a fevv. that the innocent should deliuer the Iland? & doest thou not call for vs thy poore seruants, to stand vp with Moses in the breach to stay thy fierce wrath, because thou art a God of mercie, and woul­dest not destroy thy peo­ple? most declaring the riches of thy grace, in pardoning and sauing whole nations at the prai­ers of a few of thy poore seruants, and giuing the wicked for their ransome? Therfore (oh good Lord) [Page 43] we whom thou doest call to be thy remembrancers (knowing that thou art still the same good God to thine, as thou wast to Moses, Abraham, And seeing he is still the same to vs, as to Moses and Abra­ham: and Samuel; and being assu­red that through thy Son we are as deare vnto thee, as the apple of thine owne eie, that thou canst denie vs nothingAnd vve so deare to him that he can deny vs no­thing: which we beg in his name, which may make for thine owne glo­rie and goodWhich may make for his glorie, and our good: of thy peo­ple) do humbly intreate thee to glorifie thy mercy, that it may shine to all the world,To intreate him to mag­nify his mer­cie in pardo­ning and turning our hearts to meete him: in pardoning the sinne of our Land, tur­ning the harts of all sorts speedily vnto thee, to meete thee with an intrea­tie of peace: but make all the vnplacable enemies of thy Church to feele thy [Page 44] hand;But to make his enemies to feele his hand, who haue bin the causes of our sinne by their wiles: and those chiefly who haue as Balaam and the Midianites, caused vs with their wiles to pro­uoke thee to so fierce a wrath, wherein we haue bin so oft and so lately al­most vtterly consumed, through our backslidings and rebellions against thee. Get thy selfe glory vpon them as vpon Pha­ro, To get him­selfe glory vpon them, as vpon Pharaoh. in the heart of the sea, that when thou hast deli­uered vs, & ouerthrowne them (as sundry times thou hast begunne,As he hath begunne & promised to accomplish to his euer­lasting praise. and promised to accomplish) we may sing the song of Moses thy seruant: and all ages keepe a remembrāce of thine endlesse mercy.

Let euery one of vs be afraide of defacing or ob­scuring any part of thy glory,7. That we may be a­fraid of ob­scuring his glory: and much more of [Page 45] seeking vainly our owne glory,Seeking our owne glory, or taking his honour to our selues. especially of rob­bing thy Maiestie, by ta­king any part of thine ho­nour to our selues as He­rod; being proud of thy gifts, whereunto our sin­full natures are strongly inclined. But aboue all, keepe vs frō dishonoring thee by our euil example,8. That we may not dis­honour him by our sins: amongst the wicked and vngodly, to cause them to blaspheme that glorious truth which we professe. Make vs to account it our greatest honour to honor thee,But account it our grea­test honour to honour him; and contrarily. and the greatest dis­honour and euill that euer can befall vs, so much as in shewe to dishonour thee. Strengthen vs to walke so vprightly,9. To honour him by our holy ensam­ple. that others see­ing our good workes, may glorifie thee our hea­uenly father; and that we [Page 46] may stop the mouthes of all the wicked,To stop the mouthes of the wicked. bearing their reproch as a crowne vpon our heads.

So inflame our harts with a zeale of thy glory, that our righteous soules may be vexed from day to day, for all the abomina­tions,10. To haue the zeale of Lot against the abomi­nations of our age. whereby thou art dishonored by Atheists, Papists, and all sorts of godlesse men.11. VVith a bold ac­knowledge­ment of the Lord, and e­uery part of his truth: And let vs be so farre off from disho­noring thee, by being ashamed with Peter of thee and thy religion, or any part thereof, where we ought to professe it, that in all places we may shewe it forth, with all wisdome and boldnesse, as that which is our chie­fest glory,As being our glory: gracing it with a holy conuersation: that our Lord & Sauiour may [Page 47] acknowledge vs before thee our heauenly father,That vvee may be ac­knowled­ged of him before all the vvorld: to our ovvne euerlasting honor: in the presēce of thy glo­rious Angels, and of the whole world, to be thine owne children, and heires of thy Kingdome; when he will most iustly deny all the fearefull and vnbe­leuers, as those whom he neuer knew, to their end­lesse horror and confusi­on.

Thy kingdome come.]

And whereas thou (oh Father) art chiefely glori­fied when thy kingdome commeth,Seeing Gods glorie is in the inlar­ging his kingdome, and doing his vvill. and thy will is done; that is, in the in­crease of thine owne Church & people, which obey thy word, amongst whom alone thou raig­nest as Lord and King, & especially when thou do­est inlarge thy dominions [Page 48] against al the subtlety and power of hell, causing thy religion and people to prosper & increase:1. To pray for a free course to the Gospell, which is the scepter of his king­dome, and that it may be powerfull euery where. Good father giue thy Gospell (which is the scepter of thy kingdome) whereby thou conquerest and ru­lest, a free course to be sin­cerely preached in all the world, all impediments being vtterly remoued; and make it so powerfull in all places that it may vtterly throw downe the kingdome of Satan, and Antichrist; conuerting & speedily gathering all thine elect vnto thee, that so thou maiest hasten thy kingdome of glory.

And to this end, wher­as thou hast ordained Kings and Queenes, to be nursing fathers and mo­thers to thy poore2. For Kings and Queens, to be nursing fathers and mothers to the Church: [Page 49] Church, to nourish vs thy children with the word of life, and to preserue vs frō the rage of that bloo­dy Antichrist,Chiefely to preserue is against the rage of all cruell ene­mies, and to account this their chiefest dig­nitie. and of all o­ther cruell enemies; oh almighty and deare Fa­ther, raise vp such for vs in all the countries of the world, and those which are such already make thē ten times more, that they may account this their greatest dignity, to haue the bringing vp of thine own children & heires of thy kingdom, cōmitted to their care & faithfulnes.

More specially as thou hast setled this thy king­dome among vs, of this nation in much peace and prosperity, vnder our late tender nursing mother,3. Especially to pray for our soue­raigne, rai­sed vp for vs, in place of our tender mother. deliuering vs from the ty­ranny of that bloodthirsty [Page 50] whore of Babylon, and continued the same still most miraculously, and beyond all former expec­tation vnder our gracious Soueraigne, whom thou hast raised vp for a foster father in her place; so we beseech thee to inlarge the hart of thine anoyn­ted seruant,That hee may haue an abun­dant portion of Gods Spi­rit: with such an abundant portion of thy Spirit, both of wisdome and zeale for thy glory & kingdome, and tender af­fections towards thy chil­dren,According to his high dignitie and charge: according to that high dignity layd vpon him; and the charge com­mitted vnto him, that in token of true thankful­nes for all his dominions and great honour, and much more for the admi­rable deliuerances giuen vnto him and his, (and a­boue [Page 51] all that thou hast made him twice, cheifely so wōderfully in our eies, thy principal instrument,And the de­liuerances of the Church by him, he may set him­selfe to ad­uance Christs kingdome and Gospell: Watch. pag. 43. lin. 2. in sauing vs thy poore Church) he may set him­selfe much more earnestly then euer did Cyrus, or Darius, euen worthy Ie­hosaphat, and Ezekiah, to aduance thy glory, in in­larging and furthering this kingdome of thy Sonne, and in promoting thy pure religion with all his power, destroying whatsoeuer is against it, and discountenancing all vngodinesse; and to procure each way both by godly lawes,Procure the good of Gods seruants, re­pressing the vvicked: and all other holy meanes, the good of vs thy poore people com­mitted vnto his trust, re­pressing all the wicked; that we may liue a quiet [Page 52] life in all godlinesse and honesty,That vve may liue in al peace and godlinesse without feare, af­fected to­wards him as the good people were towards Dauid: fearing none but onely thy heauenly Ma­iestie: that all we thy chil­dren being affected to­wards him, thine anoyn­ted, more and more, as to­wards our happy nursing father vnder thee, and as all the good people were towards thy seruant Da­uid, may euermore accor­dingly sound forth thy praises for him,Sound forth his praises: and cry continually vnto thee, for the preseruation of his Maiestie,And pray for him and his, to raigne for euer­more. with our noble Queene, and all their roy­all progenie, that the throne of his kingdome may be establihed vntill Christ, the King of Kings shall come: then to re­signe vp the scepter into his hands, and to be taken vp into his throne to [Page 53] raigne with thee for euer­more.

4. For our Magistrates to haue the same harts. Good Lord giue all our Magistrats and Rulers vnder him the same heart, that they may be as the hands of thine anoynted in euery place, for the ac­complishment of this worke.

And withall as thou hast appointed to build vp thy kingdome,5. For our Ministers to tread in the steps of the holy Apostles. Watch. p. 45. l. 11. 12. chiefe­ly by the sincere preach­ing of thy sacred Gospell, whereby thou didst first spread it so speedily, sub­duing all the world by the Ministrie of thy holy Apostles; so we pray thee send forth such faithfull Preachers, into euery con­gregation, which being furnished with gifts,Seeking to saue euery soule. and tenderly affected with the care of euery soule, com­mitted [Page 45] vnto their charge, may not cease with Paul, By vvord, to admonish euery one both publickly and pri­uately, day & night with teares; going before them in all holy conuersation,And conuer­sation. and framing themselues to all, to win all; afraid of giuing the least offence, either to harden, or any way to hinder the saluati­on of any one of them.To awaken all our vn­conscionable Ministers: A­wakē at length (oh Lord) all our blind guids, and all sorts of vnconscionable Ministers, who are drunke with the blood of soules, that they may but remem­ber,They may remember the crie of Abels blood: how the blood of one Abel did crie for ven­gance from the earth, and thinke where they wil ap­peare,And Christ appearing. when Christ shall come to take an account for euery soule: and either [Page 55] giue them repentance for that bloody sinne,And either to repent & become pro­fitable, or the people may be com­mitted to such, as by whom Christ may raigne, and they saued: that they may saue thēselues, and those committed to them; or else vtterly free thy people from this hea­uie iudgement, and set such in their places, by whose faithfull Ministrie thy people may bee brought euery where, in­to a holy obedience to thy heauenly Gospell, to their euerlasting saluati­on; that thou alone may­est raigne as Lorde and King,Antichrist cast forth: and whatso­euer belon­geth to him, or whereby he hath de­ceiued the people of the Lord: and Antichrist cast out vtterly, with all that appertaines to his bloody religion, and whereby he hath vpholden his throne and tyrannie, & kept any of thy people vnder his flauery, or at least seekes to bewitch them, to pull them into Babylon a­gaine. [Page 56] Good Lord destroy all the very prints of that cursed Idolatrie,And the ve­ry prints of his Idolatire vtterly de­stroyed. & what­soeuer may put his fauo­rits in hope of euer repay­ring the ruines of their Babel.

And seeing (oh Lord) yt this is the glory & safe­tie of thy Kingdome,6. To pray for a holy vnitie in the Church, chiefely a­mongst the leaders: And to take away all causes of contention, confounding all Balaams deuices. whē all the subiects of it, espe­cially the leaders of thy people, liue in a holy vni­tie vnder thy laws: take a­way we beseech thee, all contentions frō amongst vs, with the causes therof. Confound we pray thee, all the plots of that cursed Balaam of Rome; who knowing that not thine owne kingdome, if it be diuided, can stand, seekes day and night by all his a­gents, to rend thy Church in peeces, the easier to [Page 57] preuaile against it when it is diuided,Who seekes by our diui­sions, to pre­uaile against vs. and thou de­parted from it: as Satan hath euer preuailed by his instruments in all coun­tries. Grant we may buy this peace with godly A­braham, with the losse of all things,And that we may buy this peace with the losse of all. except thy fa­uour; that all sorts seeing our holy agreement may come forth of Poperie,That all sorts may ioyne them­selues vnto vs. & profanenes vnto vs; & our brethren departed, may turne into the bosome of thy Church againe.7. That eue­ry one of vs may haue a care to saue others. Wat. p. 57. l. 14. 15. And wheras thou hast appoin­ted that euery one of vs should labour to build vp thy Kingdome, by bringing others thereun­to, that they may be sa­ued; giue vs harts to haue a speciall regard,Especially all commit­ted to our charge: not only of all those committed to our charge, to bring them [Page 58] in obedience to the lawes of thy Kingdome,With all knit vnto vs by any special bond: but e­uen all who are tyed vnto vs by any speciall bond, that we may take euery first occasion which thou offerest for procuring,Taking all occasions to saue them by al means, being as the Angels for Lot. or furthering their saluation, and so gayning them vn­to thee, by all good ad­monitions, exhortations and examples. Let vs be as the Angels vnto Lot, neuer resting before we haue gotten them safe in­to Zoar. 8. That vve may haue a feeling of the happines of this king­dome. And that we may be able to perswade o­thers more effectually, Lord giue euery one of vs a sweete feeling, what a blessed thing it is to bee the subiects of this thy Kingdome;VVatch. p. 11. lin. 2. p. 114. 115. to haue all the priuiledges thereof, and to be partakers of thy glory,And of the revvard of holines: euen Kings, and [Page 59] Priests vnto thee; and what reward and happi­nes, there is in liuing such a holy conuersation; and how wretched & vnhap­pie,And hovv vvretched the state of all other is. VVatch. p. 56. 7. 8. 9. the state of all other people is, seeme they ne­uer so happy in this world, being but bond­slaues of Sathan, reserued for the chaines of eternall darknesse.9. That vve may liue as the subiects of this king­dome: Oh heauenly King, grant vs to liue in all things, as the subiects of thy Kingdome, that so we may passe from this Kingdome of grace, into that thy Kingdome of glory.Fearing the causes of backsliding. Watch. pag. 122. lin. 8. Make vs to feare the causes of backsliding, that we may neuer so much as looke backe with Lots wife, towards this e­uill world; but euer hie fast towards thine heauen­ly Kingdome, hauing our [Page 60] eie at our Lord and Saui­our,Hying fast tovvards heauen, loo­king at our Sauiour. who fitteth at thy right hand, keeping there possession for vs. Destroy in vs euery corruption, whereby Satan keepes vs any way in his slauerie,10. To de­stroy all our corruption. or at any time gets the do­minion ouer vs. Hasten that glorious day,11. To hasten the day of the appea­ring of our glorie and triumph. when the difference shall ap­peare betwene vs thy sub­iects, and those who serue thee not; when we shall wholly raigne in glory with thee, free from al our enemies, and from euer offending thee any more. And because in the meane time,12. And in the meane time seeing vve liue by faith. we thy subiects liue by faith, and not by sight in this world, where all things vsually seeme to go out of order; the wicked florishing in their vngod­linesse, when wee oft [Page 61] weepe and mourne:To increase our faith: Oh Lord increase our faith, in all thy gracious promises, that through the comfort and power of godlinesse wrought in vs thereby, we may grow vp to such a ful assurance,That vve grovving to ful assurāce, may ouer­come the vvorld. VVat. 116. lin. 20. 117. lin. 7. that we are the true heires of thy king­dome, that we may easily ouercome al the hindran­ces of the world, and ha­uing the patiēce of Saints, we may be faithfull to the death, vntill thou set the crowne vpon our heads.And re­maine faith­full to the death. Fill our harts with such peace of conscience, and ioy in thee,13. To be filled vvith peace, ioy and righte­ousnesse: That al may see of vvhat kingdome vve are: with all the fruits of righteousnesse, incoraged by thy sweete promises, that all others may see to what King­dome we belong, and we our selues may feele daily, the beginning of it in our [Page 62] selues,And we feele the begin­ning of it in our selues, so entring into our ioy. so entring into thy heauenly ioy.

Thy wil be done in earth, as it is in heauē. And that our childlike affections to­wards thy heauenly Ma­iestie,1. To pray that vvee may declare our childlike effections, zeale and thankfulnes, [...]y doing his heauenly vvill: our zeale for thy glory, and thankfulnes for thy Kingdome, may bee more manifest to all the world; quicken vs to doe thy heauenly will, & com­mandements, chiefely those with which thou hast fully acquainted vs,As cheere­fully as the Angels. how thou wilt haue vs to walke, and keepe thy watch;2. That hee vvill ac­cept our will for the deed. and that with as much readinesse as thy Angels in heauen:3. That vve may delight to stand in his presence, to inquire his vvill by all meanes: and wherein we are too short accept (good Father) our will for the deede. Let it be our delight to stand e­uer in thy presence, to in­quire thy diuine pleasure, [Page 63] both by reading and hea­ring thy heauenly word, and asking of others; and euer so soone as thou hast by any meanes made knowne vnto vs, what thy good wil is,Hauing Da­uids Eccho, I am heere Lord: giue vs forth­with Dauids Eccho, that without consulting with flesh and blood we may say forthwith, I am heere Lord, to doe thy will, yea thy law is within my hart: that so all our seruice may be freevvill offrings vnto thee.That all our seruice may be freewill offerings. And whereas it is thy decree, that thorowe many troubles wee must enter into thy heauenly Kingdome;4. To pre­pare for troubles, and humble our selues vnder them, as his obedient children▪ Making right vse of them: (good Father) frame our corrupt wils vnto thy heauenly will, & giue vs grace both to look for them, & euer to hum­ble our selues vnder thy hand as thy obedient [Page 64] children, seeking alwaies to pacifie thee, searching immediately, and amen­ding whatsoeuer is amiste,VVithout whispering: without once whispering against thy diuine Ma­iestie:Assured that God doth all of loue for our good, and vvill giue a happy issue. being assured that thou still louest vs, euen when thou correctest vs most sharply, and art working our good; & wilt in thy due time giue a happy end to all our trou­bles, and cause thy louing countenance to shine on vs againe.5. To take vp our cros­ses, not suffe­ring as euill doers, but onely for righteous­nesse: And if it shall be thy good pleasure to call vs to suffer for thy name, keepe vs that we may not suffer as euill do­ers, or busie bodies for medling in things with­out our calling, so to bring crosses on our selus, but as thine owne childrē for righteousnesse; and [Page 65] then make vs to take vp our crosses,VVith ioy and thank­fulnesse. with al ioyful­nesse and thankfulnesse, that thou accountest vs worthy that honor, look­ing stedfastly at the great reward holden forth vnto vs, in ye hand of our Lord & sauior,Looking at our Sauiour. who hauing tro­den that way before vs, is there highly exalted to raigne for euer.6. That vve may neuer do any thing against his reuealed wil, to obtaine neuer so great a good, which we imagine. But keepe vs that we neuer goe a­gainst thy reuealed will, whereby thou hast con­uinced our consciences, vnder pretence either to honour thee, or doe any seruice vnto thy Church, or for neuer so great a good: seeing thou canst and wilt maintaine thine owne honour, & saue thy Church, effecting whatso­euer is best without our sinne. That we may euer [Page 66] truly pray, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heauen.

Giue vs this day our dai­ly bread.] And then (oh deare Father, when thou hast giuen vs such harts thus to seeke thy will;To the end that all may see the Lords tender care for vs, and that we may attend the doing of his vvill. that the world may see the tender care that thou hast for vs, and how thou dost fulfill vnto vs all thy pro­mises, and that we likewise may wholy attend the seeking of thy glory,1. To pray for the com­forts of this life. in the inlargement of thy Kingdome,Watch. pag. 51. lin. 6. and doing thy will; vouchsafe vs grati­ouslie all things meete for the comfort of this present life:2. That hee would shew his f [...]therly prouidence for necessa­ries, and to direct vs to the means to serue his prouidence. Watch. pag. 65. lin. 15. Shew vs thy fatherly loue, prouiding sufficiently for all our ne­cessities in thy due time: Direct vs to vse all the ho­ly means, which thou hast appointed to serue thy di­uine [Page 67] prouidence, both painfulnesse, thrift and godly wisdome,Chiefely in our particu­lar calling, auoiding the contrarie. chiefely in our particular calling; auoyding as warily what­soeuer may any way indanger vs, make our liues vncomfortable, or hurt our estate.3. To cōmit ourselues wholly to his protection, depending on him with­out feare. Grant vs grace also euermore, in all humility to commit our selues vnto thy Fa­therly protection, not fea­ring what man can do vn­to vs; remembring that our times are in thy hāds, to continue so long as it pleaseth thee; & that lik­wise vnlesse thou who hast giuen vs our liues do pre­serue them,4. To know our ovvne frailtie, wee cannot continue one moment.And vnabi­litie to get a crumme of bread, or to see or vse the meanes. Make vs to know that of our selues wee haue no power to get one morsell of bread, vnlesse thou [Page 68] both shew vs the meanes, and after inable vs to vse the same, and giue a bles­sing to them.To be hum­bled in the sense of our vnworthi­nes of bread: Humble vs in the sense of our vile­nesse, that wee are so farre off from deseruing eternal life, that we are not wor­thy of the least crumme of bread, which thou hast taught vs to beg daily: and grant vs grace to knowe, that when we haue it, wee are but theeues and vsur­pers of it,And that we are vsur­pers of it▪ & of all other things, and of whatsoe­uer else we possesse, & to make a dreadful account for it, vnlesse thou giue it vs in Iesus Christ;Vntill they be giuen vs in Christ, hauing lost al in Adam. because we hauing lost al through Adams transgression, can haue no right vnto it a­gaine, vntill it be restored vnto vs,5. To get more assu­rance of our title in Christ. in our Lord and Sauiour. Vouchsafe there­fore to increase our assu­rance [Page 69] that thou hast giuen vs thy Sonne who is Lord of all, that in him we may be certaine, that we haue a true title to whatsoeuer we inioy.6. For power to the crea­ture to nou­rish vs. Giue withall both power and strength, to thy good creatures, to norish and comfort vs.

Bread.] Bestow vpon vs7. For con­tentation vvith our estate. contented harts, with the estate wherein thou set­test vs,VVatch. p. 66 lin. 12. And to see the Lords prouidence in bread a­lone. though we haue but bread; & grace to see, and acknowledge thy wise and tender proui­dence, aswell in want as plē [...]y, being vndoubtedly assured that thou canst, & wilt make bread alone to satisfie vs abundantly, when other meanes faile.

This day.]And vvhen we haue but for the day, nor any meanes. And if thou shalt euer bring vs into that strait, that we shall haue no more but for the [Page 70] presēt day, nor any means of succor in the world;To be able to cast our selues wholly on the Lord vvithout fainting. VVatch. p. 21. lin. 7. thē strengthen vs to giue thee glory, by casting our selus wholy vpon thee, without impatience or fainting; that we may be able euen then, to shewe our confi­dence in thee, & how we liue not by bread onely, but by euery word pro­ceeding out of thy mouth. Certifie our consciences aforehand,8. To pray for assu­rance that the Lord will neuer let vs want that is good: that howsoe­uer wicked men, be they neuer so rich, may starue with hunger before they die, yet thou wilt neuer let vs thine owne obedient children, and heires of thy Kingdome, to want any thing that shall be good for vs; but that thou wilt rather worke extraordi­narily,But worke extraordi­narily: when ordinarie meanes faile, causing our [Page 71] enemies to feede vs,When ordi­nary meanes faile. if our bretheren forget vs, the very foules to bring vs bread, and the heauens to poure vs downe a bles­sing.9. To be a­fraid of dis­honoring the Lord, by carcking cares afore­hand, or im­patience in trials. And therefore (good Father) let vs alwaies bee reuerētly afraid of disho­noring, or grieuing thee by carcking cares afore­hand, for prouision for vs or ours: and much more of murmuring, or impa­tience in any such trials, whereunto our sinfull na­tures are extreamly in­clined.10. VVhen we vsed on­ly the means to referre the blessing to the Lord. Make vs able to sanctifie thy great name, in vsing onely the meanes for thy protection and prouidence, referring the worke & whole successe vnto thy heauenly Ma­iestie alone, being cer­taine that thou wilt doe that, that shall be best, and [Page 72] that thou canst not faile vs nor forsake vs.11. To haue a holy vse of all Gods gifts to our saluation: And when thou doest bestowe thy gifts vpon vs, giue vs a ho­ly vse of them; that both they may further our sal­uation; and that wee may see thy goodnes in them; and neuer abuse them to satisfie our sinfull de­sires;Neuer a­busing them: or puffe vp our proud harts; or make thē our gods, putting our confidence or felicitie in them;But imploy­ing them to the ends ap­pointed, as first and chiefely, to maintaine Gods religi­on, and re­lieue his seruants: but that wee may imploy them to the main­tenance of thy religion, with all the holy ends which thou hast ordained them for: and especially for the reliefe & comfort of our poore brethren, for whō thou hast taught vs to pray daily as for our selues; and to whom thou hast giuen an interest in [Page 73] the vse of our goods.Esay 58. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. &c. Giue vs bowels of compassion towards the poore and needy, that we may take off euery heauie burden, relieue the oppressed, deale our breade to the hungry soules, that their backes and bellies may blesse vs, and that thou mayest remember vs in the day of our aduersi­tie, and we lay vp a sure foundation against the time to come: that therin also we may shewe forth our homage to thy diuine Maiestie,So to shew our homage to God: that we hold all of thy goodnesse; and de­clare the loue we beare to thy children for thy sake, and chiefely to them that most excell in thy graces, and so the true practise of the Cōmunion of Saints,And the communion of Saints: wayting for the ioyfull sentence. waiting for that ioyfull [Page 74] sentence, Come yee blessed of my Father, receiue the Kingdome prepared for you, for when I was hungry, you gaue me meate.

Forgiue vs our tres­passes.]

And wheras our sinnes onely do hinder our assu­rance,And seeing our sinnes onely do hinder all these things which we haue beg­ged: that we are thy chil­dren, and cause vs that we can neither behold thy glory, nor feele the power and happinesse of thy Kingdome; neither yet haue that full securitie for thy fatherly prouidence, and protection from all euill, which otherwise we should find, and do more­ouer bring all contrary e­uils vpon vs, and therefore thou hast taught vs to cry euery day,1. To pray for pardon of all our sinnes: forgiue vs our trespasses: Pardon (good Lord) and remoue all our [Page 75] sinnes, that keepe away these good things from vs. And that we may cry more earnestly for for­giuenesse, neuer giuing thee rest, vntill wee haue attained it;Because heerein a­lone stands all true hap­pinesse. teach vs that heerein alone stands all true peace and blessednes, when we haue this full as­surance sealed in our harts, that our sinnes are pardoned; and that all they whose sinnes are not remitted, are most accur­sed and vnhappy.2. To this end to see the haynous­nes of sinne: And to this end shewe vs (good Father) first the hainous­nesse of sinne, by making vs to consider aright thy wrath, declared against it from heauen,In the feare­full punish­ment of the Angels: in the feare­full punishment of thy most excellent creatures the Angels, whom for that one sinne, euen because [Page 76] they were not cōtent with their estate, thou hast cast down into hel, to be reser­ued in chaines of darknes, vnto the iudgemēt of the great day; then to be dam­ned to endlesse torments: & afterwards in our first parents,Our first parents: cast frō their hap­py estate, for eating ye for­bidden fruit, & for whose sin alone, all the curses of this life & that to come, fel not only vpō thēselues but also all their posterity, euen all of vs, being wrap­ped vnder the same con­demnatiō, vntill we be de­liuered by Iesus Christ. O­pen our eies to see this thy wrath against sinne yet more fully, not only vpon the wicked in the generall destruction of the old world, and in turning the filthy Cities of Sodome &The old world. [Page 77] Gomorrah into ashes, to remaine as eternal monu­ments to all posteritie;Sodome. & in preparing the lake bur­ning with fire and brim­stone, for an euerlasting punishment to all vnbe­leeuers,Hell prepa­red for the wicked: and impenitent persons; but euen against the sinnes of thine owne dearest childrē,And in the punishment of Gods dea­rest seruāts: As Moses: as in y hea­uy punishmēt vpon thine own faithful seruant Mo­ses, for so smal a sin in our account (as not honoring thee before the people, in beleeuing and auouching thy power and truth) that thou didst cut him off for entring into Canaan, which of al earthly things he must needes most de­sire, being the land of pro­mise, the type of heauen, and also after that he had led the people, fortie [Page 78] yeares towards it. And be­sides the punishment of Dauid, And Dauid. and his house for that one sinne, that thy hand did so pursue him and his, all his life long; & so thy sharpe corrections, laid vpon all other thy dearest seruants, registred in thy booke; Lord teach vs yet more rightly to cō ­ceaue the vilenesse of sin by this one thing chiefe­ly,And chiefely that vp­on our Saui­our him­selfe. that the least sinne of thine elect, could neuer haue bin ransommed, but by the vnspeakeable tor­ments of thine owne be­loued Sonne, the Lord of glory, taking our nature to become a sacrifice to appease thy wrath, and to satisfie thy Iustice: & how thou didst poure out vp­on him, the full viols of thy wrath, to cause him to [Page 79] sweate drops of blood, & to cry out; my God my God, why hast thou forsaken me. Giue vs thy children some true sense heereof,3. To haue some sense of the innu­merable e­uils, which each sinne brings p. 5. l. 22 23. p. 6. 7. and withal this grace to keepe a cōtinuall remembrance of the innumerable euils, which euery sinne brings euen vpon vs, thine owne children in our soules or bodies,Vpon Gods owne chil­dren: goods, name or friends, vnlesse wee pre­uent them by speedy and vnfained repētance;Vnlesse they be preuen­ted, especial­ly depri­uings vs of Gods pro­tection and prouidence, and al power in prayer. espe­cially how thereby we are left wholly destitute of thy protection & prouidence, and depriued of all com­fort and power in prayer, so long as we remaine therein; and also of many extraordinary experi­ments of thy bounty, which otherwise wee should find. Make vs able [Page 80] in some sort to compre­hend the greatnesse of sin,4. To bee a­ble to com­prehend in some sort the greatnes of our sin, how it is increa­sed by cir­cumstances, being [...]om [...]mitted [...]gainst the infinit God: our high calling: by the infinitnesse of thy glorious Maiestie, against whom each sinne is com­mitted: & how our sinnes are increased heereby al­so, that they are commit­ted against our high cal­ling to be Christians, and heires of thy Kingdome: with such abundant mer­cies, both ordinarie and extraordinarie;All mercies: and so ma­ny and strong meanes to restraine vs;Meanes: besides sundry vowes and coue­nants renewed,Vovves: and that after mercy obtained, and pardon formerly sealed,After par­don obtai­ned. vpon our promise of a­mendment. Open our blind eies to haue some sight also of the multi­tude of our sinnes,5. To haue some sight of the multi­tude of our sinnes. how they are more in number, [Page 81] then the starres of heauen, seeing they are euery breach of thy diuine will,Being euerie breach of Gods Com­mandement, in thought: reuealed vnto vs in thy law and Gospell, and that not only in thought, word or deede,Or in omit­ting the ve­ry least du­tie: but euen in o­mitting of any part there­of, or doing it without all our hart, and all our strength;Besides A­dams sin. besides the sinne of our first parents, where­by we are all the children of wrath, and vnder thy curse; and also besides the corruption of our sinfull natures receiued fromThe corrup­tion of our nature: thence; whereupon wee are so wholy inclined vn­to euill, that all the thoughts of our harts,Being wholly carried to euill: are onely euill continually; so as we cannot of our selues so much as thinke, much lesse will any thing but that which is sinfull; [Page 82] and hence also the hard­nesse of our harts,And the hardnes of our hearts. that we are so little moued, either at the hearing of so many iudgements, or the inioy­ing of so many mercies, to make any right vse of them.6. For a con­tinuall fee­ling of our­daily fraul­ties: Vouchsafe vs such a liuely, and continuall sense heereof, together with a feeling of our daily slips, wants, frailties, in­firmities, imperfections & noisome lustes, issuing from this filthy puddle of originall corruption in vs, that we may bee wearie of this body of sinne,Trauelling vnder them, Desiring to be deliue­red. gro­ning vnder the bondage of this our corruption, & sighing to bee deliuered from it.7. That vve may see our most grie­uous sinnes, both before our calling and since. Shewe vs also our most grieuous sinnes, not onely of our youth and ignorāce, but those much more which we haue com­mitted, [Page 83] since thou hast cal­led vs by thy grace vnto so high a dignitie, & con­uinced our consciences; chiefely our open and scandalous sinnes,Chiefely our scandalous sinnes. where­by wee haue most disho­nored thee, causing thy Gospell to bee euill spoken of; grieued thy children, or any way hin­dred the saluation of o­thers; that by all these we may see vvhat debters we are,8. That by all these wee may see what deb­ters vvee are: & how vnable to pay the least part, but to lie in hell for euermore; that we may crie continually with Dauid, And may be driuen to cry for for­giuenes, and to runne to the foun­taine of Chrisis blood. Lord forgiue vs our sinnes, and blot out all our offences; wash vs tho­rowly, purge and clense vs; thus running euery moment, to the fountaine of thy Sons blood, which is open to all the house of [Page 84] Israel, for all sinnes & vn­cleannesse.And yet that we may find comfort in the al-sufficiencie thereof. And yet withal that we may not be vtter­ly ouerwhelmed, by the vgly view of the multitud or lothsomenesse of our sinnes, as though they could not bee pardoned, nor we purged from thē; comfort vs in this that thy Sonnes blood is of infi­nite merit, and all suffici­ent to wash vs from all our sinnes (though they were the most haynous sinnes, that euer were cō ­mitted; yea although we had all the sinnes of the world vpon vs) so long as in a true feeling of them, we cā desire to be washed therein.9. To the end that we may not bee deceiued in the forgiu­nes of our sinnes. But because wee are all very ready to de­ceiue our selues, imagi­ning that we are washen, when we remaine still in [Page 85] our filthines; seeing thou neither callest, nor admitst of any to this fountaine, but them that come in true repentance for all their sinnes,To pray for true repen­tance and faith, which are the vn­separable companions of forgiue­nes. fully purpo­sing amendment; and in a liuely faith in thy sweete promises, desiring to grow therein; Oh grant vs grace, truely to see our particular sinnes, and the vilenesse of them, and make vs able in the sight of them, and the sense of our estate and danger by them, to mourne bitterly for them, looking at thy Sonne, whom wee haue pierced thereby; and so to hate and abhorre them, that being once purged in this Lauer, we may bee euer afraid of defiling our selues againe, or of sin­ning against that pretious [Page 86] blood.And to trie them both by the word, to be sin­cere. Wat. pag. 2. lin. 8. Helpe vs to trie both our repentance and faith, by the holy rule which thou hast giuen vs in thy law and Gospell, that we may know them to be such, as will abide the triall, and not hypo­criticall; and which also haue bin first wrought in vs,And such as haue been vvrought in vs, by the Gospell, and do increase and grovv. by the powerfull preaching of thy Gospell, and doe continually in­crease and grow: which are the infallible euiden­ces, yt they are sound and sincere.10. That vvee may continually examine & iudge our selues. Giue vs harts to be daily examining, and iudging our selues that we may escape thy iudge­ment. We intreate thee al­so againe for our sinfull Realmes,11. To pray againe for pardon of the sins of our land. to pardon all the fearefull prouocations thereof, and to be pacifi­ed at the instant prayers [Page 87] of thy faithfull seruants,As the in­stant prayers of Gods ser­uants by the blood of Christ. crying vnto thee in all places by the blood of thy Sonne, which speakes bet­ter things then the blood of Abel; Let that cry still preuaile against the cry of the sinnes, that thy mer­cie may bee magnified in all the world.

As we forgiue them that trespasse against vs.]Whereas we must pray to be forgiuen as we forgiue. And whereas thou (oh holy and gratious Father) hast taught vs euer to pray to be forgiuen, as we forgiue them that trespasse against vs, telling vs plainely that if wee forgiue others for thy cause, thou wilt also forgiue vs; and contrarily that if we will not forgiue others,1. To pray against all maliciousnes and desire of reuenge: we shall neuer bee forgiuen: Change (good Lord) the wickednesse of our sinfull hearts, which [Page 88] are most strongly bent to malice and reuenge, that howsoeuer wee hate the sins and company of the wicked,That though we hate the sinnes of the wicked and reioyce in the executi­on of Gods righteous iudgments on them: and whatsoeuer else is in them, whereby they dishonour thee, or shew themselues to bee thine enemies: and al­though we also reioyce in the execution of thy righ­teous iudgements, where­by thou gettest thy selfe glory vpon the proud e­nemies of thy Church; and do also pray daily for the confounding of all their wicked practises and de­uises;And pray for confounding their euill practises: yet Lord graunt vs hearts to seeke the saluati­on of all sorts,Yet that we may pray for and seek their salua­tion. because we know not whether they belong to thine eternall election; and for them that are but our enemies vpō priuate respects,2. For them that are our enemies on priuate re­spects, to pray their sinne may be pardoned: giue [Page 89] vs grace that insteede of seeking reuenge, we may pray earnestly for them, that they may see their sins, and haue their hearts changed, and so obtaine pardon for it: And more­ouer that we may seeke to pacifie them,And that vve may seeke to pa­cifie them and gaine their loue: by offering them reconciliation or ful satisfaction, doing them good or gratifying them by any kindnesse, so far as may stand with their sal­uation and credit of thy Gospell, euen when they hunger to feed them, and when they thirst to giue them drinke,to heape coales on their heades: to heape coales vpon their heads as thou hast commanded; ei­ther to gaine them by our Christian kindnesse, or to leaue them more without excuse;And get full assurance of forgiuenesse to our selues. and to seale vp to our selues a most plentiful [Page 90] assurance of a full remissi­on of all our sins thereby.

Leade vs not into temp­tation, but deliuer vs from euill.]Seeing Sa­tan seekes continuallie by temptati­ons to draw vs to sinne to prouoke the Lord a­gainst vs & bring some euill vpon vs. And seeing (oh ten­der Father) that our dead­ly enemie seekes hourely by his temptations to draw vs to sin against thy heauenly Maiestie to dis­honor thee, making vs his vassals to do his will, so to strippe vs vtterly both of thy protection and proui­dence, and to cause thee to leaue vs in his hand, to bring vpō vs thy wrath with all the euils follow­ing vpon sin; whereupon our Sauiour hath taught vs to pray alwaies, Leade vs not into temptation, but deliuer vs from euill: 1. To pray we may see the danger we stand in each houre. Good Lord open our eies to see the danger wherein wee stand continually, & first [Page 91] for the multitude of those damned spirits that rangeFor the multitude of damned spi­rits▪ vp and downe day and night with a deadly ma­lice seeking to deuour vs. Teach vs to know (oh ho­ly Father) what their pow­er is against vs,2. For their power to tempt and destroy vs in a moment. if thou do not restraine it; that they are able to bring vs to as fearefull sins, as euer they brought any of thy ser­uants vnto, and to destroy vs vtterly in a moment both soules and bodies, with al y euer thou hast gi­uē vnto vs, if thou preserue vs not. Acquaint vs with their deep subtilties,3. Because of their sub­tilties: both in fitting their temptati­ons to our particular na­tures and dispositions,Whereby they know­ing our dis­positions: to our conditions, callings and occasions which they know perfectly; alwaies dogging vs at the heeles, [Page 92] and watching vs,Marke and take all ad­uantages: & their meetest opportunities; whereby they take their fittest aduantage to ouer­come vs, as against Eue and Dauid, To solicite vs to those sinnes wher­in they are most like to preuaile, drawing vs on by de­grees, to yeeld first to smaller mat­ters which the world accounts no sinne: chiefely by so­liciting vs to those sinnes, wherein we haue bin for­merly ouertaken, or wher­by they haue most preuai­led against thy dearest ser­uants: & that also in draw­ing vs on by degrees, as first either to yeelde to some smaller matters which the world accounts no sins, but trifles, or too much precisenes; as Eue to eie the forbidden fruit, and to reason with the Serpent about the temp­tation:Or not to auoid the occasions of temptation or neglect our calling. or else not to a­uoid the danger and occa­sions of the temptations, but thrust our selues into them carelessely without [Page 93] any warrant, neglecting the calling laid vpon vs; as Dauid to lie idlely on his bed in the afternoones in­steede of looking to the great affaires of his king­dome.4. For their innumera­ble allure­ments and baytes of this world: Make vs able yet more fully to conceiue of our perpetuall danger, through their innumera­ble allurements and baits to deceiue vs both of the credit and estimation of the world, with the riches and pleasures thereof; which they euer hold forth & proffer vnto vs,VVhich they proffer. if we will follow their per­swasions;5. For their threatnings if we wil be so precise as to make con­science of each of Gods Commaun­dements. and otherwise threatning not onely the losse, or at least the hazar­ding of all these, but more also the hatred, disgrace and reproch of the world, with depriuing vs of all comforts, the losse of our [Page 94] goods, with many other euils, which we must bee sure to looke for daily at the hands of malicious men; if we will be so strict as to make conscience of euery one of thy commā ­dements, so as we wil not do the least thing forbid­den, nor omit the least du­tie commanded vs. And whereas we are ordinarily secure in an ouerweening of our owne strength and abilitie to resist Satan; Shew vs (oh Lord) euen in our hearts,6. For the vilenesse of our nature readie to conspire with them: the vilenesse of our corrupt nature, which is euer ready as a bond slaue of Satans, and a traitor against our soules to conspire with him pre­sently to our vtter perdi­tion, and as readie to run after & swallow euery one of his deadly temptatiōs,And to swallow eue­rie baite: [Page 95] as euer fish the baite:Without all strength to resist. so as we haue no strength in the world to help our selues, but all against our selues, more then that thou gra­tiously reachest foorth thine hand vnto vs, streng­thening & deliuering vs.7. For Gods displeasure, to leaue vs in their power for our security. And heerein we pray thee also to reueale vnto vs that great danger which wee stand in continually from thy glorious Maie­stie, seeing wee haue no warrant of protection, or any aide from thee (but rathe iust cause of feare that thou shouldest giue vs vp wholly into the po­wer of the tempter, and our own corruption) lon­ger then that we make cō ­science to obserue thy watch, walking carefully in euery one of thy Com­mandements; vsing dili­gently [Page 96] euery meanes of grace, & auoiding as wari­lie each least occasion of temptation.8. For Sa­thans cun­ning in hid­ing all this danger, and the vglinesse of sinne: And moreo­uer seeing the subtill tēp­ter in all his temptations, vseth all his cunning to hide all this danger with the vglines of sin, and the misery that he knoweth it will bring vpon vs; shew­ing onely the faire side of it,Shewing onely the faireside of it what we shal get by it, and v­sing the fit­test instru­ments to ef­fect his pur­pose: as the safetie, credit, pleasure or gaine which we shall get by it, and also vseth the fittest instrumēts to perswade vs hereunto; as the counsell or exam­ple of the wisest, learnedst, or wealthiest & of chiefest reputation, & sometimes of those who haue a name for godlines, so changing himselfe into an Angel of light,Neuer cō [...]ing like him selfe to tempt, and neuer comming like himselfe, (vnlesse to [Page 97] driue poore soules into vtter dispaire) whereby he not onely deceiues the world,Whereby he deceiues all the world: but euen vs thy children, either to make vs to thinke sin to bee no sin,And oft times Gods owne chil­dren, making sinne to seeme no sin. or at least to presume to sin, because thou art so mercifull, or for that thou doest not punish present­ly. Cause vs (good Father)2. To pray we may haue a continuall remem­brance of the seuerall miseries of each sinne, Watch. p. 5. 6. 7. to keepe a continuall and fresh remembrance here­of, and withal of that fear­full misery which we hale vpon our heads by euerie sin; especially the wound of conscience, which no creature was euer able to beare,Chiefely the wounds of conscience which none can beare: and vvill come vnlesse it bee spee­dilie pre­uented: and which will cer­tainly come vpon vs, vn­lesse it bee preuented by speedie repentance. And howsoeuer the reprobate and the vngodly may wallow in their filthines, [Page 98] and yet seeme to be more free from punishment thē any other,That al­though wic­ked men es­cape here, vvho are re­serued for hell, the Lord yet vvill not suffer vs so: because thou reseruest them for hel, and therefore fattest them for the day of slaughter: yet make vs to know that thou wilt not let any of vs thy children (who haue specially giuen vp our names to thee, to make a more sincere profession of thy Gospell) to commit the very least sin, but that thou wilt surely make vs feel the smart of it, vnlesse we preuent it presently by vnfained repentance:Especially vvhen our sinnes are scandalous: and that thou wilt doe openly when our sins are hainous or to the offēce of others; because thou wilt neither be dishonored by vs,Because he vvill not be dishonored by vs, nor let vs be damned: nor let vs be condemned with the world; but wilt surely correct vs to let all the [Page 99] wicked see with what a perfect hatred thou hatest all sinne,And that the wicked may see his hatred a­gainst sinne, and vvhat remaines for thē for euer. when thou doest punish it so seuerely in thine owne children, and what plagues remaine for them eternally. Yea (oh gratious Father) make vs to feare alway,3. To pray we may feare alvvay lest God should leaue vs ne­uer so little, because of Satans most deadlie malice a­gainst vs who dreesca­ped frō him: lest thou shouldest leaue vs neuer so little; and to suspect al our waies, in as much as Satan carries a more dead­ly hatred against vs,To prouoke the Lord a­gainst vs: who are escaped from his ty­rannie, then against any o­ther people of the world; and therfore seekes euery houre to prouoke thee a­gainst vs, to leaue vs in his hand,And for that our sinnes vvill more dishonour him, and harden moe to perdition then of anie other: and also because he knowes that our sinnes will more cause thy glori­ous name to bee blasphe­med, and harden moe to vtter perdition, than the [Page 100] sins of any other;Whence so few haue es­caped to the end, wherup­on very few of thy wor­thiest seruants through his continuall dogging them, haue escaped to the end of their liues without some grieuous foiles and wounds,VVithout some grie­uous foiles. the scarres wherof they haue carried with them to their graues, to the blemishing their profession, & woun­ding their consciences, with the griefe and shame of the godly, and insul­ting of the wicked.4. To learne to vvatch and pray as the remidie against all temptations: And therefore as thou hast taught vs this as the reme­die against euery assault of the enemie, to watch and pray that we enter not in­to temptation; so make vs alwaies able to obserue this thy watch which thou hast set before vs,And to be better acquainted vvithout selues: and to learne to bee better ac­quainted [Page 101] with our owne selues and our estates, knowing our particular infirmities,And weak­nesses: and wherein we are weak, that we may put on daily the com­pleate armour,To put on the compleat armour, chieflie the shield of faith: chiefelie the shield of faith, and brestplate of righteousnes to saue vs from his fierie darts,And to haue the vvord euer in rea­dinesse: and withall to haue thy holy Word euer in readinesse against euery temptation,That strēgthned by the spirit and conti­nuing in prayer vve may stand fast: which is the sword of thy Spirit, able vtterly to vanquish him, and put him to flight, that being strēgthened by thy holy Spirit, obtained by cōtinuing in instant pray­er,And pre­serue our selues with­out any grie­uous woūds, vntill vvee haue gotten the finall conquest. wee may bee able to stand fast in the euill day, and so finish our course, vntill we haue gotten the finall conquest, without any grieuous wounds or [Page 102] foile; to thine euerlasting glorie, & our own greater triumph and honor in the heauens.5. That we pray not a­gainst all temptation: We do not pray that wee should not bee tempted at all; for thou hast taught vs to account it exceeding ioy, when we fall into diuers temptati­ons, knowing the good that comes thereby; but that we may indure temp­tation,But onelie that in them vve may ouercome: fighting valiantly and ouercomming,So to receiue the crovvne of glorie in the ende. that when we are tried we may haue the crowne of glorie set vpon our heads.

For thine is the kingdom, power and glorie, VVe haue begged all from the Lord: for euer and euer: Amen.] We haue been bold (oh gratious Father) to beg all these things from they heauenly Maiestie,1. Because all kingdom, povver and glorie are his, and vve haue recei­ued all from him. because all king­dome, power and glorie belong onely to thee; ac­knowledging [Page 103] that what­soeuer good things wee enioy, wee haue receiued them all from thy rich and fatherly bountie;2. Because hee vvill grant vs all good things, aboue all that vvee can aske: and being certainely assured that as thou hast bidden vs to pray thus, so thou wilt graunt vs all these things which wee haue begged in thy Sonnes name, and whatsoeuer else is good for vs, euen aboue all that wee are a­ble to aske;So farre as shall bee for his glory and our good: so farre as shall be for thine owne glorie (seeing thou art absolute Lord and King in heauen and in earth, and doest by thy migh­tie power and wisedome dispose and guide all things,Seeing hee guideth and ouerruleth all things to serue here­unto: ouerruling the verie counsels and rage of all wicked men and diuels, as shall make [Page 104] most for thine owne glo­rie and the greatest good of vs thine owne obe­dient subiects and chil­dren) and hast assured vs that asking thus in faith,And hath assured vs that asking in faith, vve shall haue: wee shall receiue; That wee may set foorth by good experience the glo­rie of thy dominion and power, with the happi­nesse of thy Kingdome,That vvee may set foorth the glorie and happines of his kingdom: to all succeeding ages; to which wee doe here­by binde our selues all the dayes of our life, and to liue as the loyall subiects of this thy King­dome,Whereunto vvee binde our selues, and to liue as his sub­iects all our daies: to thine euerla­sting glorie; and so re­turne all possible thankes, praise and dominion to thy heauenlie Maiestie,And so re­turne all praise and thanks, say­ing, Amen. saying euer, Amen, Bee it so (oh LORD holie and true) as wee doe [Page 105] fullie beleeue that it shall bee.Euen so Lord Iesus. Euen so Amen. Amen, Come Lord Iesus, Come quicklie.


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