FOUR LETTERS of Comforts, for the Deaths of the Earle of HADINGTOUN, and of the Lord BOYD, with two Epitaphs.

1 Corinth. 15. 55. O Death, where is thy Sting? O Grave, where is thy Victorie?

GLASGOW, Printed by George Anderson, 1640.

An Epitaph upon the death of Robert Lord Boyd, who sleeped in CHRIST the 17. of November 1640. the twentie one yeare of his age.

MY mourning Muse, no verses can expresse:
Her Well is dry, by reason of excesse
Of pricking grief, which do constraine her heart
With tears of blood of sigh and weep apart.
HEere ly's sweet love among the wormes and slime,
Who godly, wise, meek stout, was in his time:
He spar'd no cost, no danger he did shun
At home▪ abroad, to end this work begun:
Though Moses law perm [...]ts a man a yeare
To sport like [...]lack with his Lady deare,
Yet for the cause of Iesus Christ his Lord,
To leave such things he gladly did accord:
From Bed to Banners he religious
Went, though he was the Phoenix of his house:
O Passer by, who these things sees and hears,
Stand still, and pay due tribute with thy tears.
I have no words such sorrows to be waile;
Timantes come with Agamemnons vaile.
M. Zacharie Boyd▪

To the right Noble, and religious Lady, D. Ieane Hamiltoun, Couutesse of CASSILLIS, &c.


IN the commoun ca­lamitie of this Nati­on, the Publick suffe­red a great wound in the death of your La­diships noble Brorher, the Earle of Hadintoun, with a num­ber of worthie Gentlemen, who had both Hearts and Hands for the Good Cause. Your La. particular losse hath beene very great, both in his Lordship, and in your other worthie Brethren, who were fearfully overwhelmed by the house of Dunglasse, by treacherie, blown up with powlder, for to spoile [...]he Church of God of such helpfull [...]nstruments, in such a time of need.Not [...]

Such a stroake made the victorious Lawrels of Newburne to chan [...] th [...]i [...] [Page 4] greenest Colours into black: If they had beene safe, Scotland had beene o­verjoyed; our cup had overflowed; If our mirth had not beene marred, hard­ly could we have beene kept within measure. So it pleased the Lord to temper that Scottish victorie, with that fearfull tragedie, for to teach us all to rejoice in trembling, and to look for perfect joy onely in the heavens. As for you Madame, whom the Lord hath endowed with many Christian vertues: yea, with an heroick courage to this Cause, I think, that your Bre­threns death may be a comfort, in that they died for the good Cause: their death in a manner was a Martyredome, for they suffered for the cause of Christ; they were readie in their life, at all oc­casions, both to do, and to die, for the maintenance of Religion, and of the liberties of their native Countrey:2 Sam. 1. 23. of them might be said, as David said of Saul and Ionathan, They were swifter then Eagles, they were stronger then Li­ons.Note * Though their bodies be dead [Page 5] their Names shall live in all the memo­ries of good Men of this age, and in the Chronicles of time, for all ages to come. It was a great honour among the Men of War in Davids dayes, to be called Davids Worthies, but it is a greater honour to Be renowned The Worthies of Christ: to have a heart or a hand for his honou [...], is a praise which no time shall be able to deface: Let all these considerations, and many mo than I am able to expresse, teach your La. in your deepest doole, both now and in all times to come,Psal. 13 [...]. 2. to behave and quiet your self like a childe that is wain­ed of his mother, who stilled, is made silent, being simple and submissive, humble, meek, and modest; what God hath done, or permitted to be done, must not bee said against.*Note What ever the instruments have beene, we must ever blesse the Lord, Iob did so, after that Sathan in a mighty winde, by the fall of an house, had smothered all his children: *Note lob. 1, 19. As for Iobs chil­dren, they were at a banquet, in dan­gers [Page 6] of blasphemie, but your La. bre­thren at the very blast, vvere praising the LORD for a victorie graunted unto Christs armie; and from that spirituall joy and singing of hearts on the Lords day, they being Christs Martyrs, went up to heaven, where they shall sing Hallelujah for ever. This should be no small comfort to your La. that God hath preserved your vvorthy LORD, and Husband, vvhose zeale, vvisdome, courage, and uprightnesse, not declin­ing, but still increasing have most ori­ently shined in our army, unto his everlasting praise. The LORD season your La. sorrowes vvith the joy of his Spirit, that his peace may be your por­tion, and his Christ your advantage, both in life and death. Philip. 1▪ 21.

Your La. humble Servant, M. Zacharie Boyd.

To the right Noble, and religious Lady, D. Mar­garet Livinstoun, Coun­tesse of WIGIOVN.


DIverse and many distractions take up so our time, that we cannot, as we vvould or should discharge these dueties which we ow to those whom we honour.

The Lord knoweth, Madame, but I am sorie, both for your La. sorrow, & for that which hath been the cause, even the removing of that worthie noble Youth, who was a dear One to your La.

We see heer, Madame, that onely heavenly joyes are eternall: This mor­talitie that Adams sin hath brought into the World, woundeth many [Page 8] hearts: A separation made by death, is very painfull to those that remaine behind: The balme for this sore is only to be found in Christs boxe: his word is a healing word, Psal. 107 20. Luk. 4. 11. he himselfe was sent to heale the broken hearted; he only can rightly bind up ou [...] wounds; his Salve is only fit for our Sores.

Your La. is one who hath experi­ence in the wayes of God: I doubt not but you will travell humbly to submit yourself to Gods will, and to reverence his Majestie, as well in his taking, as in his giving:1 King. 2. 2. Death is a Way that he hath prepared for all flesh▪ To great men he hath said, I have cal­led you gods, Psal. 82. 6. but yee shall die like men: What man is hee that liveth, Psal. 89. 48. sayeth the Psalmist, and shall not see death? The greatest Monarch is not ex [...]emed, for as Iob sayeth.Iob. 14. 5. His dayes are determined, the number of his moneths are with God, hee hath appointed his bounds that hee can not passe.

As for his Lo. who is removed▪ he hath been removed by God, and not [Page 9] by the hand of man: *Note In time of war he hath died in peace; he walked with God in his life, God was with him in his death, and now he is with God, with whom he shall remaine for evermore, in the companie of Saints and Angels. *Note We are like a ship on the sea he is in the harb [...]rie: We are heere Pilgrims in a strange land, hee is at home; we are in the way, he is at his journeyes end, where he rests with his LORD; for a thousand worlds he would not return but for the space of a day, to enjoy all the pleasures of the earth.

See heere, Madame, with the eye of faith what GOD hath done to your Ladiships Son, my dear LORD, and most loving Chiefe: We may la­ment him: it is permitted by GODS word; but our griefe must not bee like these who have no hope of the resurrection: *Note We will never bee happy, untill we be where he is, never content, untill we see what he seeth; never filled with joy, untill we hear [Page 10] what he heareth, the songs of heaven, and most sweet sounding harpes of God, Revel. 14. 2. in the presence of Christ Jesus, the chiefest among ten thousand; Cant. 5. 10. To his spe­ciall comforts I recommend your La. wounded heart, and so I rest,

Your La. humble Servant M. Zacharie Boyd.

To the right Noble, and religious Lady, D. Chri­stian Hamiltoun, La­dy BOYD.


MAny reasons oblige mee to wish your La. comforts, yea and to pray earnestly for them:Note your Lord whom you have faithfully served hitherto, will bee to you a Husband, a Son, and a Brother: He himself will fill the roome of all those that he hath taken from you: [Page 11] By his doings hee hath been taking away your earthly roots and tenons, which might have fastened your heart to the ground: When these whom ye loved best on earth, are above with him whom ye love above all things, your heart will the more freely mount up towards your true home: Who should not desire to be with Christ, the chiefest among ten thousand? Cant. 5. 10. This will help your d [...]sire, when yee re­member, that these whom ye loved best, are ever in his companie; a few dayes will joine all the godly together to their head Christ in heaven; what have wee here but toile and trouble? Wherfore came we hither,Note but to make a voyage to the Heavens? What is our life,Matth. 20. 12. but the heat of the day in a vine­yard of pains' At death we receive the ponnie: Our life is a warfare, at death we receive the pay: It is great weak­nesse of faith, to be too grieved for the death of Gods Servants, which is the time they receive their rewards. If good education of children, a good [Page 12] child living, and dying in the feare of God, beloved of all good men, honou­red by the best; if all these things can bring comforts to an heart assaulted with sorrows, your La. hath such a measure, that I may say they overflow: We will goe to him, 2 Sam▪ 22. 23. but he will not come to us: The day of the resurrection will bring all friends together: This is the chiefest Cordiall the Apostle could finde to comfort these that mourned for the dead, that at the resurrection,1 Thes. 4. 17. we all together should meete the Lord in the aire, and after that should be with the Lord for ever.

What shall I say more? Can a mo­ther forget her child? Isa. 49. 15. Note▪ All earthly sor­rows were they never so sharpe, will at last grow blunt; and will be meek­ned and skinned over by time: Now what time can do to a Pagan, let grace doe it to your La. a Christian, both by grace, profession, and name.

Your La. humble Servant, M. Zacharie Boyd.

To the right Noble, and religious Lady, D. Anna Fleemin, Lady BOYD.


WHen God sends troubles to his Servants, it is to stir up their heart to prayer, and al­so to try their patience: It is written of Aaron, that when God had slain his two sons,Lev. 10. 3. Hee held his peace: David likevvise in his great grief said, I will not open my mouth, Psal. 39. 9. because thou hast done it: Exek. 24. 17. God said likevvise to Ezekiel in his sorrovv, Bee silent. forbear to cry. Note The Hebrews call a vvidovv Alma­nah, from a vvord that signifieth dumb, to teach her to seal her mouth vvith a reverent silence, and to stoup hum­bly under Gods hand. I confesse that your La. grief must be great, for great vvas your love: your flovvr hath been [Page 14] cropped in the bud, yee gote but a short sight one of another, vvhen God came, and made the separation: We must adore God in all his doings, *Note We must blesse him as vvell vvhen hee taketh, as vvhen he giveth, except vve vvould say, We love the gift bet­ter than the giver. The LORD hath taken your Lord, and of a Lord hath made him a crovvned King: He vvas but a Lord and Colonnel at New castel; it vvas your comfort to hear that he vvas vvell there; let your faith tell you vvhere he is now, and what he is in that Ierusalem that is above; his honours there are without hazard; his life there is eternall; his companie are Saints and Angels; his great Generall and King is Jesus Christ; he is vvith­out the reach of all sorrows and sores; his joyes can not be told; for Picks, and Musquets, and Canons, he se­eth nothing but peace, and heareth nothing but harpes, sounding the praise of his Lord, and he with the rest is singing Hallelujah; he enjoyeth that [Page 15] which vve all should desire; Should we not all rejoice to goe to our rest? within a fevv yeares your Lord and your La. vvill meet vvith greater joy in Heaven, than ye could be able to have on Earth: Gods Spirit be your La. Comforter.

Your La. humble Servant, M. Zacharie Boyd.

In obitum D. Roberti Bo­dii, Bodianae Familiae principis, qui diem suum obiit 17 Novemb. Anno Dom. 1640 hora nona vespertina. postquam foeliciter in Anglia magnâ cum laude Tribu­natum gessisset.

TRistia Nasonis rident, dum tristia nostra
Nituntur tristes vultus; gemitusque ref [...]rre:
Multorum fletus risus, dum tristia nostra
Deplorant lachrymi [...] privata & publica damna:
[Page 16]Candida sint aliis, nostri stant stamina nigrae
Fati. Proh cecidit praelustri in pulvere famae▪
Spes Bodiae gentis, per acerba mor [...]e peremptus:
Seu pacem, s [...]u bella geras, Hic promptus ad omne
Sub Labato Christi minus, Sponsamque reliquit
Ante diem fixum per sacra volumina Mosis,
Deut. 24. 5.
Dum patria & pietas illum ad graviora vocarent
Sumptibus immensis non parcens, mitis in omnes.
Et supra aetatem prudens, castusque, piusque,
S [...]bri [...]; Hic paucas post se ad meliora reliquit
Spirantes animas: Magnus nune hospes Olympi
Parte sui meliore viget, dum corpus in urna,
Dum membra in placida recubant resoluta quiete.
Haec Zacharias Bodius posuit moerens.
I live to die,
That I may die to live.
1 Chron. 29 15.‘We are strangers before thee, and sojour­ners as were all our fathers: our dayes on the earth are as a shadow, and there is none abiding.’

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